ADMIRE THE GRIM: Rogue Five (melodic death metal)
LEPER COLONY: Leper Colony (thrashy death metal)
The SPEEDWAYS: Talk Of The Town (power pop)
SONS OF CULT: Back To The Beginning (lame heavy metal)
MASTER DY: Legacy Of Satan (occult power metal)
N.Y. FURY: I Want It All (hard rock from the 80s)
BANG BANG FIRECRACKER: Speak Evil (some kind of heavy metal)
DEVIL'S HOUR: Black 'n' Punk Marauders (punky black n roll)
IKE'S WASTED WORLD: Tres Lobos (proto-metal/doom)
SILVER NIGHTMARES: Apocalypsis (progressive rock)
MEZMORIA: Breathless (melodic hard rock)
BLOOD OF ANGELS: Spillage (death metal)
Rick Reichert: Along A Path (guitar-driven rock)
SEVERED ANGEL: Professor Finch (alternative metal)
DARK SARAH: Invincible (cinematic symphonic metal)
AFTER LAPSE: Face The Storm (melodic progressive metal)
Tommy DeCarlo: Dancing In The Moonlight (melodic rock/aor)
TARMAT: Out Of The Blue (melodic rock/aor)
SCREAM MAKER: Bloodking (reissue) (heavy metal)
SABU: Banshee (melodic rock/hard rock)
Rob Moratti: Epical (melodic rock/hard rock)
JOURNEY: Live In Concert At Lollapalooza (aor legends)
LANDFALL: Elevate (melodic rock/hard rock)
NEVENA: Nevena (80s melodic rock)
EXPLORER: Still Alive... And Now? (old school speed metal)
LYZZÄRD: The Abyss (heavy metal)
FLESHGORE: Carnival Of Flesh (brutal death metal)
UNCOMMON EVOLUTION: Fry (some kind of heavy stoner hard rock)
ITERUM NATA: The Mountain (soft psychedelic folk rock/atmospheric neo-folk)
The THREE BLIND MICE: Day's Getting Dark (some kind of cool rock)
MARE INFINITUM: Cryosleep (symphonic doom/death metal)
GREEN KING: Hidden Beyond Time (some kind of heavy metal)
DIPLOMATICS: Is It Time To Fly? (punk funk/garage rock/new wave)
BLOODCLOT: Souls (hardcore/metal)
PIGMAN: Shadows (punk rock)
SCROLLKEEPER: Shadow Dancing (some kind of heavy metal)
SOPHIE'S THREAT: Speaking Of The Devil (groove/death metal)
Заводь: Березоль (Berezol) (black metal)
ARCHE: Transitions (funeral doom)
GRIM JUSTICE: Justice In The Night (good old heavy metal/hard rock)
WHITE LUNG: Premonition (alternative punk rock)
WHITE LUNG: Bird (catchy and melodic punk rock)
ROKETS: Break Free (high octane garage rock/action rock)
GOMORRA: Dealer Of Souls (powerful heavy/thrash metal)
The EROTICS: Rot In The Shade (unpolished hard rock n roll with attitude)
BARABBAS: La Mort Appelle Tous Les Vivants (doom metal)
TITAN'S WRATH: Will Of The Beast (powerful heavy metal)
TOXIC YOUTH: Back To You-TH (reissue) (some kind of hardcore)
UNCHRISTIAN CHRISTIAN: Sulphurfeast (death metal)
poptropicalslutz! and MAGNOLIA PARK: Catastrophe (rubbish)
NIHILIST DEATH CULT: Death To All Tyrants (hardcore/punk)
The GHOST OF FU KANG WALKER: The Ghost of Fu Kang Walker (hard rock/vintage metal)
CONCRETE BASTARDS: Closer To The End (d-beat hardcore/punk)
CIMINERO: Shadows Digging The Grave (doom/occult rock)
AGGRESSION: From Hell With Hate (thrash metal)
WHISKEY RITUAL: Kings (black metal/punk)
VINODIUM: Involución Deluxe (thrash metal)
Ursäkta Röran Vol 5: En Bomb I Systemet (Swedish punk compilation)
KANSAS: Another Fork In The Road - 50 Years Of Kansas (progressive classic rock)
SPIRITWORLD: Deathwestern (metallic hardcore)

FABRIKEN: Papapa (laidback rock)
LOTAN: Ignis (heavy black n roll beast)
SATAN TAKES A HOLIDAY: All Nighter (feat. Emmon) (electro rock)
GIGLINGER: Jävla Nazi (82 punk)
RISING STEEL: Beyond The Gates Of Hell (heavy metal)
ENEMY EYES: History's Hand (melodic hard rock/heavy metal)
AUTOGRAPH: Beyond (melodic hard rock)
ARC OF LIFE: Don't Look Down (progressive rock)
FEELINGLESS: Metal Against Animal Cruelty (all-star melodic death metal project)
Armin Sabol: Ready To Roll (blues)
AIRSTRIKE: Power In Your Hand (heavy/thrash metal)
SEVENTRAIN: Back On Track (hard rock/metal)
Patrik Jansson: Game Changer (genre crossing, but rock oriented)
MEDUSA TOUCH: Insanities (heavy metal)
GELATIN SKELATIN: Year Of The Skelatin (hard rock)
DISINTER: Breaker Of Bones (death metal)
DISINTER (SA)/DISINTER (NA): Alliance Of Death (death metal)
BOB MALMSTRÖM: Segla Med Satan (hardcore/punk)
BABYMETAL: Monochrome (japanese pop/metal)
ÄNTERBILA: Änterbila (folk/black metal)
VEILBURNER: VLBRNR (experimental extreme metal)
PHLEBOTOMIZED: Devoted To God (reissue) (progressive death metal)
CRUACHAN: The Crow (melodic celtic metal)
GENERATION LANDSLIDE: Ruling The Street Scene (hard rock)
KRELL: Deserts (hard rock)
STREETLORE: StreetLore (melodic rock)
JADED TRUTH: Take A Seat (grunge)
EXELERATE: God Of Man (heavy/thrash metal)
MACERATION: It Never Ends... (death metal)
I'LL BE DAMNED: Culture (groove metal/southern rock blend)
(EchO): Witnesses (doom metal)
ALiX: Last Dreamer (psych rock)
The RIVEN: Peace And Conflict (hard rock/heavy metal)
STEELWINGS: Still Rising (heavy metal)
VIRTUAL SYMMETRY: Virtual Symmetry (progressive metal)
WHIRLWIND: 1714 (heavy metal)
VARNAGEL: I Vargars Land (trallpunk)
LAZY QUEEN: Option To Nothing (punk rock)
KATAPULT: Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes (melody-driven thrash/death metal)
FAKE NAMES: Delete Myself (punk rock/power pop)
ELDER: Innate Passage (atmospheric prog/psych rock)
Bernie Tormé: Final Fling (bluesy hard rock)
DISTRÜSTER: Sic Semper Tyrannis (crust punk/death metal)
RISINGFALL: Rise Or Fall (heavy metal)
RING OF FIRE: Gravity (progressive rock/heavy/power metal)
MANTRIC MOMENTUM: Trial By Fire (melodic heavy/power metal)
ENUFF Z'NUFF: Finer Than Sin (The BEATLES rock)
ABOUT US: About Us (melodic rock/hard rock)
SEVERED ANGEL: Mt. Cyanide (heavy and dark melodic metal)
The LINDA LINDAS: Groovy Xmas (catchy pop punk)
DEATH VALLEY GIRLS: What Are The Odds (catchy and melodic garage rock)
Vinnie Moore: Double Exposure (guitar-driven hard rock)
FINNEGAN'S HELL: One Finger Salute (celtic punk rock)
BLUE RUIN: Hooligans Happy Hour (catchy melodic punk rock)
BLACK PAISLEY: Human Nature (classic rock/melodic rock)
BAD SISTER: Where Will You Go (melodic hard rock)
Lee Aaron: Elevate (powerful rock)
PALACE OF THE KING: I'm Sorry Blues (hard rock)
ANOXIA: Take Down The Mountains (heavy metal)
VIOLET: Illusions (synth rock/aor)
THY LISTLESS HEART: Pilgrims On The Path Of No Return (atmospheric doom metal)
BLACK PAISLEY: Promises (classic rock/melodic rock)
ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS: Disobedience (hardcore)
OMNI OF HALOS: Omni Of Halos (alternative indie rock)
MOLOSSER CRUDE: Pushing My Way (Live in the Studio) (raw, dirty and heavy)
KiaRa: Archangel (symphonic metal)
HER ANXIETY: No Land In Sight (contemporary metal)
GRIMNER: Urfader (viking/folk metal)
WHEEL: Rumination (progressive metal)
The OFFERING: Seeing The Elephant (interesting modern metal adventure)
PETERSON: Metallophobia (heavy metal)
The NEW BARDOTS: Singles Night (rock n roll)
U.D.O.: The Legacy (German heavy metal veterans)
ROYAL HUNT: Dystopia Part II (symphonic, progressive power metal)
INFALL: Far (intense and chaotic hardcore)
GRIMNER: Ur Vågorna (viking/folk metal)
STREETLORE: Aeglos (rock ballad)
SVARTA SANNINGAR: Pentagrammet (acoustic dark rock)
The PRETTY RECKLESS: Other Worlds (acoustic modern rock)
MAGNOLIA PARK: Baku's Revenge (modern shit rock)
MUNROE'S THUNDER: The Black Watch (heavy metal)
Merryweather Stark Wackerman: Cosmic Affect (bluesy 70s hard rock)
EMPIRE DROWNS: Nothing (gothic doom/death metal)
DYSGNOSTIC: Scar Echoes (dissonant death metal)
DRAGONFLY: Domine XV (symphonic power metal in Spanish)
DURTY TRIIX: Crackin' Skulls And Crushin' Bones (hard rock)
DIAMOND CHAZER: Starriders (heavy metal)
Devin Townsend: Lightwork (the softer side of Devin)
CRIME: Master Of Illusion (hard rock)
ARALLU: Death Covenant (black metal)
WHITE LUNG: If You're Gone (punk rock)
LŸNX: Shake It Up! (hard rock)
KRELL: The Mantis (hard rock)
HOOTENANNY FREAKS: Lose It All/Falling Waters (hard rock)
INCURSION: Blinding Force (heavy metal)
DOGFLESH: March Of The Damned (crossover thrash/punk)
TUBEFREEKS: Unhinged (alternative hard rock/metal)
APOSTASY: Death Return (reissue) (thrash metal)
HATE PROPAGANDA: World War 666 (reissue) (extreme noise terror)
RIGOROUS INSTITUTION: Chainmarsh (reissue) (dark and heavy punk/metal/crust)
STRYPER: The Final Battle (heavy metal/hard rock)
GRAND: Grand (aor)
FUCKED UP: One Day (melodic/alternative hardcore)
Chez Kane: Powerzone (big melodic 80s rock)
WHITEABBEY: Volume Two (symphonic metal)
WHITE SKIES: Black Tide (aor/melodic hard rock)
STRANGER VISION: Wasteland (power metal)
LEGIONS OF THE NIGHT: Hell (power metal)
The JOKERS: Rock And Roll Bones (hard rock n roll)
FREEDUMB: Social Hangover (punk rock/hardcore)
BAZOOKA: Somewhere Elsewhere (wild psych rock/psych punk)
AURORA BOREALIS: Prophecy Is The Mold In Which History Is Poured (blackened death metal)

Tolv Tum Punk Vol 1 (4-way split with Swedish punk)
VOIVOD: Ultraman - EP (prog sci-fi metal pioneers)
A-BOMBS: And Just Constantly Rotating (reissue) (action rock)
IRON KINGDOM: The Blood Of Creation (heavy metal)
GRIFT: Vilsna Andars Utmark (acoustic folk "rock")
VEIL OF THE SERPENT: Gallery Of Sin (heavy metal on a higher level)
The SOLAR LODGE: Elden (gothic dark rock in swedish)
STREETLORE: Crossroad (melodic rock/aor)
SEVERED ANGEL: Run And Hyde / Bump In The Night (heavy metal)
WILDNESS: Resurrection (melodic rock)
PERFECT PLAN: Brace For Impact (melodic hard rock)
Orianthi: Rock Candy (heavier rock and pop)
KILLER KINGS: Burn For Love (aor/melodic hard rock)
OFFICER X: Hell Is Coming (heavy metal)
TITAN'S WRATH: Will Of The Beast (heavy metal)
SPOILER NYC: Banned In 38 States (old school punk)
HION MARTELL: Mystery Novel (rock)
BIG SUN: Lovers Die At Midnight (bombastic arena rock)
ALIENS DON'T RING DOORBELLS: Big Old Nowhere (rock/pop)
Bound For Hell: On The Sunset Strip (compilation with L.A. hard rock from the 80s)
EYES OF TOMORROW/PERFECT SKY: Songs Of Faith And Demolition (hardcore)
BRING THE HOAX: Bring The Hoax (indie rock)
ARCHITECTS: The Classic Symptoms Of A Broken Spirit (metalcore/nu-metal)
SLAUGHTER THE GIANT: Depravity (death metal)
SILVER PHANTOM: Crimson Cabaret (theatrical hard rock)
STARCHILD: Battle Of Eternity (power metal)
CRIME: From My Mind (hard rock)
Michael Bormann's JADED HARD: Power To Win (aor/melodic rock)
Chris Rosander: The Monster Inside (melodic rock/aor)
SPELL: Tragic Magic (melodic heavy metal)
SAHG: Born Demon (doom metal)
BLACKLIST: Afterworld (post-punk/dark rock)
VANANIDR: Beneath The Mold (black metal)
JORDFÄST: Av Stoft (black/folk metal)
ÄNTERBILA: Äntergast (black/folk metal)
KRELL: Crushing Your Life (melodic hard rock)
GOLGOTHA: Mors Diligentis (doom metal)
DIGGETH: Zero Hour In Doomtown (metal-n-roll)
CULT OF THE FOX: Blood Omens (heavy metal)
SKID ROW: The Gang's All Here (hard rock)
LASTBREATH: Vendetta (metallic hardcore)
DIE GHOST: Wendigo (horror punk)
STEEL INFERNO: Evil Reign (heavy/speed metal)
SATAN TAKES A HOLIDAY: Feel My Love (electro pop/rock)
ONE AND A HALF DOG: Catch 22 (alternative rock)
GRIMNER: Hämtad Av Valkyrior (powerful viking/folk metal)
TOXIC REASONS: Bullets For You / God Bless America / In The House Of God / Kill By Remote Control / No Peace In Our Time / Within These Walls (reissues) (punk and post-punk)
RAMMSTRUM: My Heart Burns (Rammstein cover in English)
BÖLLVERK: Heading For The Crown (heavy metal)
Second Class Kids Magazine #3 (swedish punk rock magazine)
The END A.D.: It's All In Your Head - Deluxe Version (hardcore/punk/metal)
DEVILSBRIDGE: Sense Of (melodic metal)
DEVENIAL VERDICT: Ash Blind (special death metal)
STREETLORE: Brothers (aor)
SKELETAL EARTH: Eulogy For A Dying Fetus / De.ev'shun (reissues) (death/thrash/crossover)
SEVERED ANGEL: A Fate Worse Than Death (melodic metal)
SCARS: Violent Tour 2022 - Live In Sao Paulo (thrash metal)
MY FUNERAL: Funeral Manifesto (thrash metal)
BLACK WIDOWS: Among The Brave Ones (varied metal)
BLACK PAISLEY: Mojo (catchy rock)
The SPEEDWAYS: Shoulda Known (power pop)
MAGICAL HEART: Heartsonic (melodic hard rock)
SARCATOR: Alkahest (black/death/thrash metal)
SATIN: Appetition (aor)
NO RETURN: Requiem (death/thrash metal)
HYDRA VEIN: Unlamented (thrash metal)
UGLY KID JOE: Rad Wings Of Destiny (rock/hard rock)
Seraina Telli: Simple Talk (some kind of modern rock)
BLAKK LEDD: Heavy Metal Fans (heavy metal)
AVATARIUM: Death, Where Is Your Sting (doom rock/metal)
GOTHMINISTER: Pandemonium (gothic metal)
IRON ALLIES: Blood In Blood Out (heavy metal)
ORDEN OGAN: Final Days: Orden Ogan And Friends (melodic power metal)
VIOLET: The Looks Of A Winner (synth rock/aor)
TURBOCHARGED: Alpha Beast, Omega God (thrash/death metal/crust punk)
SWEET TEETH: High Anxiety (melodic and energetic rock)
SOPHIE'S THREAT: Suicidal God (brutal death/thrash metal)
LACUNA COIL: Comalies XX (modern melodic metal)
FULLMÅNE: Fly Through The City (melodic black metal/punk)
DRAGONLAND: The Power Of The Nightstar (melodic power metal)
DIGGETH: Soultwister (heavy groove metal)
ATLAS: Blå Vardag (reissue) (soft instrumental prog rock from the 70s)
AFTER ALL: Eos (melodic speed/power metal)
CHERRY ST.: Squeeze It Dry (reissue) (sleazy hard rock)
WORN OUT: Bridgeburner (hardcore)
A Tribute To BATHORY (Bathory covers)
KNORKATOR: Sieg Der Vernunft (alternative and bizarre metal/rock)
TRP: Thaen Rasmussen Project (melodic hard rock)
HUNGRY: Hungry For Your Love (hard rock)
HEMESATH: So Schön (german hard rock)
PEARLS & FLAMES: Reliance (aor/westcoast rock)
C.O.P. II: Enemy (melodic hard rock)
ALICATE: Butterfly (melodic hard rock)
TROUBLE: The Distortion Field (reissue) (doom/heavy metal)
GRIN: Phantom Knocks (heavy psych/doom)
FROM THE VASTLAND: Taurvi (black metal)
BOREALIS: Illusions (symphonic melodic metal)
BLIND ILLUSION: Wrath Of The Gods (thrash metal)
STRATOVARIUS: Survive (power metal)
STATEMENT: Dreams From The Darkest Side (modern heavy metal/melodic hard rock)
CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD: Neon Sunrise (aor)
QUEENSRŸCHE: Digital Noise Alliance (heavy metal)
FUCKED UP: Oberon (sludge)
DIABOLOGY: Father Of Serpents (thrash metal)
DE PROFUNDIS: The Corruption Of Virtue (death metal)
YEAH YEAH YEAHS: Cool It Down (alternative/atmospheric pop/rock)
SEVENTH SERVANT: The Tree Of Life (heavy/power metal)
LOVE AND WAR: Edge Of The World/Up The Annie (reissue) (hard rock/heavy metal)
INCURSION: Running Out (heavy metal)
AMERICAN SELLOUT: Earthbound (heavy metal)

DECOY: Without Warning (melodic hard rock)
STARGAZER: Live My Dream (melodic heavy metal)
STARCHILD: We've Been Through The Fire (power metal)
SKID ROW: Time Bomb (Radio Edit) (hard rock)
HOUSE OF LORDS: Saints And Sinners (hard rock)
GINEVRA: We Belong To The Stars (melodic hard rock)
FANS OF THE DARK: Suburbia (melodic hard rock)
The ERINYES: The Erinyes (symphonic metal)
SATIN: Angels Come, Angels Go (aor)
RATBREED: Master Of Deception (heavy metal)
LYCANTHRO: Port Royal (Running Wild cover)
GRADE 2: Doing Time (punk)
THRICE: Open Your Eyes And Dream (modern rock?)
Monuments To Arson: A Tribute To HIS HERO IS GONE (neo-crust)
HAMMERSTAR: Hammerstar (heavy metal)
INFIDEL RISING: A Complex Divinity (prog/power metal)
SEAX: Speed Inferno (speed metal)
UNCHAINED HORIZON: Fallen Kingdom (heavy metal)
ULTIMA GRACE: Ultima Grace (japanese power metal with swedish singer)
TABOO: Taboo (modern pop/rock)
LUNARIAN: Burn The Beauty (symphonic metal)
Allen Olzon: Army Of Dreamers (melodic metal)
WHITE LUNG: Date Night/Tomorrow (catchy and melodic punk rock)
MEDUSA TOUCH: Asylum (hard rock/heavy metal)
ZANJEER: Parcham Buland Ast (crust punk in urdu, punjabi and farsi)
UMBILICUS: Path Of 1000 Suns (60s/70s heavy rock)
TubeFreeks: Preacher Dog (heavy hard rock/groove metal)
MOSEZ: Ghosttown (alternative metal)
BLITZPØP: MDMA (alternative rock/grunge/garage rock)
DEAD CITY RUINS: Shockwave (70s inspired guitar rock)
WIZZERD: SPACE? Issue No. 001 (heavy/psych/stoner/doom rock)
LIVING WRECKAGE: Living Wreckage (american metal)
LASTWORLD: Escape The Eclipse (aor/melodic rock)
DEADLY VIPERS: Low City Drone (stoner rock)
HEXED: Pagans Rising (dark symphonic/progressive metal)
BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO: Orlando: Le Forme dell'Amore (soft prog rock in italian)
Virgil & Steve Howe: Lunar Mist (instrumental and soft)
DRENALIZE: Edge Of Tomorrow (80s hard rock)
DEMORPHED: Denial Of Death (death metal)
TERRAPHOBIA: Rise (thrash/death metal)
MERIDIAN: The 4th Dimension (melodic hard rock)
SCHELETRO: Un Feto Schiacciato Senza Tre Falangi (hardcore/punk with a pinch of metal)
LIVE BURIAL: Curse Of The Forlorn (death metal)
LAZY QUEEN: 243 New, Moon (indie rock)
VANTE: Vante (alternative hard rock/metal)
STELLAN WAHLSTRÖM DRIFT BAND: As Real As In A Dream (soft and laidback)
NORDIC HARD ROCK FOR PEACE: Hellbound Train (hard rock)
PARKWAY DRIVE: Darker Still (nu metal/metalcore/melodic metal)
TYRANT: Pray For The Night (heavy/thrash metal)
ELDPROV: Rift (melodic death metal)
AMORIELLO: Phantom Sounds (neo-classical heavy metal)
PURPENDICULAR: Human Mechanic (heavy rock for fans of deep purple)
VLAD IN TEARS: Porpora (pop/rock/metal)
VOGELFREY: Titanium (folk metal?)
ENTOMBED: Morning Star (re-issue) (hard metal and thrash/death)
STRÖM: Ström (ac/dc rock in swedish)
HEXED: Stigma Diaboli (Radio Edit) (symphonic/progressive metal)
LIAR THIEF BANDIT: Diamonds (scandinavian rock)
VAULT: The Perfect Truth (progressive rock)
UNDER THE OAK: Rattus Norvegious (thrash metal)
RETADOR: Retador (thrash metal in spanish)
REOG: First Things First (reissue) (american hard rock/heavy metal)
RENEGADE ANGEL: Dawn Of Justice (melodic heavy/power metal)
INFERNAL TYRANT: Fallen From Grace (thrash metal)
STRANGER VISION: Desolate Sea (power metal)
SOPHIE'S THREAT: Infernal Manipulation (melodic death/thrash metal)
SEKUNDERNA: Här Har Du Ditt Liv (power pop/punk rock)
ARCHITECTS: deep fake (modern nu metal?)
QUICKSAND: Giving The Past Away (soft and melodic indie rock?)
RAKEL TRAXX: 19 Nights To Nowhere (sleaze rock)
ROOTS OF THE OLD OAK: Blot (old school death/doom metal)
KING'S X: Three Sides Of One (wayward hard rock)
TERRA ATLANTICA: Beyond The Borders (ambitious power metal adventure)
MENTALIST: Empires Falling (melodic power metal)
HARTMANN: Get Over It (aor/melodic rock/hard rock)
Marco Mendoza: New Direction (catchy hard rock)
IRON SAVIOR: Reforged - Ironbound (Vol. 2) (power metal)
EDENBRIDGE: Shangri-La (symphonic metal)
Steve Hackett: Genesis Revisited Live Seconds Out & More (soft progressive rock)
LITTLE VILLAINS: Battle Of Britain (weak hard rock)
Jack13's PANZERCROW: Murder Ballads (melodic horror punk)
DISPRAISED: Lines In The Dirt (hardcore/punk)
CROSSON: Ready, Aim ... Rock!! (theatrical glam rock/hard rock)
THERION: Deggial / Lemuria / Secrets Of The Runes / Sirius B / Theli / Vovin (re-issues) (very ambitious symphonic metal)
INVADERS: Beware Of The Night (melodic heavy metal)
STARCHILD: Tame (heavy metal)
SVINTASK: Störande Av Den Allmänna Ordningen (swedish punk)
KING BUFFALO: Regenerator (heavy psych)
HEADS FOR THE DEAD: The Great Conjuration (death metal)
WAYWARD DAWN: All-Consuming Void (death metal)
Mike Tramp: For Første Gang (soft rock in danish)
ENSANGUINATE: Eldritch Anatomy (death metal)
WINGS OF DESTINY: Never Surrender (melodic power/symphonic metal)
WHITE SKIES: What Do You Know About Love (uptempo aor)
MANTIC RITUAL: Heart Set Stone (speed/thrash metal)
The JOKERS: Water On Fire (alternative rock)
AVSKRÄDE: Det Stora Tunga Sjuka (black metal)
The DECAYED: Corrupt Politicians Will Never Set You Free (hardcore/punk)
VANDEN PLAS: Live And Immortal (progressive metal)
SUNSTORM: Brothers In Arms (melodic rock/aor)
RESTLESS SPIRITS: Second To None (melodic rock/aor)
NORDIC UNION: Animalistic (melodic hard rock)
HYDRA: Point Break (melodic rock/aor)
GENERATION RADIO: Generation Radio (soft rock/aor)
TROUBLE: Live In Stockholm (doom metal legends)
PARKWAY DRIVE: Darker Still (dark metal ballad)
ANUBIS: EP Collection (thrash/power/heavy metal)
Sveriges Jävla Hjärta (swedish punk compilation)
I'LL BE DAMNED: Fuck You Money (heavy, groovy and melodic metal)
EMPIRE DROWNS: Purity (dark doom/death metal/gothic rock)
HELL DIABLO: Push Comes To Shove (dirty garage rock/raw rock n roll)
The END A.D.: Bloodsucker (deep purple cover in punk uniform)
SiX BY SiX: Six By Six (progressive rock)
LONELY ROBOT: A Model Life (soft and melodic progressive rock)
MAX HAVOC: Bound For Hell (80s glam metal)
MASTER: On The Seventh Day God Created... Master (re-issue) (90s thrash/death metal)
CONSUMPTION: Necrotic Lust (grinding death metal in the old school)
LUGNET: Tales From The Great Beyond (70s inspired hard rock)
LOVE IN CHAINS: Everyday Heroes (melodic hard rock)
BAD BARON: Ace Of Hearts (melodic hard rock)
ALIGN THE TIDE: Hollow (modern death metal)
RAT BOOGIE: Gone Gone Gone (rock with a pinch of ska)
YEAH YEAH YEAHS: Burning (melancholy/alternative pop/rock)
CROSSON: Fallen From Grace (glam rock)
BLIND SALVATION: Eyes Of Nebulas (death metal)
SPLINTERED THRONE: The Greater Good Of Man (mainly heavy metal)
SPIRIT ADRIFT: 20 Centuries Gone (heavy metal)
ORTHODOX: Learning To Dissolve (hardcore/metal)
DYNAZTY: Final Advent (melodic metal)
MANIFEST: The Sinking (crossover/post metal/hardcore)
LUSTRE: A Thirst For Summer Rain (darkwave/dungeon zynth)
TOMB OF FINLAND: Across The Barren Fields (melodic doom/death metal)
ERUPTION: Tellurian Rupture (powerful thrash metal)
LUCIFER'S FALL/ELDRITCH RITES: Graveyard Rites (doom/heavy metal)
KALAH: Descent Into Human Weakness (modern electric/melodic metal)
SACRIFIX: Raped Democracy (thrash metal)
Avi Rosenfeld/Stefano Stex Sbrignadello/Erik Cruz: After The Battle (classic hard rock/heavy metal)
ARMAGELION: Playing With Fire (melodic hard rock)
THUNDERMOTHER: Black And Gold (hard rock)
MOTORPSYCHO: Ancient Astronauts (prog/psych rock?)
Liv Kristine: Enter My Religion (reissue) (a wild mix of folk rock, goth rock, pop, rock etc.)
ALIENS DON'T RING DOORBELLS: Hello 2 You (catchy pop/rock)
The OCCULT: The Occult (some kind of horror punk rock)
MORBID EVILS: Supernaturals (death/doom/sludge metal)
FAITH/STORMBRINGER: Black Demo 1985 (re-issue) (heavy hard rock/doom metal)
ARCH ENEMY: Deceivers (melodic extreme metal)
H.E.A.T: Force Majure (hard rock)
The INTERRUPTERS: In The Wild (punk rock/ska/rock)
TROUBLE: Simple Mind Condition (re-issue) (doom/sludge/stoner/hard rock)
EREB ALTOR: Nattramn (re-issue) (epic viking/black metal)
DELTA BATS: Here Come The Bats (punk rock/metal)
STRANGER VISION feat. Tom S. Englund: The Deep (melodic power metal)
INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT: Unconditioned (melodic hard rock)
OXIDIZE: Stand Up For The Masses (melodic metal)
Tim Bowness: Butterfly Mind (art rock, post-punk, ballads etc)
Speaking to stoneS: (In)human Error (progressive rock/metal)
KELDIAN: The Bloodwater Rebellion (symphonic/progressive rock)
WINTER: Looking Back (hard rock, dark rock and some aor)
The TASHMINTS: The Tashmints (catchy garage rock)
FUZZSTAINZ: Get Stained (garage punk rock)
STEEL INFERNO: Siren Of The Air (speed metal)
PPL: Greatest Hits (swedish melodic punk rock)
DÅLIG ISOLERING: Dålig Jävla Isolering (raw teenage punk)
The LINDA LINDAS: Tonite (catchy and melodic punk rock)
Ryo Okumoto: The Myth Of The Mostrophus (progressive rock adventure)
MIRAGE: The Sequel (melodic heavy metal/hard rock)
GRAVE BATHERS: Rock 'N' Roll Fetish (psychedelic doom rock adventure)
Alan Parsons: From The New World (soft rock)
ORIANTHI: Live From Hollywood (melodic hard rock)
PALACE: One 4 The Road (aor/melodic rock)
SICK N' BEAUTIFUL: Starstruck (pop/rock/metal)
GATHERING OF KINGS: Long Kiss Goodnight (melodic hard rock)
KRISIUN: Mortem Solis (death metal)
MASTER: The Human Machine / The New Elite (Re-issues) (death metal veterans)
The LOUSY: Shut Up I'm Talking!!!! (raw punk/metal)
VIOLET: Sophie (aor)
UMBILICUS: Hello Future / I, Human (70s rock)
NO RETURN: The Only One (melodic death/thrash metal)
SUNLESS SKY: Prelude For Madness (true heavy metal)
VENUS: Project Lamda (melo/prog horror/sci-fi thrash/power metal)
WE ARE LEGEND: Fallen Angel (progressive power metal)
WARWOLF: Necropolis (classic heavy metal)
STARCHILD: Silver Rain (melodic power metal)
The JOKERS: Slapback (vital rock n roll)
JOURNEY: Freedom (melodic rock legends)
CROSSING RUBICON: Perfect Storm (melodic rock)
CLEANBREAK: Coming Home (melodic american heavy metal supergroup)
ARDOURS: Anatomy Of A Moment (melodic and soft rock)
GATHERING OF KINGS: Enigmatic (melodic hard rock)
C.T.P.: Now & Then "Encore" (melodic rock/aor)
SCAR FOR LIFE: Sociophobia (melodic hard rock)
CIRKUS PRÜTZ: Blues Revolution (blues rock)
TORCH: Live Fire (heavy metal)
SATOR: Return Of The Barbie-Q-Killers (punk rock covers)
FATSO JETSON: Live At The Maximum Festival (re-issue) (boring desert rock)
SHE BITES: Super Hero (melodic rock)
HIGHWAY SENTINELS: The Waiting Fire (hard rock)
FATAL VISION: Once (aor/melodic rock)
DREAMTIDE: Drama Dust Dream (classic melodic rock)
RESISTANCE: Skulls Of My Enemy (american heavy metal)
EXCALIBUR: Volando Hacia el Infierno (hard rock)
BOOBY TRAP: The Hellzheimers (wild mixture of covers - rock, hard rock, metal, punk)
BANG BANG FIRECRACKER: Hear Evil (energetic heavy rock)
ARMAGELION: Lie To Me / Welcome To The Show (melodic hard rock)
WITCHERY: Nightside (blackened thrash metal)
OCEANS OF SLUMBER: Starlight And Ash (goth/pop singer/sonwriter)
Mikael Åkerfeldt: Clark (Soundtrack From The Netflix Series) (soundtrack, all kinds of stuff)
IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT: Spirit Of Ecstasy (avantgarde metal)
FREEDUMB: Feverish (alternative punk rock)
The HIRVI: Violence Stays In Fashion (special thrash metal)
PARKWAY DRIVE: The Greatest Fear (metal)
SOURCE OF RAGE: Witness The Mess (melodic groove metal)
BALLS GONE WILD: Stay Wild (action rock)
STRANGER VISION: The Thunder (melodic power metal)
LUCID GRAVE: Cosmic Mountain (tired heavy psych/stoner/doom)
Ian Blurton's FUTURE NOW: Second Skin (70s heavy rock)
BIRTH: Born (old prog/psych rock)
BATTERING RAM: Second To None (heavy hard rock with attitude)
...AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD: XI: Bleed Here Now (alternative, experimental rock?)
Mike Tramp and The ROCK 'N' ROLL CIRCUZ: Stand Your Ground (reissue) (soft sunday rock)
QUIET CONFUSION: Magella (stoner/heavy/psych rock)
SORCERY: Stunt Rock Soundtrack (reissue) (occult hard rock/proto-metal)
TYRANT: Poison The Well (heavy metal)
SWIM OR DROWN: Torment (metallic hardcore)
HELD HOSTAGE: Great American Rock (american hard rock)
SOLEMN CEREMONY: Demise (doom metal)
PRESSURE: In A Dark Heart We Trust (different kinds of hard rock and heavy metal)
IVANDER: Inferno 1978 (classic heavy metal)
HÄRDROCKER: Rider Of The Night (old school speed metal)
MENTALIST: Stairs Of Ragusa (melodic power metal)
TRAITOR: Last Hope For The Wretched (old school heavy/speed metal)
THEODICY: Torture Of Industry (death metal)
ENTOMBED: DCLXVI - To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth (Remastered 2022) (death n roll? metal anyway)
DEEP SPACE MASK: In Tenebris (heavy/doom metal)
HAIL MARY: Disturbing The Peace (heavy and raw 90s metal)
GUILLOTINE A.D.: Born To Fall (heavy death metal)
Izzy Von Scarecrow: Reaper (hard and heavy alternative rock with attitude)
ANTILLES: Entheos (brutal death metal)
AMERICAN TERROR: Where We Are (melodic hardcore/metal)
REGNANT: Transvisceral (reissue) (death metal with many influences)
PUTRICID: Suppuration (reissue) (death metal)
RAT BOOGIE: Bad Gravity (rock)
MegaSnake: Charming (hard rock)
NOICE: Natten Tillhör Oss (pop)
ABE AND HIS BABE: Aligned (some kind of alternative rock)
VYPERA: Eat Your Heart Out (swedish hard rock)
ICONIC: Second Skin (hard rock supergroup)
CHAOS MAGIC: Emerge (symphonic/modern metal)
SACRAL NIGHT: Le Diadème D'argent (dark heavy metal in french)
FLAMES: Resurgence (old school thrash metal)
NOICE: Först. Sist. För alltid. (punk/rock/pop)
SWEET FREEDOM: According To Jörgen Schelander (classic rock/hard rock)
Derek Sherinian: Vortex (instrumental prog rock/jazz/funk fusion)
VOMIT FORTH: Seething Malevolence (death/grind)
TRAGOS: Radix Mendosus (death metal)
TEAR THEM DOWN: Dystopian Beats (punk rock/melodic hardcore)
The BOPPERS: White Lightning (swedish doo wop/rock n roll veterans)
BOB MALMSTRÖM: Det Är Över Nu (punk cover of swedish pop hit)
SENSE OF JUSTICE: Young At Heart (hardcore)
REZET: New World Murder (thrash metal)
RAGE UNFOLD: Chains (heavy metal)
BLITZKRIEG: I Am His Voice (heavy metal veterans)
WARWOLF: Clan Of The Undead (mid-80s iron maiden)
EYE OF THE DESTROYER: What Goes Around Comes Around (new york hardcore)
REBEL PRIEST: Lesson In Love (raw and energetic hard rock n roll with punk attitude)
PHILOSOPHOBIA: Philosophobia (progressive heavy metal)
LA SOMBRA DEL TEJO: Unto de Muerto (90s black metal in spanish)
MYSTERY DUDES: Exit Through The Wormhole (stoner rock/heavy psych)
MINE COLLAPSE: Delusions (not just hardcore/metal, but it's heavy)
LOS PEPES: The Happiness Program (punk rock/pop punk/power pop)
CROSSON: United (theatrical/melodic glam/hard rock)
BREFORTH: Metal In My Heart (heavy metal)
Mambo Kurt: Sommerhits (funny summer covers, but not rock n roll)
BLOODY HEELS: Rotten Romance (hard rock/heavy metal)
GRÄCE: Hope (melodic electro pop/rock)
JORN: Over The Horizon Radar (melodic hard rock/heavy metal)
SEVENTH WONDER: The Testament (melodic hard rock)
VENUS 5: Venus 5 (melodic metal)
KISS THE VYPER: Hope You Like It (melodic hard rock with street attitude)
ILLUCIA: A New Reign (heavy metal)
SPLIT IMAGE: Torrent Of Illusion (hardcore/thrash crossover)
SKULLDRIVER: See No Evil... Hear No Evil... Scream (thrash/groove metal)
FALLEN SANCTUARY: Terranova (melodic power metal)
DUCKWALK CHUCK: Fired Up (dirty, energetic hard rock n roll)
PAGANIZER: Beyond The Macabre (old school death metal)
MENTALIST: Generation's Legacy (melodic power metal)
BLACK ROSE UK: WTF (90s heavy metal)
CAELI: Tied Together (heavy metal)
CITIZEN RAGE: For Worse Or Better (hardcore/punk)
Charlie Griffiths: Tiktaalika (progressive metal)
AOR: Journey To L.A. (reissue) (melodic rock/aor)
LAZARUS DREAM: Lifeline (melodic rock/hard rock)
HIT THE GROUND RUNNIN': Lost In Translation (hard rock, aor, pop/rock)
DRIVE AT NIGHT: Echoes Of An Era (melodic hard rock)
BAD BARON: Can You Love Someone (for just one night) (melodic rock)
IVY GOLD: Live At The Jovel (blues rock)
ROADKILLER: Pick Of The Litter (hard rock/heavy metal with punk attitude)
RANCOR: Bury The World (thrash metal)
PARKWAY DRIVE: Glitch (heavy emo metal)
ALIEN ANOMALY: OK Boomer (pop punk)
STRATOVARIUS: Survive (melodic power metal)
Little Bihlman: The Legend Of Hipster Billings (americana/blues rock)
DERAPS: Deraps (hard rock n roll with a party vibe)
BRONKKO: Bättre Tider (pop/rock in swedish)
SOULFLY: The Soul Remains Insane - The Studio Albums 1998 To 2004 (alternative world groove metal?)
WICKED STONE: Synergy (hard rock)
NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE: The New Hell (heavy/thrash metal/hardcore/punk)
FORMULA 400: Heathens (stoner rock)
ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN: Valley Giant (stoner rock)
CYANIDE 4: Amalgama (hard rock/glam metal)
FURNACE: Stellarum (melodic death metal)
The TANGENT: Songs From The Hard Shoulder (progressive rock)
WOMACK: III - Songs Of Downfall & Deliverance (heavy/stoner rock)
REMAINS OF DESTRUCTION: New Dawn (power metal)
SABOTØR: Skyggekæmper (fuzz/heavy rock in danish)
YEAH YEAH YEAHS: Spitting Off The Edge Of The World (feat. Perfume Genius) (dreamy pop/rock)
FALLING IN REVERSE: Voices In My Head (21st century pop/rock)
DRAUGURINN: Minningar ũr Undirheimum (dark ambient/ritualistic drone/soundscapes)
PUNKTERING: 100% Kränkt (trallpunk)
DAWN OF DEMISE: Hate Takes Its Form (reissue) (heavy death metal)
Marco Mendoza: Shoot For The Stars (softer hard rock)
MERIDIAN: Dreamers (melodic hard rock)
DEFIATORY: Apokalyps (thrash metal)
CHARLOTTE: Charlotte (hard rock)
ASTRONOID: Radiant Bloom (loud melodic indie rock or shoegaze)
AMULETT: Glassbreaker (heavy metal)
RIBSPREADER: Crypt World (death metal)
URDR: Punished For Living (metallic hardcore/punk)
WAYWARD DAWN: Cage Of Resentment (death metal)
KISS THE VYPER: Palace Of Pleasure (melodic hard rock with street attitude)
SEKUNDERNA: En Andra Chans (power pop/punk rock)
CAT AND THE UNDERDOGS: Punk Rock Overdrive (punk rock party)
KKPA: Pestens Tid (trallpunk)
KARDINAL SYND: Ett Jävla Liv / SLUTSTATION TJERNOBYL: Bombers Tröst (trallpunk split)
JONES STREET: Out Of The Gutter (re-issue) (80s hard rock from LA)
Pat Todd & The RANKOUTSIDERS: Blues, Soul & Rock 'N' Roll (ass kicking blues rock n roll)
The MOP TOPS: Running Out Of Time (old school pop/rock)
CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD: Flamenco (aor/melodic hard rock)
ZERO HOUR: Agenda 21 (progressive metal)
SKILLS: Different Worlds (80s hard rock)
GRAHAM BONNET BAND: Day Out In Nowhere (melodic hard rock)
The BIG DEAL: First Bite (melodic hard rock)
ETHEREAL REALM: Enter the Realm (power metal)
BORGERLIG BEGRAVNING: Gör Vad Du Vill (swedish teenage punk)
HAGATHORN: Björndansen (soft instrumental folk music)
SARAYASIGN: Throne Of Gold (melodic hard rock)
James LaBrie: Beautiful Shade Of Grey (soft rock)
ENSANGUINATE: Lowermost Baptisms (death metal)
PETH: Merchant Of Death (heavy rock)
PENTARIUM: Abgott (modern melodic groove death metal)
DONNA CANNONE: Donna Cannone (catchy rock with attitude)
EMISSARY: The Wretched Masquerade (u.s. power metal)
HEAD FIRST: Head First (funk metal/rock)
SMOKE: The Mighty Delta Of Time (psychedelic swamp rock)
TIMECHILD: Son And Daughter (queen cover, hard rock)
SPHERIC UNIVERSE EXPERIENCE: Back Home (progressive metal)
LUCER: The New World (modern rock/pop)
EVIL: Book Of Evil (heavy metal)
ERUPTION: Aegon's Wrath (thrash/heavy metal)
BRUTALITY: Sempiternity (american death metal)
RUNNING WILD: Ready For Boarding (Expanded Edition) (reissue) (heavy metal)
RUNNING WILD: The First Years Of Piracy (reissue) (heavy metal)
NATTEHIMMEL: The Night Sky Beckons (atmospheric/melodic black/pagan metal)
MOTHER MERSY: From Above (70s hard rocking)
HAVE NO HEROES: Letters To Nowhere (skate punk)
SHAMELESS: So Good, You Should... (glam rock/melodic hard rock)
NOVA LUNA: Nova Vita (melodic progressive metal)
MENTALIST: Noah's Ark (power metal)
DAYS OF WINE: Days Of Wine (classic rock)
Bobby Stoker: Everglow (grown up rock)
SKAVEN: Flowers Of Flesh And Blood (crust/stenchcore)
VENENO: Camino de Espinas (hardcore/punk)
OBSOLETION: Obsoletion (hardcore/punk)
APOSTASY: The Unknown Path (reissue) (south american speed/thrash metal)
STARCHASER: Starchaser (melodic heavy metal)
Jeff Scott Soto: Complicated (melodic hard rock)
Jani Liimatainen: My Father's Son (melodic heavy metal)
BLACK EYE: Black Eye (melodic hard rock/heavy metal)
RATOS DE PORÃO: Necropolitica (hardcore/punk/thrash metal)
OMNI OF HALOS: Care Free (alternative rock)
The OhNos: Waving From Hades (power pop)
EASY SHAPES: Fistfight (some kind of alternative rock)
The SAME RIVER: Weight Of The World (stoner/doom/psych rock)
RELIQUIAE: gestrichen (medieval music in german)
WARWOLF: When The Hangman Cries (80s heavy metal)
Zinny Zan: Lullabies For The Masses (hard and/or rock)
SQUARED: Strange Affairs (80s aor/melodic rock)
LUGNET: Still A Sinner (classic 70s hard rock)
BRANDY AND THE BUTCHER: Lucky Foot (hard/punk/garage rock)
BlackBeer: Take The Freedom (old school hard rock/classic rock)
ANVIL: Impact Is Imminent (heavy metal veterans)
Anniken: Climb Out Of Hell (varied heavy metal)
POST-MORTEM: The Monumental Pandemonium (death metal)
GALLADORN: The Cauldron Born (power metal)
Avi Rosenfeld: Very Heepy Very Purple XIII (classic hard rock/heavy metal)
DIMWIND / BREATHS (post-metal/blackgaze)
Ursäkta Röran Vol 4: Var God Röj! (swedish punk compilation)
Vollmer: Get Yer Hands Dirty (helix frontman goes solo, mainly bluesy rock covers)
The STRANGE SEEDS: Plant (heavy/psych rock)
COBRA SPELL: Anthems Of The Night (heavy metal)
CARBON BLACK: We Remain (groove metal)
NATJAGER: At Kende Bølge Fra Hav (like a danish nighclub, total crap)
KADAVERMARCH: Into Oblivion (stoner rock/heavy metal)
JUNKYARD DRIVE: Electric Love (energetic hard rock n roll)
The DARK OVERLORDS: Darkpocalypse (black metal)
MISERY INDEX: Complete Control (death metal)
PURE REASON REVOLUTION: Above Cirrus (prog rock/metal)
OU: one (odd chinese prog metal/rock adventure)
ARMAGIDEON TIME: Crime As Theatre (neo-hardcore?)
VIRGIN IDOL: Virgin Idol (heavy metal with thrash elements)
TENEBRO: L'inizio di un Incubo (heavy death metal)
WACHENFELDT: Faustian Reawakening (blackened death metal)
MOTHER OF MILLIONS: Orbit (soft prog rock)
DE ARMA: Nightcall (goth rock/darkwave)
TREAT: The Endgame (melodic hard rock)
INGLORIOUS: MMXXI Live At The Phoenix (melodic hard rock)
FORTUNE: Level Ground (excellent melodic rock)
FIRST SIGNAL: Closer To The Edge (aor/melodic rock)
BLACK SWAN: Generation Mind (hard rock)
SLEAFORD MODS feat. Amy Taylor: Nudge It - Live From Nottz Arena (original british rock)
LIV SIN: The Process (some kind of heavy metal)
UFOMAMMUT: Fenice (boring psych/doom)
STÖNER: totally... (desert/psych rock)
SEVERE: Brainstorm (90s hard rock/metal)
CHERRY ST.: Cherry St. (reissue) (sleaze rock/hair metal)
THROWE: Forfald (blackened hardcore)
SPACE VACATION: White Hot Reflection (heavy metal)
RECKLESS: T.M.T.T.80 (hair metal/hard rock)
KAIPA: Urskog (prog rock veterans)
BLACK PAISLEY: Don't Call Me A Liar (hard rock)
KISS THE VYPER: Hope You Like It (melodic hard rock/aor)
VARNAGEL: Ensamvargtimmen (trallpunk)
TYSONDOG: Midnight (heavy metal)
VULCANO: Stone Orange (thrash/speed/black metal)
THORIUM: Danmark (death metal)
INTROTYL: Adfectus (death metal)
MOTÖRHEAD Tribute (like the title says)
Forever Reigning - A Tribute To Slayer (like the title says)
SILVER DUST: Lullabies (prog/melo metal with electronic twist)
RF FORCE: RF Force (heavy metal)
GUNASH: All You Can Hit (alternative rock/post-grunge)
CELL 9: Second Coming (dark rock)
The DARTS: The Darts (garage rock)
WE ARE LEGEND: Only God Forgives (catchy prog metal)
HEAD OF CLAY: Until Tomorrow (melodic blues rock)
GET SOME: And Then You Die (metallic hardcore)
The SKULL GURU: Sofar Nofar (70s psych/stoner rock)
SCARLATA: Power Through (like eternal guitar solos)
PERSHAGEN: Hilma (instrumental rock)
DEAF LINGO: Lingonberry (power pop/indie rock)
SATOR: Cleansing Ritual (sludge/doom metal)
IF I DIE TODAY: The Abyss In Silence (heavy post-hardcore/sludge)
BLUES WEISER: Obey The Booze (bluesy stoner rock)
BBF: I Will Be Found (psychedelic heavy rock)
SCAR FOR LIFE: Strike Down (melodic hard rock)
PIRATES OF METAL: Cuts From The Deep (heavy metal)
The NEW BARDOTS: (Just) Another Dance In The City (rock n roll)
The LINDA LINDAS: Growing Up (melodic punk rock)
The INTERRUPTERS: In The Mirror (catchy rock/ska)
FATAL VISION: Time Keeps Slipping Away (melodic soft rock)
SPECKMANN PROJECT: Fiends Of Emptiness (crust punk/death metal)
MÄRVEL: Graces Came With Malice (high energy/classic rock)
CALIBAN: Dystopia (metalcore/nu metal)
SOLITARY: XXV - Live At Bloodstock (thrash metal)
MEIN KOPF IST EIN BRUTALER ORT: Ton Steine Sterben (thrash/metalcore in german)
EREB: Aeon (prog/post-metal)
Brown Acid: The Fourteenth Trip (heavy psych/proto-metal from the 60s/70s)
DESECRESY: Unveil In The Abyss (dark death metal)
MIRAGE: In The Days Of Rama (heavy metal)
Marco Mendoza: Take It To The Limit (hard rock)
ELECTRIC BOYS: Into The Midnight Sun (hard rock)
NWOTHM: New Age Of Steel Vol. 1 (heavy metal compilation)
LOVELL'S BLADE: Deadly Nightshade (hard rock)
MONUMENTS: In Stasi (modern prog metal)
MANO DE MONO: Chameleon Tongue (stoner rock/grunge)
The TROOPS OF DOOM: Antichrist Reborn (death metal)
BAD BONE BEAST: Bone Beast Extravaganza (power rock)
ALUNAH: Strange Machine (doom rock)
VULTUS: Sol Invicto (heavy/thrash/black metal)
H.E.A.T: Back To The Rhythm (hard rock)
SOULBOUND: Towards The Sun (re-issue) (metal with an industrial/gothic touch)
URFERD: Resan (ambient nordic folk music)
KARDBORREBANDET: Helt Inkompetent (swedish melodic punk)
DeVicious: Black Heart (melodic hard rock)
BIBLE BLACK: The Complete Recordings 1981-1983 (hard rock/heavy metal with members from rainbow, manowar and anthrax)
SHINING BLACK: Postcards From The End Of The World (melodic hard rock/metal)
SHEWOLF: SheWolf (symphonic metal)
Ronnie Atkins: Make It Count (melodic rock)
FM: Thirteen (melodic rock)
Chip Z'Nuff: Perfectly Imperfect (melodic rock with pop melodies)
WASTELAND VIPER: Dead Men Tell No Tales (hard rock n roll party)
ASKARA: Lights Of Night (melodic dark metal mixed with everything)
SKARA: We Slave Our Days (hardcore/punk)
RIOT ACT: Closer To The Flame (classic hard rock)
PRESSURE: Barb Wire Love / Just Undress (hard rock)
MUSTASUO: Hiljaisuus (blackened crust punk)
AIVOLÄVISTYS: Oma Illuusio (finnish hardcore/punk)
MACERATION: A Serenade Of Agony (reissue) (death metal)
Heavy Metal Rock Vol. 1 (danish heavy metal compilation)
HEIDRA: To Hell Or Kingdom Come (folk metal)
AOR: L.A. Suspicion (aor of course)
Henning: Skymningsmusik För Dagdrömmare (casual instrumental jazz/rock)
MORS PRINCIPIUM EST: Liberate The Unborn Inhumanity (melodic death metal)
DECASIA: An Endless Feast For Hyenas (heavy/psych rock)
DECRAPTED: Bloody Rivers Of Death (death metal)
DAYS OF WINE: My Last Kiss (classic rock)
ARKNESS: Tales From The InBetween (prog metal)
PROUSTED: Demo 2021 (raw and dark hardcore/punk noise)
SILVER DUST: There's A Place Where I Can Go (soft melo prog)
CROSS EYED LOVER: Blonde Zombie (hard rock)
WARWOLF: Daywalker (heavy metal)
RUST N' RAGE: One For The Road (melodic hard rock)
RADIOACTIVE: X.X.X. (hard rock)
NEW HORIZON: Gate Of The Gods (melodic heavy/power metal)
HOUSE OF SHAKIRA: Lint XXV (reissue) (melodic hard rock)
FIND ME: Lightning In A Bottle (melodic rock)
EDGE OF FOREVER: The Days Of Future Past - The Remasters (melodic hard rock)
SKID ROW: The Gang's All Here (street metal/hard rock)
SIR REG: Kings Of Sweet Feck All (celtic punk rock)
H.E.A.T: Nationwide (hard rock)
Armin Sabol: Back In Blue (blues rock)
The THREE TREMORS: Guardians Of The Void (heavy metal)
DEATH DEALER: Fuel Injected Suicide Machine (heavy metal)
ARKENSTONE: Ascencion Of The Fallen (heavy metal)
VARATHRON: Walpurgisnacht (re-issue) (greek black metal)
RECIPIENTS OF DEATH: Final Flight & Recipients Of Death (re-issue) (80s thrash metal)
WOLF: Shadowland (heavy metal)
PATTERN-SEEKING ANIMALS: Only Passing Through (melodic progressive rock)
MAN.MACHINE.INDUSTRY: Eschaton I. Reckoning Day (heavy thrashing groove metal)
LAZY QUEEN: A Human Reaction (indie rock/power pop)
THANATEROS: On Fragile Wings (gothic folk rock/metal)
Juncker: Don't Leave It 'til Another Day (soft pop/rock)
DARE: Road To Eden (melodic rock)
MOTHER MERSEY: See Right Through Ya (retro rock)
Michael Romeo: War Of The Worlds, Pt. 2 (hard rock/metal and symphonic pieces)
IGNITE: Ignite (skate punk)
BHLEG: Fäghring (black/folk metal)
WASTELAND VIPER: Too Blind To See (high voltage hard rock n roll)
The MIKE BELL CARTEL: The Cartel & I (60s power pop/melodic garage rock)
TEMPLE OF DEIMOS: Heading To Saint Reaper (stoner rock)
NOISE AHOLIC: Narcissistvärld (crust punk)
NOVA LUNA: Over Machines (melodic progressive metal)
VARATHRON: The Lament of Gods (re-issue) (greek black metal)
HELLWITCH: Omnipotent Convocation (re-issue) (thrash metal)
FLOTSAM AND JETSAM: Iron Tears & Metal Shock (re-issue) (thrash/speed metal)
ÅSKVÄDER: Fenix (energetic rock)
WASTED: The Haunted House (heavy metal)
AS THE WORLD DIES: Agonist (uk death metal)
BillyBio: Leaders And Liars (hardcore)
RECKLESS LOVE: Turborider (melodic hard rock and too much pop)
SIR REG: Kick Out The Scum (celtic punk)
STRAIGHT OPPOSITION: Path Of Seperation (hardcore/punk)
TINSEL AVENUE: 21st & Highland (melodic hard rock)
DARK FUNERAL: We Are The Apokalypse (black metal)
NIGHT DEMON: Year Of The Demon (heavy metal)
SLÆGT: Goddess (experimental black/heavy metal)
ON THE LOOSE: On The Loose (doom metal)
MUDDY MOONSHINE: Are We There Yet? (bluesy southern rock)
GAUNTLET RULE: The Plague Court (heavy metal)
CATACOMB: Back To Unknown Kadath (death metal)
CAPRICORN: For The Restless (rock)
ALTZI: All Eyes On Me (melodic hard rock)
SIGN X: Back To Eden (melodic hard rock)
Steve Dalton: Primitive (melodic hard rock)
HOPPSTYLTA/Rick Titrö: Luffarpunk Vol 1 (pop/rock, singer/songwriter)
PENTARIUM: Thronebreaker (death metal)
ROTTEN MIND: Unflavored (punk rock/post punk)
CHILDREN OF THE SÜN: Roots (retro rock)
SUNRUNNER: Sacred Arts Of Navigation (prog/heavy metal)
PURPLE DAWN: Peace & Doom Session Vol. II (heavy psych/doom)
HELLFROST AND FIRE: Fire, Frost And Hell (death metal)
BUSTER SHUFFLE: Go Steady (british ska)
BERTHOLD CITY: When Words Are Not Enough (hardcore)
NEQUIENT: Darker Than Death Or Night (metallic hardcore)
VANIR: Sagas (melodic viking/death metal)
ODDLAND: Vermilion (progressive metal)
DEAD LORD: Dystopia (hard rock)
D'OR: Veni Vidi Ignis (hard rock/street metal)
FLAMES OF FIRE: Flames Of Fire (heavy metal)
RIZON: Prime Time (melodic hard rock/metal)
POWERGAME: Slaying Gods (heavy metal)
BLACKSLASH: No Steel No Future (heavy metal)
TWIN PIGS: Godspeed, Little Shit-Eater (punk)
The LINDA LINDAS: Talking To Myself (pop punk)
BLAZEMTH: The Return Of Lucifer (black metal)
CHRONOMANCY: Shadows In Atlantis (epic heavy/power metal)
ZADRA: Guiding Star (melodic hard rock)
TEN: Here Be Monsters (melodic hard rock)
SPIRITS OF FIRE: Embrace The Unknown (heavy metal)
MECCA: 20 Years (melodic rock/aor)
MANIC SINNERS: King Of The Badlands (melodic hard rock)
WINGS OF DESTINY: Rise Above Them All (power metal)
The LOYAL CHEATERS: Long Run... All Dead! (hard/glam/punk rock)
INIQUITY: Grime (re-issue) (technical death metal)
The FLOWER KINGS: By Royal Decree (70s prog rock)
LIONVILLE: So Close To Heaven (melodic rock/aor)
GIRISH & The CHRONICLES: Hail To The Heroes (hard rock)
degreed: Are You Ready (melodic hard rock)
CITY OF LIGHTS: Before The Sun Sets (melodic hard rock)
Alan Parsons: One Note Symphony - Live in Tel Aviv (adult melodic/classic rock with symphony orchestra)
GOD DETHRONED: The Christhunt (re-issue) (death metal)
MIDNIGHT BULLET: Hostile Resistance (modern heavy/thrash metal)
SMASH YOUR ENEMIES: Genocide (heavy metallic hardcore)
THUNDER RISING: Back To The Time Of Rock (heavy metal)
TWISTED TOWER DIRE: Crest Of The Martyrs Demos (heavy metal)
VARNAGEL: Som Tiden Ger Rätt (trallpunk)
FLAW: Revival (pop covers/alt heavy rock)
FORNDOM: Och Med Vinden Ack De Gunga (folk ballad)
ABE AND HIS BABE: Breaking Away (alternative rock)
OXIDIZE: Superstition (melodic heavy metal)
Old Kerry McKee: Evil Art Sessions 011 (wild horror blues)
SUCKERPUNCH: Redneck Gasoline (southern boogie rock)
DESERTED FEAR: Doomsday (melodic death metal)
GODLESS TRUTH: Godless Truth (technical death metal)
VIOLENCE: Area Sub Rosa (atmospheric post-rock)
AS I MAY: Karu (modern melodic metal)
ANGELES: Running Like An Outlaw (hard rock)
The DEFACED: Charlatans (metal)
STALKER: Stalker (hard rock/heavy metal)
ScreamKing: Thee Indomitable Spirit (heavy metal)
PROJECT RESURRECT: False Reality (heavy metal)
MACERATION: Live Disfigurements (death metal)
HEARSE: Traipse Across The Empty Graves (funeral doom)
EYES OF THE LIVING: Fear Comes Knocking (thrash metal)
DEAD HEAD: Haatland (re-issue) (thrash metal)
D'Virgilio/Morse/Jennings: Troika (laidback and acoustic)
WASTELAND VALLEY: The Pandemic (hard rock/heavy metal with prog elements)
VULCANOVA: Cosmic Bullshit (stoner rock)
TIMELESS RAGE: Untold (symphonic power metal)
SERIOUS BLACK: Vengeance Is Mine (power metal)
OHRENFEINDT: Krawallgeigensymphonie - Live From St. Pauli (high voltage adrenaline rock in german)
BLACK DIAMONDS: Floor 13 (hard rock)
BRICK BY BRICK: Dismal Existence (hardcore)
Jonas Lindberg & The OTHER SIDE: Miles From Nowhere (progressive rock)
BLOOD INCANTATION: Time Wave Zero (atmospheric soundscapes)
Arjen Anthony Lucassen's STAR ONE: Revel In Time (progressive/neo-classical hard rock)
METAL CROSS: Soul Ripper (heavy metal)
SOLSTICE: To Dust (re-issue) (death metal)
SVARTSOT: Kumbl (folk metal in danish)
TYGERS OF PAN TANG: A New Heartbeat (hard rock)
MARTYR: Planet Metalhead (heavy/power metal)
WARDENCLYFFE: Temple Of Solomon (doom metal)
REVIVER: A Thousand Lives (heavy metal)
GOATS OF PURGATORY: Drowning In Blood (thrash metal)
SIR REG: The Kings Of Sweet Feck All (celtic punk rock)
The LOYAL CHEATERS: No Saturday Nites (energetic rock)
HELIX: Not My Circus, Not My Clowns (hard rock)
DESULTORY: Into Eternity / Bitterness (re-issues) (death metal)
DAWNRIDER: The Fourth Dawn (doom metal)
TANKARD: For A Thousand Beers (thrash metal/punk)
WOLVERINE: A Darkened Sun (dark progressive rock)
FIREBREATHER: Dwell In The Fog (doom/sludge/stoner metal)
SMED: Smed (stoner rock/doom metal)
SCHIZOPHRENIA: Recollections Of The Insane (death metal)
SAVAGE GRACE: Master Of Disguise / After The Fall From Grace (re-issues) (speed/thrash/heavy metal fr. the 80s)
NIGHTRAGE: Abyss Rising (melodic death metal)
PRAYING MANTIS: Katharsis (melodic hard rock)
NASSON: Scars (melodic hard rock/metal)
Lana Lane: Neptune Blue (melodic rock/aor)
KRAEMER: All The Way (melodic hard rock)
SHAMELESS: Shout It Out (sleaze/hard rock)
RE-MACHINED: Brain Dead (heavy metal)
INTO THE UNKNOWN: Into The Unknown (modern symphonic rock)
GUILD OF OTHERS: Guild Of Others (melodic/progressive metal)
DOMINOE: No Silence... No Lambs (Director's Cut) (hard rock/aor)
Boguslaw Balcerak's CRYLORD: Humanity Heredity (neo-classical power metal)
LESSON IN VIOLENCE: The Thrashfall Of Mankind (thrash metal)
The LAST OF LUCY: Moksha (extreme tech death)
VVORSE: Kurjien Elegia (crust punk)
VOIVOD: Synchro Anarchy (creative/technical metal)
TUGT: Ved Lysets Ophør (black metal)
VENOM PRISON: Erebos (extreme metal)
NAPALM DEATH: Resentment Is Always Seismic - A Final Throw If Throes (grind?)
MASS WORSHIP: Portal Tombs (heavy extreme metal)
The LINDA LINDAS: Growing Up (melodic punk rock)
DeVicious: Afterlife (melodic hard rock)
CONCEPTION: Monument In Time (melodic metal)
CHUGGER: Five Feet Down (Reborn) (groove/death metal)
TYSONDOG: Midnight (heavy metal)
TERSIVEL: To The Orphic Void (a wild mixture of metal)
NERVOCHAOS: All Colors Of Darkness (death metal)
CREEPING FLESH: ...And Then The Bombs Came (death metal)
GREYHAWK: Call Of The Hawk (heavy metal)
TROUBLE: One For The Road/Unplugged (re-issues) (doom metal)
ELECTRIC BOYS: Favorite Hello, Worst Goodbye (hard rock)
CLIFFORD: En Sång För Andersson (heavy black metal)
ARHAT: Symbols (extreme groove metal)
LALU: Paint The Sky (progressive rock)
KANDIA: Quaternary (modern alt/prog metal)
GIANT: Shifting Time (melodic hard rock)
The FERRYMEN: One More River To Cross (heavy metal)
EDGE OF FOREVER: Seminole (melodic hard rock)
BEYOND THE STYX: Sentence (metallic 90s hardcore)
STALKER: Alone (hard rock)
SPIT IT OUT!: Hear, See & Say No Evil (alternative hard rock)
Spike Polite & sewAge: Anti Christ (punk rock)
Sophie Melers: Collar (art-rock/pop)
LAZY QUEEN: Alcohol (power pop/indie rock/punk rock)
VINTERLAND: Welcome My Last Chapter (re-issue) (melodic black metal)
VALIDOR: Full Triumphed (heavy metal)
FULLMÅNE: Started A War (melodic black metal/punk)
EVIL: Evil Never Dies (heavy metal)
ARCHITECTS: Impermanence (symphonic metalcore)
FLAT FIFTY: Hit With A Swing (power pop/garage rock)
BREFORTH: Reset My Sanity (heavy metal)
BONE GNAWER: Feast Of Flesh / Primal Cuts (re-issues) (death metal)
STONE HOUSE ON FIRE: Time Is A Razor (heavy psych/stoner rock)
VR SEX: Victim Or Vixen (post rock)
The VillainZ: Sexy & Arrogant (garage rock)
GLOVES OFF: Life... And Everything After (hardcore)
VVORSE: Kurjien Elegia (crust punk)
Max Navarro: Pretty Miseries (melodic "hard" rock)
JIMBO'S GARAGE: Wings (melodic hard rock)
DARE: Born In The Storm (melodic rock)
Zinny Zan: Heartbreak City (rock)
THORIUM: War Is Coming (death metal)
The RASMUS: Jezebel (soft rock/pop)
SHOT DOWN TWICE: Shot Down Twice (hard rock)
SUNCZAR: Bearer Of Light (sludge/stoner metal)
SILVERLANE: Inside Internal Infinity (powerful and melodic metal)
PAPIR: 7 (meditative soundscapes)
GRAVES FOR GODS: The Oldest Gods (really dark and heavy doom metal)
BUZZARD CANYON: Drunken Tales Of An Underachiever...The Saga Continues (heavy rock)
The QUILL: Live, New, Borrowed, Blue (heavy hard rock)
HARPYIE: Blutbann (medieval/folk metal in german)
FREAKS AND CLOWNS: We Set The World On Fire (heavy metal)
SPACE PARASITES: The Spellbound Witch (heavy/thrash metal)
REDSTACKS: Revival Of The Fittest (70s hard rock)
HEIR APPARENT: Graceful Inheritance (re-issue) (heavy metal from the 80s)
SARCASM: Stellar Stream Obscured (death metal)
SIR REG: Open The Pubs (celtic punk)
SLEIGHER: Seasons Greetings In The Abyss (x-mas prog metal/slayer cover)
GUERILLA TOSS: Cannibal Capital (art-rock/pop)
FALLING IN REVERSE: Zombified (modern pop metal)
LIONHEART: Second Nature (reissue) (melodic hard rock)
BULLET RIDE: At The Gates Of Hell (heavy/thrash metal)
ABYSSUS: Death Revival (death metal)
POLTERGEIST: The Demos (thrash/speed metal)
BLOOD: Dysangelium (reissue) (death/grind)
ACHERON: Satanic Victory (reissue) (heavy death metal)
LAZY QUEEN: Bed/Head (pop punk)
The FREQUENCY CONSPIRACY: Quarantine Covers (covers album, hard rock)
BRANDY AND THE BUTCHER: BGF (punky hard rock)
WIEGEDOOD: There's Always Blood At The End Of The Road (psycho black metal noise)
TOUNDRA: Hex (instrumental post-rock)
CASE 39: Fucked Up Forever (raw n dirty hard rock n roll)
CARR JAM 21: Carr Jam 21 (tribute to eric carr)
DIAMOND DOGS: Slap Bang Blue Rendezvous (rock n roll/glam rock)
TURKEY VULTURE: Twist The Knife (heavy punk rock/metal)
BIG SCENIC NOWHERE: The Long Morrow (heavy desert rock n roll)
DESCENT: Order Of Chaos (death metal)
WOLFBASTARD: Hammer The Bastards (d-beat black metal)
WEAPONRY: Everwinding Slaughter (death metal/crust punk)
WAR & SIN: The War Within (progressive rock)
VOODOMA: Hellbound (dark/goth rock)
Tristan Harders' TWILIGHT THEATRE: Drifting Into Insanity (melodic power metal)
HIT THE GROUND RUNNIN': Sudden Impact (re-issue) (80s hard rock)
AUTUMN'S CHILD: Zenith (aor/melodic rock)
Mike Tramp: You Only Get To Do It Once (soft rock)
JD MILLER: Inside The Night (melodic metal)
C.K.O: Are You With Me (hard rock/heavy metal)
HYPERIA: Operation Midnight (thrash metal)
EREB ALTOR: Vargtimman (epic folk/viking metal)
WILDERUN: Epigone (progressive metal)
NEEDLESS: The Cosmic Cauldron (prog/melo death metal)
NECROPHAGOUS: In Chaos Ascend (death metal)

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