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RAINTIMES: Raintimes - Album (Melodic "hard" rock)
PSYCHOCIDE: Alcohol & Bad Decisions - Album (Party rock?)
PRETTY BOY FLOYD: Public Enemies - Album (Sleaze rock)
POISON PILL: Poison Pill - Album (Heavy metal)
EISLEY/GOLDY: Blood, Guts And Games - Album (Melodic hard rock)
ENHAILER: Dumb Enough To Care - EP (Progressive doom/stoner)
ESTERTOR: Buried In Morningside - Album (Thrash metal)
ARVIDSON & BUTTERFLIES: Blank Season - 7" EP (Power pop)
The WHY OH WHY'S: Without You I'm Nothing - Single (Garage rock)
UR: Black Vortex - Album (Black metal)
M.I.D: Tills Pengarna Skiljer Oss Åt - EP (Swedish punk rock)
GORGON: Ishassara - Single (Symphonic death metal)
The GLORIA STORY: Does Your Heart Feel At Home - Single (Rock)
FOREFATHER: Ours Is The Kingdom (reissue) - Album (Melodic Pagan/Viking metal)
OPERATION: MINDCRIME: The New Reality - Album (Progressive soft rock?)
NO AMNESTY: Psychopathy - Album (Thrash metal)
NIGHTFEAR: Cryptasm - Album (Hardcore/Death/Thrash metal)
MARGINAL: Total Destruction - Album (Grindcore/Crustcore)
JUGGERNAUT: Out Of The Ashes - Album (Groove/Thrash metal)
RYLOS: Planet - Album (Alternative rock)
SCARS OF ARMAGEDDON: Dead End - Album (U.S./Heavy metal)
VINEGAR HILL: Ghost Flowers - Album (Modern metal)
FYRTAL I PUNKROCK VOLYM 2 - Compilation LP (Swedish trallpunk)
HYPERION: Dangerous Days - Album (Heavy metal)
HUMANASH: Reborn From The Ashes - EP (Heavy metal)
HENRY METAL: Henry Metal V - Album (Metal)
HENRY METAL: Metal O'Clock - Album (Metal)
HALPHAS: Dawn Of A Crimson Empire - Album (Melodic black metal)
SQUEALER: Behind Closed Doors - Single (Metal/Groovy rock)
SWITCHBLADE JESUS/FUZZ EVIL: Chapter 7, The Second Coming Of Heavy - Split EP (Stoner rock)

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