PANZERCHRIST: All Witches Shall Burn (death/black metal)
SWIM OR DROWN: Trapped (heavy metallic hardcore)
SWARF DAMAGE: Swarf Damage (crossover - hardcore/punk/thrash metal)
SCARELIGHT: Scream Out Loud (power metal)
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: 50th Anniversary Live in NYC - First Night (hard rock/classic rock)
URBAIN: A Soul Purged (black metal)
SLIFT: Nimh (psych rock)
BEYOND THIS EARTH: Portraits Of The Absurd (heavy rock/metal)
COBRA 1981: Vanha Kuoma (heavy metal in Finnish)
BORGERLIG BEGRAVNING: Parasit (Swedish punk)
ARCHED FIRE: Wings Of Chrome (heavy metal)
DUSK: Dissolve Into Ash (doom/death metal)
SYLVANIA: Purgatorium (ambitious melodic power metal)
PALACE OF THE KING: A Run For Your Money (hard rock)
OXIDIZE: To My Daughter (melodic metal)
HELLMAN: The 4th Power (punky death n roll/thrash metal)
FUNERAL VOMIT: Monumental Putrescence (South American death metal)
ONE HELL OF A CHRISTMAS: One Hell Of A Christmas (instrumental heavy metal)
HEART LINE: Original Seeds (melodic rock covers)
PRISONER: One + Two (2in1 re-issue) (melodic rock)
SAY IT: One And Again (2in1 re-issue) (melodic rock/AOR)
ELVENKING: Prime Evil (VENOM cover)
J.B.O.: Rockin' In The Free World (Neil Young cover)
Këkht Aräkh: Wanderer (ambient "black metal")
SOLEDRIVER: Return Me To Light (melodic rock/hard rock)
DGM: Life (progressive metal)
CARE OF NIGHT: Reconnected (melodic rock/AOR)
IMPERIALIST: Quantum (black metal)
CROSSFIRE: Switch To Reset (thrash metal)
ARCHITECTS: Seeing Red (metalcore)
TWISTED TOWER DIRE: The Isle Of Hydra (re-issue) (heavy metal)
TORTUGA: Iterations (heavy stoner/psych doom metal)
REACH: Eviga Natt (Christmas ballad in Swedish)
KORGONTHURUS: Jumalhaaska - CD, 2LP (black metal)
LIES!: Mind Pollution (metallic hardcore)
ELUKAS: Loomad Koos (old school punk rock)
METAL CROSS & MERIDIAN: Merry Bloody Christmas (heavy metal)
UGLY PUNCH: Bad Boy (psycho garage rock?)
TEARS: Broken Love (glam rock ballad)
The RODS: Shockwave (heavy metal)
PIRATES OF METAL: Walk The Plank (heavy metal)
METALITE: Aurora (modern melodic "power" metal)
INNER AXIS: Burn With Me (heavy metal)
GUN: All Fired Up (rock)
GRAVE DIGGER: The Forgotten Years (heavy metal)
NIGHTHAWK: Live! (hard rock)
STARCHILD: Magic Well (power metal)
SONS OF ETERNITY: End Of Silence (power/heavy metal)
EKTOMORF: Vivid Black (neo-thrash/hardcore/metal)
DWELLING BELOW: Dwelling Below (dark death/doom metal)
CRYPTOSIS: The Silent Call (progressive death/thrash metal)
CORRODED: Plague (modern, heavy and dark metal)
CARR JAM - 21: I've Had Enough (Into The Fire) (KISS cover by all-star project)
RAVAGE: Manmade Ice Age (heavy metal)
Cookin' Jubileum 25 År (prog rock and blues rock)
TEMPLE BALLS: Avalanche (party hard rock)
SECRET SPHERE: Blackened Heartbeat (power metal)
IGNESCENT: Fight In Me (modern melodic hard rock)
HUGO'S VOYAGE: Inception (AOR)
SCUMFUCKS: Scumfucks (for fans of MOTÖRHEAD)
HELMS DEEP: Treacherous Ways (heavy/power metal)
DeadFire: B.M.F. (hard rock n roll)
DECEPTION: Monophobic (symphonic/melodic death metal)
SPRINTS: Shadow Of A Doubt (soft rock/garage rock)
SPARZANZA: Bad Motherfucker (metal)
TRUMBITEN: Heist (heavy metal/heavy rock)
TOMORROW'S OUTLOOK: Silver Ghost (heavy metal)
TEMPLETON PEK: Perfect Storm (melodic punk rock)
The RODS: Rattle The Cage (heavy metal)
HOSTILIA: Let Off Some Steam (Remixed) (thrash metal)
CROSSFIRE: Turned To Stone (heavy/thrash metal)
CORNERS OF SANCTUARY: Get On The List (heavy metal)
CLEAR VISION: A Broken Home (Finnish metal)
F.K.Ü.: The Spawning (horror thrash metal)
SKARLETT RIOT: Hold Tight (modern metal)
PIRATE QUEEN: Pirates From The Sea (pirate metal)
MANNEQUIN PUSSY: Sometimes (soft alternative rock?)
HELLMAN: Desktop Activist (metal n roll)
FAST EDDY: Spirit Commander (garage rock)
AGGRESSION: Frozen Aggressors (thrash metal)
AXENSTAR: Chapter VIII (power metal)
FLAMES OF FIRE: Our Blessed Hope (hard rock/heavy metal)
NIMROD: Legacy Of Death (thrash metal)
ORO: Vid Vägs Ände (post/sludge/doom metal)
SATURDAY'S HEROES: Wanderlust & Hardships (melodic punk rock/rock)
WALKING CORPSE: Our Hands, Your Throat (grindcore)
REVEAL: Still Alive (melodic heavy/power metal)
ASBESTOS WORKER/NAW: F@ck You (hardcore/punk rock/alternative)
FIREWIND: Come Undone (melodic power metal)
I'LL BE DAMNED: Live At Radar (heavy and groovy rock n roll metal)
ILDSKÆR: Blod & Jern (black metal)
The RATTLEBACKS: Kink (hard rock)
VIGILANT: Oppression - Dramatic Surge (odd technical thrash metal)
SEAR BLISS: Grand Destiny (re-issue) (black metal)
ETERNAL SOLSTICE: Demonic Fertilizer (re-issue) (classic Dutch death metal)
DIABOLIC: City Of The Dead (classic Florida death metal)
BLACK SHEPHERD: Immortal Aggression (re-issue) (early thrash/death metal)
DEATH'S-HEAD AND THE SPACE ALLUSION: Luc-II-Farul (modern melodic metal)
ASTMATISK GAPSKRATT: Ha Ei Satans God Jul! (punk rock Christmas the Norwegian way)
KKPA: Live (melodic punk rock/trallpunk in Swedish)
SILENT TIGER: Twist Of Fate (melodic rock)
FREAKSTORM: Angel In The Dark (melodic rock/hard rock)
TEMPLE OF SCORN: Funeral Altar Epiphanies (death metal)
SECRET RULE: UNInVERSE (symphonic metal)
SADISM: Obscurans (old school thrash/death metal veterans)
WEEPING SILENCE: Isle Of Lore (dark prog/death metal)
Tarja Turunen: Dark Christmas (darker christmas songs)
GRÅ VARDAG and SKARABÉ at Hemgården in Borås, Sweden on Nov. 18, 2024 (ska/punk, punk)
TRAPEZE: Lost Tapes Vol. 1 (energetic heavy/funk rock)
NO TEARS: Heart Shaped Eyes (power pop/glam rock/punk rock)
The ANSWER: Wild Heart (rock)
VANSIND: Mørket (Danish folk metal)
The REFRESHMENTS: A Stiff One (rock n roll/Americana/country)
REACH: Little Dreams (rock)
The SONIC REDEMPTION: E.P. (punk n roll/action rock)
PALACE OF THE KING: Tear It Down (hard rock)
The MANIKINS: Swedish Woods (loud and energetic garage rock)
GUT RIPPER: Necrowork (death metal)
GRINDPAD: Finger Collector Crew (thrash metal)
ELITIST: A Mirage Of Grandeur (brutal death metal)
DYSSEBEIA: Garden Of Stillborn Idols (progressive blackened death metal)
BLOODPHEMY: Dawn Of Malevolence (dark and heavy death metal)
ACROLYSIS: Revolution (heavy/thrash metal)
VENUS: Obscure Until Observed (melodic horror/Sci-Fi thrash/death metal)
The WHY OH WHYS: Dead Or Alive (power pop)
VANIR: Twisting The Knife (melodic death metal)
The GHOST INSIDE: Death Grip (hardcore/metal)
EMPIRE OF DISEASE: Shadows In The Abyss (melodic death metal)
ELUKAS: Vein (punk rock)
CLOSET WITCH: Chiaroscuro (grindcore/powerviolence)
Tarja Turunen: Frosty The Snowman (dark christmas song)
Richie Ramone: Suffocate (punk rock)
ELECTRIC FENCE: Acid Mississipi (classic rock)
CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD: Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) (melodic hard rock)
FREDAG DEN 13:E at Grill & Gryta in Borås, Sweden on Nov. 10, 2023 (crust punk)
ANGELES: Raising Hell On The Sunset Strip (hard rock)
ANUBIS: Devour (thrash/power metal)
F.K.Ü.: (He Is) The Antichrist (horror thrash metal)
JATD: Mystery Train (Stewart Sullivan Mix) (some kind of soft rock)
LOUDERYELL: Toxic Love (melodic hard rock)
Per Wiberg: The Serpent's Here (dark and heavy prog rock)
THUNDERMOTHER: I Left My Licence In The Future (hard rock n roll)
DIRTY MITTS: Hands Off! (hard rock n roll)
Michael Catton: Point Of No Return (hard rock)
RIGORIOUS: Night Of Retribution (power metal)
MASTERPLAN: Masterplan (Anniversary Edition) (melodic power metal)
NOISE AHOLIC: Vi är inte Värda ett skit (crust punk)
VITALINES: Wheels Within Wheels (melodic rock/AOR)
Ronnie Atkins: Trinity (melodic hard rock)
NITRATE: Feel The Heat (melodic rock/AOR)
NIGHT RANGER: 40 Years And A Night With Contemporary Youth Orchestra (melodic hard rock veterans)
LYNCH MOB: Babylon (heavy hard rock)
LALU: The Fish Who Wanted To Be King (progressive rock)
KINGS CROWN: Closer To The Truth (melodic hard rock)
EDGE OF FOREVER: Ritual (melodic hard rock)
PLAGUE RIDER: Intensities (death metal noise)
QUANTUM LEAP: Lookin' At Acid Skies With Blindfolded Eyes (rock)
FOUL BODY AUTOPSY: Crucifix Dreams (fast melodic death metal)
BAD RAIN: Room To Breath (classic rock)
FOGHAT: Sonic Mojo (blues rock veterans)
ESCALPO: Unnus (crust punk/metal from Brazil)
WARCRAB: The Howling Silence (death metal/sludge)
JORD: Tundra (atmospheric black metal)
DARKNESS ABLAZE: It All Shall Burn (melodic death metal)
SVARTANATT: Last Days On Earth (classic rock/garage rock/action rock)
Avi Rosenfeld: Burn The Castle (hard rock/heavy metal)
FREAKSHOW: So Shall It Be (hard rock supergroup)
DEACON STREET PROJECT: One + Two (re-issue) (AOR)
RAINMAKER: Rainmaker (re-issue) (melodic rock)
Short & Swede (action rock, rock etc from Sweden)
The RIPTIDE RATS: The Eastwood EP (instrumental surf rock)
UFOMAMMUT: Crookhead (instrumental psych/doom metal)
LiV SiN: Synthetic Generation (metal)
MANTICORA: Beast Of The Fall (thrashy prog metal)
NO TEARS: Electric Eyes (power pop)
PRESSURE: Heroes Will Fall (hard rock/heavy metal)
TRASHCAN DANCE: Killing Moon (horror glam punk)
STRYKENINE: Inside (melodic hard rock)
RED COUNTY JAIL: Up In Arms (American rock from Germany)
SHADOWSPAWN: Blasphemica - Absolution Carved From Flesh (death metal)
SEPULCHRAL CURSE: Abhorrent Dimensions (brutal death metal)
GHOSTS OF ATLANTIS: Riddles Of The Sycophants (symphonic extreme metal)
OMISSION: Disciples Of Ravens Vengeance (old school thrash metal)
MERCENARY: Soundtrack For The End Times (melodic "death"/prog metal)
GREAT MASTER: Montecristo (power metal)
OZ: Undercover (heavy metal)
FIREWIND: Salvation Day (power metal)
ELM STREET: The Great Tribulation (heavy metal)
BONAFIDE: Are You Listening? (hard rock)
SKY EMPIRE: The Shifting Tectonic Plates Of Power - Part One (progressive rock/metal)
CoreLeoni: Alive (hard rock)
Johan Kihlberg's IMPERA: Scandinavium Alive (hard rock)
NEPAL DEATH: Sister Nirvana (psychedelic rock)
MANNEQUIN PUSSY: I Don't Know You (laidback rock)
Louise Lemón: Tears As Fuel (soft and emotional dark pop/death gospel)
INFERNAL DEVASTATION: Depths Of Hell (death metal)
BIG SUN: I Was Loving You (melodic hard rock)
MJM: Live It Up (hard rock)
WITCHUNTERS: Forever Young (heavy metal)
Paul Lidel's SCREAM THERAPY: Paul Lidel's Scream Therapy (hard rock/heavy metal)
LAST LEG: Trendsetter (hardcore/punk)
CARCHARODON: Sbhorror (death n roll/doom/sludge)
ATLAS: Built To Last (melodic hard rock)
ANKHARA: De Aquí a la Eternidad (heavy metal)
20 WATT TOMBSTONE: The Chosen Few (stoner/blues rock)
ZHIVA: Into The Eye Of The Storm (melodic metal)
VAMBO: II (classic rock)
ROZARIO: To The Gods We Swear (melodic heavy metal)
The MENZINGERS: Try (power pop/catchy rock)
The RIPTIDE RATS: The Riptide Rats Theme (instrumental surf rock)
The REFRESHMENTS: Mamma Rosa's (Americana rock n roll)
MYRATH: Heroes (soft progressive metal)
METALITE: New Generation (modern, melodic power metal)
SYLVATICA: Cadaver Synod (melodic death metal etc)
SLOWBURN: Fire Starter (extreme death metal)
SLEEP THEORY: Paper Hearts (modern American rock/nu metal)
REMEDY: Something That Your Eyes Won't See (melodic hard rock)
DOG EAT DOG: Free Radicals (crossover/hardcore/rap etc)
Ursäkta Röran Vol. 6: Dårskapen Styr (Swedish punk compilation)
GRÖN SAAB -69: Arg Ung Man 57 (rock/power pop in Swedish)
FRAISE: The Fifth Sun Part II (heavy/power metal)
BLOOD INCANTATION: Luminescent Bridge (mysterious metal/atmospheric)
AUTOGRAMM: Wanna Be (new wave/power pop)
TRUE LOVE DEVIL: Bullet Down (hard rock)
SLIFT: Ilion (heavy psych rock)
F.K.Ü.: The Horror And The Metal (horror thrash metal)
CORRODED: Rain (groovy metal)
KISSIN' BLACK: Veleno (goth rock/hard rock?)
BLADE: Joker And Clowns (classic hard rock)
PERSECUTOR: Vendetta (thrash metal)
SWARTZHEIM: Sympathy (crossover thrash metal)
SAHG: Live Demons (heavy/doom metal)
Michael Voss: Rockers Rollin' - A Tribute To Rick Parfitt (for fans of STATUS QUO)
ARTEFUCKT: Ethik (melodic punk rock in German)
SKAM: No Name (punk from the early 80s)
ARBORESCENCE OF WRATH: Inferno (violent death metal)
WEIRD TALES: Second Coming, Second Cricifixion (stoner/doom/psych rock)
DEAD SERENITY: When Worlds Turn To Gray (melodic death metal)
CORNERS OF SANCTUARY: Crazy Horses (heavy metal)
URAL: Psychoverse (thrash metal)
SEVENTH WONDER: Become / The Great Escape / Mercy Falls / Waiting In The Wings (re-issues) (progressive rock/metal)
Ronnie Romero: Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters (hard rock/heavy metal)
The MENZINGERS: Come On Heartache (soft rock)
SALACIOUS GODS: Oalevluuk (black metal)
IRON SAVIOR: Firestar (power metal)
DOPELORD: Songs For Satan (stoner rock/doom metal)
MÄBE: Kom Evighet, Kom Ögonblick (singer/songwriter rock)
SKULL GURU: Cheap Tracks (psych rock)
HOLYCIDE: Bazookiller (thrash metal)
BODYGUERRA: Invictus (power rock)
CORRODED: The More Things Change (metal)
Louise Lemón: Shattered Heart (soft dark pop/death gospel)
RANNA'S KIN WAGON: New Dawn (power ballad)
RED COUNTY JAIL: Gotta Be Loved Again (a mix of old and new rock)
The EROTICS: Death X Dynamite (raw and dirty rock/metal/punk)
WARWOLF: The Apocalyptic Waltz (heavy metal)
TERRA BUILDER: Solar Temple (death/grind)
SACRED DAWN: Dismal Swamp (progressive heavy metal)
DICTATOR SHIP: Electric Jihad (energetic garage rock)
DIAMOND DOGS: About The Hardest Nut To Crack (rock n roll/glam rock)
Martin Simson's DESTROYER OF DEATH: Eternal Reign (melodic heavy metal)
Clarence B Thunborg: Reflections (American singer/songwriter rock)
Second Class Kids Magazine #5 (punk magazine in Swedish)
Kapten Grå: Den Lille Kemisten (singer/songwriter)
ANTI-LAM FRONT: Verdenslansering (trallpunk/skate punk in Norwegian)
SLAVERIET: Ett Småskaligt Krig (punk rock in Swedish)
The REFRESHMENTS: The Light Of Love (rocksteady/ska)
REDSPHERE: Immortalized (death metal)
LESKENTUSKA: Nälkäkurki (black metal)
DAMNATION'S HAMMER: Into The Silent Nebula (heavy adventurous metal)
ARKADO: You Make Me Feel (melodic rock)
SAPREMIA: Subconscious Existence (re-issue) (death metal)
CORROSIVE: I'm Bleeding (re-issue) (death/thrash metal)
BLACKBIRD ANGELS: Solsorte (classic hard rock)
VEGA: Battlelines (hard rock)
DIO: The Studio Albums: 1996-2004 (heavy metal)
EXISTENZ: Death & Glory (hard and fast punk)
DIAMONDS AND GUNS: Making Cash For Heartless Crooks (punk rock)
DEATH LENS: Vacant (punk rock)
REACH: Mama Mama (rock/hard rock)
SHADOWPLAY: Pain (post punk or synth pop?)
SPRINTS: Up And Comer (punk rock)
TRASHCAN DANCE: Lil' Dreamer (goth with punk attitude)
DESECRESY: Deserted Realms (heavy death metal)
IMPERIUM: When Kings Meet (heavy/thrash metal)
The MOBILE HOMES: Tristesse (dark synth pop)
ROCKETT LOVE: Galactic Circus (melodic hard rock)
RISING WINGS: Reach (melodic hard rock)
DOMINO DRIVE: Smoke And Mirrors (melodic rock/hard rock)
BONFIRE: MMXXIII (Re-recorded) (hard rock/melodic hard rock)
SKULL & CROSSBONES: Sungazer (traditional heavy metal)
The HOLY GHOST: Ignore Alien Orders (indie rock)
FREYA: Fight As One (hardcore/metal)
FERAL/CRAWL: Made As Those Who Are No Longer... (old school death metal)
HET PANDORA ENSEMBLE: III (re-issue) (instrumental prog rock/chaos jazz)
H.E.A.T: Extra Force (80s hard rock)
ECLIPSE: Megalomanium (melodic hard rock)
ESCAPE THE HIVE: This Is Gonna Sting (classic hard rock)
ROOTS OF THE OLD OAK: The Devil And His Wicked Ways (dark pagan death/doom metal)
THORN: Evergloom (heavy death metal)
MORTAL FACTOR: Where To From Here? (groove/thrash metal)
MÄBE: Sjömanskyrkan (soft singer/songwriter rock)
STREETLIGHT: Ignition (AOR/melodic rock)
SARAYASIGN: The Lion's Road (melodic hard rock)
Neal Morse: The Dreamer - Joseph: Part One (progressive rock opera)
HELL IN THE CLUB: F.U.B.A.R. (hard rock/sleaze rock)
ELECTRIC BOYS: Grand Explosivos (funky hard rock/classic rock)
DANKO JONES: Electric Sounds (hard rocking)
VANSIND: Grib Til Våben (folk metal in Danish)
DOMKRAFT: Sonic Moons (fuzz/psych/doom)
BONAFIDE: Hero To Zero (hard rock/riff rock)
MANNEQUIN PUSSY: I Got Heaven (punk rock)
RAVEN BANNER: Rise Up Clan (melodic death metal)
PROGRAMMED: Ctrl-Altr-Delete (death/thrash metal)
SPILLAGE: Phase Four (hard rock/doom metal)
JADED TRUTH: Bitter (grunge/alternative rock)
FIREWIND: Still Raging - 20th Anniversary Show (power metal)
STREET FIGHTER: Second Hand Hero (melodic heavy metal)
ALLAMEDAH: Alma (melodic prog/alt metal)
AOR: Bewitched In L.A. (AOR)
NASTY: Heartbreak Criminals (hardcore)
MUSTANG: Beyond Raging Thunder (heavy/speed metal)
SOPHIE'S THREAT: Phase One (death/thrash metal)
TERMINALIST: The Crisis As Condition (hyper thrash metal)
DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY: No Weather, No Cry, The Desert Don't Lie (alternative rock n roll)
DANTALION: Fatum (black metal)
BIO-CANCER: Revengeance (extreme thrash metal)
STARMEN: Starmenized (hard rock)
HELMET: Holiday (alternative rock)
Alice Cooper: Road (raw rock)
The REFRESHMENTS: Travellin' Light (old rock n roll)
The RIPTIDE RATS: Breaker (instrumental surf rock)
MOLOSSER CRUDE: Bye Bye Grace (Live in the Studio) (raw, dirty and heavy)
TIMECHILD: Blossom & Plague (progressive hard rock)
STITCHED UP HEART: To The Wolves (modern metal)
MIND/KNOT: Esigenza (chaotic hardcore/punk)
INFERNAL TYRANT: Summer (thrash metal)
GREY ATTACK: Afterworld (90s heavy metal?)
BABYMETAL featuring Tom Morello: METALI!! (j-pop/metal)
AORTHA: Monolit (different kinds of metal)
MARDUK: Memento Mori (black metal)
PANZERCHRIST: Room Service (re-issue) (death metal)
WILL THE THRILL: Take It Sleazy (80s hard rock/sleaze rock)
VAMBO: Sweet Christine (soft classic rock)
VAINGLORY: Vainglory/Manifesting Destiny (re-issues) (US heavy/power metal)
NOVA REX: Time Is Up For You (glam metal/sleaze rock)
METALITE: Blazing Skies (modern power metal)
The MENZINGERS: Hope Is A Dangerous Little Thing (punk rock)
RIAN: Wings (melodic rock)
Kent Hilli: Nothing Left To Lose (melodic rock)
ICON OF SIN: Legends (heavy metal)
RÖD REVOLVER: KDSD & NATO (Swedish punk)
Michael Catton: Livin' Lovin' (hard rock)
SHADOWSPAWN: Bonesong (death metal)
STARMEN: Liar (hard rock)
DIAMOND DOGS: Get A Rock 'N' Roll Record (rock n roll)
WEST ALLEY: A Night To Remember (AOR/West Coast rock)
SKAGARACK: Heart And Soul (melodic rock)
HEIMDALL: Hephaestus (heavy/power metal)
Seraina Telli: Addicted To Color (powerful rock)
ORPHALIS: As The Ashes Settle (fast and technical death metal)
BREFORTH: Metal In My Heart (heavy metal)
ASPHODELUS: Sculpting From Time (atmospheric death/doom metal)
IRON SAVIOR: In The Realm Of Heavy Metal (power metal)
HUNTER: Rebel Angels Rise (heavy metal)
ARMAGELION: Sweet Pain (hard rock)
En Mörk Kväll: SVARTA SANNINGAR, DARK and The KILLING STONE (dark metal, dark rock, goth)
George Lynch & Jeff Pilson: Heavy Hitters II (covers played by veterans, hard rock)
VELVET INSANE: High Heeled Monster (glam rock)
S.O.R.M: Under My Skin (hard rock)
GODTHRYMM: Distortions (epic doom metal)
UNBLESSED DIVINE: Portal To Darkness (death metal)
BEES MADE HONEY IN THE VEIN TREE: Aion (psychedelic doom)
SACRED DAWN: A Dream Within (progressive heavy metal)
LIVERBOX: The Great Spirit Of Rock'n'Roll (sleaze rock)
MÄBE: Glastak (singer/songwriter rock)
NEUROTOX: Echt (German punk rock)
SYLVATICA: Titivillus (folk metal)
ADVOCACY: Cut Loose (melodic progressive metal)
TEMPLE OF KATHARSIS: Macabre Ritual (black metal)
IPCC: Impact Adaption Vulnerability (grindcore/death metal/d-beat)
The IDIOTS: König der Idioten (German punk/metal)
DEAD AND DRIPPING: Blackened Cerebral Rifts (death metal)
BLINDSTONE: Scars To Remember (blues rock)
Louise Lemón: Midsummer Night (dark pop/death gospel)
The LINDA LINDAS: Resolution/Revolution (punk rock)
HOLY DEATH TRIO: Death Rider (energetic heavy rock)
KING KOBRA: We Are Warriors (hard rock)
SCREAM MAKER: Land Of Fire (heavy metal)
ROBLEDO: Broken Soul (melodic hard rock)
HOUSTON: Relaunch III (obscure AOR covers)
EDGE OF PARADISE: Hologram (melodic modern metal with pop vibe)
SORROW: Death Of Sorrow (death/doom metal)
Aldrig En EP (Swedish punk and a cranky one)
VELVET INSANE: Sweet As It Could Be (glam rock)
SULPHURIC DEATH: Sulphuric Death (death metal)
CYCLONE STATIC: Cave Pop - Cave Songs For Primitive People (punk rock)
FIREWIND: Maniac (hard rock)
The MOBILE HOMES: Throne (dark synth pop)
TUMULATION: Haunted Funeral Creations (death/doom metal)
SAMHAIN: The Courier (death/thrash metal from the mid-80s)
Kaj Pousár: Nine Lives (melodic rock/hard rock)
DUN RINGILL: 150 - Where The Old Gods Play Act 1 (doom metal)
DARK SKY: Signs Of The Time (melodic metal)
WEEKEND CIGARETTES: The Chosen One (punk rock)
Roger Waters: Money (boring)
KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR: Built To Kill (speed/black/thrash metal)
FALL OF SATURN: Knowledge Is Power (groove metal)
BRIX'N MORTAR: Something Ain't Right (melodic hardcore)
The MENZINGERS: There's No Place In This World For Me (rock)
degreed: Public Address (hard rock)
KIKIMORA: For A Broken Dime (hard/prog rock)
STEEL BARS: A Tribute To Michael Bolton (melodic rock/AOR)
WITHERING SCORN: Prophets Of Demise (heavy metal)
Alice Cooper: White Line Frankenstein (rock)
SIEGRID INGRID: Never Again (thrash metal/hardcore)
Tommy Clauss: Project 8 Center (modern heavy metal with symphonic elements)
PANZERCHRIST: Last Of A Kind (blackened death metal)
ROULETTE: Summer Day (melodic rock)
PURTENANCE: The Rot Within Us (doom/death metal)
DETERIOROT: The Rebirth (death metal)
The STRIDERS: The Striders (rock n roll/blues)
WINTERSTORM: Everfrost (power metal)
VAMBO: Worlds Collide (Struggle For Power) (classic rock)
STARMEN: Radioactive (melodic hard rock)
The GHOST INSIDE: Earn It (metalcore)
LATER SONS: Rise Up (melodic rock)
INHUMAN CONDITION: Panic Prayer (heavy death metal)
BANG: Another Me (kind hard rock)
ANTIOCH: VI - Molten Rainbow (heavy metal)
COASTWISE: Hard Rock Is Back (hard rock/heavy metal)
WITCHUNTERS: Time Is Running (melodic heavy metal)
VELVET VIPER: Nothing Compares To Metal (heavy metal)
UNCURED: My Design (melodic and modern rock metal)
GATEWAY: Galgendood (heavy and extreme death/doom metal)
DENY: Wildfire (crust punk)
DEAD POLLYS: Truth Of Tomorrow (punk)
VOIVOD: Morgöth Tales (sci-fi metal legends)
VYPERA: Race Of Time (hard rock/heavy metal)
STARDUST: Kingdom Of Illusion (melodic hard rock/AOR)
PRIDE OF LIONS: Dream Higher (melodic rock)
Joel Hoekstra's 13: Crash Of Life (hard rock)
CAVERN DEEP: Breach (doom/psych metal)
VENDETTA: Black As Coal (thrash metal)
ROZARIO: To The Gods We Swear (melodic heavy metal)
PALACE OF THE KING: Children Of The Evolution (hard rock)
EB AND THE DEADLIGHTS: Echoes Of A Dreamless Life (shock rock)
VELVET INSANE: Saturday Night Till' Sunday Morning (glam rock)
The MELMACS: Good Advice (re-issue) (melodic punk rock/power pop)
INFINITE SPECTRUM: Cage (progressive metal)
FALLING IN REVERSE: Last Resort (Reimagined) (piano ballad)
The BARRERACUDAS: Nocturnal Missions (re-issue) (power pop)
MISFIT MANIACS: Second Thoughts (alternative/Grrrl riot/punk rock)
WIZARD MASTER: Ablanathanalba (stoner/doom metal)
MORTICIAN: 40 Years Of Metal (heavy metal)
DEMOLIZER: Post Necrotic Human (thrash metal)
BLOODBOUND: Tales From The North (power metal)
ALL FOR METAL: Legends (heavy metal)
Gardner/James: No Strings (melodic hard rock)
FALSE MEMORIES: Hybrid Ego System (dark/prog metal)
BOB MALMSTRÖM: Så Som På Strömsö (punk rock)
Mitch Malloy: The Last Song (melodic rock)
Tony Mitchell: Radio Heartbeat (melodic rock)
The DEFIANTS: Drive (melodic hard rock)
ART NATION: Inception (melodic hard rock)
SANTA OSCURIDAD: Ojos Asi (Shakira cover/melodic metal)
RÅTTANSON: Trebled Region EP (power pop/garage rock/rock n roll)
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE: In Times New Roman (alternative rock)
MOTHER MISERY: From Shadow To Ghost (hard rock/metal)
SERPENT OF OLD: Ensemble Under The Dark Sun (death/black metal)
SERGEANT STEEL: Mister Sippi (hard rock)
RISE ABOVE: For Better For Worse (hardcore)
Mats Karlsson: Mood Elevator (hard rock/AOR/rock)
ONSLAUGHT: Generation Antichrist (thrash metal)
NIGHT LEGION: Fight Or Fall (heavy metal)
FROZEN LAND: Out Of The Dark (power metal)
AVULSED: Extraterrestrial Carnage (death metal)
SPRINTS: Adore Adore Adore (punk rock)
Avi Rosenfeld: Battle Of Rock (hard rock/heavy metal)
MANIAK: Speed Metal Terrorist (a blackened speed metal attack)
KRIGSSTIGEN: Vi Kan Bättre (melodic punk)
KINGS & BEARS: I Am A God (groove rock)
The JACK CADES: Something New (power pop)
INFERNAL TYRANT: Spring EP (different thrash metal)
Alice Cooper: I'm Alice (rock)
FORE: Skin (melodic punk rock)
LOTAN: Heksenat (black metal)
PERRACIDE: Underdog (death metal)
MIDNITE CITY: In At The Deep End (melodic hard rock)
HEART LINE: Rock 'N Roll Queen (AOR/melodic rock)
FATAL VISION: Twice (melodic rock)
IRON SAVIOR: Firestar (power metal)
PYRAMAZE: Bloodlines (modern, melodic "metal")
SOUL GRINDER: Filth Encrusted (heavy/thrash metal)
STRUCTURAL: Decrowned (melodic death metal)
TYRANTS BLOOD: Into The Kingdom Of Graves (re-issue) (death/black/thrash metal)
MYTHOS: Pain Amplifier (re-issue) (death/black metal)
CARVED IN FLESH: As Seen Through Tears (re-issue) (death metal)
FORGED IN BLACK: Lightning In The Ashes (heavy metal)
LUST: Invictvs (hardcore/metal)
RANCID: Tomorrow Never Comes (punk rock)
HOUSE OF SHAKIRA: XIT (melodic hard rock)
CRY OF DAWN: Anthropocene (melodic rock/AOR)
ST. VALENTINE: St. Valentine (melodic street hard rock)
SAMMATH: Grebbeberg (black metal)
MOTORPSYCHO: Yay! (laidback and acoustic rock/pop)
ALTAR OF OBLIVION: Burning Memories (epic doom metal)
TRASHCAN DANCE: Go-Go Dancer (street rock with horror vibes)
BURNING LEGION: I Am Domination (metal)
EMISSARY: The Crystal Witch (heavy metal)
FINNEGAN'S HELL: Keep 'em Comin' (reggae drinking song)
CHILDREN OF THE SÜN: Come With Us To The Sun (classic rock)
The ARCANE ORDER: Distortions From Cosmogony (extreme metal)
SWEET & LYNCH: Heart & Sacrifice (hard rock)
SCREAMACHINE: Church Of The Scream (heavy metal)
Neal Schon: Journey Through Time (AOR/blues rock)
MICHAEL THOMPSON BAND: The Love Goes On (AOR/melodic rock)
HEAVEN'S EDGE: Get It Right (melodic hard rock)
CIRCUS OF ROCK: Lost Behind The Mask (melodic hard rock)
The RODS: Live At Rose Hall (heavy metal)
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE: Carnavoyeur (alternative rock/pop)
ANUBIS: Wake Up With The Wolves (power/thrash metal)
VRID UPP!: Muren (kind rock in Swedish)
SHAKRA: Invincible (hard rock/heavy metal)
KICKHUNTER: Now Or Never (hard rock n roll)
IMPERISHABLE: Come, Sweet Death (death metal)
CARRY THE TORCH: Delusion (death/thrash metal)
BOYS FROM HEAVEN: The Descendant (AOR)
AVARICE: Avarice (melodic death/thrash metal)
CROSSFADE: Innocent Days (AOR/West Coast rock)
BURIAL HORDES: Ruins (blackened death metal)
REBELLION: X - Live In Iberia (heavy/power metal)
PREDATORY VOID: Seven Keys To The Discomfort Of Being (extreme metal/sludge?)
DANKO JONES: Good Time (hard rock)
BLINDSTONE: Waste Your Time (heavy blues rock)
RATT: The Atlantic Years 1984-1990 (hard rock)
STRUCTURAL: And The Earth Has Rested (melodic death metal)
The SOLAR LODGE: Tusen Bitar (post punk in Swedish)
RÅTTANSON: Fighting The Good Fight (rock n roll/power pop)
ORPHAN SKIN DISEASE + DARK AGES: Stay With Me (soft alternative rock)
KSMB: Vintern 79 (rock)
FEAROUT: Resistenza (punk/metal)
RISIN SABOTAGE: Macabre (heavy/psych rock)
KÄRBHOLZ: Kapitel 10 - Wilde Augen (punk/metal/rock in German)
SMÅJÄVLAFÖTTER: Ingen Här Går Säker (punk)
SMELLCORPSES: Slaughter Still Continue (Asian crust punk)
The REVERBERATIONS: Half Remembered Dreams (60s pop/rock)
VELVET INSANE: Damage Control (glam rock)
KIN WAGON: Sunrise Will Shine (glam metal)
CORRODED: Monster (modern metal)
RHAPSODY OF FIRE: Kreel's Magic Staff (symphonic power metal)
EVILE: The Unknown (heavy thrash metal)
BONFIRE: Who's Foolin' Who (MMXXIII Version) (power ballad)
BLOODBOUND: Drink With The Gods (power metal)
KORITNI: Long Overdue (hard rock)
GODSNAKE: Eye For An Eye (heavy metal)
OCEANLORD: Kingdom Cold (laidback doom metal)
LOOSE SUTURES: Sado Sex For Dummies (heavy/stoner/garage rock)
KHANATE: Like A Poisoned Dog (experimental doom)
PHLEBOTOMIZED: Clouds Of Confusion (death metal)
OTAN RAW: Otan Raw (heavy/power rock)
TRESPASS: Wolf At The Door (heavy metal)
TROLD: Der Var Engang... (Danish folk metal)
WINGER: Seven (hard rock)
HOT BREATH: Keep On Calling (high energy rock)
H.E.A.T: Will You Be (slow hard rock?)
DUN RINGILL: Baptised In Fire (doom/progressive metal)
Lee Small: The Last Man On Earth (AOR)
KINGS NEVER DIE: All The Rats (hardcore)
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE: Emotion Sickness (alternative rock)
TEENAGE WRIST: Diorama (pop/rock)
IVY GOLD: Broken Silence (blues rock)
DISHONOUR: Erasing The Rats (blackened death metal)
DeVicious: Code Red (melodic hard rock/AOR)
Almost DEAD MEN: Going And Gone (some kind of rock)
KSMB: Bröderna Bengtssons Hatt & Mössfabrik (punk rock)
UNDER ATTACK: Fury Of The Thunder God (heavy metal)
SETTLER: Settler (heavy metal)
SCREAMIN'DEMONS: The New Era (heavy metal)
The GROUND SHAKER: Rogue Asylum (modern and powerful rock)
CHRONICLE: Where Chaos Thrives (death metal)
ALLAMEDAH: Desvanescente (modern pop "metal")
WEAPON: New Clear Power (heavy metal)
STORMBURST: III (melodic hard rock)
IMPERIUM: Never Surrender (melodic rock/AOR)
HIT THE GROUND RUNNIN': Control Yourself (reissue) (melodic hard rock/AOR)
BAD SISTER: Out Of The Business (reissue) (AOR/melodic hard rock)
NATTEHIMMEL: Mourningstar (black metal)
MILLENNIUM: The Sign Of Evil (heavy metal)
MAD DOGS: Solitary Walker's Blues / A New Dawn (raw blues and power pop)
SMACKBOUND: Hostage (modern pop/rock "metal")
REVOLUTION SAINTS: Eagle Flight (melodic hard rock)
ONE DESIRE: Live With The Shadow Orchestra (melodic hard rock)
MECCA: Everlasting (AOR)
ARCHON ANGEL: II (power/heavy/prog metal)
VOMITHEIST: NekroFvneral (death metal)
SABBAT: Mad Dogs And Englishmen (thrash metal)
SERVERS: The Vertical Plane (alternative rock/metal)
YAKUZA: Sutra (heavy, alternative and experimental metal)
SAVAGE GRACE: Sign Of The Cross (heavy metal)
SATAN TAKES A HOLIDAY: Satanism (danceable rock)
GRIEF COLLECTOR: In Times Of Woe (doom metal)
BORIS & UNIFORM: You Are The Beginning (alternative metal)
The DAMNED: Darkadelic (rock by veterans)
CITIZEN RAGE: Harsh Reality (hardcore)
BJÖRNARNA: Historierevisionism (trallpunk)
FRUKTANSVÄRLD: Fruktansvärld (trallpunk)
NIGHTHAWK: Prowler (melodic hard rock)
BRING THE HOAX: Single Coil Candy (indie/alternative rock)
DJÄVULEN MÖBLERAR OM: Trubbelmagnet (punk rock)
MIMIKRY: Det Finns Hur Många Svin Som Helst (punk rock)
GATUPLAN: Välkommen Till Underjorden (catchy and melodic punk rock, ska etc)
STRUCTURAL: Your Damnation (melodic death metal)
RISING WINGS: Lonely Is The Night (melodic rock/AOR)
RING OF GYGES: Metamorphosis (progressive rock)
The STRIDERS: Woman (blues rock)
KSMB: Skärholmen 127 (punk rock)
RÖD REVOLVER: Svartmyra (punk)
SUPERHORROR: Devilish Whisper (horror punk rock)
METAL CROSS: Anger Distorted (heavy metal)
RÄVJUNK: Uppsala Stadshotell Brinner (reissue) (raw rock/psych rock/blues from 1977)
Mike Tramp: Songs Of White Lion (melodic hard rock)
MIDNITE CITY: Someday (melodic hard rock)
Magnus Karlsson's FREE FALL: Hunt The Flame (melodic hard rock/heavy metal)
EXTREME: Banshee / #Rebel (hard rock)
DARKER DAYS: The Burying Point (melodic punk rock)
Champlin Williams Friestedt: Carrie (soft AOR)
ANGELS IN VEIN: Long Time Coming (classic hard rock)
ALL FOR METAL: Mountain Of Power (heavy metal)
PILE OF DEATH: Introducing Our Impending Doom (death metal)
STATUES: Black Arcs Rising (indie rock)
The MORLOCKS: Easy Listening For The Underachiver (reissue) / Play Chess (reissue) (garage rock)
MINDLESS SINNER: Keeping True Alive (heavy metal)
The HIP PRIESTS: Roden House Blues (action rock/garage rock with punk attitude)
HIGH LEAF: Vision Quest (stoner rock)
SEVERED ANGEL: Severed Angel (melodic heavy metal)
TYGERS OF PAN TANG: Bloodlines (hard rock/heavy metal)
VELVET INSANE with Harpo: Sunglasses (glam rock/pop)
LASTKAJ 14: Står Stött (trallpunk heroes playing hardcore/punk)
Second Class Kids Magazine #4 (Swedish punk magazine)
INFERNAL TYRANT: Winter (American power/thrash metal)
Glen Matlock: Consequences Coming (rock n roll)
SUCKERPUNCH: Redneck Gasoline (reissue) (southern rock)
RÅTTANSON: Go Where You Feel The Most Alive (garage rock)
RING OF GYGES: Nautilus (progressive rock)
KÖTTGROTTORNA: XL (Swedish punk rock veterans)
L.A. GUNS: Black Diamonds (hard rock veterans)
LAZY QUEEN: Growing Pains (indie rock/power pop/punk rock)
LEATHER: We Are The Chosen (heavy metal)
The NEW Bardots: Thrill Of The Night (rock n roll)
SUPERHORROR: Holy Water (horror punk)
Thomas Lassar: From Now On (AOR)
DARKER DAYS: 1818 (melodic punk rock)
Champlin Williams Friestedt: Carrie (soft AOR)
JD MILLER: Enemy (modern AOR)
IRONMASTER: Weapons Of Spiritual Carnage (blackened death metal)
HOTWIRE: The Story So Far 1993-2023 (melodic rock)
BLISTERHEAD: Bad Blood (punk rock)
DJÄVULEN MÖBLERAR OM: Allt Som Ingen Vill Ha (punk rock)
ROSS THE BOSS: Legacy Of Blood, Fire & Steel (heavy metal)
GRAVEWORM: Killing Innocence (extreme metal with melodies)
ELVENKING: Reader Of The Runes - Rapture (folk/heavy/power metal)
RUNEMAGICK: Beyond The Cenotaph Of Mankind (doom/death metal)
RANCID: Tomorrow Never Comes (punk rock)
PISSED JEANS: No Convenient Apocalypse (sludge/punk/noise)
MUDHONEY: Plastic Eternity (alternative/space/desert/psych rock)
GLORIOUS BANKROBBERS: Turn On The Music (energetic rock n roll)
DEAD EXPRESS: Game Changer (action rock)
NARNIA: Ghost Town (melodic metal)
MIMIKRY: Vinnare (punk rock)
Glen Matlock: Something 'bout The Weekend (feat. HOTEI) (rock)
GATUPLAN: Sympati För Djävulen (kind rock)
DEMOLIZER: Post Necrotic Human (thrash metal)
DANKO JONES: Guess Who's Back (hard rock)
SAINT DEAMON: League Of The Serpent (melodic power metal)
IRON JINN: Iron Jinn (psych rock)
POWERIZED: Better Than You (pop/soft rock/power pop)
Jonathon Stewart: Syncopated Angel (US/prog/power metal)
The LINDA LINDAS: Too Many Things (pop punk/power pop)
JETHRO TULL: RökFlöte (prog rock veterans)
FRENZY: Of Hoods And Masks (melodic heavy metal)
DECIPHER: Arcane Paths To Ressurection (black metal)
Liv Kristine: River Of Diamonds (should be gothic metal, sounds like pop)
ANGEL: Once Upon A Time (classic rock)
Richie Ramone: Live To Tell (punk rock)
TRANSWORLD IDENTITY: Seven Worlds (modern and melodic hard rock)
STORMWARNING: StormWarning (melodic rock)
SEVEN SPIRES: Live At Progpower USA XXI (metal with many ingredients)
PHANTOM ELITE: Blue Blood (modern and melodic metal)
CROSS COUNTRY DRIVER: The New Truth (hard rock)
SATAN TAKES A HOLIDAY: You You You You (disco rock)
ONE HORSE BAND: Useless Propaganda (some kind of alternative rock)
IMPERIAL DEMONIC: Beneath The Crimson Eclipse (black metal)
MAGNUS ROSÉN BAND: It's Time To Rock The World Again (rock, pop, heavy metal, funk)
BLODTÅR: Det Förtegna Förflutna (folk/black metal)
GLORIOUS BANKROBBERS: Back On The Road (hard rock n roll/sleaze rock)
DEATH & LEGACY: D4rk Prophecies (melodic death metal)
BONFIRE: S.D.I. (MMXXIII Version) (melodic hard rock)
JUKEBOX HEROES: Jukebox Heroes (reissue) (AOR)
CZAKAN: Unreal (melodic hard rock)
LUCIFER STAR MACHINE: Satanic Age (action rock)
ASHRAIN: Requiem Reloaded (power metal)
The RHUBARB: Symptom Of Failure (doom metal/stoner rock)
INFECTED MINDS: Reanimated (progressive rock)
GRISLY: Tomb King (death metal)
BLOODBOUND: 1066 (power metal)
TIMECHILD: The Dying Tide Part III (progressive heavy rock)
PERRACIDE: Horripilation (death metal)
PANZERCHRIST: Sabbath Of The Rat (black/death metal)
Thomas Lassar: When My Ship Comes In (AOR)
SUPERHORROR: Satan Loves You (horror rock)
SEVERED ANGEL: In The Red (melodic heavy metal)
RATBREED: Under Fire (heavy metal)
KSMB: Mördare (rock in Swedish)
H.E.A.T: Freedom (hard rock)
UTILITARIAN: Gaslights (hardcore/punk/extreme metal)
YSKELGROTH: Bleeding Of The Hideous (brutal death/black metal)
SÖNAMBULA: Estasis Interrumpida (death metal)
LURK: Aegis (unpredictable sludge/doom metal)
HEATHEN FORAY: Oathbreaker (melodic death metal)
KRAZARK: Fireflake (stoner rock)
DISPYT/DEATH CRUSADE: Vanvett/Wojna (crust punk/extreme metal)
The BLOOD: We Couldn't Kill Less (heavy metal)
BLACK HAWK: Soulkeeper (heavy metal)
BIG BATCH: The Last To Fall (punk rock)
BANNED IN G.B.G: High, Higher! (hard rock)
ASTRO-LLOYD: Gnorts, Mr. Alien (rock)
ARHAT: The Great Unknown (groove/death metal)
ALCHEMY FIRE: Alchemy Fire (heavy metal)
HeWhoCannotBeNamed: Imposter (happy punk rock)
SHADOWPLAY SWE: Down (post-punk)
SEVENTH CRYSTAL: Wonderland (modern melodic rock)
Günter Werno's ANIMA ONE: Anima One (classical/symphonic music mixed with rock)
DEMONS DOWN: I Stand (hard rock)
The BANISHMENT: Machine And Bone (alternative/industrial hard rock)
WULFSKOL/HEXELLA: Burn With Us (fast and intense metal/punk)
NERVOCHAOS: Chthonic Wrath (death metal)
LOTAN: Lotan (melodic black metal)
INVICTA: Triumph And Torment (death/thrash metal)
DECORPSETATED: Human Words (extreme death/thrash metal)
WISHING WELL: Sin And Shame (heavy metal/hard rock)
DEAD END FINLAND: Victory (modern melodic metal)
RING OF GYGES: Parasite (progressive rock)
MAGNUS ROSÉN BAND: Glitter And Blood (hard rock/heavy metal)
KÖTTGROTTORNA: Krogen Tre Backar (melodic punk rock)
GATUPLAN: Umeå Hardcore (melodic punk rock)
SKINNER: The Dark Design (heavy metal)
SEVENTRAIN: Seventrain (hard rock/metal)
Ed Gage: Promotional Compilation (hard rock)
SOPHIE'S THREAT: Poison (melodic death/thrash metal)
PALACE OF THE KING: Dead End Blues (heavy, bluesy hard rock)
NEGATIVE PRAYER: Negative Prayer (d-beat/crust)
BLOOD AND SUN: Ochre (& The Collected EPs) (dark and atmospheric neo-folk)
AVARICE: Between The Trenches (death/thrash metal)
ANGRY CORPSES: 0 Fucks (crossover thrash/punk)
TRANSPORT LEAGUE: Funkhole (down-tuned but catchy metal)
ELECTRIC BOYS: I've Got A Feelin' (classic rock)
CATACOMB: When The Stars Are Right (death metal)
DISCREATION: Iron Times (death metal)
SHORES OF NULL: The Loss Of Beauty (doom metal)
GRANDE ROYALE: Welcome To Grime Town (action rock)
FATAL EMBRACE: Manifestum Infernalis (blackened death metal)
Michael Catton: Ready For The Takin' (hard rock)
KÄRBHOLZ: Kapitel 11 "Barrikaden" (German rock/metal)
KEEP OF KALESSIN: Katharsis (epic extreme metal)
CRUACHAN: The Living And The Dead (folk/metal pioneers)
BAI BANG: Sha Na Na Na (glam/sleaze rock and melodic hard rock)
TRAGEDIAN: Master Of Illusions (heavy/power metal)
XALPEN: The Curse Of Kwányep (black metal)
Thomas Lassar: Whatever I Do (AOR)
PRESA: El Afortunado (hard rock)
KRUELTY: Untopia (hardcore/death/doom metal)
DOWNSHOT: Endgame (hardcore/metal/rap)
BABYLON A.D.: Live Lightning (powerful rock/hard rock)
HAKEN: Fauna (progressive rock)
FAKE NAMES: Expendables (punk rock/power pop)
REDEMPTION: I Am The Storm (progressive metal)
ELYSION: Bring Out Your Dead (melodic metal)
ALL FOR METAL: Fury Of The Gods (heavy metal)
ABE AND HIS BABE: She Loves You (The Beatles cover)
MUDHONEY: Move Under (heavy rock)
NARNIA: Hold On (melodic metal)
STARCRAZY: Another Day, Another Squalor... (old rock for the modern world)
CARBELLION: Weapons Of Choice (catchy heavy rock)
CARNIFIED: Carnage For The Gods / Nocturna (extreme metal)
BLOODJOB: Metastasis (brutal death metal)
UPPLOPPET: Thinking Of Me (action rock)
SERGEANT STEEL: Please Me, Tease Me (hard rock)
FIREWIND: Destiny Is Calling (melodic heavy metal)
DJÄVULEN MÖBLERAR OM: Misstag (Swedish punk rock)
Robin McAuley: Alive (melodic hard rock)
FIRST SIGNAL: Face Your Fears (melodic rock)
CREYE: III Weightless (melodic rock)
ALL MY SHADOWS: Eerie Monsters (melodic hard rock)
ZTEREOTYPERNA: Svea Rikes Hjärtinfarkt (teenage punk)
KJELLS BÄNK: YIH8TW (punk rock)
KONSUMENTERNA: Svennelivet (punk)
ARTCH: Another Return (reissue) (heavy/power metal fromt he 80s)
ISOLE: Anesidora (soft doom metal)
EXELERATE: Exelerate (power/thrash metal)
IGNOMINY: Imminent Collapse (dissonant death metal)
HANOI ROCKS: Oriental Beat (40th Anniversary) The Re(al) Mix (rock n roll party with a touch of glam)
NARNIA: Ghost Town (melodic metal)
HE WHO WALKS BEHIND THE ROWS: The Lucky Ones Died First (vintage rock with horror theme)
FAGUS: Inter (black metal)
OVERLORD: Fake Salvation (death metal)
BULLRING: Still Blood (modern hard rock)
XALPEN: The Curse Of Kwányep (Kwányep Chenen) (black metal)
Larry Wallis & The BRAINS: Leather Forever (catchy hard rock)
BLODTÅR: Den Fördärvade Sorgbundenheten (folk/black metal)
BLACK OAK COUNTY: Back For Blood (hard rock)
REDLIGHT KING: In Our Blood (modern rock)
LORD SONNY THE UNIFIER: America's Newest Hitmaker (a special rock experience)
KOLD: Intet Mere Er (black metal)
KARDINAL SIN: s.a.l.i.g.i.a (heavy metal)
WISHING WELL: Space Invaders (hard rock)
SPRINTS: Literary Mind (reissue) (indie rock/post-punk)
FAKE NAMES: Can't Take It (power pop/post-punk)
BABYMETAL: Light And Darkness (Japanese crap)
STARGAZER: Life Will Never Be The Same (classic Scandinavian hard rock)
TEMPTRESS: See (all kinds of heavy rock in one place)
TRENCH DOGS: Stockholmiana (glam rock/rock n roll)
71TONMAN: Of End Times (sludge/doom noise)
WIG WAM: Out Of The Dark (hard rock)
T3NORS: Naked Soul (AOR)
KHYMERA: Hold Your Ground (melodic rock)
INFINITE & DIVINE: Ascendancy (melodic rock/hard rock)
SKINNER: Wicked Whys (melodic heavy metal)
KÜNTSQUÄD: Necro Nightmare (crust metal/death punk)
IMMORTALIZER: Born For Metal (heavy metal)
DRAGONNE: On Dragon's Wings/On My Back (80s US heavy/power metal)
CHERRY ST.: Twisted, Rude & Sticky Sweet (hard rock)
Avi Rosenfeld: Very Heepy Very Purple XIV (classic hard rock/heavy metal)
AVALANCHE: Sweet Baby Brown Eyes (hard rock n roll)
SATAN TAKES A HOLIDAY: The Sound I Like (garage rock disco)
IRON LIZARDS: Cold Gin (action rock)
FAGUS: Aurora (black metal)
The END A.D.: Stink (hardcore/punk/metal)
BLOOD AND SUN: Ochre (dark and atmospheric neo-folk)
FURNACE: The Casca Trilogy (death metal)
COFFINBORN: Cadaveric Retribution (death metal)
INSOMNIUM: Anno 1696 (post-doom metal with a pinch of death metal)
DARK EMBRACE: Dark Heavy Metal (heavy metal)
OFFICER X: Incandescent (heavy metal)
MAERZFELD: Alles anders (German rock)
KÜNTSQUÄD: Küntsquäd (crust punk/death metal)
ICESTORM: The Northern Crusades (melodic death metal)
GRIM JUSTICE: Justice In The Night (heavy metal/hard rock)
FAIRYTALE: Army Of Ghosts (heavy metal)
SIENA ROOT: Revelation (retro/folk/hard rock)
SARCOPTES: Prayers To Oblivion (epic black/thrash metal)
CRANEIUM: Sands Of Gold (fuzz rock)
ONTBORG: Following The Steps Of Damnation (melodic death metal)
MÄRVEL: Double Decade (catchy high octane rock n roll)
LES LULLIES: Dernier Soir (punk rock/power pop)
ENDED: Into The Nothing (melodic progressive metal)
DEATH VALLEY GIRLS: Islands In The Sky (60s garage/psych rock/power pop)
NARNIA: Rebel (melodic metal)
MOLOSSER CRUDE: At My Feet (Hounds Of Hell) (raw and dirty blues/stoner rock)
Vick LeCar's GALLUX REX: Vick LeCar's Gallux Rex (old hard rock)
MISS BEHAVIOUR: Heart Of Midwinter (reissue) (melodic rock/hard rock)
CZAKAN: State Of Confusion (reissue) (melodic hard rock)
Chris Rosander: The Monster Inside (aor)
CHILD: Meditations In Filth (death/grind/crust)
OCEANHOARSE: Heads Will Roll (heavy metal)
SPECTRAL SOULS: Towards Extinction (death metal)
THRENODY: Rid Of Flesh (death metal)
TRANSATLANTIC: The Final Flight - Live At L'Olympia (progressive rock)
TRENCH DOGS: Maroon (gray glam rock song)
SARDO NUMSPA: Spöket I Maskinen (trallpunk)
EPA: Tretton Övningar I Mindfulness (reissue) (melodic punk rock)
KARDINAL SYND: Kardinalens Femte (trallpunk)
Ronnie Romero: Raised On Heavy Radio (hard rock/heavy metal)
GIRISH & THE CHRONICLES: Back On Earth (hard rock)
ELECTRIC MOB: 2 Make U Cry & Dance (hard rock)
CROWNE: Operation Phoenix (melodic hard rock)
ARCTIC RAIN: Unity (melodic hard rock)
FAGUS: Neptun I (black metal)
ENDED: Collateral (melodic metal)
OWLS & EAGLES: Enlightenment (heavy psych/doom)
The HIP PRIESTS: Chasing Death (energetic garage rock)
BOYS FROM HEAVEN: Sailing On (aor)
MÖTLEY CRÜE: Crücial Crüe - The Studio Albums 1981-1989 (all you need in 1 box)
SCHIZOPHRENIA: Chants Of The Abyss (covers EP, metal and punk)
MOTIVE BLACK: Auburn (modern alternative hard rock/metal)
FROZEN DAWN: The Decline Of The Enlightened Gods (black metal)
eMOLECULE: The Architect (progressive rock)
DISTANT: Heritage (deathcore - a heavy wall of extreme noise)
DEVISER: Evil Summons Evil (black metal)
ITERUM NATA: Trench Of Loneliness (soft psychedelic folk rock/atmospheric neo-folk)
FREDLÖS: Fredlös (dark folk metal)
FALLING IN REVERSE: Watch The World Burn (hip hop/metalcore hybrid)
DETRAKTOR: Full Body Stomp (thrash/groove metal)
The STONE EYE: Donora (tricky alternative rock)
UNKNOWN: Vanishing Point (melodic heavy metal)
TEN: Something Wicked This Way Comes (hard rock)
ISSA: Lights Of Japan (hard pop)
HEROES & MONSTERS: Heroes And Monsters (hard rock)
BIG CITY: Sunwind Sails (melodic hard rock)
TROLD: Sensommerbålet (folk metal)
ENDORPHINS LOST: Night People (crust/grind/hardcore)
ÅSKVÄDER: Don't Worry (action rock)
JENNER: To Live Is To Suffer (reissue) (heavy/thrash metal)
SARKASM: As Empires Decay (death/thrash metal)
REVOLTING: Born To Be Dead (death metal)
ORNAMENTOS DEL MIEDO: Frío (atmospheric funeral doom metal)
XALPEN: Moon-Woman (black metal)
KIN WAGON: Return To Zero (melodic hard rock)
HELL'S SATANS: Hell's Satans (heavy/thrash metal)
ARCHED FIRE: Pestilence (US metal)
HELEVEN: New Horizon, Pt. 1 (modern prog/groove metal?)
The FREQS: Poachers (raw heavy rock)
DeadBlondeStars: Metamorphosis (alternative rock)
CRUACHAN: The Reaper (folk/metal)
SKINNER: How Many Ways I Can Die (dark heavy metal)
LAZY QUEEN: 4th Contact (lame pop, they have done better)
LEPROUS: Aphelion (Tour Edition) (art-rock/prog rock)
SANGUISUGABOGG: Homicidal Ecstasy (heavy and brutal death metal)
Victor Smolski: Guitar Force (instrumental guitar heavy metal)
LANSDOWNE: Medicine (alternative modern rock/pop)
REXORIA: Imperial Dawn (melodic metal)
DISINTER: Guerra Eterna (brutal death metal in Spanish)
WISHING WELL: Soul Rider (hard rock)
POWERIZED: Badly Mad (some kind of rock)
MUDHONEY: Almost Everything (alternative rock veterans)
KÜNTSQUÄD: Xhrist (crust punk/death metal)
KICKHUNTER: Louder & Faster (hard rock)
VANIR: Steel Meets Steel (melodic death metal)
TRESPASS: Blackthorn (heavy metal)
CHRONICLE: Terrorform (melodic death metal)
MASK OF PROSPERO: Hiraeth (metalcore/modern prog metal)
LITTLE PIG: Little Pig (alternative rock)
DUST PROPHET: One Last Look Upon The Sky (stoner/doom metal)
DEVIL'S WHISKEY: Historias de Muerte (doom/heavy psych/stoner)
ABLAZE MY SORROW: The Loss Of All Hope (melodic death metal)
LUMEN AD MORTEM: Upon The Edge Of Darkness (black metal)
SORROWFUL LAND: Faded Anchors Of The Past (doom metal)
VAHRZAW: In The Shallows Of A Starlit Lake (black metal)
DEAD WILL WALK: A New Day Of Dawning (death metal)
DARK SARAH: Attack Of Orym (cinematic symphonic metal)
BLAKEARTH: Earth Fragments (US metal)
METHANE: Kill It With Fire (thrash metal)
SMALL TOWN SAVIOURS: Small Town Saviours (sleazy action rock)
SLEAFORD MODS: UK Grim (alternative electro-rock)
LORDS OF SALEM: I'm So Goth (alternative hard rock/metal)
BIS·NTE: Broken (doom metal)
IT'S A RIOT: So Far So Good (punk)
CANCERVO: II (doom/heavy psych)
BUTT PLUG: Odd School (hardcore/thrash/crossover)
TYGERS OF PAN TANG: Edge Of The World (melodic heavy metal)
THIRD EYE: Vengeance Fulfilled (progressive metal for fans of heavy and power metal)
ANUBIS: Decreation Day (power/thrash metal)
MOONLUST: Six Years (heavy hard rock)
PANDER: Break The Oath (stoner doom)
FUCKED UP: One Day (some kind of edgy rock with its own twist)
ASHEN HORDE: Antimony (prog/tech black/death metal)
DOKKEN: The Elektra Albums 1983 - 1987 (hard rock legends)
The TANGENT: Pyramids, Stars & More - The Tangent's Live Recordings 2004-2017 (progressive soup)
RIVERSIDE: ID.Entity (melodic progressive rock)
LiV SiN: KaliYuga (a modern metal album)
KÜNTSQUÄD: Gods Of War (crust punk/death metal)
SKOGSTOKIG: Nån måste få det (angry punk in Swedish)
SKINNER: In Silence (heavy metal)
OLĒKA: From The Pines (melodic groove/death metal)
EVIL INCARNATE: Great Dragon Of Thunder (death metal)
The DEVILS: Live At Maximum Festival (punky garage rock)
"DEMONS": Rock & Roll With The Punches (action rock)
DEATHPATH: Hate Within (death metal)
NIGHTHAWK: Running Wild (melodic hard rock)
WARP: Dirigibles (doom/proto-metal)
AUTUMN'S CHILD: Starflower (melodic rock/AOR)
BARNABAS SKY: What Comes To Light (melodic hard rock)
VELIU NAMAI: Alkai (darkwave sucks!)
Molosser CRUDE: Twin Moons (Live in the Studio) (bluesy heavy rock)
PHANTOM: Hellspeed Death (speed/thrash metal)
ITERUM NATA: Losing Connection (soft psychedelic folk rock/atmospheric neo-folk)
EISREGEN: Grenzgänger (German metal)
AZKEN AUZI: Azken Auzi (doom/sludge)
ASHEN: Ritual Of Ash (death metal)
HEADONS: Hatet (punk in Swedish)
WOTHROSCH: Odium (heavy black metal noise)
DEFY THE CURSE: Horrors Of Human Sacrifice (crust/death metal)
PERPETUAL FIRE: The Fire Within (melodic power metal)
DeVicious: Madhouse (melodic hard rock)
CROM: The Era Of Darkness (heavy/power metal)

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