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ONSLAUGHT: In Search Of Sanity - Album (re-issue) (NWOBHM/Thrash light)
NARTHRAAL: Screaming From The Grave - Album (Death metal)
PERPETUAL RAGE: Empress Of The Cold Stars - Album (Heavy metal)
THUNDERMOTHER: We Fight For Rock N Roll - Digital Single (Hard rock)
SECRET SPHERE: The Nature Of Time - Album (Progressive metal)
DGM: Passing Stages, Live In Milan And Atlanta - Double Album, DVD (Progressive hard rock/metal)
RAVEN: All For One / Rock Until You Drop / Live At The Inferno - Albums (re-issues) (Heavy metal)
PRIMAL FEAR: Angels Of Mercy, Live In Germany - Album, DVD, Blu-ray (Heavy metal)
JORN: Life On Death Road - Album (Hard rock)
BROKEN HOPE: Mutilated And Assimilated - Album (Death metal)
PSYCHOSOMATIC COWBOYS: From Here To Hell - Album (Southern rock?)
BLIND PETITION: Law & Order Unplugged Live - CD+DVD, 2LP (American rock)
CHAOS: All Against All - Album (Thrash metal)
AERIAL SCHOOL: Love Is Calling - EP (Hard rock)
VIN DE MIA TRIX: Palimpsests - Double Album (Progressive funeral doom)
dEMOTIONAL: Discovery - Album (Modern melodic Pop/Metal)
VANDEN PLAS: The Seraphic Live Works - CD/DVD (Progressive metal)
CONJURING FATE: Valley Of Shadows - Album (Heavy/Power metal)
DESTRUCTOR: Decibel Casualties - Album (Speed/Thrash metal)
SPACE WITCH: Arcanum - Album (Psychedelic stoner/doom)
SAMSON: Survivors / Shock Tactics / Live At Reading 81 - Albums (re-issues) (Hard rock/NWOBHM)
WARRANT: Louder Harder Faster - Album (Melodic hard rock)
SNAKECHARMER: Second Skin - Album (Hard rock)
ROYAL HUNT: 2016 - Album, DVD, Blu-ray (Melodic rock)
INGLORIOUS: II - Album (Classic rock)
HAREM SCAREM: United - Album ("Hard" Rock)
DEATH OF KINGS: Kneel Before None - Album (Heavy/Thrash metal)
DA BOANAD: Mystericum - Album (Rock/Hard rock)
ADRENALINE MOB: We The People - Album (Hard rock)
CHUGGER: Grinder - Single (Death metal)

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