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CIRCUS MAXIMUS: Havoc In Oslo - Double album, DVD, Blu-Ray (Progressive hard rock/metal)
CHASTAIN: We Bleed Metal 17 - Album (Heavy metal)
BAD NERVE: The Lost One - LP (Punk rock and Hardcore)
BLACK BAMBI: Black Bambi - Album (Hard rock)
BOOL: Fly With Me - Album (Alternative rock)
The QUILL: Born From Fire - Album (Heavy hard rock)
THOR: Beyond The Pain Barrier - Album (Hard rock/Heavy metal)
The HAUNTED: Strength In Numbers - Album (Thrash metal)
GRANDE ROYALE: Breaking News - Album (Good old rock)
Andreas Budweiser: Alarm - Album (Heavy metal)
AN ASSFULL OF LOVE: Monkey Madness - Album (American pop punk)
KOREA: Abiogenesis - Album (Modern/Alternative melodic rock)
LOW FLYING HAWKS: Genkaku - Album (Psychedelic/Ambient doom metal)
FALSE GODS: Reports From Oblivion - EP (Sludge/Doom)
FUNERALGLADE: May The Funeral Begin - EP (Melodic death metal)
URSINNE: Swim With The Leviathan - Album (Death metal with extra everything)
RABID BITCH OF THE NORTH: Nothing But A Bitter Taste - Album (Heavy metal)
END OF GREEN: Void Estate - Album (Dark rock)
DAWN OF DISEASE: Ascension Gate - Album (Melodic death metal)
CRUTCHES: Såld - Album, Cassette (Swedish hardcore/punk)
Janet Gardner: Janet Gardner - Album (Hard rock)
TOWER OF BABEL: Lake Of Fire - Album (Melodic hard rock)
PSYCHOBOLIA: Chiaroscuro - Album (Technical death metal)
PROPAGANDHI: Victory Lap - Single (Meldoic punk rock)
HELL: Hell - Album (Digital, Cassette) (Doom/Extreme metal)
JD MILLER and CHROMEDUST at Stora Torget in Borås, Sweden on August 10, 2017 (Rock/Blues, Melodic hard rock)
OLDE: Temple - Album, Cassette (Doom/Sludge)
SUBSERVIENCE: Forest Of The Impaled - Album (Death metal)
BAD RELIGION and MILLENCOLIN at Liseberg in Göteborg, Sweden on August 9, 2017 (Punk rock)
The LURKING FEAR: Out Of The Voiceless Grave - Album (Death metal)

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