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The STORY BEHIND: Initium - Album (metal)
SOLILOQUIUM: Things We Leave Behind - Album (progressive death/doom metal)
NO RAZA: Transcending Material Sins - Album (death metal)
Louise Lemón: Devil - Single (dark pop)
KINGS OF DUST: Kings Of Dust - Album (hard rock)
JET JAGUAR: Jet Ranger - Single (hard rock)
WISHING WELL: Do Or Die - Album (hard rock)
RÄMLORD: From Dark Waters - Album (heavy metal)
INFIRMUM: Walls Of Sorrow - Album (death/doom metal)
SOULS OF TIDE: Through The Fire - Single (rock?)
GRUMPYNATORS: Blood And Bones - Single (hard rock/heavy metal)
SUCKERPUNCH: Little Teaser - Single (hard rock n roll)
SKARLETT RIOT: Human - Single (alternative metal)
SKAM: The Sound Of Disease - Album (grindcore/death metal/punk)
REACH: Higher Ground - Single (alternative pop/rock)
WEED DEMON: Crater Maker - Album (sludge/doom metal)
LUCIFER STAR MACHINE: The Devil's Breath - Album (action rock)
KAVORKA: Internal Rituals - Album (heavy rock)
SEMBLANT: Obscura - Album (heavy metal with variation)
NOVENA: Eleventh Hour - Album (ambitious progressive rock/metal)
KHYMERA: Master Of Illusions - Album (melodic rock)
HAREM SCAREM: Change The World - Album (hard rock)
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: 40th Anniversary Agents Of Fortune - CD/DVD, LP, Blu-ray (hard rock)
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: Heaven Forbid - Album reissue (hard rock)
Allen/Olzon: Worlds Apart - Album (melodic metal with a touch of pop)
LIVE BURIAL: Unending Futility - Album (death metal)
FORNDOM: Faþir - Album (boring nordic folk music)
FAKE NAMES: Brick - Single (punk rock)
CONFESS: Burn 'em All - Album (sleaze/hard rock)
BOB MALMSTRÖM/TVÄRNITAD - Split 7" EP (hardcore/punk)
DEEP PURPLE: Throw My Bones - Single (rock)
PRESSURE: Osårbar - Single (hard rock in swedish)
The PSYCHEDELIC FURS: You'll Be Mine - Single (catchy rock)
TRANSPORT LEAGUE: Black Hole Sun - Single (soundgarden cover)
SILVER: Let's Go - Single (pop? not ok!)
Mike Tramp: Between Good And Bad - Single (soft rock)
The DAHLMANNS/TOMMY AND THE ROCKETS: Scandinavian Affair - Split 7" Single (power pop)
CABLE TIES: Far Enough - Album (garage rock/punk rock)
BROWSING COLLECTION: Cyber Space Buffet - Album (hard rock/punk rock)
BODY COUNT: Carnivore - Album (hardcore/metal/rap)
HEAVEN SHALL BURN: Of Truth And Sacrifice - Double Album (hardcore/extreme metal)
KVAEN: The Funeral Pyre - Album (black metal)
LYKANTROPI: Spirituosa - Album reissue/Deluxe Edition (melancholy vintage rock)
The OUTFIT: Viking - Album (feel good rock)
JUSTIFY REBELLION: The Ends Justify The Means - Album (heavy/thrash metal)
The GRENADINES: Band On The Radio - Album (soft and stale pop/rock)
DEN SYVENDE SØN: Trods - Album (soft rock in danish)
CHRONICLE: Demonology - Album (melodic death/thrash metal)
The RIFT: Edge Of Never - Single (hard rock)
Hulkoff: Ingvar - Single (viking metal)
SILVERA: The Reckoning - Single (modern hard rock)
BLENDED BREW: Ancient Alien - Single (old school hard rock)
CORNERS OF SANCTUARY: The Raid (For God and Country) - Single (american heavy metal)
ARKADO: Never Say Never - Album (melodic rock)
CROSSON: Rock N Roll Love Affair - Album (hard rock)
NEWMAN: Ignition - Album (melodic rock/aor)
RETURN: V - Album reissue (melodic rock/aor)
REACTORY: Collapse To Come - Album (thrash metal)
INTENSE: Songs Of A Broken Future - Album (darker power metal)
The JACK CADES: Perfect View - Album (garage rock)
EXISTENZ: Meltdown - Album (punk)
WITHERING SURFACE: Leaves In The Storm - Single (melodic death metal)
SPELL: Opulent Decay - Album (hard rock/heavy metal)
LOST LEGACY: In The Name Of Freedom - Album (us/power metal)
GRINDPAD: Violence - Album (thrash metal)
GORILLA: Rock Our Souls - Album reissue (proto-metal with punk attitude)
The ROOZALEPRES: The Roozalepres - Album (action rock)
FORMOSA: Danger Zone - Album (hard rock)
ÅSKVÄDER: Åskväder - Album (rock for the new decade)
The GONERS: Good Mourning - Album (garage rock)
GRIFT: Budet - Album (folk metal)
EULOGY: Memento Mori - EP (hard rock)
EARTH DRIVE: Helix Nebula - Album (heavy psych rock)
DARK FORTRESS: Spectres From The Old World - Album (black metal)
BLOWTORCH: Hangoverdose - Album (hard rock)
ANI LO. PROJEKT: A Time Called Forever - Album (modern heavy metal)
BENEATH MY SINS: I Decide - Album (symphonic metal)
RE-MACHINED: Wheels Of Time - Album (hard rock)
ARCHON ANGEL: Fallen - Album (heavy metal)
BLACK SWAN: Shake The World - Album (hard rock)
HARDLINE: Life Live - CD/DVD (hard rock)
SEVEN SPIRES: Emerald Seas - Album (symphonic metal)
WAITING FOR MONDAY: Waiting For Monday - Album (melodic rock)
GREAT WHITE: Stage - Double Album reissue (hard rock)
BENEATH THE MASSACRE: Fearmonger - Album (technical death metal)
VULCANO: Eye In Hell - Album (black/thrash metal)
The GUILT: New Knives - Album (lazer punk)
Conny Bloom: Game! Set! Bloom! - Album (rock in swedish)
BLACK HAWK: Destination Hell - Album (heavy metal)
PUTRID OFFAL: Dura Mater - Single (death metal/grindcore)
BROWSING COLLECTION: Pizza Slice Paradise - Single (rock)
WOLF: Feeding The Machine - Album (heavy metal)
NECROPHILIAC: No Living Man Is Innocent - Album (death metal)
DeVicious: Firefly - Single (melodic hard rock)
The NEAL MORSE BAND: The Great Adventour, Live in Brno 2019 - 2Blu-ray/2CD (progressive rock)
TOUNDRA: Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari - Album (instrumental soundscapes)
XTASY: Eye Of The Storm - Album (melodic hard rock)
ROSE TATTOO: Outlaws - Album (hard rock n roll)
MEDIUM: Medium - Album (grind/crust)
FINNEGAN'S HELL: Work Is The Curse Of The Drinking Class - Album (celtic punk rock)
SCARAB: Martyrs Of The Storm - Album (extreme death metal)
Randy Holden: Population II - Album reissue (bluesy heavy rock from the late 60s)
MORE KICKS: Your Vibration - 7" EP (power pop)
LICANTROPY: Extrabiliante - Album (garage/psych rock)
DEAD MAN'S CHEST: Dear God - 7" EP (macho metalcore)
Conny Bloom: Flyttkarl - Single (rock in swedish)
KSMB and PREKARIATET at Valand in Göteborg, Sweden on February 28, 2020 (punk rock)
THOR: Rising - Album (hard rock/heavy metal)
WORMWOOD: Ghostlands, Wounds From A Bleeding Earth - Album reissue (melodic black metal)
WE SELL THE DEAD: Black Sleep - Album (metal)
Mike Tramp: The Road - Single (soft rock)
FREDDY AND THE PHANTOMS: River Of Hate - Single (hard rock)
SHAFT OF STEEL: Steel Heartbeat - Album (melodic rock/aor)
Jesse Damon: Damon's Rage - Album (melodic rock/aor)
RAGATA: Rebell - Album (punk rock)
PSYCHOTIC WALTZ: The God-Shaped Void - Album (progressive metal)
BLISTER BRIGADE: Slugfest Supreme - Album (hard rock/heavy metal)
Nils Patrik Johansson: The Great Conspiracy - Album (hard rock/heavy metal)
BLOOD AND SUN: Love & Ashes - Album (dark singer/songwriter)
SLOWBURN: Rock 'n' Roll Rats - Album (heavy metal)
MONDO GENERATOR: Fuck It - Album (desert punk)
CHRONICLE: Reset To Zero - Single (melodic death/thrash metal)
FINNEGAN'S HELL: Six Feet Under - Single (celtic punk/folk rock)
HOT SNAKES: I Shall Be Free - Single (rock)
VULCANO: Cybernetic Beast - Single (black/thrash metal)
WAYWARD DAWN: Ridicule - Single (death metal)
DISCHARGE: Protest And Survive, The Anthology - Double Album (hardcore/punk legends)
DEMONS & WIZARDS: III - Album (progressive heavy metal)
Biff Byford: School Of Hard Knocks - Album (saxon singer on solo adventure)
REVOLUTION SAINTS: Rise - Album (melodic hard rock)
NIGHTFEAR: Apocalypse - Album (heavy metal/power metal)
PASSION: Passion - Album (melodic hard rock)
MICHAEL THOMPSON BAND: High Times, Live In Italy - CD/DVD (melodic rock)
DIRTY SHIRLEY: Dirty Shirley - Album (hard rock)
DECARLO: Lightning Strikes Twice - Album (soft aor)
PLEONEXIA: Virtute E Canoscenza - Album (heavy metal)
HEX A.D.: Astro Tongue In The Electric Garden - Album (progressive doom metal)
BEAT CITY TUBEWORKS: Top Rock - Album (catchy and energetic rock n roll/garage rock)
LOVE AND WAR: Edge Of The World - Album (heavy metal)
SECRET RULE: Against - Album (melodic metal)
MARTY AND THE BAD PUNCH: Walk A Straight Line - Double Album (melodic rock/aor)
Don Dokken: Solitary - Album (acoustic lullabies)
INNARDS: Back From The Grave, Straight In Your Face - EP (death metal)
STARMEN: Welcome To My World - Album (melodic hard rock)
The LU SILVER STRING BAND: Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Stay - Album (rock n roll)
SUUM: Cryptomass - Album (dark doom)
SILENT WINTER: Nightfall - Single (power metal)
RÄMLORD: From Dark Waters - Single (Heavy metal)
ONE AND A HALF DOG: Fire In The Hole - Single (hard rock)
GENTLE SAVAGE: Honey Bunny - Single (catchy rock)
BONEHAMMER: Black Crust Invasion - Album (raw metal punk)
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: Hard Rock Live Cleveland 2014 - 2CD/DVD, 3LP, Blu-ray (classic hard rock)
BIG SCENIC NOWHERE: Vision Beyond Horizon - Album (desert rock)
RAGATA: Gammal Punk - Single (catchy punk rock)
SUICIDE SILENCE: Become The Hunter - Album (deathcore)
SDI: 80s Metal Band - Album (speed metal)
IRONSWORD: Servants Of Steel - Album (heavy metal)
HOLYCIDE: Fist To Face - Album (thrash metal)
JORN: Heavy Rock Radio II, Executing The Classics - Album (hard rock)
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: Cult Classic - Album reissue (classic hard rock)
NAPALM DEATH: Logic Ravaged By Brute Force - EP (different)
Ian Blurton: Signals Through The Flames - Album (classic hard rock)
WASTED: Electrified - Album (heavy metal)
KINGS NEVER DIE: Raise A Glass - 7" EP (punk rock/hardcore)
NIGHT: Night - 7" EP (proto-metal/heavy metal)
BULLET and SATURN at Pumphuset in Borås, Sweden on February 1, 2020 (heavy metal)
Danny Cooltmoore & GRABBARNA PÅ STAN: Grabbarna På Stan - Single (power pop)
CORNERS OF SANCTUARY: What We Leave Behind - EP (heavy metal)
BOB MALMSTRÖM/The ENCHAINED: Sälj Åland/The Enchained - Split 7" EP (hardcore/punk)
FORNDOM: Yggdrasil - Single (dark folk pop)
DRÅPSNATT: I Denna Skog - Album reissue (black metal)
LORNA SHORE: Immortal - Album (symphonic extreme metal)
UNCOMMON EVOLUTION: Algid - Album (heavy hard rock)
SCHIZOPHRENIA: Voices - EP (death metal)
RAGE OF SAMEDI: Blood Ritual - Album (doom/sludge)
DAWN OF SOLACE: Waves - Album (melodic doom)
SILVERA: Alive - Single (modern hard rock)
RÄMLORD: Love Of The Damned - Single (heavy metal)
Old Kerry McKee: House Of The Rising Sun - Single (horror blues)
DEN SYVENDE SØN: Trods - Single (soft rock in danish)
Conny Bloom: Rulla På - Single (rock in swedish)
AGENDA: Maverick - EP (hard rock/heavy metal)
AUTUMN'S CHILD: Autumn's Child - Album (melodic rock)
EASY ACTION: That Makes One - Album reissue (melodic rock/aor)
MILES TO PERDITION: 2084 - Album (melodic death metal)
The RAGGED SAINTS: Sonic Playground Revisited - Album (melodic hard rock)
HONEYBURST at The Bishops Arms in Borås, Sweden on January 25, 2020 (rock)
MÄRVEL: Märvellous - EP (energetic rock)
KSMB: Bland Tomtar Och Troll - EP (rock)
MOLOKEN: Unveilance Of Dark Matter - Album (progressive, noisey and heavy)
LYKANTROPI: Lykantropi (Deluxe Edition) - Album reissue (melancholy vintage rock)
KAUSE 4 KONFLIKT: Fornication Under Control Of King - Album (thrash/hardcore)
SHADOW BREAKER: Shadow Breaker - Album (hard rock)
Kill Me Today, Tomorrow I'm Sick - Soundtrack Album (rock etc.)
ELEGY OF MADNESS: Invisible World - Album (symphonic metal)
DENY: Dystopia - Album (hardcore/crust punk)
Nick Giannakos: The Alchemist - Album (instrumental heavy metal)
INVICTUS: Eden - Album (heavy metal)
EIGHTY ONE HUNDRED: Heaven In Flames - Album (heavy metal)
HAZZERD: Delirium - Album (thrash metal)
ELDEN: Nostromo - Album (heavier metal)
DOOJIMAN & The EXPLODERS: Electric Boogaloo - LP (guitar-based power pop)
RYTE: Ryte - Album (instrumental heavy psych rock)
DOOMRAISER: The Dark Side Of Old Europa - Album (doom metal)
DEAD END FINLAND: Inter Vivos - Album (dark melodic metal)
COLOSSO: Apocalypse - Album (heavy death metal)
SONS OF APOLLO: MMXX - Album (progressive metal)
...AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD: X, The Godless Void And Other Stories - Album (art-rock)
NECROPSY: Exitus - EP (heavy death metal)
VERITATES: Killing Time - Album (heavy metal)
MINDLESS SINNER: Poltergeist - Album (heavy metal)
DRAGONLORE: Lucifer's Descent - Album (heavy metal)
ACID MAMMOTH: Under Acid Hoof - Album (doom metal)
MALLET: Rock 'n' Roll Heroes - Album (hard rock)
INTOXICATE: Cross Contamination - Album (thrash metal)
BONDED: Rest In Violence - Album (thrash metal)
BLESSED BLACK: Beyond The Crimson Throne - Album (stoner/doom)
SILVERLIGHT SHADOWS: Black The World - Single (stoner rock)
SELF DECEPTION: Hell And Back - Single (modern "hard" rock)
CABAL: Midian - Album reissue (thrash/death metal)
CEREMONY: Retribution - Album (death metal)
VISCERAL EVISCERATION: The Lost Tapes - Album (doom/death metal)
LOVEKILLERS feat. Tony Harnell: Lovekillers feat. Tony Harnell - Album (melodic hard rock)
PRAYING MANTIS: Keep It Alive - CD/DVD (hard rock)
A NEW TOMORROW: Universe - Album (powerful rock)
The MURDER OF MY SWEET: Brave Tin World - Album (cinematic/symphonic metal)
HOUSE OF SHAKIRA: Radiocarbon - Album (melodic hard rock)
EDGE OF FOREVER: Native Soul - Album (melodic hard rock)
VULCANO: Bride Of Satan - Single (black/thrash metal)
JUSTIFY REBELLION: Crowd Control - Single (heavy/thrash metal)
GHOST SHIP OCTAVIUS: Blizzard - Single (progressive metal?)
FREDDY AND THE PHANTOMS: Freedom Is A Prison - Single (hard rock)
CHRONICLE: They Have Returned - Single (melodic/technical death metal)