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MÄRVEL: Märvellous - EP (energetic rock)
KSMB: Bland Tomtar Och Troll - EP (rock)
MOLOKEN: Unveilance Of Dark Matter - Album (progressive, noisey and heavy)
LYKANTROPI: Lykantropi (Deluxe Edition) - Album reissue (melancholy vintage rock)
KAUSE 4 KONFLIKT: Fornication Under Control Of King - Album (thrash/hardcore)
SHADOW BREAKER: Shadow Breaker - Album (hard rock)
Kill Me Today, Tomorrow I'm Sick - Soundtrack Album (rock etc.)
ELEGY OF MADNESS: Invisible World - Album (symphonic metal)
DENY: Dystopia - Album (hardcore/crust punk)
Nick Giannakos: The Alchemist - Album (instrumental heavy metal)
INVICTUS: Eden - Album (heavy metal)
EIGHTY ONE HUNDRED: Heaven In Flames - Album (heavy metal)
HAZZERD: Delirium - Album (thrash metal)
ELDEN: Nostromo - Album (heavier metal)
DOOJIMAN & The EXPLODERS: Electric Boogaloo - LP (guitar-based power pop)
RYTE: Ryte - Album (instrumental heavy psych rock)
DOOMRAISER: The Dark Side Of Old Europa - Album (doom metal)
DEAD END FINLAND: Inter Vivos - Album (dark melodic metal)
COLOSSO: Apocalypse - Album (heavy death metal)
SONS OF APOLLO: MMXX - Album (progressive metal)
...AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD: X, The Godless Void And Other Stories - Album (art-rock)
NECROPSY: Exitus - EP (heavy death metal)
VERITATES: Killing Time - Album (heavy metal)
MINDLESS SINNER: Poltergeist - Album (heavy metal)
DRAGONLORE: Lucifer's Descent - Album (heavy metal)
ACID MAMMOTH: Under Acid Hoof - Album (doom metal)
MALLET: Rock 'n' Roll Heroes - Album (hard rock)
INTOXICATE: Cross Contamination - Album (thrash metal)
BONDED: Rest In Violence - Album (thrash metal)
BLESSED BLACK: Beyond The Crimson Throne - Album (stoner/doom)
SILVERLIGHT SHADOWS: Black The World - Single (stoner rock)
SELF DECEPTION: Hell And Back - Single (modern "hard" rock)
CABAL: Midian - Album reissue (thrash/death metal)
CEREMONY: Retribution - Album (death metal)
VISCERAL EVISCERATION: The Lost Tapes - Album (doom/death metal)
LOVEKILLERS feat. Tony Harnell: Lovekillers feat. Tony Harnell - Album (melodic hard rock)
PRAYING MANTIS: Keep It Alive - CD/DVD (hard rock)
A NEW TOMORROW: Universe - Album (powerful rock)
The MURDER OF MY SWEET: Brave Tin World - Album (cinematic/symphonic metal)
HOUSE OF SHAKIRA: Radiocarbon - Album (melodic hard rock)
EDGE OF FOREVER: Native Soul - Album (melodic hard rock)
VULCANO: Bride Of Satan - Single (black/thrash metal)
JUSTIFY REBELLION: Crowd Control - Single (heavy/thrash metal)
GHOST SHIP OCTAVIUS: Blizzard - Single (progressive metal?)
FREDDY AND THE PHANTOMS: Freedom Is A Prison - Single (hard rock)
CHRONICLE: They Have Returned - Single (melodic/technical death metal)