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TRANSPORT LEAGUE: Monster Human - Single (Groove metal)
PECTORA: Untaken - Single (Melodic heavy metal)
MERIDIAN: Margin Of Error - Album (Melodic heavy metal)
DOMINANZ: Let The Death Enter - Album (Extreme metal)
BLACK OAK COUNTY: Wasted Life - Single (Modern melodic hard rock)
The PICTUREBOOKS: The Hands Of Time - Album (Different kinds of bluesy rock)
WITHERFALL: Vintage - EP (Acoustic dark melodic metal)
LASTKAJ 14: Stormar - Album reissue (Trallpunk)
Stagman: Ser Ni Eldarna? - Single (Singer/songwriter with ex-EASY ACTION singer)
NIGHTRAGE: Wolf To Man - Single (Melodic death metal)
MERIDIAN: Second Best - Single (Melodic hard rock)
The COATHANGERS: The Devil You Know - Album (Punk rock)
BLACK MOUNTAIN: Future Shade - Single (Space/Psych rock)
AMYL & THE SNIFFERS: Monsoon Rock - Single (Punk rock)
ROULETTE: NOW! - Album (Melodic "hard" rock/AOR)
MOTHER OF MILLIONS: Artifacts - Album (Deep/atmospheric progressive rock/alternative metal)
WOLF COUNSEL: Destination Void - Album (Doom metal)
WARRIOR PATH: Warrior Path - Album (Heavy/Power metal)
The GRAND NEW WRONG: Smooch - Album (Grunge/Rock)
SIX FOOT SIX: Frozen In Time - Single (Melodic hard rock)
EYES OF THE LIVING: War On Dead, More Dead - Album (Thrash metal)
WRETCH: Man Or Machine - Album (Power/Thrash metal)
RITUAL: Trials Of Torment - Album reissue (Heavy metal)
ECHOES: Live From The Dark Side (A Tribute To Pink Floyd) - Double album, DVD, Blu-ray (PINK FLOYD tribute)
MÄRVEL, DEADHEADS and The DRIPPERS at Sticky Fingers in Göteborg, Sweden on March 9, 2019 (Action rock)
LAST IN LINE: II - Album (Hard rock)
BONAFIDE: Live At KB - Album (Hard rock)
USURPER: Lords Of The Permafrost - Album (Thrash/Black metal)
WARDEHNS: Now Cometh The Foul - Album (Crust/Sludge)
PTERODACTYL PROBLEMS: Esoteric Hobbies - Album (Rock and "lullabies")
BLACK THERAPY: Echoes Of Dying Memories - Album (Melodic death metal)
MEADOWS END: The Great Antiquation - Album (Symphonic/melodic death metal)
STEELWINGS: Back - Album (80s hard rock/heavy metal)
FM: The Italian Job - CD/DVD, Blu-ray (Melodic rock)
CRYPT TRIP: Haze County - Album (Retro hard rock with variation)
WENDIGO: Wasteland Stories - Album (Heavy, catchy hard rock)
WHITESNAKE: Shut Up & Kiss Me - Single (Hard rock)
The RIVEN: The Riven - Album (Blues-based hard rock)
EARTH MESSIAH: Ouroboros - Album (Heavy stoner rock)
DUN RINGILL: Welcome - Album (Doom metal)
DOWNFALL OF GAIA: Ethic Of Radical Finitude - Album (Post black metal)
BACKYARD BABIES: Sliver & Gold - Album (Hard rock with punk attitude)
BUS: Never Decide - Album (Old school heavy rock)
DEATH IS DEATH: Death Wears Suit - Album (Thrash metal)
DeVicious: Reflections - Album (Melodic hard rock)
Mike Tramp: Stray From The Flock - Album (Melodic pop/rock for boring days)
STATEMENT: Force Of Life - Album (Hard rock)
QUEENSRŸCHE: The Verdict - Album (US metal)
ÖTZI: Part Time Punks Sessions - EP (Post punk)
HUMBLE PIE: Joint Effort - Album (Funky blues rock)
GERM BOMB: Gist Sucked Out - Album (Apocalyptic and heavy punk/metal)
Volume Doom - Compilation Album (Doom metal and Stoner rock)
WRETCHED FATE: Fleshletting - Album (Death metal)
ARTILLERY: Fear Of Tomorrow / Terror Squad - Album reissues (Thrash metal)
QUARTZ: Quartz / Live Quartz - Album reissues (Hard rock/Heavy metal)
WARISH: Warish - EP (Evil garage punk)
THUNDERMOTHER: Da Igual - Single (Hard rock)
Louise Lemón: Not Enough - Single (Dark pop)
DEAD WITCHES: The Final Exorcism - Album (Occult doom rock)
GODSLEEP: Coming Of Age - LP (Heavy/Psych rock)
RED BEARD WALL: The Fight Needs Us All - Album (Heavy and hooky alternative metal)
REZET: Deal With It - Album (Heavy/Thrash metal)
WALLS OF BLOOD: Imperium - Album (Heavy/Power metal)
MILLENCOLIN: SOS - Album (Catchy and melodic punk rock)
HEXVESSEL: All Trees - Album (Psychedelic forest/folk rock)
SKULLCLUB: Smækhugger - Album (Raw rock from Denmark)
GHOST SHIP OCTAVIUS: Delirium - Album (Heavy/progressive mid-tempo metal)
BLOOD RED SAINTS: Pulse - Album (Melodic rock/AOR)
Mikael Erlandsson: Capricorn Six - Album (Melodic hard rock/AOR)
VELVET INSANE: Velvet Insane - Album (Melodic hard rock/Classic rock)
KSMB: Showen, En Slemmig Torsk - Double Album (A long story with a few acoustic rock songs)
WACHENFELDT: The Interpreter - Album (Progressive extreme metal)
Fredrik Klingwall & Julia Black: Sentience - Album (Mystic/melancholy dark pop?)
IMONOLITH: Hollow - Single (Metal)
SISTA BRYTET: Dead Before You Know It - EP (Punk rock)
CRIPPLE BASTARDS: La Fine Cresce Da Dentro - Album (Grindcore)
The COATHANGERS: F the NRA - Single (Punk rock)
TRAUMA: As The World Dies - Album (American heavy metal)
STEEL RAISER: Acciaio - Album (Heavy metal)
RAVAGER: Thrashletics - Album (Thrash metal)
SNAKE TONGUE: No Escape No Excuse - EP (Metal/Crust punk)
DZJENGHIS KHAN: Dzjenghis Khan - Album reissue (Acid/Psych rock)
CAUSTIC VOMIT: Festering Odes To Deformity - Demo Cassette/Digital (Doom/Death metal)
Bror Gunnar Jansson: Stay Out All Night Long - Single (Blues rock)
BLECKHORN: Dragonfire - EP (Heavy metal)
VANIR: Allfather - Album (Melodic death/black metal)
Toby Hitchcock: Reckoning - Album (Melodic rock/AOR)
STARBREAKER: Dysphoria - Album (Hard rock/Heavy metal)
QUIET RIOT: One Night In Milan - CD/DVD, Blu-Ray (Hard rock/Heavy metal)
BLACK MASS: Warlust - Album (Thrash/black metal)
ASCHEREGEN: Untot - Album (Heavy metal in German)
INGLORIOUS: Ride To Nowhere - Album (Hard rock)
JETBOY: Born To Fly - Album (Hard rock)
Kane Roberts: The New Normal - Album (Pop/Rock?)
BOTTLECAP and ONDT BLOD at Bengans Fik in Göteborg, Sweden on February 9, 2019 (Punk and hardcore)
A HERO FOR THE WORLD: West To East Pt. II, Space Ranger - Album (Cinematic power metal)
HELLNITE: Midnight Terrors - Album (Thrash metal)
The WANDERING ASCETIC: Crimson - Album (Black/Thrash metal)
Marcus Wilsson: Fem Tjugoett - Album (Swedish singer/songwriter with a touch of rock)
AD PATRES: A Brief Introduction To Human Experiments - Album (Death metal)
MEKA: Ending My Life To Destroy Yours - Cassette/Digital album (Blackened death metal)
NIGHTRAGE: The Damned - Single (Melodic death metal)
NEBULA: Charged - Album reissue (Desert rock)
The SLURS: Shatter Sessions - Album (Loud and raw rock n roll)
NEGATIVE WALL: Gammagelu - Album (Doom metal)
ELECTROCUTION: Psychonolatry - Album (Violent death metal)
The SCARS IN PNEUMA: The Path Of Seven Sorrows - Album (Black metal with melody)
The REVERBERATIONS: Changes - Album (Garage/Psychedelic rock)
GAST: Mörkret Kallar - EP (Black metal)
FRANCES BLOOM: Animal - Single (Rock)
ZOHAMAH: Spreading My Ashes - Album (Death/Black/Doom metal)
THETAN: Abysmal - Album (Violent hardcore/punk)
SEBASTIEN: Behind The World - EP (Melodic pop metal)
DER ROTE MILAN: Moritat - Album (Black metal)
CRYING STEEL: Steel Alive - Double Album (Heavy metal)
JAKE STARR AND THE DELICIOUS FULLNESS: All The Mess I'm In - 7" single (Garage rock)
HEY ZEUS: X - Album (Heavy rock)
The SONIC DAWN: Eclipse - Album (Psych rock)
Mike Tramp: Dead End Ride - Single (Catchy rock)
MASSIVE: Rebuild Destroy - Album (Australian hard/rock n roll)
ALMØST HUMAN: XS2XTC - Album (Modern rock/metal)
LAZY BONEZ: Kiss Of The Night - Album (80s hard rock)
MEDEIA: Xenosis - Album (Progressive death metal)
BUZZCOCKS: Another Music In A Different Kitchen / Love Bites - Album reissues (Punk rock)
SPLIT/CROSS: Rise Of Discontent - Digital Album (Crust punk)
The OSSUARY: Southern Funeral - Album (Doom metal with a touch of yesterday)
SOFY MAJOR: Total Dump - Album (Indie/Noise rock?)
SLOW: IV, Mythologiae - Album reissue (Atmospheric funeral doom)
HOLLOW LEG: Civilizations - Album (Sludge)
ATOMIC KAVEMEN: Atomic Kavemen - EP (Rock)
GREEN RIVER: Dry As A Bone / Rehab Doll - Album reissues (Proto Grunge)
INFERITVM: The Grimoires - Album (Black metal)
GIVE UP THE GHOST: Before Heading Home - EP (Metalcore with extra everything)
CORRODED: Bitter - Album (Modern hard rock/metal)
NEBULA: Demos & Outtakes 98-02 - Album (Guitar-driven heavy/psych rock from the desert)
FUSION BOMB: Concrete Jungle - Album (Thrash metal)
GAMLA PENGAR: Bon Purée - Double Album (Swedish punk rock)
SWALLOW THE SUN: When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light - Album (Atmospheric, gloomy doom metal)
SWALLOW THE SUN: Lumina Aurea - EP (Atmospheric and dark monk music for the dead)
DIABOL BORUTA: Czary - Album (Folk metal)
CORRODED: Breathing - Single (Modern hard rock)
WAKE THE NATIONS: Heartrock - Album (Melodic hard rock/AOR)
SECRET RULE: The 7 Endless - Album (Very melodic metal)
LUGNET: Nightwalker - Album (70s hard rock)
COME TASTE THE BAND: Reignition - Album (Classic hard rock)
LUCER: Ghost Town - Album (Pop band trying to be a rock band)
The ALLIGATOR WINE: The Flying Carousel - EP (Danceable pop/rock)
The COATHANGERS: Bimbo - Single (Rock)
EVERGREY: Weightless - Single (Progressive metal)
CARNAL FORGE: Gun To Mouth Salvation - Album (Thrash metal)
MILLENCOLIN: Nothing - Single (Skate punk)
SHENANIGANS: Muta In Potenza - Album (Hardcore/Punk/Thrash metal)
RIFFTERA: Across The Acheron - Album (Melodic death/thrash metal)
ARCH ENEMY: Covered In Blood - Album (Covers album - Melodic death metal and crust punk)
LEACH: Hymns For The Hollow - Album (Hardcore/Thrash metal)
The MOUND BUILDERS: The Mound Builders - Album (Stoner/Sludge metal)
POWERGAME: Masquerade - Album (Heavy metal)
NUISIBLE: Slaves & Snakes - Album (Crust/Death metal)
HELLEVATE: Last Of The Fell - Single (Heavy metal)
LUMBAR: The First And Last Days Of Unwelcome - Album reissue (Heavy rock/Noise)
STATIC TENSION: Ashes To Animation - Album (Alternative heavy rock with extra everything)
CLOUDBURST: Cloudburst - Album (Extreme hardcore)
ARCHANGEL A.D.: Warband - Album (Thrash metal)
VIOLBLAST: Theater Of Despair - Album (Stone hard thrash metal)
WOVEN MAN: Revelry (In Our Arms) - Album (Heavier riff-based metal)
YARN OF THE WICKED: Lore * Anne - EP (60s/70s prog rock with a 70s horror theme)
BARBAROSSASTRAßE: Waiting In The Wings - Album (Hard rock)
BÖLTHORN: Across The Human Path - Album (Melodic viking death metal)
DEAD FRIENDS 46: Hardcore - Album (Hardcore/Punk)
TOURNIQUET: Gazing At Medusa - Album (Metal)
MISTY GREY: Chapter II - Album (Doom)