ANVIL: One And Only (heavy metal)
ILLDISPOSED: In Chambers Of Sonic Disgust (heavy death metal)
MAVERICK: Silver Tongue (hard rock)
GREENLEAF: The Head & The Habit (stoner/heavy rock)
CONSTRUCT OF LETHE: A Kindness Dealt In Venom (death metal darkness)
BRUNSTEN: Ethyl (post-hardcore/noise rock)
NEONFLY: Master Tapes - 10 Years Live At Masters Of Rock (modern alternative metal)
ANGUISH FORCE: Pool Of Sins (heavy metal)
The BELOW feat. Aaron Sutcliffe: Immutable Decay EP (dark industrial post-punk)
The RIPTIDE RATS: Rat Stomp! (instrumental surf rock n roll)
SKID ROW: Slave To The Grind (Live In London) (hard rock)
WILD CHARGE: Stardust Crusaders (heavy metal)
MC5: Boys Who Play With Matches (rock n roll)
END OF DAYZ: Searching For A Way Out (hardcore)
FEARMONGER: Horrific Forms (death metal)
PERFECT SKY: Hunting Demons (hardcore)
SYKOFANT: Sykofant (progressive rock)
The CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT: 20 (action rock/hard rock)
DEEP PURPLE: Pictures Of You (classic rock)
BÖDEL: Bilan Faller (fast crust punk)
NO WAYNE: Sjöhagsvägen EP (raw rock)
Dorian Sorriaux: Children Of The Moon (singer/songwriter)
UNHOLY REDEEMER: A Fever To Dethrone All Kings (death metal)
TORPEDOHEAD: Razorblade Love (punk n roll/action rock)
BLACK PAISLEY: Hush Hush (melodic rock)
ALHUZZRED: Haunting The Devil (occult rock/doom metal)
GOLGOTHA: Spreading The Wings Of Hope (doom metal)
The EROTICS: Destined To Damnation (raw and dirty hard rock n roll with attitude)
IN FOR THE KILL: Branded To Kill (fast Japanese metal/hardcore)
FLOTSAM & JETSAM: Primal (thrash veterans)
DRUIDESS: Hermits & Mandrakes (heavy psych/stoner)
SUPERMODEL TAXIDERMY: At What Cost (crossover)
ATLANTIS DRIVE: Atlantis Drive (melodic hard rock)
Tommy Denander: Cut In Ice (melodic hard rock)
NIGHTHAWK: Generation Now (hard rock)
NEPAL DEATH: With Her (Kali The Mother) (psychedelic)
CHILD OF PANOPTES: Un Petit Morceau De Buvard (garage pop/rock)
The CRYSTAL TEARDROP: Running Out Of Time (garage rock/power pop)
THERMALITY: Stranger (melodic death metal)
VICTORY: Count On Me (hard rock)
KRIGSSTIGEN: Samling I Särklass (Swedish melodic punk)
WyndRider: Revival (stoner/doom)
WITHERING SURFACE: Exit Plan (melodic death metal)
SWELLING REPULSION: Fatally Misguided (death metal stew)
SILVER HORSES: Electric Omega (classic hard rock)
EQUUS: Equus (melodic rock from the 80s)
NIGHTMARE: Encrypted (power/symphonic/extreme metal)
FACTORY OF ART: Back To Life (progressive metal)
HOLYCIDE: Towards Idiocracy (thrash metal)
GOM JABBAR: Obsidian Black Carrion (extreme death/doom metal)
DEATHWISH: The Fourth Horseman (thrashy hardcore/punk)
DEAFCON5: Exit To Insight (progressive hard rock)
BRAZEN TONGUE: Of Crackling Embers & Sorrows Drowned (melodic death metal with extra everything)
BLYND: Unbeliever (thrash/death metal)
AGAINST I: Destruction Lullaby (blackened melodic death metal)
AD PATRES: Unbreathable (death metal)

EVIL EYE: The Inner Flame (hard rock/heavy metal)
HYRDA KNEKTAR/STRIKT: Stockholm Brinner (punk in Swedish)
The KILLERFREAKS: Spaghetti Horror And Rotten Stuff (horror punk/metal)
NASTYVILLE: Livin' In A Mess (hard rock)
NIGHTRAGE: Remains Of A Dead World (melodic death metal)
ANIMS: Good 'n' Evil (melodic and heavy hard rock)
Royale Lynn: Death Wish (feat. Danny Worsnop) (modern pop/metal)
STILLBORN: Katharsis (doom/goth/stoner? heavy anyway)
R.A.T.S: Actions Have Reactions (heavy hardcore/metal)
COMANIAC: None For All (re-release) (thrash metal)
CLEAR VISION: Behind The Silence (modern metal)
The TROOPS OF DOOM: A Mass To The Grotesque (old school death metal)
TRAIL OF TEARS: Winds Of Disdain (melodic, gothic and symphonic "death" metal)
THOLA: Unseen (heavy/power metal)
The SWEET KILL: Nowhere (post-punk/synthwave)
HIGH DESERT QUEEN: Palm Reader (desert rock)
Ebba Bergkvist & The FLAT TIRE BAND: Four Wings (blues rock)
KNIGHTS OF THE REALM: Darker Than Leather (heavy metal)
DarWin: Be That Man (progressive rock)
CRACK CLOUD: Blue Kite (alternative indie rock)
TRICIE AND THE PHANTOM PUNKS: Darling Richie (horror punk)
The THE: Cognitive Dissident (alternative soft rock)
Sulo: Linger My Love (70s soul ballad)
CACTUS: Temple Of Blues - Influences & Friends (powerful blues rock)
BLACK WATER SUNSET: When Man And Machine Collide - A Tribute To Control Denied (progressive death metal)
KICKHUNTER: Greatest Kicks (hard rock party)
BLACK DIAMONDS: Destination Paradise (hard rock)
AMYL & THE SNIFFERS: U Should Not Be Doing That (rock)
REMEDY: Pleasure Beats The Pain (melodic rock/hard rock)
MELODIUS DEITE: Demonology (epic power metal opera)
LUVGHUL: Eternal Punishment (punk)
D-A-D: The Ghost / 1st, 2nd & 3rd (rock veterans)
GLORIOUS BANKROBBERS: Rock'n'Roll Church (energetic hard rock n roll)
ARHAT: Secrets Of Ancient Gods (groove/death metal)
UNBORN GENERATION: ...and All We Forget (grindcore/crust punk)
BONERIPPER: World Ablaze (metallic hardcore)
HOSTILA and DISFIGURATOR at Hemgården in Borås, Sweden on May 23, 2024 (thrash metal)
RHAPSODY OF FIRE: Challenge The Wind (majestic symphonic power metal)
WORMWOOD: The Star (black metal with several flavors)
WITHERFALL: Sounds Of The Forgotten (dark progressive metal)
Second Class Kids Magazine #6 (Swedish punk)
wht.rbbt.obj: Dirty Love (garage rock)
SPRINTS: Help Me, I'm Spiralling (garage/punk rock)
LOADED BILLY: Legend (heavy hard rock)
LIAR THIEF BANDIT: ICON (melodic action rock)
HAND ON HEART: Love Theme For Debora/When You Fall In Love (rock ballad)
DEATH LENS: Cold World (alternative punk rock and then some)
MAD HATTER: Oneironautics (power metal)
VULCANO: Epilogue (blackened thrash metal)
PUTRIFIED: Death Darkness Decay (old school death metal)
ARADIA: Walkin' On The Edge (melodic heavy metal)
ANVIL: Truth Is Dying (heavy metal)
FALLING IN REVERSE: Ronald (wild metal)
CUTTERRED FLESH: Love At First Bite (progressive brutal death metal)
CRUACHAN: Talamh (folk metal)
CHRIST DENIED: Christopsy (brutal death metal noise)
NIGHTRAGE: Persevere Through Adversity (melodic death metal)
PRAYING MANTIS: Defiance (melodic hard rock)
VANDEN PLAS: The Empyrean Equation Of The Long Lost Things (progressive rock)
WOLFEN RELOADED: The Ghost From Within (progressive and melodic hard rock)
UNIVERSE III: Universe III (melodic hard rock/rock)
Luffarpunk Vol II (folk punk they call it)
VHÄLDEMAR: Sanctuary Of Death (heavy/power metal)
INFESTUS: Entzweiung (progressive black metal)
The CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT: Hot Damn (hard rock)
BABYLON A.D.: Rome Wasn't Built In A Day (hard rock)
BATTERING RAM: The World Belongs To Me (heavy metal)
ZOMBEAST: Heart Of Darkness (horror punk/metal)
UFOMAMMUT: Hidden (psych/doom metal)
OMSORG: Echoes (special hardcore)
The LAST OF LUCY: Godform (technical death metal brutality)
NECRONOMICON: The Demos (thrash metal)
EXPULSION: A Bitter Twist Of Fate (re-issue) (death metal)
BULLET and CRYSTAL EYES at Orangeriet in Borås, Sweden on May 8, 2024 (heavy metal, power metal)
NATTRADIO: Nattradio (dark doom metal journey)
HELEVEN: New Horizons Pt. 2 (progressive metal)
GENGIS KHAN: Arrows & Flames (heavy metal)
CHARTA 77: Den Sista Måltiden (Swedish punk rock veterans)
FREEDOM: Stay Free!: (working class rock)
The MAGIC BUS: Μεροσ Τησ Γιορτησ (hard rock)
Mdou Moctar: Oh France (Nigerien progressive rock)
NIGHT PLEASURE HOTEL: We Say Goodbye (piano ballad)
DEEP PURPLE: Portable Door (classic hard rock veterans)
BOOGEYMAN: Boogeyman (horror punk)
BAD BOY: Private Party (re-issue) (hard/glam rock n roll party)
WORMWOOD: Ro (atmospheric black metal power ballad?)
VAIN: Disintegrate Together (hard rock)
MACHIAVELLIAN GOD: Beyond The Void (melodic death metal in its own league)
JD MILLER: Empyrean (modern melodic heavy pop/rock)
HUNTER: Rock 'N' Roll V.I.P. (hard rock)
ANIMS: Good 'n' Evil (hard rock)
NATTHAMMER: The Hammer Of The Witch (heavy metal)
LAMBRINI GIRLS: Body Of Mine (punk rock)
GREENLEAF: Avalanche (stoner rock)
FLOTSAM & JETSAM: I Am The Weapon (thrash metal)
SISTA BRYTET: Vi Har Det Här (pop punk in Swedish)
REMEDY: Caught By Death (melodic hard rock)
LŸNX: Claws Out (hard rock/hair metal)
SONS OF THUNDER: Thunderhood (hard rock n roll)
SEVERED ANGEL: Skyward (melodic heavy metal)
PIRATE QUEEN: Ghosts (pirate metal)
MY SILENT WAKE: Lost In Memories, Lost In Grief (doom metal)
DEATH WISHLIST: You Are Next (punk rock n roll)
PETROLBREATH: Spread Your Wings And Die (hard rock n roll)
HÄSSLIG: Apex Predator (raw black metal/punk)
HI/JACK: Everything You Know Is Yesterday (energetic rock n roll)
GOTHMINISTER: Pandemonium II: The Battle Of The Underworlds (industrial gothic metal)
FREEDOM: Tonight (working class rock)
CRAWL: Altar Of Disgust (death metal/crust punk)
SAVAGE WIZDOM: Who's Laughing Now (heavy/power metal)
RENEGADE ANGEL: Jokesters (melodic heavy metal)
POLTERGEIST: Poltergeist (hard rock)
The NIGHT TIMES: I'm Leaving You (garage rock)
The ON AND ONS: Looking Out Of A Mirror (garage rock/power pop)
The ORDER OF THE PRECIOUS BLOOD: Cheaper But Will Do (blackened hardcore/punk)
PIRATE QUEEN: In The Search Of Eldorado (pirate metal)
VIPERWITCH: The Huntress (heavy metal)
EMERALD EYE: Night Without Day (heavy metal)
BURNING LEGION: En Sabah Nur (metal mixture)
ATOMIC KINGS: Atomic Kings (bluesy 70s rock)
ANGELS OF BABYLON: Aquarius (melodic heavy metal)
WAR GRAVE: War Grave (heavy metal)
The LOYAL CHEATERS: And All Hell Broke Loose (action rock/punk rock)
DARKNESS: Blood On Canvas (thrash metal)
BARON: Beneath The Blazing Abyss (heavy death metal)
ATTIC THEORY: What We Fear The Most (modern alternative rock)
HION MARTELL: Lightning In A Bottle (rock n roll)
GUN: Hombres (rock)
THOU: I Feel Nothing When You Cry (sludge metal)
ANIMS: The Cherubims (hard rock)
MATNEY: The Red Neck & The Red Man (Southern rock)
ATLANTIS DRIVE: Way Back When (melodic rock)
TYGERS OF PAN TANG: Live Blood (hard rock/heavy metal)
CROCELL: Search Of Solace (death metal)
ALTAR OF OBLIVION: Nothing Grows From Hallowed Ground (doom metal)
PIRATE QUEEN: Santa Lucia (symphonic pirate/power metal)
NIGHTRAGE: A Throne Of Melancholy (melodic death metal)
LEACH: New Model Of Disbelief (thrash/death n roll)
Lee Aaron: Tattoo Me (rock covers)
DRUNKEN SWALLOWS: Im Namen Des Wahnsinns (catchy punk rock in German)
LEGIONS OF THE NIGHT: Another Devil (power metal)
KNIGHTS OF THE REALM: Killer Machine (heavy metal)
HAND ON HEART: Agony (hard rock)
Filippa Nässil: San Francisco (Swedish version) (THUNDERMOTHER founder on solo adventure)
EARTHBLOOD: Witchburner (sludge/doom metal)
ARHAT: Nasha Khoda Nevpynna (groove/death metal)
ARCHITECTS: Curse (metalcore)
MAVERICK: Sweet Surrender (melodic hard rock)
A NEVERENDING JOHN'S DREAM: Coming Back To Paradise (melodic "hard" rock)
ALICATE: Heaven Tonight (melodic rock/AOR)
MÆRE: ...and The Universe Keeps Silent (experimental death metal darkness)
RAVAGE: Spider On The World (heavy metal)
GUENNA: Peak Of Jin'Arrah (progressive heavy rock)
BLAZING ETERNITY: A Certain End Of Everything (melodic doom/goth metal)
KICKIN VALENTINA: Star Spangled Fist Fight (energetic hard rock/sleaze rock)
Paul Di'Anno's WARHORSE: Stop The War (heavy metal)
The STREETWALKIN' CHEETAHS: Call The Dogs (punk rock/rock n roll)
NECROART: The Highest Law (death/black metal, dark metal)
LYPSWITCH: World Of Sin (sleaze rock/hair metal)
HELL RIDERS: Cartomancer (heavy metal)
CORNERS OF SANCTUARY: Hunter Prey (U.S. heavy metal)
STRÖM: En Orkan På Vår Sida (classic hard rocking in Swedish)
QUANTUM: Down The Mountainside (progressive rock/metal)
LOCH VOSTOK: Opus Ferox II - Mark Of The Beast (progressive metal)
WYTCH HAZEL/PHANTOM SPELL: Ride On/Palantíri (heavy metal)
SPELL/PØLTERGEIST: A Waxing Moon Over Babylon/Fall To Ruin (occult rock/post rock)
MOONSPELL: Under The Moonspell (The Early Years Collection) (dark death/black metal)
BLOODBOUND: The Tales Of Nosferatu - Two Decades Of Blood (2004 - 2024) (power metal)
BALANCE OF POWER: Fresh From The Abyss (hard rock/heavy metal)
EXTINCT: Incitement Of Violence (thrash metal)
BATTLECREEK: Maze Of The Mind (thrash metal)
GLYPH: Honor. Power. Glory. (epic power metal)
UPPLOPPET: Road Runner (action rock)
SULPHUR AND MERCURY: Alchemia Prophetica (heavy/doom metal)
Rydholm Säfsund: Kaleidoscope (funky AOR/West Coast rock)
REPLICANT: Infinite Mortality (progressive/dissonant death metal)
FREDDY AND THE PHANTOMS: Heathen Gospels (country/blues/desert rock)
JUNKYARD DRIVE: Look At Me Now (hard rock)
ÆLLEVILD: Hele Dagen Lang (Nordic folk music)
IT WILL LAST: Violence Is Not The Key (heavy metal)
HEAVY TEMPLE: Garden Of Heathens (psych/doom metal)
GREENLEAF: Breathe, Breath Out (stoner rock)
BOTTENHAVET: Ljud I Tysta Rum (70s hard rock in Swedish)
MIEHALA: Sons Of Alaheim (thrash metal)
CAPTAIN HAWK: Ghosts Of The Sea (pirate/power metal)
UNDER THE SHADOWS: I Before You (heavy metal)
VR SEX: Hard Copy (psychedelic post-punk)
72 LEGIONS: What A God Could Be (death/thrash metal)
SKIT OF RESISTANCE: Unreleased Noisecore Liverecordings 1999 (noisecore)
MIDNITE CITY: Like There's No Tomorrow (melodic rock/hair metal)
LYPSWITCH: Rattlesnake Skin (sleaze rock)
The LOYAL CHEATERS: Can't Go Out (punk rock)
The GHOST INSIDE: Split (metalcore)
NIGHTBLAZE: Nightblaze (melodic rock/AOR)
COVENTHRALL: Legacy Of Morfuidra (power metal)
SOPHIE'S THREAT: Infernal Remanipulation (A New View) (melodic death/thrash metal)
SKARLETT RIOT: Lullaby (modern metal)
REMEDY: Crying Heart (melodic rock)
FREEDOM: This Is Gonna Hurt (catchy working class rock)
ONDFØDT: Oldfodt (black metal)
GREYHAWK: Thunderheart (power/heavy metal)
THORNBRIDGE: Daydream Illusion (power metal)
STORMHUNTER: Best Before: Death (heavy/power metal)
SHADOWDANCE: Ageless (eventful metal)
Ren Marabou And The BERSERKERS: Helgafjell (metal with viking theme)
QUANTUM: On The Verge (progressive rock/metal)
OFFERNAT: Where Nothing Grows (black/doom metal)
The MAGOGAS: 48 Moons (instrumental stoner rock)
LITTLE VILLAINS: Café De Stam (rock/hard rock)
DIABOLIC: Blastmasters, Twisted Metal / Mausoleum Of The Unholy Ghost (re-issue) (death metal)
ACROSTICHON: Engraved In Black (re-issue) (death metal)
The ABSENCE: The Absence (melodic death metal)
SKALLBANK: Nollvärdets Paroll (some kind of metal/rock in Swedish)
VOLTSTORM: Voltstorm (heavy metal)
VORGA: Beyond The Palest Star (black metal)
NATTRADIO: The Fading Sound (gothic doom)
ELSEWHERE: The Last Ember (feat. Eivann) (symphonic metal)
CANCERVO: III (doom metal/heavy rock)
BLACK ABSINTHE: On Earth Or In Hell (hard rock/metal and heavy/thrash metal)
The QUILL: Wheel Of Illusion (heavy hard rock)
TRENDKILL INC.: Metal Man (groovy heavy/thrash metal)
NIGHTRAGE: Euphoria Within Chaos (melodic death metal)
Oz Hawe Petersson's RENDEZVOUS: Oz Hawe Petersson's Rendezvous (melodic rock)
NEON RIDER: Destination Unknown (melodic (hard) rock)
LEAVES' EYES: Myths Of Fate (symphonic metal)
INNER SANCTUM: The Great Odd Ones (melodic death metal)
INNER AXIS: Midnight Forces (heavy metal)
HIDEOUS DIVINITY: Unextinct (technical death metal noise)
DECEPTION: Daenacteh (melodic/symphonic death metal)
COBRA 1981: Vol. 1 (heavy metal in Finnish)
BROWBEAT: Unbreakable (metallic hardcore)
The SCANERS: No Return (synth-punk/garage rock)
The LOONS: High & Lonesome/Daffodils Or Despair (60s psych/garage rock)
The LIQUORICE EXPERIMENT: Pretty Baby/Rattlesnake (60s psych/garage rock)
DAEMONIAC: Visions Of The Nightside (death metal)
NUOCERE: Master666 (alternative/stoner/heavy rock)
MEMOIRA: Cryonic Heart (symphonic metal)
MANNEQUIN PUSSY: I Got Heaven (some punk rock and too much pop/rock)
WINTERBORN: Break Another Day (melodic metal)
v/a - Wax Donut Presents: Goat (The JESUS LIZARD tribute)
Mike Tramp: Mand Af En Tid (singer/songwriter)
VIPERWITCH: Hellbound (heavy metal)
CRYING STEEL: Live And Thunder (Italian heavy metal veterans)
CAVE: Out Of The Cave (hard rock/prog metal)
ATROPHY: Asylum (thrash metal)
KRYPTOS: Decimator (heavy metal)
RHAPSODY OF FIRE: Challenge The Wind (melodic symohonic power metal)
ZOMBEAST: Red Ripper (heavy horror punk/metal)
SABOTAGE: Pishach (thrash metal)
S.O.R.M: Under My Skin (hard rock/power ballad)
The PROGRESSIVE SOULS COLLECTIVE: Sonic Rebirth (progressive metal)
PISSED JEANS: Half Divorce (alternative punk rock)
DEFECT DESIGNER: Chitin (death metal in its own league)
The INNOCENT: Move After Dark (punk rock)
FAST EDDY: Grey Day (power pop)
WITHERING SURFACE: Where Dreamers Die (melodic death metal)
WILD CHARGE: City Hunter (heavy metal)
SAHON: Blood Shall Be Paid (thrash metal)
CRUSH THE CORE: Synthetic Happiness (modern heavy metal)
CRAZY LIXX: Two Shots At Glory (hard rock)
DURBIN: Screaming Steel (heavy metal)
HONEYMOON SUITE: Alive (melodic rock veterans)
REVOLUTION SAINTS: Against The Winds (melodic rock/AOR)
SMOKING SNAKES: Danger Zone (sleaze metal)
ALTERIUM: Of War And Flames (power metal)
SKULLCLUB: Kaptajn Overdrive (pirate punk rock)
v/a - Honor Roll Of Hits (indie rock and hardcore)
VLAD IN TEARS: Relapse (modern/dark/alt rock)
TOXODETH: Mysteries About Life & Death (re-issue) (death/black metal)
SAD WHISPERINGS: Sensitive To Autumn (re-issue) (doom/death metal)
MALIGNANT: Day Of The Lord (re-issue) (black/death metal)
CHEMICAL BREATH: Values (re-issue) (technical death/thrash metal)
HAND ON HEART: You Are The One (hard rock)
GIRL AND GIRL: Hello (some kind of rock)
COBRA 1981: Kuun Kirkas Valo (heavy metal in Finnish)
PANTHEÏST: Kings Must Die (melancholy/atmospheric doom)
PUTERAEON: Quindecennial Horror (death metal)
VICINITY: VIII (progressive metal)
AUTOGRAMM: Diana/Licht Aus (post-punk/synth pop)
BANG BANG FIRECRACKER: Hail Waco (alternative metal)
QUANTUM: Abstract Bliss (progressive rock/metal)
NIGHTBLAZE: Daughter (ballad)
LA MENÄCE: Erebus (neo-crust/metal)
HANDS OF GORO: Hands Of Goro (heavy metal)
v/a - New Wave Donut (covers of new wave songs)
SURGICAL STRIKE: 24/7 Hate (thrash metal)
Liv Kristine: Deus Ex Machina (Re-release + Bonus CD) (dream music?)
FIREWIND: Stand United (melodic heavy/power metal)
FATHOMLESS RITUAL: Hymns For The Lesser Gods (dark and heavy death metal)
LAMBRINI GIRLS: God's Country (modern punk)
SHOW N TELL: The Ritual Has Begun (heavy metal)
SONIC UNIVERSE: I Am (funky hard rock)
VIPERWITCH: She Wolves Of The Wasteland / Tooth & Nail (heavy metal)
VR SEX: Inanimate Love (psychedelic punk rock)
STRÖM: En Orkan På Vår Sida (hard rock n roll in Swedish)
SLAUGHTERROR: Endless Lust For Gore (death metal)
REN MARABOU AND THE BERSERKERS: The Journeys Of Rig (pagan/viking metal)
PETROLBREATH: Carnal Rivals (hard rock n roll)
IRON SAVIOR: Raising Hell (power metal)
INNER AXIS: Master & Commander (heavy metal)
WITCHORIOUS: Witchorious (doom metal)
Louise Lemón: Lifetime Of Tears (death gospel)
Avi Rosenfeld: Very Heepy Very Purple XV (70s/80s hard rock/heavy metal)
BLOODBOUND: The Warlock's Trail (power metal)
PISSED JEANS: Sixty-Two Thousand Dollars In Debt (punk rock)
SKALLBANK: Det Var En Gang (metal/rock)
THERAGON: Lumina (power metal)
WHITEABBEY: The Words That Form The Key (symphonic power metal)
SOCIAL DISORDER: Time To Rise (melodic hard rock supergroup)
ARKADO: Open Sea (melodic rock)
DUST BOLT: Sound & Fury (modern thrash metal with extra flavours)
DOOM: Corrupt Fucking System (re-issue) (crust punk legends)
DISTORTED REFLECTION: Doom Rules Eternally (doom metal)
CRANEIUM: Point Of No Return (heavy/psych rock)
ANUBIS: Dark Paradise (thrash/power metal)
LIONHEART: The Grace Of A Dragonfly (melodic rock/hard rock)
RIFFORIA: Axeorcism (thrash/heavy metal)
PAT!i: Sahara (alternative/experimental rock)
ELECTRIC FEEL GOOD: Janes Inn (70s rock with pop melodies)
MANNEQUIN PUSSY: Nothing Like (soft rock)
FROZEN RAIN: One Mile From Heartsville (AOR)
UGLY PUNCH: Ugly Punch (psych/garage/punk rock)
The SWAGGERLIES: Undoing (action rock/garage punk rock)
The INNOCENT: Underground Living (punk rock)
Frank Turner: Do One (pop punk or rock)
ARADIA: Sad Time (heavy metal)
Venus: Two-0-One-9 (modern melodic metal)
ACRID DEATH: Abominable Presence Of Blight (death metal)
ETERNAL STORM: A Giant Bound To Fall (progressive/melodic death metal)
VANIR: Epitome (melodic death metal)
The SCREAM: Whellcome (punk/hard rock)
HVALROSS: Running The Gauntlet (stoner/heavy rock)
NIGHTBLAZE: Take On Me (melodic rock)
NATTRADIO: When Life Betrays (gothic doom)
LEACH: Gone To Waste (thrash/death n roll)
HARSH: Maniac (cover, hard rock)
The GHOST INSIDE: Wash It Away (metalcore/modern pop)
DEATH LENS: Cold World (alternative punk rock)
TOO CLOSE TO TOUCH: Control (post-hardcore that sounds like modern pop)
F.K.Ü.: The Horror And The Metal (horror thrash metal)
EXELERATE: Headfirst Into The Void (power/thrash metal)
NEW MODEL ARMY: Unbroken (indie/alternative rock, post-rock?)
MIND CONTROL: Elements (progressive death metal)
MATNEY: All Fired Up (Southern rock)
COBRAKILL: Serpent's Kiss (80s hard rock/heavy metal)
GOTUS: Gotus (hard rock)
GRAND: Second To None (AOR)
The GRANDMASTER: Black Sun (heavy/power metal)
MOTÖRHEAD: The Löst Tapes Volume 1-5 (hard rock/heavy metal)
IN VAIN: Back To Nowhere (heavy metal)
RAW WAR: Total Raw War (crust punk)
HAYSTACK: Doomsday Goes Away (alternative/noise/post rock)
PAT!i: NumbDance (alternative/experimental rock)
The DEVILS: Let The World Burn Down (primitive garage rock n roll)
Francesco Marras: Soldiers Of The Light (heavy metal)
BURNING LEGION: Injustice (alternative metal)
VRÄVARNA and BLÄCK at Orangeriet in Borås, Sweden on Feb. 3, 2024 (punk)
THUNDERMOTHER: Speaking Of The Devil (hard rock)
TEARS' HEAVEN: Godfall (alternative/post-rock?)
PALOOKA: Save Yourself (alternative hard rock)
NEPAL DEATH: She Demon (The Exorcism Of The Rakshasi) (psych rock)
MASTERPLAN: Rise Again (power metal)
JUNKYARD DRIVE: Tearaway (hard rock)
TROY THE BAND: Cataclysm (psychedelic doom metal/stoner rock)
STRIKER: Ultrapower (80s hard rock/heavy metal)
SOLBRUD: IIII (atmospheric black metal)
SLOPE: Freak Dreams (funky rap metal/rock)
Royale Lynn: Six Feet Deep (hard country rock with a twist of pop)
The MOURNING AFTER: Lately (garage rock)
The MIKE BELL CARTEL: Ain't No High (garage rock)
Marco Cusato: Untamed Souls (goth rock/metal)
GHOUL: Noxious Concoctions (horror thrash metal)
ARTILLERY: Raw Live (At Copenhell) (thrash metal)
BLACK SWAMP WATER: Revenant (hard rock)
Russell - Guns: Medusa (hard rock by veterans)
Neal Morse: The Restoration - Joseph: Part Two (progressive rock opera)
Jim Peterik & WORLD STAGE: Roots & Shoots Vol. 1 (melodic rock/AOR)
ANNOUNCE THE APOCALYPSE: Experience Machine (progressive thrash/death metal)
The MAGIC BUS: Σε Αγνωστα Νερá (progressive rock in Greek)
GUN: Take Me Back Home (hard rock)
KICKIN VALENTINA: Takin A Ride (ass kicking hard/sleaze rock)
VR SEX: Real Doll Time (psychedelic post-punk)
VICINITY: Purpose (progressive metal)
NUBIAN ROSE: Amen (melodic/progressive rock)
NAKE: Nake (instrumental cinematic/progressive rock)
JUNTA: Junta (hardcore/punk)
HELLMAN: Born, Suffering, Death (punky death n roll/thrash metal)
MIND DRILLER: The Void (kind industrial metal in 3 languages)
MANTICORA: Mycelium (heavy/power metal with extra power)
CRUCIBLE: The Savage Weapon (speed metal)
COBRA 1981: Yön Salamat (heavy metal in Finnish)
BYRON: Chapter II - The Lotus Covenant (occult heavy metal/melodic doom metal)
ANCIENT VVISDOM: Master Of The Stone (occult rock/doom metal)
RIBSPREADER: Reap Humanity (classic death metal)
JENNER: Prove Them Wrong (heavy/speed/thrash metal)
SLIFT: Ilion (psych/post-rock/metal)
ARMAGELION: Armagelion (hard rock)
OXIDIZE: Rockstar (melodic heavy metal)
NIGHTBLAZE: Tell Me (AOR/melodic rock)
NEW MODEL ARMY: Coming Or Going (rock)
BLAZING ETERNITY: One Thousand Lights (melodic doom/goth metal)
SCARLET ANGER: Martyr (thrash metal)
PIRATE QUEEN: Ghosts (pirate metal)
Per Wiberg: Dead Sky Lullaby (prog/post rock)
Mike Tramp: Ham Vi Vil Være (singer/songwriter in Danish)
FIREWIND: Fallen Angel (melodic power metal)
GENGIS KHAN: Masters Of My Sins (epic heavy metal)
PISSED JEANS: Moving On (noisey alternative indie/punk rock?)
HAYSTACK: Doomsday Goes Away (alternative/noise/post rock)
AUTUMN'S CHILD: Tellus Timeline (melodic rock)
CORVUS: Immortals (melodic rock)
LAZARUS DREAM: Imaginary Life (hard rock)
NOTÖRIOUS: Marching On (hard rock/glam metal)
RESIN TOMB: Cerebral Purgatory (death metal/sludge/grindcore)
ADVOCACY: The Path Of Decoherence (progressive metal)
F.K.Ü.: Harvester Of Horror (horror thrash metal)
The RODS: Rattle The Cage (heavy metal)
METALITE: Expedition One (modern melodic metal)
SILVERA: Death Of Me (melodic hard rock)
FREDDY AND THE PHANTOMS: Heart Is A Highway (West Coast rock)
PsychoWard: Committed (heavy metal)
NOBODY'S FOOL: Time (hard rock)
The HANGMEN: Stories To Tell (tired rock n roll)
FAST EDDY: In Too Deep (rock/power pop)
ENGAGE THE ENEMY: Falling Into Insanity (modern heavy metal)
SVDESTADA: Candela (crust punk/black metal)
The DAHLMANNS: All Dahled Up (re-issue) (power pop/melodic punk rock)
GOTHONY: Gothony (drama metal with a twist of melodic death metal)
SAEVUS FINIS: Facilis Descensus Averno (dark blackened death metal)
JONESY: Doppelgangbanger (punky rock n roll)
TRINTA & UM: Granada No Charco (Portugese hardcore/punk)
FEAR THE FATE: Fight The Fear (alternative heavy metal)
ECHO SPLINTER: The Last Stand (hard rock/post-hardcore/alternative metal)
DUST MICE: Archimedes Death Ray (space/psych pop/rock)
LASTWORLD: Beautiful Illusion (melodic "hard" rock)
SPRINTS: Letter To Self (garage punk rock/rock)
PALACE OF THE KING: Friends In Low Places (hard rock)
DESCENT: Burning Babylon (metalcore?)
Cassidy Paris: New Sensation (melodic rock/hard rock)
EVERDAWN: Venera (symphonic metal)
FIFTH NOTE: Here We Are (hard rock with some progressive metal)

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