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BANNED IN G.B.G: High, Higher!
Wormholedeath - Digital EP
Swedish hard rockers BANNED IN G.B.G, from Göteborg, are back with 2 new songs. Or new.. These songs was actually recorded at the same time as their debut album, "What The Hell Is Going On?", so they are not brand new. They are rocking and kicking ass just as much as the songs on that album though, so it's nice that they have released these 2 songs now. Absolutely worth checking out.
The band features members from bands like TORNADO BABIES, SMASH IT UP, The NUTS and STILLBORN, just to name a few. And they are currently working on material for their second full-length album. And that's good news. |

ASTRO-LLOYD: Gnorts, Mr. Alien
Astro-Lloyd - Digital Single
This is a DIY band from Malmö in southern Sweden, who play what they call "alternative space rock". And this song is taken from their second album, "Loud Noises", which will be released in June.
Some parts of this song reminds me more of something like The HIVES than HAWKWIND (which is space rock to me). So I would say that this is more like a rock song. And it's a catchy and good song as well, so you should give it a try.

ARHAT: The Great Unknown
Arhat - Digital Single
Ukranian groove/death metal band ARHAT deliver a new single. And this track is taken from their second full-length album, which they are working on right now.
After a heavier beginning, which last for over a minute, the groove/death party begins. It's a hard and heavy song that we get here, but it also have some fast parts. It might not be the best I have heard, but it's absolutely not bad anyway. |

ALCHEMY FIRE: Alchemy Fire
Qumran Records - CD, LP, Digital
This is a progressive heavy metal band, founded in 2018. The members are located in both UK and USA. Among their influences are classic bands like IRON MAIDEN, HELLOWEEN, QUEENSRŸCHE and JUDAS PRIEST, to name a few.
This is their debut album, which gives us 9 tracks of powerful heavy metal with progressive elements. It all sounds very professional, and the songs are good. This is something that most fans of heavy metal should like, so give these guys a try. |

HeWhoCannotBeNamed: Imposter
Beluga Records/Ghost Highway Recordings/Spaghetty Town Records - LP
Very little is known about HeWhoCannotBeNamed's (The DWARVES) actual identity, which has led to a lot of rumors about who he really is. He is always using a mask, and is playing naked, so he has been banned from venues all over the world. He rarely appears in public, and very few have seen him without a mask. We will probably never know for sure who this man really is, so let's focus on his music instead.
After hearing 3 of the 14 songs from his new solo album, I get a picture that this is a pretty happy punk rock album. Even a song titled "Please Kill Yourself" sounds happy. It's really good stuff in the old school, and nothing modern that we get here. Just simple and straight punk rock, that is catchy and melodic.

Label unknown.. - Digital Single
This is a Swedish band who started to play covers from the dark British 80s, which means bands like The CURE, JOY DIVISION, The BANSHEES and other similar acts. Then they found out that it was a lot of fun to make your own music, and this single is a taste of that.
I would like to describe this as dark post-punk on the border to synth or possibly goth, but with a catchy chorus. Think of the bands mentioned above for example. It might not rock that much, but it's absolutely not bad at all. I like this song.

Frontiers Music Srl - CD, LP, Digital
Another melodic rock band that sometimes sounds almost like a pop band. Luckily they are good though. And espcially the songs with less pop and more rock then. But I guess they want a modern sound or something like that, and then elements of pop is nothing unusual.
I might not like everything, but it's still a good album anyway.
Swedish band SEVENTH CRYSTAL released their debut album, "Delirium", in 2021. And as you probably can figure out for yourself, "Wonderland" is their second album.

Günter Werno's ANIMA ONE: Anima One
Frontiers Music Srl - CD/DVD, Digital
This sounds more like a concert with classical music than a rock album. Once in a while there's some electric guitars, and those few seconds are the only good moments on this album. So no, this was really not my thing at all.
Günter Werno is best known for being the keyboardist of German progressive metal band VANDEN PLAS. What he have done here, is to create a modern version of Jon Lord's (rip) "Concerto for Group and Orchestra", but with his own original material then. So more or less a playground for a grown up man. But even though I don't like it, I hope he had a lot of fun creating these ambitious pieces.
The whole thing was performed live on May 13, 2022. They forgot to mention where though (somewhere in Germany perhaps?). 3 of these 5 tracks are between 15:10 to 20:41 minutes long. |

Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
DEMONS DOWN is a new band featuring 2 up-and-coming musicians, vocalist James Robledo (SINNER'S BLOOD) and guitarist Francesco Savino (FALSE MEMORIES), along with hard rock scene veterans guitarist Jimi Bell (HOUSE OF LORDS, AUTOGRAPH), drummer Ken Mary (ex-HOUSE OF LORDS, Alice Cooper, FIFTH ANGEL, etc.), and bassist Chuck Wright (QUIET RIOT, ex-HOUSE OF LORDS, etc.).
On this debut album they deliver a pretty classic kind of hard rock. The sound is mainly as it was in the late 80s/early 90s. Fans of good old melodic hard rock should like this album, because there's many good songs here. They are hardly doing anything wrong anyway.

The BANISHMENT: Machine And Bone
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, LP, Digital
The BANISHMENT is a collaboration between guitarist George Lynch (LYNCH MOB, The END MACHINE, ex-DOKKEN) and programmer and multi-instrumentalist Joe Haze that started in 2011, and since 2020, has also included L.A. based artist/vocalist Devix Szell. "Machine And Bone" is the band's debut album, which also features guest vocal appearances from Richard Patrick (FILTER) and Tommy Victor (PRONG).
This doesn't sound like something typical for Frontiers Music. But once in a while they surprise us with something else than the usual melodic rock/AOR´and melodic hard rock. This is more darker and heavier, with almost an industrial touch. I guess that this could be something for fans of early MARILYN MANSON, even though this is not the exact same thing. Another band that I think of is the underrated and short-lived DOCTOR MIDNIGHT AND THE MERCY CULT (with Hank Von Hell (rip) and Tim Skold among others). This probably fits better in the alternative rock genre than industrial rock though. Or probably both?
But just when I thought that I knew this band's sound, they suddenly start to play some bluesy hard rock that reminds me of early WHITESNAKE instead. That just last for 1 song though. After that they go back to the previous sound. |

Goat Throne Records on March 31 - LP, CD, Cassette, Digital
WULFSKOL play a high octane hybrid of death metal and punk. 4 original songs and a cover of SLAYER's "Evil Has No Boundaries" is deliviered in a fast and furious tempo. The band was formed in Houston, TX around 2015. They have so far released 1 demo, 1 full-length album and 1 EP.
HEXELLA is hardly any weaker with their grinding metal/punk. They also give us 4 of their own songs and a cover of BATHORY's "You Don't Move Me (I Don't Give A Fuck)", which are played fast and intense. This group was born as a solo studio project in 2019, but became a full band in 2021. They have previously released 1 EP.
I guess that this split album would fit perfect for fans of more chaotic crust punk. Both bands deliver as if their lives were on the line, and yet they makes it sound really good.
Note that the covers are only available on physical formats. |

NERVOCHAOS: Chthonic Wrath
Emanzipation Productions on March 31 - CD, Digital
Their last album, "All Colors Of Darkness", was released in February last year, and here's already another album. Well, it seems like these Brazilian death metallers, like so many other musicians, didn't have much else to do during the pandemic than to work on new music. So the band actually had a brand new album entirely written and ready to record before "All Colors Of Darkness" was even released.
We get as much as 14 tracks this time. And even though they have been around for 26 years now, they are hardly getting weaker. The material is strong and full of energy. You could almost think that it would be some young kids that has recorded this album. In other words another great album from NERVOCHAOS. |

LOTAN: Lotan
UPRISING! Records on March 31 - LP, Digital
Danish band LOTAN was formed by VANIR members Phillip Kaaber and Martin Rubini, who are joined by Lasse Guldbæk, Andy Dragsberg and Jon Schmidt. They have previously released 2 EPs, in 2020 and 2021. Now they step up to the full-length format with this self titled album.
These vikings play melodic black metal. But even though it's melodic, there's no shortage of anger here. The album is said to follow the same path as the EPs, so if you have heard those records and liked it, then you should like this too. Well, any fan of black metal should give these guys a try, because this sounds very good. It's just as raw, powerful and brutal as it should be. |

INVICTA: Triumph And Torment
SubLevel Records on March 31 - CD, Digital
Canadian band INVICTA gives us an album with 10 tracks of death/thrash. It's both vicious and melodic. The press text talk about a cross between REVOCATION, KREATOR and IRON MAIDEN, which might give you an idea of their sound.
I think this sounds really good, even though they seems to lose direction after 4-5 minutes into their songs. Because their songs that are 6 to 7 and a half minutes seems to be too long. And then they end the whole thing with a song that is 11 minutes! Well, those songs are at least good in the beginning.
Now I did not get that much information about this band, and at the moment I'm too tired to search, so I have nothing else to say. If you want long and deep reviews, then you have come to the wrong place anyway. |

Decorpsetated on March 31
DECORPSETATED is a new death/thrash project from Canada, featuring a man from Halifax Nova Scotia. And it's a brutal experience that he gives us here. Sometimes it's on the border to chaos actually. Nothing is excellent enough to impress me, but there's a few good moments here and there at least.
If you want skilled musicians and good, catchy songs, then I would not recomend this album. But if you don't care too much about that, and just want it to be extreme, then you can give this a try.

Inverse Records - CD, Digital
"Sin And Shame" is the 4th album from the Finnish band WISHING WELL. The songs vary from almost power metal to classic hard rock and heavy metal, via a prog influenced instrumental number. And the sound is updated with some more synthesizers and keyboards this time, but the traditional Hammond organ is still there too.
Well, as usual they have many good songs, even though there's a couple of weaker tracks here and there too. Mainly a good album though. |

Inverse Records on March 31 - CD, Digital
This is the fifth album from this Finnish metal band. And they have really developed their sound through the years, which makes them a little difficult to place into any specific genre. But to make it easy we can put them in the melodic metal genre, even though they also blend in a lot of electronic elements on this album, which makes it sound modern. And I'm actually not such a big fan of the electronic stuff. They try to make it sound bombastic, but it's not fantastic. So this is simply not as good as I thought it would be.
But with that said, I must also add that it's not a totally hopeless album. Fans of modern melodic metal should give it a try and not listen to what I have to say.

ViciSolum Productions - Digital Single
"Parasite" is the first taste of this Icelandic progressive rock band's second album, "Metamorphosis", which will be released on May 12. And my opinion is that this little song respresents the album very well. Luckily it's also very good for being a prog rock song, so fans of bands like LEPROUS, PORT NOIR and HAKEN should check this out at once. |

MAGNUS ROSÉN BAND: Glitter And Blood
X-World - Digital Single
This is one of the better songs from the upcoming album, "It's Time To Rock The World Again", which will be released on April 21. It reminds me of how good a band like SCORPIONS was back in the 80s, but it could also please fans of his former band HAMMERFALL (where Magnus played bass). In other words a catchy and melodic song somewhere between hard rock and heavy metal that you have to check out. |

KÖTTGROTTORNA: Krogen Tre Backar
Beat Butchers - Digital Single
This sounds just like something from the 90s. It's very familiar, and a typical song by these Swedish punk rock veterans, who celebrate their 40th anniversary this year.
Tre Backar was a restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden, where many bands used to play in the 80s/90s. And this song is a tribute to that place.
"Krogen Tre Backar" is taken from their next album, "XL", which will be released on April 28.
You could describe KÖTTGROTTORNA as a more melodic punk rock band. Sometimes the lyrics are political, sometimes they're just funny. Now I have just heard a few of their songs and albums, but I can at least say that much of it is good stuff. And this song is also really good.
Another single will be released on March 31. |

GATUPLAN: Umeå Hardcore
Wild Kingdom - Digital Single
Finally something new with Swedish band GATUPLAN! It's a damn catchy song about the love of music and the power of music. This song is very melodic. The verse is more or less hip hop vocals, while the chorus is very sing-along friendly. I guess that melodic punk rock is the best way to describe this brilliant song.
"Umeå Hardcore" is the first single from the second album, "Välkommen Till Underjorden", which will be released soon. I really look forward to hear that.

SKINNER: The Dark Design
Dead Inside Records on March 31 - CD
SKINNER is vocalist Norman Skinner's solo band, and this is the second album. It seems like he has been working on it with various musicians since 2015 (the first album was released in 2014), and the result is 13 tracks of heavy and hard heavy metal. Everything might not be great among all these songs, but most of it is. It all sounds very professional, but I would guess that these guys are more or less veterans.
The list of other musicians on this album includes Aaron Robitsch (NIVIANE, GRAVESHADOW), Noe Luna (ex-NIVIANE), Jim Pegram (SHORT FUSE, ex-IMAGIKA), Abel III (NO SILENCE, ex-LIONCOURT), Jaymie Robertson, Jeremy Von Epp (The WATCHERS, The VENTING MACHINE), and Rick Stallkamp (ex-NIVIANE).

SEVENTRAIN: Seventrain
Seventrain - Digital EP
SEVENTRAIN is a hard rock/metal band from San Diego, California. They say that they have "the rhythm section of a modern/contemporary metal blended with the old school guitar section reminiscent of the iconic metal bands".
The band formed in 2012, and released a self titled album in 2014. A second album was released in 2019.
Well, this sounds good to me anyway. It reminds me of the alternative rock bands from the 90s actually. It's heavy, but not super heavy, and a little catchy.

Ed Gage: Promotional Compilation
Self released - Digital EP
Los Angeles, California based rocker, actor and stuntman Ed Gage has released a compilation EP, which features a cover of the AC/DC classic "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap", his debut single, "Ride The Thunder" (2017), and songs from his debut EP, "Moth To The Flame" (2021). The AC/DC cover also features a guest apperance by the late Steve Grimmett (GRIM REAPER) and John Gallagher (RAVEN).
Well, I guess it's not so hard to figure out that the cover is the best song here, even though the original version is more powerful. But I must say that his own songs are not so bad either, except for those instrumental guitar solo things then. O.k. hard rock is how I would describe these 7 tracks.

Sophie's Threat - Digital Single
On this new single, Brazilian melodic death/thrash metallers SOPHIE'S THREAT seems to show us their heavier side. It's more modern and groovy this time. But it's just as hard and brutal as it use to be, so don't worry. If you liked their previous singles, then this should be of interest too. I have nothing to complain about anyway, and I like their previous stuff.
Due to scheduling conflicts, this single is the last appearance of guitarist Marcão. But the band has already recruited a new guitarist, Rodrigo Godoy, who will appear on the band's next single, which will be released very soon. |

Reckless Records - Digital Single
It's a little weird, but this song sounds a little too much like their last single, "I'm Sorry Blues", which was released in November. It's a dark, heavy blues/psych influenced number that we get. And even though it sounds familiar, it's a o.k. song anyway.
They plan to release a full-length album later this year. I'm not so sure if I want to hear 10 different versions of the same song though, so maybe they should work on that before they record a whole album? |

NEGATIVE PRAYER: Negative Prayer
Carbonized Records/Seed Of Doom Records - 7" EP, Digital
NEGATIVE PRAYER is a brutal d-beat/crust duo based in Portland, which consist of guitarist/vocalist Kyle House (DECREPISY, ex-ACEPHALIX, ex-POISON IDEA, ex-VASTUM) and drummer Charles Koryn (CHTHONIC DEITY, DECREPISY, FUNEBRARUM, VoidCeremony). Their sound is violent and intense, while the vocals sounds more like death metal. The kind of stuff that you scare your parents with.
Even though I have not heard them in many years, I would guess that fans of something like HIATUS could like this. It's definitely not bad anyway. So scare people with this is the right thing to do. | |

BLOOD AND SUN: Ochre (& The Collected EPs)
Nordvis Produktion on March 31 - CD, LP, Digital
BLOOD AND SUN is an American dark folk project, with a small army of members. Influences comes from Americana and neo-folk. And what we get here is 4 new songs, and after that a collection of rare or sold out EPs.
The music is not the fastest, but more pretty laidback and melancholy. It might not be much action here, but it actually works somehow. It hardly stand still anyway, and sometimes it's more dramatic as well. Interesting somehow, and actually not so bad for being folk music. But then this is much darker than Swedish folk music, which sounds happy compared to this. |

AVARICE: Between The Trenches
UPRISING! Records - Digital Single
This is the first single from AVARICE's debut album. And what we get is old school death/thrash metal. It sounds hard and brutal, and this is not so bad at all. You should give them a try.
Danish band AVARICE was formed by a bunch of teenagers in 2007. They played live a lot, but it seems like not much else happened. After a long break, the band was reactivated in 2021, and released the EP "Reborn In Blood". Now they have signed with UPRISING! Records. | |

Upstate Records - Digital Single
ANGRY CORPSES was formed by original M.O.D (METHOD OF DESTRUCTION) members Kenny Ballone and Tim McMurtie in 2016, to reignite the classic M.O.D sound with a fresh perspective and new attitude. PRIMER 55 vocalist Donny Polinske was added to the line-up, and M.O.D ClassicTK (as they called themselves then) was born. They released a single in 2019 and an EP in 2021. After that they decided to use their original band name, ANGEL CORPSES, instead. And they will soon release a new 5-track EP, which will feature as much as 3 drummers: Felix Griffin (D.R.I), James DeMaria (HEATHEN) and Walter "Monsta" Ryan (not at the same time though). We can also find Larry "The Hunter" Nieroda (MURPHYS LAW) on guitar. And just if that wasn't enough, there will also be guest vocals from Danny Diablo (SKARHEAD, CROWN OF THRONZ) and Cappadonna (WU-TANG CLAN).
"0 Fucks" (reads as Zero Fucks) is a short and intense crossover thrash punk song, just 1:11 minutes. It takes longer to read this text, but it's absolutely not bad. Check out! |

Mighty Music - Digital Single
Swedish metal band TRANSPORT LEAGUE are back with a new single. It has that groove, that has become the band's signature, but it also have big riffs and down-tuned guitars. It's heavy, yet catchy. So more or less just like it should be when it comes to this band. You should absolutely check this out. |

ELECTRIC BOYS: I've Got A Feelin'
Mighty Music - Digital Single
Electric Boys at Holmens Rock
This is the first single from a new album with these Swedish hard rock veterans. And if you like what they call classic rock, then this could be something for you. Their label describe this song as a "pure rock soul, with a classy riff, a mellow chorus, and that storytelling, baritone, charming voice of Conny Bloom to top it all". It sounds good anyway, so it's worth checking out. | |

CATACOMB: When The Stars Are Right
Xtreem Music - CD, LP, Cassette, Digital
French death metallers CATACOMB formed in 1990. They released 3 demos, and the last was also released as a 7" EP. In the mid-90s they broke up. In the early 2000s they were back again, and released a mini CD before they split up again. But it wasn't until 2018 that they were back for real, and a new EP was released in 2022.
They have previously released 2 compilations, but "When The Stars Are Right" is their first full-length with new material. And this is just as brutal and aggressive as you can expect it to be. But also just as good as you can expect it to be. So this could of course be worth a try. |

Massacre Records on March 24 - CD, LP, Digital
"Iron Times" is said to be DISCREATION's darkest album so far, and is of course inspired by the times that we live in. But this is also the first album with new vocalist Marc Grewe (ex-MORGOTH), which is doing a really good job.
These German death metallers attack with everything that they got. But they do it with style. It's old school and professional. When it goes fast, it goes really fast. And when it's heavy, it's heavy. Yes, I like it a lot. |

SHORES OF NULL: The Loss Of Beauty
Spikerot Records on March 24 - LP, CD, Digital
"The Loss Of Beauty" is the 4th album from SHORES OF NULL. This band play a dark and melancholic kind of doom metal, with mainly clean and melodic vocals (there is some harsh vocals too once in a while though). Influences comes from many different genres. There can suddenly be black metal aggression or gothic elements, heavy metal or dark metal etc. But no matter what they blend in, it always sounds like SHORES OF NULL.
The band is based in Rome, Italy, and formed in 2013. "The Loss Of Beauty" was recorded during the same sessions of their last album, "Beyond The Shores" (2020). |

GRANDE ROYALE: Welcome To Grime Town
The Sign Records on March 24 - LP, CD, Digital
This is the 6th album from these Swedish action rockers. And it's the first album with the new member Calle Rydberg on guitar and vocals.
Most songs are full of energy, but once in a while they can slow down and be more melodic. And an interesting thing is that we get vocal performances by every member of the band, which is unusual nowadays. But to call this band just action rock is not entirely correct though, as there's also some classic rock and good old rock n roll here. It all works very well though, and the songs are fantastic.
This is something for fans of old garage rock from the 60s/early 70s and the Scandinavian action rock of the late 90s.

FATAL EMBRACE: Manifestum Infernalis
Black Lion Records on March 24 - LP, CD, Digital
Swedish blackened death metallers FATAL EMBRACE formed back in 1992. They recorded 1 demo tape and 2 full-length albums, but became too busy with other bands - CEMETARY, SUNDOWN, LOTHLORIEN, ETERNAL LIES and BESEECH - so in 1998 FATAL EMBRACE was disbanded. But a one-off reunion gig in 2016 gave them a hunger for playing extreme metal again, and here they are with a brand new album.
So, this is their first new music since 1997, and it has taken them almost 5 years to create this album, they say. But then it's also said to be just the way they wanted it to be.
The vocals is brutal and evil, but they also add elements of melodic death metal. Sometimes it sounds almost symphonic as well. And no matter what tempo they play in, it always sounds extreme. This band simply gives you an interesting extreme metal ride, with all kinds of ingredients. But are you man enough to give it a try? |

Michael Catton: Ready For The Takin'
Mighty Music on March 17 - Digital Single
British/Danish rock singer Michael Catton (ex-TAINTED LADY) has teamed up with Danish guitarist Soren Andersen (ELECTRIC GUITARS, Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp) for the release of Catton's debut solo album. This is the first single, where they go all in for their love of 70s and 80s hard rock. And this sounds really good my friend, so you should definitely check this out. It actually makes me feel good for a few minutes.
If they have more songs that are this good, then that album will be very interesting. |

KÄRBHOLZ: Kapitel 11 "Barrikaden"
Metalville Records on March 24 - CD, LP, Fan Box
Western German band KÄRBHOLZ have been around for 18 years. All 11 songs here are in German. The music is somewhere between rock and metal, and it's mainly melodic but with heavy guitars. The material on this album is not weak, so if you're into German rock/metal, then this could be worth a try.
Now there's not much else to say about this record, so it will be this short..

Morningstar Music/Back on Black on March 24
This is a fast and intense extreme metal attack. But this band also add a symphonic touch, as well as guitar melodies. It's loud and almost chaotic, yet beautiful to listen to. They label this as epic extreme metal, and I guess that works, because they seems to blend various genres, like death, black, symphonic and melodic metal.
I play this a little extra loud when I'm angry, which I am very often for various reasons, and I really like the hateful energy that they deliver. This is a great album! And you actually don't have to be angry to figure that out.

CRUACHAN: The Living And The Dead
Despotz Records on March 24 - CD, LP, Digital
Irish folk/metal pioneers CRUACHAN celebrated their 30th anniversary last year. And this band are, together with SKYCLAD, widely regarded as the "inventors" of the folk/metal genre. This album was supposed to be released during last year, but delays in manufacture held everything up. But they were at least invited to submit a song for consideration to be Ireland's representative in the Eurovision Song Contest, without succees though.
Well, if you like Celtic music and metal, then this might be the perfect band for you. They simply blend Irish folk music and traditional instruments, with metal and typical instruments for that. This combination is according to me a total success, as there's lots of great songs on this album. You should not be dissapointed!
Among the guests on this album are Kim Dylla (ex-GWAR), Mathias "Vreth" Lillmåns (FINNTROLL), Stu "La Rage" Dixon (VENOM) etc. |

BAI BANG: Sha Na Na Na
Pride & Joy Music on March 24 - CD
BAI BANG is a band from Helsingborg, Sweden. They blend glam and sleaze rock with melodic hard rock, and this is their 9th studio album. Their music is often catchy and melodic, with a party vibe. I really like what I hear. Most of these songs have a 80s vibe and a big chorus. The only question is why they had to do a cover of "Rock Me" by ABBA? (More stupid ABBA songs have been covered by other artists though). But otherwise there's nothing to complain about. This should set your party on fire. |

TRAGEDIAN: Master Of Illusions
Pride & Joy Music on March 24 - CD
TRAGEDIAN is a multicultural band from Hamburg, Germany, formed in 2002. Their influences range from heavy metal to speed and melodic power metal. "Master Of Illusions" is their fifth studio album.
I would say that it's most of all European heavy and power metal that we get here, and they seems to know how to do this. Yet they are not in the top league. It's absolutely not bad, but I have heard stronger material than this with other bands. It could be worth a try though. And especially if you're a fan of Spanish heavy metal, because it often reminds me of those bands, even though most songs are in English. |

XALPEN: The Curse Of Kwányep
Black Lodge Records on March 24 - CD, LP, Digital
XALPEN is a old school black metal band from Chile, founded in 2014. This is their second full-length album, which sounds more or less as you can expect it to sound like. It's raw and brutal, but with a good production. And they also have a good mixture of fast and heavy songs on this album.
What makes this band a little special, is those ritualistic pieces here and there. It's not that many though, so don't let that little thing scare you away, because this is most of all a true black metal album and nothing else.

Thomas Lassar: Whatever I Do
Art Of Melody Music/Burning Minds Music Group - Digital Single
This is the first single from the first solo album with Swedish AOR singer/keyboardist/songwriter Thomas Lassar. The song features a guitar solo by Rob Marcello (DANGER DANGER). It's a pretty melodic song, but absolutely not bad.
But even though this is good, the problem is that there seems to be thousands of artists doing the exact same thing. But now that I have told you about this man, maybe you should give him a try? Yes, do that.
The album, "From Now On", is scheduled for release on April 14. | |

PRESA: El Afortunado
Thornado Music - Digital Single
PRESA is a hard rock band from Cartagena, Spain, founded in 2017 as a covers band called PROYECTO X. But in mid-2018 they began to write their own material, and in 2019 they entered the studio to record their first EP.
After some changes in the line-up, and a short hiatus due to the pandemic, they are now called PRESA and are currently working on a new album. And I guess that this song is a taste of that upcoming album.
PRESA play a heavy kind of hard rock, with elements of heavy metal. They sing in Spanish, and this song is o.k. to me anyway. Not really sure what else I can say about this though.. Give it a listen. |

KRUELTY: Untopia
Profound Lore Records on March 17 - LP, CD, Cassette, Digital
This is the second album from this Japanese band, which was formed in Tokyo in the summer of 2017, and is said to play metallic hardcore. To me it sounds more like really heavy death/doom metal than hardcore. Heavy it is anyway. But also really hard and brutal.
It seems like these guys combine heavy beatdown hardcore and 90s American/Scandinavian death/doom metal. So this is something that probably will fit both hardcore fans and death metallers. But it's not impossible that some crust punks will like this too. |

WTF Records on March 17 - CD, Digital
It seems like DOWNSHOT, from the Netherlands, was one of the first so called Eurocore bands to combine hardcore with metal and rap. They existed from 1995 to 2004. After a long hiatus, they reunited in 2021.
They have some really good songs here, like "Unleashed", "Sore" (the best track) and "Streets Of Terror", to name a few. So why they have to destroy the hardcore party with shit like "See The Light" and "Outro" at the end of the album is a very good question.
The music is mainly 90s hardcore spiced with metal riffs, and the vocals is both hardcore screaming and rap vocals. Absolutely worth listening to. |

BABYLON A.D.: Live Lightning
Perris Records on March 17 - CD, Digital
BABYLON A.D. gives us 14 tracks recorded live at a couple of their shows. It's a powerful rock album in the same league as something like NAZARETH and the classic Southern rock bands. This wasn't bad at all. But then this could be seen as a best of collection of what they have done so far. They seems to have lots of strong songs anyway. No doubt about that.
The band hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area in California, and formed in 1987. In late 1988 they moved to Hollywood, and their self titled debut album was released in 1990. It seems like they have had a few hits in the States.
BABYLON A.D. is currently working on a new album, which they plan to release early next year. |

HAKEN: Fauna
InsideOut Music - CD, 2LP, 2CD Mediabook, Digital
The music is not heavy, but it's heavy to listen to. This band is a little too much for me, and it all sounds like a hundred other similar acts.
But with that said, I guess that fans of this genre will like this a lot. This is something for those of you who wants to stimulate your brain cells (think math rock). It's adventurous and experimental, as they include many different ingredients in their soup. It's mainly a melodic album though.
HAKEN is a band from southern England, formed in 2004. Their debut album, "Aquarius", was released in 2010. |

FAKE NAMES: Expendables
Epitaph Records - LP, CD, Digital
The first album (released in 2020) with these veterans - Dennis Lyxzén (REFUSED, INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY, INVSN), Brian Baker (MINOR THREAT, DAG NASTY, BAD RELIGION), Michael Hampton (S.O.A., EMBRACE, ONE LAST WISH), Johnny Temple (GIRLS AGAINST BOYS, SOULSIDE) and the latest member Brendan Canty (FUGAZI, RITES OF SPRING) - was really good. And now their second album is here, which is a continuation of what we got last time. So a mixture of good old punk rock and power pop. And this is another great album in the good old tradition, so you should absolutely get this album.
Most of their songs are really catchy stuff, and there's also melodies. Fans of what came out in the late 70s and early 80s should like this. There's no modern elements at all as far as I can hear, and I like that.
10 tracks in less than half an hour - Perfect! |

AFM Records on March 17 - 2LP, CD
REDEMPTION blend heaviness and melodies, and have been building their own kind of progressive metal for more than 20 years now. On vocals we find Tom S. Englund from EVERGREY. But the group consists of 5 highly talented men.
"I Am The Storm" is their 8th studio album. It's dramatic, haunting, aggressive, powerful and technical. There's many different layers and genres involved here. You get everything from thrash and power metal to melodic metal. But most of all it sounds like progressive metal, and I actually like it.
There's also guest apperances from Chris Poland (ex-MEGADETH) and Henrik Danhage (EVERGREY). And we get 2 covers, 1 by GENESIS and 1 by Peter Gabriel. |

ELYSION: Bring Out Your Dead
Massacre Records on March 17 - CD, LP, Digital
They say that this album consists of a lot of different compositions, which let many different shades of their musical character show up. But to me it mainly sounds like a melodic metal album. And it might not be so unique, but they have some good songs here though, so I don't complain. This is worth checking out for every fan of female-fronted melodic metal.
ELYSION has previously released 2 albums and 1 EP between 2009-2014. |

ALL FOR METAL: Fury Of The Gods
AFM Records - Digital Single
ALL FOR METAL will release their debut album, "Legends", on July 7. That's where this song comes from.
The band was formed by metal enthusiasts Tim "Tetzel" Schmidt (known as the singer of ASENBLUT, as well as a strength athlete and fitness influencer) and Antonio Calanna (singer of the hard rock band DeVICIOUS). And this band wants to give us all anthemic, straight forward heavy metal that has international class. It's all done with a big passion and love for good old heavy metal, and luckily they have succeeded to make a really good song as well. So congratulations.
Let's just see (or hear) if they can make a whole album that is this good. | |

Abe And His Babe on March 10 - Digital Single
But why do a cover of this old song by The BEATLES? He says that he has changed the rythm, use distortion on the guitar and scream through the song. But I don't know what he's talking about. Sure it rock a little more, but he sure ain't screaming, and it's still very melodic. No, this wasn't a hit to me.
ABE AND HIS BABE is Albin Samuelsson's solo project. He has released a few singles before. |

MUDHONEY: Move Under
Sub Pop - Digital Single
This sounds like something cool from the late 60s/early 70s sometime, but possibly spiced with the alternative rock from the 90s then. I think of desert rock when I hear this song. And if they have more stuff like this on the new album, "Plastic Eternity", then it could be a very interesting album.
The band will be touring in Australia from mid-April to early May. And then they will go on a North American tour in October/November. For dates, go to their web site.
"Plastic Eternity" will be released on April 7. |

Narnia Songs - Digital Single
This is the second single from NARNIA's new album, "Ghost Town", which will be released on March 17. "Hold On" was released on March 3 though.
Well, this is another good song from the album. It seems like the songs are stronger as singles for some reason, even though I can't really understand why. Fans of this Swedish melodic metal band should not be dissapointed anyway. So if you're one of them, then you have to check out the new album (I'm pretty sure that you have already checked out this song and the first single?).
Review of the album

STARCRAZY: Another Day, Another Squalor...
Starcrazy on March 10 - 12" EP, Digital EP
I reviewed this Australian rock band's debut EP in January 2021, and I liked what I heard. Now another 6-track EP is here. It might not be as great as the debut was, but it's still very good. Their music is a wild mixture of 70s glam rock and power pop, as well as 80s alternative metal and funk. So you could say that it's retro rock that they play, but for the modern world then. Among their influences are JANE'S ADDICTION, HANOI ROCKS and VAN HALEN, to name a few.
Most of their songs are pretty catchy, and have a pary vibe. So listening to this should make you feel good.

CARBELLION: Weapons Of Choice
QUMRAN Records/Eclipse Records on March 17 - LP, Digital
This is the third album from these American heavy rockers. But they has also released a few EPs through the years. The band was formed in Southeastern Wisconsin in 2004.
These guys fuse elements of grunge and thrash with a traditional rock structure to deliver driving anthems of lives lived on the outer rim of society. Their sound follows in the tradition of groups like CLUTCH and ALICE IN CHAINS, but with hooks and melodies ready for radio (according to the press text). The guitars are down tuned, while the vocals is mostly clean. These songs are very catchy, and not so hard to like.

CARNIFIED: Carnage For The Gods / Nocturna
Carnified - Digital EP / Digital Single
Extreme metal veterans CARNIFIED formed back in 1994, and comes from Brazil. They released 2 demos, 1 EP and 1 full-length album, before they went on a hiatus in 2005. In 2020 they were back again, and nowadays they are a trio with Dan Loureiro (vocals, bass), Marcos Franco (guitar) and Vicente Azevêdo (drums).
"Nocturna" is a single from 2021, featuring guest vocals from Sarah Jezebel Deva (CRADLE OF FILTH, THERION, HECATE ENTHRONED). "Carnage For The Gods" is their latest 2-track EP, which was released in November 2022.
CARNIFIED mix the brutality of death metal with the melodies and dark riffs of black metal. The vocals is both growl and clean, as well as some screaming. The music is both brutal and melodic, but most of all really hard. They seems to be good at what they are doing, so it could be worth a try for fans of something like CRADLE OF FILTH for example.

BLOODJOB: Metastasis
Lethal Scissor Records on March 10 - MCD, Digital
BLOODJOB is a German death metal band, who blend in grind and hardcore influences. Brutal? Yes, indeed! But not really my kind of death metal. It's especially that kind of pig vocals that I don't really like. They seems to be good at what they are doing though, but that doesn't help much.
The band formed in 2007, and their first EP was released in 2010. There have been several line-up changes through the years. This new EP, "Metastasis", offers 3 brand new tracks and 2 re-recorded tracks.
If you like it raw and disgusting, with nasty riffs and blasting drums, then this might be something for you.
And if you like what you hear, they are currently working on their second full-length album. |

UPPLOPPET: Thinking Of Me
The Sign Records - Digital Single
Swedish garage rockers UPPLOPPET deliver their song with a raw punk energy. It's an intense discharge that you won't forget. Yes, you could actually call this action rock. I really like what I hear, and I want more!
The band has released several EPs and a few singles through the years. They are currently working on their first full-length album. And that my friend is something to look forward to. |

SERGEANT STEEL: Please Me, Tease Me
Metalapolis Records - Digital Single
This is the first single from SERGEANT STEEL's upcoming album, "Mister Sippi", which will arrive on June 30. The Austrian hard rockers has previously released 4 albums and a best of compilation.
Well, this sounds o.k. to me. It has that touch of the 80s, so this is not any modern stuff, which makes it easier to like for an old man like me. It's also pretty powerful, with a good chorus. Easy to like. | |

FIREWIND: Destiny Is Calling
AFM Records - Digital Single
It was hardly last year that I heard FIREWIND last time. Not really sure how many years it could be. But anyway, here's a new single. We get a catchy and melodic kind of heavy metal, and it sounds really good. This makes me want to hear some more.
FIREWIND is led by Greek guitarist Gus G. (ex-Ozzy Osbourne, ARCH ENEMY, DREAM EVIL), and the band has been active for more than 2 decades already. The band is currently on a European tour with BEAST IN BLACK. | |

Jerry Kobra Musik on March 8 - Digital Single
It wasn't exactly yesterday, or even last year?, that I heard this Swedish punk rock band last time. This song is taken from their upcoming album, "Trubbelmagnet", which will be released on May 12 via Bollmora Rekords (LP and digital). It's just as catchy and melodic as usual, and yet it's rocking. Very good stuff! I would not say no to that new album, because I think that could be a good record.

Robin McAuley: Alive
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital (LP on May 12)
Irish singer Robin McAuley (MSG, BLACK SWAN) deliver another solo album. And it's a melodic kind of hard rock that he gives us, even though there's more than just that here. And he also have a strong voice, which gives the songs some extra power. This is absolutely not bad at all, so it could of course be worth a try.
I'm not really sure what else there is to say about this, but I'm pretty sure that you won't be dissapointed when you listen to this album. |

FIRST SIGNAL: Face Your Fears
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
Harry Hess (HAREM SCAREM) is the man behind this melodic rock project. And "Face Your Fears" is the fifth album by FIRST SIGNAL. It's a continuation of what they have done on their previous albums, so fans of that should not be dissapointed when they hear this new album, because this sounds just as good as any other band in this genre. The songs are just as catchy and melodic as you can ask for. Listen to something like "Situation Critical" or the title track for example. Or why not the last track, "Never Be Silenced"? If you like that, then you will probably like the rest of the album too. |

CREYE: III Weightless
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
This is the third album from Swedish melodic rock band CREYE. And they might not have any surprises in their bag of music, but they are hardly doing anything wrong here, so fans of classic melodic rock should really check this out. I am convinced that you will have a nice time in this band's company.
Any weak moments then? Well, a song like "Air" actually sounds like pop to me, which I don't like at all. And "Stay" is also a little lame. But otherwise there's nothing to complain about. |

ALL MY SHADOWS: Eerie Monsters
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
ALL MY SHADOWS is a quintet founded in 2020 by VANDEN PLAS members Stephan Lill (guitarist) and Andy Kuntz (vocals). This is the debut album with this new band, where they blend 80s melodic hard rock with modern elements. It's melodic, but yet powerful somehow. The songs here are really strong material, so this should definitely be of interest for fans of melodic hard rock.
The only song that is a little weaker is "Farewell". |

ZTEREOTYPERNA: Svea Rikes Hjärtinfarkt
GrönPeppar Records - CD, Digital
ZTEREOTYPERNA play a pretty straight teenage punk, even though they varies their material. It sounds like something Swedish from the 80s actually, even though these young musicians wasn't even born then. But the fine thing with punk, is that it has no age limit. The lyrics might not always be so serious, and some of these songs are actually just stupid. But luckily there's some good stuff too here and there.
Punk is absolutely not dead yet! There's plenty of young kids playing punk nowadays, so there's lots of more bands to discover if you like this. |

GrönPeppar Records - MCD, Digital
Even though this band have a Swedish name, all their songs are in English (even though 1 have a title in Swedish). It gives them a more American than Swedish punk rock sound. It's pretty catchy and melodic, and they sounds different compared to many other young bands. It feels like they're more organized and less sloppy. I like what I hear though, so I would not say no to some more music from them in the future.
This EP gives us 6 tracks. And yes, all songs are great. I don't understand the title "YIH8TW" though.. So that's an interesting mystery. |

GrönPeppar Records - CD, Digital
This band play Swedish punk filled with youthful rage. It reminds me a little of the demo tapes I used to get in the 90s. The songs vary in style. Some are angry, while some are more melodic instead. There's even some ska. Some songs are good, some are not so interesting. Some seems to be more serious than others, even though those other songs might have a deeper meaning than I think. It's not totally hopeless anyway.
If you want a clean and fat production, then this is not something for you. But if you like old demo tapes from the 90s, then this might work for you. |

ARTCH: Another Return (reissue)
Hammerheart Records on March 17 - CD, LP
This is the debut album by Norwegian heavy/power metal band ARTCH, which was originally released in 1988. Now it will be re-released by Hammerheart Records.
A quick look at Metal Archives tells me that the band formed in 1982, and existed until 1991. In 1993 they were back for a short time, and since 2000 they seems to be back for real (although they haven't been that active when it comes to recordings). Most of their releases are demo recordings, but they has also released 2 full-length albums, as well as a split release, a single and even a video.
But now it was "Another Return" that I was going to write about. And this reminds me of something from the 80s, which is not such a big surprise as it was recorded during that era. So what we get is simply classic and timeless heavy/power metal. The songs here are really strong, and are definitely worth the money for those who like metal from the 80s. You have to give this a try! |

ISOLE: Anesidora
Hammerheart Records on March 10 - CD, LP
This is another one of these softer albums. Yet there's lots of heavy guitars. After all we talk doom metal here, and nothing else. The vocals is mainly clean and melodic, and sometimes it's almost epic. So as you probably can figure out for yourself, this is hardly a party album. But I really like what I hear, even though it took a few times.
ISOLE was born as FORLORN back in 1990, but changed the name in 2003. "Anesidora" is their 8th album. |

EXELERATE: Exelerate
From The Vaults on March 10 - CD, LP, Digital
EXELERATE is a power/thrash metal band from Denmark, and this is their debut album. They combine fast and aggressive riffs with high-pitched vocals. Sometimes there's even a progressive twist. They are not afraid of taking inspiration from both traditional and modern metal.
The album is said to be "a concept work where every track tells a story about humankind's tendencies towards both dominance and submission. The themes go from old religions to contemporary ideology worship and even further into the ultimate submission to our own mortality".
They have obviously set the bar high right from the start. But even though it all sounds very ambitious, this is mainly a good metal album with all the right ingredients. Nothing seems to be there without a reason for it. |

IGNOMINY: Imminent Collapse
Transcending Obscurity Records on March 10 - CD, Digital
These Canadians play what is called dissonant death metal. It's aggressive, punchy and hook-laden, but also really fast and heavy.
No, this was not really my thing. It's too much going on at the same time, which almost makes it a little chaotic (I guess they would call it technical though). The kind of extreme stuff that can easily give you a headache.
It's said that if you're a fan of bands like GORGUTS, DYSGNOSTIC, ULCERATE, DISCHORDIA and similar, then you will probably like this too. |

HANOI ROCKS: Oriental Beat (40th Anniversary) The Re(al) Mix
Svart Records on March 17 - LP, CD, Digital
Michael Monroe solo at Sticky Fingers
"Oriental Beat" was recorded in London, UK in 1981, and released in 1982. But the band was never satisfied with the sound of the album, and therfor they have now remixed and revived the album as they wanted it to be.
Why has it taken 40 years then you might ask? Well, it seems like they didn't get the chance to remix or re-record the album, as the label had run out of money. And then the master tapes had suddenly gone missing. But then the tapes mysteriously was found in the Universal vault recently, and the band was finally able to mix and resequence the album the way they wanted it to sound like.
This album is seen as a masterpiece by many fans. So with that in mind, it could be very risky to remix the album. But what they have done here is to strip it down to a pure rock n roll album, without any overdubs and samples. Instead they have given it more attitude. The right HANOI ROCKS attitude, you could say.
HANOI ROCKS is often seen as a glam rock band, and that might be correct. But some of the members came from the punk scene, and I can hear some punk attitude in their songs as well. But most of all they are a rock n roll band with a party vibe.
They have plenty of good songs, so I really like this band. And when it comes to this album I would say that it's full of good stuff. And it's not just rock n roll here, but also elements of ska in 1 song, and some other stuff in other songs.

NARNIA: Ghost Town
Narnia Songs on March 17 - CD, LP, Digital
I don't know, but this sounds darker and heavier than before, and not as alive as they use to. And isn't it some electronic elements that I hear there too? It's still melodic metal though, and this is not a bad album. But it's far away from as great as their previous material. ..and yet I continue to listen again and again.
This album is not just dark and heavy though, but also bombastic, while the lyrics always have a positive message. Sometimes there's also progressive elements. But most of all it sounds like a band that's been around for a while now.
Swedish band NARNIA are veterans. They formed in 1996, and have established themselves as one of the best melodic metal bands, with a strong fan base all over the world. "Ghost Town" is their 9th studio album.

HepTown Records on March 17 - CD, LP, Digital
Swedish artist Jesper Almén have based all these 14 tracks on horror movies that he really like. The music is a wild mixture of psychedelic garage rock, folk rock, Americana etc., everything with a vintage sound. Some songs are uptempo, while some are softer. Some are with a full band, while some are acoustic more or less. Most of all these songs sounds really cool, so I like this album a lot. Fans of good old rock should absolutely give this a try (or 45).
Now I didn't get that much information about the artist behind HE WHO WALKS BEHIND THE ROWS, so I don't have a clue if this is the first album or if there's more to discover. I would really like to hear some more anyway.

FAGUS: Inter
Silent Future Recordings on March 10 - CD, Digital
This is the debut album from this German black metal band, where we get 6 atmospheric pieces, yet raw and aggressive as it should be when it comes to this genre. There's many different layers to explore here though. It's said to be something for fans of bands like IMPERIUM DEKADENZ and TARDIGRADA. I have never heard of any of them, but this sounds really good anyway.
The lyrics are no satanic crap, but "deals with descriptions of natural phenomena and cosmic events, accompanied by the role of humans in nature and space".
It seems like FAGUS released a EP 10 years ago. This is the first release since then.

OVERLORD: Fake Salvation
Great Dane Records - CD, Digital
"Fake Salvation" was composed by Johan de Jager during the pandemic. The majority of instruments were handled by him, with Nikolay Atanasov (ex-AGENT STEEL, PROPHECY) contributing solos on 2 tracks. Vocal duties were performed by Justus Meineke, who is completely new to the scene.
When it comes to the music, this is a nod to the old school death metal pioneers, like CANCER, MASSACRE, DEATH and BOLT THROWER. The sound is raw and uncompromising. It's not impossible that you will like this, because it's actually not so bad at all.

BULLRING: Still Blood
Street Symphonies Records/Burning Minds Music Group - Digital Single
BULLRING is the name of this Italian modern hard rock trio, and "Still Blood" is the name of their new single.
After a soft beginning, it becomes more powerful and heavy. The chorus is more catchy though. A o.k. song that you can listen to a couple of times, but not something that you play at your next party. But if this is the future of hard rock, then it's at least not totally hopeless. | |

XALPEN: The Curse Of Kwányep (Kwányep Chenen)
Black Lodge Records - Digital Single
O.k., I don't think it's completely normal to release a song that is 9:25 minutes long as a single. But it looks like these guys thought it was a good thing to do. Luckily it's a good song though.
The genre that this band operate in is old school black metal. But it's not just raw and brutal all the way, but can suddenly be more ritualistic and heavy instead. And it works really good in this case.
XALPEN hailing from Chile, and they will release their second full-length album on March 24. This single is the title track of that album.

Larry Wallis & The BRAINS: Leather Forever
Cleopatra Records - Digital Double Single
Lawrence "Larry" Wallis is an English guitarist, most well-known for being a member of PINK FAIRIES and MOTÖRHEAD. But he was also a member of UFO for a short time in 1972, and also had a solo career. Larry's biggest hit as a solo artist was "Police Car". He died on September 19, 2019 at the age of 70.
What we get here is 2 remixes of his song "Leather Forever", which was written during his time in MOTÖRHEAD, and recorded in late 1977 as a possible follow-up to "Police Car". The people who have done these remixes are Jurgen Engler of DIE KRUPPS and Rene D La Muerte of The BRAINS.
Well, it's rocking and it's good, so there's nothing to complain about. And what else can you ask for from a song? I would describe this as a catchy rock song, and you should really check it out. |

BLODTÅR: Den Fördärvade Sorgbundenheten
Nordvis Produktion - Digital Single
This is the first single from the upcoming debut album with this Swedish folk/black metal duo. It's a fast piece, even though there's folk melodies too. Mainly aggressive, and not bad at all. And even though the song is 7 minutes long, it doesn't feel like it last for an eternity. You should give this a try.
The album will be released on April 21. | |

Mighty Music on March 3 - Digital Single
Danish hard rockers BLACK OAK COUNTY release a new single. It's powerful and heavy, yet catchy and melodic with a strong chorus. Absolutely not bad at all. The verse is old school, while the chorus is modern. You should check this out.
I don't have much else to add.. |

AFM Records on March 3 - CD, LP
Mark "Kaz" Kasprzyk formed this band in 2008. The music he choosed to play was modern rock music. And for being modern and pretty mainstream, it's actually not as bad as I thought it would be (old man prefer old music you know). It's catchy and danceable music that we get from this album, yet it's far away from as stupid as modern pop. This stuff has soul, and is made by people who can actually play and sing. They don't need the same pre-programmed sound that everybody else is using, and the singer don't howl and whine in an effort to sound passionate and deep. Yes, I really hate modern pop! Modern rock seems to work once in a while though.. |

LORD SONNY THE UNIFIER: America's Newest Hitmaker
Interstellar Smoke Records on March 3 - LP, Digital
You can take the title of this album with a pinch of salt, because Lord Sonny (real name Greg Jiritano) is hardly a hitmaker. The music is far too idiosyncratic to achieve hit potential. Sonny and his band mates are simply going their own alternative way when they make songs, and Sonny himself is hardly a Frank Sinatra on vocals. He is more like a happy amateur who go for his own race, which works fine here.
There's alternative, post-punk, punk rock, hard rock, psychedelic and classic rock influences. And they want to pay homage to legends like The CLASH, The BEATLES and even MOTÖRHEAD, while they are also inspired by later bands like VIAGRA BOYS, The BLACK KEYS and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. With this mixture they get their own unique sound, and invent their own genre "post-punk biker psychedelica". So this band simply gives us a special experience.
I honestly don't really know who I am going to recomend this album to. Fans of David Bowie? No, let's say that if you want a different musical experience in your life, then this could be the album for you.

KOLD: Intet Mere Er
Vendetta Records on March 3 - CD, LP, Cassette, Digital
KOLD is a Danish black metal duo, with Nicklas Johansen (bass and guitar) and Mathias Skov Samsø Jepsen (drums and vocals). They sure don't look black metal at all, but what they deliver is black metal without a doubt.
Even though it goes really fast, and the vocals is far away from nice, there's also guitar melodies, which almost makes this melodic in all its craziness. I like it. And it's also perfect to torture your neighbours with, hehe.
KOLD released their first EP in June 2021. "Intet Mere Er" is their full-length debut. And I really hope they will continue and release more recordings of this high quality. |

KARDINAL SIN: s.a.l.i.g.i.a
Massacre Records on March 3 - CD, LP, Digital
Swedish heavy metal band KARDINAL SIN released their debut album, "Victorious", in 2018. 5 years later their second album is ready to be released.
This album is said to offer more complex songs, as well as darker lyrics about the situation in the world, and how we push humanity towards the apocalypse through war and environmental destruction (feels like I have read the same description a few times before). This does not necessarily mean that the music is dark and heavy though. The first time I heard this album, I actually thought that some of these songs could have worked for the outtakes to the Eurovison Song Contest - What you could call schlager metal.
But after listening to this record some more, I would rather say that this is a dramatic, epic and melodic heavy metal album. And it sounds really good to me. They have lots of great songs, but if I should mention just 1 favorite, then it would be "Siege Of Jerusalem", which also features guest vocals from Ellinor "Hellinor" Asp.
KARDINAL SIN have made a really strong album, and you just have to check it out. |

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