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Nov. 4, 2021
Emanzipation Productions on Nov. 5 - CD, LP, Digital
Eh, no. This is just a hell of a noise and not for me.
TARDUS MORTEM is a Danish trio, and I guess their noise is supposed to be death metal. But it's hard to tell if it really is death or black metal, as their sound is so raw and extreme - like a chaotic nightmare. But it wouldn't surprise me if that was the whole idea.
If you are sick enough to like the most extreme stuff, then you might actually like this.

SHOCK WAVE: Force Ethics
Xtreem Music on Nov. 4 - CD, Digital
SHOCK WAVE is a thrash metal band formed in 1987 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The band remained active until 1992 before they went seperate ways. They joined groups like UNBOUNDED TERROR, GOLGOTHA, SANDRO and FIRESWORD. Guitarist JC tried to reunite the band in 2005 and 2015. But due to different circumstances, it was not possible at the time. That had all changed in 2020 though, so now they are back again.
A mini CD, "The Omega Communion", was released in December 2020. But they soon began to write some more material for a full length, and "Force Ethics" is the result of that.
This is a true and hard thrash attack. You can of course hear the influences from the old school here, but they have updated the sound or something. Good stuff anyway. You should really give this band a try.

Nov. 3, 2021
Century Media/Sony Music - CD, LP/CD, Digital
So, I have not heard the previous albums with this band (for some reason nobody sent them for review), so I can't compare this with those albums. But to me it sounds really good, so maybe I should get the earlier albums too.
LUCIFER is a German/Swedish group based in Stockholm, Sweden. They play a occult heavy rock, which they spice up with 1970s hard rock, proto-heavy metal and doom rock. Their main influences includes legends like BLACK SABBATH, BLUE ÖYSTER CULT (that I can hear!), PENTAGRAM, 70s HEART and FLEETWOOD MAC. In other words, the good old stuff.
It's dark and heavy, but also catchy and melodic - Simply a damn good album!

ANAUGH CONDA: Shitty Friends
Self released on Nov. 5 - Digital EP
This is the 4th EP in 3 years from Swedish power pop band ANAUGH CONDA, and the 12th since they formed in 2007. I have reviewed them before, and I have liked what I have heard. These 5 new songs are definitely not bad either, but the best song here is the title track, which they open the EP with.
A intresting thing with this band is that there's often 2 people singing at the same time. That gives it a extra unique touch.

Nov. 2, 2021
SPIRITWORLD: Pagan Rhythms
Century Media on Nov. 5 - LP, CD, Digital
Debut album from a Las Vegas orchestra created by a Stu Folsom. It was previously self released in 2020, but will now be released through Century Media. The music is a mixture of hardcore and metal. The guitars are really heavy and the vocals is harsh and raw.
A wild guess is that this might fit best for fans of hardcore/metal. But fans of heavier metal might enjoy this too. Not sure what I should compare this with though, but it's a pretty hard and brutal album anyway.

Century Media on Nov. 5 - CD, LP, Digital
Modern melodic death metal with pop influences is how they describe this Finnish band's music. And they have already been around for 25 years.
Since their last album, "The Burning Cold" (2018), half of the band's lineup have changed. And they have had plenty of time to compose and sharpen the new material. In my review of that last album I described their sound like this: "the brutality of Scandinavian death metal mixed with lots of melody. While the music is very melodic, the vocals is very aggressive. But even though it's melodic, it's also pretty heavy".
They have developed a bit since then, and added some other ingredients as well. It still sounds good though.

InsideOut Music - CD, 2LP, Digital
MOLYBARON was formed in Paris in December 2014. A self titled debut album was released in 2017, and now their second album, "The Mutiny", has just been released.
It seems like the critics find it hard to put this band in a specific genre. And after hearing this album I can understand why. They definitely have their own sound, where they blend all and nothing into a musical soup. But it's not as crazy as it may sound like. I would say that it's some kind of progressive metal. So fans of that will probably like this.
While the lyrics for the debut were highly influenced by the hysteria surrounding the 2016 U.S. election, it's more personal this time - "The overriding theme of the songs describe an uphill struggle to overcome mental health issues, guilt, regret, depression, drug abuse", as they say.

DREAM THEATER: A View From The Top Of The World
InsideOut Music - CD, 2LP/CD, Deluxe Box Set, Deluxe 2CD/Blu-ray Artbook, Digital
I guess that we can call this band pioneers when it comes to progressive metal. They have existed for almost 4 decades, and sold 15 million records. This is their 15th album.
But that doesn't stop them from being adventurous. They just continue their journey and explore how they can make a song as advanced as possible. There's a lot of playhouse for adults here. How this band can be so poular is a mystery to me. Because a band like this is usually more of an underground phenomenon for prog nerds. But I can only congratulate them for the succees.
There's 7 tracks on this album, but some of them are so long that it last for over an hour. So you get much sound for the money if you buy this.

Nov. 1, 2021
NEQUIENT: Collective Punishment
Nefarious Industries on Nov. 5 - Digital, Cassette
NEQUIENT is a Chicago, Illinois-based metallic hardcore quartet. This 4-track EP consist of 2 new songs and 2 live tracks. Their music is built on a foundation of thrashing d-beat, but draws influences from a broad spectrum of aggressive styles, including grindcore, crust, sludge, death metal, black metal, and noise rock. It's noisey, but with metal sharp control.
They might not be the best hardcore band on the planet, but far away from the worst.

NARNIA: Soli Deo Gloria - 25 Years Compilation
Narnia Songs on Nov. 5 - 2CD, Digital
Swedish melodic metal band NARNIA celebrate their 25-year anniversary with a 30-track double sandwich, which is filled with songs from their whole career. This is of course a must for every true fan of the band. But any fan of good melodic metal should get this, because (believe it or not) all 30 songs are fantastic. I really like this band!
The band is currently working on their 9th studio album, which will be released in 2022.

HEADS FOR THE DEAD: Slash 'n' Roll
Transcending Obscurity Records on Nov. 5 - MLP, CD, Digital
HEADS FOR THE DEAD features Johnny Pettersson (WOMBBATH, GODS FORSAKEN), Ralf Hauber (REVEL IN FLESH) and Ed Warby (GOREFEST, HAIL OF BULLETS). They have released 2 full lengths so far, and we talk death metal of course. They have their own twist on the genre though, as they are inspired by classic horror movies, which they weaves together in its sound.
And that can definitely be heard on this little 5-track EP, which seems to consist of reinterpretations of theme songs from movies such as Maniac, Halloween and The Thing, but done entirely in the band's own style with lyrics and death metal extremity. There's also 2 punk covers of MISFITS and RAMONES.
HEADS FOR THE DEAD use lots of distortion, and there's also elements of crust punk in their sound. It's raw and brutal, yet listenable and most enjoyable.

FOGHAT: 8 Days On The Road
Metalville Records on Nov. 5 - CD/DVD, LP
On November 17, 2019 blues rock veterans FOGHAT entered the stage at Daryl's House Club, a small club in Pawling, NY. They gave the audience 14 of their biggest and most legendary songs. And to celebrate their 50-year anniversary also we who were not there get the chance to witness what happened, as it will be released as CD/DVD and in a limited edition of vinyl LP.
The lineup at the show featured founding member Roger Earl together with Bryan Bassett (ex-WILD CHERRY, MOLLY HATCHET), Charlie Huhn (ex-Ted Nugent, Gary Moore, VICTORY, HUMBLE PIE), and Rodney O'Quinn (ex-PAT TRAVERS BAND).
This live album is probably very cool for old fans of the band. But to me it's just good, and last for too long. I must admit though that I'm impressed by their energy. And I'm sure that they had a lot of fun at this show. So if you're a fan, this is a must.
FOGHAT is still alive today, and are working on new songs.


LORDS OF BLACK: Alchemy Of Souls, Part II
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, 2LP, Digital
Spanish heavy metal band LORDS OF BLACK follow up their 2020 album "Alchemy Of Souls, Pt. I" with part 2. Thematically it's a continuation of the story started on the previous album, but the music is darker and heavier this time.
We get as much as 13 tracks here, but most of it is really good stuff, so I'm not complaining. If you like powerful and melodic heavy metal, then I can really recomend you to check out this band.
Published: Oct. 31

LEVERAGE: Above The Beyond
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
Finland is called the country of a 1000 lakes. But it could also be called the country of a 1000 metal bands. And as you probably have figured out by now, LEVERAGE comes from Finland. But if they really play metal is hard to tell, as they are not so easy to put in a specific genre. They have simply developed their own style, which is very melodic. We can find ingredients from both metal and hard rock, as well as a progressive twist here and there.
LEVERAGE released 3 albums between 2006-2009. After that they were inactive until 2018, when they returned with a new lineup.
Well, this album is not bad at all, so you could check it out if you want to.
Published: Oct. 31

Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
The GRANDMASTER is yet another project put together by Frontiers President and A&R director Serafino Perugino. This time it's a collaboration between Brazilian singer Nando Fernandes and guitarist Jens Ludwig (EDGUY). And what these men have created is a powerful but melodic metal album in the good old tradition. The songs are strong, but I can't hear anything extra special here. It's still worth a try though. No doubt about that.
Published: Oct. 31

DEVOID: Lonely Eye Movement
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
DEVOID is a melodic metal band from France, and this is their second album. It's said that they have developed their melodic and slightly progressive sound on this album, which is nothing that I know anything about, as I don't think that I have heard this band before (my memory isn't always so good though). But this album sounds good anyway. Their songs are very strong, so I think that most fans of melodic metal will like this band. Don't be afraid!
Published: Oct. 31

The SPOOKY GUESTS: It's Halloween
Self released? - Digital single
There's lots of songs about Christmas out there. But how many is there about Halloween? I can only come up with 3 bands without thinking too much - MISFITS, DEAD KENNEDYS and HELLOWEEN.
Psychobilly created in the dungeons below the city of Vienna is what we get here. And this is a catchy and good song, so it can absolutely be worth listening to this weekend.
It seems that this band is pretty fresh as they started in 2020, so there is not that much to tell about them. They have released a EP, "Up To The Ten", though.
Published: Oct. 30

ROCK N ROLL ARMY: Terror Training
Self released - Digital single
ROCK N ROLL ARMY is a new project formed by Captain Marco Mendess (ex-HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES, S.E.X. DEPARTMENT). And on this song he is doing everything by himself. "Black Boogie" is what he call the music. And the description of that is: "when classic rock n roll meets heavy metal and turns into rockabilly for vampires".
I don't know, but it feels like there's something missing here. I guess that I want more action or something. And that he repeat the chorus 1000 times doesn't make it more interesting either. No, the last single, "Don't Ya Treat Me Bad", was better.
Published: Oct. 30

MURDERBAIT: When The Sun Goes Down, It Goes Down Forever
Sentient Ruin - 10" EP
2 long pieces of atmospheric goth/post-punk is what we get from this American band. This EP was originally self released on cassette and digital in 2019, but has now also been released on vinyl by Sentient Ruin. The music is laidback and dark, as it use to be in these genres, but they also add a almost epic twist. These 2 songs last for almost 20 minutes.
If you need to slow down or just want to take it easy, then this is perfect music.
Published: Oct. 30

MOUTH CONGRESS: The People Have Spoken
Captured Tracks - Digital single
MOUTH CONGRESS hailing from Toronto, and was a 80s queer punk duo. They recorded hundred of songs between 1984-88 without ever putting out a proper release. Well, that is about to change now, as Captured Tracks will release a retrospective 2LP collection, titled "Waiting For Henry", on December 10. There will be 29 tracks, and this single is a taste of what these guys were up to.
Now MOUTH CONGRESS was not just a pure punk band, as they blended various styles. So it could just as well be lo-fi new wave or even DIY disco instead. And this song actually reminds me of the early hip hop bands, and a time when hip hop actually wasn't so bad even for a rocker like me. It also has a touch of funky disco, but is pretty cool.
Published: Oct. 30

Hulkoff: Ragnarök
Faravid Recordings
Mr Hulkoff with Raubtier
This is the third solo album from Pär Hulkoff (RAUBTIER, BOURBON BOYS). And together with his band mates he deliver a hard and heavy, almost industrial, folk metal album, which is once again available both in a Swedish and a English edition. They try so hard, but this album is completely freed from hits. I would not say that it's bad though, but it could have been so much better. So in other words it's just as usual.
I think I prefer the English version actually, because the northern Swedish vocals (norrländska) sounds a bit funny. And I don't think this was made to laugh at. And I might also add that even though he sing about old Vikings and stuff, this is no nazi shit (yes, some people are not so intelligent).
Published: Oct. 30

Demons Records - CD, Digital
This is the second album from Spanish heavy metal band EVIL HUNTER. Their first self titled album was released in 2018. The members have experience from other bands, so this is not any amateurs.
Well, this is very good. Lots of strong and powerful songs here that most fans of classic heavy metal should like. So be nice and give these guys a try.
Not much else to add. Let the music do the talking.
Published: Oct. 30

Epitaph Records
Much noise for nothing. But it's not noise all the time though. They slow down once in a while. But that doesn't really make me any happier. This is simply not my kind of music.
You get as much as 16 tracks here, which makes it last for an eternity. Most of it is some kind of modern and technical hardcore/metal, while some stuff is.. well, let's call it emo (not that I have figured out what that really is though).
"Radical" is the 9th album from EVERY TIME I DIE.
Published: Oct. 30

BAMBARA: Mythic Love
Wharf Cat Records - Digital single
Brooklyn based post-punk band BAMBARA will release a new mini album, "Love On My Mind", in the beginning of 2022. "Mythic Love" is a taste of that. I'm not really sure how to describe this, but doesn't it have a twist of surf rock and psychobilly? It's a really good song anyway, so you should absolutely give it a try.
Published: Oct. 30

I'm A Second Class Kid: 2020-2021 / Second Class Kids Magazine #1
Second Class Kids Records - Promo CD / Promo magazine
Slaveriet at Pumphuset in Boras
This is some promo stuff that you get when you order something from Second Class Kids Records. So it's probably not supposed to be something that you review. But now the label boss Pelle was kind enough to send me both CD and magazine, so why not write something about it?
Both features artists that he has released records with during 2020-2021 or will release something with soon. On the CD we can listen to songs by LASTKAJ 14, FRUKTANSVÄRLD, SLUTSTATION TJERNOBYL, SARDO NUMPSA, N:A HOSPITALET, Vera Norea, PASTORATET, SLAVERIET, ANTI-LAM FRONT, M.I.D, KKPA etc. And in the magazine we can read about some of the bands: LASTKAJ 14, SARDO NUMPSA, KARDINAL SYND, Vera Norea, SLUTSTATION TJERNOBYL, KKPA and ANTI-LAM FRONT.
Both is really good stuff, so you should make an order immediately. And they have more stuff than just their own bands.
Published: Oct. 29

Brown Acid - The Thirteenth Trip
RidingEasy Records on Oct. 31 - LP, CD, Digital
If you have any interest at all in heavy rock, proto-metal, heavy psych etc. from the 60s/70s, and have not discovered the Brown Acid compilations yet, well then you really have something to look forward to. 13 albums with this one to be exact. All filled with long-forgotten and almost impossible to find songs from that era. This is a must for every fan of retro rock!
This time we get the chance to shake loose to artists like MAX, Ralph Williams, GEYDA, Gary Del Vecchio, John Kitko, BACCHUS, MASTER DANSE, ORCHID, DRY ICE and GOOD HUMORE. All songs are really good as usual. It's raw, it's wild, it's powerful, it's heavy and it's beautiful.
Published: Oct. 29

RUTTENSKALLE: Skin 'em Alive
Gruesome Records on Oct. 31 - CD, Digital
RUTTENSKALLE means Rotten Head in Swedish. But this band comes from Portugal. So why do a Portugese band have a Swedish name you might wonder? Well, it's probably because it sounds a lot like the Swedish death metal legends did in the early 90s. So yes, we talk high quality death here. And I guess that I don't have to say more than that about the music.
RUTTENSKALLE is a solo act with musician/producer Paulo Soares on everything. But he has invited some friends to do guitar solos on this album. The idea started to grow back in 2013. But it wasn't until 2020 that he got the time to write some new songs. And "Skin 'em Alive" is the result of that.
Published: Oct. 29

Released on Oct. 30 - CD
It's when I get an album like this that I can be proud about my little hobby, which this site is. Because this is something that I probably would have missed completely if I didn't do this. And that would have been very tragic, even if I wouldn't even know it, because this album is fantastic! Just listen to masterpieces like "Searching Your Love" and "Her Sword Of Tears" for example.
This Australian band play a catchy and melodic kind of heavy/doom metal. The production sounds like a better demo recording, which gives them a raw old school sound. It actually sounds like something from the 70s or 80s.
For some reason they forgot to mention who will release this album, but it's not impossible that it's self released. An album like this deserves a better destiny though. But now YOU know that it exist at least.
Published: Oct. 29

Black Lodge Records - CD, LP, Digital
Oops, seems like I had "forgotten" this review. This album was released 2 weeks ago. But suddenly I found it, and better late than never at all..
This sounds a lot like early Yngwie Malmsteen and the more melodic side of RAINBOW. A classic sound that I guess that most of us really like.
This Swedish band was formed in 2019 by Magnus Mild, with the sole goal to bring back the best of the heavy metal of the 80s, which he grew up with. He teamed up with members from NorthTale, DIONYSUS, NATION and SHADOWQUEST. And the legendary Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum, KHARMA, KARMAKANIC, X-SAVIOUR, TALISMAN, SWEDISH EROTICA, MÅRRAN etc) is doing a guest apperance on "Sail Away".
With "Now Is The Time" PERPETUAL ETUDE have created musical gold. So if you miss the sound of the 80s, then this is a must.
Published: Oct. 28

ODDLAND: Feed The Void
UPRISING! Records on Oct. 29 - Digital single
Finnish progressive metal band ODDLAND are getting ready to release their third studio album, "Vermillion", and this is the first single from the album. As far as I can hear this is pretty laidback and melodic, but with heavy guitars. And they are really taking us on a progressive ride here. I might not like all parts of this song, but most of it is pretty o.k. anyway. A whole album with this would be hard for me though.
Published: Oct. 28

NERVOCHAOS: Wage War On The Gods
Emanzipation Productions on Oct. 29 - Digital single
O.k., some confusion here.. Brazilian death metallers NERVOCHAOS will release a 25th anniversary album, "Dug Up.... Diabolical Reincarnations", through XENOKORP on November 19 (more about that next month). And now Emanzipation Productions send me a single from yet another album, "All Colors Of Darkness", which will be released early next year.
"All Colors Of Darkness" will be their 10th album, and the first single, "Wage War On The Gods", show us that they have no plans to slow down. It's just as brutal and intense as they use to be. So if you like it extreme, then this is the shit for you.
Published: Oct. 28

NEEDLESS: The Cosmic Cauldron
UPRISING! Records on Oct. 29 - Digital single
NEEDLESS is a Hungarian band who blend melodic death/thrash metal, black metal atmospheres and progressive elements into their own musical mixture. They have been active since 2004, but didn't become a active band until 2014.
Now they will release their second album, "The Cosmic Cauldron", early next year. The title track is the first single from that album, and this song has all the ingredinets that I mentioned earlier. A pretty o.k. song, but not much else.
This might be something for those of you who like more epic extreme metal.
Published: Oct. 28

From The Vaults - Digital single
38 years after their first rehearsal, and 7 years after their reunion at Metal Magic Festival, Danish heavy metal band METAL CROSS are back with a new single. The song is taken from an upcoming album from the band, which will actually be their first studio album as they just released a couple of demos in the 80s. The album is titled "Soul Ripper", and will be released sometime in 2022.
This song is hard, heavy and powerful, and almost on the border to thrash metal. Not bad at all. But I think I want to hear some more before I decide if this band is interesting enough for a whole album.
Published: Oct. 28

HEAD OF CLAY: Dirty Lies
Self released - Digital single
Southern blues rock that makes me think of ZZ TOP, even though this Melbourne band call it hard rock (which is ok). A good song anyway, and you should absolutely check it out.
I don't have much else to add..
Published: Oct. 28

ALTZI: Motherless Child
RA Music - Digital single
Yet another single from Swedish band ALTZI. And it's just as good as the previous singles. So fans of the finest melodic hard rock should absolutely check out these guys.
Except for the band leader himself, Rick Altzi (AT VANCE, MASTERPLAN, GATHERING OF KINGS, Herman Frank), this song also features Nalle Påhlsson (THERION, TREAT, ZAN CLAN, Randy Piper's ANIMAL) on bass and Andy LaRocque (KING DIAMOND) on lead guitar, among others.
Published: Oct. 28

MORTAL VISION: Mind Manipulation
Redefining Darkness Records on Oct. 29 - CD, Cassette, Digital
MORTAL VISION comes from Ukraine, and released their first demo in 2019 (which was re-released in May 2021). "Mind Manipulation" is their debut album.
These 4 young men play thrash metal that is described as "Schizophrenia"-era SEPULTURA meets "Persecution Mania"-era SODOM. In other words very old school and raw. The songs are pretty fast and full of energy. Really good stuff!
Published: Oct. 27

The LUCID FURS: Damn! That Was Easy
Argonauta Records on Oct. 29 - LP, CD, Digital
Detroit band The LUCID FURS play a heavy yet energetic kind of blues rock. But suddenly it can also be funk, and very dance friendly. Their sound is driven by a vibrant 70s vintage sound, which makes this something for all of you who like retro rock. And they do this very good, and this album is full of great songs.
Among their influences are classic American rock, old Chicago blues and alternative rock from the 90s.
Published: Oct. 27

Darkstorm Records on Oct. 29 - CD
The story of DARKNESS ABLAZE started in 2002, when 2 German childhood friends decided to form a metal band. They soon became 6 members, and in 2007 their self titled debut album was released. Another album, "Shadowreign", was released in 2010. But in 2011 the group disbanded until further notice due to changes in the lives of many band members.
In 2018 they realized that DARKNESS ABLAZE was not over yet, and the band reformed with some new members. This new EP is a taste of the new lineup. These 4 songs "combine driving riffs with melodic lead guitars and symphonic elements into a powerful mélange that is sometimes melancholic, sometimes energetic and uplifting", as they say. I say that it sounds really good to me, so if you like melodic death metal then you should give these guys a try. They have succeeded to find their own style though, but I'm pretty sure that you will like it anyway.
Published: Oct. 27

Lou Siffer And The HOWLING DEMONS: Too Old To Die Young
Pure Steel Records on Oct. 29 - CD
Hard rock n roll with punk attitude. Sometimes they reminds me of Norwegian action rockers GLUECIFER somehow. Really good stuff!
This is the third full length from these Swedish rockers, who formed this band in 2008. And they deliver a high octane explosion full of adrenaline and sweat. It's the kind of band that could unite fans of metal and punk, while the rock n roll dudes stand there in a corner with a beer and wonder what is going on.
Published: Oct. 26

SPLIT HEAVEN: Electric Spell
Pure Steel Records on Oct. 29 - CD
SPLIT HEAVEN comes from Mexico, and that can be heard in the beginning of this album. The band formed in 2014, and this is their fifth studio album. The music that they play is classic heavy metal, and they are hardly doing anything new with the genre. But this is really good, so you should absolutely give them a try. And especially if you like the classic bands from the 80s.
Published: Oct. 26

Simon Steensland: Let's Go To Hell
Transubstans Records on Oct. 29 - CD
The first track is 16:27 minutes long, the next is 17:06 and the last is as long as 19:26 minutes. The music sounds like something from the late 60s or early 70s, with all kinds of ingredients. And it's more or less instrumental all the way. It often sounds like a jazz/rock fusion to me actually, so yes, this album is very experimental.
This is not really my kind of music. And the question is if it really should be called music? It's more like an adventure in sound. But if you want something crazy and freaked out, then you should absolutely give this guy a try.
Published: Oct. 26

ROYAL HUNT: Land Of Broken Hearts (reissue)
NorthPoint Productions on Oct. 29 - CD, Digital
ROYAL HUNT's debut album turns 30. It has previously been re-released on LP by Night Of The Vinyl Dead, but will now also be released in a remastered collectors edition on CD and digitally. This new edition includes an extended booklet with rare pictures, a "the making of" story written by André Andersen and 5 bonus tracks.
We get a total of 16 tracks of melodic heavy/power metal, and this sounds really good to me. Lots of great songs and a strong debut. They use lots of keyboards to spice up their sound. This is absoultely something that you should check out.
ROYAL HUNT has by the way completed the songwriting for "Dystopia Part II", so they should enter the studio soon to record a new album.
Published: Oct. 26

PANZERCHRIST: Soul Collector (reissue)
Emanzipation Productions on Oct. 29 - CD, LP
Danish death metallers PANZERCHRIST formed in 1993. They have released several albums through the years. "Soul Collector" was released in 2000, and will now be re-released on both CD and LP.
On this album they top their own speed and brutality, according to the press release, and the whole album is sung in German for some reason. The first track is so fast and intense that it's on the border to black metal. After that it's not as fast as the first track anymore, but hardly slow either, possibly more heavy parts. Most of these 8 songs are an intense experience though. So if that's how you like your death metal, then this is something for you.
Published: Oct. 25

INFERNAL TORMENT: Birhhrate Zero (reissue)
Emanzipation Productions on Oct. 29 - CD, LP, Digital
After the re-release of their debut album, "Man's True Nature", it's now time for their second album, "Birthrate Zero", to be re-released as well. It's a more melodic and complex album than the debut, but still stone hard and heavy death metal.
This became their last album, as they disbanded shortly after it was released. Some of the members went to bands like ILLDISPOSED and DAWN OF DEMISE.
They end the album with a cover of IRON MAIDEN's "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son", which actually works too as they are very good musicians.
Published: Oct. 25

CORPSE VOMIT: Drowning In Puke (reissue)
Emanzipation Productions on Oct. 29 - CD, LP
Really serious name and title there... Not! And with song titles like "Maggots Eating My Dick" and "Gaydog", this is hardly something for the politically correct. Luckily it didn't sound as horrible as I was afraid of, even though this is hardly any masterpieces either.
In 1999 a group of Danish underground musicians got together to record the most outrageous and shocking death metal album ever produced, "Drowning In Puke" by CORPSE VOMIT. This is one of the most radical death metal albums ever made, both when it comes to lyrics and artwork. And this is the only album that they did.
The album was originally released on CD, and later reissued on cassette. It will now be re-released on both CD and LP, but I'm actually not really sure why.
Published: Oct. 25

The DARKNESS: It's Love, Jim
Cooking Vinyl - Digital single
..and yet another single from the upcoming album, "Motorheart", which will be released on November 19. And this time it's a energetic rocker that we get from them, but yet catchy. The kind of stuff that I like best with these British glam rockers. This really makes me intrested in hearing the new album.
Not much else to add there..
Published: Oct. 25

Grind To Death Records on Oct. 29 - CD, Digital
Talk about earthshaker rock! Or in this case earthshaker metal. Not necessarily because they are good, but mainly because they are so hard and heavy. This is the kind of music that can scare people away. So play it for someone that you don't like, and they will be very afraid to return, haha! They have the good taste to speed it up once in a while though, so it's not heavy all the time.
And now you are so eager to know what kind of music these guys play. Well, it's death metal. Maybe not really doom/death, but in the heavier league though. You should absolutely give them a try.
COFFIN CREEP is a trio from Malmö in southern Sweden.
Published: Oct. 24

BIZARRE: Invocation Codex
Transcending Obscurity Records on Oct. 29 - LP, CD, Digital
Spanish death metallers BIZARRE is an intense experience. But there's also room for melodic guitars and atmospheric moments. And they can play heavy and technical too. The vocals is harsh and deep. Their sound is both familiar and their own somehow. People who like more brutal death metal should give this band a try. That's the best description I can give you.
The members comes from bands like WORMED, ONIROPHAGOUS, APOSENTO and ELDERDAWN.
Published: Oct. 24

Self released - CD, Digital
This is the debut album from these rockers, who blend the sound of legends like CHEAP TRICK, ROLLING STONES, The WHO and ENUFF Z'NUFF to their own rock n roll brew. 6 original songs and a cover of "Dead Flowers" by ROLLING STONES is what we get, and this sounds great. It's done with passion and enthusiasm. Very catchy and something that makes you happy. You should absolutely give these guys a chance.
Published: Oct. 23

SNAFU: Exile//Banishment
Housecore Records/Nuclear Blast - CD, LP, Digital
SNAFU is short for Situation Normal All Fucked Up, and it's a hardcore/thrash/punk band from Detroit, formed in 2006. Their debut album, "Fear The Future", was released in 2013. "Exile//Banishment" is their third full length.
SNAFU play a raw and aggressive kind of hardcore/punk, with elements of both thrash and grind. Like a fusion of MUNICIPAL WASTE, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, NEGATIVE APPROACH and CRO-MAGS. This album is said to be their heaviest, darkest, and angriest affair yet, focusing on personal frustrations and the hopeless future of humanity.
Well, this is absolutely not bad at all. I think that both crust punks and thrashers could like this. And fans of metallic hardcore should definitely check this out.
Published: Oct. 23

LA LUZ: La Luz
Hardly Art Records
They start with a soft psych/pop song, or what ever I should call it. And it continues like that. I expected some cool surf/psych rock. And sure, psychedelic it is, but almost more pop than rock as it's so laidback. Pretty o.k. anyway, even though it wasn't what I expected.
This self titled album is the 4th album from this American trio. The music is intimate and personal.
Published: Oct. 23

Jim Lindberg: You're Not Alone
Epitaph Records - Digital single
PENNYWISE frontman Jim Lindberg are going on a solo trip. The album, "Songs From The Elkhorn Trail", will be released digitally on November 19. But those of you who want a physical copy have to wait until May 6, 2022.
This is a more relaxed and softer side of him, as this album is acoustic. Some kind of friendly and catchy rock is my best description to this. Not bad at all though. It's the kind of song that makes you happy.
Published: Oct. 23

INNER CORE: Dark Chronicles
Metalapolis Records on Oct. 29 - CD
Symphonic, melodic metal and nothing new under the sun. But if that's what you like, then you will probably like this band too. Because they are just as good as any other band in this genre. But to me, nothing is extra good here. And of course that horrible "opera" vocals here and there as well. No, I think there's much better bands in this genre. But that's just my opinion of course.
INNER CORE is a group from Lörrach, Germany. Their music is said to be a mixture of classic rock and metal, with epic melodies, catchy guitar solos and thrilling rythms. "Dark Chronicles" is their second album, which is moving more into the symphonic metal genre than the debut.
Published: Oct. 23

Metalapolis Records - Digital single
A cover of the old Gary Moore/Phil Lynott duet "Out In The Fields", which is a true classic of course (at least if you grew up in the 80s). This version is pretty true to the original version, so I think that they are doing it very good. In other words definitely worth checking out.
This song is taken from their new album, "Floor 13".
Published: Oct. 23

Beluga Records - 7" single
Some kind of very British rock with a touch of ska is what I would call this band's music. But if they are British or not is unknown to me, as I could not find any information about them. It would surprise me if they're not though. So I guess that we have to let the music do the talking instead. And the music that they deliver is not bad at all. I'm not really sure how I should describe it though, or in what genre I should put them.
2 tracks is what we get here anyway. And the first one is a bit softer, but yet catchy. While the other is more uptempo, and even catchier.
Published: Oct. 22

The REFLECTORS: Faster Action
Beluga Records - LP
Very catchy and melodic power pop, but absolutely not bad because of that. I really like what I hear!
This Chicago band deliver 11 songs of teenage frustration. The songs are just around 2 and a half minutes, but it doesn't always have to be longer than that. Their music is traditional American power pop mixed with melodic punk rock, like The UNDERTONES, The ZEROS, The NERVES and 20/20.
Published: Oct. 22

LA DECOUPE: Inadapté
Beluga Records - 7" EP
Old school garage/punk rock with French attitude. Why they waste time on an instrumental song when there's just 3 songs is a good question though. But otherwise it's really good stuff that we get on this little EP.
This seems to be a lockdown project, with members from bands like LES LULLIES, LES GRY GRYS, SCANERS and SILLY WALKS. I have never even heard of any of those bands, but I really like what they can do when they get together in LA DECOUPE.
Published: Oct. 22

The ERRATIX: You Don't Care
Beluga Records - 7" Single
More power pop. This time with a band from Minneapolis, USA. And this band sounds like something from the 80s with all that keyboard. They say that it's a mix of old school Elvis Costello and EXPLODING HEARTS, and then some. Not something that I have been listening to. But if it's anywhere near this at all, then it might be worth to lend them an ear, because The ERRATIX is damn good.
This is just their first 2-track single, so it will be very interesting to hear what they can come up with in the future.
Published: Oct. 22

DALAPLAN: En Fot I Dyngan
Beluga Records - 10" EP, Digital
DALAPLAN is a rock band from southern Sweden, singing in that dialect that they speak down there (skånska). These 5 tracks was recorded between 2017-2020. I'm not really sure how to describe their sound, but it's a very catchy rock that they play, with elements of both power pop and punk rock, even though it's a bit more melodic. I really like this band! And I think that you will like this too if you're into good rock, punk rock and power pop.
Published: Oct. 22

Brad Marino: Looking For Trouble
Beluga Records - LP
This is the second album from Brad Marino (The CONNECTION, NEW TROCADEROS, RYDELLS). He is doing most of the things himself, but get some help here and there from some other people. And this is best described as pop punk/power pop. It sounds really good to me, and the line "It's a local show, which means nobody will go" is very funny. Probably written out of frustration though.
You should absoulutely give this man a try or 33.
Published: Oct. 22

ANC4: Strange Tide
Beluga Records - LP
ANC4 stand for Arvidson and Nilsson Combo Four, and is a power pop band from Göteborg, Sweden. They released their first album in October 2019, and is now back with another album, "Strange Tide".
It's a pretty kind power pop that this band is playing, when they try to bring new life into the golden era of the 60s. There's melodies and harmonies, 12-string guitar etc. Influences comes from everything from The BEATLES to The BYRDS.
Well, I like what I hear. But will you?
Published: Oct. 22

LASTKAJ 14: Plan B
Second Class Kids Records on Oct. 22 - 12" EP, CD, Digital
Lastkaj at Sticky
The veterans LASTKAJ 14 have also made their own 6-track EP. This is more like they use to sound, and thanks for that. Because this band is a favorite band when it comes to trallpunk. They really do this very good. And they succeed to make it sound like the classic bands from the 90s, when this genre was very popular here in Sweden (some bands sold thousands of records, and even made it to the charts).
Some other things that they are very good at is to combine darkness with hope and variate the songs. Many trall bands sounds more or less the same all the way, but not LASTKAJ 14. And I must also mention that there's not just 1 vocalist here, which is part of that variation. But even though their sound is mainly traditional, they are not afraid to add their own twist.
So if you want to know why this is one of the best bands in this genre, then try this EP.
Published: Oct. 21

LASTKAJ 14/FRUKTANSVÄRLD: Pengarna Eller Livet
Second Class Kids Records - LP, CD, Digital
Lastkaj at Sticky
Each band participate with 7 songs each on this split album. LASTKAJ 14 are more or less veterans in the Swedish genre trallpunk, and use to play it in the good old traditional way - catchy, melodic and very energetic. Sometimes they add their own twist though, like instruments that might not be what you expect in a punk rock song. Some of these songs are a bit.. odd somehow, even though you can hear that it's LASTKAJ 14. I don't really know what it is, which makes it interesting somehow. The first song is some kind of dark pop song. But after that it's full speed ahead. It's not bad, but they have done better.
FRUKTANSVÄRLD was a new band to me. Their music is not new though, as it's more of that classic Swedish trallpunk. So no, this is hardly anything unique at all. But they do it really good, so you should absolutely check them out. There could be some more variation between each song though, but that's just a small problem.
Published: Oct. 21

The MICKERZ: Spelar det nån roll om jag är ful?
Second Class Kids Records - CD, LP, Digital
Mart with Total Egon
Swedish trallpunk legend Mart Hällgren (DLK, TOTAL EGON etc etc) have teamed up with 2 other guys - Mikael Janatuinen (lead vocals and rythm guitar) and David Persson (solo guitar and background vocals). Mart take care of bass, drums and vocals, and has also mixed and produced the album. This is not a solo thing from him though.
What this trio have produced is a catchy and energetic punk rock album, which many Scandinavians probably will put in the trallpunk label. And that's not wrong at all to do as this sounds a lot like that. It's melodic but pretty straight. Pretty o.k. stuff, even though they might not be the most interesting Swedish punk rock band at the moment. Their material is not really strong enough for a full length, so I think they should concentrate on EPs instead ..or make stronger songs.
Published: Oct. 21

WAYWARD SONS: Even Up The Score
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, LP, Digital
"Even Up The Score" is the third album from UK hard rockers WAYWARD SONS. The songs are full of passion and energy, and they simply rock hard. Yet it's melodic. It sometimes makes me think of bands like DANKO JONES and THIN LIZZY for example. But I would say that this band is standing on the side and watching those bands, and then they go home and do their own thing out of it. Damn good anyaway!
Published: Oct. 21

Jeff Scott Soto: The Duets Collection - Volume 1
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, LP, Digital
What American singer Jeff Scott Soto (SONS OF APOLLO, TALISMAN, Yngwie Malmsteen etc) have done here is to invite other singers to make duets with of old songs from Jeff's whole career. I know some of these songs, like "Livin' The Life" from the Rock Star movie, "Don't Let It End" by Yngwie Malmsteen's RISING FORCE and "I'll Be Waiting" by TALISMAN.
Among the singers are Erik Mårtensson (ECLIPSE, W.E.T), Dino Jelusick (ANIMAL DRIVE, DIRTY SHIRLEY), Eric Martin (Mr. BIG), Deen Castronovo (REVOLUTION SAINTS), Russell Allen (SYMPHONY X) and Mats Levén (PRINS SVART, ex-CANDLEMASS, Yngwie Malmsteen, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA etc) among others. All top singers who are doing a really good job here. And the songs are really good too, so this is a fairly simple choice, because this is a brilliant album.
Published: Oct. 21

Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
Swedish band HOUSTON have signed with Italian label Frontiers Music Srl. And on this new album they wanted to go back to their roots and make a classic AOR album again. It's said to be more like their 2 first albums, but with a few more years of experience. They have even used former member Ricky Delin as producer, who has also co-written some of the material with the band.
Well, this is really good stuff. Many great songs among these 11 songs. You should absolutely try this band if you're into melodic rock, AOR and everything that they call it.
Published: Oct. 21

Frontiers Music Srl - CD, LP, Cassette, Digital
Well, this was just as good as I expected it to be. So no surprises there. ECLIPSE are still one of the best Swedish melodic hard rock bands, which they absolutely prove with the new album, "Wired".
They are hardly here to reinvent the genre, but just want to make great songs. And with that they really succeed over and over again. So no fan should be dissapointed when they hear this album. I'm satisfied anyway.
Published: Oct. 21

TWIN PIGS: Dead Sick Of America
Luftslott Records - Digital single
Twin Pigs at Sticky Fingers
Swedish punk rockers TWIN PIGS will soon release their third album, "Godspeed, Little Shit-Eater". But before that we get a taste of what to come in form of this single, "Dead Sick Of America". It's a raw rocker with lots of synthesisers and snotty vocals. Really good stuff! It's done with both attitude and energy, yet it's catchy and powerful.
Published: Oct. 20

STEP BY STEP PROJECT feat. Seraina Telli: Listen
Team H Entertainment - Digital single
I don't know much about this band/project, but this song seems to be their third, and features guest vocals from Seraina Telli (DEAD VENUS, ex-BURNING WITCHES). The music sounds like HELLZ ABYSS somehow, which probably doesn't say much to you. Pretty modern hard rock anyway. O.k. but not much else than that.
They did not even include a link..
Published: Oct. 20

Despotz Records - Digital Single
This British band has taken the modern metal scene by storm with their powerful, riff based and catchy melodies, which they top with a very good vocalist. If you have not discovered them yet, then it's time for you to do it now.
"Black Cloud" is yet another single taken from their latest album, "Invicta". The album was released in May, and is full of great songs, and this is just one of them. Check out!
Published: Oct. 20

SAVE FACE: Sharpen Your Teeth
Epitaph Records - Digital single
New Jersey rock band SAVE FACE will release their new album, "Another Kill For The Highlight Reel", on October 29. "Sharpen Your Teeth" is a taste of that album. And this wasn't really my thing, even though it's not totally useless. Some kind of ambitious rock is my best description to this.
Published: Oct. 20

OVERKILL: The Atlantic Years 1986-1994 (reissues)
BMG on Oct. 29 - LP Box Set, CD Box Set
Even though they have never been as famous as thrashers like METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX, New Jersey's OVERKILL is one of the legendary thrash metal bands from the early 80s. After a demo they signed with Megaforce Records, who released their debut album, "Feel The Fire", in 1985. After that the band inked a major-label deal with Atlantic Records, who released the albums in this box set: "Taking Over" (1987), "Under The Influence" (1988), "The Year Of Decay" (1989), "Horroscope" (1990), "I Hear Black" (1993) and "W.F.O." (1994).
I have to admit that I had not heard that much with OVERKILL before. So I can't look back at these albums and be nostalgic, like most others probably can. This is actually the first time that I have heard these albums, which was interesting. You can hear how they developed their sound through each album and became heavier (almost doom). Most of it is good stuff. But I would say that after a few albums it gets weaker, with just a few good songs here and there. But when we comes to "W.F.O." they're back on track again.
OVERKILL are still around after all these years, play live and make new records once in a while.
Published: Oct. 19

NON RESIDENTS: Against Police Brutality
Self released - Digital
The album title makes me think of crust punk, but this is something completely different than that.
NON RESIDENTS formed in 2019 in New York City when the Fenoutt brothers disbanded their previous project. The brothers moved from Chile to the States in 2015, so their sound is a variety of influences, from thrash to Andean rock, and Mapuche rhythms (don't ask me what those 2 last are). I would describe their music as some kind of peculiar groove/thrash metal, even though there's elements of other stuff too. A familar sound somehow, but at the same time their own sound, if you get that?
They might not be in the top league yet, but these 10 tracks sounds o.k. to me. Nothing is extra good though, but on the other hand nothing is extra bad either.
Published: Oct. 19

CONCEPTION: Roll The Fire 2.0
Conception Sound Factory - Digital single
Norwegian hard rockers CONCEPTION has released a new single. It's a newly recorded version of a classic from their 1993 album "Parallel Minds". It's the latest release in a series of new recordings, live performances and previously unreleased material.
To me this sounds like a heavier and modern metal song, but it's absolutely not bad. I don't really know how to describe it better than that though, so maybe you should just check it out for yourself?
Published: Oct. 19

GHOUL: Live In The Flesh
Tankcrimes Records on Oct. 22 - CD, 2LP, Digital
This band would probably have been much more fun to also watch, and not just hear. Because it sounds like they are a very entertaining band.
GHOUL consist of some masked mutants, and this album was recorded at the Oakland Metro Operahouse in 2018, where they delivered 18 of their songs. The music that they play is thrash metal. It's hard, fast and heavy. Then they add some horror and sick humour to that. Some of their song titles are "Off With Their Heads", "As Your Casket Closes" and "Wall Of Death" for example.
Published: Oct. 19

InsideOut Music on Oct. 22 - 2CD, 2LP/2CD, Digital
Not really sure why they had to include both an Italian and English version of this album. But maybe they want you to make your own decision in life - like "Do you want it in Italian or English?".
When it comes to the music it's pretty soft progressive rock. What I call a Sunday album or rainy day album. So in this case I had to try 1 version first, and the other later. Because I don't feel like hearing the album twice in a row.
The music that these Italians create is old school progressive rock, so I don't think that I have to explain the sound for you. It sounds pretty o.k. to me anyway.
Among the guest musicians on this album are prog legends like Ian Anderson (JETHRO TULL) and Steve Hackett (GENESIS).
PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI released their first studio albums back in 1972 already.
Published: Oct. 19

Electric Talon Records on Oct. 22 - Digital split EP
WAX MEKANIX play some kind of acoustic pop/rock that is pretty uninteresting to me. But TROLL TEETH though play some kind of heavy/psych rock that was much more interesting. Especially their second track, "Barbs On A Wire". I would like to hear some more of them than just these 2 songs.
Not much else to add there..
Published: Oct. 19

SKANNERS: Greatest Hits
Music for the Masses on Oct. 22 - CD, Digital
With this collection SKANNERS celebrate that it's 35 years since their first release and soon (next year) 40 years since the band was formed. We get 16 tracks from their whole career, and 1 of them is actually a brand new song. Their music is a wild mixture of good old 80s hard rock and heavy metal. No modern and trendy stuff here. The material is mainly very strong, so if you like me have completely missed this Italian band, then I suggest that you give this album a listen.
Published: Oct. 18

EVIL SPELL: Padre Vostro
Blasphemous Records/Music for the Masses Records on Oct. 22 - CD, Digital
"Padre Vostro" is the third record from EVIL SPELL. And this is their first new album since their split record with GEMINI in 2014.
The music is raw speed/black metal for fans of NIFELHEIM, HELLHAMMER, SODOM and early KREATOR. Their songs are delivered with high speed, but not ultra fast like grindcore. But there's also heavier parts here and there, so it's not just pedal to the metal all the way. Very good stuff!
EVIL SPELL is an Italian band, and have been active since 2006. After 2 demos (in 2006 and 2007) they released their first album, "Antisocial Satan", in 2010.
Published: Oct. 18

FLIPTOP BOX: Final Scene
Self released - Digital
From Athens, Greece comes this heavy rock band, who reminds me a little of the alternative rock from the 90s. They are influenced by bands like DANZIG, ALICE IN CHAINS, VOLBEAT and THERAPY?, and blend elements of alternative, grunge and metal with subtle undertones of the post punk scene of the 80s.
This is not a new band. They formed in 2003, and has released a few demos and 2 albums before.
These 8 songs are not bad at all. Pretty good actually. So if you are into alternative rock/grunge, then you should give them a chance by visiting their Bandcamp page and listen to them.
Published: Oct. 17

The EROTICS: Ride It To Death!
Self released - CD, Digital
I have received this band's e-mails for some years now, but I don't think I have got anything for review before (my memory isn't always that good though). And I don't have a clue how I end up on their e-mail list. But anyway.. Here's a new EP, released in late September. And what we get is some really cool rock that makes me think of GUNS N' ROSES and AEROSMITH for example, even though it's not the exact same thing. It's raw and dirty anyway, and AC/DC is obviously also among their influences as they end the EP with a cover of "Can I sit Next To You Girl?".
The EROTICS comes from Alabany, New York, and they kick ass. All 5 tracks here are great.
Published: Oct. 17

DEADSPEAK: Dissolve The Dreams
Raw Skull Recordz/Into it Records - Digital, Cassette
More death metal in the old school way. Does anybody have a number of have many of these bands there are around the world? That would be interesting to know. Luckily most of them are really good though, and this Dutch band is no exception from that. Classic death influenced by classic acts like DEATH, MALEVOLENT CREATION, BENEDICTION and MORBID ANGEL. This should definitely make you bang your head with the fist in the air.
They end this 5-track debut EP with a cover of DEATH's "Evil Dead". An album will be out next year.
Published: Oct. 16

DEAD SUN: Collection Of Past Remains
MDD Records - CD
DEAD SUN was started in the late 90s by PAGANIZER members Rogga Johansson and Andreas Carlsson. They recorded several demos and EPs through the years, and "Collection Of Past Remains" is a collection of recordings that they have done between their regular albums since 2013. Some of these songs are previously unreleased.
If you're looking for Swedish meat and potato death metal in the old school, then this is a collection for you. If you're looking for the same thing but with it's own twist, well then this is also something for you.
DEAD SUN released a new studio album, "Night Terrors", in March this year. Today's lineup is Rogga on vocals, bass and guitar, and Jon Rudin has replaced Andreas on drums.
Published: Oct. 16

AGGRESSION: Field Of Nightmares
Xtreem Music on October 26 - CD, Digital
This Canadian band was born on a Halloween night in 1984 as ASYLUM. They released some demos and participated on a couple of compilation records. Their debut album, "Forgotten Skeleton", was recorded in 1986, but wasn't released until 2005. In 1987 they released the album "The Full Treatment" though. AGGRESSION were on track to become one of the forefathers of the 80s thrash metal movement. However, due to their destructive substance abuse problems, legal and criminal matters combined with reckless abandon, the band was declared disbanded by 1989.
After a brief reunion in 2005, AGGRESSION resurrected for good in 2014 with a new lineup. They have released some more records since then, and the latest to be released is this EP, "Fields Of Nightmares". Even though there's 6 tracks, there's actually just 4 songs, as they have included both a useless intro and a useless outtro.
If you want old school and safe thrash metal, then this is something for you, because it's very good stuff that we get here. And I don't have much else to add about that..
AGGRESSION are currently working on their fifth full length album, to be released sometime in 2022.
Published: Oct. 16

ABOMINATION: Abomination (reissue)
MDD Records - CD
This band was founded in Chicago in 1987, and features Paul Speckmann (MASTER) among others. But since 2011 the band has only been playing sporadically as Paul is busy with MASTER.
Anyway, this self titled album is their debut from 1990. And what can I say? I guess that it doesn't come as such a big surprise that it's classic old school death metal the American way. But as the singer doesn't growl, which became popular later, you could almost call this intense thrash metal instead. This is a really good album my friend. So if you don't have it already, then you better get it at once.
I don't think I have to say much more than that..
Published: Oct. 16

The HAUNTED at Pumphuset in Borås, Sweden on Oct. 15, 2021
Last time I was to a concert was KSMB at Valand in Göteborg, Sweden on February 28, 2020. The HAUNTED was supposed to play here in Borås on April 12. But we all know why that did not happen. It got postponed 4 times before it actually happened.
Now you can always think that it's a bit weird to book a pretty well-known band as The HAUNTED to a small pub that can only take 200 people. It got sold out very fast of course. So why they didn't book a larger place is a mystery to me.
Another mystery is why there was just 1 band. Usually it's 2 or 3 bands when Klubb Undergrunden arrange gigs at Pumphuset (on the other hand there's 3 more bands playing at the same pub tonight (Oct. 16): BOMBUS, LEACH and SARCATOR).
Anyway.. People have obviously been hungry for a metal concert, becuase when the band started to play people went nuts. Almost everybody was "dancing" and banging head. The floor was drenched with beer and glass. Totally crazy, but in a good way. I happened to stand too close when the people infront of the stage went nuts to a song towards the end of the show, and got beer all over me. Well, that's the kind of shit that can happen at a concert.
The HAUNTED was really good this night, and was just as on fire as the audience. I haven't seen them since December 2015, so it was really nice to see them again.
Not the best photos I have taken..
The Haunted at Pumphuset in Boras   The Haunted at Pumphuset in Boras   The Haunted at Pumphuset in Boras   The Haunted at Pumphuset in Boras   The Haunted at Pumphuset in Boras   The Haunted at Pumphuset in Boras   The Haunted at Pumphuset in Boras   The Haunted at Pumphuset in Boras
Published: Oct. 16

Donnie Vie: Party Time
Self released? - Digital single
Donnie Vie is the frontman of American glam rock veterans ENUFF Z'NUFF. But he has also a solo career, which he will celebrate with a career spanning box set, simply titled "The Donnie Vie Collection", which will be released next Friday (Oct. 22). The box will include all 5 solo albums and a 6th record with new, unreleased songs from his demo collection.
"Party Time" is a true party anthem that makes you happy. It should be a hit song! But I guess we are living in the wrong century for that. You should absolutely give it a try though if you want some good old party rock.
Published: Oct. 15

BANNED IN GBG: What The Hell
WormHoleDeath - Digital single
"What The Hell" is the second single taken from Swedish heavy rock band BANNED IN GBG's upcoming album, "What The Hell Is Going On?!", due for release on November 19. The band features members from Gothenburg bands like TORNADO BABIES, ON PAROLE, The NUTS, STILLBORN etc. So you could almost call this a local all-star band.
Their music sounds like heavier hard rock, with a pinch of both metal and punk. It's a good song anyway. And I think that most rockers could like this.
Published: Oct. 15

The SONIC OVERLORDS: Last Days Of Babylon
M-Theory Audio on Oct. 22 - LP, CD, Digital
The SONIC OVERLORDS was formed by Swedish guitarist Morgan Zocek in 2017, when he began jamming with various musicians. They wrote songs inspired by classic hard rock of the late 70s/early 80s, but with a modern approach to the production. After a few years they finally had a stable lineup, and released their first single, "In My Darkest Room", in October 2020.
Now their debut album is here, which gives us a combination of powerful doom riffs and epic/melodic vocals. Influences comes from Ronnie James Dio (rip)/Tony Martin-era BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW, early CANDLEMASS, Yngwie J. Malmsteen's RISING FORCE, SCORPIONS and MSG.
"Last Days Of Babylon" is an excellent album that all fans of doom and heavy metal should check out as soon as possible. Simple as that!
Published: Oct. 14

HEX A.D.: Funeral Tango For Gods & Men
Fresh Tea on Oct. 22 - LP, CD
"Funeral Tango For Gods & Men" is the fifth album from HEX A.D. It's said to be a darker and deeper ride than the other records in the band's catalogue. But it's also their most varied work to date. I would describe thier musical style as progressive doom metal inspired by the legends of the 70s. It can be epic and atmopheric, as well as riff-based and catchy. These songs are very strong!
The band's unofficial fifth member, Rowan Robertson (ex-DIO), play on 2 of the tracks here. Another guest is Ronni Le Tekrø (TNT), who play on the last song.
Published: Oct. 14

INDIGO RAVEN: Looking For Transcendence
Argonauta Records on Oct. 22 - LP, CD, Digital
INDIGO RAVEN are based in Toulouse, France, and formed in 2019. They released their first EP in 2020, and now their first full length is here.
They have definitely found their own unique sound, which is atmospheric and coloured by a shamanic sound and occult, haunting vocals/chants. This is backed up by heavy and repeating doom metal.
The problem with this is that there's not that much variation. It's more or less same thing over and over again. And I get tired of that pretty quickly.
The vinyl gives you 6 tracks, while the CD has a bonus track - a MAZZY STAR cover. The songs are between 5-7 minutes.
Published: Oct. 14

BURNING POINT: Arsonist Of The Soul
AFM Records on Oct. 22 - CD, LP, Digital
Finnish power metal band BURNING POINT have been around for more than 2 decades already. So why have I never heard of them before? Anyway, this album sounds extremely good. It's a little heavier, but yet melodic and very catchy. This is how power metal should sound like if you want me to like it. Excellent songs all the way.
New vocalist is Luca Sturniolo, which was born in Italy but lives in Finland. And man, they have really found a damn good singer! Where have this man been hiding? And well, the other guys are also extremely good at what they're doing.
Published: Oct. 14

VILDHJARTA: måsstaden under vatten
Century Media on Oct. 15 - 2CD, 2LP, Digital
Why as much as 17 tracks? That's just insane! And the music then.. Some kind of dark, heavy and experimental metal without much variation. It's like they play the same thing in every song here, and that becomes very boring after a while. No boys, this wasn's so good.
Swedish band VILDHJARTA has been compared with bands like TOOL and MESHUGGAH. It's hard and heavy, with a dark atmosphere, but yet full of progressive adventures. And even though I don't like it, I'm sure there's lots of people who actually do.
It's 10 years since they released their debut album, "Måsstaden", and 8 years since their 2013 EP, "Thousands Of Evils". Maybe that's why this album last for as long as 80 minutes?
Published: Oct. 13

Inverse Records - Digital EP
RENEGADE ANGEL is a Finnish melodic heavy metal band. The title track of this EP features vocals from Tim "Ripper" Owens (KK'S PRIEST, ex-JUDAS PRIEST, ICED EARTH, Yngwie Malmsteen). We also get 2 versions of the song "Journey Into Madness", in English and Spanish.
This is powerful, epic and all that, and very good. So you should absolutely give this band a try if you want some good heavy metal. It's just as simple as that.
Published: Oct. 13

GEMINI SYNDROME: 3rd Degree - The Raising
Century Media on Oct. 15 - Digital
Modern teenage rock with heavy guitars and melodic, emotional vocals. It sounds like I have heard this a few times before. To me this sounds more or less the same all the time, and for some reason there's 13 tracks, which makes it last for almost an eternity for me.
"3rd Degree - The Raising" is the third album from GEMINI SYNDROME. It's 5 years since their last album came out. The new album offers the closing chapter in a trilogy of song and narrative.
I guess that we can label this as progressive rock/metal, but I'm honestly not really sure what this is.
Published: Oct. 13

Pride & Joy Music on Oct. 22 - CD, LP
This sounds a bit like a combination of melodic hard rock from the 80s and pop from the 90s, but made by kids growing up in the 2000s. And this is absolutely not bad at all. More or less every song on this album is great, and the singer, Jennifer Crush, is a very good vocalist.
Even though they have a strong 80s sound, it's at the same time modern. The songs are melodic with hit friendly choruses. I think that this band could go far if they get the right chance.
They end the album with a cover of the 1988 pop hit "Tell It To My Heart" by Taylor Dayne.
SUPERNOVA PLASMAJETS has existed since 2013, and comes from Mannheim, Germany. They have released 2 records before "Now Or Never".
Published: Oct. 12

SIX SILVER SUNS: As Archons Fall
AOR Heaven on Oct. 22 - CD
This might be a new band, but the members have many years of experience from other Finnish bands. And the reason why they formed SIX SILVER SUNS was a desire to go back to the golden age of rock and pop, the 70s and the 80s. Their inspiration comes from progressive rock and BLUE ÖYSTER CULT, which they combine with catchy tunes and melodies from AOR and hard rock. Timeless classic rock.
This is a fantastic album with lots of great songs. You have to give it a chance! Try something like "Sweet Promethean", "The Stranger" or "Edge Of Tomorrow" for example.
Published: Oct. 12

OSUKARU: Starbound
AOR Heaven on Oct. 22 - CD
"Starbound" is the 6th album from Swedish hard rockers OSUKARU, which gives us a blend of melodic rock n roll and classic heavy metal, but with the roots in classic stadium rock. So even though they label this as melodic glam metal, I prefer to call it melodic hard rock. Because that's what I hear when I listen to this album anyway. And it reminds me of the sound of the 80s, with catchy and strong songs. This is really good stuff.
Published: Oct. 12

Dan Lucas: The Long Road
Pride & Joy Music on Oct. 22 - CD
Well, you can give this to your parents, they might like it. It's nice and melodic pop/rock all the way, but fans of softer melodic rock might find something that they like here.
Dan Lucas was the frontman of different successful German rock groups in the 80s, like the hard rock band KARO for example. He also released 3 solo albums in 1992, 1995 and 1996. The hit single "Heart Of America", which featured musicians from LOVERBOY and Manny Charlton (NAZARETH), was used for a McDonald's commercial later on.
This new solo album show his more personal and intimate side.
Published: Oct. 12


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