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HEADS FOR THE DEAD: Serpent's Curse - Album (Death metal)
DOGHOUSE SWINE: HiFi Music for LoFi Kids - Album (Punk rock)
BLOOD OF SERPENTS: Sulphur Sovereign - Album (Black metal)
PROPHETS OF THE APOCALYPSE: War Metal - Album (Thrash metal)
Mike Tramp: Rust And Dust - Single (Melodic rock)
The ARCHITECTS: Hereafter - Single (modern/melodic Metalcore)
WHERE'S MY BIBLE: M 'N' R - Album (metal)
VESSEL OF LIGHT: Woodshed - Album (Doom metal/Stoner rock)
SAGE: Anno Domini 1573 - Album (Epic heavy metal)
BETZEFER: Entertain Your Force Of Habit - Album (Groove metal)
LIONCAGE: Turn Back Time - Album (Melodic rock/AOR)
LAST PHARAOH: The Mantle Of Spiders - Album (Heavy metal)
PREZIR: As Rats Devour Lions - Album (Black metal)
ETERNAL ROT: Cadaverine - Album (Boring death/doom)
DALKHU: Lamentation And Ardent Fire - Album (Black metal)
CIVIC SOMA: Hybris - Album (Psychedelic rock)
CITY MAZE: Lifestyle - EP (Power pop/Indie rock)
BLACK MAJESTY: Children Of The Abyss - Album (Power metal)
ABORTED: TerrorVision - Album (Death metal)
SOZE: Eskalerande Masspsykos - EP (Crust punk/Metal attack)
TWIN PIGS: Scandinavian Nightmare - Album (The new shape of punk?)
VERNI: Lost in the Underground - Single (Heavy metal)
PROFANE OMEN: Ooka - Album (Melodic "death" metal)
ERASY: Under The Moonlight - 7" EP (Doom/Sludge/Stoner)
The ALIVE: We Are Rock And Roll - Album (modern Rock n Roll)
WRESTLING: Ride On Freaks - Album (Heavy metal)
SoulHealer: Up From The Ashes - Album (Heavy/Power metal)
PANTHEÏST: Seeking Infinity - Album (Funeral doom)
OSMIUM GUILLOTINE: A Million To One - Album (Heavy metal)
JANGLE TOWN: Ramblin' Boots - Single (Catchy and melodic pop/rock)

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