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SWARMING: Cocophony Of Ripping Flesh, Recordings 2010-2012 - Album
..and yet another band with the Swedish death metal legend Rogga (PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER etc. etc. etc.). How many bands/projects does he really have? Anyway.. This time he teamed up with a Finnish man named Lasse (HOODED MENANCE, PHLEGETON, RUINEBELL) to play some good old downtuned and putrid, grinding, crusty death metal. It's raw and filthy.
This is not a new band though, as you easily can figure out from the album title. This is actually a compilation of all tracks they recorded during the band's short existence, which wasn't more than 8 tracks in 2 years.
Definitely something for death metal collectors.
Dead Beat Media)
DECEMBER 31, 2015

DELTA DEEP: Delta Deep - Album
Yeah man! It swings! Blues can really make your day. Now where's that whiskey bottle? But already in the next song they slow down and play heavy. After that it gets really hard (for being blues at least). It's a very variated album. No song really sound like the other. Sometimes it's even soul. And they have the good taste to end the whole thing with a really heavy cover of DEEP PURPLE's "Mistreated", that even the original members should be proud of.
The band consist of some well-known faces in the hard rock scene: Phil Collen (DEF LEPPARD) and Rob DeLeo (STONE TEMPLE PILOTS), as well as Forrest Robinson (TLC, India.Arie, Engelbert Humperdinck) and Debbie Blackwell-Cock (Michael Buble, Gregory Hines).
The vocals actually makes me think of Tina Turner in some of the songs.
(Mailboat Records)
DECEMBER 30, 2015

CONQUERED MIND: Conquerer - Album
They call this stoner rock/sludge, but I don't think it's heavy enough, and they don't have that fat and smoked sound that true desert rock bands use to have. Heavier hard rock is a description I can accept though.
No matter what they have a couple of really good songs here, so I think you should check them out.
The band comes from southern Germany, and was formed from the ashes of a rock band called RAINTOWN (who existed between 2006-2009). CONQUERED MIND released their first, self produced, record, "Dusty Summer", in 2013. This is their first "real" album though.
(Gegentrend Records)
DECEMBER 29, 2015

The FLYING EYES: Poison The Well/1969 - Single
After about half the song they start to play "1969" by The STOOGES, and I guess that band is a big influence for The FLYING EYES. Simply psychadelic garage rock. Cool stuff that everybody with good taste should like.
This vinyl single will be released in a couple of different editions in January 2016, when the German label H42 Records celebrate their 3-year anniversary.
The FLYING EYES comes from Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A., and the name of the band comes from a 1962 science fiction novel. Their third album, "Lowlands", was released in 2013.
Release date: January 2, 2016 Pre-sale from December 1, 2015 (H42 Records)
DECEMBER 28, 2015

TIBOSITY: Bimbocracia - Album
Ha! Ha! Ha! It sounds like he's doing a duet with a pig! And the last song sounds like some kind of gypsy punk. This must be the worst record that I have listened to today. Pretty useless songs actually, but a while of entertainment at least.
I guess it's supposed to be grindcore, but poor pig. I hope they had a lot of fun at least. Sounds like that when I hear those samples anyway (not that I understand anything of it as it's in Spanish). But there's not a chance that I can take a band like this seriously.
This is the kind of crap I DON'T want for review.
(Xtreem Music)
DECEMBER 27, 2015

RAVENS CREED: Ravens Krieg - Album
This is the thrid album by this British band, who was created by members from acts like SABBAT, CEREBRAL FIX and ORANGE GOBLIN. They play a dirty and sleazy old-fashioned kind of death/thrash metal, influenced by DEATH STRIKE, MASTER, HELLHAMMER, VENOM, DISCHARGE and CIANIDE. There's both fast ones as well as some heavier tunes, and it's really good stuff.
I think this can fit perfect for both death metallers and crust punks, but probably those who like good old thrash too. And if you like me like all 3, there's not much hesitation about what you should do next.
(Xtreem Music)
DECEMBER 25, 2015

KHYMERA: The Grand Design - Album
The KHYMERA project started out as an alliance between Italian producer/musician Daniele Liverani and then KANSAS singer Steve Walsh, but developed into a regular musical project when PINK CREAM 69/UNISONIC bassist/producer Dennis Ward came into the picture. Dennis always sings background vocals with his bands, but here he has taken care of the lead vocals instead.
The project went on hiatus for some time. It's actually as much as 7 years since their last album, "The Greatest Wonder", was released. Dennis has more or less taken over the project (Daniele and Steve doesn't seems to be a part of it anymore), as he has been both song writer and producer on "The Grand Design", which is an extremely melodic but strong album.
We talk AOR here. And they're very good. Maybe a little too many ballads though.
(Frontiers Music Srl)
DECEMBER 24, 2015

BLOOD RED SAINTS: Speedway - Album
The title and the artwork can easily make you think that it would be some so-called action rock. But this is far away from that. It's actually yet another AOR band from Frontiers (kings of that genre).
The BLOOD RED SAINTS is actually a legendary Speedway team, that were formed in the late 1920s in Brooklyn, New York. And that's where they got both band name and title from.
This band was formed just about a year ago. They play classic British AOR in the same tradition as DARE, FM and NEWMAN.
Another band to take a closer listen to. No doubt about that.
(Frontiers Music Srl)
DECEMBER 23, 2014

A DREAM OF POE: An Infinity Emerged - Album
Feeling lonely and blue? Then this might be something for you. You get 5 soft and slow songs that are between 10.25 to 12.06 minutes. Some kind of gothic doom/dark metal with an atmosphere of a dream.
The band is originally from Portugal, but have relocated to Scotland presently. This is their second and most ambitious album. It's been compared with mid-period MY DYING BRIDE and "Gothic" era PARADISE LOST.
I'm not the one who can find any right words to describe this any better than that. But if you think it could be something for you, then I think you should check them out.
Best adventure: "The Isle Of Cinder".
(Solitude Productions)
DECEMBER 22, 2015

GREY HEAVEN FALL: Black Wisdom - Album
The titles are in English, and also the lyrics that are included (that doesn't happen too often by the way). But it sounds like he's singing in a totally different language (Russian).
They doesn't seem to be any happy cuckoos. The music is hard and cold. Sometimes heavy, sometimes fast. It's described as hypnotic black/death metal. And well, that's just what it is. 4 out of 6 songs are around 9 to 11 minutes long.
Not so bad actually.
(Aesthetics Of Devastation)
DECEMBER 22, 2015

Heavy extreme metal noise delivered from a band that comes from Belgium. Pretty o.k., but what was that last track good for? Just some eerie sounds without much meaning.
Hardly the best I've ever heard, but far away from the worst too. Simply o.k. for a little while, but not much else.
The group was created in 2014, and "officiating in an occult register insisting on a dark and tormented atmosphere, blending the heaviness of doom and sludge with a blackened touch, and drawing their inspiration from ancient tales of witchcraft and forgotten rituals", as they describe it themselves. They are currently working on their debut album.
Best song: "Crawling Things".
(Self released)
DECEMBER 21, 2015

HAREM SCAREM: Live At The Phoenix - Double album (also on DVD/Blu Ray)
What was all that talking in the beginning good for then? Just play your songs!
This band have been around for a long time now (their debut album came out in 1991), but I honestly don't think that I've ever heard them before. I don't reconize any of the songs on this double sandwich anyway, which was made at the Phoenix Concert Hall in the band's hometown of Toronto, Ontario, Canada on July 11, 2015. But it's said that they perform songs from their latest album, "Thirteen", as well as some old classics. So I guess it can be worth checking out if you're a fan of the band.
(Frontiers Music Srl)
DECEMBER 20, 2015

FIND ME: Dark Angel - Album
What kind of a band name is that? Find me? I don't get it..
What I do get though is their music, which is best described as AOR. Very melodic hard rock that I loved when I was a teenager. I can hear that nothing has changed when it comes to this genre. It sounds exactly the same as it did in the 80s. But it's still damned good, so I wouldn't want it to be any other way.
I guess the hardest rockers would call this pop, so it's hardly something that my punk or metal friends would like. But that's their problem.
FIND ME is a collaboration between Swedish musician, songwriter and producer Daniel Flores (ISSA, The MURDER OF MY SWEET, SEVENTH WONDER) and singer Robbie LaBlanc (BLANC FACES). A partnership that was put together by Frontiers President Serafino Perugino, with a vision to unleash another AOR behemoth.
FIND ME are compared with bands like JOURNEY, GIANT, W.E.T. and ECLIPSE. So if you like those bands, you will definitely like this too.
(Frontiers Music Srl)
DECEMBER 19, 2015

THIRD STORM: Taitiya Me - EP
2 songs. 1 is 13.13 minutes, and the other 12.44 minutes.
Much playing and an unengaged scream here and there in the first song. It takes over 2 and a half minutes before he starts to sing (but then it takes about a minute before they actually start to play). It's some kind of heavy black/doom metal. Not so good to be honest.
The title track starts with some piano notes. After that it goes even heavier than the first song. I think I prefer faster black metal than this.
The band was formed back in 1986 already in Uppsala, Sweden. The members all shared the same passion for extreme underground metal like BATHORY, VENOM, HELLHAMMER and similar stuff. There wasn't that many extreme metal bands in Sweden in 1986, but they were just teenagers and didn't give a shit about what people was thinking. They did some shows, and a couple of recordings were made just for the band themselves, and very few copies were spread back in the old days of tape trading. In 1988 it was already over.
And now the band seems to be back again for some reason. The new line up consists of 2 original members, vocalist Heval Bozarslan (SARCASM) and guitarist Jimmy Eriksson, as well as guitarist David Eriksson (ANGUISH), bassist Daniel Ekeroth (USURPRESS/IRON LAMB) and drummer Johan Ericsson. Their first full length will probably be released next year, and it will be a concept album (part 1 of a trilogy).
(Dark Descent Records)
DECEMBER 18, 2015

RAUBTIER: Bothniablod - Singel
A new single from the cold north, taken from RAUBTIER's upcoming album, "Bärsärkagång", which will be released on February 19 next year. It's a hard and heavy song made of ice and steel, but nothing new at all when it comes to this band. They succeed to make new songs even though they seems to be stuck in some old ski track deep in the woods. It's not bad, but I have heard the exact same thing on every album that they have made.
I'm not really sure what they should do to develop their sound though, and I guess I shouldn't complain as long as it's still good.
(Despotz Records)
DECEMBER 17, 2015

INGLORIOUS: Until I Die - Single
Sounds very much like good old DEEP PURPLE with that hammond organ there in the beginning.
Their self titled debut album will be out on February 19, 2016 on Frontiers Music Srl. Could be interesting.
INGLORIOUS is a new British band who play damned good hard rock, with big guitar riffs and soulful vocals. Something that everybody who like good old classic hard rock should like. Trust me. You just have to check them out!
(Frontiers Music Srl)
DECEMBER 17, 2015

URIAH HEEP: Totally Driven - Double album
This is 1 of the first legendary British hard rock bands, who has existed since 1969. If you haven't checked them out yet, then it's really about time. And this collection with re-recordings of their old classics can be a good start.
Why a band decide to re-record their old songs with the latest lineup is hard to know. The usual reason is that they don't own the rights to their own material or want to show how good they still are, even though there's not that many original members left in the band. But why don't they just record a live album instead? And fact is that there's already at least 10-20 collections as well as live albums with URIAH HEEP (I have a couple of them myself).
This is actually a re-release of the album "Remasters", which was recorded in 2001 during the preparations for the "Acoustically Driven" and "Electrically Driven" concerts. "Remasters" was a very confusing title, and it went out of print very fast. But now it's available again as "Totally Driven".
It's definitely a good album, but these versions hardly beat the shit out of the original recordings. I like that retro sound that I'm used to. So if you're going to get this album is a question of what you think is most important: The original versions or that the band get a little more money. Because if you just want to know how they sound today, then you normally buy the latest studio album (with new material) instead.
(Uriah Heep Records)
DECEMBER 16, 2015

AGAINST THE PLAGUES: Purified Through Devastation - Album
Fast and brutal death metal. Nothing unusual here, but it can definitely scare children. I'm a little impressed that they menage to keep up the brutality for as long as 7 minutes in the first song. That's strong. All songs are not that long though, and thanks for that.
You get 9 tracks in 47 minutes, but it's not full speed ahead all the time. They can actually slow down a little once in a while to catch the breath for the next attack.
Pretty good stuff. This is how I want my death metal. Almost as good as ENTOMBED.
Release date December 18, 2015 (Non Serviam Records)
DECEMBER 15, 2015

DESECRESY: Stoic Death - Album
The fourth album from this Finnish death metal band. They play in the little heavier league, but are still inspired by the 90s death scene. Think of bands like BOLT THROWER, ASPHYX, GRAVE, INCANTATION and ROTTREVORE for example.
If that sounds like something that you would like, then I think that you should check out these 8 tracks at once.
That's all I have to say..
(Xtreem Music)
DECEMBER 14, 2015

CORROSIVE CARCASS: Forsaken Lands - Album
Pure death metal from Sweden. I think they are a little heavier than many other Swedish bands though, but yet fast too, with that typical fat Swedish sound. A little like GOD MACABRE, CARNAGE, MORPHEUS, NIHILIST and UTUMNO. So if that sound interesting, then you better check this out, because they're really good.
This is their second album, and I actually don't know much else about this band..
(Xtreem Music)
DECEMBER 14, 2015

BENEFACTOR DECEASE: Anatomy Of An Angel - Album
Thrash metal in the old school again. Mainly good stuff, just like it use to be in this genre. But "Abandonement To The Hanger" was a little too long with its 9 minutes. I prefer a little shorter thrash attacks.
This is the first album from this Greek band, who are compared with bands like CORONER, RIGOR MORTIS, DARK ANGEL, SLAYER and SADUS. So if you think that's something that you would like, then you better check this out at once.
(Xtreem Music)
DECEMBER 14, 2015

ASTA KASK, TRUBBEL and BLISTERHEAD at Sticky Fingers in Göteborg, Sweden on December 12, 2015
I first went to Crippas Café to see ASTA KASK doing a few songs acoustic. I was a little late, and the café was so small that it stood people outside who wanted to see and hear. I didn't see anything at all, but it sounded o.k. anyway.
And once again this thing with starting on time.. The ticket said that the first band would start 19.30, and BLISTERHEAD (who played first) said that they would start at 19.50. I don't think that they started to play until 20-30 minutes later than that. It really sucks to wait!
When they finally entered the stage and started to play, they was really good though. Some Turbojugend people went completely nuts infront of the stage. It wasn't dancing. They just ran into each other. Maniacs! When I was young you were shaking your legs with a fist in the air. You didn't beat each other up.
There wasn't that much people infront of the stage because of these people, but towards the end of the show the band told people to come closer, which they did.
Blisterhead  Blisterhead  Blisterhead  Blisterhead  Blisterhead  Blisterhead  Blisterhead
When it was time for TRUBBEL the place was almost full already, and the band did a really good show, just as expected. It must be a couple of years since I saw this band last time. They're really good anyway.
Unfortunately I got tired of standing infront of the stage when people was shaking loose like there was no tomorrow, so I left after a couple of songs and sat down in the bar, where I could sit down and watch the show. Call me old if you want to. I'm hardly a teenager anymore.
Trubbel  Trubbel  Trubbel  Trubbel  Trubbel
It was obviously more people than me who had figured out how damned good a ASTA KASK show is. The place was completely sold out. And of course they delivered. They played both old and new classics, as usual.
I have seen this band a couple of times through the years, and they have always been good. I don't really know what else to say..
Asta Kask  Asta Kask  Asta Kask  Asta Kask  Asta Kask  Asta Kask  Asta Kask  Asta Kask
DECEMBER 13, 2015

ROOF DOWN: Close Shave - Album
This Stockholm, Sweden based band formed in 2010, and released their debut album, "Commercial" in 2013. Their music sounds like some kind of unknown demo outtakes with FOO FIGHTERS and PEARL JAM. Laid-back alternative rock for a hangover Sunday is 1 way to describe it. They&39;re hardly the hardest rock band. But on the other hand, you don't have to be hard to be good, do you?
The only thing that disturb me is those long minutes of silence between some of the songs. But that's hopefully just a problem with the USB version of the album that I got. Otherwise it's alright. I like it.
Some of my favorites are "Insomnia", "Rewind" and "She's Coming Home".
(RD Music/SweSoundStudios)
DECEMBER 12, 2015

DARK THE SUNS: Life Eternal - Album
Is there suddenly more than 1 sun? Well, anyway here's some gothic metal from Finland. And I guess you can easily figure out how "happy" that is. But even though it might not be that happy, it sounds like they know what they're doing. I'm hardly a proffessional when it comes to this genre though.
DARK THE SUNS return from a 4-year break to celebrate their 10-year anniversary with this compilation. It seems like it's just available digitally though (download stores and stream services).
The band have been writing some new material, so we should soon be able to hear some new material from them. But if you like me never have heard them before, then this compilation can be a good introduction.
Release date: December 15, 2015 (Inverse Records)
DECEMBER 11, 2015

BRUJAS DEL SOL: Starquake - 7" Single
I'm not really sure if I should call this a single or a EP as it's actually just 1 song that is 11.34 minutes long (in 2 parts though). And the fact that the song is so damned long is just the first problem I see here. The second problem is that the song is instrumental and pretty psychedelic. But it's rock at least, and that's always something. And o.k., it doesn't really suck either.
BRUJAS DEL SOL is a quartet from Columbus who formed in 2011. They released their debut album, "Moon Liner", in 2013. Instead of writing songs in advance, this band just improvised and recorded it, and then they took the best of these recordings and had their first songs. Some of the ingredients in their recipe is hypnotic krautrock, fuzz-rock, blues grooves, surf rock and psychedelic rock.
Limited edition of 250 copies (70 clear stardust/gold glitter, 100 clear orange marble, 130 space black). You can pre-order now.
Release date: December 14, 2015 (H42 Records)
DECEMBER 10, 2015

SHALLOW GROUND: Embrace The Fury - Album
Old school thrash metal from Connecticut, USA. The band formed back in the mid-90s already, but I'm not sure how long they really existed, because it's said that they came back with some new members in 2009, after taking a few years off. They recorded a self titled EP, and in 2013 they signed a deal with the German label Killer Metal Records and released their first album, "The End Of Everything". "Embrace The Fury" is their second album.
Well, let's just say that if old-school thrash metal is your thing, then SHALLOW GROUND should be your thing too.
(Killer Metal Records in Europe, self released in the rest of the world)
DECEMBER 9, 2015

CORNERS OF SANCTUARY: Driven Snow - A Merry Metal Xmas III - Album
Seems to be some kind of tradition for this band to release a Christmas record every year. And you can really wonder why, because how funny is this? How funny is instrumental versions of some old Christmas songs? They have some of their own songs too, and they are pretty o.k., but not much else. They will hardly become any new classics. And wasn't some of these tracks on last year's "A Merry Metal Xmas"?
I wasn't happy then, and I'm not happy now. Isn't Christmas supposed to make you happy as a little child? Maybe they should stop now?
Many questions.. But I don't expect any answers.
A good thing is that you don't have to pay for this album, as it's available for free download the whole month (December).
(Self released I suppose?)
DECEMBER 9, 2015

JAMESON RAID: Uninvited Guests - Album
Jameson is a good Irish whiskey. It's the one that you use when you're making Irish Coffee. But JAMESON RAID is a English band from the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal era, who released their first EP, "Seven Days Of Splendour", back in 1979 already. They have released a couple of more EPs after that, as well as a couple of compilations and a live album. This is their first full length studio album though.
This is a must if you like good old hard rock and melodic heavy metal. I can hear bands like SAXON, AC/DC and even IRON MAIDEN in these songs.
Best track: "9 Reasons".
(Self released)
DECEMBER 8, 2015

BLACKSLASH: Sinister Lightning - Album
Oh yeah, this is really good classic heavy metal. I like!
BLACKSLASH were founded in 2007 and comes from Germany (a country with many good bands in this genre). Their first release was the "Blackslash EP" in 2011. "Sinister Lighting" is their second full length album.
There's many great songs among these 9 tracks, and I don't think I have to mention any titles here. Simply a really good album that every true fan of good old heavy metal should like.
(Iron Shield Records)
DECEMBER 8, 2015

TIMEKILLERS: Dead City Dreams - Album
Well, as long as they kill their time with melodic punk rock it's not so bad. I mean, it's definitely much better than hanging down town and looking for a fight. It's very catchy, but it doesn't take long before you know this band by heart, because it's not that much variation between the songs.
Among my favorites are the album opener "Mirage" and the second song "Friday The 13th".
The group comes from northern Finland, and this is their debut album.
(Inverse Records)
DECEMBER 7, 2015

REVOLTED MASSES: Age Of Descent - Album
REVOLTED MASSES formed in 2008, and this is their second full length album. Their music is modern death/thrash metal with a touch of oriental elements. Really good stuff and definitely something that you should check out.
Any favorite track then? I would say that all these 11 tracks are good, but "Flesh Inc." is a little extra good.
Not much else to add..
(Inverse Records)
DECEMBER 7, 2015

SLAYER, ANTHRAX and The HAUNTED at Lisebergshallen in Göteborg, Sweden on December 5, 2015
Darkness, rain and windy all day - Welcome to hell and an evening of thrash.
I'm not sure, but it must be years since I was at Lisebergshallen last time. This time I had to sit, because there was nothing else available when I bought my ticket for the show. But that's pretty o.k. Unfortunately you have to climb up through high stairs, and it was hardly the best chairs either (my arse started to hurt after a while).
The HAUNTED was the first band out, and where I sat (on the side of the stage) it sounded a little noisy actually. I also found out that I haven't been listening that much to The HAUNTED through the years. Because there was many songs that I didn't reconize. They did a really good job though, and the audience already seemed to be on fire.
It was a couple of years since I saw this band last time, and that wasn't so interesting. This was much better!
The haunted  The haunted  The haunted  The haunted  The haunted  The haunted
Well, ANTHRAX is always entertaining. They really know how to deliver a good show, and succeed with it after all these years. A little disturbing with the lights though, who changed colour all the time, which made it hard to take good photos (some became pretty o.k. anyway).
It's no doubt that the old classics from the 80s was the best songs, even though the newer material was o.k. too.
Anthrax  Anthrax  Anthrax  Anthrax  Anthrax  Anthrax  Anthrax  Anthrax  Anthrax
It was many years since I saw SLAYER last time, but this must have been 1 of the better shows that I've seen with them. I think that Gary Holt had a weird sound on the guitar though. It should sound more fat. He did the solos extremely good though. No doubt about that.
In the fourth song or something like that the sound in the speakers just died. Not on stage though. A little weird. And it last for a few minutes before the sound came back again.
Well, they did a really good show, and I didn't expect anything else. But it's a little like ANTHRAX. The old classics are the best songs. But SLAYER have some really good songs among the new material as well, even though everything isn't excellent.
Slayer Slayer Slayer Slayer Slayer Slayer Slayer Slayer Slayer Slayer Slayer
DECEMBER 6, 2015

IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC and HONEYMOON DISEASE at Stora Teatern in Göteborg, Sweden on December 4, 2015
Fuck the storm, it was my birthday! Unusually few beers for a birthday though. But the friends I met there just dissapeared after the gig, and I didn't find a bar that I liked.
Anyway.. Many years since I was at this venue last time. And that wasn't in the theatre part of the building, where this concert took place. A little weird. And it was seats everywhere too, and a guy who rang in a bell in the bar before the band was going to start. Funny..
..until I realized that the first band wouldn't start at 19.00 as they were supposed to. And it's not the first time this band start too late. You better do something about that!
About 15 minutes too late HONEYMOON DISEASE finally started their show, and they really rocked as usual. This was actually the fourth (!) time that I've seen them just this year. And it might actually be 1 of the best shows that I've seen with them.
To make the show a little extra special, they had 2 choir girls, who also played on some hand instruments. And that really put an extra touch on their music.
This is a band that you really should check out!
Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease
Well, what is there to say about IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC then? They always deliver a good rock show, and they also have a couple of really good songs in their bag. Nothing to complain about there.
Everybody was sitting nice in their chairs, so after a couple of songs the drummer thought it was time to "bounce with your arse". People took that as it was time to stand up and start shaking loose. I had just started to like sitting down, because then I don't feel the pain in my leg so much. But of course I had to stand up too, because otherwise I wouldn't have seen anything (and it's kind of hard to take photos when you can't see your target).
1 of my friends seemed to be very exited, while the other didn't show that much entusiasm. But when they did a cover of DEAD BOYS' "Sonic Reducer" he suddenly started to shake loose. And it wasn't just him who liked that song.
The sound might have been a little too loud (even though I had ear plugs) for this venue, but it was a really good show. No doubt about that!
Imperial State Electric  Imperial State Electric  Imperial State Electric  Imperial State Electric  Imperial State Electric  Imperial State Electric  Imperial State Electric  Imperial State Electric  Imperial State Electric  Imperial State Electric
DECEMBER 5, 2015

NECROGOD: The Inexorable Death Reign - EP
Fucking useless intro! But if we jump over that shit, then we get some death metal. It's the heavier kind of death metal to be more specific. And it's actually yet another band with the living legend Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, PUTREVORE, MEGASCAVENGER, DEMNIURG, etc. etc.). This time he have teamed up with somebody who calls himself "Mad Butcher" (singer in a band called INSEPULTO), who comes from Costa Rica.
Both seems to be in top form here, and deliver 6 very good songs. Definitely something for those of you who like their other bands, or any kind of heavier death metal at all for that matter.
(Iron, Blood And Death Corporation)
DECEMBER 4, 2015

PRIMAL FEAR: The End Is Near - Single
Well, the end might be near, but I think we have some time to listen to the new single from PRIMAL FEAR's new album, "Rulebreaker", first. Not much to say though.. Simply pure heavy metal just the way it's supposed to be, so it could have been nice to hear the whole album as well (but I'm not sure that it will happen, I hate when I just get a single when it's a song that I like).
I think of bands like JUDAS PRIEST and the harder and heavier stuff with DREAM EVIL.
The album will be released on January 29, 2016.
(Frontiers Music Slr)
DECEMBER 3, 2015

LARRE U-A: Guillotine / Screaming - Single / Single
"Guillotine": This band describe themselves as a classic rock/hard rock band from Uddevalla, Sweden, who are influenced by 70s/80s rock, as well as punk rock. But this song definitely have a modern touch too, and I can't hear that much punk rock. It's a pretty good song though.
"Screaming": I don't even menage to get the review up for their last single, when they have a new one out. Seems to be a very productive band. This song is some how a little heavier. Heavy hard rock might be a good description. Also a pretty good song.
I have been listening a couple of times now, but I just can't come up with anything else to say about this. Sorry..
(Self released)
DECEMBER 3, 2015

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