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Devin Townsend: Devolution Series #2 - Galactic Quarantine
Inside Out Music on June 25 - CD/Blu-ray, 2LP/CD, Digital
The last live album I reviewed with Canadian musician Devin Townsend was a pretty laidback acoustic story. This time it's electric, and in more than one way. As usual he go all in for the craziness that his bombastic and progressive metal is. And as usual we get all kinds of influences and emotions. If you're a fan of this man, then you should not be dissapointed.
For a current lack of touring possibilities and encounters with fans on the road Mr Townsend decided to do a series of live albums, quarantine albums, and generally interesting projects that keep people entertained while he's busy on his next larger releases. The series is called the "Devolution Series", and the second release is "Galactic Quarantine". It was recorded in 2020 in various places around the world as a replacement show for the COVID affected "Empath Vol 2 European Tour" and cancelled Summer festivals. It was originally broadcast on September 5, 2020 on StageIt.com. hevydevy.com   insideoutmusic.com
Published: June 21

LACUNA COIL: Live From The Apocalypse
Century Media on June 25 - CD/DVD, 2LP/DVD, Digital
Live streams have been popular during the pandemic. And some artists decide to release it. But listening to a live show without hearing any audience is a bit weird. Watch it sounds like much more fun though (I just got the audio).
What they did at this show was to play their latest studio album, "Black Anima" (2019), straight up without any breaks. So this is like getting that album once again, more or less. To me that sounds like a stupid idea. It's like selling the same thing twice, but in a different package. But o.k., to make this a little bit unique at least, they included the bonus tracks for "Black Anima". And we also get a piano version of "Save Me".
Even though I complain about this product, it seems like it's the fans who have asked for this release. So who am I to judge? The music is really good anyway. No doubt about that! And with "Save Me" they have one of their best songs ever.
"Live From The Apocalypse" was filmed and recorded at Alcatraz Club in their hometown Milan, Italy in September 2020.
lacunacoil.it   centurymedia.com
Published: June 21

LOCH VOSTOK: Opus Ferox, The Great Escape
ViciSolum Productions on June 25 - LP, CD
Swedish progressive metal band LOCH VOSTOK have been around since 2000, and vocalist and leader have always been Teddy Möller. But after 20 years he has decided to leave the lead vocals to somebody else, and concentrate on guitars and growl instead. So, new lead singer on this album is Jonas Radehorn. There's also a new bass player: Patrik Janson.
This has given the band some new energy, but you can still expect the same kind of heavy riffs mixed with strong melodic parts, and all kinds of other ingredients that they use to deliver. Simply well-done melodic metal.
This is the 8th album from LOCH VOSTOK. The members comes from bands like CARNAL FORGE, ONE HOUR HELL, F.K.Ü., The MURDER OF MY SWEET, MANTICORA and ANIMA MORTE, to name just a few.
lochvostok.com   vicisolum.com
Published: June 21

DE ARMA: Strayed in Shadows
TrollMusic/SPKR on June 25 - CD, Digital
DE ARMA is a Swedish goth rock duo, and "Strayed in Shadows" is the first sign of life from them in 8 years. The music is dark and melancholy, but yet warm somehow. The songs are pretty long - 6:23 to 10:15 minutes. And except for goth rock, they also throw in some metal, shoegaze and post-punk. On 2 of the songs we get a guest apperance from Maria Oja.
Well, this is not so bad. Fans of KATATONIA, ANATHEMA and PARADISE LOST should give this a try.
trollmusic.net   smarturl.it/TROLL018
Published: June 21

Earache Records/Round Hill Records/Sony Japan on June 25 - LP, CD, Digital
American hard rockers BUCKCHERRY released their debut album 22 years ago, and formed back in 1995 already. "Hellbound" is their 9th record. They have never really cared about what's trendy for the moment, but just continued to play their old school hard rock n roll year after year. And they still seems to have fun, as this album consist of lots of good rock songs.
I think that many of these songs sounds a bit "funky". Many of them also reminds me of AEROSMITH, but with their own touch then.
buckcherry.com   earache.com
Published: June 21

Vera Norea: Carnival Dreams
Second Class Kids Records - LP/CD, Digital
How do I describe this then? To me it sounds like a cross between circus music, modern indie rock and punk rock. It's often energetic, catchy and melodic. But there's also a darker side here and there. She have defintely found her own unique sound, but I'm pretty sure that she have a few fans. And after listening a few times, I have come to the conclusion that this is a pretty good album.
Vera Norea is a young Swedish woman who is also a member of the punk band HÅRDGNISSEL. This is her album debut as a solo artist, and a big influence seems to be MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, as they have worked a lot with concept albums. But her influences comes from many different places, like QUEEN, Disney villains and dark cabaret for example.
Best track: "Young And Rotten".
facebook.com/veranoreaofficial   secondclasskids.com
Published: June 20

Inverse Records - Digital single
This is the third single from Finnish hard rockers HOOTENANNY FREAKS new album, "Eyes Of The Warrior", which will be released later. They have been reviewed here before, and I have liked what I heard. And this song, which is inspired by Sons Of Anarchy, is also really good.
This song has some more keyboards than they use to have in their songs, but it works fine for this song, so that's not a problem at all. Check it out!
hootenannyfreaks.com   inverse.fi
Published: June 20

TERRA ODIUM: Ne Plus Ultra
Frontiers Music Srl - CD
Progressive metal with all that that means is what we get from this band.
The music that these people create is powerful, heavy and melodic, as well as technical. Fans of progressive metal will probably love this. To me they are just good though, and mainly because there's lots of heavy metal in these compositions.
The band was formed by 2 former members of SPIRAL ARCHITECT - singer/guitarist Øyvind Hægeland and drummer Asgeir Mickelson. SPIRAL ARCHITECT was a progressive metal band from Norway, who released 1 album in 2000. These 2 gentlemen have now teamed up with guitarist Bollie Fredriksen (MANITOU), Steve DiGiorgio (TESTAMENT) on bass, and Jon Phipps (DRAGONFORCE, MOONSPELL, ANGRA, etc) on orchestrations and synths. Kjetil Nordhus (TRISTANIA) contributes deep operatic voices as a guest.
terraodium.com   frontiers.it
Published: June 19

ONE DESIRE: One Night Only, Live In Helsinki
Frontiers Music Srl - CD/DVD, Blu-ray, 2LP
ONE DESIRE is like Finland's answer to Sweden's ECLIPSE. They are both doing something similar at least, as they both play melodic hard rock. It's very catchy and strong choruses. Everything that you can expect from a band like this. But if I should continue to compare them with ECLIPSE, then I would say that ONE DESIRE might not have as strong material as the Swedes. They are absolutely not bad though, as they are just as good as any other European band in this genre.
ONE DESIRE have just released 2 studio albums, and they already release a live album. Not many bands do that. This show took place on October 3, 2020 at the Helsinki club On The Rocks, with a strictly limited amount of people in the audience.
onedesire.net   frontiers.it
Published: June 19

Dennis DeYoung: 26 East, Vol 2
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, LP
Dennis DeYoung, from the American band STYX, is ending his career with not just 1 but 2 albums. Vol 1 was released a year ago, and now Vol 2 is here.
What we get is more of the same thing that we got on the last album. In other words very melodic rock/AOR. So if you liked the first volume, then you will like this too.
And there's not much else to add..
dennisdeyoung.com   frontiers.it
Published: June 19

BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER: Brother Against Brother
Frontiers Music Srl - CD
In the same spirit as the Allen/Lande project, Frontiers presents another duet project. This time it's with the Brazilian vocalists Renan Zonta (ELECTRIC MOB) and Nando Fernandes (SINISTRA). And these 2 can really deliver. We get 2 powerful voices, that fits perfect for this kind of melodic heavy metal.
The album was written by Frontiers inventory Alessandro Del Vecchio (JORN, REVOLUTION SAINTS, EDGE OF FOREVER), who have had his fingers in many other projects from the Italian label. Quality all the way through the album, and absolutely worth listening to.
Published: June 19

Black Waves Of Adrenochrome - The Sisters Of Mercy Tribute
Metalville Records on June 25 - CD
I have to admit that I don't have anything at all with goth legends SISTERS OF MERCY, so I can't compare the bands on this collection with the original versions. This tribute compilation contains rare and sought-after versions of what is said to be some of their best-known classics, recorded by all kinds of different artists. We find names like PARADISE LOST, CRADLE OF FILTH, MARYSLIM feat. Jyrki69, KREATOR, Dan Swanö etc. A total of 15 acts. Some of the songs appear twice, but with differnet artists then.
Well, this was not so bad. I might not like everything here, but most of the songs are really good anyway. I have even noticed that I have at least 1 chorus in my head once in a while. Maybe I check out the original band in the future?
Published: June 18

XENOS: The Dawn Of Ares
Iron Shield Records on June 25 - CD
Italian thrash metallers XENOS came to life in the end of 2018, so they are a pretty new band. They have already released an album though, "Filthgrinder", in 2020. Inspiration comes from MEGADETH, XENTRIX, ANNIHILATOR and SLAYER.
Now their second album is ready to be released. And what this trio deliver is nothing but pure thrash metal without any compromises or excuses. They add their own personal touch to every song, so this is absolutely not a copy of something else. Pretty good stuff actually, so give it a try.
facebook.com/xenosthrash   ironshieldrecords.de
Published: June 18

RAVAGER: The Third Attack
Iron Shield Records on June 18 - CD
This is a thrash metal attack in the hard school.
RAVAGER comes from Walsrode, Germany, and was founded in late 2014. A demo EP, "Alarm Clock Terror", was released in March 2016. And in the end of the year they signed with Iron Shield Records, who released their debut album, "Eradicate... Annihilate... Exterminate...", in February 2017. The second album, "Thrashletics", came out in February 2019.
Looking back at my reviews of those 2 albums, it seems like I liked what I heard. And I like this new album too. It's still thrash in the good old way for all the money, and nothing to be dissapointed with. It might be a little bit harder than before, but it's also very catchy. You will like it.
ravager-thrash.de   ironshieldrecords.de
Published: June 18

MACABRE DECAY: Into Oblivion
Grind to Death Records on June 18 - CD, Digital
This band doesn't really have anything unique to come up with, but somehow they're o.k. anyway. And sometimes you don't have to ask for more than that.
MACABRE DECAY is a Swedish death metal band, with the CENTINEX vocalist Henka Andersson among the members. And their sound is the classic Swedish sound - INTERMENT, ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, CENTINEX etc. So if you like that kind of stuff, then you should absolutely give these guys a chance. You will probably like it a lot.
A vinyl version will be released later via Corrupted Flesh Records.
macabredecay.bandcamp.com   facebook.com/GrindtoDeathRecords
Published: June 18

CHAINREACTION: Alternative High
Off Records - CD, Digital
"Alternative High" is a energy pill and a tribute to 70s garage rock and 90s action rock. But at the same time they add their own touch to it as well. And out comes an explosive rock album that should be liked by fans of the early albums with The HELLACOPTERS and BACKYARD BABIES, as well as the Hank Von Helvete-era with TURBONEGRO.
I really like what I hear! And so should you.
Published: June 17

BLOODBEAT: Process of Extinction
Inverse Records on June 18 - CD, Digital
This is the second album from Berlin based death/thrash metal band BLOODBEAT. And their sound is very old school, with heavy riffs and thrash beats. People who like the sound of the 90s will probably like this band, even though they have their own identity too.
This is a really good album anyway, so you should absolutely give this band a chance. And I don't have much else to say..
bloodbeat.bandcamp.com   inverse.fi
Published: June 17

STÖNER: Stoners Rule
Heavy Psych Sounds Records on June 25 - LP, CD, Digital
As you might know, this is the new band with Brant Bjork (guitar/vocals) and Nick Oliveri (bass/vocals) from KYUSS, plus Ryan Güt (drums). To me it sounds like another album from Brant, even though Nick add some punk attitude once in a while. This is mainly stoner rock though, and often a bit hypnotic. And it's not so bad, they have a good song here and there, and nothing sucks anyway.
This is absolutely something for fans of both Bjork and Oliveri, as well as their old band KYUSS. But it could also be of interest for fans of something like QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE (when they still played stoner rock).
stonerband.com   heavypsychsounds.com
Published: June 16

AFM Records on June 18 - CD, Digital
Swedish musician Anders "LA" Rönnblom (WOLFPAKK, X-ROMANCE, KILLER BEE) has launched a new project called SOCIAL DISORDER. And this debut is like a journey through his life, with lyrics about his battle with alcoholism, personal demons, and his way back. This is backed up by music inspired by his earliest influences, which means classic melodic hard rock.
Anders is also getting help from people like Tracii Guns (L.A. GUNS), Rudy Sarzo (QUIET RIOT, Ozzy Osbourne, WHITESNAKE), Jeff Duncan (ARMORED SAINT), Dave Stone (RAINBOW), Snowy Shaw (KING DIAMOND, DREAM EVIL, MERCYFUL FATE), Shawn Duncan (DC4) and Leif Ehlin (PERFECT PLAN), among others. Vocalist is a previously undiscovered Swedish singer, Thomas Nordin.
This is simply a great album, and everybody is doing a great job. And the singer's name is worth to remember, because I hope we will hear more from him in the future. So you should absolutely check this out.
facebook.com/OfficialSocialDisorderSweden   afm-records.de
Published: June 16

From The Vaults on June 18 - Digital single
"Free Me" is the first single from the upcoming SCREAMING SHADOWS album, "Legacy Of Stone", which will be released on November 12. Melodic heavy/power metal is what these Italians play, which they have done since 1997, even though it wasn't until 1999 that they decided that SCREAMING SHADOWS should be the name of the band. They have released a few albums through the years, but it seems like it was many years since the last one now (2011 as far as I can understand). But now it's finally time to do something about that.
screamingshadows.com   fromthevaults.dk
Published: June 16

KOLDBORN: First Enslavement (reissue)
Emanzipation Productions - CD, LP, Digital
In 2002 Danish band KOLDBORN took the metal scene by storm with their debut album, "First Enslavement". This album has now been re-released for the first time. And the music that we get here is brutal and groovy, as well as technical. They even deliver some melodies too. But most of all it's hard and heavy.
We simply talk thrash/death metal here. And this sounds really good to me, so don't be afaraid to check this out. You probably won't regret it.
The lineup of the band at the time included members of HATESPHERE, HORNED ALMIGHTY, EXMORTEM, FROZEN SUN, UNDERGANG etc.
facebook.com/koldborn   emanzipation.dk
Published: June 16

VIDEO NASTY: Video Nasty
Petrichor on June 18 - Digital
The first track is just total crap. But when they finally start to play for real, then it's really good. We get a complete doze of 80s thrash metal in the vein of early SLAYER, SEPULTURA and SODOM, topped with a total dedication to old school horror movies. There's also elements of death and speed metal in their homebrew.
VIDEO NASTY is a Canadian project, started by Jordan Schritt. He is joined by a few friends. Each song is based on 1 specific horror movie.
This might not be in the same league as the old legends, but it sure ain't bad.
videonastythrash.bandcamp.com   ochtenddauw.com
Published: June 15

HYPNOSIA: Extreme Hatred (reissue)
Petrichor on June 18 - CD, LP, Digital
Swedish thrash metal band HYPNOSIA released this album in 2000, and it's described as a furious mix of MORBID SAINT and KREATOR. It has all the important ingredients for succees: anger, hate, violence, malevolence and speed. It might not be the most original album, and there's very little variation. But it's simply such a good attack that you just can't say no to this.
According to The Metal Archives, HYPNOSIA existed between 1995-2002, and has released 2 demos, 1 EP, 1 full length album and 1 compilation.
Published: June 15

EYE OF PURGATORY: The Lighthouse
Transcending Obscurity Records on June 18 - LP, CD, Digital
Damned good old school death metal with melody in the best Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, REVOLTING, NECROGOD etc etc etc) tradition. In this band he has teamed up with Taylor Nordberg (RIBSPREADER) and Jeramie Kling (VENOM INC.). And these guys deliver something that will remind you of bands like EDGE OF SANITY, DESULTORY, early CEMETARY, early TIAMAT and PAN.THY.MONIUM. I bet that sounds very exiting to some of you, so get this album as soon as possible.
facebook.com/eyeofpurgatory   tometal.com
Published: June 15

EREMIT: Bearer of Many Names
Transcending Obscurity Records - LP, CD, Digital
Just 3 songs, but they are so damned long - 18:27-29:22 minutes - that this is without a doubt an album and not a EP. Long, dark atmospheric pieces of doom and sludge are mixed with a few outbursts here and there. This is mainly really heavy and extremely boring to listen to. Especially when the songs last for an eternity. Long instrumental parts is nothing unusual here.
In other words yet another band that the world doesn't need. On the other hand, that's just my opinion about this. So if you like to torture yourself, who am I to judge?
EREMIT is a German trio who is said to fit fans of CONAN, JUPITERIAN, SUBTERRAEN, 71TonMan, PRIMITIVE MAN, EYEHATEGOD and GRIEF.
eremitdoom.bandcamp.com   tometal.com
Published: June 15

THIS ENDING: Needles of Rust
Black Lion Records - CD, Cassette, Digital (LP later)
From Stockholm, Sweden comes this melodic death metal band, who formed in 2005. The band emerged from the ashes of A CANOROUS QUINTET, and the first demo, "Let The World Burn", was released in 2006. That demo gave them a record deal with Metal Blade Records, and 2 albums was released through them. And some more records has been released since then.
This new album deals with different kinds of nightmare scenarios: some songs are loosely based on actual events that have happened all over the world, whereas the other numbers are just about nightmares as an overall phenomenon. They blend relentless aggression and absolute darkness with guitar melodies, and out comes something that sounds really good to me.
facebook.com/ThisEndingband   blacklion.nu
Published: June 15

Pride & Joy Music on June 18 - CD
French/Swedish metal act SEASON OF DREAMS released their debut album last year, and now their sophomore album is already here. I guess that they had nothing better to do than make some more music.
It's now a duo, with Jean-Michael Volz on most instruments and Johannes Nyberg on vocals and keyboard, as guitarist John Nyberg decided to leave for personal reasons.
"Heroes" offers a mix of power metal hymns and heavy metal riffs, with main inspiration from bands like HELLOWEEN, EDGUY, ACCEPT, STRATOVARIUS, MANOWAR, HEAVENLY, DREAMTALE, VHALDEMAR and many more. And this is very good stuff.
On the guest list for this album we will find Jimmy Hedlund (FALCONER), Nils Courbaron (SIRENIA, T.A.N.K.), Olivier Lapauze (HEAVENLY), Mikael Dahl (CRYSTAL EYES) and Emil Norberg (PERSUADER, SAVAGE CIRCUS), as well as Martin Floberg from ENBOUND on lead guitars and Kristoffer Göbel from SIX FOOT SIX and FALCONER on vocals.
facebook.com/seasonofdreamsofficial   prideandjoy.de
Published: June 14

CONSTANCIA: Brave New World
Pride & Joy Music on June 18 - CD
CONSTANCIA started in 2007 as the brainchild of former SCUDIERO and TOKEN keyboard player Mikael Rosengren. He had written a bunch of songs that he wanted to record. So he got in touch with guitarist Janne Stark (OVERDRIVE, GRAND DESIGN, LOCOMOTIVE BREATH etc), and asked him to lay down some guitars. Janne then contacted drummer Peter "TrumPeter" Svensson (ex-MERCY, FAITH), with whom he had worked in OVERHEAT, LOCOMOTIVE BREATH and MOUNTAIN OF POWER. And Mikael recruited JADED HEART bassist Michael Müller. They tried out various vocalists before finding David Fremberg (ANDROMEDA).
CONSTANCIA's debut album, "Lost And Gone", was released in 2009. In 2013, bassist Linus Abrahamson (ANDROMEDA) replaced Michael Müller on bass, and "Final Curtain" saw the light of day in 2015. In 2019 CONSTANCIA started working on new material. But since all the members were quite busy with other bands and projects, the writing process took its time. But in early 2020 the band had enough material to start recording. Unfortunately, original singer David Fremberg was too heavily involved in his new reggae KISS project, working in his studio and other projects, so he politely made his departure. Janne had been writing and working with British singer Pete Godfrey (IN FAITH, BLOOD RED SAINTS) on other stuff and felt his voice would be perfect for the band. And luckily it was.
The music that this band create is melodic hard rock, with 1 foot in the old school and 1 in the new. It's a blend of melodies, heavy riffs and great vocals. They also succeed to make fantastic songs. What else can you ask for?
constancia.se   prideandjoy.de
Published: June 14

ANGELWINGS: Primordium
Pride & Joy Music on June 18 - CD
This band go out hard with an ambitious 10 and a half-minute adventure. It's epic, progressive and symphonic. The other songs are in the same style, but not as long as the first track.
These angels got their wings in April 2013. They were a group of experienced musicians that had been in the local scene for some time, and played in different bands. As ANGELWINGS they became the first symphonic metal band from Gibraltar, and their first EP was released in the summer of 2017.
"Primordium" is an ambitious concept album. Heavy guitars are mixed with orchestral and synth sounds, as well as female vocals and a harsh male voice here and there. In other words as it use to be in this genre.
They seems to be very good at what they are doing, so fans of symphonic, but also progressive metal, should give this a try. I'm pretty sure that you will like what you hear.
angelwings-band.com   prideandjoy.de
Published: June 14

HANZ KRYPT: Tales From The Krypt (reissue)
Cult Metal Classics - CD
Los Angeles band HANZ KRYPT have been active since 1983. They released a couple of demos in the 80s, but this compilation seems to be the only album that they have released. It was originally released in 2016, but have now been re-released.
What we get from these California dudes is 12 tracks of dark and gloomy heavy/doom metal, in the same style as BLACK SABBATH, old PENTAGRAM and SAINT VITUS. Most of the songs are good, so I don't have anything to complain about. But if you don't like the sound of old demo recordings, then you should try something else instead.
Fact is that these 12 songs is all that they have ever recorded, so I'm not so sure about how active they are.
Published: June 13

CRYPT CRAWLER: Future Usurper
Self released - LP, CD, Digital
West Australian death metal act CRYPT CRAWLER wants to give us old school vibes in modern times, and this is their second album. It's dark and heavy, yet raw and brutal. There's also room for some progressive elements here and there, but not much.
This sounds very good to me, so I think that you should give them a try. And I don't have much else to add.
Published: June 13

HARPYIE: Minnewar - Album
Metalville Records on June 25 - CD, Limited fan box
Some kind of folk metal in German, and all songs are covers of songs that I have never heard before. Sometimes they spice it up with electronic beats or metal guitars. So I guess that they add their own touch to these songs. It's absolutely not like any other covers album anyway. But I think they are doing a good work here at least, even though I might not like everything.
Some of the artists that they cover are IN EXTREMO, SUBWAY TO SALLY etc. (that was the only 2 that I have heard of before).
harpyien.de   metalville.de
Published: June 13

Lee Aaron: Radio On!
Metalville Records on June 18 - CD, LP
On this album Canadian vocalist Lee Aaron gives us 12 originals. The music is classic and melodic rock, and the material is really strong this time. Lee still have a very powerful voice that can sing just about anything (as you might know, she started as a hard rock/heavy metal singer in the 80s, and sang jazz and blues for many years before she started to rock again). This is simply a very good rock album with a really good production.
Many of these songs makes you feel happy, and you're familiar with them after just a few listenings.
leeaaron.com   metalville.de
Published: June 13

Metalville Records on June 18 - CD
DEMON INCARNATE was founded in Saarland, southern Germany in early 2010. Their music is riff-oriented classic 70s rock and doom, inspired by bands like BLACK SABBATH, CANDLEMASS and The OBSESSED, but with female vocals and a few oriental influences here and there (not that often though). They have released 3 albums between 2015-2018.
The title of their new album refers to the tree Zaqqum, which is mentioned in the Koran, and serves thematically as a metaphor as well as a common thread to the tracks of the new album.
I really like the songs on this album. It's very catchy and very 70s, even though it has a modern production. Every fan of heavy hard rock and metal should check out this band.
facebook.com/demonincarnatemusic   metalville.de
Published: June 13

WINGS OF DESTINY: Reborn Immortal
WormHoleDeath - Digital single
"Reborn Immortal" is the third single from power metallers WINGS OF DESTINY's 6th album, "Memento Mori", which will be released soon (I guess).
It starts keyboard-based, and then it almost sounds like more kind melodic death metal, but with clean vocals instead of growl then. It's a pretty good song and they seems to know what they're doing, but I actually don't have much else to say about it.
The band was founded as DESTINY at the end of 2013 in Costa Rica. Among their influences were HELLOWEEN, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, ANGRA and SYMPHONY X, but have during time developed their own sound. But as there was a Swedish band called DESTINY, they decided to change the name to WINGS OF DESTINY in 2014.
facebook.com/wingsofdestinyband   wormholedeath.com
Published: June 12

MYSTERY: To My Knees
Metalapolis Records - Digital single
Another single from the upcoming album, "Live Life Loud", which will be released on August 27. And these Australian hard rockers deliver once again. This song is more melodic, with a catchy chorus. Simply damn good. I look forward to hear the whole album.
Not much else to add..
facebook.com/mysteryrocks   metalapolis.eu
Published: June 12

Self released - Digital singles
IMMORTALIZER seems to be a one-man band with Canadian multi-instrumentalist Dave D.R. He released his debut EP on CD and 7" vinyl in 2016, and on social media in 2020. He is currently working on his first full length, where both these songs comes from.
"I'm Gone" is a hard package, while the tribute to the MOTÖRHEAD frontman, "Lemmy", is a little bit catchier. His music is heavy metal, and sounds both old and new at the same time. It might not be any masterpieces, but it sure ain't bad.
Published: June 12

David LaDuke: Psychedelic Sandwich
Self released - Digital single
This song start with an explosive guitar solo, which last for almost a minute. After that it's some kind of glam/punk rock mixture with a rock n roll vibe. Not so bad. I think of The STOOGES and The DAMNED for example when I listen to this.
David is getting ready to release a new album, "Put Up LA Dukes", this fall. He has been playing roots/metal/rock n roll since 1973, and have released several records with his band SINBAD, as well as some solo stuff.
davidladuke.rocks   ballbustermusic.com
Published: June 12

Off Records - Digital single
Here's an adrenaline injection from Finland that will make you sweat. We talk action rock with influences from both the 70s and the 90s (MC5, The HELLACOPTERS, HURRIGANES, GLUECIFER, The FLAMING SIDEBURNS etc).
CHAINREACTION has been rocking since 2009, and will release a new album, "Alternative High", this month. And that's where this single comes from.
This song really kicks arse, and makes me thirsty for more.
chainerection.bandcamp.com   inverse.fi
Published: June 12

BÓLIDO: Against The World
Fighter Records on June 15 - CD, Digital
BÓLIDO is a true heavy metal band, formed in Santaigo, Chile in 2012. Their debut album, "We Are Rock", was released in 2014, and "Against The World" is their third album. It's a powerful and classic sound that reminds me of a band like JUDAS PRIEST for example, even though there's more influences than that, and they add their own touch. Very good stuff.
In the last song, "White Hell", they take us on a epic adventure that last for as long as 21 minutes. The other songs are of more normal length though.
facebook.com/bolidoficial   fighter-records.com
Published: June 11

RAWTISM: Raw And Off Its Head
Self released on June 12 - MCD, Digital
RAWTISM is a thrash metal trio from Australia. And they play in the good old traditional way. So no suprises here, but damn good anyway. It's a pretty intense experience, but not too wild. And I guess that you would not expect them to suddenly play a cover by DIRE STRAITS, "Sultans Of Swing". But they do. And I guess that works too somehow.
This is simply a really good thrash EP, and you should hear it at once.
Published: June 11

NIHILANTH: Graceless Planet
Great Dane Records - CD, Digital
NIHILANTH pay tribute to the 90s death metal, with 1 foot in the American scene and 1 foot in the Swedish scene. But they are not afraid to stick their toes into British waters, and then dry them in the Brazilian jungle. The result is classic death metal, sometimes with elements of thrash, but with a better production than your old demo tapes.
8 tracks is what we get here, and they are doing a good job according to me. They have a good mixture of heavier and faster parts in their songs.
Published: June 11

METAL WINGS: A Whole New Land
Self released on June 11 - CD, Digital
This is the second album from this Bulgarian symphonic metal band, who was formed in 2010 by vocalist/viola player Stela Atanasova. Yes, they use viola in their music, and of course that opera vocals that I don't really like. But somehow they are not among the worst bands in this genre anyway.
11 tracks is what they give us, and I guess it could be worth a try if you're a fan of symphonic metal with all its ingredients, even though they are not doing anything new.
Published: June 11

MADAM SKAM: 6 Låtar Om 6
Grönpeppar Records - MCD, Digital
MADAM SKAM is a female trio from Göteborg, Sweden who play feminist queer punk. It's not the fastest punk rock, and it reminds me of an unpolished, young Swedish band from the 80s when it comes to the music. The lyrics is a other chapter though, and much more modern as they are all written from a feminist and queer perspective.
Their sound is pretty naked as they have no bass guitar. It's just guitar, drums and vocals. A very simple production, but very punk somehow.
This is honestly not the best punk band that we have here in Sweden, even though they have their own little charm.
Published: June 10

TERROR 83: Demo
Grönpeppar Records/Rundgång/Sista Versen - Cassette, Digital
This is the debut demo from this Swedish band, who are based in Malmö. But even though they are from Sweden, they play Brazilian hardcore/punk like it was done back in the 80s. It's raw and simple, and they even sing in Portugese. I like what I hear. This is very good! Absolutely something that you should check out.
Published: June 10

SEPIROTH: Condemned To Suffer
Petrichor on June 11 - CD, LP, Cassette, Digital
This band crush everything in its way with their death metal brutality. They simply show us how it's supposed to be done.
SEPIROTH is a brutal old school death metal band from Sliedrecht, the Netherlands. The band has been around since 2003, and released their first 3-track EP, "Dying For Hatred", in 2007. Which was followed by their first full length, "Breaking The Codes Of Silence", in 2011. "Condemned To Suffer" is their third album.
If you want a good death metal album in the brutal league that doesn't suck, then you check out this album and nothing else.
sepiroth.nl   hammerheartpetrichor.com
Published: June 9

Petrichor on June 11 - CD, LP, Cassette, Digital
GRIEF COLLECTOR was formed by members from SIGNS OF RAIN, AMONG THE SERPENTS and CANDLEMASS/SOLITUDE AETURNUS. Their goal was to combine doom with some sludge and feelings of sorrow and tragedy. A mini CD, "From Dissension To Avowal", was released. Now it's time for their first longplayer, "En Delirium". And if you get the CD version, you will also get the mini CD as a bonus, as well as 2 bonus tracks.
I guess that most people remember Robert Lowe from his time with Swedish doom legends CANDLEMASS. And it has been pretty quiet from him since he left that band. But now he is back again, and prove that he still is a really good singer. Fans of his previous bands should not be dissapointed when they hear this.
But now I must also add that the other guys are also doing a really good job here. There's no doubt about that.
The music is heavy but yet catchy, with epic vocals. A very interesting doom release.
facebook.com/GriefCollector   ochtenddauw.com
Published: June 9

Vic Records on June 11 - CD
This band hailing from Rhode Island, and formed back in 1988. They released 5 demos between 1989 to 1994, before their debut album, "When Hope Is Pain", was recorded in 1995. But unfortunately the record label went out of business, so the album have been unreleased until now.
The album consist of 13 tracks of rather technical thrash metal. They have been compared with bands like CYNIC and FALSE PROPHET, as well as SLAYER and DARK ANGEL. So if you like those bands, then you will probably like RITUAL SACRIFICE too. They are hardly doing anything wrong according to me anyway.
RITUAL SACRIFICE split up in 1996.
facebook.com/Ritual-Sacrifice-100734342097105   vicrecords.com
Published: June 8

EVIL: Evil's Message / Ride To Hell (reissues)
Mighty Music on June 11 - LP, CD
EVIL was a Danish heavy metal band in the 80s, who is nowadays seen as a cult band. In 1984 they released the 5-track EP "Evil's Message", which is filled with fast heavy metal songs on the border to speed metal. A typical 80s product inspired by NWOBHM. This record will now be re-released on both vinyl and CD. And title of the month must be "Take Good Care (Of Your Balls)", haha, brilliant! Yes, the lyrics is obviously a chapter of its own. A bit juvenile actually. But they were probably young and thought it was very cool.
"Ride To Hell" is a demo tape from 1983, but here we also get a live recording from 1985, recorded at Grondal Bio in Copenhagen, Denmark. Why he speak English and not Danish on those live tracks is a mystery to me. But once again I guess that they were young and thought that it was very cool. This record will also be available on LP and CD.
Well, these 2 albums are absolutely worth checking out for every fan of true old school heavy metal, because this is really good stuff.
facebook.com/evilmetaldk   mightymusic.dk
Published: June 8

BLOT MINE: Porphyrogenesis (reissue)
Vic Records on June 11 - CD
Have you been angry lately? Then here's the cure! It's really fast and intense, with a singer who is screaming for all that he got. Black/death metal like it's supposed to be according to me. But there's also some melodic elements, which just makes it even better.
BLOT MINE was formed in the fall/autumn of 1995 by 3 members of SETHERIAL. The Swedes recorded a 5-track demo in 1997, and their debut album, "Porphyrogenesis", in June 1998 at Los Angered Recordings with Andy La Rocque (KING DIAMOND) as producer. On this re-release of the album we also get the demo as a bonus.
facebook.com/Blot-Mine-113023087505676   vicrecords.com
Published: June 8

BLITZKRIEG: Theatre of the Damned (reissue)
Mighty Music on June 11 - LP, CD
NWOBHM legends BLITZKRIEG have been around for over 40 years now. In 2007 they released the album "Theatre of the Damned", which will now be re-released on LP for the very first time, as well as CD with 2 bonus tracks and i-Pod versions of the tracks "Escape From The Village" and "I'm Not Insane". This product will also include exclusive, never seen before photos and completely new artwork.
So what about the sound then? I would say that it's the classic BLITZKRIEG sound. So old fans as well as new should not be dissapointed to hear this album, because most of the songs here are really good stuff.
facebook.com/BlitzkriegUK   mightymusic.dk
Published: June 8

MIDNITE CITY: Itch You Can't Scratch
Roulette Media on June 11 - CD, LP, Digital
MIDNITE CITY started to rock in 2017, and "Itch You Can't Scratch" is their third album. Their music is a catchy and melodic kind of hard rock, also known as hair metal. Ingredients like energy, feel good and party are not unusual in their songs. They simply wants to give you a good time.
And good it is. We get 10 really strong songs, that all sounds like they could have been made in the happy 80s. So if that sounds like something that you would like, then you just have to give this band a chance.
midnitecity.com   roulettemedia.co.uk
Published: June 7

Pride & Joy Music - Digital single
The 80s seems to be hot again among the kids. And one of the bands that want to take you back in time is the female-fronted hard rockers SUPERNOVA PLASMAJETS.
The German band formed in 2013, and has so far released 2 records. A new album, "Now Or Never", will be released on October 22. And the title track is the first single from that album.
This song sounds really good to me. It has all the right ingredients: heavy guitars, melodic vocals and a hit friendly chorus. People who are into melodic hard rock from the 80s should definitely check this out.
Published: June 7

VULTURE LORD: Desecration Rite
Odium Records on June 10 - CD, LP, Digital
Norwegian black metallers VULTURE LORD return with their second album, which is the first album since 2003's debut album, "Profane Prayer". And this is said to be something for fans of DARKTHRONE, URGEHAL, CARPATHIAN FOREST and TAAKE. It's very raw, but really good stuff. Absolutely among the more interesting black metal bands out there.
The band also have a new lineup, which consists of musicians from URGEHAL, CARPATHIAN FOREST, BEASTCRAFT and ENDEZZMA.
facebook.com/deathcibel   odiumrex.com
Published: June 7

Vincent Crowley: Beyond Acheron
Odium Records on June 10 - CD, LP, Digital
Another totally useless intro. And just if that wasn't enough, theres also a totally useless outro. So out of 8 tracks there's actually just 6 songs.
After 30 years of fronting the black/death metal underground band ACHERON, Vincent Crowley goes solo. His new musical direction is a bit different though, as he has chosen a dark and macabre path, with influences from all kinds of metal genres. In general it's still some kind of black/death metal, but it's dark and heavy, almost doom actually.
These songs are o.k., so maybe you should give it a try?
Published: June 7

SONIC BLAST: Humanity Divided
Boersma Records - CD, Digital
I hear lots of IRON MAIDEN in this band's songs. The twin guitars and the typical Steve Harris bass sound is there. But otherwise they actually have their own touch, so they are absolutely not another copy of the Brits. No, SONIC BLAST go their own way. But they are doing a very good job here, so they are definitely worth checking out. Especially if you like more epic heavy metal, because then "Humanity Divided" is the perfect album for you.
SONIC BLAST was formed in Kozani, Greece in 2015. This is their debut album.
Published: June 6

Small Stone/Kozmik Artifactz - CD, LP, Digital
It seems like this Portland, Oregon based psychedelic stoner doom band was born in 2015. Their debut, "Cosmic Riders", came out in 2019. And now a new album is here..
With a singer who reminds of Glenn Danzig (DANZIG, MISFITS, SAMHAIN) they blend different genres like psych, stoner, doom and grunge for example. But even though it's heavy and psychedelic, their sound is raw and powerful, yes even playfully.
robotsoftheancientworld.bandcamp.com   smallstone.com
Published: June 6

Inverse Records - CD, Digital
Finnish hard rockers LOST DIVISION has just released their debut album, "Cuts And Scars". The band was founded in Oulu in 2015, and a first single, "Wish You Were Dead", was released in 2018.
It's a pretty modern and catchy hard rock that we get from this female-fronted band. But it's absolutely not any weak material. These 10 tracks are good, even though I can't name any favorite.
Published: June 6

KING BUFFALO: The Burden Of Restlessness
Stickman Records in Europe/Self released in North America - LP, CD, Digital
This band have the crazy idea that they are going to release as much as 3 full length albums this year. "The Burden Of Restlessness" is the first of these 3.
Heavy psych rock with a progressive twist might be a good decsription to this slow and melancholy record. There are some short aggressive outbursts here and there though, but it's mainly a pretty calm adventure. Adventurous is another word that pop up when I listen to this.
KING BUFFALO is a trio that was formed in 2013. They have previously released 4 EPs and 2 albums.
Published: June 6

Self released - Digital single
"Rise Up" is the fifth single from these Melbourne hard rockers. It's a really good song with a calm verse and a more powerful chorus (or however I should describe this?). There's also a hot solo towards the end. I hear influences from both the 70s and the 80s. So fans of good old hard rock should be interested in this.
Not much else to add..
Published: June 6

GREAT MASTER: Thy Harbour Inn
Underground Symphony - Digital
GREAT MASTER play a more majestic kind of pirate metal, that should fit perfect for fans of power metal (which it officially is). The songs are all great, so this is more or less a must if you like catchy and melodic, yet powerful and epic, metal anthems.
"Thy Harbour Inn" is the band's fifth album, which is a roundup of traditional seafaring songs from the 18th-19th centuries rearranged in the GREAT MASTER style. That this album is just available digitally is a big mystery to me. But that's always better than nothing. It should be available as both CD and LP though. Maybe in the future?
This band has been around since 1993, but didn't release their debut album until 2009. They are from Venice, Italy.
Published: June 6