DISCREATION: Iron Times (death metal)
SHORES OF NULL: The Loss Of Beauty (doom metal)
GRANDE ROYALE: Welcome To Grime Town (action rock)
FATAL EMBRACE: Manifestum Infernalis (blackened death metal)
Michael Catton: Ready For The Takin' (hard rock)
KÄRBHOLZ: Kapitel 11 "Barrikaden" (German rock/metal)
KEEP OF KALESSIN: Katharsis (epic extreme metal)
CRUACHAN: The Living And The Dead (folk/metal pioneers)
BAI BANG: Sha Na Na Na (glam/sleaze rock and melodic hard rock)
TRAGEDIAN: Master Of Illusions (heavy/power metal)
XALPEN: The Curse Of Kwányep (black metal)
Thomas Lassar: Whatever I Do (AOR)
PRESA: El Afortunado (hard rock)
KRUELTY: Untopia (hardcore/death/doom metal)
DOWNSHOT: Endgame (hardcore/metal/rap)
BABYLON A.D.: Live Lightning (powerful rock/hard rock)
HAKEN: Fauna (progressive rock)
FAKE NAMES: Expendables (punk rock/power pop)
REDEMPTION: I Am The Storm (progressive metal)
ELYSION: Bring Out Your Dead (melodic metal)
ALL FOR METAL: Fury Of The Gods (heavy metal)
ABE AND HIS BABE: She Loves You (The Beatles cover)
MUDHONEY: Move Under (heavy rock)
NARNIA: Hold On (melodic metal)
STARCRAZY: Another Day, Another Squalor... (old rock for the modern world)
CARBELLION: Weapons Of Choice (catchy heavy rock)
CARNIFIED: Carnage For The Gods / Nocturna (extreme metal)
BLOODJOB: Metastasis (brutal death metal)
UPPLOPPET: Thinking Of Me (action rock)
SERGEANT STEEL: Please Me, Tease Me (hard rock)
FIREWIND: Destiny Is Calling (melodic heavy metal)
DJÄVULEN MÖBLERAR OM: Misstag (Swedish punk rock)
Robin McAuley: Alive (melodic hard rock)
FIRST SIGNAL: Face Your Fears (melodic rock)
CREYE: III Weightless (melodic rock)
ALL MY SHADOWS: Eerie Monsters (melodic hard rock)
ZTEREOTYPERNA: Svea Rikes Hjärtinfarkt (teenage punk)
KJELLS BÄNK: YIH8TW (punk rock)
KONSUMENTERNA: Svennelivet (punk)
ARTCH: Another Return (reissue) (heavy/power metal fromt he 80s)
ISOLE: Anesidora (soft doom metal)
EXELERATE: Exelerate (power/thrash metal)
IGNOMINY: Imminent Collapse (dissonant death metal)
HANOI ROCKS: Oriental Beat (40th Anniversary) The Re(al) Mix (rock n roll party with a touch of glam)
NARNIA: Ghost Town (melodic metal)
HE WHO WALKS BEHIND THE ROWS: The Lucky Ones Died First (vintage rock with horror theme)
FAGUS: Inter (black metal)
OVERLORD: Fake Salvation (death metal)
BULLRING: Still Blood (modern hard rock)
XALPEN: The Curse Of Kwányep (Kwányep Chenen) (black metal)
Larry Wallis & The BRAINS: Leather Forever (catchy hard rock)
BLODTÅR: Den Fördärvade Sorgbundenheten (folk/black metal)
BLACK OAK COUNTY: Back For Blood (hard rock)
REDLIGHT KING: In Our Blood (modern rock)
LORD SONNY THE UNIFIER: America's Newest Hitmaker (a special rock experience)
KOLD: Intet Mere Er (black metal)
KARDINAL SIN: s.a.l.i.g.i.a (heavy metal)
WISHING WELL: Space Invaders (hard rock)
SPRINTS: Literary Mind (reissue) (indie rock/post-punk)
FAKE NAMES: Can't Take It (power pop/post-punk)
BABYMETAL: Light And Darkness (Japanese crap)
STARGAZER: Life Will Never Be The Same (classic Scandinavian hard rock)
TEMPTRESS: See (all kinds of heavy rock in one place)
TRENCH DOGS: Stockholmiana (glam rock/rock n roll)
71TONMAN: Of End Times (sludge/doom noise)
WIG WAM: Out Of The Dark (hard rock)
T3NORS: Naked Soul (AOR)
KHYMERA: Hold Your Ground (melodic rock)
INFINITE & DIVINE: Ascendancy (melodic rock/hard rock)
SKINNER: Wicked Whys (melodic heavy metal)
KÜNTSQUÄD: Necro Nightmare (crust metal/death punk)
IMMORTALIZER: Born For Metal (heavy metal)
DRAGONNE: On Dragon's Wings/On My Back (80s US heavy/power metal)
CHERRY ST.: Twisted, Rude & Sticky Sweet (hard rock)
Avi Rosenfeld: Very Heepy Very Purple XIV (classic hard rock/heavy metal)
AVALANCHE: Sweet Baby Brown Eyes (hard rock n roll)
SATAN TAKES A HOLIDAY: The Sound I Like (garage rock disco)
IRON LIZARDS: Cold Gin (action rock)
FAGUS: Aurora (black metal)
The END A.D.: Stink (hardcore/punk/metal)
BLOOD AND SUN: Ochre (dark and atmospheric neo-folk)
FURNACE: The Casca Trilogy (death metal)
COFFINBORN: Cadaveric Retribution (death metal)
INSOMNIUM: Anno 1696 (post-doom metal with a pinch of death metal)
DARK EMBRACE: Dark Heavy Metal (heavy metal)
OFFICER X: Incandescent (heavy metal)
MAERZFELD: Alles anders (German rock)
KÜNTSQUÄD: Küntsquäd (crust punk/death metal)
ICESTORM: The Northern Crusades (melodic death metal)
GRIM JUSTICE: Justice In The Night (heavy metal/hard rock)
FAIRYTALE: Army Of Ghosts (heavy metal)
SIENA ROOT: Revelation (retro/folk/hard rock)
SARCOPTES: Prayers To Oblivion (epic black/thrash metal)
CRANEIUM: Sands Of Gold (fuzz rock)
ONTBORG: Following The Steps Of Damnation (melodic death metal)
MÄRVEL: Double Decade (catchy high octane rock n roll)
LES LULLIES: Dernier Soir (punk rock/power pop)
ENDED: Into The Nothing (melodic progressive metal)
DEATH VALLEY GIRLS: Islands In The Sky (60s garage/psych rock/power pop)
NARNIA: Rebel (melodic metal)
MOLOSSER CRUDE: At My Feet (Hounds Of Hell) (raw and dirty blues/stoner rock)
Vick LeCar's GALLUX REX: Vick LeCar's Gallux Rex (old hard rock)
MISS BEHAVIOUR: Heart Of Midwinter (reissue) (melodic rock/hard rock)
CZAKAN: State Of Confusion (reissue) (melodic hard rock)
Chris Rosander: The Monster Inside (aor)
CHILD: Meditations In Filth (death/grind/crust)
OCEANHOARSE: Heads Will Roll (heavy metal)
SPECTRAL SOULS: Towards Extinction (death metal)
THRENODY: Rid Of Flesh (death metal)
TRANSATLANTIC: The Final Flight - Live At L'Olympia (progressive rock)
TRENCH DOGS: Maroon (gray glam rock song)
SARDO NUMSPA: Spöket I Maskinen (trallpunk)
EPA: Tretton Övningar I Mindfulness (reissue) (melodic punk rock)
KARDINAL SYND: Kardinalens Femte (trallpunk)
Ronnie Romero: Raised On Heavy Radio (hard rock/heavy metal)
GIRISH & THE CHRONICLES: Back On Earth (hard rock)
ELECTRIC MOB: 2 Make U Cry & Dance (hard rock)
CROWNE: Operation Phoenix (melodic hard rock)
ARCTIC RAIN: Unity (melodic hard rock)
FAGUS: Neptun I (black metal)
ENDED: Collateral (melodic metal)
OWLS & EAGLES: Enlightenment (heavy psych/doom)
The HIP PRIESTS: Chasing Death (energetic garage rock)
BOYS FROM HEAVEN: Sailing On (aor)
MÖTLEY CRÜE: Crücial Crüe - The Studio Albums 1981-1989 (all you need in 1 box)
SCHIZOPHRENIA: Chants Of The Abyss (covers EP, metal and punk)
MOTIVE BLACK: Auburn (modern alternative hard rock/metal)
FROZEN DAWN: The Decline Of The Enlightened Gods (black metal)
eMOLECULE: The Architect (progressive rock)
DISTANT: Heritage (deathcore - a heavy wall of extreme noise)
DEVISER: Evil Summons Evil (black metal)
ITERUM NATA: Trench Of Loneliness (soft psychedelic folk rock/atmospheric neo-folk)
FREDLÖS: Fredlös (dark folk metal)
FALLING IN REVERSE: Watch The World Burn (hip hop/metalcore hybrid)
DETRAKTOR: Full Body Stomp (thrash/groove metal)
The STONE EYE: Donora (tricky alternative rock)
UNKNOWN: Vanishing Point (melodic heavy metal)
TEN: Something Wicked This Way Comes (hard rock)
ISSA: Lights Of Japan (hard pop)
HEROES & MONSTERS: Heroes And Monsters (hard rock)
BIG CITY: Sunwind Sails (melodic hard rock)
TROLD: Sensommerbålet (folk metal)
ENDORPHINS LOST: Night People (crust/grind/hardcore)
ÅSKVÄDER: Don't Worry (action rock)
JENNER: To Live Is To Suffer (reissue) (heavy/thrash metal)
SARKASM: As Empires Decay (death/thrash metal)
REVOLTING: Born To Be Dead (death metal)
ORNAMENTOS DEL MIEDO: Frío (atmospheric funeral doom metal)
XALPEN: Moon-Woman (black metal)
KIN WAGON: Return To Zero (melodic hard rock)
HELL'S SATANS: Hell's Satans (heavy/thrash metal)
ARCHED FIRE: Pestilence (US metal)
HELEVEN: New Horizon, Pt. 1 (modern prog/groove metal?)
The FREQS: Poachers (raw heavy rock)
DeadBlondeStars: Metamorphosis (alternative rock)
CRUACHAN: The Reaper (folk/metal)
SKINNER: How Many Ways I Can Die (dark heavy metal)
LAZY QUEEN: 4th Contact (lame pop, they have done better)
LEPROUS: Aphelion (Tour Edition) (art-rock/prog rock)
SANGUISUGABOGG: Homicidal Ecstasy (heavy and brutal death metal)
Victor Smolski: Guitar Force (instrumental guitar heavy metal)
LANSDOWNE: Medicine (alternative modern rock/pop)
REXORIA: Imperial Dawn (melodic metal)
DISINTER: Guerra Eterna (brutal death metal in Spanish)
WISHING WELL: Soul Rider (hard rock)
POWERIZED: Badly Mad (some kind of rock)
MUDHONEY: Almost Everything (alternative rock veterans)
KÜNTSQUÄD: Xhrist (crust punk/death metal)
KICKHUNTER: Louder & Faster (hard rock)
VANIR: Steel Meets Steel (melodic death metal)
TRESPASS: Blackthorn (heavy metal)
CHRONICLE: Terrorform (melodic death metal)
MASK OF PROSPERO: Hiraeth (metalcore/modern prog metal)
LITTLE PIG: Little Pig (alternative rock)
DUST PROPHET: One Last Look Upon The Sky (stoner/doom metal)
DEVIL'S WHISKEY: Historias de Muerte (doom/heavy psych/stoner)
ABLAZE MY SORROW: The Loss Of All Hope (melodic death metal)
LUMEN AD MORTEM: Upon The Edge Of Darkness (black metal)
SORROWFUL LAND: Faded Anchors Of The Past (doom metal)
VAHRZAW: In The Shallows Of A Starlit Lake (black metal)
DEAD WILL WALK: A New Day Of Dawning (death metal)
DARK SARAH: Attack Of Orym (cinematic symphonic metal)
BLAKEARTH: Earth Fragments (US metal)
METHANE: Kill It With Fire (thrash metal)
SMALL TOWN SAVIOURS: Small Town Saviours (sleazy action rock)
SLEAFORD MODS: UK Grim (alternative electro-rock)
LORDS OF SALEM: I'm So Goth (alternative hard rock/metal)
BIS·NTE: Broken (doom metal)
IT'S A RIOT: So Far So Good (punk)
CANCERVO: II (doom/heavy psych)
BUTT PLUG: Odd School (hardcore/thrash/crossover)
TYGERS OF PAN TANG: Edge Of The World (melodic heavy metal)
THIRD EYE: Vengeance Fulfilled (progressive metal for fans of heavy and power metal)
ANUBIS: Decreation Day (power/thrash metal)
MOONLUST: Six Years (heavy hard rock)
PANDER: Break The Oath (stoner doom)
FUCKED UP: One Day (some kind of edgy rock with its own twist)
ASHEN HORDE: Antimony (prog/tech black/death metal)
DOKKEN: The Elektra Albums 1983 - 1987 (hard rock legends)
The TANGENT: Pyramids, Stars & More - The Tangent's Live Recordings 2004-2017 (progressive soup)
RIVERSIDE: ID.Entity (melodic progressive rock)
LiV SiN: KaliYuga (a modern metal album)
KÜNTSQUÄD: Gods Of War (crust punk/death metal)
SKOGSTOKIG: Nån måste få det (angry punk in Swedish)
SKINNER: In Silence (heavy metal)
OLĒKA: From The Pines (melodic groove/death metal)
EVIL INCARNATE: Great Dragon Of Thunder (death metal)
The DEVILS: Live At Maximum Festival (punky garage rock)
"DEMONS": Rock & Roll With The Punches (action rock)
DEATHPATH: Hate Within (death metal)
NIGHTHAWK: Running Wild (melodic hard rock)
WARP: Dirigibles (doom/proto-metal)
AUTUMN'S CHILD: Starflower (melodic rock/AOR)
BARNABAS SKY: What Comes To Light (melodic hard rock)
VELIU NAMAI: Alkai (darkwave sucks!)
Molosser CRUDE: Twin Moons (Live in the Studio) (bluesy heavy rock)
PHANTOM: Hellspeed Death (speed/thrash metal)
ITERUM NATA: Losing Connection (soft psychedelic folk rock/atmospheric neo-folk)
EISREGEN: Grenzgänger (German metal)
AZKEN AUZI: Azken Auzi (doom/sludge)
ASHEN: Ritual Of Ash (death metal)
HEADONS: Hatet (punk in Swedish)
WOTHROSCH: Odium (heavy black metal noise)
DEFY THE CURSE: Horrors Of Human Sacrifice (crust/death metal)
PERPETUAL FIRE: The Fire Within (melodic power metal)
DeVicious: Madhouse (melodic hard rock)
CROM: The Era Of Darkness (heavy/power metal)