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DEMON HEAD: The Resistance - 7" EP (Doom rock)
DENY: Parasite Paradise - EP (Hardcore/Punk)
The DAHMERS: Creepiest Creep - EP (Horror garage rock/power pop)
MÖRK GRYNING: Live At Kraken - EP (Black metal)
SACRO ORDINE: Heavy Metal Thunderpicking - Album (Heavy metal)
REVOLVD: Past And Present - Album (Pop punk)
PISS RIVER: Piss River - Album (High-energy rock)
NO BORDERZ: No Borderz - EP (Blues rock)
GAIN ELEVEN: Freaking You Out - Single (Rock)
BLACK ROSE: A Light In The Dark - Album (Hard rock/Heavy metal)
BAN BIANCA: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - EP (Hard rock)
STORMZONE: Lucifer's Factory - Album (Heavy metal)
LiV SiN: Devil's Plaything - Single (Rock/Metal)
QFT: Big Bang - Single (Schlager hard rock)
METHEDRINE: Built For Speed - EP (Punk/Metal/Crossover)
CULT OF THE FOX: By The Styx - Album (Heavy metal)
ASCENDANT: A Thousand Echoes - Album (Heavy/Power/Progressive metal)
GRAND DESIGN: Viva La Paradise - Album (Hard rock)
Brown Acid: The Sixth Trip - Album (60s/70s rock)
POMPEII: The Secret Sessions - Album (Classic rock)
HYPNOS: The GBG Sessions - Album (Hard rock)
NEW CLUE: Mystic Winds - EP (Hard rock)
ASTA KASK and SIGHSTENS GRANNAR at Pustervik in Göteborg, Sweden on April 14, 2018 (Punk)
ABRAMIS BRAMA: Tusen År - Album (Heavy rock)
DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN: ...and You Will Obey Me - Album (Death metal)
W.E.T.: Earthrage - Album (Melodic hard rock)
NO HOT ASHES: No Hot Ashes - Album (AOR)
FM: Atomic Generation - Album (AOR)
BULLETBOYS: From Out Of The Skies - Album (Hard rock)
SATANIC SURFERS: Back From Hell - Album (Punk rock)

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