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HELGRIND: Insurrection
Metal Rocka Recordings/One Eyed Toad Records/Cargo Records on Oct. 22 - CD
UK thrashers HELGRIND celebrate their 20th anniversary with their fifth album. These 9 tracks are said to represent all the band's influences - diverse melodic undertows and an aggressive vocal sound. We simply call it thrash metal. And I would guess that fans of the legendary bands of the 80s won't be dissapointed when they hear this.
What confuses me a little is that on their web site it says that this album was released in April 2016. So is this a re-release or a brand new album?
Really good stuff anyway, and definitely worth checking out.
Published: Oct. 11

NIGHTWATCHERS: Common Crusades
Lövely Records - Digital (LP and CD later)
Completely sober, but when I hear this I suddenly want to shake loose like there was no tomorrow. So just imagine how great this must be when you're drinking and you see them live.
This is the second album from these French punk rockers. It's melodic and gloomy, yet catchy and energetic. The lyrics deal with institutional racism and Islamophobia in modern day France.
NIGHTWATCHERS formed in 2016, and released 2 EPs before their first full length, "La paix ou le sable", was released in 2019.
Well, this is absolutley worth listening to. No doubt about that.
Published: Oct. 11

earMUSIC - Digital single
So, I guess that you have heard the news that DEEP PURPLE have made a covers album. This is the first single from that album, which will be released on November 26. The song was originally recorded by a band called LOVE.
But even though this is a cover, it sounds a lot like DEEP PURPLE, so I don't think that we should expect any bigger surprises from the new album. This is a pretty good song anyway.
Published: Oct. 11

Self released - Digital EP
This group hailing from Luleå in northern Sweden, and formed in 2018. They began with instrumental metal covers, before they moved on to write their own original material (with vocals). Influences comes from classic heavy rock and traditional metal.
What we get on this 4-track EP is pretty energetic heavy metal in the good old way. I really like what I hear! This is a very interesting band, so you should definitely give them a chance, because I'm pretty sure that you will like them too.
Published: Oct. 8

SAMAEL: Ceremony Of Opposites / Passage (reissues)
MDD Records - CD / CD
These 2 albums are said to be groundbreaking for these Swiss black metallers. It's also said that they were light years ahead of their time when they were released (1994 and 1996). It's a different and innovative sound, and at the same time modern and unique. It's definitely not the fast old school black metal that we get here, but a more heavy kind. Not really sure how to describe the sound actually, but it sounds o.k. to me anyway.
Both albums have now been re-released on CD. Why they insist on releasing on CD only in 2021 is a mystery, but that's always better than nothing.
Published: Oct. 8

NEKROMANT: Behind The Veil Of Eyes
Despotz Records - Digital single
This is the second single from this Swedish heavy metal trio. And this is in the heavier league, with crushing riffs and powerful melodies, topped with a old school sound. Absolutely not bad at all. You should definitely check out this band.
The song is taken from the upcoming album, "Temple Of Haal", which will be released on December 3.
Published: Oct. 7

Lee Ainley's BLUES STORM: Evolution
Epictronic - CD
Lee Ainley's BLUES STORM hailing from Sussex, England, and is fronted by 2 women, who are mother and daughter. Their music is rooted in the blues rock history, with 2 powerful voices. But there's also elements of other genres in their brew.
I would say that this is a really good album with variation in the material, but it's mainly what I call bluesy rock that we get here. You should absolutely give this band a try.
They have previously released 2 EPs, and this is their first full length.
Published: Oct. 7

KESEM: Post-Terra
Sentient Recordings - Digital
KESEM means magic in Hebrew. And this magical band hailing from L.A., and formed in 2018. On this full length debut they take us on a progressive and psychedelic ride with punk rock influences. And that's an interesting adventure my friend. They blend all kinds of influences to their soundscape, and somehow it becomes good songs out of it. The creativity really flows here. We get all kinds of moods and atmospheres.
The writing process for this album was fuelled by frustrations about racial injustice, the 1% ruling all, and the Trump administration. So they wrote some songs about leaving the world behind and starting anew in the depths of space. And that was obviously a good idea, because this is a very good album.
Published: Oct. 7

INFERNAL HATE: Black Crows Over The Horizon
Art Gates Records - Digital single
This is the second single from INFERNAL HATE. The song is taken from their upcoming album, titled "The Order of the Black Kestrel", which will be released on November 26. And this trio play a pretty aggressive death metal that goes in and out. O.k. while it last, but soon fogotten.
The band formed in 2000 in the Canary Islands, Spain. They have released 3 albums between 2003-2011, but will soon release a new album.
Published: Oct. 7

LOOSE SUTURES: A Gash With Sharp Teeth And Other Tales
Electric Valley Records on Oct. 15 - LP, Digital
This band consist of 4 guys from Sardinia, who formed LOOSE SUTURES in June 2019. A self titled debut album was released in March 2020, and now their second LP is here. Their sound is a mixture of classic 70s riffs with a pinch of modern punk attitude and the energy of stoner and garage rock - We can call it heavy fuzz/stoner/garage punk. It's simply raw and dirty rock.
This new record is said to be harder, faster, and hotter than the debut. Now I don't really remember the first album, but according to my review I liked it (except for those interludes, which we luckily don't get this time). The music is still cool, and the songs are good. What else can you ask for?
Published: Oct. 6

WOODEN FIELDS: Wooden Fields
Argonauta Records on Oct. 8 - LP, CD, Cassette, Digital
Swedish power trio WOODEN FIELDS consist of members from WITCHCRAFT, SIENA ROOT and THREE SEASONS, among others. This is their debut album, which is a nice mixture of fuzzy riffs, piercing guitar sounds, big grooves and soulful, characteristic vocals. It's heavy but yet catchy. And there's lots of bluesy 70s rock here. I simply call it heavy rock, and it sounds really good to me.
It would surprise me if this band would not be on everybody's lips as one of the most interesting new bands in the heavy rock genre pretty soon.
Published: Oct. 6

DEIMLER: A Thousand Suns
Xtreem Music on Oct. 19 - CD, LP, Cassette, Digital
The origin of DEIMLER dates back to 1998. It last until 2002 that time, but in 2018 the band was reactivated by founding member Pako Deimler (Funëdeim), who is also a member of FAMISHGOD, DIMENSSION, ITNUVETH and several more. In 2020 they released their first EP, "Zero One", through Chinese label Awakening Records, and now they are ready to release their full length debut, "A Thousand Suns", via Spanish label Xtreem Music.
The sound of DEIMLER is heavy and brutal, yet catchy and melodic somehow. We talk death metal here, with its roots in the Finnish and Swedish scene around the late 80s and early 90s. The vocals is almost like a extra instrument. Because it sounds more like a damn rumbling than vocals. It works fine to their style though, and this is absolutely not bad at all.
Published: Oct. 5

DESTINITY: In Continuum
Crimson Productions/Season of Mist on Oct. 15 - CD, LP
This is the 4th release from these melodic death metallers. It was mixed and mastered at Blacklounge Studio in Sweden by Jonas Kjellgren (who has worked with SABATON, SCAR SYMMETRY, SONIC SYNDICATE, The ABSENCE, IN MOURNING, and many more).
They blend growling with punchy riffs and catchy choruses. It's all very powerful. This French band is just as good as any other band in this genre, without being a total copy, so I have nothing to complain about. This is a great album that you really should check out.
I would guess that this fits perfect for fans of bands like AMON AMARTH, AT THE GATES and ARCH ENEMY for example.
Published: Oct. 5

MORGOTH: Ungod (reissue)
MDD Records - CD
German death metal band MORGOTH was there in the beginning, and released 2 albums before they changed their style, which the old fans did not like at all. The band became silent after the release of "Feel Sorry For The Fanatic" in 1998. But in 2012 they returned briefly to play live, until original singer Marc Grewe left the band. He was replaced by Carsten Jäger (DISBELIEF), but was not approved by the fans, and the band once again disapperead from the scene.
They did an album with him though, "Ungod", which was released in 2015. But nobody seemed to care (if I got it right?). Now MDD have dug up this record again for a re-release on CD, as they think it deserves a better destiny. And why not? It's actually not so bad, and I can't hear anything wrong with this album. So give it another chance.
As an extra bonus I actually found a review of this album that I wrote when it came out. I called it "really evil death metal", and it seems like I really liked it - Read it here.
Published: Oct. 5

YES: The Quest
InsideOut Music - 2LP/2CD/Blu-ray Box Set, 2CD/Blu-ray Artbook, 2CD, 2LP/2CD, Digital
The name of this band is the reason why I almost want to start a band called NO (excues me for my bad humour).
YES has existed since the late 60s, and there's no original members left in today's lineup. 2 of them have been playing with the group since 1970 and 1972 though. In 1983 they got a big hit with "Owner Of A Lonely Heart", which is really good and probably their only hit, as far as I know anyway.
That they are still around after all these years is impressive. But this album sounds like most other progressive rock bands to me. So unfortunately that doesn't impress me so much. I would not say that it's bad though. But just not that interesting either. But what do I really know? Old fans will probably like this a lot.
The Blu-ray that is included in some versions of this album includes a 5.1 Surround Mix of the album and instrumental versions of every song.
Published: Oct. 4

MAGNOLIA PARK: Back Home/Tonight
Epitaph Records - Digital double single
It seems to be popular to relase double singles (2 songs instead of just 1 if you didn't get that). But what kind of garbage is this? Laidback and soft pop/rock that is not my kind of stuff. But I guess it's not any news that Epitaph doesn't always have the best taste (and well, that doesn't mean that I'm always right either). All I can say is that this wasn't something for me.
For some reason they want to call this Orlando, Florida band's music pop punk. There's no way that I would call this pop punk. Emo or alternative pop/rock sounds more correct to me.
A new album, "Halloween Mixtape", will be released on October 29. The band formed in 2019, and consist of as much as 6 members.
Published: Oct. 4

CONVERGE feat. Chelsea Wolfe: Blood Moon
Epitaph Records - Digital single
This is like a modern soundtrack to the judgement day. In a post-apocalyptic landscape stands a few men in black and play really heavy. Among these men is a singing woman, who almost sounds like Björk. And once in a while a man is screaming. A special experience indeed.
It's obvious that this band didn't just want to do another album, but something different. So they teamed up with singers like Chelsea Wolfe, Ben Chisholm (Chelsea Wolfe) and Stephen Brodsky (CAVE IN, ex-CONVERGE) to create something different. But fact is that the collaboration first began in 2016 at Roadburn festival in The Netherlands, where the 7-piece performed revamped CONVERGE material under the name BLOOD MOON. The energy and rapturously received appearance inspired the group to want to make music together, though it would take several years before their schedules allowed it. So it wasn't until late 2019 that they were finally able to begin working on new material together.
The one who expect hardcore will be dissapointed. This is more like some kind of alternative, dark and heavier metal. Atmospheric you could say.
The album, "Bloodmoon: I", is out November 19.
Published: Oct. 4

SPACEGOAT: Catharsis
Self released? on Oct. 8 - Digital EP
SPACEGOAT is an alternative metal band from Australia. They draw influences from a wide spectrum of metal subgenres, like progressive elements and djent guitars, which is topped with soaring female vocals. But it's not as crazy as it may sound like it is. Most of these 6 tracks are really good music, so there's no reason to be afraid.
Their sound is mainly metal with melodic vocals and strong songs. It's a pretty modern sound. You should at least give them a try.
Published: Oct. 3

SLOWSHINE: Living Light
The Lasting Dose Records on Oct. 8 - Cassette, Digital (LP in Nov./Dec.)
SLOWSHINE are said to combine the wall-of-sound dynamics of TORCHE with the vintage swagger of BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB. Then they continue to talk about the warmth of 70s UK psychedelia and the driving riffs of stoner rock, just to simply call it heavy noise rock later on, before they talk about cues from post punk, stoner rock, sludge, and shoegaze. Do these guys really know what they are doing? But if it's confuse people that they want to do, well then they have really succeeded.
Anyway.. SLOWSHINE consist of the couple Jan and Sabine Oberg (EARTH SHIP, GRIN), who have teamed up with drummer André Klein (EARTH SHIP, The SMOKIN' 44s). This is the new group's first release, which tells stories about a post-apocalyptic world. The vocals is buried under vast layers of distortion and reverb.
So how do I describe this then you might ask now? Well, I would actually call this psychedelic stoner rock with a retro feeling. Because it sounds to me like they combine psychedelic rock with stoner rock. But no matter what you decide to call this, it's good rock music anyway, so it's absolutely worth checking out.
Published: Oct. 3

VEGA: Anarchy And Unity
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, LP, Digital
"Anarchy And Unity" is the 7th album from UK hard rockers VEGA. And this is not such a big differance from their previous records. It's pretty safe and melodic, but that's just the way it should be. So these 12 tracks should not dissapoint fans of melodic hard rock.
On this album they introduce 2 new faces in the band: Billy Taylor (ex-INGLORIOUS) on guitars and Pete Newdeck (NITRATE, MIDNITE CITY) on drums.
Published: Oct. 2

Robledo: Wanted Man
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
James Robledo is a Chilean vocalist, and "Wanted Man" is his solo debut, which was written and produced with Frontiers' own right-hand man Alessandro Del Vecchio (who also plays keyboards and bass on the album). The other musicians on the album are André Hilgers (RAGE, SILENT FORCE, BONFIRE) on drums and Francesco Marras (TYGERS OF PAN TANG, SCREAMING SHADOWS) on guitars.
Robledo has previously been heard on albums with SINNER'S BLOOD and RENEGADE, but he has also done a lot of work in South America. And the music on this record is something similar to what he did with SINNER'S BLOOD and RENEGADE - melodic hard rock/heavy metal. The guitars are heavy, the voice is powerful and the songs are really good. What else can you ask for? Yes, you better check this out.
Published: Oct. 2

Robin Red: Robin Red
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
Robin Red is the lead singer of Swedish band DEGREED (working on their 6th album), but has now decided to also launch a solo career. And now his solo debut is released.
The music that he gives us is melodic rock, with catchy and uptempo songs. It should be of interest for fans of FOREIGNER, Rick Sprinfield, Bryan Adams and John Waite.
Now Robin have not done everything himself on this album. It was recorded together with Dave Dalone (H.E.A.T), as producer, guitarist and co-songwriter. Several other people have also been involved in one way or another.
Well, there's lots of great songs on this album, so give it a try.
Published: Oct. 2

Frontiers Music Srl - CD, LP, Digital
On the 4th album from EDGE OF PARADISE they got help from producer Howard Benson (HALESTORM, SEETHER, BLACK STONE CHERRY etc) who, together with Mike Plotnikoff (HALESTORM, THREE DAYS GRACE) and Neil Sanderson (THREE DAYS GRACE) has created the band's biggest sounding album yet. And Jacob Hansen (AMARANTHE, VOLBEAT, PRETTY MAIDS) took care of mixing and mastering.
The sound of this album is very good, and the music is good too. I guess that we can call this modern melodic metal. The guitars are heavy, and the vocals is melodic but powerful, but also variated.
Published: Oct. 2

Self released on Oct. 14 - CD, Digital (LP later)
Well, this isn't exactly rock, but more like trobadour songs, or singer/songwriter as many call it nowadays. It could possibly go as folk punk, even though I think it's more in the same tradition as something like Swedish artist Lars Demian for example. All songs are sung in the southern Swedish dialect Skånska, and seems to be about life.
Why somebody send something like this to a site called Hard Rock Info could be a good question though, but I like what I hear, so I'm not going to complain about a small detail like that. I like Swedish singer/songwriters like Lars Demian, Stefan Sundström and Cornelis Vreeswijk. And yes, it might not be pure rock music, but still there's a touch of rock in many of their songs. It's not pop music anyway. So yes, this album is definitely worth a try or 5, even though a couple of them might be too long for its own good.
Rick Titrö use to work alone, but this time he has teamed up with musicians who has played with WILMER X, Jakob Hellman etc. etc. The album was recorded where the legendary rock club Dad's Dancehall used to be in the late 70s, which is in Malmö, Sweden. Nowadays there's rehearsal rooms and a studio.
Published: Oct. 1

CHRONICLE: Undivided/Born From A Coffin Womb
Mighty Music on Oct. 1 - Digital singles
"Undivided" and "Born From A Coffin Womb" are 2 new and distinctly different singles from Danish metal beast CHRONICLE. What these songs have in common is catchy melodies, ferocious speed and crushing brutal riffs, and that they are a mixture of melodic death metal and old school thrash metal.
The first song makes me think of something like ARCH ENEMY for example, even though this is not exactly the same thing. The second song makes me think more of something like AT THE GATES instead.
CHRONICLE has released 2 EPs and 2 albums.
Published: Oct. 1

Self released on Oct. 8 - CD, Digital
The progressive metal trio BLACK SITES formed in 2016. Their inspiration comes from old school metal like VOIVOD, THIN LIZZY, BLACK SABBATH etc., but they add some progressive elements and get their own sound. "Untrue" is their third album.
The vocals is melodic, but the music is powerful. And even though it's progressive, it's not any advanced shit but mainly pure metal. These 8 tracks are absolutely not bad at all. I think you should give them a try. Any fan of good metal should like this (on the other hand we are all different).
Published: Oct. 1

The MUSLIMS: Fuck These Fuckin Fascists
Epitaph Records - Out now digital, LP and CD on Nov. 5
American punk band The MUSLIMS formed in 2017, brought together by the aftermath of the 2016 election. "Fuck These Fuckin Fascists" is their 4th album.
This band bring back the "fuck you" attitude and energy to punk music. They take inspiration from classic punk and afro punk roots, and blend that with humor, tenderness and political rage. Racism, the American political landscape, and white supremacy is some of the subjects in their lyrics. It's fuck this and fuck that. Sometimes it's fast and aggressive, sometimes more melodic and emotional, but it's always raw and angry.
They deliver 12 songs in less than half an hour (21:47 min.), and this is a brilliant album. Every true punk should check this out. Well, rockers with good taste might actually like this too.
Published: Sept. 30

HELLZ ABYSS: Pottymouth
Revenge of Eve Records - Digital EP
This could probably have been a little bit better if it wasn't for those rigid, static drums without soul. More variation between these 5 tracks wouldn't have hurt either. Like it is now, it's just o.k. but not much else. Lisa Perry seems to be a cool woman though.
The music is some kind of dark hard rock with cocky attitude. The static drums are combined with lots of guitars. And I don't really know how to describe it better than just that.
Published: Sept. 30

HAERDSMAELTA: All Alone In The Danger Zone
Sliptrick Records on Oct. 5 - LP, Digital
"Apocalyptic post-punk"? This sounds more like raw and energetic punk rock to me. At least that first song, "Head First", which almost reminds me of the first single with LÄDERNUNNAN/The LEATHER NUN. And that's not any bad stuff my friends. Sometimes it's on the border to action rock or very energetic garage rock. But there's heavier and darker elemnts too. So a good mixture of loud and unpolished punk, metal and rock n roll you could say. Good stuff anyway.
"All Alone In The Danger Zone" is the first full length from this Swedish band. It's not their first release though.
Published: Sept. 30

DUEL: In Carne Persona
Heavy Psych Sounds Records on Oct. 1 - LP, CD, Digital
"In Carne Persona" is the 4th album from Texas heavy rockers DUEL. And what we get is 9 riff-soaked tracks from a dungeon in the desert. Simply more of what you have come to expect from the band. Upbeat classic guitar rockers in the vein of THIN LIZZY, early UFO and early KISS is mixed with old school NWOBHM, tripped out stoner and proto metal soundscapes. Yes, this is a cool album my friend.
Published: Sept. 29

23 TILL: Nån Annan
Beat Butchers - Digital single
The 4th single from 23 TILL this year is a punk rocker that is full of energy. They take their rock n roll roots, add some pub rock, and then speed it up a little. A perfect song for your next party. Very catchy and very good.
The previous singles that they have released during 2021 have all been different from each other, so it will be interesting to hear what they will come up with next time.
Published: Sept. 28

VELVET CHAINS: Strange Love/Tattooed (feat. Richard Fortus)
FYPM Music - Digital singles
VELVET CHAINS was formed in Las Vegas in 2018 by experienced musicians from the American circuit. The music of the quartet is a mixture of musical styles and personalities. But they aim for a contagious rock sounds, a solid rhythmic section, and catchy guitar and voice melodies. Inspiration comes from American bands like GUNS N' ROSES, ALICE IN CHAINS and PEARL JAM, to name just a few. So you could call this some kind of alternative rock or hard rock, both works just fine according to me.
Their debut album, "Icarus", has just been released, and that's where these 2 songs comes from. "Tattooed" features a guest apperance by Richard Fortus (GUNS N' ROSES).
Both songs are really good, and have a strong chorus. You should absolutely check out this band.
Published: Sept. 28

PUTREVORE: Miasmal Monstrosity
Xtreem Music on Oct. 5 - CD, LP, Cassette, Digital
This band started in May 2004, and is a collaboration between Dave Rotten (AVULSED, HOLYCIDE, CHRIST DENIED, FAMISHGOD) and the legendary Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER, GRISLY etc etc). The intention was to create a very heavy, dark, putrid and primitive death metal band, totally inspired in some of the most brutal acts from the late 80s and early 90s. Their debut album, "Morphed From Deadbreath", was released in 2008, and their second album, "Macabre Kingdom", came out in 2012. A third album, "Tentacles of Horror", saw the light in 2015. They have also released 2 split 7" EPs, 1 with PUTREFACT and 1 with GRIM FATE.
The new album, "Miasmal Monstrosity", is their heaviest and most brutal album. So if that's the way you like it, then you should give these guys a try.
Published: Sept. 28

The DARKNESS: Jussy's Girl
Cooking Vinyl - Digital single
This wasn't as hot as the last single, "Nobody Can See Me Cry", which was released just a few weeks ago. This song is more sensative somehow. Not bad, but I have heard much better with The DARKNESS. But if you like their more emotional side, then this could be your thing.
New album, "Motorheart", on November 19.
Published: Sept. 28

BABYMETAL: PA PA YA!! (feat, F.Hero)
Cooking Vinyl - Digital single
It was a few years since I heard this Japanese band last time. I remember that it was a weird experience as they mixed metal with J-pop and other electronic stuff. It was very funny to listen to anyway (well, the first times at least).
In October last year they celebrated their 10-year anniversary as a band. And I guess that's enough as they have announced that they will "disappear from our sight" later this year. But before that happens they did 10 special live performances earlier this year at the world famous Budokan arena in Tokyo, and have now picked their 13 favorites for a live album, titled "10 Babymetal Budokan". And I guess that's where this song is taken from.
This song is actually pretty o.k. Metal guitars mixed with melodic vocals and some screaming and other stuff here and there. They might not be so bad after all..
Published: Sept. 28

MANIMAL: Armageddon
AFM Records on Oct. 8 - CD, Digital (LP in Nov./Dec.)
For some reason I think of Swedish heavy metal bands like DREAM EVIL and WOLF when I listen to this album. It's dark, heavy and powerful heavy metal, but they have some melodic moments too, so the material is also variated. I really like what I hear. This is how you make traditional heavy metal with a modern production. Excellent!
This Swedish band formed 20 years ago, but "Armageddon" is just their 4th album. Among their main influences are legends like JUDAS PRIEST, KING DIAMOND and QUEENSRŸCHE. They are often put in the power metal genre, and sure there's elements of that here, but to me this is mainly a heavy metal album of the best kind.
Published: Sept. 27

MAJESTY OF SILENCE: Die Schöpfung Tohuwabohu
Boersma-Records on Oct. 1 - CD
Switzerland's answer to CRADLE OF FILTH? Maybe more insane though and honestly not so good. No, this wasn't something for my taste.
Their music is labeled as melodic black metal, and the band was founded back in 1996 as a fusion of 2 other bands. They released 3 albums before they took a break in 2010. But in 2017 they were back again, but now as a duo.
Published: Sept. 27

KRYPTOS: Force Of Danger
AFM Records on Oct. 1 - CD, Digital (LP in Nov./Dec.)
KRYPTOS was formed in 1998 in Bangalore, India, and have long been considered one of the spearheads of the Indian heavy metal revolution. They were also the first Indian heavy metal band to tour in Europe, and have since 2004 released 5 albums before "Force Of Danger".
Their music is pure 80s heavy metal in the harder and more powerful league, and it sounds really good to me. Many of the song reminds me of good old ACCEPT, when they were as best. So if you like that, then this is definitely something for you.
Published: Sept. 27

Mighty Music on Oct. 1 - Digital EP
This band really kicks ass! Good old thrash metal like it was meant to be done.
Danish thrashers DEMOLIZER formed in 2014, but didn't released their first demo, "Ghoul", until 2018. This 4-track EP is an "upgraded" version of that demo. They have, as far as I can understand, re-recorded the whole thing with the sound that they wanted from the beginning.
Definitely worth checking out for fans of a act like MUNICIPAL WASTE and the legendary old school bands.
Published: Sept. 27

MUDDY MOONSHINE: Charm Of Drinking Hard/Me & You
Secret Entertainment - Digital single
Finnish Southern rock band MUDDY MOONSHINE deliver a double single, with 2 songs from their upcoming second album. "Charm Of Drinking Hard" is more energetic and raw, while "Me & You" is a bit softer with a raw chorus. Both songs are really good stuff, so this is absolutely worth checking out.
MUDDY MOONSHINE was founded in the summer of 2014. On these 2 songs they have a new singer, Thomas Vee (ex-ICONOFEAR, DOPERMAN, HEDONIST, ZOMBIE RODEO).
Published: Sept. 26

Raw Street Noise - Digital single
Now I will be a little naughty here..
It's lucky that I do not have to pay for certain songs. Such as this one for example, which I would describe as modern pop/rock made for the radio. Not my thing! I'm lucky that I don't have to work at a place where they torture you with the shit on the radio all day long (now I don't work at all, but that's a other story).
WE ARE THE CATALYST are said to play alternative metal/rock, and they have released 1 EP and 3 albums since 2013. Their 4th album, "Perseverance", will be released in November.
Published: Sept. 25

NAKED RAYGUN: Over The Overlords
Wax Trax! Records - CD, Digital (LP soon)
I have obviously never heard NAKED RAYGUN before. I have always thought that they were a hardcore band. But this sure ain't hardcore, but rather some very catchy and melodic punk rock instead. I like it!
NAKED RAYGUN was formed back in 1980 by Santiago Durango (guitar), Marko Pezzati (bass) and, soon thereafter, Jeff Pezatti (vocals). The band was initially active from 1980-1992, and released 5 studio albums. The band then played a reunion show in 1997, and then reunited "for good" in 2006. Jeff Pezzati has been the sole constant member through multiple personnel changes.
"Over The Overlords" is their first new album in as much as 31 years. But sadly, also the final record to feature longtime bassist Pierre Kezdy, who passed away from cancer late 2020 following the completion of recording the new album. The current lineup consists of original member Jeff Pezzati, Eric Spicer, and Bill Stephens, with Fritz Doreza stepping in to take Pierre's place.
This album gives us lots of variation. It's definitely not the same old song over and over again. Sometimes it's so catchy and melodic that I think of something like The UNDERTONES or BUZZCOCKS for example. Sometimes it's darker and heavier, which makes me think of post punk instead. But the main ingredient is really good punk rock.
This is absolutely an album worth checking out.
And by the way.. The first 5 albums will be re-released as a box set on November 12 through Audio Platter.
Published: Sept. 25

Upstate Records/Blood Blast Distribution - CD, Digital
Metallic hardcore band THESE STREETS was started in Northen California in 2013. Their new 4-track EP, "Roll Tha Dice", is their 6th studio release. And it's said to take their sound to another level.
Now I can't remember if I have heard this band before, but to me this sounds like typical metallic hardcore, with heavy guitars and harsh, sometimes almost rap, vocals. It's not bad at all, but I have heard more interesting bands in this genre.
Published: Sept. 24

MATRIARCHS: The Shape Of C#nt$ To Come
Self released sometime in October - Digital
MATRIARCHS is a metallic hardcore band formed in Los Angeles in 2012, inspired by beat down and 90s New York hardcore. They have gone through some changes in the lineup during the last years, but are now back with a new 7-track EP. And I guess that the funny title is their answer to REFUSED's "The Shape Of Punk To Come".
New singer is K Enagonio. And K switches between harsh screaming and clean vocals like it was the most obvious thing in the world to do. K can really sing anything and is on fire.
The music that K is singing to is both heavy and brutal, as well as melodic. There's lots of surprises here. This is not a regular hardcore record, but a more wild mixture. The last song have rap vocals for example. I like it though.
Published: Sept. 24

Self released - Digital single
Dutch heavy metal band DANGEROUS TIMES FOR THE DEAD gives us a classic 80s sound. Really good stuff in the traditional way, even though the song is as long as 7:43 minutes. But it's energetic, powerful and epic, so there's entertainment all the way.
The song was originally titled "Victims Of Time", and was written for a previous band.
Published: Sept. 24

THRICE: Horizons/East
Epitaph Records - out now Digital, physical on Oct. 7
The beginning sounds like Joe Cocker or something. Really soft for about a minute before there's some more action. In this case it's not that much more action though. It never gets really intense. This is a pretty soft rock album in the melodic league, and not what I use to listen to. But some songs are o.k., some are not. A wild guess is that this could be something for people who listen to RADIOHEAD and similar.
"The album exemplifies art as a work of recognition - the human task of perceiving oneself amid details, disasters, and blessings as a relentlessly relational phenomenon among others", as the press release says.
California rockers THRICE formed in 1998, so they have been around for a while now.
Published: Sept. 23

INFRARED: From The Black Swamp
Inframental Records on Sept. 30 - Digital
This band is absolutely not looking for their own unique sound. But you don't always have to do that. As long as it's good, why complain? And this is good! So just shut up and listen.
"From The Black Swamp" is the third full length from Canadian thrashers INFRARED. 12 songs in an hour is pretty much. And as I said earlier, their sound is very old school and 80s, so those of you who like that (and who doesn't?) should like this a lot.
Fact is that this band hit the metal scene back in 1986 already, when a demo was released. But it didn't last that long before they went seperate ways in life. In 2014 they reformed the band.
Published: Sept. 23

GRAVE: Hating Life (reissue)
MDD Records - CD
If there's something like "the Big 4" of Swedish old school death metal, then it would be ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, UNLEASHED and this band, GRAVE. According to the information that I got this was their 4th album. But they must have sent me a pre-production, because this sounds more like a demo than a real album.
Anyway, "Hating Life" was originally released in 1996. On this album Ola Lindgren took over the vocals, as well as the guitar. On the tour that followed they recorded the live album "Extremely Rotten Live", before they went into a 6-year hiatus.
Well, even though the production isn't so fat and powerful, the songs are o.k. But not much else though. This is probably not their best work to be honest. And is it really death metal by the way? It's almost like I want to call this really heavy groove metal instead, with elements of death metal.
It seems like GRAVE has not released any new album since 2015's "Out Of Respect For The Dead", but the band is still alive anyway. That album was as far as I can remember much more interesting than "Hating Life".
Published: Sept. 23

Transubstans Records/Ghost Highway Recordings - CD, LP, Cassette, Digital
Swedish band CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT is like the sound of the late 90s, with bands like The HELLACOPTERS, TURBONEGRO and BACKYARD BABIES. They deliver their songs with lots of adrenaline, the sweat runs and the volume is loud. Their sound is very powerful and full of action and punk attitude. They simply rock hard. But they also have very good songs, so it's not just about energy.
I would say that they are more than just another action rock band though. Because there's more influences than that in these songs. They are for example brave enough to end the whole album with a ballad. And action rockers usually don't play ballads.
CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT have been around for 18 years already, and "This Will Leave A Mark" is their 10th studio album, which also features guest apperances from Chips and Hans (both from SATOR) and Jeff Dahl (ANGRY SAMOANS).
If you want to get the party started, start with this one.
Published: Sept. 23

The ELECTRIC MUD: Black Wool
Self released on Sept. 25 - CD, Digital
Florida-based stoner/retro rockers The ELECTRIC MUD gives us a 4-track EP, which is said to be a heavier and proggier turn for the band. We get 2 original songs as well as covers by CORROSION OF CONFORMITY and The ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND.
Their influences seems to be stuff like The ALLMAN BROTHERS and LYNYRD SKYNYRD, just as well as proto metal like BLACK SABBATH and prog metal like MASTODON. With those ingredients they create their own little stew of heavy rock, which reminds me of something like Brant Bjork (STÖNER, ex-KYUSS) for example. Not bad at all. Both their own songs and the covers are great. This is absolutley worth checking out.
The band has previously released 2 albums.
Published: Sept. 22

Michael Kratz: TAFKATNO
Art Of Melody Music/Burning Minds Music Group on Sept. 24 - CD, Digital
If you like really soft AOR, melodic rock and Westcoast rock (to me they are all the same), then this could be something for you. But to me this album is way too soft, almost like pop music. It might not be totally useless, but it just ain't my cup of tea.
Michael Kratz is a Danish musician, who has played drums for the pop band KANDIS, and is also a member of HULA HULA. On his solo albums he's the lead singer though.
Published: Sept. 21

John Dallas: Love & Glory
Sneakout Records/Burning Minds Music Group on Sept. 24 - CD, Digital
John Dallas is an Italian singer, and this is his second album, where he and his band mates gives us all kinds of hard rock. It's mainly catchy and melodic with a party vibe, and absolutely not bad at all. I would guess that the influences are much 80s rock.
I don't really know what else I should say. But I guess that I don't have to say much else than check this out darling.
Published: Sept. 21

KNIGHTS OF THE REALM: When Metal Meets The Beast
Playground Music - Digital single
The Swedish heavy metal project KNIGHTS OF THE REALM - featuring Larry "The Hammer" Shield (Lars Sköld - TIAMAT), Magnus "Megalomangan" Henriksson (ECLIPSE) and Mean Machine (Marcus von Boisman - WINDUPDEADS, STORMEN) - is back with another single. Their first single, "Fields Of Fire", was released about a month ago. And that was a really good song.
This song is heavy and powerful, and just so right. I look forward to hear the album, which is said to be released on November 12, because this is a very interesting band that everybody who like classic heavy metal should like to hear.
Published: Sept. 20

NEFARIYM: Morbid Delusions
Inverse Records on Sept. 24 - CD, Digital
NEFARIYM is a pretty new band, that was formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2019 by 2 members of the doom band The ETERNAL. It all started as an idea to pay homage to the golden era of early 90s death metal, and has now become a fully fledged band with a full length album ready to be released.
As long as it's fast and straight to the point, I don't have a problem with this. Then it's absolutely o.k. But I don't know why they have to destroy the party with all those heavy pieces of filthy doom ridden sludge. Because those pieces are not so good according to me.
They end the whole thing with a cover of CELTIC FROST's "Circle Of The Tyrants", if that could be of interest.
Published: Sept. 19

CRIPTA BLUE: Cripta Blue
Argonauta Records on Sept. 24 - LP, Digital
CRIPTA BLUE is a power trio from Italy, and this is their full length debut. The band was formed in 2019 by members of bands like DESERT WIZARD, RISING DARK and TALISMANSTONE. Their music is a blend of psych rock, heavy power blues and doom rock from the NWOBHM era. You could simply call it proto doom to make it easy for yourself, because it sounds a little like it could have been recorded back in the 70s already.
Yes, this is cool stuff. All fans of heavy music should give this a chance.
Published: Sept. 19

Long Branch Records/SPV on Sept. 24 - 2LP, CD, Digital
This band released their first album 10 years ago, and was formed by multi-instrumentalist Sal Abruscato (TYPE O NEGATIVE, LIFE OF AGONY). "Infernum In Terra" is their 4th album, and it's a dark and melancholy story. The songs are slow and heavy. I guess we can call it some kind of doom, but with a touch of alternative rock. Pretty good stuff anyway.
Let the music do the rest of the talking..
Published: Sept. 19

PARADOX: Heresy II - End Of A Legend
AFM Records on Sept. 24 - CD, LP, Digital
This album last for an eternity! Why they had to include as much as 14 tracks is a mystery. That's just crazy when most of the songs are around 5-6 minutes long, and sometimes longer than that. I start to wonder if the record is over soon, and then I see that I'm just halfway through.
The music is o.k. though, some kind of melodic power/thrash metal, and they seems to be very good musicians. But as there's not enough variation, it's not much else than just o.k. And according to me it deserves to be more than just o.k., and definitely more variation. Especially when the album last for 75 minutes.
The roots of PARADOX goes back to 1981. After several changes of the name, they decided to go for PARADOX in 1986. Their debut album, "Product Of Imagination", was released in 1987. Their concept album, "Heresy", was released in 1990. 31 years later comes "Heresy II - End Of A Legend", which is their 8th studio album.
Published: Sept. 19

SCEPTOR: Rise To The Light
Pure Steel Records on Sept. 24 - CD, LP
SCEPTOR is a German/American co-operation founded in 2009. After a 7" in 2010 and a full length album in 2012, they split up in 2014. But they have now returned, and the current lineup features Torsten "Todde" Lang (ex-RITUAL STEEL, TITAN STEELE), Bob Mitchells (The HOUNDS OF HASSELVANDER, ex-ALCHEMY X, ATTACKER), Timo "Moe" Nolden (BASTARD NATION), KK Basement (ex-ADORNED GRAVES, HAMMER KING) and Florian Bodenheimer (HELL PATRÖL).
The music that we get from these guys are traditional 80s heavy metal. It's powerful and sometimes epic. Some songs are faster, some are mid-tempo, some are heavy, and there's almost a ballad as well. In other words good variation in the material.
A band worth checking out.
Published: Sept. 19

REBEL'S END: Sing To The Devil
Pure Steel Records on Sept. 24 - CD
Belgian band REBEL'S END play a hard and heavy kind of hard rock/metal with a punk nerve. It's catchy and energetic. Their label call it sleazy hard rock/heavy metal, and why not? I can hear a touch of bands like BACKYARD BABIES and TURBONEGRO, which are 2 bands that I really like. This is a great album! You should absolutely check it out.
REBEL'S END formed in 2016, and this is their second album.
Published: Sept. 19

HellAndBack: A Thousand Years
Pure Steel Records on Sept. 24 - CD
Some of the classic bands that I think of when I hear this album are JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN. But they mention OVERKILL, METAL CHURCH and FLOTSAM AND JETSAM as influences, and talk about American metal with some progressive elements. Well, I guess there's some of that too now that you mention it. It kicks ass anyway, and is both powerful and melodic. The vocals is variated, which is a big plus. It's absolutely not the same tone all the time, as many singers are satisfied with.
This band comes from Cleveland, Ohio, and "A Thousand Years", is their debut album. If they can deliver such a strong debut, how good will the next album be then?
Published: Sept. 19

Self released - LP, CD, Digital
Take some MOTÖRHEAD, AC/DC, good old rock n roll and some punk attitude and throw it into an old worn-out blender, and out comes DUCKWALK CHUCK. It's raw, dirty and energetic. You can just call it rock or possibly hard rock n roll. But I prefer to call this action rock, even though it's not exactly the sound of early The HELLACOPTERS that we get here.
DUCKWALK CHUCK is a Norwegian band, formed in 2001. (LP) (CD, Digital)
Published: Sept. 18

Self released - CD, Digital EP
BLACK STONE MACHINE is a Greek band, formed in April of 2019. Less then a month later they entered the studio to record their first self titled EP, which was released on June 16. And in November they were back in the studio to record their first full length album, "Crossroads", which was released through Ikaros Records on September 25, 2020.
This new EP, "One With The Horde" consist of 3 tracks. They describe their music like a perfect mix of heavy rock-metal and the melody of blues country rock. So I guess we can call it something like Southern heavy rock with a pinch of metal.
These songs are o.k. to me anyway, so give them a try.
Published: Sept. 18

VANNON: Desert Of Our Dreams
Big Round Music - Digital
This makes me think 2 things: "When are they going to make a good song then?" and "Why?". I guess that says what I think about this band.
VANNON is a psych metal band from Oakland, and on this album they blend in progressive rock and doom metal, just to name a few of all the things that they have put in their stew. Their inspiration comes from such various artists as YOB and BATHORY, as well as synthwave, noise music, krautrock, old-school death metal, and Alice Coltrane. That should give you an idea about how different this band's music is, because they add all those ingredients and then some to their songs.
If you're the kind of person who is always looking for something different, then this might be what you're looking for.
Published: Sept. 18

SEVEN SPIRES: Gods Of Debauchery
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, 2LP, Digital
16 songs! Why?! It's just stupid in a time when people just listen a few seconds to 1 song, and if it's not good, they try the next song instead (and probably with a other artist). And now you might think that metal fans are different, and that might be true in some cases, but it's still stupid with as much as 16 tracks according to me.
And now that my complaining is done, let's talk about the music instead, which is much more fun. You can hardly complain about too little variation here. But to put them in a specific genre is no so simple as they blend all kinds of different metal into their own little stew. They go from symphonic to progressive metal, via black and death metal, through a ballad, and so on.. They definitely have their own unique sound. So if you want something different from the rest, then this could be worth a try, because it's not bad at all.
Published: Sept. 18

Frontiers Music Srl - CD, LP, Digital
Well, this is also a way of spending time while you can't get out and play live. Their latest album, "We Will Rise", was released in February this year, but here's already another album. However, this is not a regular album.
What these British men have done here is a whole album with covers of only female vocalists. And it's not just rock n roll all the way, but also some pop artists. So it's a wide range here.
The album is a tribute to the female musicians who have influenced the band either musically and/or vocally. We get hard rock versions of songs by pop artists like Whitney Houston, Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne, and Christina Aguilera, as well as rock classics by Tina Turner, HEART, and Joan Jett. But there's also some modern metal from EVENASCENCE and HALESTORM. Everything might not impress me, but they have done a really good job, I can't deny that anyway. But the question is if anybody really need a record like this? Well, that remains to be seen. And if this can turn some pop strings into rockers, then it's just brilliant of course.
Published: Sept. 18

PRESSURE: Var Är Du Nu/Where Are You Now
Self released - Digital single
Here these Swedish hard rockers (or story metal as they call it) gives us a power ballad about missing someone who was really close to you. A pretty o.k. song actually, but I just don't know what else I can say about it.
This song is available both in Swedish and English, and as far as I can remember it's taken from their debut album, "Path Of A Shadow", which was released earlier this year. That album was a wild adventure in Swedish, English and even German, with both good and less good songs.
Published: Sept. 17

POISON OAK: Losing Ourselves
Epictronic - Digital single
So why did I decide to give this a try then? This sounds more like happy indie pop than cool rock. O.k., but honestly not much else than that.
POISON OAK is an Australian band who combines both melancholy and uplifting rock. They give us catchy melodies, hard hitting riffs and sombre ballads. So if that sounds like something for you, then give these guys a try.
Published: Sept. 17

Raw Street Noise - Digital single
CLEAR VISION consist of 6 men from Finland, and they play melodic metal with both harsh and clean vocals. This song is very melodic and modern, and reminds me a little of nu metal actually - Harsh vocals in the verse, melodic in the hit friendly chorus. It's absolutely not bad.
"Eve Of The End" is their first single. There will be a EP in the future.
Published: Sept. 17

BETWEEN WORLDS feat. Ronny Munroe: Between Worlds
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
BETWEEN WORLDS is a new project with vocalist Ronny Munroe (TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA, ex-METAL CHURCH), and this debut album was written and produced in partnership with Alessandro Del Vecchio (lots of other projects). Other people who has been involved in this product are TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA members Johnny Lee Middleton, Jack Frost, and Chris Caffery (also of SAVATAGE and SPIRITES OF FIRE), as well as Joel Hoekstra (also of WHITESNAKE) and Pete Alpenborg, among others.
The music is American heavy/power metal, or US metal if you prefer that term. Powerful but yet melodic you could say. And Mr. Munroe deliver with lots of passion. This is absolutely not bad. Fans of bands like ARMORED SAINT, METAL CHURCH and similar should like this.
Published: Sept. 16

Anette Olzon: Strong
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, 2LP, Digital
"Strong" is the second solo album from former NIGHTWISH, and current The DARK ELEMENT, vocalissa Anette Olzon. Her first solo album, "Shine", was released in 2014. This new album is going in a harder and faster direction than the debut, but it's still very melodic. The album was written and composed together with Swedish guitarist and producer Magnus Karlsson (PRIMAL FEAR, Magnus Karlsson's FREE FALL etc), and it was mixed by Jacob Hansen (PRETTY MAIDS, VOLBEAT, The DARK ELEMENT etc).
What they have created here is an album filled with great songs. I guess we can call the music heavy metal, even though it's a modern kind and not the traditional kind of heavy metal. Melodic metal is probably the best description to this. Good stuff anyway.
Published: Sept. 16

INFIDEL REICH: New World Outrage
Raw Skull Recordz on Sept. 24 - LP, CD, Cassette, Digital
INFIDEL REICH is called working class death metal, and with this album they take the listener back to the sound of the 80s/90s. "New World Outrage" is a conceptual creation, with lyrical content that reflects on the worldwide insanity that has plagued mankind the last several years.
To me this sounds like good old school meat and potato death metal. They deliver their 10 tracks without fussing over it unnecessarily. I like it!
This band seems to have members from both U.S.A. and the Netherlands. They have been around since 2016, and have previously released a EP and 1 full length album.
Published: Sept. 15

HELLSWORD: Cold Is The Grave
Emanzipation Productions on Sept. 24 - CD, LP, Digital
HELLSWORD is said to be Slovenia's answer to the first wave of black metal. The trio formed in 2009 influenced by legends such as VENOM, BATHORY and HELLHAMMER, but also newer bands like DESTROYER 666 and NIFELHEIM. "Cold Is The Grave" is their first full length album, but they have previously released a demo and a EP.
Their music is fast and energetic, and their sound is raw and old school. They have many good songs among these 9 tracks, so I would absolutely recomend you to check them out.
Published: Sept. 15

Metalville Records on Sept. 24 - CD, LP
This is an American hard rocking blues trio, and this is their debut album. Their songs are obviously not the usual old blues rock, but more like ZZ TOP with some extra power and rawness. dUg Pinnick (KING'S X), Jabo Bihlman and Scot "Little" Bihlman is giving new energy to the blues rock genre with these 10 tracks.
But there's actually more than just hard rocking blues here. "Gotta Get Me Some Of That" for example sounds like funky soul music. And the song after that, with the funny title "Who Wants A Spankin", is also more funky.
It's a pretty cool album with many good songs, so it could be worth a try.
Published: Sept. 15

Allegro Talent Media on Sept. 24 - CD
Swizz band AXXELERATOR are back with their first album. Even though they have been called AXXELERATOR since 2010, they have so far just released a EP, "Soulcatcher", in 2015.
The music that these 4 gentlemen are into is old school Bay Area thrash metal, but there can also be elements of other genres in the heavier league. And this is really good stuff. So if you happens to like good old thrash metal, then this is something for you.
Published: Sept. 15

WRAITH: Undo The Chains
Redefining Darkness Records on Sept. 24 - LP, CD, Digital
WRAITH are 4 guys from Indiana playing "no bullshit speed/thrash metal" as they call it, with ingredients from VENOM, early METALLICA, BULLDOZER and MOTÖRHEAD. It's an orgy in riffing, and their sound is really raw. The tempo is high and intense, but yet heavy. I think it has a touch of punk in some of the songs actually. I really like this album!
If I should mention a favorite, then it would be "Disgusting". But nothing is bad here.
Published: Sept. 14

SUBFIRE: Define The Sinner
Symmetric Records - CD, Digital
SUBFIRE is a project formed in 2004 in Levadia, Greece. Their direction is heavy/power metal with strong, heavy and epic riffs. "Define The Sinner" is the band's debut album, which consist of 10 tracks.
These songs are both powerful and epic at the same time. They are hardly doing anything new, but they do it good and are definitely not doing anything wrong here. This band is absolutely worth a chance. So give them a try right now.
Published: Sept. 14

ENDARKEN: The Plague Of Truth
Self released - CD, Digital
Danish thrashers ENDARKEN features former members of HATESPHERE and CHAOSWAVE. "The Plague Of Truth" contains as much as 14 tracks, and was mixed by Tue Madsen (The HAUNTED, SICK OF IT ALL, Rob Halford etc etc).
They play a pretty fast and aggressive kind of thrash metal. We don't talk old school thrash here though, but a more modern kind. It's very hard and heavy, but can also be melodic once in a while. I think they are on the border to melodic death metal sometimes.
As you might know, I'm more into the 80s thrash than the modern. But I must say that this band was surprisingly good. They are good musicians and have good songs, so I think that they could actually go far. So listen to them, and if you like what you hear, then spread the word about them.
Published: Sept. 14

Easy Action Records - 10" EP, CD, Digital
This 6-track EP reminds me of old British punk rock bands like CHELSEA and SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS for example. And that's the kind of stuff that I really like to hear. It kicks ass but is not too aggressive, rather catchy with the help of some rock n roll instead, but yet raw. Fans of old British punk should absolutely give this band a try, because I'm very sure that you will like what you hear.
DESPERATE MEASURES was originally formed in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1981. They released 1 sought after 7", the "1984" EP, that now sells for upwards of $100, and a live album before splitting in 1983, when singer Eugene Butcher moved to the UK. After a couple of well received reformation shows back home in New Zealand supporting British legends like UK SUBS and PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES in 2009 and 2010, a new line up featuring sole original member, Eugene Butcher, have been fully active on the UK music scene. The current line up also consist of Gaff (RICH RAGANY AND THE DIGRESSIONS, ex-GLITTERATI), Ricky McGuire (UK SUBS, The MEN THEY COULDN'T HANG) and James Sherry (ex-K-LINE, DONE LYING DOWN).
Published: Sept. 13

THRICE: Summer Set Fire To The Rain
Epitaph Records - Digital single
It sounds familiar somehow, but I don't know what it is. And it sounds good in the beginning, but after that I don't know what happened, because suddenly it's not so good anymore. But by that time the song is almost over.
This rock song is very catchy and melodic, so if that sounds like something for you, then you should check this out.
"Summer Set Fire To The Rain" is another single from their upcoming album, "Horizons/East", which will be released digitally on Friday, September 17 and physically on October 8.
Published: Sept. 13

The DARKNESS: Nobody Can See Me Cry
Cooking Vinyl - Digital single
It was a while since I heard something new with this band last time, but they sound more or less the same as they use to. So it's very good and catchy glam rock with that special vocals that we get here. This is absolutely worth checking out if you're a fan of The DARKNESS.
"Nobody Can See Me Cry" is taken from their forthcoming album, "Motorheart", which will be released on November 19. The album will be followed by a UK tour in November/December, and will then continue in Europe in the beginning of 2022.
Published: Sept. 13

Heavy Psych Sounds Records on Sept. 17 - LP, CD, Digital
That there was an ongoing global pandemic during 2020 didn't stop these guys from starting a band together. The power trio KADABRA comes from Spokane, Washington, USA. And the music on their debut album combine influences from classic acts like DEAD MEADOW, PENTAGRAM and BLACK SABBATH, among others - Psychedelic rock meets hard rock riffing you could say. And yes, it's heavy. But it also sounds old.
7 songs is what we get here, and it's good music. The only problem is that there seems to be thousands of these heavy bands nowadays, so the "compitition" is hard. This is a band that I like though, if that's worth anything to you?
Published: Sept. 12

VENGEFUL 187: War Neurosis
CDN Records on Sept. 17 - CD, Cassette
"War Neurosis" is a hardcore record drawing influence heavily from early beatdown bands like DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR, BORN FROM PAIN and ONE SECOND THOUGHT. The album covers various concepts relating to war, from trench warfare to PTSD.
They begin really heavy with the title track, which sounds more like a intro than a real song. But they continue to play really heavy after that, so it's obviously their style to play heavy hardcore. That doesn't stop them from being brutal though, so don't you worry about that.
The members are from both U.S.A. and Norway.
Published: Sept. 12

C Squared Underground Music Special
C Squared Music on Sept. 17 - Digital
What we have here is a pretty wild mixture of various artists. From goth and psychedelic doom metal to pure metal and melodic symphonic metal, as well as some pure synth music and darkwave. And then I have just mentioned some of it all. My diplomatic opinion is that both sound and song quality variate a lot here. The brutal truth is that almost nothing is excellent here, and too much is just crap. But that's just my opinion of course, and you might still find something that you like here, because everything is not bad. A wild guess is that it's something like 50/50 good/bad.
What these 14 artists have in common is that they all have something to do with the PR/marketing/management C Squared Music (formerly known as Dewar PR), and they are all lurking in the underground scene. Some tracks are exclusive for this compilation.
Best bands: SPACEGOAT and TBTW.
Published: Sept. 12

Sliptrick Records on Sept. 14 - CD, Digital
THUNDERMAKER is a Swedish heavy metal project led by Martin Gummesson. This album features special guest vocalists such as Ronny Munroe (METAL CHURCH), Tim "Ripper" Owens (KK's PRIEST, JUDAS PRIEST, ICED EARTH, Yngwie Malmsteen), Rille Larsson and L-G Petrov (ENTOMBED/ENTOMBED A.D.). Mr Munroe sing on 4 of the songs, and the Ripper and Rille on 2 each, while L-G roars on 1 track. And I guess that this must have been one of L-G's last recordings before he passed away in March this year.
The music is true heavy metal in the good old way, so no surprises there. The songs are good and everybody is doing a good job here. So there's not much to complain about here.
THUNDERMAKER has previously released 2 albums.
Published: Sept. 12

Ashtray Monument on Sept. 17 - 7" EP, Digital EP
THUNDERCLAP is a Gainesville, Florida-based trio, formed by veterans of the local punk/underground scene. With this band they melt together doom and punk to a croosover brew. And these 2 tracks are heavy, melodic and doomy. Like melodic heavy rock with a touch of indie pop or something. At least the first track, "Morkkis". The second track, "March Of The Wombats", is harder and heavier though.
They have previously released an album in 2019, and is currently working on their second LP.
Published: Sept. 12

TALES OF THE OLD: The Book Of Chaos
Pride & Joy Music on Sept. 17 - CD
TALES OF THE OLD is said to be a symphonic dark ambient power metal band. The group was founded by keybord player Mike Tzanakis in 2010, and comes from Athens, Greece. A demo was released the same year, and then a EP in 2012. After that it has been silent, as the band didn't even exist. But now the band has been reformed with new members and a new vision.
Among their influences are classic acts like RHAPSODY, NIGHTWISH and THERION. But TALES OF THE OLD do it with a darker twist. Classical orchestrations are entwined with lyrics inspired by the Medieval era. Not bad at all.
Published: Sept. 11

InterCore: Dreams For Sale
Pride & Joy Music on Sept. 17 - CD
Guitarist/songwriter/producer Raimo Rommedahl (ex-COUSIN BILL) and singer/guitarist Jesper Max (ex-FRAISE) met each other on tour in early 2014. They shared the same dream of making their own music and build a studio. So they built the studio (called Rockstone) and then started to record their first album as INTERCORE. Thomas "Shuffle" Persson (ex-HIGHLANDER) became the drummer, and Robert Fallqvist played the bass.
It took 4 years to complete the album, but now it will finally be released. And the result is a melodic hard rock album with influences from the 80s and the 90s. Not bad at all, so it could be worth a try.
Published: Sept. 11

Rough Trade Records on Sept. 10 - LP, CD, Digital
If the debut album was more of a punky rock album, their second is a pure punk explosion. And it really kicks ass! With a cheeky attitude they deliver songs that glow with passion. 13 tracks straight off in 35 minutes. It doesn't have to be more complicated than that. This is the band you should be interested in.
This album is almost like the best pizza you ever had. It has all the right ingredients that you love. It's so fantastic that it makes you want to sing along. It's very catchy and energetic.
Published: Sept. 10

Self released - Digital single
From Bergen, Norway comes the old school thrashers RELENTLESS AGGRESSION. They released their debut album, "A Shadow of All Things Broken", in February. Now they release a new song, "American Carnage", with lyrics about the chaos in the States the last years, leading up to the storming of the Capitol.
The band actually started back in 1986 already as HELL AWAITS. After an apperance at Bergen Thrash Festival in 1990 they went into hiatus. But in 2018 2 of the members decided to restart the band.
This song is a fast, even though not super fast, thrasher. But it's also hard and heavy. Not bad at all, so maybe you should give it a try? Yes, do that!
Published: Sept. 9

INSOMNIUM: Argent Moon
Century Media on Sept. 17 - CD, LP/CD, Digital
Finnish band INSOMNIUM play a darker and heavier kind of melodic death metal, that is far away from the famous Gothenburg sound. This is Finnish melancholy for all the money. These 4 songs are atmospheric pieces, and actually pretty soft. Heavy and melodic at the same time. Not bad at all. I think I like this. But it sounds more like dark metal to me than melodic death metal, so fans of that could probably like this more than death metallers.
Published: Sept. 9

Inverse Records - CD, Digital
"Eyes Of The Warrior" is the second album from this Finnish band, and it's just as great as their first album was. So in other words true 80s hard rock/heavy metal. The songs are really strong, so you should not underestimate this band.
Even though it's a familiar sound from the past, they have somehow managed to put its own stamp on the whole thing. It's both melodic and powerful at the same time, as well as catchy.
HOOTENANNY FREAKS formed back in 1997, but for some reason they didn't release anything until 2013. With this album they introduce the new guitarist/keyboardist Aapo Häyrinen.
Published: Sept. 9

HEADSHRINKER: Callous Indifference
Self released - Digital
"Callous Indifference" is the debut album from this Denver-based death metal band, who formed in 2017. 3 of 4 members have a past in the Chicago-based death/black metal band POLYPTYCH, and the drummer, Pete Webber, comes from HAVOK. The music that they make is a dark but extreme kind of death/doom, even though there's faster pieces too. Their sound is compared with bands like DISKORD, ULTHAR and TOMB MOLD, if any of those sounds familiar to you? A mixture of old school and more modern death metal you could say, but with some doom metal then.
This is not totally useless, but I have heard more interesting stuff through the years. That should not stop you from giving them a try though.
Published: Sept. 9

Matador Records - Digital single
The new album, "Comfort To Me", is out on Friday, September 10 via Rough Trade Records. On Tuesday, September 7, they released the last single from the album.
"Hertz" is a daydream of wanting to go to the country/bush and see landscapes other then the city. A catchy little punk rock bastard that I really like. Chack this out!
Review of the album soon..
Published: Sept. 8

SILENCE EQUALS DEATH: I'll See You On The Other Side
Upstate Records on Sept. 10 - CD, Digital
What we get here is hardcore from some New Jersey veterans. There's 6 new tracks combined with re-mixed/re-mastered version of their 2020 release, "Revolution Rising!".
With lots of energy they deliver their hardcore songs, and spice it up with both metal and punk. Sometimes it's angry, sometimes melodic. But most of all it's hard and heavy.
Worth checking out.
Published: Sept. 8

Tankcrimes on Sept. 10 - LP, Digital
Los Angeles beer drinkers TRAPPIST - featuring members from SPAZZ and DESPISE YOU - and Oakland weed smokers CONNOISSEUR have made a 15-track split album. And what we get is a bloody mess of fastcore, sludge, power violence, and underground hardcore/punk. Both bands are pretty noisey but o.k. It's hard to tell which are the best band here, but they both have a different style, so I guess it's pretty even.
TRAPPIST was born in 2014, and consisting of scene legends ​Chris Dodge​ (SPAZZ, ex-DESPISE YOU, ex-INFEST), ​Phil Vera​ (CROM, DESPISE YOU, ex-(16)-), and ​Ryan Harkins​ (co-owner of popular heavy metal themed burger joint Grill Em' All, ex-KILLED IN ACTION). Their mission is to "annihilate the listener with a storm of d-beat, crust punk, power violence, and hardcore all in the name of BEER (their name gives a nod to the Trappist or abbey ales brewed by Cistercian monks in [mostly] Belgium)."
CONNOISSEUR describe themselves as "full blown marijuana addicts", and their music is described as "really fast and very sludgy at times". Or like "EARTH CRISIS if they smoked weed and listened to SPAZZ".
Published: Sept. 8

GOATFATHER: Monster Truck
Argonauta Records on Sept. 17 - LP, CD, Digital
GOATFATHER is a French band who play heavy stoner rock n roll, and this is their second album. Their first album, "Hipster Fister", was released in 2016, so it has taken some time to deliver something new.
Their sound is powerful and catchy, and these 8 tracks is hardly any cat shit. A luxury problem might be that the competition in this genre is pretty big. But if you are a true fan of stoner, then you should not let that stop you.
Published: Sept. 7

Black Lion Records on Sept. 17 - CD, Digital
Slow and atmospheric, but yet hard and heavy with growl. They start with a song that is as much as 11 and a half minutes long. The other songs are between 6 and a half to 9 and a half minutes. It's like the claws of brutality wants to tear out your soul.
GHOSTHEART NEBULA play a blackened kind of doom metal, that is cosmic and melancholy. The band was formed in 2017 as a trio, and released their first EP, "Reveries", in December 2018. "Ascension" is the group's first full length as a whole band.
The album was recorded in Italy, mixed and mastered in Norway, and will be released through a Swedish label.
Published: Sept. 7

FAMISHGOD: Rotting Ceremony
Xtreem Music - CD, LP, Cassette, Digital
FAMISHGOD was formed in early 2013 by the duo of Funëdeim (guitar/bass) and Dave Rotten (vocals) to create a dark and heavy mixture of doom and death metal. "Rotting Ceremony" is the third and last chapter in the band's trilogy, whose lyrics conform a conceptual story.
There's a dark cloud over this album, which makes it sound really heavy, even though they can surprise us with some melodies once in a while. The 7 songs are between 5:46 to 8:55 minutes long. And if you like it heavy and brutal, then this could absolutely be something for you.
Published: Sept. 7

EXXPERIOR: Escalating Conflicts
Iron Shield Records on Sept. 17 - CD
Maniacs! This band go all in on progressive thrash metal. They are not taking the easiest way to get through a song, and it's actually a bit crazy. If they only could have better songs, like SYSTEM OF A DOWN for example, then it could have been more interesting. Like it is now, it's just an interesting adventure, but nothing gets stuck. And as there's as much as 15 tracks, this album last for an eternity (well, 76 minutes at least).
"Escalating Conflicts" is a concept album. But I don't know what the concept is as I just got a digital copy for review, and not a word about that in the press release. But you can on the other hand find out in the 28-page booklet that is included with this album, so don't worry.
EXXPERIOR started their adventure in 2010 as a Tom Liebing project with various guest musicians and singers. But the lineup have now been stable for the last 4 years.
Published: Sept. 7

Metalapolis Records on Sept. 17 - CD, LP
French band ETERNAL FLIGHT was founded in 2001 by former DREAM CHILD member Gérard Fois. They have previously released 4 albums, and now their fifth will be released.
Their musical goal is to produce an interesting form of melodic heavy metal with traditional hard rock, heavy metal and progressive metal. So this is something that can please many different kinds of fans. No matter which genre you prefer, you should find something that you like here.
Well, the songs are good, so the album is absolutely worth listening to.
Published: Sept. 7


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