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Infernal Tyrant - Digital EP
No, INFERNAL TYRANT leaves no deeper impression, as they play a kind of American power/thrash metal that I find a little hard to understand. I'm sure that they are good at what they are doing, but these 3 songs doesn't impress me. And then it's not that much I can do about it.
INFERNAL TYRANT is a 2-man project from Georgia, USA formed in 2022. The "Winter EP" is the first of 4 EPs to be released in 2023, with the "Spring EP" coming in May.

Glen Matlock: Consequences Coming
Cooking Vinyl - LP, CD, Digital
Glen Matlock is probably most well-known for being the original bassist of SEX PISTOLS. But he has also played with RICH KIDS, Iggy Pop, PRIMAL SCREAM and The FACES. He is currently touring bassist for BLONDIE.
What he have made here is a rock n roll album that sounds more like something from the 80s than from the 50s or 60s. It's kind and very catchy. This is probably not an album for a action rocker, but rather for those who like good old rock n roll. It sounds o.k. to me anyway.
Matlock has released several solo albums through the years. And 2 of them, "Born Running" (2010) and "Good To Go" (2018) will be re-released by Cooking Vinyl. |

SUCKERPUNCH: Redneck Gasoline (reissue)
Wormholedeath - Digital Album
SUCKERPUNCH is a Danish band, but they are heavily inspired by the Southern way of life and music from America. But there's also influences from classic rock.
This is a digital re-release, but they forgot to mention when the album was originally released. But a small detail like that is not such important information, as it's the music that is the most important thing.
And the music is mainly what I call Southern rock. They have many cool songs here, so this is absolutely worth a re-release. You should give these guys a try. No doubt about that. These guys kicks ass! |

RÅTTANSON: Go Where You Feel The Most Alive
Råttanson - Digital Single
Swedish band RÅTTANSON deliver a catchy garage rocker that most fans of good old rock n roll should like. Simple as that! You check this out, and that's it.
"Go Where You Feel The Most Alive" is the first single from their upcoming release, "Trebled Region EP". It's also the first track as a 4-piece band. And if they have more songs like this on that record, then it will be very interesting.
RÅTTANSON was previously a solo project, who released 2 albums in 2017 and 2019. Today's line-up have members from The WHY OH WHYS and The HiJACKERS.

ViciSolum Productions - Digital Single
This is the second single from the upcoming album, "Metamorphosis", which will be released on May 12. According to vocalist/guitarist Helgi Jónsson, this is perhaps the heaviest song that they have ever written, but at the same time one of the most progressive. It has influences of TOOL and INTRONAUT, he says.
RING OF GYGES is a progressive rock band form Iceland, so that it's progressive is hardly a surprise. But even though it's heavy, it's also melodic, which many of their songs are. So to me this is just another adventure. It sounds good though. |

Beat Butchers - CD, Digital
KÖTTGROTTORNA have been around for 40 years now. And they are actually one of the few Swedish punk rock bands who has never split up - no goodbye and no reunion. Nowadays they are a trio with Happy on drums, Mongo on bass/vocals and Janne on guitar/vocals.
What we get on this new album is more or less the same old thing that we are used to. So a pretty kind punk rock in Swedish. And they can obviously still make good songs after all these years, because this is really good. The lyrics deal with old times, the present and the future. And as usual it's a mixture of both serious and not so serious stuff.
Old fans of KÖTTGROTTORNA should not be dissapointed when they hear this. |

L.A. GUNS: Black Diamonds
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital (LP on July 14)
Well, this doesn't sound like the L.A. GUNS that I'm used to. The first half is mainly like something heavier with LED ZEPPELIN, and towards the end of the album it's more rock n roll and even some garage rock/action rock. But o.k., a couple of these songs reminds me of the old sound too. So they have a good mixture of different kinds of hard rock and rock n roll on this new album, with influences from both the 70s and the 80s. And I would not say that any of these songs are bad, because this is a good album.
Even though they are a band from the 80s, they still succeed to sound like a young band. |

LAZY QUEEN: Growing Pains
Icons Creating Evil Art - MCD, 12" EP, Digital
LAZY QUEEN are based in Oslo, Norway, and play a hybrid of indie rock, alternative rock and punk rock. Sometimes it sounds almost like pop though, like in the first track, "243, New Moon" and the last track, "4th Contact", for example. While some of the other tracks are more like punk rock/power pop ("Dumb MF" and "Option To Nothing") or indie rock ("I See You") instead.
Most of it is good, and they have a very catchy and melodic sound. My favourites are "Dumb MF" and "Option To Nothing". "4th Contact" wasn't so good though, as it just sounds silly to me.
I'm not so sure that this is something for a hard rocker or a punk though. But possibly if you like power pop, then this might work for you.
LAZY QUEEN has previously released 3 EPs. |

LEATHER: We Are The Chosen
SPV/Steamhammer Records - CD, LP
O.k., this album isn't exactly new, as it was released in late November last year. But let's give a short review anyway..
The woman behind this band is metal singer Leather Leone (CHASTAIN), who has been active since the 80s. But it's actually a partnership with lead guitarist Vinnie Tex as well. And if you like heavy and powerful heavy metal from the 80s, then this could be something for you. There's plenty of strong songs on this album that you can bang your head to. And what else can you ask for? |

The NEW Bardots: Thrill Of The Night
The NEW Bardots - Digital Single
"Thrill Of The Night" is the first single from the upcoming full-length LP by New Jersey rock n roll band The NEW Bardots. This song might not be so energetic, but it's catchy somehow. Not bad. But these guys use to do good rock songs, so I guess that's not such a big surprise.
If you like stuff like The ROLLING STONES and early AEROSMITH, then you should give this band a try. |

Burning Minds Group/Atomic Stuff - Digital Single
This is the second single from Italian horror punk rockers SUPERHORROR. It's very catchy and have a strong chorus, just like it should be when it comes to this genre. So this band are in other words doing nothing wrong here. This is something that you really should check out.
"Holy Water" is taken from their new self-produced full-length album, "Devilish Whisper", which was released on April 28. A review of the album comes later (very much now). | |

Thomas Lassar: From Now On
Art Of Melody Music/Burning Minds Music Group - CD, Digital
After a few singles, here's the debut album with this Swedish musician. And this is something for all those who like classic AOR.
Thomas Lassar have a background in the Swedish AOR band CRYSTAL BLUE (which I, as a Swede, have never heard of before, even though the label say that they were "Sweden's most loved, cult, AOR bands"). They released 3 albums between 1993-2003, before they split up. After that he was session musician for various artists. And now he has started a solo career.
"From Now On" is a very strong album, and deserves all the attention it can get. This gives me much more than listening to some old legends that are trying to be relevant in 2023. No, listen to this man instead. Much better. |

Massacre Records - Digital Single
Well, this song sounds more or less like all the other songs on their debut album, "The Burying Point", released on April 28. So in other words a very catchy and melodic kind of punk rock, that fans of a band like MILLENCOLIN should like a lot. The funny thing though is that they label this as horror punk. This doesn't exactly sound like the horror punk I'm used to, like MISFITS for example. So no, I refuse to call this horror punk, no matter how evil they try to be.
This song also features a guest apperance by TB Monstrosity (BLITZKID). | |

Champlin Williams Friestedt: Carrie
Black Lodge Records - Digital Single
These guys will release a new EP on May 5, and this is the title track. It's according to me the only good song of the 6 tracks. We talk about really soft AOR on the border to pop, by some old men from TOTO and CHICAGO, who have teamed up with a Swedish man. But if that sounds like something for you, then I won't stop you from giving it a try. | |

Mighty Music on April 28 - Digital Single
JD Miller in Boras City
Well, this was at least better than their last single, which was too modern and too much pop for me. This song might not be free from those ingredients either, but it's at least heavier and a better song in general, but without being a future classic for me. I would almost describe this as melodic hard rock instead of AOR. But I guess that modern AOR is the best description after all.
A new album will be released later this year.. |

IRONMASTER: Weapons Of Spiritual Carnage
Black Lion Records on April 28 - LP, CD, Digital
IRONMASTER features current and former members of Swedish bands like DARK FUNERAL, SCAR SYMMETRY, RAUBTIER, CARNAL FORGE and FACEBREAKER. "Weapons Of Spiritual Carnage" is their second album.
IRONMASTER play a hysterical kind of blackened death metal. But even though it's fast and intense, they also succeed to blend in a melody in each song. It's said that it's more of everything that you got on the debut, and that it has been taken up a level. It's simply more powerful and faster than before.
Well, this sounds really good, and is definitely worth a try for all fans of extreme metal. |

HOTWIRE: The Story So Far 1993-2023
Yellow Muffin Records on April 28 - CD
Bavarian melodic rockers HOTWIRE split up 17 years ago. Now original members Michael Werner (vocals) and Tom Glas (drums) are back. And they kick off the party with this best of collection, which also includes 1 new song: "Slam!".
The band was founded in 1993, and was hot in their local scene in the 90s. But they also gained a solid fan base in the melodic rock circles. Except for some touring with similar and more famous bands, they also released 2 albums and 1 EP. In 2006 they went seperate ways. But they actually did a small live reunion to celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2013.
Well, this sounds really good, so it should be of interest to those of you who like classic melodic rock and hard rock from the 80s. It's like almost every song here was made to be something big. |

Laketown Records/Punkebjartes Punkeplater/Cimex Records - 7" EP, Digital
Blisterhead at Sticky Fingers
BLISTERHEAD have a raw and dirtier soundscape on this 4-track EP. It's more noisey. But otherwise it's the usual catchy punk rock that we get, but possibly with some more anger then. It sounds really good though, so this is absolutely worth checking out if you like punk.
Swedish band BLISTERHEAD have been kicking ass since the 90s, so they are veterans. | | |

Bollmora Rekords - Digital Single
Here's another single from the upcoming album, "Trubbelmagnet", which will be released on May 12. Another catchy punk rocker in their good old style. So in other words just as good as it should be, and absolutely worth listening to. Perfect party music I suppose (have not tried yet).
Not much else to add there..

ROSS THE BOSS: Legacy Of Blood, Fire & Steel
AFM Records on April 28 - LP
As you probably already know, Ross The Boss (real name Ross Friedman) played guitar for MANOWAR in the 80s. But he has also played with American punk rockers The DICTATORS. This album is a compilation of his solo material though, and it sounds a lot like MANOWAR did in the 80s, but without the same hit potential. That doesn't mean that this is bad though. Oh no, this is actually pretty good stuff. Absolutely worth listening to.
The band ROSS THE BOSS was born in 2006, and they have released 4 studio albums so far. The other members of the band are Marc Lopez on vocals, Mike LePond on bass, and Steve Bolognese on drums.
This compilation comes exclusively on vinyl only, and is said to contain all the highlights from their studio albums. |

GRAVEWORM: Killing Innocence
AFM Records on April 28 - CD, LP
"Killing Innocence" is the 9th album from GRAVEWORM, which is a South Tyrolean extreme metal band. It has taken 8 years since their last album.
This band blend thrash, gothic and death metal to something dark and powerful. This album sounds like melodic death metal to me though. It's hard and brutal, but with melodies and even symphonic elements. An interesting and very good album that you definitely should give a chance.
GRAVEWORM was founded in 1992, and was inspired by bands such as KREATOR, SODOM, SLAYER and VENOM. |

ELVENKING: Reader Of The Runes - Rapture
AFM Records on April 28 - CD, LP
ELVENKING blend heavy metal, pagan metal, folk and melodic death metal. They are described as folk power metal though. This is part 2 of their "Reader of the Runes" trilogy.
To me this sounds mainly like a heavy/power metal album, even though there's a violin lurking in the background and some Celtic elements as well. The songs are mainly of high quality, and you can hear that they already have a few albums under their belt. They have succeeded in the art of creating a grand album, without becoming bloated or overambitious. And that's not bad. |

RUNEMAGICK: Beyond The Cenotaph Of Mankind
Hammerheart Records on April 28 - CD, LP
Swedish doom/death metal band RUNEMAGICK return with a new album. And this is so hard and heavy that it will crush you. If you're a fan of the UK sound of the 90s, then this should be of interest.
There's just 6 songs on this album, but they begin with a monster that's 11:52 minutes long. The rest is a little shorter though, just around 7-9 minutes long.
These guys have a fat sound and the growl fits perfect to this. The songs are absolutely not bad at all, so I think that you should give them a chance. |

RANCID: Tomorrow Never Comes
Hellcat/Epitaph Records - Digital Single
This is the first taste of a new album with California punk veterans RANCID. "Tomorrow Never Comes" is also the title of the album, which will be released on June 2.
It's a catchy and energetic punk rocker in good old RANCID style, so this won't dissapoint you. Very good and very promising for the new album. You should absolutely check this out if you have not done that already. |

PISSED JEANS: No Convenient Apocalypse
Sub Pop - Digital Single (7" vinyl on May 19)
This is a new band for me, who seems to blend sludge, punk and heavy noise to a dark and apocalyptic punk song. It's raw and heavy, yet full of energy. It sounds o.k., but I think I need to hear some more before I can tell if this is a good or bad band. They sure doesn't sound like anybody else though. |

MUDHONEY: Plastic Eternity
Sub Pop - LP, CD, Cassette
Seattle based veterans MUDHONEY are often labeled as alternative rock. But many of the songs on this album sounds like a mixture of space rock and desert rock. But sometimes it sounds like grunge or The STOOGES instead. It's often heavy and almost psychedelic anyway. And this is not so bad at all. They have some cool songs here. But I find it hard to believe that I will go back to this album and listen again in the future. Good while it last though. No doubt about that.
"Plastic Eternity" is the 11th studio album from MUDHONEY.

Bollmora Rekords - Digital Single
Yeah! This song is really rocking. What a ass kicker! Brilliant!
The song is taken from their new album, "Back On The Road", which is out now. And there's more of this stuff on that album. This is a band for all of you who like action filled rock n roll, action rock etc. Even though there's more than just that on the new album.
Read the album review to find out more..

DEAD EXPRESS: Game Changer
DXS on April 28 - CD, LP, Digital
This can be seen as a tribute to the late 90s, and Swedish bands like The HELLACOPTERS and BACKYARD BABIES for example. So in other words energetic garage rock that makes the sweat splash and the throat thirst for beer. What we use to call action rock (I have seen many other suggestions through the years though, like active rock for example, and I actually used to call it rock n roll punk).
This is the 4th album from this Swedish band, who are based in Nyköping. It's the last album with their old singer Joan Wahlgren, who has been replaced with Marcus Rylander.
If you want your rock with punk attitude, and something that really kicks ass, then this must be something for you. And this is also something for those of you who miss the good old action rockers from the late 90s/early 2000s of course.

NARNIA: Ghost Town
Narnia Songs - Digital Single
Yet another single from their new album, which have been out for a month now. And this time it's the title track.
What can I say about this then? Maybe not one of the strongest tracks on the album, but not bad. On the other hand, a less good song with NARNIA is better than a less good song with most other bands. So in the end this is still worth checking out. |

MIMIKRY: Vinnare
Mimikry - Digital Single
Mimikry at Sticky Fingers
It was a few years since I got something for review with these Swedish melodic punk rock veterans last time. But now it has happened again. Which is nice as I like much of their stuff.
Sometimes MIMIKRY have a tendency to do very kind songs. This on the other hand is a very catchy punk rocker. The song is about all the misfits, those who never really seems to fit in. A damn good song with a strong chorus made to sing-along to. This should be a hit!
A new 12" vinyl EP, titled "Det finns hur många svin som helst", will be released later this spring.

Glen Matlock: Something 'bout The Weekend (feat. HOTEI)
Cooking Vinyl - Digital Single
Glen Matlock is the original bassist of SEX PISTOLS (but have played with other artists too). This is not so punk though, but more like rock n roll. Very catchy stuff, and I like what I hear. It makes you happy somehow. You should give it a try.
The song is taken from his new album, "Consequences Coming", which will be released on April 28.

GATUPLAN: Sympati För Djävulen
Wild Kingdom - Digital Single
I though this would be a Swedish version of the ROLLING STONES classic "Sympathy For The Devil", but it's not. It's actually a very kind and happy song, which makes it almost sound like pop. And I don't think I like that. I want power pop and punk rock when it comes to GATUPLAN. But who knows, I might get used to this song too?
This is the second single from the second album, "Välkommen Till Underjorden", which will be released later.

DEMOLIZER: Post Necrotic Human
Mighty Music - Digital Single
DEMOLIZER is a young thrash band from Denmark, formed in 2018. This song is the title track of their new album, which will be released in July. It hit hard and crush. This is something that no fan of good old thrash metal can say no to. So check it out at once!
The band has previously released 1 album and 1 EP. | |

DANKO JONES: Guess Who's Back
AFM Records - Digital Single
Danko himself at Pustervik
Canadian hard rock trio DANKO JONES are veterans now. A new album, "Electric Sounds", will be released on September 15. "Guess Who's Back" is the first single from that album. And now it was many years since I heard something new with DANKO JONES, but this song sounds just like it should when it comes to this band. It reminds me of their previous stuff. Absolutely worth checking out. | |

SAINT DEAMON: League Of The Serpent
AFM Records on April 21 - CD, LP
It's 3 and a half years since the last album with this Swedish/Norwegian melodic power metal band was released. But now the wait is over.
This album is of very high quality, both when it comes to music and sound, as well as musicians and vocals. The songs are said to have all the characteristic SAINT DEAMON trademarks, so I guess that no old fan should be dissapointed. But they should also get some new fans with this masterpiece.
They have managed to produce a varied material, which means that it doesn't sound the same all the time. And that's another good thing. |

IRON JINN: Iron Jinn
Stickman Records on April 21 - 2LP, CD
IRON JINN is a psych rock band based in Amsterdam, featuring members from The DEVIL'S BLOOD, DEATH ALLEY, SHAKING GODSPEED, BIRTH OF JOY and MOLASSESS. This is the band's first full-length album, which is somewhere on the edge to reality, fantasy and dream.
These songs are more or less just what you can expect from a psychedelic rock band of today. The songs are both long and shorter. And it's often adventurous, but without being freaked out. So you can listen to this without taking any drugs.
The release of this debut album coincides with their apperance at the Roadburn fetival, and there will be a limited Roadburn edition of the vinyl, which will be available exclusively at the festival and via the label's webshop. |

POWERIZED: Better Than You
Yellow Muffin Records on April 21 - CD, LP, Digital
This is more or less a pop album, or possibly a soft rock album. In the best case you could call a couple of these songs power pop. In other words a very kind album. But it's not impossible that fans of melodic rock/AOR could like this. So put your dance shoes on and shake loose.
POWERIZED is a Dutch trio from Breda, featuring Nick Holleman, Thom Schotel and Ralph Adriaansen. Their record label call the band's music energetic pop. But I don't think this is so energetic. They have some o.k. songs, but not much else to be honest. |

Jonathon Stewart: Syncopated Angel
No Remorse Records on April 21 - CD, LP
This album features the last recordings of Chicago singer Jonathon Stewart (SLAUTER XSTROYES, ENERGY VAMPIRES). He was obviously a very talanted singer. Sometimes he scream like a young Bruce Dickinson (IRON MAIDEN, ex-SAMSON), and sometimes almost like King Diamond (MERCYFUL FATE, KING DIAMOND). And sometimes he sounds like something else than that.
The recordings of this album started in 2016, when Jonathon decided that he was going to re-record 4 SLAUTER XSTROYES songs. They also came across the unreleased song "Portrait Of Pain". However, the goal of getting these 5 songs recorded would never be completed, as he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in early May of 2018, and passed away in late June of that same year.
By mid-2019, Rich Hunziker (who had worked with Jonathon's vocals) finally had enough emotional strength to have the master tapes digitized. After that Rich decided that he wanted to complete the recordings in memory of Jonathon. And then it became a even bigger project, which also included guest musicians such as Chris Holmes (ex-W.A.S.P.), Steve Grimmett (GRIM REAPER), Sonia Anubis (COBRA SPELL, ex-BURNING WITCHES, CRYPTA), and others. They also decided to re-record some more songs from both SLAUTER XSTROYES and ENERGY VAMPIRES, using Jonathon's original vocals.
How do I describe the music then? Well, it's a wild mix of US metal, progressive metal and power metal. Sometimes technical, sometimes epic, and sometimes just very metal. And there's lots of strong songs on this collection, so it could definitely be worth a try.

The LINDA LINDAS: Too Many Things
Epitaph Records - Digital Single
This new single sounds more or less just as you can expect if you have heard these young girls before. So pretty kind pop punk/power pop you could say. And it's just as good as they use to be, so this is worth listening to of course.
..and there's actually not much else to say. |

Inside Out Music on April 21 - CD, LP, Deluxe Artbook, Digital
What does an old legendary band like JETHRO TULL have to offer in 2023 then? Well, this doesn't really sound like 2023. Not the music anyway, which sounds more like something from their golden days. But who am I to talk about their golden days? It's not like I have heard that much with this band before, so I can hardly call myself a fan. So in the end you better listen for yourself instead, to see (or hear) if you like this or not.
JETHRO TULL celebrates their 55th anniversary this year, and the only member who has been there all the way is Ian Anderson (vocals and flute). The band has released more than 30 albums (both studio and live recordings included). |

FRENZY: Of Hoods And Masks
Fighter Records on April 20 - LP, CD, Digital
FRENZY is another heavy metal band from Spain. They seems to have many of these bands down there nowadays. But while many other bands from that country sing in Spanish, this band sing in English.
The band formed in 2016. Their first EP was "Lethal Protector", and it was followed by their full-length debut, "Blind Justice". Their second full-length, "Of Hoods And Masks", has been in the works since 2019. But was delayed by the pandemic, and then a motorcycle accident for one of the members. Now it's finally ready to be released though.
As the guys are also comic book fanatics, 7 of these 9 songs are inspired by the story of the graphic novel Watchmen.
I would like to say that this band play a melodic kind of heavy metal. I think more of a early 80s SCORPIONS (before they became too lame) than JUDAS PRIEST or IRON MAIDEN, even though FRENZY have a more powerful sound than the Germans. But it's really good, so you should definitely give these guys a try.

DECIPHER: Arcane Paths To Ressurection
Transcending Obscurity Records on April 21 - CD, Digital
Greece seems to have a few black metal bands, and here's another one of them. DECIPHER is nor old school or new school, and probably doesn't give a fuck about what's trendy. But they are not really looking for their own unique sound either. They just deliver a good black metal album the way they want to. It's often fast, but yet catchy and dynamic as well. Simply really good stuff. |

Liv Kristine: River Of Diamonds
Metalville Records on April 21 - CD, LP
This sounds silly somehow. And sometimes I can't stand her voice. I thought she was a much better singer? But the voice is not the biggest problem here. Because what this Norwegian woman have made is what I would call a gothic pop album, and there's not 1 single song that I like here. The songs are often soft, and reminds me more of lullabies. If I was the label boss, I would have told her to release this album on some other label instead. Because I think that pop fans will enjoy this much more than rockers like me.
Usually Liv Kristine gives us gothic metal, but this 6th album is actually very lame and pretty hopeless.

ANGEL: Once Upon A Time
Cleopatra Records on April 21 - CD, LP, Cassette, Digital
ANGEL gives us a new album with 11 tracks (plus 3 bonus tracks if you buy the CD). Some of these songs makes me think of something epic with acts like QUEEN and MEAT LOAF (just a couple though), while most of the other material is more like classic rock instead, even though there's some power pop and heavier songs too. Everything is melodic, and often catchy as well. This is absolutely not bad at all - I like what I hear!
Classic rock and melodic rock is pretty similar genres, and this should fit perfect for fans of both.
ANGEL is also working on a new documentary film with DEKO Entertainment. |

Richie Ramone: Live To Tell
Livewire/Cargo Records on April 21 - CD
Richie played drums with RAMONES between February 1983 to August 1987. He was the only drummer to be credited as a composer, writer, and lead vocalist of a RAMONES song (6 in total). And if you like that era of the band, then you could enjoy this album too. It's mainly a catchy and melodic punk rock album, but yet energetic. There's also a few faster numbers as well.
I can tell you that the ghost of RAMONES is all over this record, even though Richie adds his own touch too. This is probably the closest we get to a modern RAMONES album, as all the original members are dead.
"Live To Tell" is Richie's third solo album. Plans are currently being drawn to support the release with a Latin American tour in October, with European dates to follow in November 2023.

Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
TRANSWORLD IDENTITY is a new Finnish/English hard rock band. Some of the members have played with artists like HANOI ROCKS, Michael Monroe, POPEDA, BABY GREEN, TECHNICAL JUSTICE, Ryan Roxie etc.
What we get here is 11 modern and melodic hard rock songs. The quality of the songs is really high, with many strong choruses. With an album like this, this band should have the future in their hands. Because this band serves up a whole buffet of tasty dishes to choose from. And everything tastes good, so I can't pick any favorites. |

Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
This is a new melodic rock act centered around Argentinian vocalist Santiago Ramonda. For this debut album, he teamed up with the production team of Sergio Mazul (SEMBLANT) and Marcelo Gelbcke (LANDFALL).
They might not be taking you by storm, and are not doing anything new for the genre on this album, but they do it damn good anyway. So fans of melodic rock should not be dissapointed when they hear this.
There's not much else to say though.. |

Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
In June 2022 SEVEN SPIRES entered the stage at the Progpower USA festival in Atlanta, GA. They performed a selection of tracks from their 3 studio albums, and it seems to have been successful. Now you can listen to the show on this album.
How do I describe this band's music then? Well, that's not so easy, as they blend various genres, old and new stuff. Sometimes it's more epic and symphonic, sometimes it can be harsh and heavy, and just about anything actually. So excuse me if I just call this metal. It's mainly melodic though.
It sounds really good, so you should really give this band a try if you have not heard them before. Some of my favorite songs here are "Ghost Of Yesterday" and "Oceans Of Time". |

Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
PHANTOM ELITE is an international metal band fronted by Marina La Torraca (EXIT EDEN, live vocalist for AVANTASIA), which also features guitarist/bassist Max van Esch and drummer Joeri Warmerdam. They play a very modern metal with elements of symphonic, progressive, and heavy metal. Sometimes it sounds more like pop though, which I think is a little sad, as I don't like that at all (but as usual nobody seems to care). That destroy the experience, so it's hard to tell if this is good or bad. I like the first track, "Skin Of My Teeth", though, and possibly a couple more.
PHANTOM ELITE released their debut album, "Wasteland", in 2018. And their second album, "Titanium", was released in 2021. |

Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
This album was written and performed by Rob Lamothe (RIVERDOGS), James Harper (FIGHTING FRIDAY), and Zander Lamothe (LOGAN STAATS BAND). But if I got it right, it also features friends such as Mike Mangini (DREAM THEATER), Greg Chaisson (BADLANDS), dUg Pinnick (KING'S X), Rhonda Smith (Jeff Beck), Jimmy Wallace (The WALLFLOWERS), KFigg (EXTREME) and more..
This is a generation-spanning hard rock album. It sounds both old and new at the same time, and it sounds like they spice their songs with some blues, Americana and Southern rock as well. This is absolutely not bad at all. They have many good songs on this album that could be worth checking out. |

Despotz Records - Digital Single
Another single with the Swedish trio SATAN TAKES A HOLIDAY. And it's the same disco rock as on the previous singles. So catchy and danceable stuff to shake loose to. But that doesn't have to mean that it's something bad, because this band seems to know how to do this right anyway.
Just like the previous singles, this song is taken from their new album, "Satanism", which will be released on April 28. |

ONE HORSE BAND: Useless Propaganda
Go Down Records - LP, Digital
This seems to be a 1-man band based in Milan, Italy. "Useless Propaganda" is the third album. And this is not something that you can put in just 1 genre. Sometimes it's alternative rock, and after that it can be garage noise, and then some punk anger on top of that. But no matter what he decide to play, it's always rocking and sounds really good. Sometimes it's more danceable though, so there's lots of variation here.
Worth a try at least, because there's some good songs here and there. |

IMPERIAL DEMONIC: Beneath The Crimson Eclipse
Black Lion Records - MCD, Digital
IMPERIAL DEMONIC comes from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and are inspired by the classic Swedish black metal sound from the late 90s/early 2000s. "Beneath The Crimson Eclipse" is their debut, where they deliver 5 tracks of both anger and melody. It's intense and brutal, just as it should be, so this band is hardly doing anything wrong.
This is very good stuff, that all fans of good old black metal should check out at once. |

MAGNUS ROSÉN BAND: It's Time To Rock The World Again
X-World on April 21 - CD, Digital
Well, if it's time to rock the world, why do they play so much that is NOT rock then?
The first track is funk, a other song sounds like The BEATLES, and then something that sounds like modern pop on that - the worst crap on the whole album! Yes, we also have a silly ballad there of course, and a cover of ABBA's "The Winner Takes It All".
But there is some rock and even some heavy metal on this album too, so everything is not hopeless. They are for example doing a cover of HAMMERFALL's "Hearts On Fire", which might be the most interesting thing here. Their cover of "Street Fighting Man" by The ROLLING STONES was not 100% though. But it's not as easy as you might think to do a song by the rock gods jusitice. And especially not when the singer's voice doesn't sounds right for the song.
But even though I might not like everything on this album, at least they are brave enough to play whatever they want to. And they obviously don't care too much about if it's a silly song. Respect for that at least.
Magnus Rosén played bass in HAMMERFALL between 1997-2007. With his latest group, MAGNUS ROSÉN BAND, he have done an album with both cover songs and some newly written material. And there's also some guest musicians, like Tony Martin (ex-BLACK SABBATH), Janne Schaffer (ex-ABBA) and Jonas Hansson (SILVER MOUNTAIN), to name just a few..

BLODTÅR: Det Förtegna Förflutna
Nordvis Produktion on April 21 - CD, LP, Digital
This Swedish folk/black metal duo released a self titled EP in 2021. And now their debut album is here. They spice their black metal with riffing inspired by Swedish folk melodies. Sometimes it goes fast, sometimes it's more melodic, and sometimes heavier. The vocals is always harsh though.
This is not bad at all. I have absolutely heard worse than this. So yes, I think I like it. |

Bollmora Rekords on April 21 - LP, CD, Digital
Swedish band GLORIOUS BANKROBBERS was formed back in 1983, and released their debut album in 1984. They were pioneers of the Swedish sleaze wave in the mid-80s, but broke up soon after the album was released. But within a few years they were back again, and released a second album in 1989. That didn't last for so long though. The singer left the band for Norwegian rock legends BACKSTREET GIRLS, and the rest of the members reformed the band as MENTAL HIPPIE BLOOD with a new singer (2 albums was released).
In 2007 GLORIOUS BANKROBBERS was back again, and they released another album. But when drummer Oden tragically died in 2012, the band was put on ice again.
But now they are ready to rock again, and a new album will soon be released. There's lots of rock n roll and glam rock here. It has that party vibe, and it's hard to sit still when this band is rocking. There's lots of really good songs here as well. Yes, this is something that you should check out if you like good old hard rock and sleaze rock. But I would also guess that fans of action rock and sweaty rock n roll could enjoy this too (some of the songs at least).
How a band like this ended up on the punk label Bollmora Rekords is an interesting question to me though.. Or is there 2 labels with the same name? That would be funny..

DEATH & LEGACY: D4rk Prophecies
Art Gates Records on April 14 - CD
DEATH & LEGACY is a female-fronted metal combo, founded in Zamora, Spain in 2013. On this album they try to blur the line between the extreme and the melodic. But it's without a doubt a cross between melodic death metal and melodic metal that we get here. And no matter if it's extreme or melodic, it's very good. They really have some good songs here.
Their sound seems to blend good old metal with modern metal, but I would guess that this is most of all an album for fans of melodic death metal.
The album also features guest apperances from Björn "Speed" Strid (SOILWORK), Tom S. Englund (EVERGREY) and Jessie Williams (ANKOR). The Swedish men Björn and Tom seems to be very active when it comes to guest apperances.

AFM Records - Digital Single
German melodic hard rock veterans BONFIRE are going to release "MMXXIII" on September 22, which is re-recordings of their iconic albums "Point Blank" (1989), "Fireworks" (1987) and "Don't Touch The Light" (1986). "S.D.I." is a taste of the new recordings, and it sounds really good. But then I have not heard that much with BONFIRE during the last 30 years or something like that (I used to listen to them when I was a kid). I like this song anyway. It's heavier than I remember that they were, but with a strong chorus. | |

JUKEBOX HEROES: Jukebox Heroes (reissue)
Pride & Joy Music on April 14 - CD
This band have an interesting story.. In 1989, a promoter located in Milwaukee, WI reached out to 5 unconnected regional musicians/vocalists with the concept of creating an exceptional AOR/rock band with a format that few bands could emulate. After meeting each other, JUKEBOX HEROES took the stage literally 5 weeks later to an oversold house at Starz on 100 in Milwaukee with a waiting line out the door. The band then went on tour in the States, and released this self titled album in 1992. Now it will be re-released with 6 bonus tracks.
The first song, "Rock N Roll Star", sounds like something from the 60s. The rest is more like classic AOR from the 80s. And they have a thin soundstage, which is typical for the 80s. The songs are absolutely not bad at all. So if it's good old AOR that you're looking for, then JUKEBOX HEROES is what you're looking for.

CZAKAN: Unreal
Pride & Joy Music on April 14 - CD
German melodic hard rockers CZAKAN returns with their first new release in more than 30 years. And it's the same line-up as it was back in 1989, when they released their debut album.
Maybe they were a little too eager and enthusiastic, because there's as much as 14 tracks on this album. But luckily they're a really good band, so that's just a small problem in this case.
It feels like they deliver their songs with passion, and it sounds professional. There's simply many jewels to discover here if you like melodic hard rock from the 80s. |

The Sign Records on April 14 - CD, LP, Digital
This is the fifth album from German punk/rock n roll outfit LUCIFER STAR MACHINE. It's often catchy and melodic, yet unpolished and dirty. It's a good combination of songs that are more punk and songs that are more melodic. But in general I would say that this is what is called action rock.
I really like the 12 tracks that we get here. Not 1 bad song! That's really strong. I didn't really expect to hear a cover of "Naked City" by KISS (from the "Unmasked" album) though. That was a nice little surprise.
Yes, this is something that you defenitely should check out. |

ASHRAIN: Requiem Reloaded
Metalville Records on April 14 - CD, LP
ASHRAIN is a new power metal band, founded by guitarist/producer Nozomu Wakai (DESTINA, SHORTINO, SIGH). Among the other members are Peter Baltes (ex-ACCEPT) on bass, Iuri Sanson (ex-HIBRIA) on vocals and Andy C (ex-LORDS OF BLACK) on drums. The album also features Elyes Bouchoucha (MYRATH) as guest keyboardist.
These people deliver 10 really good songs. Their metal is powerful, while the vocals is melodic. I think most fans of heavy and power metal will like this band. No doubt about that.

The RHUBARB: Symptom Of Failure
Milky Bomb Records - LP, Digital
The RHUBARB is a Scottish doom/stoner band, and this is their full-length debut, which sonically ends up somewhere in between BLACK SABBATH, HIGH ON FIRE, SLEEP and HAWKWIND. It's heavy and has a psychedelic touch, and there's both female and male vocals (sometimes at the same time). The songs are fantastic, so this is an album that you really have to check out.
The members formed the band in 2015, during their collage years. They have previously released 1 EP and a few singles. |

Infected Minds - CD, Digital
INFECTED MINDS is a progressive rock band from Greece, formed in 2012. They released a demo in 2015, and their first album, "Reanimated", in 2022. They have their roots in metal, but deliver a fusion of various musical genres. It sounds o.k., but they don't have anything extra good to come up with. But on the other hand, sometimes you don't need anything extra, as o.k. is good enough.
I can just wish them good luck on their future adventures, because I don't have anything else to say right now.

GRISLY: Tomb King
Vic Records - CD
GRISLY is the legendary Rogga Johansson's (PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER, MASSACRE etc etc) brainchild, and this is the third album. The album also features Kjetil Lynghaug (PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER, STASS) on lead guitars.
What we get is not any surprise when it comes to Rogga, but classic Swedish old school death metal. The quality of the songs is really high, and there's really nothing to complain about here. The aggression is there, and so is the guitar melodies.
Yes, this album is full of death metal candy, and yet I don't know what else to say..

AFM Records - Digital Single
Swedish power metal band BLOODBOUND are getting ready to release their 10th studio album, "Tales From The North", on July 7. It will be a concept album about the viking era, leading up to the epic battle of 1066, which marks the end of the viking era.
So, this third single from the new album is the last track on "Tales From The North". And this is what I call a majestic power metal anthem. Very good stuff that makes me look forward to the new album. You have to listen to this song! | |

TIMECHILD: The Dying Tide Part III
Mighty Music on April 7 - Digital Single
This is the first single from TIMECHILD's second album, "Blossom & Plague". It's also the last part of a trilogy that will open that album. It shows the Danish band from a darker and more progressive side than before. The sound is heavy and dynamic.
I don't know, but I think of a band like EVERGREY when I hear this, even though it's not the exact same thing. It sounds good for being progressive though.
"Blossom & Plague" will be released later this year. |

PERRACIDE: Horripilation
Emanzipation Productions - Digital Single
Death metal veteran and drummer Per Karlsson (NOMINON, NASUM, NIFELHEIM, BENEDICTION, DESTRÖYER 666, THORIUM etc) goes solo, and this is the first song he has released. The line-up also includes Gord Olson (AngelBlast, DARKENED) on vocals and guitars, a solo guitar by Jacob Björnfot (The DUSKFALL, KVAEN) and the hardcore/speed/thrash Swedish band KAZJUROL doing backing riot vocals.
PERRACIDE play death metal in the old school, and it sounds really good and promising for the future. This is something that you really should check out.
The debut album will be released this summer. |

PANZERCHRIST: Sabbath Of The Rat
Emanzipation Productions on April 7 - Digital Single
Danish extreme metallers PANZERCHRIST return with some new music after a decade. It's a black metal inspired death metal song that really crush. If you want it fast, intense and brutal, then this should be something for you.
I don't really know what else I should say.. |

Thomas Lassar: When My Ship Comes In
Art Of Melody Music/Burning Minds Music Group - Digital Single
This is the second single from Swedish AOR singer/keyboardist/songwriter Thomas Lassar, and it's taken from his first solo album, "From Now On", which will be released on April 14.
It's a very happy and melodic feel good song, and normally this would not be something for me. But somehow I really like it.
Not really sure what else I should say.. | |

SUPERHORROR: Satan Loves You
Burning Minds Music Group/Atomic Stuff - Digital Single
SUPERHORROR is an Italian horror rock band, who will release their new album, "Devilish Whisper", on April 28. This is the first single from that album.
This song may have a stupid title, but I like what I hear. It's catchy and melodic, yet raw and dirty with a touch of punk. It could be nice to hear some more from this band. You should really check this out. |

Sliptrick Records - Digital Single
Northeastern US melodic metal band SEVERED ANGEL will release their self titled debut album on May 2, and this single is a taste of that.
Even though this song is melodic, I think that I prefer to call this song heavy metal instead of melodic metal. It's a damn good song anyway, so you should absolutely check it out.
If they have more songs of this quality, then I really look forward to hear the album.

RATBREED: Under Fire
Wormholedeath Records - Digital Single
RATBREED is a Finnish heavy metal band, and this is the second single from a new album, which is set to be released soon.
They begin soft with some string instrument (not sure which, but it sure doesn't sound like a guitar anyway). After that the heavy metal take over. And it's a powerful song that they deliver. It definitely have potential, because it's not bad at all. Give it a try.
RATBREED released their debut album in 2018, and has also released several singles. | |

KSMB: Mördare
Wild Kingdom - Digital Single
KSMB at Valand
Swedish rock band KSMB have been working on a covers album for the last 2 years, and now it's finally finished. This song is a first taste, a cover of "Homicide" by British punk rockers 999. They put their own touch on it, so even though it's a cover, it sounds like KSMB during the last years. In other words more rock than the punk rock that they played back in the late 70s/early 80s. And you can think whatever you want about that, I think it sounds good anyway.
One could say that the circle is closed, as they actually started with songs by other artists, but with their own lyrics. And just to show us all that the humour from the early days is still there, the new album is titled "Bröderna Bengtssons Hatt & Mössfabrik", which means something like "The Bengtsson Brother's Hat And Cap Factory". |

H.E.A.T: Freedom
Ear Music - Digital Single
Swedish hard rockers H.E.A.T has released a new stand-alone single, and it sounds just as great as usual. It's a very strong song, with their typical 80s sound. But for some reason it also sounds like something that could have been made for the outtakes to the Eurovison Song Contest. But with this song they prove that it doesn't have to be bad because of that.
It's said that "Freedom" is just a taste of what's to come, and that fans can look forward to more exciting news and releases from the band in the coming months. They also recomend you to mark May 5 in your calendars. Very exiting! |

Utilitarian on April 7 - Book/Digital Album
This is a loud scream against the society of today (to take the short version), which is backed up by an explosive mix of hardcore/punk and extreme metal. It's really raw and brutal stuff, that I think fans of crust punk will enjoy the most. And most of these 14 tracks are absolutely not bad at all.
UTILITARIAN is a political trio from the UK. They have decided to sell this album as a book, which will include all the lyrics as well as explanations of the stance taken in each song. The book will also include a download code, so that you can listen to the music as well.
Ol Drake (EVILE) play solos on 1 song, and Andy Whale (ex-BOLT THROWER, MEMORIAM) play drums on 2 tracks.

YSKELGROTH: Bleeding Of The Hideous
Xtreem Music on April 4 - CD, Digital
YSKELGROTH was formed in 2000 by Dave Rotten and David Nigger, both from CHRIST DENIED and ANAMËMIA. But David moved to Germany, and the project was put on ice until 2007, when Dave relaunched the band with Vicente J. Payá from UNBOUND TERROR and GOLGOTHA. In 2008 Javier Fernández, from The HERETIC and NEXUS 6, joined the band on drums and some synths and guitar. An album was released in April 2010, but the label folded about a year later, so it did not get much promotion.
In early 2022, the 3 members Dave, Vicente and Javier decided that it was time for another album. And the result is 9 tracks of brutal death/black metal straight in your face. It's fast and aggressive, yet not any noise terror. This is actually pretty good, and could absolutely be worth a chance. |

SÖNAMBULA: Estasis Interrumpida
Xtreem Music - CD, Digital
SÖNAMBULA is a Spanish death metal band founded in 2015. They draw influences from bands such as INCANTATION, AUTOPSY, ASPHYX, CELTIC FROST, NIHILIST and COFFINS. In other words raw, heavy, and dark death metal with doom elements. They have previously released 2 full-length albums, 2 EPs and 2 split albums.
This third album is said to have fewer doom elements than their previous material, so it's more old school death metal this time. And it sounds really good to me. You should absolutely give this a try.
All lyrics are by the way in Spanish. |

LURK: Aegis
Transcending Obscurity Records on April 7 - CD, Digital
Heavy stuff again. But it's also hard and brutal, as well as dark and melancholic. Not sure if that gives you an idea of what they sounds like though, so in the end you should probably give it a try yourself. Because this band's music is actually a little unpredictable, and not so easy to describe with just a few words. It sounds o.k. though, which is always something.
LURK is a Finnish band, who play sludge/doom metal, even though it's actually a blend of various sub-genres. |

HEATHEN FORAY: Oathbreaker
Massacre Records on April 7 - CD, LP, Digital
HEATHEN FORAY's ambition is to blend the heaviness of death metal with lighthearted and catchy melodies, as well as elements of folk music. They call it neo-pagan death metal, but fans of melodic death metal like AMON AMARTH and ARCH ENEMY should be the right audience for this.
"Oathbreaker" is said to be more like their early albums, and not as dark as their last album was.
An interesting thing with this band is that their lyrics are more punk than metal. They sing about stuff like climate change, sustainability, exploitation, solidarity, and the fading connection of today's society with nature. And the lyrics are both in English and German.
Most of these 8 tracks sounds really good to me, so you should absolutely give them a try.

KRAZARK: Fireflake
Fourskulls on April 4 - CD, Digital
KRAZARK is a stoner rock band from Madrid, Spain. And I actually don't know much else about them.
They blend their stoner with American rock and metal from the 90s, as well as references to The DOORS. It sounds pretty cool, and should satisfy fans of both stoner rock and alternative rock (well, those 2 genres are pretty similar according to me, so that was hardly a surprise). They might not have anything extra good here, but it sure ain't boring to listen to. So give these guys a chance. |

Elitbolaget/Hidden Beauty Records/Helldog Records/Throne of Lies Records/Deviance Records - Split 7" EP, Digital
On the first side we find the Polish crust punk/death metal band DEATH CRUSADE, and on the other side we get Finnish crust/black metal band DISPYT. 2 songs each. DEATH CRUSADE sing in Polish, while DISPYT sing in Swedish.
This is something that should fit both fans of crust punk and fans of extreme metal. Well, anybody who like it intense and brutal should enjoy this, because this is hardly a nice Sunday walk in the park. I like it though. And none of the 2 bands are too chaotic or noisey.
Yes, you should absolutely give this a try. |

The BLOOD: We Couldn't Kill Less
Blood Blast Distribution - Digital Album
Well, this is the kind of band that seems to think that it's more important to show us all how evil they are. So I actually don't know much more than that they are from Sweden and play metal. But play metal they can.
I would say that what these blood brothers play is a pretty traditional heavy metal. Sometimes it's very powerful, and sometimes more epic. They seems to be very good at what they are doing, so it's absolutely not any amateurs that we have here.
The BLOOD might not be the band who have any future classics in their bag, but they are still worth listening to.

BLACK HAWK: Soulkeeper
Fastball Music - CD
BLACK HAWK is a heavy metal band from northern Germany. Their sound is rooted in classic bands like SAXON, JUDAS PRIEST, ACCEPT and IRON MAIDEN. But then the story of this band goes all the way back to 1981, when they originally formed. Their debut album, "First Attack", was released in 1989. I'm not sure if the band have been active all the time, but it's said that they have picked up pace during the last decade when it comes to new music.
On this album they gives us 10 powerful and strong tracks to bang your head to. This is good stuff, and I can't find anything to complain about. So if it's old school heavy metal that you're looking for, then give this band a chance.

BIG BATCH: The Last To Fall
Minimal Chords - CD, Digital
BIG BATCH is a punk rock trio from France, and this is their second album. They are not here to preach about politics, but prefer to sing about daily life and experiences instead. And their music is of the more catchy and melodic kind. So it's almost more rock than punk. It sounds o.k. though.
I would guess that fans of the more melodic and happy bands from the 90s could like this. |

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