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GONOREAS: Minotaur - Album (Metal)
MAD HATTER: Mad Hatter - Album (Power/Heavy metal)
SPARTAN WARRIOR: Hell To Pay - Album (Hard rock/Heavy metal)
SALEM: Attrition - Album (Heavy metal)
KILL RITUAL: All Men Shall Fall - Album (Heavy metal)
DESOLATION ANGELS: King - Album (British heavy metal)
RIOT GRRRL SESSIONS: The 1st Session - Album (Punk rock/Post punk)
MERRYWEATHER STARK: Carved In Rock - Album (Hard rock)
PONTUS SNIBB'S WRECK OF BLUES: Too Late To Die Young - Album (Blues rock)
Ossian Smith: Sleepless Town - Digital EP (Rock)
ODDNOTE: Oddnote - Album (Alternative hard rock)
HENRY METAL: War In Heaven - Album (Metal/Hard rock)
GRIMNER: Vanadrottning - Album (Folk metal)
FUNERARY BELL: Undead Revelations - Album (Black heavy metal)
ELEINE: Until The End - Album (Symphonic metal)
JJ Mortensen and Reidar Assine at Café Nära in Borås, Sweden on February 16, 2018 (Singer/Songwriter)
ANTI CIMEX: Victims Of A Bombraid - 3CD Box Set (reissues) (Hardcore/Punk)
ANGSTBREAKER: The Flying Cat - EP (Hardcore)
SQUEALER: Behind Closed Doors - Album (Trash/Power metal)
SEBASTIEN: Act Of Creation - Album (Melodic hard rock/metal)
JOHAN KIHLBERG'S IMPERA: Age Of Discovery - Album (Melodic "hard" rock/AOR)
ALCYONA: Trailblazer - Album (Symphonic metal)
VERIKALPA: Taistelutahto - Album (Folk metal)
Sam Russell: Impetuous Desire - Album (Hard rock)
THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE ZUGLY: Misanthropical House - Album (Hardcore/Punk)
FEED THE RHINO: The Silence - Album (Modern metal w/ a touch of HC)
EMPIRESFALL: A Piece To The Blind - Album (Thrash metal)
The BABOON SHOW: Radio Rebelde - Album ("Punk" Rock)
COFFIN TORTURE: Dismal Planet - Album (Sludge/Doom)
IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC: Anywhere Loud - Album (Rock)

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