DUST PROPHET: Hourglass (stoner/doom)
STALKER: Pain (heavy metal)
MEGASNAKE: Don't (hard rock)
D'OR/KISSIN' BLACK: Dancing (hard rock)
WARZAW: Black Magic Satellite (heavy metal)
FLAMES OF FIRE: Gloria (heavy metal)
CHUGGER: Bleed (Reborn) (groove/death metal)
WOMBBATH: Agma (death metal with a twist)
ZELBO: In My Dreams (scandinavian aor)
PERFECT PLAN: Live at The Sharpener's House (melodic rock/aor)
The MURDER OF MY SWEET: A Gentleman's Legacy (melodic rock/symphonic metal)
MERCURY X: Imprisoned (progressive metal)
LAND OF GYPSIES: Land Of Gypsies (hard rock)
CAP OUTRUN: High On Deception (melodic progressive rock)
AGARTHIC: The Inner Side (melodic, progressive, symphonic metal)
LUCIFER FOR PRESIDENT: Asylum (horror punk/metal)
HELLBOUND feat. Håkan Hemlin: Och Regnet Föll (melodic folk metal, nordman cover)
CONCEPTION: A Virtual Lovestory (Live) (dark melodic metal)
EFYD: Like Shadows (death metal)
WITHERING SURFACE: Unique (reissue) (death metal)
VAROSHAN featuring Riina Rinkinen: The Message (sludge/doom metal)
ENEMY OF THE ENEMY: The Last Dance (groove/heavy metal)
BUDDERSIDE: Too Far (modern hard rock)
TIMELESS RAGE: Warrior (symphonic power metal)
PRESSURE: Pressure (some kind of heavy metal)
The NEW BARDOTS: Santa Don't Like Politics (rock n roll)
BURKER: Three Foot Pipe (death metal)
ORION'S REIGN: The Bonus Sessions (symphonic/power metal)
INCUBUS: Serpent Temptation (re-issue) (early death/thrash metal)
GASP: Gut That Living Thing / Straight To The Crooked (alternative punk rock/hardcore)
Carr Jam 21: Love Her All I Can (glam rock)
SMALL JACKETS: Just Like This! (rock)
The LINDA LINDAS: Nino (power pop/punk rock)
JUST BEFORE DAWN: In The Realm Of Ash And Sorrow (heavy death metal)
Carr Jam 21: Can You Feel It? (melodic hard rock)
BRUTE FORCE TRAUMA: World Is Burning (hardcore/punk)
BORIS: Drowning By Numbers (psychedelic sound scape)
BLACKLORE: Legend Of The Lich Pirate I (heavy metal)
GORE BRIGADE: Gore Brigade (death metal)
ALPHA BOOTIS: Science Fiction-Double Feature (sci-fi synth metal)
AGE OF WOLVES: Age Of Wolves (hard rock)
PUTRID OFFAL: Premature Necropsy: The Carnage Continues (reissue) (death/grind)
OTARGOS: Fleshborer Soulflayer (blackened death metal)
Jyrki 69: American Vampire (goth rock, electro etc)
THALARION: Dying On The Scorched Plains (death/doom metal)
SERPENT LORD: Apocrypha (dark heavy metal)
DIABOLISCHES WERK: Beast (death/thrash metal)
DETEST: We Will Get What We Deserve (death metal)
Ursäkta Röran Vol III: Men Vem Fan Bryr Sig?! (swedish punk compilation)
The MIDNIGHT DEVILS: Something Bigger (glam rock)
LASTWORLD: Fractured Mirror (melodic hard rock)
Avi Rosenfeld: Very Classic Very Metal (heavy metal)
WE ARE THE CATALYST: Perseverance (modern pop metal)
STALKER: Black Room (heavy metal)
DAWN AFTER DARK: New Dawn Rising (high energy guitar rock)
The SWAGGERLIES: The Last Of The One And Onlys (punky rock n roll)
ATOLAH: Post, Cross And Yoke (re-issue) (heavy stoner/doom metal)
BENTRESS: Two Of Swords (heavy psych/stoner rock)
KING BUFFALO: Acheron (heavy psych rock)
WEEDPECKER: IV: The Stream Of Forgotten Thoughts (psych/heavy/prog rock)
SVARTSOT: Liden Kirsten (folk metal)
MHA: Dominate You (oppression rock)
CROM: Into The Glory Land (heavy metal and acoustic)
FIREHOUSE: The Story Of Italian A.O.R. Band 1987-1994 (melodic hard rock)
NEKROMANT: Temple Of Haal (doom metal)
RACHEL MOTHER GOOSE: Synra Bansho (neo-classical heavy metal)
PSYCHOPRISM: R.I.S.E. (us metal)
CUSTARD: Imperium Repax (power metal)
The DRIPPERS: Scandinavian Thunder (action rock)
DEVIL CROSS: This Mortal Coil (heavy metal)
DISHELL: Teutonic Beat (crust punk)
KADAVAR/ELDER: ELDOVAR - A Story Of Darkness & Light (progressive rock)
UNANIMATED: Victory In Blood (death/black metal)
MÄHÄLIUM: Avd. C4 (swedish punk rock)
DEEP PURPLE: Turning To Crime (covers album)
FIELDS OF MILDEW: The Complete Woes (dark, atmospheric folk music)
ENUFF Z'NUFF: Enuff Z'nuff's Hardrock Nite (hard rock covers of the beatles)
GROUNDBREAKER: Soul To Soul (melodic rock)
INSANIA: V - Praeparatus Supervivet (power metal)
L.A. GUNS: Checkered Past (hard rock)
SKID ROW: The Atlantic Years (1989-1996) (hard rock/street metal)
GATANS LAG, BASTARDES, VÄRLDEN BRINNER at Pumphuset in Borås, Sweden on November 27, 2021 (punk)
WILD FREEDOM: Polarize (modern hard rock/metal)
SIGNS OF TRUTH: Signs Of A Future (hard rock)
PHOENIX TITAN: Ripper (melodic heavy metal)
MIKE BELL CARTEL: Wait! (garage pop/rock)
MAD MARGRITT: Best Of 1999-2021 (hard rock)
FUCKED UP: Do All Words Can Do (punk)
The DARKNESS: Motorheart (glam rock)
TERSIVEL: Weeping Iron Tears (doom/death/post metal)
The TEA PARTY: Blood Moon Rising (some kind of rock and then some)
HION MARTELL: Famous For Being Famous (rock n roll)
Í MYRKRI: Bag Skyggernes Slør (danish black metal)
VULCANO: Ship Of Dead (speed/black metal)
Tony Mitchell: Hot Endless Summer Night (melodic rock)
NIGHTRAGE: Nauseating Oblivion (melodic death metal)
ETERNAL EVIL: The Warriors Awakening Brings The Unholy Slaughter (speed/thrash metal)
EDGE OF THE BLADE: Distant Shores (aor/melodic rock)
ALIEN FORCE: We Meet Again (heavy metal)
PREHISTORIC PIGS: The Fourth Moon (psychedelic stoner rock)
The PAST: You Are Fucked In The Head (punk)
INVASION: Barbarian Invasion (heavy/thrash metal)
MEMORIA AVENUE: Memoria Avenue (melodic rock/aor)
Jim Peterik & WORLD STAGE: Tigress: Women Who Rock The World (melodic rock)
FANS OF THE DARK: Fans Of The Dark (melodic rock)
CRAZY LIXX: Street Lethal (melodic hard rock)
Alan Parsons: The Neverending Show: Live In The Netherlands (classic rock)
HIGH FIGHTER: Live At WDR Rockpalast (sludge metal)
RHAPSODY OF FIRE: Glory For Salvation (symphonic power metal)
VICTORY: Gods Of Tomorrow (hard rock)
WHEN THE DEADBOLT BREAKS: As Hope Valley Burns (sludge and spacerock)
IMPERIALIST: Zenith (black metal)
BLODTÅR: Blodtår (black metal)
Lee Aaron: Almost Christmas (christmas songs - classic rock)
R#XMAS (christmas songs - metal, punk, rock etc)
WALTARI: 3rd Decade - Anniversary Edition (electronic shit versions)
TwentyDarkSeven: Catch A Fire (hard rock/heavy metal)
ROVESCIO DELLA MEDAGLIA: La Bibbia - 50th Anniversary (progressive heavy rock in italian)
KNIGHTS OF THE REALM: Knights Of The Realm (heavy metal)
E-FORCE: Mindbender (thrash metal)
DAYGLO ABORTIONS: Hate Speech (punk)
SINAYA feat. CJ McMahon: Afterlife (deathcore)
SHAKE THE TEMPLE: Shake The Temple (hard rock/heavy metal)
DISASTER: Secrets From The Past (thrash metal)
The LURKING FEAR: Death, Madness, Horror, Decay (death metal)
MINDLESS SINNER: Missin' Pieces (reissue) (melodic hard rock)
SWALLOW THE SUN: Moonflowers (melancholy doom metal)
The 450s: The 450s (rock n roll)
KAASIN: Fired Up (melodic hard rock)
HEART LINE: Back In The Game (melodic hard rock/aor)
EAST TEMPLE AVENUE: Wonderful (aor/melodic rock)
BARNABAS SKY: Inspirations (melodic hard rock)
JÄRNCELL: Är Du Nöjd Nu? (trallpunk)
EARTH CRISIS/SNAPCASE/STRIFE: The Return Of The California Takeover (90s hardcore)
ABSCESSION: Rot Of Ages (death metal)
PUTERAEON: Bitter Loss (entombed cover)
NERVOCHAOS: Dug Up.... Diabolical Reincarnations (death metal)
MENTOR: Wolves, Wraiths And Witches (hardcore/metal or death n roll?)
MALOTA: The Uninvited Guest (various genres of hard rock)
MAD ANTHONY: Party Heaven Hell Whatever! (party hard rock/hair metal)
LASTWORLD: Time (aor/melodic rock)
Frank Gilchriest: Rise Again (heavy metal)
DEEP PURPLE: Oh Well (Radio Edit) (rock legends)
CONVERGE feat. Chelsea Wolfe: Coil (dark, atmospheric and heavy)
BULLETPROÖF: Dynamite (heavy metal)
BORKNAGAR: Borknagar (25th Anniversary Reissue 2021) (black metal)
BONDED: Into Blackness (thrash metal)
BANNED IN G.B.G: What The Hell Is Going On? (high energy rock)
BANGKOK: Madness (melodic hard rock)
CRYPTOBIOSIS: Chainsaw Cruficixion (thrash/death metal)
PLUSH: Plush (modern rock)
Scrap Metal: Excavated Heavy Metal From The Era Of Excess (collection of rare 70s/80s heavy metal)
VATICINAL RITES: Vaticinal Rites (death metal)
SHOW-YA: Showdown (melodic heavy metal)
SCATTERED HAMLET: Stereo Overthrow (alternative hard rock)
ELECTRIC GUITARS: Freewheeler (hard rock)
SCREAMING SHADOWS: Legacy Of Stone (heavy/power metal)
STEW: Taste (old school hard rock)
TIMECHILD: And Yet It Moves (old school hard rock)
TORMENTOR: Crown Of Shame (thrash metal)
ÜLTRA RAPTÖR: Tyrants (heavy/speed metal)
5ive YEARS GONE: Rock 'N' Roll Rebirth (melodic "hard" rock)
SENSE OF NOISE: Sense Of Noise (melodic death metal)
STRIKER: Deathwish (hair metal)
FEAR IS DEAD: Disciples Of Death (hardcore/metal)
OLD MAN WIZARD: Kill Your Servants Quietly (laidback progressive heavy rock)
THOLA: Somewhere (melodic metal brew)
TARDUS MORTEM: Armageddon (extreme death noise)
SHOCK WAVE: Force Ethics (thrash metal)
LUCIFER: IV (occult 70s heavy rock)
ANAUGH CONDA: Shitty Friends (power pop)
SPIRITWORLD: Pagan Rhythms (hardcore/metal)
OMNIUM GATHERUM: Origin (modern melodic death metal with extra ingredients)
MOLYBARON: The Mutiny (progressive metal)
DREAM THEATER: A View From The Top Of The World (prog metal legends)
NEQUIENT: Collective Punishment (hardcore)
NARNIA: Soli Deo Gloria - 25 Years Compilation (melodic metal)
HEADS FOR THE DEAD: Slash 'n' Roll (death metal)
FOGHAT: 8 Days On The Road (blues rock veterans)
LORDS OF BLACK: Alchemy Of Souls, Part II (heavy metal)
LEVERAGE: Above The Beyond (melodic metal/hard rock)
The GRANDMASTER: Skywards (heavy metal)
DEVOID: Lonely Eye Movement (melodic metal)
The SPOOKY GUESTS: It's Halloween (psychobilly)
ROCK N ROLL ARMY: Terror Training (hard rock)
MURDERBAIT: When The Sun Goes Down, It Goes Down Forever (atmospheric goth/post-punk)
MOUTH CONGRESS: The People Have Spoken (alternative but cool)
Hulkoff: Ragnarök (folk metal)
EVIL HUNTER: Lockdown (heavy metal)
EVERY TIME I DIE: Radical (modern hardcore/metal/emo)
BAMBARA: Mythic Love (post-punk)
I'm A Second Class Kid: 2020-2021 / Second Class Kids Magazine #1 (trallpunk/punk rock)
Brown Acid - The Thirteenth Trip (60s/70s heavy rock compilation)
RUTTENSKALLE: Skin 'em Alive (death metal)
RAVEN BLACK NIGHT: Run With The Raven (heavy/doom metal)
PERPETUAL ETUDE: Now Is The Time (melodic heavy metal)
ODDLAND: Feed The Void (progressive metal)
NERVOCHAOS: Wage War On The Gods (brutal death metal)
NEEDLESS: The Cosmic Cauldron (death/thrash/black/prog metal)
METAL CROSS: The Drone (heavy metal)
HEAD OF CLAY: Dirty Lies (blues/hard rock)
ALTZI: Motherless Child (melodic hard rock)
MORTAL VISION: Mind Manipulation (thrash metal)
The LUCID FURS: Damn! That Was Easy (heavy/blues rock)
DARKNESS ABLAZE: Creator (melodic death metal)
Lou Siffer And The HOWLING DEMONS: Too Old To Die Young (high energy hard rock n roll with attitude)
SPLIT HEAVEN: Electric Spell (heavy metal)
Simon Steensland: Let's Go To Hell (instrumental jazz/prog rock)
ROYAL HUNT: Land Of Broken Hearts (reissue) (melodic heavy/power metal)
PANZERCHRIST: Soul Collector (reissue) (death metal)
INFERNAL TORMENT: Birhhrate Zero (reissue) (death metal)
CORPSE VOMIT: Drowning In Puke (reissue) (radical death metal)
The DARKNESS: It's Love, Jim (glam rock)
COFFIN CREEP: Voids (death metal)
BIZARRE: Invocation Codex (death metal)
THREE FOURTHS FRANCIS: Electric Telegraph (rock n roll)
SNAFU: Exile//Banishment (hardcore/thrash/punk)
LA LUZ: La Luz (soft psych/pop/rock)
Jim Lindberg: You're Not Alone (friendly rock)
INNER CORE: Dark Chronicles (symphonic metal)
BLACK DIAMONDS: Out In The Fields (gary moore cover)
St. JIMI SEBASTIAN CRICKET CLUB: Until We Meet Again (british rock)
The REFLECTORS: Faster Action (power pop)
LA DECOUPE: Inadapté (garage/punk rock)
The ERRATIX: You Don't Care (power pop)
DALAPLAN: En Fot I Dyngan (rock in skånska)
Brad Marino: Looking For Trouble (pop punk/power pop)
ANC4: Strange Tide (kind power pop)
LASTKAJ 14: Plan B (trallpunk)
LASTKAJ 14/FRUKTANSVÄRLD: Pengarna Eller Livet (trallpunk)
The MICKERZ: Spelar det nån roll om jag är ful? (punk rock/trallpunk)
WAYWARD SONS: Even Up The Score (hard rock)
Jeff Scott Soto: The Duets Collection - Volume 1 (hard rock)
ECLIPSE: Wired (melodic hard rock)
TWIN PIGS: Dead Sick Of America (punk rock)
STEP BY STEP PROJECT feat. Seraina Telli: Listen (modern hard rock)
SKARLETT RIOT: Black Cloud (modern metal)
SAVE FACE: Sharpen Your Teeth (rock)
OVERKILL: The Atlantic Years 1986-1994 (reissues) (thrash legends)
NON RESIDENTS: Against Police Brutality (peculiar groove/thrash metal)
CONCEPTION: Roll The Fire 2.0 (heavy modern metal)
GHOUL: Live In The Flesh (horror thrash metal)
PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI: I Dreamed Of Electric Sheep (soft prog rock)
WAX MEKANIX/TROLL TEETH: Blunt (acoustic pop/rock, heavy/psych rock)
SKANNERS: Greatest Hits (hard rock/heavy metal)
EVIL SPELL: Padre Vostro (raw speed/black metal)
FLIPTOP BOX: Final Scene (alternative rock)
The EROTICS: Ride It To Death! (dirty rock n roll)
DEADSPEAK: Dissolve The Dreams (death metal)
DEAD SUN: Collection Of Past Remains (death metal)
AGGRESSION: Field Of Nightmares (thrash metal)
ABOMINATION: Abomination (reissue) (death metal)
The HAUNTED at Pumphuset in Borås, Sweden on Oct. 15, 2021 (thrash metal)
Donnie Vie: Party Time (rock)
BANNED IN GBG: What The Hell (heavy rock)
The SONIC OVERLORDS: Last Days Of Babylon (doom metal with melodic vocals)
HEX A.D.: Funeral Tango For Gods & Men (progressive doom metal)
INDIGO RAVEN: Looking For Transcendence (atmospheric doom metal)
BURNING POINT: Arsonist Of The Soul (power metal)
VILDHJARTA: måsstaden under vatten (experimental prog metal)
RENEGADE ANGEL: Damnation (melodic heavy metal)
GEMINI SYNDROME: 3rd Degree - The Raising (modern prog rock/metal?)
SUPERNOVA PLASMAJETS: Now Or Never (melodic hard rock)
SIX SILVER SUNS: As Archons Fall (classic rock)
OSUKARU: Starbound (melodic hard rock)
Dan Lucas: The Long Road (pop/rock)
HELGRIND: Insurrection (thrash metal)
NIGHTWATCHERS: Common Crusades (punk rock)
DEEP PURPLE: 7 And 7 Is (rock)
TRUMBITEN: Out (heavy metal)
SAMAEL: Ceremony Of Opposites / Passage (reissues) (innovative black metal)
NEKROMANT: Behind The Veil Of Eyes (heavier heavy metal)
Lee Ainley's BLUES STORM: Evolution (blues rock)
KESEM: Post-Terra (prog/psych rock)
INFERNAL HATE: Black Crows Over The Horizon (death metal)
LOOSE SUTURES: A Gash With Sharp Teeth And Other Tales (heavy fuzz/stoner/garage punk)
WOODEN FIELDS: Wooden Fields (heavy rock)
DEIMLER: A Thousand Suns (death metal)
DESTINITY: In Continuum (melodic death metal)
MORGOTH: Ungod (reissue) (death metal)
YES: The Quest (prog rock legends)
MAGNOLIA PARK: Back Home/Tonight (emo/pop/rock)
CONVERGE feat. Chelsea Wolfe: Blood Moon (dark, atmospheric metal)
SPACEGOAT: Catharsis (alternative metal)
SLOWSHINE: Living Light (psych/stoner rock)
VEGA: Anarchy And Unity (melodic hard rock)
Robledo: Wanted Man (melodic hard rock/heavy metal)
Robin Red: Robin Red (melodic rock)
EDGE OF PARADISE: The Unknown (modern melodic metal)
Rick Titrö och KÄRLEKSMINISTERIET: Laglös (singer/songwriter in swedish)
CHRONICLE: Undivided/Born From A Coffin Womb (melodic death/thrash metal)
BLACK SITES: Untrue (progressive metal)
The MUSLIMS: Fuck These Fuckin Fascists (punk)
HELLZ ABYSS: Pottymouth (hard rock)
HAERDSMAELTA: All Alone In The Danger Zone (punk rock/metal/rock n roll)
DUEL: In Carne Persona (heavy rock)
23 TILL: Nån Annan (punk rock)
VELVET CHAINS: Strange Love/Tattooed (feat. Richard Fortus) (hard rock)
PUTREVORE: Miasmal Monstrosity (death metal)
The DARKNESS: Jussy's Girl (rock)
BABYMETAL: PA PA YA!! (feat, F.Hero) (japanese pop metal)
MANIMAL: Armageddon (heavy metal)
MAJESTY OF SILENCE: Die Schöpfung Tohuwabohu (crazy black metal)
KRYPTOS: Force Of Danger (heavy metal)
DEMOLIZER: Upgrade (thrash metal)
MUDDY MOONSHINE: Charm Of Drinking Hard/Me & You (southern rock)
WE ARE THE CATALYST: Drowning (modern pop/rock)
NAKED RAYGUN: Over The Overlords (catchy punk rock)
THESE STREETS: Roll Tha Dice (heavy metallic hardcore)
MATRIARCHS: The Shape Of C#nt$ To Come (metallic hardcore with variation)
DANGEROUS TIMES FOR THE DEAD: Father Time (heavy metal)
THRICE: Horizons/East (soft rock)
INFRARED: From The Black Swamp (thrash metal)
GRAVE: Hating Life (reissue) (death metal?)
CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT: This Will Leave A Mark (action rock)
The ELECTRIC MUD: Black Wool (stoner/retro rock)
Michael Kratz: TAFKATNO (westcoast rock)
John Dallas: Love & Glory (hard rock)
KNIGHTS OF THE REALM: When Metal Meets The Beast (heavy metal)
NEFARIYM: Morbid Delusions (death metal)
CRIPTA BLUE: Cripta Blue (proto doom)
A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH: Infernum In Terra (some kind of doom)
PARADOX: Heresy II - End Of A Legend (melodic power/thrash metal)
SCEPTOR: Rise To The Light (heavy metal)
REBEL'S END: Sing To The Devil (action hard rock/metal)
HellAndBack: A Thousand Years (heavy metal)
DUCKWALK CHUCK: Fired Up (action rock)
BLACK STONE MACHINE: One With The Horde (southern heavy rock with a pinch of metal)
VANNON: Desert Of Our Dreams (experimental psych metal)
SEVEN SPIRES: Gods Of Debauchery (all kinds of metal)
INGLORIOUS: Heroine (hard rock, covers album)
PRESSURE: Var Är Du Nu/Where Are You Now (power ballad)
POISON OAK: Losing Ourselves (rock)
CLEAR VISION: Eve Of The End (melodic metal)
BETWEEN WORLDS feat. Ronny Munroe: Between Worlds (melodic us metal)
Anette Olzon: Strong (melodic metal)
INFIDEL REICH: New World Outrage (death metal)
HELLSWORD: Cold Is The Grave (early black metal)
GRINDER BLUES: El Dos (hard rocking blues)
AXXELERATOR: Heads Or Tails (thrash metal)
WRAITH: Undo The Chains (speed/thrash metal)
SUBFIRE: Define The Sinner (heavy/power metal)
ENDARKEN: The Plague Of Truth (thrash metal)
THRICE: Summer Set Fire To The Rain (catchy rock)
The DARKNESS: Nobody Can See Me Cry (glam rock)
KADABRA: Ultra (heavy psych hard rock)
VENGEFUL 187: War Neurosis (really heavy hardcore)
C Squared Underground Music Special (underground compilation with both metal and synth)
THUNDERMAKER: The Road (heavy metal with singers from metal church, judas priest and entombed)
THUNDERCLAP: Morkkis (melodic sludge)
TALES OF THE OLD: The Book Of Chaos (dark symphonic power metal)
InterCore: Dreams For Sale (melodic hard rock)
AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS: Comfort To Me (punk)
RELENTLESS AGGRESSION: American Carnage (thrash metal)
INSOMNIUM: Argent Moon (melancholy dark metal)
HOOTENANNY FREAKS: Eyes Of The Warrior (hard rock/heavy metal)
HEADSHRINKER: Callous Indifference (doom/death metal)
AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS: Hertz (punk rock)
SILENCE EQUALS DEATH: I'll See You On The Other Side (hardcore)
TRAPPIST/CONNOISSEUR: Cross Faded (hardcore/punk, sludge)
GOATFATHER: Monster Truck (stoner rock)
GHOSTHEART NEBULA: Ascension (blackened doom metal)
FAMISHGOD: Rotting Ceremony (doom/death metal)
EXXPERIOR: Escalating Conflicts (crazy progressive thrash metal)
ETERNAL FLIGHT: SurVive (melodic heavy metal)
CroMagnum: Born Free (heavy metal on the border to thrash)
ABORTED: ManiaCult (death metal)
Steve Hackett: Surrender Of Silence (weird prog rock cavalcade)
DAWN AFTER DARK: Maximum Overdrive (hard rock)
ALIEN ANOMALY: Little Red Dot (catchy punk rock)
DAILY INSANITY: Chronicles Of War (thrash metal)
CENTENARY: Death...The Final Frontier (death metal)
BLACK MASS: Feast At The Forbidden Tree (thrash/speed metal)
TURN COLD: Break Your Faith (hardcore/thrash metal)
SON OF A SHOTGUN: Be For Oss Alle (death, grind, groove metal, hardcore, hip hop etc)
ROTTED THROUGH: /the_Depths (death metal)
REPLICANT: Malignant Reality (death metal)
PERFECT WORLD: War Culture (hardcore)
JOY/DISASTER: From Stars To Angels (melodic post punk)
MUTANT BLAST: Detonation (thrash metal)
The MAGIC BUS: To Kastro (70s hard rock/proto metal)
Peter H. Nilsson: Sign Of Myself (aor)
NEWMAN: Into The Monsters' Playground (melodic rock)
M.ILL.ION: Back On Track (melodic hard rock)
VETERANS: Fake Quiet And Peace (heavy hard rock/groove metal)
Tommy Stewart's DYERWULF: Doomsday Deferred (doom metal etc)
The PICTUREBOOKS: The Major Minor Collective (heavy blues rock with a guest list)
SOLAR MANTRA: Away (stoner rock)
MYSTERIZER: The Holy War 1095 (heavy/power metal)
DUST PROPHET: The High Capital (stoner/doom metal)
DIVINE ANGER: Guru Of Hate (powerful metal)
LADY BEAST: Omens (heavy metal)
LOTAN: Angelus Pestis (melodic black metal)
BLOODPHEMY: Blood Sacrifice (death metal)
BLYTH ROAD: Exorsa (modern rock)
CRASHTIME: Valley Of The Kings (heavy metal)
AGE OF THE WOLF/TEL: Vigils (sludge/melodic doom)
LUCER: White Lies (modern rock with a touch of pop)
ALTZI: You Don't Believe In Love (melodic hard rock)
THYRFING: Vanagandr (viking/pagan metal)
SPIRIT ADRIFT: Forge Your Future (heavy metal)
DARK ARENA: Worlds Of Horror (u.s. prog/thrash)
LOWER 13: Embrace The Unknown (metal)
ELVIRA BIRA: Vispunk (folk punk)
SPEKTRA: Overload (melodic hard rock)
MAYANK featuring Gui Oliver: Mayank (melodic hard rock)
LONG SHADOWS DAWN: Isle Of Wrath (melodic hard rock)
CRUZH: Tropical Thunder (hard rock)
CIRCUS OF ROCK: Come One, Come All (melodic hard rock)
BLOOD RED SAINTS: Undisputed (melodic rock)
Alirio: All Things Must Pass (melodic hard rock)
LEPROUS: Aphelion (progressive rock)
NMB: Innocence & Danger (progressive rock)
WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM: Primordial Arcana (atmospheric black metal)
The SLOW DEATH: Siege (atmospheric doom metal ballads)
OXYGEN DESTROYER: Sinister Monstrosities Spawned By The Unfathomable Ignorance Of Humankind (death/thrash metal)
Nick Mantoan: Raw (hard rock)
MYSTERY: Live Life Loud (hard rock)
STEW: Earthless Woman (retro hard rock)
PITCHBLACK: Slaughter Of The Soul (at the gates cover)
ALIEN FORCE: Set Me Free (heavy metal)
KNIGHTS OF THE REALM: Fields Of Fire (heavy metal)
Jackson + Sellers: Waste Your Time (indie pop/rock)
Danny Elfman featuring Trent Reznor: True (remix) (weird industrial rock?)
Dan Lucas: 1985 (laidback singer/songwriter rock)
WRONG BAND: Let's Go! (punk rock)
WORMWOOD: Arkivet (black metal)
TRANSPORT LEAGUE: Kaiserschnitt (heavyweight metal with swing)
NUNSLAUGHTER: Red Is The Color Of Ripping Death (death metal)
ENUFF Z'NUFF: Never Enuff - Rarities & Demos (glam rock)
CONFUSED: Riot! (thrash/hardcore/punk)
CEMETERY ECHO: Come Share My Shroud (goth rock)
STRAYTONES: Magic Green River Swimmin' & Stunning Tarzanka Experience (psych/garage rock)
OCEANHOARSE: Dead Reckoning (modern heavy metal)
DAEMONICUS: Eschaton (death metal)
WINTER NIGHTS: Sky Burial (melodic death metal)
TROLD: Havets Bund (folk metal in danish)
TIMECHILD: Haze Of The Dawn (hard rock)
SAIL: Flood (sludge etc)
ONE AND A HALF DOG: Shine (hard rock)
DONNA CANNONE: Nothing To Do (glam rock)
CASKET ROBBERY: The Hidden... The Hideous (death metal)
ANIMS: God Is A Witness (hard rock)
ZITTER: Intoxicated World (hard rock)
UNDEAD: Existential Horror (reissue) (death metal)
SON OF SAM: And The Monster Awoke... (heavy metal/melodic death metal)
PREY FOR NOTHING: Kivshan (melo/tech death metal)
MegaSnake: Shame On Me (hard rock)
Jeff Black: Silence (hard rock/heavy metal)
BOOZEWA: Deb (heavy/stoner rock)
BIRTH: Birth (prog/psych rock)
ANDY ROCKS: Look What We've Done (modern classic rock)
Alfa Bravo: Zulu (deathcore)
Alberto Rigoni: Metal Addicted (thrash covers)
Saeko: Holy Are We Alone (heavy metal etc)
MENTALIST: A Journey Into The Unknown (melodic power metal)
LEGIONS OF THE NIGHT: Sorrow Is The Cure (progressive heavy metal)
BOOK OF NUMBERS: Magick (classic doom/heavy metal)
DRUNKEN SWALLOWS: Herzlaut (punk rock)
BLACK SWAMP WATER: Awakening (hard rock)
ROT AWAY: Nothing Is Good (hardcore)
REBEL PRIEST: Lost In Tokyo (hard rock n roll)
The NEW BARDOTS: On Our Own (rock n roll)
KILLING: Face The Madness (thrash metal)
GOST: Rites Of Love And Reverence (post punk/synthwave)
DISKORD: Degenerations (different death metal)
Jack Russell's GREAT WHITE: Great Zeppelin II - A Tribute To Led Zeppelin (led zeppelin covers)
LORNA SHORE: ...And I Return To Nothingness (symphonic extreme metal)
THOR: Alliance (hard rock/heavy metal)
E-FORCE: Provocation (thrash metal)
CORNERS OF SANCTUARY: Casualties Of War - Blood And Steel - Volume 2 (mid-tempo us metal)
The BRONX: Mexican Summer (rock)
AS I MAY: Breaking Myself Away (nu metal)
Antti Martikainen: Carmina Gloria (instrumental symphonic metal)
MY HAVEN: Until (melodic metal)
ESSES: Bloodletting For The Lonely (death rock/post punk)
DISILLUSIONIST: Love And Anxiety (post hardcore)
CONSUMPTION: Recursive Definitions of Suppuration (grind/death)
BURN THE HIGHWAY: Weapon X (modern hard rock)
ALCHEMY OF FLESH: Ageless Abominations (death metal)
SCARECROW: Splatterpunk (horror metal/punk)
TROUBLE IS: Wholehearted (modern blues rock)
TRANCE: Metal Force (heavy metal)
HUNTER: The Return (hard rock/heavy metal)
CWF: I (reissue) (aor/west coast rock)
VRIESS: Vriess (thrash/death metal)
UNDER THE OAK: Ripped Up By The Roots (speed/thrash metal)
Toby Hitchcock: Changes (melodic rock)
RIAN: Twenty-Three (melodic rock)
RESURRECTION KINGS: Skygazer (hard rock)
INNER STREAM: Stain The Sea (modern melodic metal)
HEAVEN & EARTH: V (hard rock)
BIG CITY: Testify X (melodic hard rock)
Jackson+Sellers: The Devil Is An Angel (garage rock)
AXXELERATOR: Living With Nuclear Neighbours (thrash metal)
ASTRODEATH: Invasion (stoner rock?)
SWALLOW THE SUN: 20 Years Of Gloom, Beauty And Despair - Live In Helsinki (melancholy doom)
GRISLY: Salting The Earth (death metal)
The LINDA LINDAS: Oh! (punk rock/power pop)
RAKTA: Live At Novas Frequências (a psychedelic and hypnotic adventure)
SPIRAL GRAVE: Legacy Of The Anointed (doom metal)
FIMIR: Tomb Of God (doom metal)
LUCER: L.A. Collection (high octane hard rock n roll)
NITRATE: Renegade (melodic rock)
Stephen Crane & Duane Sciacqua: Big Guns (aor/melodic rock)
THRICE: Scavengers (rock)
DIMMAN: Songs And Tales Of Grievance (modern melodic death metal)
ATTACK OF THE RISING: Game Changer (heavy metal)
AMNESSIA ETERNA: Malditos (heavier heavy/thrash metal)
Kiko Shred's REBELLION: Rebellion (heavy/power metal)
Laurenne/Louhimo: The Reckoning (heavy metal)
HARDLINE: Heart, Mind And Soul (melodic hard rock)
FETID ZOMBIE: Transmutations (odd death metal)
ELECTRIC SIX: Streets Of Gold (rock, covers album)
TURBOSNAKE: Cold Blooded (sleaze rock/hair metal)
MOJO ALICE: Liquid Sin (hard rock)
PURGATORY LINE: Purgatory Line (alternative rock)
MUDHONEY: Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge - 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (reissue) (alternative rock)
SKARLETT RIOT: Underwater (modern metal)
MYSTERY: Rock Revolution (hard rock)
ETERNAL FLIGHT: Will We Rise Again (power metal)
ANIMS: Freedom (heavy metal)
DANTALION: Time To Pass Away (black metal)
XALPEN: Sawken Xo On (reissue) (black metal)
DRAGON'S KISS: Barbarians Of The Wasteland (reissue) (heavy metal)
CATACOMB: Hallucinated Mountains (death metal)
CANKER: Exquisite Tenderness (reissue) (death metal)
The BAND REPENT: Unbreachable/War (heavy thrash metal)
Tony Stevens SLOW RIDE: Re-Vamped (blues rock)
TANTRIC: The Sum Of All Things (alternative hard rock/metal)
PLATENS: Of Poetry And Silent Mastery (melodic hard rock)
John Dallas: Anymore (melodic sleaze rock)
The ROYAL BEGGARS: Jokers & Chainsmokers (acoustic rock)
RAMPART: WWII - Memories For The Future (heavy metal)
L.A. GUNS: Cocked And Loaded Live (sleaze rock)
The MUSLIMS: Fuck These Fucking Fascists (punk rock)
ARCHANGEL A.D.: Casus Belli (mid-tempo thrash metal)
AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS: Guided By Angels (punk rock)
CRYPT MONARCH: The Necronaut (doom/stoner metal)
GODSLAVE: Positive Aggressive (thrash metal)
ERADICATOR: Influence Denied (thrash metal)
NECROGOD: In Extremis - Album (death metal)
NOTHING SACRED: No Gods (australian thrash/speed metal)
IT'S A RIOT: New Impressions Fast (punk)
INNER MISSING: Deluge (goth rock/doom metal)
BLACK REUSS: Metamorphosis (doom metal/dark rock)
ANKHARA: Premonición (heavy metal)
VILE A SIN: Taste The Blood (gothic metal)
KASTIELL: Brave New World (post hardcore)
KAASIN: Hidden (melodic hard rock)
The HORNETS: Heavier Than A Stone (rock n roll)
BOTTOMLESS: Bottomless (doom metal)
PRAYER LINE: Thrill Me, Lick Me, Fuck Me, Kill Me (horror punk/thrash)
ROYAL HUNT: Paper Blood (reissue) (heavy metal)
RUBICON: Demonstar (heavy/power metal)
WHITE CRONE: Stargazer (rainbow cover)
UNDERBALL: The Worst Is Yet To Cum (thrash/hardcore)
TOWARDS ATLANTIS LIGHTS: When The Ashes Devoured The Sun (funeral doom/death)
STRŸKENINE: I (melodic hard rock)
VELVET INSANE: Rock 'N' Roll Glitter Suit (glam rock)
World Without End: An Underground Tribute To Samhain (samhain covers)
SIGN X: Back To Eden (melodic hard rock)
RAT KING: Omen (stoner/doom)
MAYHEM: Atavistic Black Disorder/Kommando (black metal and punk covers)
PRESSURE: Fem i Tre (melodic heavy rock)
BLIND PETITION: 30 Years In A Hole 1991 Rarities & Outtakes (hard rock)
BLACK ANGEL: Prince Of Darkness (goth rock)
23 TILL: Hänger På En Tråd (rock)
WANDERER: Liberation From A Brutalist Existence (hardcore/grind)
VESICARUM: Place Of Anarchy (death metal)
TRAGEDY AND TRIUMPH: Where Mountains Rise And Hearts Fall (melodic viking death metal)
STORM: Here I Am (heavy/speed metal)
ROCKING CORPSES: Death Blues (alternative metal/rock/horror)
QUICKSAND: Missile Command (post-hardcore/melodic alternative rock)
PLATENS: Wait For Me (melodic hard rock)
MOURN THE LIGHT: Suffer, Then We're Gone (doom metal)
MORDIAN: January Moon (weird gothic power ballad?)
MARTY AND THE BAD PUNCH featuring Robert Tepper: Better Be Strong (melodic rock)
HELLGRIMM: The Hunger (stoner rock/metal)
EVIL IN: An Ethereal Force Beyond (death/thrash metal)
Timo Tolkki's AVALON: The Enigma Birth (melodic power metal)
Kent Hilli: The Rumble (melodic rock/hard rock)
CROWNE: Kings In The North (melodic hard rock with all-star lineup)
CHALICE OF SIN: Chalice Of Sin (heavy metal)
NIGHT CROWNED: Hädanfärd (blackened death metal)
MARCH IN ARMS: Pulse Of The Daring (modern heavy metal)
The LORDS OF ALTAMONT: Tune In, Turn On, Electrify (garage rock)
PSYCHIC HIT: Solutio (proto-metal/hard rock)
STERBHAUS: Necrostabbing at Göta Källare - Live in Stockholm (thrash metal etc)
SUPREME COURT: It's Been A While (high octane heavy rock)
THYRFING: Järnhand (viking/pagan metal)
ROCK N ROLL ARMY: Don't Ya Treat Me Bad (hard rock)
ORNIMENTAL: Red, White, ...And Wraith (hard rock/metal)
BROKENRAIL: Beautiful Chaos (american modern metal)
KONKHRA: Sexual Affective Disorder (reissue) (technical death/thrash)
IAN GILLAN BAND: The Rockfield Mixes...Plus (reissue) (jazz rock)
DEATHCHANT: Waste (hard rock/proto-metal)
CLIFFORD: Där Spriten Flödar (death/black metal)
BIRDS OF MAYA: Valdez (heavy/psych rock)
MENTAL CAVITY: Mass Rebel Infest (hardcore/metal)
KING COMPANY: Trapped (melodic hard rock)
DEVILS IN HEAVEN: Rise (melodic rock)
CROSSON: Live At The Orpheum (theatrical stadium rock)
Devin Townsend: Devolution Series #2 - Galactic Quarantine (progressive metal)
LACUNA COIL: Live From The Apocalypse (modern metal)
LOCH VOSTOK: Opus Ferox, The Great Escape (well-done melodic/prog metal)
DE ARMA: Strayed in Shadows (goth rock)
BUCKCHERRY: Hellbound (hard rock)
Vera Norea: Carnival Dreams (energetic punk/indie rock)
HOOTENANNY FREAKS: Night Train (hard rock)
TERRA ODIUM: Ne Plus Ultra (progressive heavy metal)
ONE DESIRE: One Night Only, Live In Helsinki (melodic hard rock)
Dennis DeYoung: 26 East, Vol 2 (melodic rock/aor)
BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER: Brother Against Brother (melodic heavy metal)
Black Waves Of Adrenochrome - The Sisters Of Mercy Tribute (sisters of mercy covers)
XENOS: The Dawn Of Ares (thrash metal)
RAVAGER: The Third Attack (thrash metal)
MACABRE DECAY: Into Oblivion (death metal)
CHAINREACTION: Alternative High (action rock)
BLOODBEAT: Process of Extinction (death/thrash metal)
STÖNER: Stoners Rule (stoner rock with ex-kyuss members)
SOCIAL DISORDER: Love 2 Be Hated (melodic hard rock)
SCREAMING SHADOWS: Free Me (melodic heavy/power metal)
KOLDBORN: First Enslavement (reissue) (thrash/death metal)
VIDEO NASTY: Video Nasty (thrash metal)
HYPNOSIA: Extreme Hatred (reissue) (thrash metal)
EYE OF PURGATORY: The Lighthouse (death metal)
EREMIT: Bearer of Many Names (atmospheric sludge/doom)
THIS ENDING: Needles of Rust (melodic death metal)
SEASON OF DREAMS: Heroes (power metal)
CONSTANCIA: Brave New World (melodic hard rock)
ANGELWINGS: Primordium (symphonic/progressive metal)
HANZ KRYPT: Tales From The Krypt (reissue) (heavy/doom metal)
CRYPT CRAWLER: Future Usurper (death metal)
HARPYIE: Minnewar - Album (folk metal covers in german)
Lee Aaron: Radio On! (classic rock)
DEMON INCARNATE: Leaves Of Zaqqum (doom metal)
WINGS OF DESTINY: Reborn Immortal (power metal)
MYSTERY: To My Knees (hard rock)
IMMORTALIZER: I'm Gone/Lemmy (heavy metal)
David LaDuke: Psychedelic Sandwich (glam/punk/rock n roll)
CHAINREACTION: Who Stole My Mojo (action rock)
BÓLIDO: Against The World (heavy metal)
RAWTISM: Raw And Off Its Head (thrash metal)
NIHILANTH: Graceless Planet (death metal)
METAL WINGS: A Whole New Land (symphonic metal)
MADAM SKAM: 6 Låtar Om 6 (feminist queer punk in swedish)
TERROR 83: Demo (brazilian 80s hardcore/punk from sweden)
SEPIROTH: Condemned To Suffer (death metal)
GRIEF COLLECTOR: En Delirium (doom metal)
RITUAL SACRIFICE: When Hope Is Pain (technical thrash metal)
EVIL: Evil's Message / Ride To Hell (reissues) (danish heavy metal from the 80s)
BLOT MINE: Porphyrogenesis (reissue) (black/death metal)
BLITZKRIEG: Theatre of the Damned (reissue) (heavy metal veterans)
MIDNITE CITY: Itch You Can't Scratch (hard rock/hair metal)
SUPERNOVA PLASMAJETS: Now Or Never (hard rock)
VULTURE LORD: Desecration Rite (black metal)
Vincent Crowley: Beyond Acheron (doom/black/death)
SONIC BLAST: Humanity Divided (heavy metal)
ROBOTS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD: Mystic Goddess (psychedelic stoner doom)
LOST DIVISION: Cuts And Scars (hard rock)
KING BUFFALO: The Burden Of Restlessness (heavy psych rock)
HEAD OF CLAY: Rise Up (hard rock)
GREAT MASTER: Thy Harbour Inn (majestic pirate/power metal)
MUDHONEY: Ounce Of Deception (grunge)
The LINDA LINDAS: Racist Sexist Boy (riot grrrl punk)
KANSAS: Point Of Know Return Live & Beyond (classic rock)
The BRONX: Watering The Well (punk rock)
STORMWIND: Legacy Live! (reissue) (melodic power metal)
SATOR: Basement Noise (reissue) (rock)
WITHERING SURFACE: Stick To Your Guns (melodic death metal)
Stefan Berggren: These Are The Times (hard rock)
SOUL GRINDER: Lifeless Obsession (death metal)
SICKRECY: First World Anxiety (grindcore/crust punk/death metal)
NOT MOVING: Live in the Eighties (reissue) (garage rock)
NEPHILA: Nephila (bluesy psych/prog rock)
ETERNAL STRUGGLE: Year Of The Gun (hardcore/metal)
ETERNAL FLIGHT: Hear The Call (heavy metal)
ECLIPSE: Saturday Night (Hallelujah) (melodic hard rock)
ALTZI: Into The Fire (melodic rock/hard rock)
SATYRUS: Rites (occult doom metal)
IO: Fire (sludge)
FLOTSAM & JETSAM: Blood In The Water (thrash veterans)
SUNBOMB: Evil and Divine (heavier heavy metal with tracii guns and michael sweet)
SONIC HAVEN: Vagabond (power metal)
SEVENTH CRYSTAL: Delirium (melodic hard rock)
SAVE THE WORLD: Two (melodic hard rock)
Robin McAuley: Standing On The Edge (melodic hard rock)
FALSE MEMORIES: The Last Night Of Fall (gothic metal)
VESICARUM: My Inner Ghost (death metal)
HIT 'N' MIZZ: Action (hard rock)
NIGHTRAGE: Falsifying Life (melodic death metal)
THYRFING: Jordafärd (viking/pagan metal)
SADISTIK FOREST: Obscure Old Remains (death metal)
INCARDINE: Seeds Of Doom - Album (death metal)
HEIR APPARENT: Foundations I (heavy metal)
BRUTALITY: The Complete Demo Recordings 1987-1991 (death metal)
TUPLE: Welcome To Hell (melodic rock/aor)
PROUD: Second Act (melodic hard rock)
MICHAEL FURY: Affairs In Babylon (reissue) (melodic rock)
FarCry: Balance (melodic rock)
TYGERS OF PAN TANG: Majors & Minors (hard rock/heavy metal)
TARDUS MORTEM: Engulfed in Pestilent Darkness (blackened death metal)
EXMORTEM: Berzerker Legions (reissue) (brutal death metal)
OUIJA: Selenophile Impia (black metal)
IRON JAWS: Declaration Of War (speed metal)
DOPPELBOCK: So Schön (folk punk rock in german)
The CREW: One Voice (punk rock with members of pennywise, suicidal tendencies and rancid)
CHELSEA: Meanwhile Gardens (kind punk rock veterans)
ANGSTSKRÍG: Skyggespil (black metal)
ALASTOR: Onwards and Downwards (occult heavy/doom rock)
Stefan Berggren: Burning Burning (The Last Band On Earth) (hard rock)
TOMMY'S ROCKTRIP: Beat Up By Rock N' Roll (classic hard rock)
Mark Spiro: Traveling Cowboys (melodic pop/soft rock)
NO POSSESSION: Third Times A Charm (classic rock)
HIGH N' HEAVY: V (dirty doom)
ELECTRIC HAZE: Get In Line (hard rock)
Metal! Live in Bahrain Vol. 2 (extreme metal compilation)
AVALANCHE: Second Hand Band (hard rock n roll)
BLACK FLARE: Black Flare (dirty heavy metal)
MORBID BREATH: In The Hand Of The Reaper (heavy thrash with death twist)
LEACH: Lovely Light Of Life (thrash n roll/groove metal)
UPPER LIP: Deep Within (hard rock)
PARADOX COMMUNITY: Omega (metal with the fingers in everything)
NERGARD: Eternal White (symphonic metal)
SVARTA SANNINGAR: Kapitel 2 (melancholy goth/post rock)
BLOODBOUND: Creatures of the Dark Realm (power metal)
HIPPIE DEATH CULT: Circle Of Days (hard rock/metal)
Herman Frank: Two For A Lie (heavy metal)
DESTROYED IN SECONDS: Divide And Devour (crust punk)
VELVET INSANE feat. Dregen and Nicke Andersson: Backstreet Liberace (glam rock)
The MiGHTY MiGHTY BossToneS: When God Was Great (ska rock)
SERGEANT STEEL: Truck Tales (hard rock)
ELECTRIC GUITARS: Dopamine! (hard rock n roll)
The CATCH: Sex Shark (pirate metal)
MegaSnake: Sun Don't Shine (hard rock)
Lars TC Anderson: At Last Light - An Apocalyptic Rhapsody (melodic rock)
INNER AXIS: Midnight Hunter (heavy metal)
ICE WAR: Sacred Land - Album (doom/heavy metal)
DARKFALL/MORTAL STRIKE: Thrashing Death Squad (thrash/death metal, thrash metal)
MYSTERY: Tear Down The Walls (hard rock)
OTARGOS: 20 Years of Human Termination (blackened death metal)
Per Wiberg: All Is Well In The Land Of The Living, But For The Rest Of Us... Lights Out (innovative/atmospheric rock)
ENSANGUINATE: Entranced by Decay (death metal)
AGAINST EVIL: End of the Line (heavy metal)
ANTIOCH: V (heavy metal)
BOOK OF WYRMS: Occult New Age (psychedelic metal)
DESCENDENTS: Baby Doncha Know (punk rock)
Ursäkta Röran Vol. 2 - Vi Fick Fel Adress! (swedish punk compilation)
SOMBERWIND: Remain (goth rock/metal)
LEFT HAND SOLUTION: Dead Of Winter (doom metal)
DEADWOLFF: Deadwolff (heavy metal/hard rock)
WE ARE THE CATALYST: Set The World On Fire (modern/alternative metal/rock)
TRANCE: Metal Forces (heavy metal)
KAYAK: Out Of This World (progressive rock)
IT BITES: Map Of The Past (reissue) / The Tall Ships (reissue) (prog rock/pop fusion)
The TØLKS: Escape (hard rock)
REVOLTONE: For The Silent Voices (melodic punk rock)
SVARTA SANNINGAR: Kemisk Reinkarnation (melancholy goth/post rock)
ELECTROMANCY: Robot Black Metal (black metal played by robots)
DARK: Inside The Void (goth rock)
The MIGHTY ONE: Torch Of Rock And Roll (heavy hard rock)
VOKONIS: Odyssey (progressive stoner metal)
WORMLIGHT: Nightmother (black metal)
DØDSFERD: Skotos (black metal)
SINIESTRO: Vortexx (thrash/death metal)
SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE: Mountain Fever (progressive oriental metal)
ÅSKOG: Varþnaþer (black metal)
ACID'S TRIP: Strings Of Souls (energetic rock)
IMMORTAL SŸNN: Force of Habit (heavy/thrash metal)
METHADONE SKIES: Retrofuture Caveman (instrumental atmospheric psych/prog rock)
LAST AGONY: The Imminent Slaughter (noisey crust punk)
HUMAN FAILURE: Crown on the Head of a King of Mud (extreme noise terror)
PRISON CITY BRIGADE: Rough Skeletons - Album (punk rock/pop punk/rock)
PRESSURE: Path Of A Shadow - Album (heavy metal)
MISTRESS: Resurrected - Album (shock rock/horror glam)
Kitchener-Waterloo Metal Compilation - Compilation (metal covers)
SOLSTICE: Casting The Die - Album (death/thrash metal)
SKARLETT RIOT: Invicta - Album (kind modern metal)
JORDFÄST: Hädanefter - Album (black metal)
ANCIENT SETTLERS: Autumnus - EP (modern melodic death metal)
THERE WERE WIRES: Somnambulists - Vinyl reissue (doom/metalcore)
FEMALE SPECIES: Tale Of My Lost Love - Album (old rock, pop, country)
TEMPLE BALLS: Pyromide - Album (hard rock)
ICON OF SIN: Icon Of Sin - Album (heavy metal)
WARISH: Next To Pay - Album (noisey punk/metal)
DISCARDED SELF: Discarded Self - Album (extreme sludge)
BLOODY HELL: The Bloodening - Album (heavy metal)
The TREATMENT: Waiting For Good Luck - Album (hard rock)
SWEET OBLIVION featuring Geoff Tate: Relentless - Album (heavy metal)
ScreaMachine: ScreaMachine - Album (heavy metal)
INFINITE & DIVINE: Silver Lining - Album (melodic rock)
FM: Tough It Out Live - Double Album (melodic rock)
The END MACHINE: Phase2 - Album (melodic hard rock)
KNIFVEN: Skivspill Och Rester - Cassette (swedish punk rock)
ELECTRIC BOYS: Ups!de Down - Album (hard rock)
RENEGADE ANGEL: Forevermore - Single (melodic hard rock)
REACH: The Promise of a Life - Album (alternative/schlager rock)
POVERTY'S NO CRIME: A Secret To Hide - Album (progressive metal/rock)
NINKHARSAG: The Dread March Of Solemn Gods - Album (black metal)
MOTHER ROAD: Drive - Album (bluesy hard rock)
CONCLAVE: Dawn Of Days - Album (doom metal)
ESCAPE: Fire in the Sky - Album (aor/melodic rock)
Brian Island: Brian Island - Album reissue (hi-tech aor/pop)
AXEWITCH: Out of the Ashes Into the Darkness - Album (heavy metal)
STORMWIND: Rising Symphony - Album reissue (melodic metal)
WITCH HUNT: Rock n' Roll Possession - Album (speed metal)
VITTRA: Wardens - EP (melodic death metal)
BLACK RHENO: Battle Ready - Single (stoner/sludge/groove metal)
SEVEN DOORS: The Gates Of Hell - Demo (death metal)
LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT: LTE3 - Double Album (playground for prog stars)
The JEFF CARLSON BAND: Yesterday's Gone - Album (melodic hard rock)
EXTINGUISH: Extinguish - EP (metallic hardcore)
DISFUNERAL: Disfuneral - Demo reissue (death metal)
LEACH: D.O.D - Single (thrash n roll)
CRYPTS OF DESPAIR: All Light Swallowed - Album (brutal death metal)
MY REFUGE: The Anger Is Never Over - Album (power/heavy metal)
BACKWOOD SPIRIT: Fresh From The Can - Album (classic rock)
ASTRAKHAN: A Slow Ride Towards Death - Album (dark cinematic progressive rock)
GIOTOPIA: Trinity Of Evil - Album (heavy/power/fantasy metal)
MONARCH: Future Shock - Album (heavy metal)
The MIGHTY ONE: Torch of Rock and Roll - Single (hard rock)
BUSHIDO CODE: The Ronin - Album (death/thrash/hardcore crossover)
Brown Acid: The Twelfth Trip - Compilation (all kinds of heavy rock from the 60s/70s)
BONGZILLA: Weedsconsin - Album (stoned sludge metal)
23 TILL: Ännu Ekar Ropen - Single (rock/reggae)
DINOSAUR JR.: Garden - Single (soft and kind rock)
ALTZI: Point Of No Return - Single (melodic hard rock)
SHADOWSPAWN: The Biology of Disbelief - Album (heavy death metal)
WARTOOTH: Programmed Dichotomy - LP (thrash metal)
THRONE: Pestilent Dawn - Album (brutal black/death metal)
PHLEBOTOMIZED: Pain, Resistance, Suffering - Mini Album (melodic death/doom metal)
Johan Kihlberg's IMPERA: Spirit Of Alchemy - Album (hard rock/heavy metal)
EXTERMINATED: The Genesis of Genocide - Album (brutal death metal noise)
NIGHTRAGE: Abyss Rising - Single (melodic death metal)
APHRODITE: Orgasmic Glory - Album (speed metal)
SUNSTORM: Afterlife - Album (melodic hard rock)
SECRET SPHERE: Lifeblood - Album (power metal)
Ronnie Atkins: One Shot - Album (melodic rock)
HEART HEALER: The Metal Opera by Magnus Karlsson - Album (symphonic metal opera)
HEAVY FEATHER: Mountain of Sugar - Album (blues-based heavy rock)
SEA OF SNAKES: World of Fire - EP (dirty heavy metal)
KARMA TO BURN: The Rabbit Hole - 12" vinyl (energetic heavy rock)
MAVERICK: Ethereality - Album (melodic hard rock)
TURBULENCE: Frontal - Album (progressive roller coaster)
Issa: Queen of the Broken Hearts - Album (melodic rock)
Gary Hughes: Waterside - Album (soft aor/melodic rock)
Chez Kane: Chez Kane - Album (melodic 80s rock)
T.U.R.N.: The United Rock Nations - Album (80s hard rock)
SickWalt: Shove n' Love - Album (punky rock)
LIBERTY AND JUSTICE: Pressure - Album (oi punk)
THYRFING: Döp Dem i Eld - Single (pagan metal)
WHEEL: Resident Human - Album (progressive metal)
SANGUISUGABOGG: Tortured Whole - Album (disgusting sludge/death metal)
CRYPTOSIS: Bionic Swarm - Album (thrash metal with extra ingredients)
OXIDIZE: Dark Confessions - Album (heavy metal)
IRIDESCENT DUNE: Kingdom Of Me - Single (odd thrash metal)
CORPORATE CONTROL: Whatever It Takes - Album (aor/melodic rock)
ALTA REIGN: Mother's Day - Album (hard rock/metal)
1782: From The Graveyard - Album (occult doom)
MARASMUS: Necrotic Overlord - Album (us death)
GRILLIJONO K.O.: Napalmia Korville - Album (energetic rock/punk rock in finnish)
GRANDE ROYALE: Carry On - Album (high energy rock)
IRONBOURNE: Ironbourne - Album (heavy metal)
George Tsalikis: Return To Power - Album (us/power metal)
DISTANT PAST: The Final Stage - Album (heavy metal)
Devin Townsend: Devolution Series #1 - Acoustically Inclined, Live in Leeds - Album
(acoustic prog lullabies)
ZITTER: Tick Tock - Album (hard rock)
CELESTIAL SANCTUARY: Soul Diminished - Album (death metal)
BYRON: The Omega Evangelion - Album (heavy metal)
WINDING ROAD: Winding Road - Album (melodic rock)
STRANGER VISION: Poetica - Album (power metal)
Stephen Crane: Kicks - Album reissue (melodic rock)
SILENT WINTER: Empire of Sins - Album (power metal)
PARIS: 50/50 - Album (melodic rock/aor)
MEZMORIA: Oily Halls - Single (melodic progressive metal)
SLAVES TO FASHION: The History of Heavy Metal - Album (all kinds of metal)
SKOLD: Dies Irae - Album (industrial goth metal/rock)
SKARLETT RIOT: Stronger - Single (modern metal)
SAGA: Symmetry - Album (acoustic prog rock)
INIQUITY: Five Across The Eyes - Album reissue (death metal)
ELECTRIC BOYS: Tumblin' Dominoes - Single (rock)
NORTHMAAN: Northmaan - Album (industrial/doom/goth metal)
AZIOLA CRY: The Ironic Divide - Album (instrumental heavy/psych rock)
HOUND: I Know My Enemies - Album (70s hard rock)
KÄRBHOLZ: Kontra. - Album (punk rock in german)
VARDE: Asgaardsreien - Album reissue (black metal)
The QUILL: Earthrise - Album (heavy hard rock)
GRORR: Ddulden's Last Fight - Album (progressive/math rock/metal)
Christian Liljegren: Melodic Passion - Album (melodic hard rock/metal)
ILDSKÆR: Paa Dækket Kalder De Døde - EP (black metal)
Femte Vinylen: Straight Outta Rockholm - Compilation (small town rock from the 80s)
SHINY DAGGERS: Devil Inside - EP (black metal)
MartYriuM: Lamia Satanica - Album (symphonic black/death metal)
DAWN AHEAD: Fallen Anthems - Album (metal with many influences)
RONIN: Ronin - Album (modern/alternative hard rock/metal)
OLDE: Pilgrimage - Album (sludge/doom)
24/7 DIVA HEAVEN: Stress - Album (riot grrrl grunge/punk)
COSMIC REAPER: Cosmic Reaper - Album (psych/doom)
The BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND: 2005-2020 Doom Over The Years - Album (doom)
MIDNITE CITY: Atomic - Single (hard rock)
HELLZ ABYSS: N1FG - Album (hard rock)
DEAD SUN: Night Terrors - Album (death metal)
DENY / CHØRNOBYL - Split 7" EP (crust punk)
ENFORCED: Kill Grid - Album (death/thrash/hardcore/punk)
AMAMMOTH: The Fire Above - Album (sludge/stoner)
ANGSTSKRIG feat. Attila Vörös: Skyggespil - Single (black metal)
STORMWIND: Reflections - Album reissue (power metal)
TERRORENTIAL: Visions - Album (thrash/death metal)
THORIUM: Ocean of Blasphemy - Album reissue (death metal)
WITCHTIT: Intoxicating Lethargy - Album (doom metal)
YAWNING MAN: Live at Maximum Festival - Album reissue (intrumental desert rock)
PhallaX: Lex Concordia - Album (hard rock/metal)
IRON MAN: Hail to the Riff - Album (doom metal)
BLACK DIAMONDS: No-Tell Hotel - Album (hard rock)
HOOTENANNY FREAKS: Girl On Fire - Single (hard rock)
HOLY MONITOR: Southern Lights - Album (psych rock)
ARCHITECTS: For Those That Wish To Exist - Album (modern soft metal)
DAYEATER: Sweet Earth - Single (heavy/psych rock)
HALLUCINATION: Hallucination - Demo reissue (noisey hardcore/punk)
INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT: The Creation - Album (melodic rock/hard rock)
IVY GOLD: Six Dusty Winds - Album (blues rock)
Jason Ringenberg: Rhinestoned - Album (american roots rock?)
WITHERFALL: Curse of Autumn - Album (adult heavy metal)
STARMEN: By The Grace Of Rock 'N' Roll - Album (hard rock)
SISTER: Vengeance Ignited - Album (hard rock/metal with punk attitude)
DINOSAUR JR: I Ran Away - Single (pop/rock)
The DARK OVERLORDS: I Am The Dark Overlords - EP (black metal)
DANGEROUS TIMES FOR THE DEAD: Queen of the Night - Single (melodic heavy metal)
The BEAUTIFUL LOSERS: Bar - Album (dirty hard rock n roll)
BUTTERFLY: Doorways of Time - Album (hard rock/heavy metal)
Alice Cooper: Detroit Stories - Album (rock/hard rock)
ACID MAMMOTH: Caravan - Album (doom metal)
SPELLJAMMER: Abyssal Trip - Album (sludge)
TERROR: Trapped In A World - Album (hardcore)
WARSIDE: The Enemy Inside - EP (brutal death metal)
REINA NEGRA: Aquelarre - Album (heavy metal)
GOLGOTHA: Remembering the Past, Writing the Future - Album (doom metal)
CAPTAIN NAYSAYER: Captain Naysayer - EP (bluesy hard rock n roll)
CANCERVO: 1 - Album (heavy psych/prog)
BAEST: Necro Sapiens - Album (death metal)
TROUBLE: Psalm 9 / The Skull / Trouble / Manic Frustration - Album reissues (doom metal)
PARASITE: Deep Into The Dark - Album (brutal death metal)
3.2: Third Impression - Album (progressive rock)
SIMULACRUM: Genesis - Album (progressive metal)
The NOVA HAWKS: Redemption - Album (blues rock n roll)
KREEK: Kreek - Album (hard rock)
Joel Hoekstra's 13: Running Games - Album (hard rock)
INGLORIOUS: We Will Rise - Album (hard rock)
DURBIN: The Beast Awakens - Album (heavy metal)
ARC OF LIFE: Arc Of Life - Album (progressive rock)
ONE AND A HALF DOG: Falling Down - Single (hard rock)
The ROAD: John Henry - Single (heavy hard rock)
The AGE OF ORE: Trying Times - EP (heavy metal)
GRIZZLE: Fly You Fat Bastard - Album (hardcore/metal)
COFFIN MULCH: Septic Funeral - Mini Album (death metal)
The VEITH RICARDO PROJECT: Storm Warning - Album (us prog rock/metal)
ATTIKA: Metal Lands - Album (heavy metal)
WEHRMACHT: Shark Attack / Biermächt - Re-issues (crossover/thrash)
MICROLAXX: Världens Bästa Magmedicin - EP (punk)
STATE OF MIND: State Of Mind - EP (90s metal)
PRESSURE: What You See - Single (heavy metal)
The NORSEMAN COMPANY: The Coming of the Chord - Album (80s hard rock)
Mike Tramp: Everything Is Alright - Single (soft rock)
CLIFFORD: En Svensk Jävla Tragedi - Single (death/black metal)
WALK THE WALK: Walk The Walk - Album (melodic hard rock)
GLASGOW: Zero Four One - Album reissue (melodic rock/aor)
AUTUMN'S CHILD: Angel's Gate - Album (melodic rock/aor)
GATUPLAN: Kampen Går Vidare! - Album (swedish power pop/punk rock)
MOS GENERATOR: The Lantern - Album reissue (heavy rock)
VENOMOUS: Tribus - EP (melodic death metal)
The IMPALER: A Fate Worse Than Death - Album (groovy and heavy death/black metal)
SKYHAMMER: The Skyhammer - EP (heavy metal)
NALEX: Never Ending Story - Single (hard rock)
RENEGADE ANGEL: The Whistleblower - Single (melodic heavy metal)
NORSEMAN: Horizon - Single (soft hard rock)
PHILM: Time Burner - Album (experimental/avantgarde rock/metal)
OJM: Live at Rocket Club - LP (stoner/garage rock)
MOTHER ROAD: II - Album (hard/blues rock)
EL PISTOLERO: Mexican Standoff - Album (hard rock n roll)
TENEBRO: Liberaci dal Male - EP (heavy death metal)
ENEMY AWAKE: Fallen World - Album (melodic death/thrash metal)
Siggi Schwarz: The Fire Inside - Album (melodic hard rock)
ORION'S REIGN: Scores Of War - Album reissue (symphonic heavy/power metal)
NATURAL BORN MACHINE: Human - Album (melodic hard rock)
DOOR 964: C.O.T.D - Album (melodic rock)
CRYSTALLION: Heads or Tails - Album (heavy metal)
Alice Cooper: Social Debris - Single (hard rock)
ALICEISSLEEPING: Completely Fine - Album (alt. heavy rock/grunge)
The BOOGIE POP ASSASSIN: Tears of Gasoline - Album (hard rock/classic rock)
HVALROSS: Cold Dark Rain - Album (hard rocking music)
TORN AWAY: As We Rise - Album (melodic groove metal)
ASTMATISK GAPSKRATT: Blackskatecruststreetpopcorepunk - Album (skate/trallpunk in norwegian)
PASTORATET/N:A HOSPITALET: Bara Skiten Avtar - Split Album (punk rock in swedish)
M.I.D: Mata Inte Djuren - Album (punk rock in swedish)
UNDER A SPELL: The Chosen One - Album (heavy metal)
AOR: The Ghost Of L.A. - Album (melodic rock/aor)
ANGEL MARTYR: Nothing Louder Than Silence - Album (heavy metal)
AMORIELLO: Dear Dark - EP (heavy metal)
TERRORDOME: Straight Outta Smogtown - Album (thrash metal)
GATUPLAN: Apan På Ryggen - Single (hip hop/soft rock half ballad)
WIG WAM: Never Say Die - Album (melodic rock/hard rock)
W.E.T.: Retransmission - Album (melodic rock/hard rock)
Jason Bieler and The BARON VON BIELSKI ORCHESTRA: Songs From The Apocalypse - Album (progressive hard rock)
MIDNITE CITY: Crawlin' In The Dirt - Single (hard rock)
CARCOLH: The Life And Works Of Death - Album (doom metal)
DOZER: Vultures - EP (stoner rock)
ARHAT: Dead Life - Album (oriental groove metal)
ABLAZE MY SORROW: Among Ashes and Monoliths - Album (melodic death metal)
ANGELUS APATRIDA: Angelus Apatrida - Album (thrash metal)
PHANTOM ELITE: Titanium - Album (modern symphonic/progressive metal)
LABYRINTH: Welcome To The Absurd Circus - Album (power metal)
CREYE: II - Album (melodic pop/rock)
BLESSED BLACK: La Brea - Single (not just another doom band)
BOOZEWA: First Contact - Demo (heavy/stoner rock)
DAYGLO MOURNING: Dead Star - Album (doom metal)
TANTIVY: Eyes in the Night - EP (heavy metal)
The STRADDLERZ: The Straddlerz - Album (raw "hard" rock with attitude)
EVERDAWN: Cleopatra - Album (progressive/symphonic metal)
BABY STRANGE: Club Sabbath - Single (pop/rock for the dancefloor)
The ROAD: Dead Eyes - Single (dark hard rock)
REVULSION: Revulsion - Album (death metal)
INSANIDADE: High Speed - Album (action/punk rock)
BLEACH EVERYTHING: Bound/Cured - EP (hardcore/punk)
The HAWKINS: Live in the Woods - EP (energetic rock)
STARCRAZY: Played For Suckers - EP (catchy hard rock)
SPLENDIDULA: Somnus - Album (post/sludge/doom metal)
SLEAFORD MODS: Spare Ribs - Album (alternative electro rock)
TRAGEDIAN: Seven Dimensions - Album (melodic metal with variation)
PERTICONE: Underdog - Album (aor, southern rock, country)
ELEGY OF MADNESS featuring GIOVANE ORCHESTRA JONICA: Live at Fusco Theater - Album, DVD (symphonic/melodic metal)
ART OF ILLUSION: X Marks The Spot - Album (melodic rock)
SERPENT LORD (GR): The Gospel of Judas - Single (heavy/power metal)
MEPHISTO: Pentafixion - Single (electro black metal)
HELLZ: Salute - Single (hard rock)
ANGRIFF: Sodomy in the Convent - Album (thrash metal)
COUNTLESS THOUSANDS: And The Triumph Of Justice - Album (melodic punk rock meets americana and then some)
SLEAFORD MODS: Nudge It - Single (some kind of electro rock with punk attitude)
SPIRALSEA: Essence - Album reissue (thrash metal)
BEZERKER: Lost - Album reissue (thrash metal)
BETRAYED: The Unbeliever - Album (thrash metal)
BLACK MAGIC TREE: Through The Grapevine - Album (70s rock)
REZET: Truth In Between - Album (heavy/thrash metal)
NEUROTOX: Egal Was Kommt - Album (punk rock in german)
HERZLOS: Babylon - Album (rock/punk rock/hard rock/metal in german)
20 WATT TOMBSTONE: Year of the Jackalope - Single (blues rock)
HOLY DEATH TRIO: The Killer - Single (heavy blues rock)
SEKUNDERNA: Hjärtat EP - EP (power pop/punk rock in swedish)
ROVESCIO DELLA MEDAGLIA: Contaminazione 2.0 - Album (progressive rock opera adventure in italian)
GENERATION STEEL: The Eagle Will Rise - Album (heavy metal)
KICKIN VALENTINA: The Revenge Of Rock - Album (hard rock)
CONVICTION: Conviction - Album (doom metal)
BLOODLETTER: Funeral Hymns - Album (thrash metal)
ALPHA BOYS: Saviours of Rock 'N' Roll - Album (deathpunk/high energy rock)
SNOW: Skate Fast Die Hard - Single (hardcore/punk)
ROYAL HUNT: Dystopia - Album (power/prog metal)
PINK COCOON: Wasting My Time - Single (doom blues)
SISTER: Scream for Pleasure - Single (hard rock)
HERE LIES MAN: Ritual Divination - Album (heavy/psych rock)
Joey Diabolic: Through Soundwaves Vol. 3 - EP (metal)
MEZMORIA: Scars - Single (melodic heavy metal)
NORSEMAN: Lady In Black - Single (heavy metal version of uriah heep classic)
ANGSTKRÍG: Lucifer Kalder - Single (black n roll)
STASS: Songs of Flesh and Decay - Album (death metal)


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