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USURPER: Skeletal Season - Album reissue / Threshold Of The Usurper - EP reissue
PUNGENT STENCH: Masters Of Moral, Servants Of Sin - Album reissue
The TOLKS: Malefunction - Album
SERPICO: Happy Happy Christmas - Single
PLAGUE YEARS: Unholy Infestation - EP
ONCE UPON A DREAM: Seeker - Single
DETH CRUX: Mutant Flesh - Album
ROYAL HUNT: Clown In The Mirror - Album reissue
COLD SWEAT: Break Out - Album reissue
DEVIL'S HAND: Mike Slamer, Andrew Freeman - Album
Johnny Gioeli: One Voice - Album
MAGIC DANCE: New Eyes - Album
PALACE: Binary Music - Album
STATE OF SALAZAR: Superhero - Album
SINISTER'S ARMY: Sinister's Christmas - Single
FERAL: Flesh For Funerals Eternal - Album
ARIA: Curse Of The Seas - Album
WAN: Gammal Är Äldst - EP
VANHA: Melancholia - Album
IN SHADOWS AND DUST: Enlightened By Darkness - Album
CREATE A KILL: Summoned To Rise - Album
ALCATRAZZ: Parole Denied, Tokyo 2017 - 2CD/DVD
EVANGELIST: Deus Vult - Album
FABULOUS DESASTER: Off With Their Heads - Album
Helga: Nebulous - EP
NIGHTRAGE: By Darkness Drawn - Single
DEVIL'S GUN: Lights Out - Single
SINIESTRO: Arctic Blood - EP
SEVEN THORNS: Symphony Of Shadows - Album
Purser Deverill: Square One - Album
MINUS ONE: Red White Black - Album
DOLLS RAIDERS: Free Yourself - Album
BLACKDRAFT: The Quest - Album
MIMIKRY at Sticky Fingers in Göteborg, Sweden on December 8, 2018
PASTORATET at Bengans Fik in Göteborg, Sweden on December 8, 2018
OPEN SURGERY: After Birth Abortion - EP
KHORS: Beyond The Bestial - EP
VOICES FROM BEYOND: The Black Cathedral - Album
VISCERA: City Of Dope And Violence - EP
Kurt Baker: Brand New B-sides - Album
INTERCEPTING FORCE: Intercepting Force - Album
HELLNITE: Midnight Terror - Single
FRANCES BLOOM: Stranger In The Crowd - Single
DALAPLAN: Sista Dagarna På Året - Single
CORRODED: Burn - Single
SPLENDIDULA: Post Mortem - Album
VVORSE: Ajatus Vapaudesta - EP
RUNESCARRED: Being God - Single
FORTH: Black Angel - Single
FOREST OF SHADOWS: Among The Dormant Watchers - Album
DAYGLO MOURNING/BLUDY GYRES: Rope Enough For Two - Split Album
JUNIPER GRAVE: Of Hellions & Harridans - Album
FLEDDY MELCULY: Live @ Graspop Metal Meeting '18 - Album
PICTURE: Warhorse - 2LP reissue
PERTNESS: Metamorphosis - Album
LEVEL FIELDS: 1104 - Album
NATTRAVNEN: Kult Of The Raven - Album
PAVLOV'S DOG: Prodigal Dreamer - Album
The KRP: In My Head - Album
ETERNAL DREAM: Daementia - Album
BUCKETS REBEL HEART: 20 Good Summers - Album
BORN AGAIN: True Heavy Nation - Album
OTHISMOS: Separazione - Album
DIRTY RATS: Rock n Roll - Album
AMORIELLO: Amoriello - Album
AD PATRES: Symbiosick - Single
RIFFLORD: 7 Cremation Ground/Meditation - Album
EVERGREY: A Silent Arc - Single
STARCRAWLER: Hollywood Ending - Single
MEN IN METAL: Let The Soul Spread Its Wings - Album
OLD MAN LIZARD: True Misery - Album
NIGHT CROWNED: Humanity Will Echo Out - EP
VEONITY: Legend Of The Starborn - Album
THUNDERMOTHER: Revival - Single
Thomas Silver: The Gospel According To Thomas - Album
GROZA: Unified In Void - Album
BULLHEAD: Tough Luck - Album
Rev Jones: Bakwash - Album
SHOUT: People Of The Night - Album
WICKED GARDEN: Already Gone - EP
WEAPON UK: Set The Stage Alight, The Anthology - LP
The PSYCHO SEASON: Grunge River - Album
PLANET OF ZEUS: Live In Athens - Album
A HERO FOR THE WORLD: Winter Is Here (A Holiday Rock Opera Pt. 2) - Album
TEN: Illuminati - Album
NORDIC UNION: Second Coming - Album
HOLTER: Vlad The Impaler - Album
DOOMSDAY OUTLAW: Suffer More - Album
UNEARTH: Extinction(s) - Album
SONS OF LAZARETH: Blue Skies Back To Gray - Album
MASTER: Vindictive Miscreant - Album
A CANOROUS QUINTET: The Only Pure Hate -MMXVIII- - Album reissue
BLADE KILLER: High Risk - Album
BAD RELIGION: My Sanity - Single
SACROSANCT: Truth Is - What Is - Album reissue
PAGANIZER: Promoting Total Death - Album reissue
BLOOD: Depraved Goddess - Album reissue
Jean Beauvoir: Rock Masterpieces Vol. 2 - Album
DAN REED NETWORK: Origins - Album
CARE OF NIGHT: Love Equals War - Album
WHEN MINDS DEVELOP: Lethal Revenge - Album
PILEDRIVER: Rockwall - Album
HOOTENANNY FREAKS: Breakaway - Single
WHEN THE DEADBOLT BREAKS: Angels Are Weeping... God Has Abandoned - Album
Stephen Pearcy: View To A Thrill - Album
NEW AGE: New Age - Album
NEON BURTON: Neontology - Album
LORD SONNY THE UNIFIER: Final Notice! - Album
ARCHITECTS: Holy Hell - Album
ROADKILLER: Roadkiller - EP
MENTOR: Cults, Crypts And Corpses - Album
ATLAS: Primitive - Album
AFIRE: On The Road From Nowhere - Album
ARKAID: Crematoria - Album
DEATHTALE: The Origin Of Hate - Album
ELECTRIC BOYS: The Ghost Ward Diaries - Album
BLACK SUNDAY: Backyard Freaks - Album
Ginger Wildheart: G*A*S*S Mark II - Album reissue
TANK: Sturmpanzer - Album
The TEMPTER: Turpis Rex - Album
SIX FOOT SIX: The Six Foot Six Project - Album
MADISON: Best In Show - Album reissue
DOMINOE: The Lost Radio Show - Album
DE-ARROW: De-Arrow - Album
DIVINE ASCENSION: The Uncovering - Album
LACUNA COIL: The 119 Show, Live In London - Double album, DVD, Blu-ray
SINISTER'S ARMY: Sinister - Album
1914: The Blind Leading The Blind - Album
KJELD: Banier fan Frisia - EP
LOIMANN: A Voluntary Lack Of Wisdom - Album
The HEARD: The Island - Album
HIEROPHANT: Spawned Abortions - EP
DIRE PERIL: The Extraterrestrial Compendium - Album
DETHGOD: Disease Called Humans - EP
HAIDUK: Exomancer - Album
HEX A.D.: Netherworld Triumphant - Album
NAKED SIX: No Compromise - EP
VALKYRIA: Tierra Hostil - Album
CORTEZ: No More Conqueror - Album
Tommy Concrete: Unrelaxed - Album
REECE: Resilient Heart - Album
FAANEFJELL: Dovrefall - Album
SKALLBANK: Denim Demon - Single
BUZZCOCKS: E.S.P. - Single
ALIEN: Imagine - Single
The DAHLMANNS: American Heartbeat - 12" Mini LP
The HIJACKERS: I Don't Like You - 7" EP
SICK OF IT ALL: Wake The Sleeping Dragon! - Album
HE WHO CANNOT BE NAMED: The Good The Bad And The Brutal - LP
ZARTHAS: 4 Letter Word - Single
SABER TIGER: Obscure Diversity - Album
INFECTED SYREN: Infected Syren - Album
OWL MAKER: Sky Road - EP
RUNESCARRED: Moonchild - Single
SHALLOW GRAVE: Threshold Between Worlds - Album
ALASTOR: Slave To The Grave - Album
IMPELLITTERI: The Nature Of The Beast - Album
CREYE: Creye - Album
CITY OF THIEVES: Beast Reality - Album
Pure Fire: The Ultimate KISS tribute - Album reissue
The HEARD: A Death Supreme - Single
SILVER GRIME: Healed By The Dark - Album
MOONSHADE: Sun Dethroned - Album
The FILTH HOUNDS: Hair Of The Hounds? - Album
BAD RELIGION: The Profane Rights Of Man - Single
QFT: End Of The Universe - Single
SIR REG: Sinner Of The Century - Single
RISING: Swords And Scythe - Album
CARCHARODON: Bukkraken - Album
INFECTED: Dark Centuries - Album reissue
SICKNESS: Plague: Ornaments Of Mutilation And More - Album
JÄMMERDAL: The Strange Is Here - Album
DAYS OF JUPITER: Panoptical - Album
RIOT HORSE: Cold Hearted Woman - Album
SWILSON: Swilson - Album
Warrel Dane: Shadow Work - Album
PICTURE: Live!! 40 Years Heavy Metal Ears 1978-2018 - Album
SHELTON/CHASTAIN: The Edge Of Sanity, 88 Demo Session - Album
THRASH BOMBZ: Prisoner Of Disaster - Album
IRON LAMB: Blue Haze - Album
MALPHAS: The 39th Spirit - Album
NAZARETH: Tattooed On My Brain - Album
RHODIUM: Scream Into The Void - Album
SIROLL!: Doble O Res - Album
ONSLAUGHT: Killing Peace / Live Damnation - Album reissues
The CROWN: The Burning / Eternal Death - Album reissues
DANKO JONES: We're Crazy - Single
THUNDERCROW: Heavy Metal Space Cowboy - Album
DIRGE: Ah Puch - Album
DESTRUCTION: Bestial Invasion Of Hell - EP reissue
MONUMENTS: Phronesis - Album
CHASTAIN: The Voice Of The Cult, 30 Years Heavy - Album reissue
BLOODBATH: The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn - Album
BLACK LOTUS: Sons Of Saturn - Album
SLAP GURU: Diagrams Of Pagan Life - Album
STONE LEADERS: Stone Leaders - Album
MIDNITE CITY: There Goes The Neighbourhood - Album
ONCE: After Earth - Album
ORION'S REIGN: Scores Of War - Album
WHITE WIDDOW: Victory - Album
SAXON: The Eagle Has Landed - Album reissue
WITCHFYRE: Grimorium Verum - Album
WILD: Sin Piedad - Album
GUTWRENCH: The Art Of Mutilation - Album
GATHERING DARKNESS: The Inexprable End - 7" EP
FASTLANE FLOWER: Abusement Park - Album
PULVERIZED: Monuments Of Misanthropy - Album
SKRAECKOEDLAN: Äppelträdet - Album reissue
REBELHOT: Uncomfortableness - Album
OUTRAGE: Demo(n)s 1985 - Album
BLACK ALICE: Sons Of Steel - Album reissue
DISCIPLES OF POWER: Ominous Prophecy - Album reissue
ATRAMENT: Scum Sect - Album
HORISONT, HYPNOS and LIZZIES at Sticky Fingers in Göteborg, Sweden on October 6, 2018
KADAVAR: Live In Copenhagen - Album
Nick Oliveri: No Hits At All Vol. 5 - Album
LEADER OF DOWN: Cascade Into Chaos - Album
Joe Strummer: Czechoslovak Song/Where Is England - Single
IRON HUNTER: Mankind Resistance - Album
LIZZIES: On Thin Ice - Album
MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES: Scripts Of Anguish - Album
CARPE NOCTEM: Vitrun - Album
FVZZ POPVLI: Magna Fvzz - Album
BLACK INK RIVER: Headstrong - Album
ALKYMIST: Alkymist - Album
PRINS SVART: Prins Svart - Album
FUCKED UP: Dose Your Dreams - Double Album
DEATH VALLEY GIRLS: Darkness Rains - Album
S.A.A.B.: Motor Militia - Album
RAVENS CREED: Get Killed or Try Dying - Album
NOTT: Vestigium Mortis - Album
HEAVY GENERATION: The Spirit Lives On - Album
The DAHMERS, KOSMIK BOOGIE TRIBE and BIG KIZZ at Klubb Undergrunden/Pumphuset in Borås, Sweden on September 29, 2018
GRISLY: The Spectral Wars - Album
BLACK PAISLEY: Perennials - Album
AncarA: Hurt - Single
URIAH HEEP: Living The Dream - Album
TREAT: Tunguska - Album
SNAKES IN PARADISE: Step Into The Light - Album
GROUNDBREAKER: Groundbreaker - Album
DREAM CHILD: Until Death Do We Meet Again - Album
The PROJECTIONIST: Visits From The NightHag Part 1 - Album
IMMORTAL GUARDIAN: Age Of Revolution - Album
WARFARE: A Conflict Of Hatred / Mayhem Fuckin' Mayhem / Metal Anarchy / Pure Filth - Album reissues
ELECTRIC CITIZEN: Helltown - Album
AVENGER: The Slaughter Never Stops - Album reissue
WEAPON UK: Rising From The Ashes - LP reissue
VANDALLUS: Bad Disease - Album
NEWMAN: Decade II - Double Album
BLACK ALICE: Endangered Species - Album reissue
ATLAS: In Pursuit Of Memory - Album
MUDHONEY: Digital Garbage - Album
HYPNOS: Set Fire To The Sky - Album
FARSOT/ColdWorld: Toteninsel - Split EP
Strängen: Rock På Svenska - Album
DEAD EXPRESS: The Noble Art Of Self Destruction - Album
HEADS FOR THE DEAD: Serpent's Curse - Album
DOGHOUSE SWINE: HiFi Music for LoFi Kids - Album
BLOOD OF SERPENTS: Sulphur Sovereign - Album
Mike Tramp: Rust And Dust - Single
The ARCHITECTS: Hereafter - Single
VESSEL OF LIGHT: Woodshed - Album
SAGE: Anno Domini 1573 - Album
BETZEFER: Entertain Your Force Of Habit - Album
LIONCAGE: Turn Back Time - Album
LAST PHARAOH: The Mantle Of Spiders - Album
PREZIR: As Rats Devour Lions - Album
ETERNAL ROT: Cadaverine - Album
DALKHU: Lamentation And Ardent Fire - Album
CIVIC SOMA: Hybris - Album
CITY MAZE: Lifestyle - EP
BLACK MAJESTY: Children Of The Abyss - Album
ABORTED: TerrorVision - Album
SOZE: Eskalerande Masspsykos - EP
TWIN PIGS: Scandinavian Nightmare - Album
VERNI: Lost in the Underground - Single
PROFANE OMEN: Ooka - Album
ERASY: Under The Moonlight - 7" EP
The ALIVE: We Are Rock And Roll - Album
WRESTLING: Ride On Freaks - Album
SoulHealer: Up From The Ashes - Album
PANTHEÏST: Seeking Infinity - Album
OSMIUM GUILLOTINE: A Million To One - Album
JANGLE TOWN: Ramblin' Boots - Single
HESSIAN: Mercenary Retrograde - Album
DRUGLORD: New Day Dying - Album
DEICIDE: Overtures Of Blasphemy - Album
CULTURAL WARFARE: Warmaggedon - Album
Brant Bjork: Mankind Woman - Album
SIR REG: The Underdogs - Album
LORDS OF THE TRIDENT: Shadows From The Past - Album
RYLOS: Solarworks Pt. 1 - Album
TYRANT DISCIPLE: Weight Of Oblivion - Album
TERRITORIES: Territories - Album
KOMATSU: A New Horizon - Album
DUNGEON WOLF: Slavery Or Steel - Album
DI'AUL: Nobody's Heaven - Album
CRONAXIA: Collapsing The Outer Structure - Album
CAULDRON: New Gods - Album
AXE STEELER: On The Run - Album
ALLFATHER: And All Will Be Desolation - Album
24/7 DIVA HEAVEN: Superslide - EP
SIR REG: The Underdogs - Single
Helga: Battle Song - Single
FLAT FIFTY: Discokills - EP
TROUBLEMAKERS at Götaplatsen in Göteborg, Sweden on September 1, 2018
ENTOMBED A.D. and F.K.Ü. at Sticky Fingers in Göteborg, Sweden on August 31, 2018
JUNKYARD DRIVE: Black Coffee - Album
REECE: Any Time At All - Single
CHASTAIN: The 7th Of Never 30 Years Heavy - Album (reissue)
GREAT LEAP SKYWARD: Map Of Broken Dreams - Album
NARNIA: We Still Believe, Made In Brazil - Album
OMNIUM GATHERUM: The Burning Cold - Album
KRAKOW: minus - Album
I'LL BE DAMNED: Road To Disorder - Album
J Mascis: See You At The Movies - Single
SPIDERS and EGONAUT at Klubb Undergrunden/Pumphuset in Borås, Sweden on August 25, 2018
TASTE: Moral Decay - Album
WHEEL IN THE SKY: Beyond The Pale - Album
PARANOID: Fukurokouji - Single
JUNKYARD DRIVE: Way Too Long - Single
FROZEN BY FIRE: See You In Hell - Single
EGONAUT: Awakenings - Single
DJÄVULEN MÖBLERAR OM: Hela Vägen Ner - Single
BLACK OAK COUNTY: Pretty Pistol - Single
WHITE DENIM: Performance - Album
3.2: The Rules Have Changed - Album
KING COMPANY: Queen Of Hearts - Album
ENUFF Z'NUFF: Diamond Boy - Album
AIRRACE: Untold Stories - Album
SUBTYPE ZERO: The Astral Awakening - Album
THRICE: Only Us - Single
Henry Metal: The Essential Henry Metal Volume 1 - Album
DEATH VALLEY GIRLS: Disaster (Is What We're After) - Single
DEVIL'S TEETH: Suki Yaki Hot! - Album
HELLVETICA: Against The Odds - Album
NOCION: Into The Darkness - Album
OUTLIAR: Taste The Blood - Album
PRIMAL FEAR: Apocalypse - Album
SCANNER: In Your Head - EP
BAR STOOL PREACHERS: Grazie Governo - Album
The RADIO SUN: Beautiful Strange - Album
DeVicious: Never Say Never - Album
EUNOMIA: The Chronicles Of Eunomia Part 1 - Album
HEROES DON'T ASK WHY: Sound Of A Broken Heart EP - EP
NYNNINGEN and ORKAN at Stadsparken in Borås, Sweden on August 14, 2018
CRAWL: Rituals - Album
SPACETRUCKER: Smooth Orbit - Album
dragSTER: Anti-Everything - Album
ARTIZAN: Curse Of The Artizan - Album (reissue)
ARTIZAN: Demon Rider - Album
BIGHATE: Hybrid - Single
JOHAN BODING - NIGHT OF QUEEN & CHOIR and TRUCK at Stora Torget in Borås, Sweden on August 9, 2018
S.K.o.R: Rubus Tellus - Album
SAATE: Bene Elohim - Single
IMPERIAL DOMAIN: The Deluge - Album
MOTÖR MILITIA: World In Flames - Album
MIDNIGHT FORCE: Dunsinane - Album
LOVE AND WAR: Edge Of The World - Single
MAN WITH A MISSION: Chasing The Horizon - Album
ECLIPSE: Killing Me (Sellout Version) - Single
NO GODS: Paradise - Album
ART NATION and STAGHUNT at Stora Torget in Borås, Sweden on August 2, 2018
DARK ARCHIVE: Morningstar - Single
SAXON: Innocence Is No Excuse / Rock The Nations / Destiny - Deluxe reissues
TWO OF A KIND: Rise - Album
DESTINIA: Metal Souls - Album
Clif Magness: Lucky Dog - Album
TUSCOMA: Arkhitecturenominus - Album
TYRANNO: Skulls, Horns & Lust - Album
INTO ETERNITY: The Sirens - Album
BASTIAN: Grimorio - Album
MR. BIG: Live From Milan - 2CD/Blu-ray, 3LP
GRAHAM BONNET BAND: Meanwhile, Back In The Garage - CD/DVD, 2LP
Gioeli-Castronovo: Set The World On Fire - Album
SYSTEM OF HATE: There Is No Madness Here - Album
MANTICORA: To Kill To Live To Kill - Album
DRAWN AND QUARTERED: The One Who Lurks - Album
DISTORTED FORCE: Curves Of Sidereal Cosmos - Album
DEGRAVE: Degrave - Album
INNER AXIS: We Live By The Steel - Album
KING KOBRA: Sweden Rock Live - Album
Chris Caffery: The Jester's Court - Album
WRETCH: Reborn - Album (reissue)
TRAITORS GATE: Fallen - Album
Stelios Ventas: Faded Flower - EP
SMOKE THE SKY: The Human Maze - Album
SAINT KARLOFF: All Heed The Black God - Album
Quarter Hour Of Power - 7" Compilation EP
ROUGH GRIND: Trouble Or Nothing - EP
The LEAGUE OF ONE: Dispatch - Album
BARROS: More Humanity Please... - Album
GRIND ZERO: Concealed In The Shadow - Album
GRIM COMET: Metropol Sessions - EP
WÖLFSBLOOD: Nightriders - EP
SOUTHERN EMPIRE: Civilisation - Album
OXYGEN DESTROYER: Bestial Manifestations Of Malevolence And Death - Album
CHROMEDUST at Stora Torget in Borås, Sweden on July 12, 2018
ONCE: The Hour Of Eden's Fall - Single
STORTREGN: Emptiness Fills The Void - Album
The FLESH: Dweller - EP
ELEINE: Echoes - Single
CHARLOTTE IN CAGE: Times Of Anger - Album
BODYFARM: Into Battle - EP (Demo reissue)
BELZEBUBS: Blackened Call - Single
SCATHED: Already Dead - Album
SANCTRUM: Walk With Vermin - EP
SAHON: Chanting For The Fallen - Album
LIKE A STORM: Catacombs - Album
NEUTRAL BOMBS: Pretend To Fly - Album
OUBLIETTE: The Passage - Album
RATBREED: Evoke The Blaze - Album
MOTOROWL: Atlas - Album
YAWNING MAN: The Revolt Against Tired Noises - Album
MENUDÅ: Tänk Lite Själv Då - CD-EP
KARDINAL SYND: Baltic City - 10" EP
ASTMATISK GAPSKRATT: Heller Fargerik Enn Kald - LP
The INTERRUPTERS: Fight The Good Fight - Album
1968: Ballads Of The Godless - Album
KNIGHTMARE: Walk Through The Fire - Album
ISSUNA: Ez dugu aske izateko zuen baimenik behar - Album
inOcean: I Still Ask Why - Single
GYZE: The Rising Dragon - EP
GUNJACK: Totally Insane - Album
Michael Monroe at Liseberg in Göteborg, Sweden on June 28, 2018
The HYPOTHESIS: Welcome The Darkness - Single
The HIRVI: Old School Killspree - Album
FOREDOOMED: Ordeal - Album
The FILAMENTS: Look To The Skies - Album
el CAMINO: Cursed Congregation - Album
BAD RELIGION: The Kids Are Alt-Right - Single
SUPREME CARNAGE: Morbid Ways To Die - Album
SINSID: Mission From Hell - Album
TNT: XIII - Album
WOMBRIPPER: From The Depths Of Flesh - Album
SUNSTORM: Road To Hell - Album
REFUGE: Solitary Men - Album
QUANTUM LEAP: No Reason - Album
LONELY GRAVE: Craterface - Album
GDANSK: A Tribute To Danzig - Album
HOUND: Settle Your Scores - Album
VON BALTZER: Cultural Daze - Album
SCHUBERT IN ROCK: Commander Of Pain - Album
Nick Oliveri: No Hits At All Vol. 4 - Album
NECRYTIS: Dread En Ruin - Album
Jean Beauvoir: Rock Masterpieces Vol. 1 - Album
DESERT STORM: Sentinels - Album
DARE: Out Of The Silence II - Album reissue
BEYOND THE KATAKOMB: Beyond The Katakomb - Album
WORMLIGHT: Wrath Of The Wilds - Album
SADNESS: Ames De Marbre - Album reissue
MISSING LINK: Lobotomized - Album reissue
LUGNET: Begging - Single
LORDS OF THE STONE: Roses For The Dead - Album reissue
June 1974: Nemesi - Album
MICK'S JAGUAR: Fame And Fortune - Album
WOLFEN: Rise Of The Lycans - Album
STREET DOGS: Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing - Album
MARDUK: Viktoria - Album
RYDERS CREED: Ryders Creed - Album
CHAOS BEFORE GEA: Chronos - Album
KHARVA: Kharva - Demo
VEGA: Only Human - Album
THY PRIMORDIAL: The Blackened Years - 4CD Box Set (reissues)
TAD MOROSE: Chapter X - Album
PRIMITAI: The Calling - Album
PRAYING MANTIS: Gravity - Album
The NEAL MORSE BAND: The Similitude Of A Dream, Live In Tilburg 2017 - 2CD/2DVD, Blu-ray
DOOMSDAY OUTLAW: Hard Times - Album
CRYING STEEL: Stay Steel - Album
BROWSING COLLECTION: Thank God It's Friday - Single
HERE LIES MAN: You Will Know Nothing - Album
FRAYLE: The White Witch - EP
FABRIKEN: Hoppa Av I Farten - EP
SAXON: Denim And Leather / Power & The Glory / Crusader - Deluxe reissues
The SOUL EXCHANGE: Edge Of Sanity - Album
Stagman: Moder Jord - Album
Louise Lemón: Purge LP - LP
LORDS OF BLACK: Icon Of The New Days - Album
LiV SiN: Inverted - EP
Jizzy Pearl of LOVE/HATE: All You Need Is Soul - Album
HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES at Liseberg in Göteborg, Sweden on June 6, 2018
SVVAMP: Svvamp II - Album
AVENGER: Blood Sports / Killer Elite - Album reissues
Alberto Rigoni featuring Marco Minnemann: EvoRevolution - Album
INJECTOR: Stone Prevails - Album
FANTASY OPUS: The Last Dream - Album
DEFIATORY: Hades Rising - Album
DEFIANT: Insurrection Icon - Album
DEATH STRIKE: Fuckin' Death - Album reissue
GRÁ: Väsen - Album
GLUTTONY: Cult Of The Unborn - Album
FRAGMENTS OF DESPAIR: Broken Lost Mistakes - Single
MEGADETH: Killing Is My Business...and Business Is Good - The Final Kill - Album (Deluxe Reissue)
The PROFESSIONALS at Liseberg in Göteborg, Sweden on May 31, 2018
SIR REG: FOOL (Fight Of Our Lives) - Single
SKALLBANK: Avfällingsvals - Single
SLOMATICS/CONAN - Split Album (reissue)
SVEDERNA: Svedjeland - Album
AGGRESSION: Feels Like Punk, Sounds Like Thrash - Album
TOLEDO STEEL: No Quarter - Album
NOCTURNAL BREED: The Whiskey Tapes Germany - Album
NOMAD: Feral - Album
WIEGEDOOD: De Doden Hebben Het Goed III - Album
STONEFACE: Stoneface - Album
SISTA BRYTET: Hjärtat I Handen - Album
JACK 13'S PANZERCROW: Nightmare Returns - Album
CROOKED LETTER: The Shivers - Single
AxMINISTER: The Crucible Of Sin - EP
Årrefest at Insikten/Kulturhuset in Jönköping, Sweden on May 26, 2018
PERFECT PLAN: All Rise - Album
James Christian: Craving - Album
IssA: Run With The Pack - Album
SKINNED: Shadow Syndicate - Album
STRYPER: God Damn Evil - Album
MOTOR CITY MAYHEM: Shitfaced And Outta Luck - Album
IMPERIUM: Beyond The Stars - Album
FRONTLINE: Heroes - Album
PARKWAY DRIVE: Reverence - Album
BABYMETAL: Distortion - Single
TOMORROW'S EVE: Mirror Of Creation III, Project Ikaros - Album
Nils Patrik Johansson: Evil Deluxe - Album
ARCHITECTS OF CHAOZ: (R)evolution - Album
SCIENCE OF DISORDER: Private Hell - Album
SALEMS LOTT: Mask Of Morality - Album
SADISTIK FOREST: Morbid Majesties - Album
QFT: Live In Space - Album
AIRBORN: Lizard Secrets - Album
MORDOR: Darkness... - Album
LA LUZ: Floating Features - Album
CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD: Struck By Lightning - Album
20 WATT TOMBSTONE: Death Blues vs. The Dirty Spliff - EP
VILE CALIBER: Willpower - Single
MÅSROCK: Måsrock - Album
GRIMNER: Dödens Dans - Single
HARTMANN: Hands On The Wheel - Album
FOREIGNER: With The 21st Century Symphony Orchestra & Chorus - Several formats
CRYSTAL TEARS: Decadence Deluxe - Album
COLTSBLOOD: Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness - Album
EVIL HUNTER: Evil Hunter - Album
EMERALD SUN: Under The Curse Of Silence - Album
DOKKEN: Return To East Live 2016 - Several formats
The DEATH WHEELERS: I Tread On Your Grave - Album
ZARRAZA: Necroshiva - Album
OLD MAN WIZARD: Blame It All On Sorcery - Album
MADHOUSE: Metal Or Die - Album
PETRIFICATION: Hollow Of The Void - Album
TRACED BY ENEMIES: Where The Sun Turns Grey - EP
TENGIL: Shouldhavebeens - Album
SMASH INTO PIECES: Superstar In Me - Single
DE PROFUNDIS: The Blinding Light Of Faith - Album
DEAF WHALE: Lessened Shadows - Album
ANGELUS APATRIDA: Cabaret De La Guillotine - Album
BLACKSLASH: Lightning Strikes Again - Album
The SLOTHS: Back From The Grave - Album
NEKROKRAFT: Servants - Album
Muskelrock Pre-Party with MAIDAVALE, HONEYMOON DISEASE and DEMON HEAD at Klubb Undergrunden/Pumphuset in Borås, Sweden on April 28, 2018
SVINTASK: Svinhugg Går Igen - Album
DEPRAVITY: Evil Upheaval - Album
Tara Lynch: Evil Enough - Album
PÁNICO AL MIEDO: Formador - Album
THRUST: Harvest Of Souls - Album
KRULL: The Black Coast - Album
HEARTWIND: Higher And Higher - Album
FRONTLINE: State Of Rock +2 - Album (Reissue)
CROSSON: Invincible - Album
James Stevenson: 40 Years In The Rock 'n' Roll Wilderness - Double album
RAVEN: Wiped Out - Album (Reissue)
'77: Bright Gloom - Album
Lee Aaron: Diamond Baby Blues - Album
PERZONAL WAR: Neckdevils, Live - CD/DVD
DEMON HEAD: The Resistance - 7" EP
DENY: Parasite Paradise - EP
The DAHMERS: Creepiest Creep - EP
MÖRK GRYNING: Live At Kraken - EP
SACRO ORDINE: Heavy Metal Thunderpicking - Album
REVOLVD: Past And Present - Album
PISS RIVER: Piss River - Album
NO BORDERZ: No Borderz - EP
GAIN ELEVEN: Freaking You Out - Single
BLACK ROSE: A Light In The Dark - Album
BAN BIANCA: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - EP
STORMZONE: Lucifer's Factory - Album
LiV SiN: Devil's Plaything - Single
QFT: Big Bang - Single
METHEDRINE: Built For Speed - EP
CULT OF THE FOX: By The Styx - Album
ASCENDANT: A Thousand Echoes - Album
GRAND DESIGN: Viva La Paradise - Album
Brown Acid: The Sixth Trip - Album
POMPEII: The Secret Sessions - Album
HYPNOS: The GBG Sessions - Album
NEW CLUE: Mystic Winds - EP
ASTA KASK and SIGHSTENS GRANNAR at Pustervik in Göteborg, Sweden on April 14, 2018
ABRAMIS BRAMA: Tusen År - Album
DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN: ...and You Will Obey Me - Album
W.E.T.: Earthrage - Album
NO HOT ASHES: No Hot Ashes - Album
FM: Atomic Generation - Album
BULLETBOYS: From Out Of The Skies - Album
SATANIC SURFERS: Back From Hell - Album
SEVEN SISTERS: The Cauldron And The Cross - Album
MINDWARS: Do Unto Others - Album
INNFIGHT: Black Dog - Album
UNIVERSE INFINITY: Rock Is Alive - Album
HARDCORE SUPERSTAR: Electric Rider - Single
HAMMERSTROKE: Satan's Claw - Album
L.A. GUNS: Made In Milan - CD/DVD, Blu-ray
AT THE GATES: Gardens Of Grief - EP (Reissue)
PUNGENT STENCH: Smut Kingdom / Ampeauty - Albums (Reissues)
VENOM: The Singles - Album
SURVIVAL IS SUICIDE: Retrovolution - Album
MAVERICK: Cold Star Dancer - Album
BLACKWATER HOLYLIGHT: Blackwater Holylight - Album
DEAD END FINLAND: Lifelong Tragedy - Single
SERPICO: Rock Tattoo - Album
CALIBAN: Elements - Album
ALGHAZANTH: Eight Coffin Nails - Album
REPRISAL: None Survive The Sun - Album
ST. ELMOS FIRE: Evil Never Sleeps - Album
SHADOWKEEP: Shadowkeep - Album
EVOLUCIJA: Hunt - Album
LEECHFEAST: Neon Crosses - Album
STARK DENIAL: Covenant Of Black - Album
TOXIKULL: The Nightraiser - EP
SLAVERIET: När Röken Lagt Sig - EP
Rick Parfitt: Over And Out - Album
PARKWAY DRIVE: The Void - Single
HOT SNAKES: Jericho Sirens - Album
QFT: Aliens - Single
BAD BREEDING: Abandonment - Single
ABRAMIS BRAMA: Vem Är Du? - Single
HELLAVISTA: Robolution - Album
GREYSTONE CANYON: While The Wheels Still Turn - Album
FUZZ LORD: Fuzz Lord - Album
ELIMINATOR: Last Horizon - Album
DEAD OF NIGHT: The Evolving Science Of Self - Album
Jari Tiura: King Of Lions - Album
LAST DAYS OF EDEN: Chrysalis - Album
DEATH ALLEY: Superbia - Album
VÄRLDEN BRINNER: Slöseri Av Tid - Album
THRONELESS: Cycles - Album
MAIDAVALE: Madness Is Too Pure - Album
HIGH PRIESTS: Spinning - Album
COILGUNS: Millennials - Album
NALE: Death. Skulls. Satan. - Album
MYRHOLT: Vinter - EP
Jack White: Over And Over And Over - Single
HIIDENHAUTA: 1695 - Album
TWINGIANT: Mass Driver - Album (Reissue)
EXEKUTION: The Worst Is Yet To Come - Album
XENOBLIGHT: Procreation - Album
VELVET VIPER: Respice Finem - Album
PUNGENT STENCH: Been Caught Buttering/Club Mondo Bizarre/Dirty Rhymes & Psychotronic Beats/First Recordings/For God Your Soul... For Me Your Flesh - Albums (reissues)
OWL MAKER: Paths Of The Slain - EP
DEFECTO: Nemesis - Album
UNRULY CHILD: Unhinged, Live From Milan - CD/DVD, Blu-ray
SHIRAZ LANE: Carnival Days - Album
REVERTIGO: Revertigo - Album
DUKES OF THE ORIENT: Dukes Of The Orient - Album
CORELEONI: The Greatest Hits Part 1 - Album
ANIMAL DRIVE: Bite! - Album
SABER TIGER: Bystander Effect - Album (Expanded Edition)
PARASIGHT: At Leve Som Hvis Der Var Et Håb - LP
Rick Parfitt: Long Distance Love - Single
SPARZANZA: Whatever Come May Be - Single
VILE CREATURE: Cast Of Static And Smoke - Album
WISHING WELL: Rat Race - Album
JANGLE TOWN: A Love So True - Single
FINNEGAN'S HELL: Life And Death - Album
RHINO PROOF: Rhino Proof - Album
ONDT BLOD: Natur - Album
THUNDERMOTHER: Thundermother - Album
BLACK DREAMS: Kiss The Gun - Digital Single
TROUBLEMAKERS, NYA KRÖSUS and MÖGEL at Klubb Undergrunden/Pumphuset in Borås, Sweden on March 3, 2018
SATANIC SURFERS: The Usurper - 7" EP
HELLANBACH: The Big H: The Hellanbach Anthology - Album (reissue)
FIST: Back With A Vengeance - Album (reissue)
SVARTANATT: Starry Eagle Eye - Album
SPINY NORMAN: Spiny Norman - Album
OCEANS OF SLUMBER: The Banished Heart - Album
OBSCURE: Zero Dawn - EP
MIMIKRY: Grit - Album
MITHRIDATIC: He Who Lies Underneath - Digital Album
Bob Katsionis: Prognosis & Synopsis - Album
BALLS OUT: Too Big To Handle - EP
ABSENT: Towards The Void - Album
OV SHADOWS: The Darkness Between Shadows - Album
REACH: The Great Divine - Album
The LEAD: Again - EP
OBTRUNCATION: Sanctum Disruption, Sphere Of The Rotting/The Callous Concept - Albums (reissues)
MELECHESH: As Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisar - Album (reissue)
HEXX: Quest For Sanity & Watery Graves - Album (reissue)
ACHERON: The Rites Of The Black Mass - Album (reissue)
GONOREAS: Minotaur - Album
MAD HATTER: Mad Hatter - Album
SPARTAN WARRIOR: Hell To Pay - Album
SALEM: Attrition - Album
KILL RITUAL: All Men Shall Fall - Album
RIOT GRRRL SESSIONS: The 1st Session - Album
MERRYWEATHER STARK: Carved In Rock - Album
PONTUS SNIBB'S WRECK OF BLUES: Too Late To Die Young - Album
Ossian Smith: Sleepless Town - Digital EP
ODDNOTE: Oddnote - Album
HENRY METAL: War In Heaven - Album
GRIMNER: Vanadrottning - Album
FUNERARY BELL: Undead Revelations - Album
ELEINE: Until The End - Album
JJ Mortensen and Reidar Assine at Café Nära in Borås, Sweden on February 16, 2018
ANTI CIMEX: Victims Of A Bombraid - 3CD Box Set (reissues)
SQUEALER: Behind Closed Doors - Album
SEBASTIEN: Act Of Creation - Album
JOHAN KIHLBERG'S IMPERA: Age Of Discovery - Album
ALCYONA: Trailblazer - Album
VERIKALPA: Taistelutahto - Album
Sam Russell: Impetuous Desire - Album
THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE ZUGLY: Misanthropical House - Album
FEED THE RHINO: The Silence - Album
EMPIRESFALL: A Piece To The Blind - Album
The BABOON SHOW: Radio Rebelde - Album
COFFIN TORTURE: Dismal Planet - Album
TOMMY STEWART'S DYERWULF: Shadow In The Well - Single
THUNDERMOTHER: Fire In The Rain - Single
Rick Springfield: The Snake King - Album
AMMUNITION: Ammunition - Album
OBLIVIOUS: När Isarna Sjunger - Album
DEFENESTRATION: Gutter Perdition - EP
LORD OF PAGATHORN: Daimono Philia - Album
LIONE CONTI: Lione Conti - Album
LEGEND OF THE SEAGULLMEN: Legends Of The Seagullmen - Album
LABYRINTH: Return To Live - CD/DVD, Blu-ray
GRIMNER: Fafnersbane - Single
GODWATT: Necropolis - Album
IRON WILL: Life Is Your Labyrinth - Album
EROTIC PSYCHO: The Lost Boyz - Album
HAUTAJAISYÖ: Matkalla Kohti Hautaa - Album
The OUTFIT: The Outfit - Album
DEATH ON FIRE: Witch Hunter - Digital Album
The BAD LARRY'S: Hodads - Album
The HYPOTHESIS: Illusion Now - Single
The STONE: Teatar Apsurda - Album
EXALTER: Persecution Automated - Album
GRETHOR: Damnatio Memoriae - Album
EYNOMIA: Break Free - Album
SHAMELESS: Filias y Fobias - Album
KB36: Fake - Album
P.A.L.: Prime - Album
MISKATONIC UNION: Astral Quest - Album
Mr. PLOW: Maintain Radio Silence - Album
REVENGE: Spitting Fire - Album
SEASONS OF THE WOLF: Last Act Of Defiance - Album
BIND TORTURE KILL: Viscères - Album
BLOOD RED SAINTS: Love Hate Conspiracies - Album
CRIMSON DEVILS: A Taste For Blood - Album
TRIBULATION: Down Below - Album
DEADHEADS: This One Goes To 11 - Album
DELTA DEEP: East Coast Live - Album, DVD
MÄBE: När Rösten I Radion Sa Hans Namn - EP
WATAIN: Trident Wolf Eclipse - Album
RAPTURE: Paroxysm Of Hatred - Album
APOPHYS: Devoratis - Album
THUNDERMOTHER: Whatever - Single
STARCRAWLER: Starcrawler - Album
Jack White: Connected By Love - Single
VARVARA: Identical - Single
RISE OF AVERNUS: Eigengrau - Album
REXORIA: Queen Of Light - Album
NEKROKRAFT: Witches Funeral - Album
SPIRAL KEY: An Error Of Judgement - Album
SONIC PROPHECY: Savage Gods - Album
VIVALDI METAL PROJECT: The Extended Sessions - Album
HELL BENT: Hell Bent - Cassette EP?
(D)JURET: Sök Din Sekt - Digital EP
CRUENTATOR: Ain't War Hell? - Album
BLOODSHOT DAWN: Reanimation - Album
AVATAR: Avatar Country - Album
AMMOURI: Dare To Be Happy - Album
DJINN AND MISKATONIC: Even Gods Must Die - Album

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