SWALLOW THE SUN: When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light - Album (Atmospheric, gloomy doom metal)
SWALLOW THE SUN: Lumina Aurea - EP (Atmospheric and dark monk music for the dead)
DIABOL BORUTA: Czary - Album (Folk metal)
CORRODED: Breathing - Single (Modern hard rock)
WAKE THE NATIONS: Heartrock - Album (Melodic hard rock/AOR)
SECRET RULE: The 7 Endless - Album (Very melodic metal)
LUGNET: Nightwalker - Album (70s hard rock)
COME TASTE THE BAND: Reignition - Album (Classic hard rock)
LUCER: Ghost Town - Album (Pop band trying to be a rock band)
The ALLIGATOR WINE: The Flying Carousel - EP (Danceable pop/rock)
The COATHANGERS: Bimbo - Single (Rock)
EVERGREY: Weightless - Single (Progressive metal)
CARNAL FORGE: Gun To Mouth Salvation - Album (Thrash metal)
MILLENCOLIN: Nothing - Single (Skate punk)
SHENANIGANS: Muta In Potenza - Album (Hardcore/Punk/Thrash metal)
RIFFTERA: Across The Acheron - Album (Melodic death/thrash metal)
ARCH ENEMY: Covered In Blood - Album (Covers album - Melodic death metal and crust punk)
LEACH: Hymns For The Hollow - Album (Hardcore/Thrash metal)
The MOUND BUILDERS: The Mound Builders - Album (Stoner/Sludge metal)
POWERGAME: Masquerade - Album (Heavy metal)
NUISIBLE: Slaves & Snakes - Album (Crust/Death metal)
HELLEVATE: Last Of The Fell - Single (Heavy metal)
LUMBAR: The First And Last Days Of Unwelcome - Album reissue (Heavy rock/Noise)
STATIC TENSION: Ashes To Animation - Album (Alternative heavy rock with extra everything)
CLOUDBURST: Cloudburst - Album (Extreme hardcore)
ARCHANGEL A.D.: Warband - Album (Thrash metal)
VIOLBLAST: Theater Of Despair - Album (Stone hard thrash metal)
WOVEN MAN: Revelry (In Our Arms) - Album (Heavier riff-based metal)
YARN OF THE WICKED: Lore * Anne - EP (60s/70s prog rock with a 70s horror theme)
BARBAROSSASTRAßE: Waiting In The Wings - Album (Hard rock)
BÖLTHORN: Across The Human Path - Album (Melodic viking death metal)
DEAD FRIENDS 46: Hardcore - Album (Hardcore/Punk)
TOURNIQUET: Gazing At Medusa - Album (Metal)
MISTY GREY: Chapter II - Album (Doom)