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WISHING WELL: Space Invaders
Inverse Records - Digital Single
This song is a little odd, with that eerie space sound. But there's good hard rock parts too. They have done much better songs than this though. And fact is that it's a little too long for its own good. Better luck next time boys.
"Space Invaders" is the second single from this Finnish band's upcoming album, "Sin And Shame", which will be released on March 17. | |

SPRINTS: Literary Mind (reissue)
City Slang - Digital Single (7" vinyl in April)
Dublin punk rockers SPRINTS has signed to City Slang. And to celebrate it, they re-release this single (I don't have a clue when it was originally released though).
This sounds more like some kind of indie rock from the 90s than punk rock to me, or possibly post-punk. It's rocking anyway, and it's a pretty o.k. song, so maybe you should give it a try?
Not much else to add there.. |

FAKE NAMES: Can't Take It
Epitaph Records - Digital Single
American/Swedish punk rock supergroup FAKE NAMES release another single from their upcoming second album, "Expendables", which will be released on March 3. This song sounds old school somehow. The music is pretty soft, while the vocals is loud. Not bad.. It will be interesting to hear the new album.
FAKE NAMES features Brian Baker (MINOR THREAT, BAD RELIGION, DAG NASTY), Michael Hampton (S.O.A., EMBRACE), Dennis Lyxzén (REFISED, INVSN, The [International] NOISE CONSPIRACY), Johnny Temple (GIRLS AGAINST BOYS, SOULSIDE) and Brendan Canty (FUGAZI, RITES OF SPRING). |

BABYMETAL: Light And Darkness
Cooking Vinyl - Digital Single
No, this is yet another song that is too much modern pop for me, which I really hate. They used to mix it with metal, but this song has no metal at all as far as I can hear.
This Japanese group will release a new concept album, "The Other One", on March 24. "Light And Darkness" is the 4th single from that album. And even though the title is in English, it sounds like they are singing in Japanese.
Their earlier songs was at least something funny that you could laugh at, but this is just tragic.

STARGAZER: Life Will Never Be The Same
Mighty Music on March 3 - CD, 2LP
Norwegian hard rockers STARGAZER are back with a new album, and it sounds fantastic. This album is full of excellent songs. They combine melodic and heavy songs in a very good way here. Fans of good old Scandinavian hard rock should not miss this album for anything in the whole wide world. The melodies are there, and the blues based guitar too, as well as the great and powerful vocals.
If there's any justice in this world, this album should go straight to the top of the charts. But I would guess that we are in the wrong decade for that. Nothing is impossible though, because they have songs that are just as good as anything with TNT or EUROPE for example. So it will be very interesting to see what happens.. |

Metal Assault Records on March 3 - Album
This is the debut album from this Texas based trio. It's a wild mix of all things that are heavy: stoner, sludge, doom and psych rock. And this is delivered with heavy distorted guitars.
The first track, "Death Comes Around", is as long as 10 and a half minutes. I would describe it as a mix of psych and desert rock.
They continue with "Into My Soul", which is 10 minutes. And that song is more like stoner rock to me.
The other 4 songs are between 4:21 to 6:28 minutes. A nice thing with this band is that they sometimes share vocals. It's mainly a female voice though. The songs are not bad at all, and the mixture of different genres of heavy rock is also very nice. That gives the songs extra variation, which makes it more fun to listen to.
TEMPTRESS formed in 2019, and have previously released a self-titled EP.

TRENCH DOGS: Stockholmiana
Wild Kingdom Records on March 3 - CD, LP, Digital
In 2013 lead singer Andy Hekkandi moved to Stockholm, Sweden from Melbourne, Australia to form a rock n roll band. Which might sound like a crazy idea. TRENCH DOGS became the name of the band, and "Stockholmiana" is their second full-length album. Their music take inspiration from different genres, but mainly 70s glam rock and punk rock, as well as some sleaze rock from the 80s.
Well, they have many good songs here, even though it took a few listenings to figure that out, but they might not succeed to go all the way to the top. A couple of weaker songs is nothing unusual though, so I don't see that as such a big problem. I have absolutely heard weaker records through the years, that's for sure.
Fans of Swedish bands like DIAMOND DOGS and VELVET INSANE should give this a try.

71TONMAN: Of End Times
Transcending Obscurity Records on March 3 - CD, Digital
Really heavy and long pieces - around 9 and a half to 10 and a half minutes - is what we get from this Polish band. The mood is hardly cheerful, but it's very metal. Yet it makes me completely exhaused, as they play the same heavy shit over and over again on highest volume. And sometimes it's just a wall of noise. No, this is not my kind of stuff. I don't even get why anybody wants to listen to this at all, and start to wonder how psycho these people are who actually think that this is good. But that's just the way I am.. I prefer something catchy and good instead.
71TONMAN play sludge/doom. |

WIG WAM: Out Of The Dark
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital (LP on May 12)
Norwegian hard rockers WIG WAM have made a damn good album! But we don't just get great songs, we also get different kinds of styles: There can be some good old hard rock and rock n roll, and then melodic rock or arena rock, as well as some glam metal. All this without suddenly sounding completely different. It always sounds like WIG WAM, no matter what they decide to play. And more or less every song is a big party, and there's lots of choruses to sing-along to. So I would guess that this is a perfect party album.
The story of WIG WAM started in 2001. They released 4 albums and represented Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest, before they split up in 2014. But in 2019 they were back again, and released a new album in early 2021 (which I think was pretty good too). |

T3NORS: Naked Soul
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
This is a new AOR project with the American singers Robbie LaBlanc (BLANC FACES, FIND ME, EAST TEMPLE AVENUE) and Toby Hitchock (PRIDE OF LIONS), who are joined by Swedish singer Kent Hilli (PERFECT PLAN, GIANT). So you could say that it's a melodic rock version of The THREE TREMORS - which is a heavy metal project with Sean Peck (CAGE, DEATH DEALER), Tim "Ripper" Owens (KK'S PRIEST, ex-JUDAS PRIEST, Yngwie Malmsteen, ICED EARTH) and Harry Conklin (JAG PANZER, TITAN FORCE). But as this is AOR, it's much more melodic and laidback than The THREE TREMORS.
Well, this sounds just as you can expect it to sound. It's simply classic and timeless AOR, done the way it has always been done. So fans of that genre should be happy to hear this album. It's absolutely not bad, but I just don't know what else there is to say about this. So let these 3 tenors sing for you instead..

KHYMERA: Hold Your Ground
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
KHYMERA started as an alliance between Italian producer/musician Daniele Liverani and then KANSAS singer Steve Walsh. But the band developed into a regular musical project when Dennis Ward (MAGNUM, PINK CREAM 69) entered the fold. Dennis always sang background vocals with his bands, so he was more than ready and willing to take over the lead vocals for KHYMERA when the opportunity presented itself. So the line-up today is Dennis on lead vocals/bass/keyborads, Michael Klein on guitar, Eric Ragno on keyboards, and Michael Kolar on drums, with Pete Newdeck contributing backing vocals.
What we get here is a melodic rock album without any surprises. But their songs are really strong, so that it sounds familiar is hardly a problem, rather a plus. If you like the good old bands in this genre, then KHYMERA should be of interest to you.

Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
INFINITE & DIVINE is a collaboration between Swedish musicians Jan Åkesson (guitarist/songwriter/producer) and vocalist Tezzi (Terese Persson). This is their sophomore album, which is full of tasteful songs. So if you're a fan of melodic rock/hard rock, then you should really give this a try.
What else is there to say then? I actually don't know. So just let the music do the talking instead, and sorry for the short review. |

SKINNER: Wicked Whys
Skinner - Digital Single
A third single from SKINNER then.. And like the previous 2 singles, it's taken from the upcoming album, "The Dark Design", which will be released this spring. The plan is to release at least 1 more single before the album release.
This song is a melodic heavy metal song, and it has something that makes it good, but I'm not really sure what. And that doesn't really matter as it's good (so why analyze why?). But seriously, this song is actually worth checking out if you like it more melodic and more thoughtfully. So do that! |

KÜNTSQUÄD: Necro Nightmare
Wormholedeath Records - Digital Single
This is the third single from these Melbourne crust metal/death punks. "Necro Nightmare" is taken from their self titled debut album, which has just been released. And just like their other songs, it takes inspiration from both extreme metal and crust punk. It's wild, raw and aggressive, almost grind actually, but yet so much more than that.
If you like it fast and extreme, then give this band a chance. | | |

Immortalizer - CD, Digital (LP soon)
Dave D.R. is a multi-instrumentalist recording artist and performer from Ontario in Canada, and the man behind IMMORTALIZER. He released his debut EP on CD and 7" vinyl in 2016, and on social media in 2020. Now his full-length debut is here.
The music is traditional heavy metal in the more powerful league, but not necessarily a copy of something old. There's many great songs here to bang your head to. And even though no song is the same, it all works very well as a complete album, as he never really leave the basic recipe. You should really check this out!
Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR) is doing some guest vocals on "We Were Born For Metal". And Ralf also mixed, mastered and engineered the album.
One more thing that might be of interest, is that 1 song is called "Lemmy". It's a tribute to the legendary Lemmy Kilmister of MOTÖRHEAD and HAWKWIND of course.

DRAGONNE: On Dragon's Wings/On My Back
No Remorse Records - CD, LP/CD, LP
DRAGONNE was one of many bands from Los Angeles, California who existed in the 80s, and never really succeeded. This was not another glam or hair metal band though, as they played US heavy/power metal.
"On Dragon's Wings" was recorded in 1987-1988, and privately released on LP in 1988 (very rare to find nowadays). The album was actually produced by singer Jeff Scott Soto (SONS OF APOLLO, W.E.T., Yngwie Malmsteen, JOURNEY, TALISMAN, S.O.T.O etc). This new version of the album also gives us 4 bonus tracks as well.
"On My Back" was recorded in 1988-1990. But the recordings weren't finished, and those tracks remained unreleased. But it has now been released as its own album with 10 tracks.
This is said to be of interest for fans of LEATHERWOLF, PANTHER and MALICE. The sound quality is like a better demo recording, but it works. These songs are absolutely not bad, so this could actually be worth a try.

CHERRY ST.: Twisted, Rude & Sticky Sweet
Perris Records - CD
This CD features 11 demo recordings that the band recorded in various studios in L.A. before getting signed to JRS/BMG in 1993. A similar demo collection has previously been available from someone in Russia as a bootleg CD, which was sold for $140. This is an official release though, with both better sound and as a product.
This band both look and sound like a hard rock band from the 80s. But these songs are really good stuff. Catchy hard rock from the streets you could say. I think that most fans of the L.A. scene in the 80s could enjoy this record.
CHERRY ST. have made a few albums through the years, and I have been writing about some of them on this website. I use to compare them with bands like GUNS N' ROSES and MÖTLEY CRÜE, but this is not exactly like them, but something similar though. |

Avi Rosenfeld: Very Heepy Very Purple XIV
Self released - Digital Album
So, this is the 14th chapter in the "Very Heepy Very Purple" serial.
Well, Avi continue to tribute the classic sound of bands like URIAH HEEP and DEEP PURPLE, even though he seems to do it with his own touch. But there's also influences of DIO, RAINBOW, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST etc. And it sounds good as usual, so there's not much to complain about. If you like hard rock and heavy metal from the 70s and 80s, then this could be something for you.
Among the singers on this album are Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin (JAG PANZER) and Damond Jiniya (SAVATAGE). But the lineup is different on every song here, so there's also a different voice on each song. An interesting concept, even though it seems to be a lot of work. Especially when it just seems to be a digital album. Some record label should sign this man and release it on both LP and CD.

AVALANCHE: Sweet Baby Brown Eyes
Avalanche - Digital Single
AVALANCHE is a hard rock band based in Sydney, Australia. And if you like that classic sound of early AC/DC, then this is definitely something for you. It's not the exact same thing though, but something similar at least.
"Sweet Baby Brown Eyes" is a catchy and sweaty rocker, which was originally done by the Australian 70s pub rock band AVALANCHE. Fact is that the frontman in this new AVALANCHE is the son of the frontman in the 70s AVALANCHE.
If you want a new party anthem, here it is! |

Despotz Records - Digital Single
Put your dance shoes on and shake loose, because here's a new single with Swedish disco rockers SATAN TAKES A HOLIDAY.
For some reason they talk about "an innovative mix of folk-inspired garage rock" in the press release. But I don't know if I think this song is so unique. But just to be funny, let's call it garage rock disco then.
Anyway, "The Sound I Like" is another song taken from their upcoming album, "Satanism", which now have a release date: April 28. You can pre-order it now from their Bandcamp page. |

The Sign Records - Digital Single
This power trio have made a action packed garage rock version of the old KISS pearl "Cold Gin". As you might know if you're a KISS fan, the original version is pretty slow and heavy. This version is on fire though. Talk about energy! They have definitely made their own action rock version of the song, but I like it.
This song is not just released as a single, but is also featured on the compilation album "Ssik Action! A High Energy Tribute To The Hottest Band In The World", which will be released on vinyl through Argentinian label Devil's Beat Records in April 2023.
IRON LIZARDS hailing from Paris, France. The band formed in 2015, and their first EP was released in 2016. The debut album, "Hungry For Action", was released in 2021.

FAGUS: Aurora
Silent Future Recordings - Digital Single
German black metal band FAGUS will release their debut album, "Inter", on March 10. This is a taste of that.
They blend the raw and aggressive with atmospheric and softer stuff, then they attack again. Some of the members are also involved with non-metal projects, so there's plenty of influences from other kinds of music than metal. But most of all this is black metal, and nothing else than that. And this is really good stuff! |

The END A.D.: Stink
Wormholedeath Records - Digital Single
Maybe this band should concentrate on singles instead of albums? Because as far as I can remember I was not so impressed by their new album (the deluxe version of "It's All In Your Head"), which this song is taken from. But when I hear this song now, it's actually not so bad. Weird but true.
To describe this American band's music, I use the same description as for that album: a powerful combination of heavy thrash riffing and aggressive, female hardcore vocals. If you think that sounds exiting, then you should give this little song a try. And if you like this, then there's more to discover. | |

Nordvis Produktion - Digital Single
This is a dark and atmospheric folk project from the States, with influences from Americana and neo-folk. And this song is taken from the upcoming album, "Ochre (& The Collected EPs)", which features 4 new songs and some rare and sold out EPs. If you want something more laidback and melancholy, then this could probably work very good. I like it, even though this song last for 7 minutes.
The album will be released on March 31. | |

FURNACE: The Casca Trilogy
Obelisk Polaris Productions on Feb. 23 - 3CD, Digital
Talk about excess energy! 3 albums and as much as 30 songs - Crazy! And this is not a collection of old songs or something like that, but brand new songs. But luckily it's good stuff that Rogga Johansson (guitars and lead vocals), Peter Svensson (bass and backing vocals) and Lars Demoké (drums and percussion) have made here.
Now it could of course have been really boring with that many songs, so you really have to be inventive to vary the material without it becoming too fragmented. But FURNACE have actually succeeded with that. So even though it takes a couple of hours to listen to all these songs, it's never boring and worth the time it takes.
"The Casca Trilogy" is the 4th full-length release from this Swedish death metal band. It's a concept album that spans 3 different historical ages, 1 for each disc. The album also features some guest vocals from Dave Ingram (HAIL OF BULLETS, BOLT THROWER, BENEDICTION). |

COFFINBORN: Cadaveric Retribution
Xtreem Music on Feb. 23 - LP, CD, Cassette, Digital
COFFINBORN is a death metal trio from Hungary, formed in the end of 2012. They released a MCD, "Beneath The Cemetery", in 2014. But due to logistical reasons, it has taken almost 10 years for their full-length debut, "Cadaveric Retribution". Not much have changed though, as it's still the same line-up, same influences and the same old sound. So what we get here is simply classic death metal, and nothing else.
No, they are hardly here to reinvent the genre. But it sounds exactly as we want it to, so you listen anyway. Simple as that.

INSOMNIUM: Anno 1696
Century Media on Feb. 24 - CD, 2LP/CD, Deluxe 2CD Artbook, Digital
This is the 9th album from Finnish melancholy metal band INSOMNIUM. "Anno 1696" leads us deep into a dark and troublesome past in Northern Europe, a time of witches, of superstition, of bloodlust and frenzy. ..and of werewolves. No nice bedtime stories, but very metal of course.
The music is heavy, and the vocals harsh. They also catch a dark atmosphere, and it all fits very good to the theme. You could possibly call this post-doom metal if you want to, even though it's more or less on the border to melodic death metal sometimes. It's an interesting album. |

DARK EMBRACE: Dark Heavy Metal
Massacre Records on Feb. 24 - CD, LP, Digital
Even though they call this "Dark Heavy Metal", it's actually not so dark. I would rather say that it's powerful and melodic heavy metal that we get here, but with a more aggressive and harsh voice. But it might of course be the lyrics that are dark, as we have titles like "Never Seen The Sun" and "Personal Hell" for example.
Everything works very good here. And they have also succeeded in producing a varied material, with all kinds of influences. Yes, it's a very strong album that they have made, and I really like it.
There's also some guests on this album: Snowy Shaw (KING DIAMOND, DREAM EVIL, SABATON, etc.), Antti Wirman (WARMEN, KING COMPANY, ex-CHILDREN OF BODOM) and Jari Pailamo (KING COMPANY). |

OFFICER X: Incandescent
Officer X - Digital Single
"Incandescent" is taken from the band's debut album, "Hell Is Coming", which was released in September last year. The band play traditional heavy metal, so I don't think a deeper analysis of how it sounds is needed. This song is not so bad, so I guess you could give it a try.
Too much right now, so not much else to add there.. But you could of course check out my review of the album if you want some more to read: 2022/october.html#officer-hell |

MAERZFELD: Alles anders
Metalville Records on Feb. 24 - CD, LP, Fan Box
Here in Sweden, Anders is a name. But in German it means different. So "Alles anders" means "everything is different". I guess that some bands are still doing their post-pandemic album..
MAERZFELD play some kind of German rock. And as usual with those kind of bands, all their lyrics are in German while the music is melodic with heavy guitars and catchy choruses.
Even though I don't understand what they sing about, this is a good album. Not much to complain about for fans of German rock.

KÜNTSQUÄD: Küntsquäd
Wormholedeath Records on Feb. 24 - CD
This album is a wild brew of crust punk and death metal. It's raw, dirty and intense.
KÜNTSQUÄD hailing from Melbourne, Australia, and this is their debut album. The band take inspiration from such acts as SEPULTURA, DISCHARGE, DAMAGED and CARCASS, while incorporating death/black/doom metal and crusty punk influences. The members comes from various other projects, like VELVET HAMMER, DAMNZAL, TRIPHAMMER, SOLEMN CEREMONY, ELDRITCH RITES, OPEN DOOR OF DOOM etc.
Most of these 14 tracks are around 2-3 minutes, and most of the material is good. Fast attacks are delivered straight in your face, and you better listen. Sometimes it's almost a little chaotic though.
This is a band that fits perfect for both death metallers and crust punks. And if you like both, then this is definitely something for you. |

ICESTORM: The Northern Crusades
Icestorm on Feb. 24 - CD, Digital
To begin the album with an old man telling a story wasn't the best idea. But after that it's much better.
This is the 4th concept album from ICESTORM, where they gives us melodic death metal and a epic story about the crusades in northern Europe. A band that I immediately think of when I hear this is AMON AMARTH. But it's said that they are also influenced by bands like BLIND GUARDIAN, BOLT THROWER, TURISAS, WINDIR and even LAMB OF GOD. A damn good album anyway. No doubt about that. You have to check this out!
ICESTORM was founded in Riells del Fai (Barcelona) in 2006.

GRIM JUSTICE: Justice In The Night
Iron Shield Records on Feb. 24 - CD
O.k., I have already reviewed this album last year: Then it was self released digitally only, but now the album will also be released as CD. And that is nice of course, as the album still sounds very good. So if you like heavy metal inspired by the 80s and hard rock from the 70s, then you should absolutely give this Austrian band a try.
Read my old review for further details.. |

FAIRYTALE: Army Of Ghosts
Pure Steel Records on Feb. 24 - CD
FAIRYTALE is a German heavy metal band, founded in 2000. They are now back with a new strong line-up, and ready to deliver a new album. Their sound is still based on the heavy metal of the 80s, so no modern elements can be heard here. It's dark and hard, yet very powerful and catchy. It may sound familiar, but they still put their own stamp on it all.
The songs are good, and they are doing a good job, so I have nothing to complain about. |

SIENA ROOT: Revelation
Atomic Fire Records on Feb. 24 - CD, LP
This album was supposed to be released in August 2022 via Metalville Records, but was postponed. Now it will finally be released though, but through Atomic Fire Records instead. Not really sure what happened there, but as I already had written the review when that happened, I can just as well publish it, even though their new label have not sent me the album for review.
I have seen the name SIENA ROOT here and there during the last years, but it's not until now that I have finally heard this Swedish band. But it seems like they have been around for 20 years already.
SIENA ROOT are not afraid to blend in all kinds of instruments to add an Oriental flavor to their songs, especially in some of the songs in the second half. What they presents is a mixture of retro rock, 70s hard rock and acoustic folk rock. It's a very dynamic and strong album that they have created for us, with a wild and creative mixture of different styles. Sometimes they rock, and sometimes it's more melancholy.
I really like this! This album is magical! |

SARCOPTES: Prayers To Oblivion
Transcending Obscurity Records on Feb. 24 - CD, Digital
After releasing an EP, "Plague Hymns", SARCOPTES return with a full-length album, "Prayers To Oblivion". What we get is a mixture of fast black and thrash metal, but also some atmospheric bits. It's of the epic kind you could say. And songs that are 13-14 minutes is nothing unusual here. But there is at least 2 that are shorter, just 4:21 to 5 minutes. Each of the songs follow an interconnected series of historical tragedies in chronological order, from the events of World War I to the Vietnam war.
I like it best when it's fast and brutal, but I guess those atmospheric parts have their function too somehow. I have heard better, but also a lot worse than this. This is at least worth checking out. |

CRANEIUM: Sands Of Gold
The Sign Records - Digital Single
Finnish fuzz rock outfit CRANEIUM is a guitar-driven band. They draw musical influence from 70s hard rock and 90s desert psychedelia, which gives them a heavy and bluesy sound. At the same time they succeed to make a good song out of those ingredients. Yes, this could be worth a try. And especially if you're into heavy rock and heavy psych.
The band formed in Turku in 2011, and has released 3 full-length albums, 1 cassette and 2 split LPs.

ONTBORG: Following The Steps Of Damnation
Black Lion Records on Feb. 24 - CD, Digital
ONTBORG hailing from northern Italy, and formed in 2017. Their debut album, "Within The Depths Of Oblivion", was released in 2019, and now their second album is here.
This band combine traditional HM-2 death metal with black metal melodies, which gives us a aggressive but yet melodic sound. It's tight and very well-done. So yes, these guys can be really proud of what they have created.
We get 10 tracks, and all are great. This is something that fans of meldoic death metal have to check out. |

MÄRVEL: Double Decade
The Sign Records on Feb. 24 - 2LP, Digital
Marvel somewhere in Gothenburg
Swedish rock band MÄRVEL continue to celebrate their 20th anniversary this year too (the masked trio formed in 2002). This double album is a best of, but it also includes previously hard to find B-sides and rare tracks, as well as 2 brand new songs. A total of 23 explosive tracks to shake loose to.
MÄRVEL are often described as a high energy rock band. But many of the songs on this collection are actually catchy and melodic. Sure there's some energy too, but not like in fast and sweaty. Let's call it something like catchy high octane rock n roll.
Is this any good then? Are you joking? Of course it is! I really like this band, and it's not many of the songs that I have heard that are bad. Possibly less good then. This is simply a great compilation that you just have to check out. |

LES LULLIES: Dernier Soir
Beluga Records/Folc/Bachelor/Adrenalin/Head Records - 7" Single
Catchy and melodic punk rock/power pop in French. I like it! It sounds like something from the late 70s, rather than something from today. So it's almost a little like a forgotten treasure from that era, even though it's not from the 70s at all. Because this is actually a first taste of their upcoming album, "Mauvaise Foi", which will be released this spring via Slovenly Recordings.
So yes, if you like good old punk rock, then you really have to check out these guys. |

ENDED: Into The Nothing
Melodic Passion Records on Feb. 24 - CD
ENDED hailing from Alingsås (a few miles from Gothenburg) in Sweden, and released their debut album in 2014. "Into The Nothing" is their third album. The music that these 5 gentlemen play is best described as melodic metal. The album last for over an hour, and is a journey through both light and darkness. There's both cinematic and progressive elements here.
Well, it sounds like they know what they are doing. It's very professionally done, and the songs are absolutely not bad at all. Fans of melodic progressive metal should give this album a chance, because I think those people are the right audience for this. |

Suicide Squeeze on Feb. 24 - LP, CD, Digital
This album begins soft and psychedelic. The next track is more catchy though, but still a little psychedelic I think. And the third track almost sounds like something from the 60s, which most of these songs does by the way. The 4th number is a little heavier, but towards the end of the song they increase the speed. And in "What Are The Odds" there's more action. After that we get a few psychedelic songs, and then comes a song that I guess we can call garage rock/power pop. The second last song is a little softer, while the last song is soft but not slow (if you get that?).
The album is a mixture of garage rock, psychedelic rock and power pop, all with a 60s sound and the typical reverb on the vocals. You could possibly mention proto-punk too. Simply a cool sound from another era, even though it was recorded in modern time.

Narnia Songs - Digital Single
Swedish melodic metal band NARNIA will release their 9th studio album, "Ghost Town", on March 17. "Rebel" is a first taste of that album. And it sounds damn good! It's melodic, yet very powerful. And this is just 1 of many great songs from the new album (which you can read more about in March). So yes, you really have something to look forward to if you like NARNIA.
So while you wait for the album, you check out this masterpiece. O.k.?

MOLOSSER CRUDE: At My Feet (Hounds Of Hell)
Evil Ear on Feb. 18 - Digital Single
Another cool song from this Swedish power duo. But the drums are a little too loud here. They talk about a combination of noise rock, hardcore/punk and jazz, but I think it sounds like the usual heavy blues/stoner rock, even though it's a litlle odd somehow. It's more noisey and loud, and even more raw and dirty as well. A perfectly ok song.
Even though the official release date is February 18, you can already now (Feb. 17) check it out at, where the song have its premiere.

Vick LeCar's GALLUX REX: Vick LeCar's Gallux Rex
Righteous Path Records on Feb. 17 - MCD
Vick LeCar's GALLUX REX is from New Orleans, Louisiana. Their sound is rooted in the hard rock from the 70s, like DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW, BLACK SABBATH and BAD COMPANY. It's blues based and powerful. Simply the good old stuff.
Vick LeCar is a guitarist born in Santiago, Chile. His family escaped the dictatorship, and ended up in New Jersey, USA, where Vick became a part of the rock scene on the East Coast. In 1998 he joined Joe Lynn Turner (RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE, Yngwie Malmsteen) and his solo band. In 2016 he moved to New Orleans.
Well, this 5-track EP sounds really good. They have a strong material here.

MISS BEHAVIOUR: Heart Of Midwinter (reissue)
Pride & Joy Music on Feb. 17 - CD, Digital
Swedish melodic rock band MISS BEHAVIOUR re-release their rare debut album in a limited edition of just 500 CDs. Pride & Joy Music will also re-release the band's whole back catalogue on digital platforms, including this debut.
MISS BEHAVIOUR was formed in Norrköping in 2003, and "Heart Of Midwinter" was released in 2006 on a small label called Sunset Fox Records. This is not a pure melodic rock or AOR album, but more like melodic hard rock. I think of bands like EUROPE and TREAT for example. A very good album anyway. No doubt about that.
The band is still alive, and are currently writing some new material. |

CZAKAN: State Of Confusion (reissue)
Pride & Joy Music on Feb. 17 - CD
German 80s hard rockers CZAKAN have returned, and they seems to have big plans for the future. But to begin with they re-release this album with an expanded booklet and remastered.
"State Of Confusion" is the band's debut album from 1989, which sold around 25,000 copies in Germany. It's a melodic hard rock album that has not lost its power. They have some really strong songs here, that I think every fan of 80s hard rock like BONFIRE, SCORPIONS and DOKKEN could like.
Whatever happened after the release of this album seems to be a mystery though. What we know is that they went on tour as opening act for URIAH HEEP on their 20th Anniversary tour, but after that it seems like it all ran out in the sand. But as I said in the beginning of this review, now they are back again. More news soon they say.. |

Chris Rosander: The Monster Inside
Pride & Joy Music on Feb. 17 - CD
This sounds exactly like an AOR album from the 80s. And I'm pretty sure that's the whole idea of this. So if that sounds exiting to you, then you should really check this out, because it's absolutely not bad. Fact is that Chris has plenty of really good songs on this album.
Chris Rosander is a 25-year old musician and songwriter from Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. He have been writing songs in the AOR, melodic rock and West Coast genre since he was 14. His musical work includes artists and bands like Michael Ruff, Paulo Mendonca, Frank Ådahl and X-ROMANCE. The first solo album, "King Of Hearts", was released in 2020. But since it wasn't possible to get out to play live shows at the time, due to the pandemic, he started the writing process for a new album, "The Monster Inside". |

CHILD: Meditations In Filth
EAT Heavy Records on Feb. 17 - LP
Don't let the band name fool you to believe that this would be something for children. No, this is very adult and very brutal. We talk about fast death/grind/crust here. Normally not something that impress me, as it use to be total chaos. But this band surprise me by being one of the few that are better. Much better actually!
CHILD is a bunch of Swedish death/grind punks based in both Gothenburg and Stockholm, and this is their first album. The members comes from bands like LET THEM HANG, GRAND CADAVER, Mr. DEATH, AARDENA and even DIVISION OF LAURA LEE, just to name a few.
As you probably have figured out already, this is a brutal attack from the first to the last song. But they do it with style, and are never too extreme. They can actually play and make good catchy songs, even though it goes very fast. And then it actually works. |

OCEANHOARSE: Heads Will Roll
Noble Demon on Feb. 17 - CD, LP
"Heads Will Roll" is the sophomore full-length record of Finnish heavy metal band OCEANHOARSE. And this album picks up where its predecessor left off, but also go one step further they say.
It's 11 dynamic songs that we get here. The guitars are heavy and riff based, yet there's melody. The vocals is clean and melodic, yet powerful. Their sound is more modern than old school, even though it's hardly the latest sound either. They don't destroy their music with pop, which seems to be popular today, so it sounds good, and could be worth a try. |

SPECTRAL SOULS: Towards Extinction
Hammerheart Records on Feb. 17 - CD, LP
SPECTRAL SOULS play old school death metal that will remind you of the golden era of death metal. And they do it very good. This is something for those of you who are tired of modern death bands who play progressive and/or technical. What you get here is just straight and raw death metal like it was in the beginning.
The band began their journey in Lima, Peru in 2019. "Towards Extinction" is their first album, but I hope there will be more, because this was not so bad at all. |

THRENODY: Rid Of Flesh
Threnody - CD, Digital
It looks like the story of this band goes all the way back to 1988, when some kids from Reading, PA, USA decided to form a death metal band. The band existed for almost 2 years, and recorded 2 EPs, but just 1 of them was released.
In 2020 they reunited the band with 2 new members from the UK and Ecuador to re-record the songs in the good old way, like in 1990. And what we get is what we nowadays call old school death metal. It's raw and heavy. There are some transport lines at the beginning of some songs, but for the most part it's not that bad.

TRANSATLANTIC: The Final Flight - Live At L'Olympia
InsideOut Music on Feb. 17 - 3CD/Blu-ray, 4LP, Digital
I would not say that TRANSATLANTIC have anything new to come up with when it comes to progressive rock. Because this sounds familiar. But they are nor better or worse than any other band in this genre. It's like they blend various ingredients from all those other bands, and that's probably why it sounds like I have heard this before, and not just once or twice.
It's a wild mixture of shorter and longer pieces. Some songs have vocals, some are instrumental. Why they had to include a lot of talking, which last for 3:21 minutes, is a good question - Who wants to listen to that?
TRANSATLANTIC is a supergroup, with past and present members from bands like MARILLION, DREAM THEATER, SPOCK'S BEARD and The FLOWER KINGS. This release was recorded and filmed in Paris, France last year, on the last stop on a tour to promote their fifth album, "Absolute Universe" (2021). And they played for 3 hours! But then 2 of the songs last for as long as 35 minutes and 28 minutes. Prog rockers are crazy..
Even though the title says "The Final Flight", this is NOT the end of TRANSATLANTIC. |

Wild Kingdom Records - Digital Single
TRENCH DOGS is a glam rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. They will release a new album, "Stockholmiana", on March 3, and this is a taste of that. This song is a little darker than the rest of the songs, but it sure ain't bad, and gives the material variation. Maybe not a typical glam song, if there is such thing?
This is a band that you should check out if you like Swedish bands like DIAMOND DOGS and VELVET INSANE. |

SARDO NUMSPA: Spöket I Maskinen
Second Class Kids Records - CD, LP/CD
SARDO NUMSPA comes from southern Sweden, and sing in the dialect Skånska. They play trallpunk in the more melodic tradition. What I mean is that the music is trallpunk, while the vocals is melodic.
I don't know if they celebrate some kind of anniversary too (once again, no information at all), because for some reason there's as much as 24 tracks on this album, which is way too much at once. Especially when there's also a lack of variety. It's like the album last forever (well, it last for almost an hour at least). Something like 8-10 tracks would have been enough of this.
But with that said, this was not so bad after all, even though I get tired of it towards the second half. So maybe you should not do like me, and listen to all songs at once. This will probably be a lot better in small doses, because they are definitely not bad at what they are doing. |

EPA: Tretton Övningar I Mindfulness (reissue)
Second Class Kids Records - CD, LP/CD
This is the second pressing of this album, which was recorded in 2013 and 2015, and released in 2018. For some reason I did not get it for review when it first was released, so I'm glad that I got it this time.
EPA was formerly known as Klartgrabbenskahaenepamedsilvertej&uffe. It's a punk rock band from Sweden, with Bulten from LASTKAJ 14 among the members. And if you want more of her vocals, then you should absolutely check out EPA.
We get 13 songs in 21:51 minutes. It's often fast, catchy and melodic, and many will probably put them in the trallpunk genre. But I prefer to call it melodic punk rock instead. And I really like what I hear! So let's hope that they get the time and energy to make a new album soon. |

KARDINAL SYND: Kardinalens Femte
Second Class Kids Records - CD, 2LP/CD
Swedish trallpunk band KARDINAL SYND celebrate their 10-year anniversary with this special album. But for some reason it says KARDINALEN on the album cover, so you begin to wonder if they have changed name or something? And no information was included, and nothing could be found (weak). But anyway, the first part consist of 10 brand new tracks, while the second part features cover versions of earlier KARDINAL SYND songs by 8 other bands - LASTKAJ 14, SARDO NUMSPA, BJÖRNARNA, SKRAMMEL, FABRIKEN, N:A HOSPITALET, JÄRNCELL and Vi Heter JA. That means 20 songs and a playing time of 70 minutes. But the cover versions gives a wide variety, as each band put their own touch on the songs. So it really works. And their new songs are just as good as their old songs, so this is really good.
If you like classic Swedish trallpunk, then this is something that you must check out. |

Ronnie Romero: Raised On Heavy Radio
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
Ronnie has really choosen some really cool songs this time. Many of them are songs that I heard when I was a kid in the 80s, so they are classics to me of course. The only unexpected track here is "The Battle Rages On" by DEEP PURPLE. It would have been more obvious with something like "Highway Star" or "Speed King" for example. But why do what people expect?
Among the artists that he covers this time are MANOWAR, JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, ACCEPT, Ozzy Osbourne, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW, Yngwie Malmsteen's RISING FORCE, METALLICA etc. There's actually just 1 song that I had not heard before.
The album also have some special guests: Gus G. (FIREWIND, Ozzy Osbourne), Chris Caffery (SAVATAGE, SPIRITS OF FIRE), Roland Grapow (MASTERPLAN, HELLOWEEN), and more.
Ronnie Romero has been singing with bands like LORDS OF BLACK, The FERRYMEN, SUNSTORM, RAINBOW and MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP. "Raised On Heavy Radio" is his second covers album as a solo artist. |

Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
Indian hard rock band GIRISH & THE CHRONICLES has re-recorded their debut album, which was originally released in 2014. And you can have different opinions about something like that of course. If it's a classic album, then it's almost a sin and a very bad idea to re-record it. But this album is hardly a classic, so I guess it's o.k. then.
They have kept most of the vocals from the original recordings. So it's mainly some new breakdowns, chord sequences, solos, and bass and drum parts that are different on this new version of the album. But now I have not heard the original version, so I'm not the one who can compare. One thing is for sure though, this sounds a lot like something American from the 80s. And it sounds really good to me. Definitely worth a try! |

ELECTRIC MOB: 2 Make U Cry & Dance
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
I guess that what they try to do here is an old school bluesy hard rock album. But to me it sounds like a modern hard rock album instead. Not totally useless, but not so interesting either. It's like I have heard the exact same thing before. So in the end this is a pretty boring album. But o.k., the first song, "Sun Is Falling", is actually not so bad.
With influences from the 70s, 80s and 90s, it could have been really good. But I guess it's the modern production that kills the soul here (or something like that?).
ELCTRIC MOB comes from Curitiba, Brazil. Their debut album, "Discharge", was released in 2020. |

CROWNE: Operation Phoenix
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital (LP on March 17)
So, this is the second album with this Swedish all-star band, featuring vocalist Alexander Strandell (ART NATION), keyboardist/producer Jona Tee (H.E.A.T.), bassist John Levén (EUROPE), drummer Christian "Kicken" Lundqvist (The POODLES), and new full-time member, guitarist Love Magnusson (DYNAZTY). Their debut was (as far as I can remember) really good, and this is definitely not bad either. I think of something like ECLIPSE when I listen to this band. Melodic but yet powerful hard rock with passion. The kind of stuff that you just have to like if you're into melodic hard rock. Yes, this is something that you must try. |

Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
Swedish melodic hard rock band ARCTIC RAIN has released their sophomore album, "Unity". And since last time they have recruited a couple of new members: Kaspar Dahlqvist on keyboards and Richard Tonyson on drums.
This time they have tried to make bigger, bolder songs with a more rocking edge. But don't expect any bigger change because of that. Because this is still good old melodic hard rock, but with a modern production.
The songs are o.k., but they don't have any own identity. This is like a copy of a hundred other bands in the same genre. Still o.k. though. |

FAGUS: Neptun I
Silent Future Recordings - Digital Single
This song comes from the debut album of German black metallers FAGUS. It last for as long as 6:44 minutes, but they keep it alive with different elements. This song is atmospheric, heavy, fast, raw and aggressive. Absolutely not bad at all actually. I think you should check this out at once.
The album, titled "Inter", will be released on March 10. So more about that later..

ENDED: Collateral
Melodic Passion Records - Digital Single
ENDED - from Alingsås, Sweden - will release a new album, "Into The Nothing", on February 24. And here's a single from that album.
This band play melodic metal, with both cinematic and progressive elements. And they are absolutely not bad at what they are doing. Which you can hear if you listen to this song. And you should of course give this a try at least, because this is good stuff.
More about the album later this month.. |

OWLS & EAGLES: Enlightenment
Moments Records - Digital Single
This song is 6 minutes long. But then it takes like 2 minutes before it really begin to sound like music. This is actually the first single ever from this Canadian psychedelic doom duo. Their first album, "Patience Vol. 1", will be released on June 1.
"Enlightenment" is of course a heavy and psychedelic piece of music. Maybe not the most brilliant that I have heard in my life, but far away from the worst either. Those of you who like it heavy will probably love this though.

The HIP PRIESTS: Chasing Death
The Sign Records - Digital Single
Since their inception in 2006, The HIP PRIESTS has released as much as 30 7" singles, 4 albums, 2 compilations and 3 EPs. All have been released by various independent labels from all over Europe and the USA. They are now getting ready to release their fifth full-length album, "Roden House Blues", on May 5 through The Sign Records. And this single is a taste of that.
This band deliver their song with lots of energy. It's very punky and intense garage rock that we get here, and I really like it! This is a band that you really should check out. | |

Target Records on Feb. 10 - Digital Single
Not the coolest band name. But then it's not any hard and heavy music that we get from these Danish boys, but rather AOR.
Their new single, "Sailing On", is said to be an ode to the classic 80s movie montage, inspired by great soundtrack legends like Kenny Loggins and JOURNEY. This is a soft and melodic song, with a big touch of the 80s. So if you're into that, then you have to give these boys a try. Because this is absolutely not bad at all.
BOYS FROM HEAVEN has released a EP in 2017 and an album in 2020. Their second album, "The Descendant", is due this spring. |

MÖTLEY CRÜE: Crücial Crüe - The Studio Albums 1981-1989
BMG on Feb. 17 - 5LP Box Set, 5CD Box Set
This limited edition box set includes the 5 first albums with the legendary MÖTLEY CRÜE. This is all you need with the band, because this is the best albums according to me. But then I grew up with these albums.
"Too Fast For Love" is one of my favorite albums with MÖTLEY CRÜE (don't know how many partys I have played it at). It's full of great songs. And I also like the young and raw energy that they had here. But they also looked cool and almost dangerous at the time. This is a really strong debut album. Not a single bad song according to me.
When "Shout At The Devil" came out, they looked even more scary to a little kid. This is another favorite album with this band, and this is also full of great songs that have become classics. The production is better than on the debut, but there's still some of that young and raw energy, even though this album have a totally different attitude compared to the first album. The songs are a little darker and heavier.
But then came "Theatre Of Pain", and everything changed. All danger was gone. Both look and music had changed to something that I guess is best described as colorful glam rock, but with heavy guitars. This is the weakest album of these 5. But that doesn't mean that it's totally hopeless. After all, it produced 2 big hits: "Smokin' In The Boys Room" (a BROWNSVILLE STATION cover) and "Home Sweet Home". And even though this album is weaker, most of the songs are not so bad. And this is always better than anything they have released after 1989.
On "Girls, Girls, Girls" they had developed the sound a little again, and took it to the next step you could say. It's like the previous album, but less glam and most of all a much stronger material. And on this album they also began to use choir girls, and towards the end of "Dancing On Glass" we can hear a gospel woman singing the shit out of Vince Neil, haha. This album have lots of really good songs that I like, but why they had to include a cover of "Jailhouse Rock" has always been a mystery to me. Not because it's a bad song, but because they have to repeat the same shit for I don't know how many times.
"Dr. Feelgood" is more or less more of the same thing as we got on the previous album. Another really good record with many classics. But among all the classics are also some weaker songs. Fact is that I can't even remember 3 of the songs (it looks like I didn't even have the album in my record collection like I thought, which means that I probably have not heard this album since 1989). Unfortunately this was their last great album according to me. Beacuse after this album and its tour, nothing was the same again. They tried a more modern sound, changed members etc. But that's another story.. |

SCHIZOPHRENIA: Chants Of The Abyss
Schizophrenia on Feb. 10 - MCD, Digital
After just 1 album, "Recollections Of The Insane", Belgian death/thrash metallers SCHIZOPHRENIA release a covers EP. 6 songs by bands like SLAYER, MORBID ANGEL, JUDAS PRIEST, MISFITS, EXODUS and GBH is what we get here. But this band is not satisfied with just playing the songs in its original way, but add their own touch to every song. And therfor a mixture of death metal, heavy metal and punk works just fine. Because in the end it just sounds like SCHIZOPHRENIA - Hard and brutal metal, but without losing soul and being too different. A pretty good EP, that you can listen to a few times.

AFM Records on Feb. 10 - CD, Digital
Vocalist Elana Justin have teamed up with Grammy winning producer/guitarist Nick Rowe, and this duo have reworked songs from Elana's former New York band, and taken the music in a much heavier direction. We can also hear special guests like Marcos Curiel (P.O.D.), Ray Luzier (KORN), and Carla Harvey (BUTCHER BABIES) on this album.
Even though this might sound a little too modern for me, I guess it works somehow. I have absolutely heard a lot worse. And how do I describe the music then? Modern alternative hard rock/metal maybe? A mix of melody, heavy guitars, emotion and aggression is common ingredients here.
If you're going to check out just 1 modern album, then I recomnd this one. And if you're already a fan of more modern stuff, then you should also try this. |

FROZEN DAWN: The Decline Of The Enlightened Gods
Transcending Obscurity Records on Feb. 10 - CD, Digital
It's said that this Spanish trio have been perfecting their sound for a decade and a half, and this is how true black metal is supposed to sound like according to me. Full speed ahead and pure anger. But even though it's intense, there's also room for melodies, which they blend in here and there. It's all very well done.
If you want it the good old way, then you should really give this band a try. |

eMOLECULE: The Architect
Inside Out Music on Feb. 10 - CD, LP, Digital
Former SOUND OF CONTACT members Simon Collins and Kelly Nordstrom return with the new band eMOLECULE. And this debut album features intense, heavy guitar and drum performances, as well as deep, atmospheric and emotionally driven arrangements. Simply an album with a little bit of everything. And with its modern production, this is a progressive rock album for the present and the future. But I'm pretty sure that old prog fans will like this too, as they use to be pretty open-minded. So if you want something more artistic, then this could be your thing. |

DISTANT: Heritage
Century Media on Feb. 10 - CD, LP, Digital
I guess this is what they call deathcore then? It wasn't good anyway. Not really sure why I don't like this. Maybe I'm just too weak? Because this is pretty brutal stuff. These boys are often on the border to chaos actually. It's loud and disturbing. Like they're not here to make any friends, but rather to terrorize with their "music".
DISTANT is a Dutch/Slovak ensamble. This is their first album released by Century Media, but they have previously released 2 albums and a few EPs. Their music is really heavy, yet brutal and not slow. I guess this is what happens when you decide to combine brutal death metal with doom, and then tune down a ridiculous amount - A heavy wall of extreme noise.
If you want something sick and brutal, then try this. I'm probably too old for this shit.. |

DEVISER: Evil Summons Evil
Hammerheart Records on Feb. 10 - CD, LP
After 12 years, Greek black metallers DEVISER return with a new album. They might not do anything unique here, but they do it damn good. It's raw and harsh, but there's also melodies once in a while. These 10 songs goes in mid-tempo, so it's a little heavier you could say. But it's not less extreme because of that.
The album is produced, mixed and mastered by Psychon of SEPTICFLESH, and features Heljarmadr (DARK FUNERAL, GRA), Efthimis Karadimas (NIGHTFALL) and Androniki Skoula (soprano, CHAOSTAR) on guest vocals. |

ITERUM NATA: Trench Of Loneliness
Nordvis Produktion on Feb. 10 - CD, LP, Digital
Well, this was a very soft and laidback story. Psychedelic folk rock is how they describe this Finnish project's music. Atmospheric neo-folk is a other description that you can use. This should not be of interest to me, as it sounds more like lullabies. But to my surprise I really like these songs after a few times. This is actually brilliant! Who would think that?
ITERUM NATA is a solo project of Jesse Heikkinen, a former lead guitarist of HEXVESSEL. His first album came out in 2017, and "Trench Of Loneliness" is his 4th album. |

FREDLÖS: Fredlös
Threeman Recordings on Feb. 10 - CD, 2LP, Digital
Swedish dark folk metal band FREDLÖS is said to attract fans of SOLSTAFIR, HEILUNG, MYRKUR, MÅNEGARM and Scandinavian metal. The band came together in the spring of 2021, and features Alex Hellid (ENTOMBED) on guitar, among others. And this self titled debut album also features guest vocals from Erik Gravsiö (MÅNEGARM) on 2 of the tracks. But otherwise it's clean female vocals.
Sometimes it's almost like doom metal mixed with folk music, sometimes heavy metal mixed with folk music, and sometimes just folk music. They blend heavy guitars with more traditional instruments, and weaves together metal, rock, folk music and traditional music themes. It's a varied album that they have created anyway. And it's not bad. |

FALLING IN REVERSE: Watch The World Burn
Epitaph Records - Digital Single
Total crap! Somebody came up with the bad idea of combining hip hop with metal, which in this case doesn't work at all. It sounds more like a modern hip hop song than a metal song, and I don't really like hip hop (unless it's the early stuff from the 80s then).
FALLING IN REVERSE is said to be one of the bigger names in the metalcore genre, which is another genre that I'm not such a big fan of. The band's catalog has over 2.7 billion streams. My only question is why? There's so many better bands and artists that you can listen to, who actually know how to make great songs. |

DETRAKTOR: Full Body Stomp
Massacre Records - LP, CD, Digital
DETRAKTOR consists of 1 Canadian and 2 guys from Chile, but they are based in Hamburg, Germany. The band formed in 2016, and thrash metal from the 80s and 90s is said to be their favourite, even though I hear both groove metal and something that almost sounds like industrial elements in their music. The vocals is really loud, while they play both heavy and fast.
This might not be the best thrash band that I have heard, even though it doesn't suck. I guess it's that loud vocals that bothers me the most (which sometimes reminds me of when I heard MINISTRY for the first time). But it's not impossible that fans of early SEPULTURA might like this.
DETRAKTOR has previously released 1 EP and 1 album. |

The STONE EYE: Donora
Electric Talon Records - Digital Single
The STONE EYE is an alternative rock band who is looking for their own creative sound. The band hailing from Philadelphia, and was formed in 2014. "Donora" is the first of 4 singles from their upcoming album, "Fata Morgana", which will be released on April 28.
To me this sounds like a tricky song, with all kinds of different elements involved. I almost want to call it progressive rock actually. It's absoultely not a hit song anyway. I actually don't really know what they want to achieve with this kind of music. | |

UNKNOWN: Vanishing Point
Self released - Digital Album
This is the debut album from Connecticut's UNKNOWN. Which is a traditional metal band based on NWOBHM and old school thrash metal, as well as some old school prog. Let's just say that fans of the sound of the 80s should enjoy this.
Now I don't know much more about this band, so this will be very short. These 8 tracks gives us powerful metal and melodic vocals. I call it melodic heavy metal. And it's not so bad at all. I think you should give these guys a try.

TEN: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
UK hard rock veterans TEN used the downtime during the worldwide pandemic to work on not 1, but 2 new albums. The first album, "Here Be Monsters", was released about a year ago. And now, the second album is here as well.
I called the last album "a strong and well-crafted album". So does this second album live up to that too? Well, it actually does. This is another album with lots of great songs. And I don't think I have to say much more than that, because if you're not too stupid, then you have figured out that this could be worth checking out. So do that! |

ISSA: Lights Of Japan
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
"Lights Of Japan" is the 7th studio album from Norwegian singer Issa Oversveen. It's said to be somewhere between her debut, "Signs Of Angels", and 2018's "Run With The Pack". I guess it's supposed to be melodic rock from the 80s, but this sounds more like hard pop to me. The 80s sound is there though, and there's no doubt that she can sing, which lifts the whole thing a bit at least. Maybe this wasn't so bad after all? It just took a while to figure that out.
Fans of melodic rock from the 80s, with pop melodies, should give this a try. |

HEROES & MONSTERS: Heroes And Monsters
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
This is a new hard rock trio, featuring bassist/vocalist Todd Kerns (Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The CONSPIRATORS, The AGE OF ELECTRIC, TOQUO, Bruce Kulick), guitarist Stef Burns (Y&T, Alice Cooper), and drummer Will Hunt (EVANESCENCE, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, SLAUGHTER). What they try to do on this debut album, is to combine the best of 2 worlds. Which means that they blend the old with the new. The result is an o.k. hard rock album, where some stuff is better and some less good. Those better songs could absolutely be worth a try, and the less good are actually not that many.

BIG CITY: Sunwind Sails
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
BIG CITY is a melodic hard rock band from Norway. The singer, Jørgen Bergersen, have been a member of a EUROPE cover band. And there is some EUROPE in BIG CITY's music too, even though they blend in some other ingredients too, like some light metal for example. This new album has lots of great songs, so I think it's brilliant. Every fan of good old melodic hard rock from Scandinavia should check this out at once.
The band released their debut album, "Wintersleep", in 2014. Jørgen Bergersen joined the band in 2019. |

TROLD: Sensommerbålet
Mighty Music - Digital Single
So, a summer song in the middle of the winter? But summer, yes please!
Danish folk metal band TROLD features musicians from bands like DAWN OF DEMISE, PREVAIL, KURGAN and SYLVATICA. This song is the first single from their upcoming debut album, and it features a guest appearance by René Pedersen (MERCENARY). It sounds very good, and fans of the folk metal genre should absolutely enjoy this song.
The album will be released later this year.. |

Rotten To The Core/To Live A Lie Records - LP, Digital
ENDORPHINS LOST is a hardcore/powerviolence collective from the Pacific Northwest, formed in 2010. They deliver a violent cocktail of crust, grind and hardcore, with a twist of sludge. It's very raw and intense, yet a focused and contolled chaos you could say. Most songs are pretty short, 22 seconds to 1 and a half minute, even though a couple of songs are longer than that (up to 3 minutes).
It's mainly full speed ahead here, with a few heavy parts here and there. So if you like it fast and intense, then try this album. You should not be dissapointed. | |

ÅSKVÄDER: Don't Worry
The Sign Records - Digital Single
Swedish action rockers ÅSKVÄDER are back with a new single. And this sounds really good my friend, because this song is great. Think of something melodic with The HELLACOPTERS for example. If you like that, then you will definitely like this song too.
You should also check out their previous material for some more great stuff. | |

JENNER: To Live Is To Suffer (reissue)
Fighter Records on March 7 - CD, LP, Cassette, Digital
JENNER is a heavy/thrash metal band from Serbia founded in December 2013 as a cover band. In 2014 they began to write their own original songs, and in 2017 their first full-length album, "To Live Is To Suffer", was released. In March 2020 they released the EP "The Test Of Time". In October 2022 JENNER signed with Fighter Records, who will re-release "To Live Is To Suffer".
This is mainly an energetic album, but there's also melodic moments and a little technical parts here and there. They have succeeded to make 8 really good songs, so this should not dissapoint you.
The band is currently working on new songs, and plan to enter the studio in 2023 to record their second full-length. That will be very interesting to hear.

SARKASM: As Empires Decay
Xtreem Music - CD, LP, Cassette, Digital
"As Empires Decay" is the debut album from these Canadian death metallers. But the story of the band goes all the way back to 1990 actually, when they originally formed. They released 4 demos before they split up in 1994. But after an eternity, they are now back with the same line-up as in 1992.
The style that SARKASM are into is technical death/thrash. Not extremely technical though. They mention acts like early GORGUTS, OBLIVEON, DEATH, PESTILENCE and ABSORBED in the press release, which might give you an idea of this band's sound. It sounds good anyway.
The album features guest vocals from Luc Lemay of GORGUTS on select tracks, and mastering was done by the legendary Dan Swanö.

REVOLTING: Born To Be Dead
Xtreem Music - CD, Digital
What we have here is pure straight in your face Scandinavian old school death metal, with excellent guitar melodies. Add a touch of crust punk and horror lyrics to that, and then you have the sound of REVOLTING.
This is yet another one of all the bands with Rogga Johansson, so then you know that it's a high quality product that you get here. And yes, there's really nothing to complain about here.
8 albums and still kicking ass. Wondeful! |

Darkwoods - MCD, Digital
Some kind of atmospheric and really heavy stuff that last for an eternity. The first track is 12 minutes, and the second is 11:20 minutes. You get long instrumental parts too.
This Spanish 1-man band's music is called atmospheric funeral doom metal. And that sounds like a really good description to this. It's slow and sounds almost haunted somehow. Miserable might be a better word?
ORNAMENTOS DEL MIEDO is led by Ángel Chicote (GRAVEYARD OF SOULS, MASS BURIAL), and he has released 3 full-length albums before this 2-track EP.

XALPEN: Moon-Woman
Black Lodge Records - Digital Single
This is a intense black metal song in the old school, that last for as long as 8 minutes. And they don't slow down for 1 second - Impressive! They must have beeen exhausted after playing this song. But in hate and war you go all in or not at all.
Chilean black metallers XALPEN will release a new album, "The Curse Of Kwányep", on March 24. And this is the first single from that album. You should really check this out, because this is damn good stuff! |

KIN WAGON: Return To Zero
Kin Wagon - Digital Single
KIN WAGON are based in São Paulo, Brazil, but also have members from Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and Peru. "Return To Zero" is taken from an upcoming EP, titled "First Arrival". And the sound is somewhere between American and European hard rock from the 80s and 90s. It's melodic, yet not soft. I like what I hear, so if they have more songs like this, then it could be interesting to hear some more.
Fans of melodic hard rock should give this a try. |

HELL'S SATANS: Hell's Satans
Wormholedeath Records - Digital Album
Behind a stupid name, we find a band who play pretty traditional heavy/thrash metal. And that's not so stupid. This band prefer to sing all their songs in Spanish. But they are hardly the first or the last band to do that. Fact is that there's plenty of heavy metal bands singing in Spanish. And I have heard some of them through all the years that this site has existed, so I can say that it works very good.
The band was formed in Chile in 2008 as a cover band. In 2011 they began to write their own material. This self titled album is their debut album, and it could actually be worth a try, because this is pretty good stuff. |

ARCHED FIRE: Pestilence
Wormholedeath Records - Digital Double Single
Typical Tim "Ripper" Owens (KK'S PRIEST, ex-JUDAS PRIEST, Yngwie Malmsteen, ICED EARTH) heavy metal is what I would like to call this. And that man is doing guest vocals on the song "Pestilence". But we also get a b-side here, "Mr. Death".
"Pestilence" is taken from their second album, "Trust Betrayal", to be released in the spring. "Mr. Death" is exclusive for this double single.
If you like US metal/American heavy metal, then this is something for you. Both songs are really good stuff in the old school. | |

HELEVEN: New Horizon, Pt. 1
Art Gates Records on Feb. 3 - CD
HELEVEN formed in September 2016 with the goal of creating limitless music, which is just a other word for progressive according to me. Because I think that is the best way to describe this metal band's music. They are one of these bands who blend in many different influences, and from all kinds of genres. But let's say that heavy guitars and melodic vocals seems to be the main ingredients here. It sounds modern as well, and I hear much groove metal (or whatever I should call it?).
If you are of the nostalgic kind, who just listen to old music, then this is hardly something for you. But if you want something modern, then this could be of interest for you.

The FREQS: Poachers
The Freqs on Feb. 3 - Digital EP
The power trio called The FREQS are based in Salem, Massachusetts. On this EP, which is their 4th, they deliver 6 tracks of fuzzed-out, psych-punk, stoner rock, and sledgehammering noise. This is not any nice music for your Sunday dinner, but rather pretty noisy and raw rock. It makes me think of the more punky stuff with NIRVANA for example, and even The WHITE STRIPES. And it's all delivered with the speakers on 12. Doesn't that sounds like something exiting to you?
This is actually pretty good stuff, and hardly just noise on highest volume. So if you want some more action in your heavy rock, then this could be something for you.

DeadBlondeStars: Metamorphosis
DeadBlondeStars on Feb. 3 - CD
This is a quintet from Sheffield, UK, and "Metamorphosis" is their second album. Their music is alternative rock, with influences from 90s bands like SOUNDGARDEN, ALICE IN CHAINS, PEARL JAM and NIRVANA, as well as AUDIOSLAVE, TEMPLE OF THE DOG, BIG WRECK and BUSH. They have been performing for a number of years already, and has released 2 EPs (in 2015 and 2018). Their first full-length was released in May 2020.
Those influences can really be heard on these 12 songs, and this album is absolutely not bad at all. They seems to deliver their songs with lots of passion, and seems to know exactly what they are doing. So those of you who miss the 90s and the alternative rock/grunge scene, here's a band that you might like.

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