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F.K.U.: Friday The 13th Part 2 - Single (Thrash metal)
DR. LIVING DEAD!: Cosmic Conqueror - Album (Thrash metal)
BROWN ACID: The Fifth Trip - Compilation Album (Obscure proto metal/Hard rock)
TYKETTO: Live From Milan - CD/DVD, Blu-ray (Melodic hard rock)
TORCHIA: Of Curses And Grief - Album (Thrash/Melodic death metal)
STILLBORN: Nocturnals - Album (Dark gothic doom metal)
SPARZANZA: Announcing The End - Album (Hard rock/Metal)
SNOWY DUNES: Atlantis - Album (Progressive/Psychedelic heavy rock)
The MONS: Trust No One - Album (Punk)
MIDNITE CITY: Midnite City - Album (Melodic rock/Hard rock)
HONEYMOON DISEASE: Part Human, Mostly Beast - Album (High energy Rock)
HOLY TERROR: Total Terror - 5-disc Box Set (Thrash/Speed/Heavy metal)
HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD: Five - Album (Some ghetto shit)
HERETIC: A Game You Cannot Win - Album (Power/Thrash metal)
MEFISTO: Mefisto - Album (Extreme metal)
Madame Mayhem: Ready For Me - Album (Hard rock)
ICE AGE: Breaking The Ice - Album (Thrash/Heavy metal)
FIRE RED EMPRESS: Black Morphine - Album (Modern hard rock/metal)
NEURONSPOILER: Second Sight - Album (Heavy metal)
DEADFREIGHT OF SOUL: Tortured Puppets - Album (Death metal)
CODE RED: Incendiary - Album (Melodic rock/AOR)
CHELSEA: Mission Impossible - Album (Punk rock)
DEPARTMENT S: 45 Revolutions, Singles 1980-2017 - Album (Post Punk/New Wave)
ARCHONS: Lords Of Light And Thunder - Album (Sludge metal)
AFFLIKTOR: Affliktor - Album (Black/Thrash metal)
BLOOD REGION: The Veteran - Single (Symphonic extreme metal)
FM2000: Hubba Bubba Rehab - Album (Alternative metal rock)
WILD WITCH: The Offering - Album (Heavy metal)
TYMO: Purge & Reset - Album (Thrash metal)
HIVE: Fights The Reds - Album or Demo? (Sludge/Hardcore/Punk?)

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