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MOTÖRHEAD, SAXON and GIRLSCHOOL at Scandinavium in Göteborg, Sweden on December 1, 2015
Scandinavium again? And on a Tuesday? They have booked MOTÖRHEAD to that arena a few times before a couple of years ago, and every time they have had to move to the smaller arena Lisebergshallen. But this time they had SAXON and GIRLSCHOOL as support, and finally they succeeded to fill the place (I don't think it was sold out though, 4.308 people is what I've heard).
A Tuesday is hardly the most exiting day to go to a concert, but when it's 3 legendary bands from UK that I really like, then I just had to go. And who knows how many times you will be able to see MOTÖRHEAD again? I was actually a little worried that there wouldn't be any concert as guitarist Phil had been sick, so they had to cancel a couple of shows just a few days before.

GIRLSCHOOL was the first band. I like their old stuff, a little touch of punk in some of the songs. I have never seen them before, and 4 women who are about 50-60 years old might not be the most exiting you can look at, but most of them actually look pretty good. They delivered a good show and played old and new material, just as you could expect. Nothing to complain about there.
Girlschool   Girlschool   Girlschool   Girlschool   Girlschool
SAXON is another favorite band that I've never seen live before. But finally I got a chance to see them. This band really know how to do a simple but good show. Probably the best band this evening actually.
The old classics was of course the best songs, but I don't have anything against their new stuff, they can definitely still do good songs. No doubt about that.
Saxon   Saxon   Saxon   Saxon   Saxon   Saxon   Saxon   Saxon   Saxon
MOTÖRHEAD have definitely done better shows than this. What we got this evening was 2 old men without much strength and a wild animal behind the drums. If it wasn't for Mickey Dee, this would probably have been a disaster. Or at least extremely boring. Lemmy hardly moved at all. Today's version of him is a thin and weak man who slur so much that you can hardly understand what he's saying. Phil Campbell take a few steps once in a while at least, even though he just came from the hospital.
MOTÖRHEAD has been a favorite band for many years, but to see them live nowadays isn't much more than just pretty o.k. It's a little extra sad for those who see them for the first time, because they used to be a damned good live band.
Motorhead Motorhead Motorhead Motorhead Motorhead Motorhead
And just in case anybody wonder why the photos look a bit different, it's because I used my smartphone instead of a real camera (that won't happen too often, too much work).
DECEMBER 2, 2015

STARBLIND: Dying Son - Album
This really makes me think of IRON MAIDEN during the 80s (when they was as best), and especially from the "Powerslave" era and forward. Simply traditional heavy metal just like it was in the 80s.
The band comes from Sweden, a country where IRON MAIDEN are very popular. All their concerts are sold out here. This is STARBLIND's second album. Their debut album, "Darkest Horrors", was released last year.
If you're dissapointed in the new IRON MAIDEN album, this could be worth a try. But I recomend it to everybody who are into "the new wave of traditional heavy metal" (young bands who try to sound like it still was the 80s, even though they were not even born then).
Best track: "Firestone".
Release date: December 4, 2015 (Pure Steel Records)
DECEMBER 1, 2015

BED OF A NUN: Waiting For A Visit - Album
What a stupid name of a band!
If you want action, don't try this. It's pretty soft hard rock, and actually pretty boring. I don't really get what they're trying to do here. I guess they try to be scary, but they don't even succeed with that. They seems to be good musicians though, but that doesn't help much when they can't make interesting songs.
Most funny title: "Jesus On A Bicycle". Almost as good as GENESIS' "Spank The Monkey".
Weird band..
Release date: December 4, 2015 (Pure Rock Records)
DECEMBER 1, 2015

MACHINÆ: Clockwork - Album
They try to describe this as a comination of STONE SOUR, a toaster (?) and AMORPHIS. We talk melodic metal here (but sometimes it could just as well be called pop metal), and the band comes from Finland. Their music is a mixture of heavy guitars, melodic pop vocals and some keyboards.
The band is just about a year old, and this is (obviously) their debut album, but they definitely not sound like any amateurs. It could be interesting to hear how this band will develop in the future.
Release date: December 4, 2015 (Concorde Music Company)
NOVEMBER 30, 2015

MALRUN: Oblivion Awaits - EP
Melodic metal with all kinds of emotions. Verses to bang your head to and choruses to sing-along to. You will probably like it.
You get 6 tracks and they are all good, but it seems to be 1 of these records that I can't come up with anything interesting to write about.
Release date: December 4, 2015 (Vicisolum Productions)
NOVEMBER 30, 2015

MARY'S KIDS, TRAMWRECK and VANVETT at 128:A in Göteborg, Sweden on November 28, 2015
I succeeded to lose my ticket for Adventsröjet at Musikens Hus (with TROUBLEMAKERS, CITY SAINTS, SLOBOBANS UNDERGÅNG and ROME IS NOT A TOWN) about 10 minutes after I picked it up (which was many weeks ago), so I decided to go to this little show instead of buying a new ticket. It must be over 2 years or something since I was at 128:A last time, but I succeeded to find it after a long walk (it's hardly in the middle of the city). Unfortunately there wasn't so much people who find their way to this venue this evening. Just something like 20-30 people I guess.
I think I have reviewed a EP with VANVETT, but I didn't really reconize any of the songs that they played, which sounded more or less the same. True Swedish crust punk that reminded me of hardcore/punk legends MOB 47 actually. Good stuff. A band worth checking out. They didn't have just deadly serious lyrics all the time either. There was 1 song about making vegan pancakes with 1 missing ingredient.
Vanvett  Vanvett  Vanvett  Vanvett  Vanvett  Vanvett
TRAMWRECK was a local old school hardcore band with a wild mixture of creatures. 1 looked like a homeless person who haven't shaved or cut his hear for a few years, 1 looked like a hard rocker and so on. They seemed to know exactly what they were doing though, and that's of course the most important thing. Could be worth checking out if you like good old hardcore the way it was meant to be (more punk than metal).
Tramwreck  Tramwreck  Tramwreck  Tramwreck
And the last band was MARY'S KIDS. The main reason why I went to this show actually. I saw them as support act for Dregen (BACKYARD BABIES, The HELLACOPTERS) 2 years ago, and thought they were really good. It says "Crust Soup" on some of their merchandise, but they definitely not play crust. It's more like early The HELLACOPTERS. Punk rock with some rock n roll in the brew. Damned good anyway!
Marys Kids  Marys Kids  Marys Kids  Marys Kids  Marys Kids  Marys Kids  Marys Kids  Marys Kids  Marys Kids  Marys Kids  Marys Kids  Marys Kids
NOVEMBER 29, 2015

THIRTEEN STARS: The White Raven - Album
This is best described as old-man rock (gubbrock as we call it in Swedish), even though I don't think the members are that old. But they're definitely influenced by old rock bands, like ROLLING STONES, FREE, LED ZEPPELIN, QUEEN and The BEATLES. All British bands, but their bluesy guitar driven rock sounds very American. Especially when there's a pinch of country rock in the drink.
It all became a real band in 2010, and they have released 3 self-financed albums before this one.
Well, 10 tracks is what you get here, and all songs are great. It sounds like it's really about time that this band get their break through now.
Release date: December 1, 2015 (Off Yer Rocka Recordings)
NOVEMBER 28, 2015

PESTILENCE: The Dysentry Penance - Album
This extreme metal band is more or less legendary. They are from the Netherlands, and formed in 1986 already. 7 albums have been released.
This album consist of 2 demos from 1987 - "Dysentry" and "The Penance" - and 2 live recordings from 1988 that was recorded at a festival in Eibergen, Holland. The whole thing was remastered by Dan Swanö (who should be well-known to you).
It's pretty o.k. stuff. A little like a mixture of VENOM and the early thrash metal bands, with high speed and aggressions. So if you like that.. Well, I think you know what to do then.
Release date: November 30, 2015 (Vic Records)
NOVEMBER 27, 2015

BEDOWYN: Blood Of The Fall - Album
They're not that advanced or complicated, but after I've heard this the first time I sat there and wondered what I just had been listening to. Really in through 1 ear and out through the other. But already the second time I listen I can hear a lot of BOMBUS in this band's music. Some kind of progressive metal mixture.
Unfortunately this band doesn't have as good songs as BOMBUS have. And another problem is that it feels like the songs are longer than they really are, like this album last for an eternity. That doesn't mean that they're bad though. They have a couple of good songs. There's no doubt about that.
This is their first album, and it's filled with sludgy riffs. It's a wild mixture of classic metal, thrash and doom. Definitely something for fans of BOMBUS, but those who like good old BLACK SABBATH as well as CORROSION OF CONFORMITY and HIGH ON FIRE will also like this.
Best song: "Cotards Blade".
(Self released?)
NOVEMBER 26, 2015

MORKESAGN: Where The Darkness Never Ends - Album
Another black metal band from Ukraine, who deliver their first full length. If you're into bands like EMPEROR, DISSECTION, SATYRICON and the early Norwegian black metal scene, then this is definitely something for you, because this is just as good as anything from that era.
The band comes from Kiev, and formed in 2013. The lyrics are based mostly on the mythology of Greece and partly on Scandinavian mythology. Almost all album songs share similar dark, spiritual and mystic themes. It's only the 2 last songs that are shorter than 7 minutes, and 3 of the song titles begin with "Heart Of".
Release date: November 30, 2015 (Self released)
NOVEMBER 26, 2015

PUNCHING MOSES: Humanity Pandemic - EP
From Cleveland, Ohio comes this band, who mix punk and metal and call it "gutter thrash". In other words it's more or less thrash metal that we get, but with a bigger doze of good old hardcore/punk. No matter what it's always done with heavy riffage and tightness. Influences that are mentioned are MOTÖRHEAD, D.R.I., INTEGRITY, RINGWORM, The ACCUSED and DISCHARGE.
I'm not completely sure, but I would guess that hardcore/punks will enjoy this more than true metal heads. The best is if you like both, like me, then you should really enjoy this.
5 tracks is what you get.
(Seeing Red Records)
NOVEMBER 26, 2015

THULNAR: Nightfall In Theros - EP
This is called fantasy metal. But the long version call it a mixture of epic ambient, symphonic, folk, black and death metal. You get 3 tracks with technical guitar leads and solos, epic symphonic synth, harsh and clean vocals, as well as moments of male and female choir parts.
It's not like I cry out for more when it's over. 3 tracks of this is enough for me. I think a whole album would be too much though.
Best song: "Wise Men Of Hope".
(Self released)
NOVEMBER 26, 2015

XUL: Malignance - Album
Reissue of XUL's debut album "Malignance". The band comes from British Columbia in Canada, and play technical blackened death metal in the same league as BEHEMOTH, DISSECTION and VEHEMENCE.
Pretty fast stuff, but not so brutal. Never chaotic and extreme. I have no problem with this.
What else is there to say?
(Redefining Darkness Records)
NOVEMBER 26, 2015

EXTREME COLD WINTER: Paradise Ends Here - EP
Well, it's not much of a winter here in Sweden yet (not where I live anyway), but it's not excatly paradise either (rain and darkness is pretty depressive). It's said that it will be an extreme cold winter though, which I don't look forward to.
5 tracks of heavyweight doom/death metal without much hope is what we get from this band. And it's not any short ballads or eternity-long atmospheric prog adventures that we get. No, I would say that it's doom with dark vocals, almost growl.
Pretty o.k. for a while, but honestly not much else. But if it's something heavy that you're looking for, then this might be something for you.
Release date: November 30, 2015 (Vic Records)
NOVEMBER 25, 2015

NEW DEVICE: Devils On The Run - EP
This is what I call modern, melodic rock for teenagers in love, played by some very energetic young men. You can just imagine how soft this sounds after a black metal album. Pretty o.k. and very catchy, but 1 song is actually enough. Here we get 6 songs, and my favorite is the first song, "Hollywood Radio".
Release date: November 27, 2015 (Device Recordings Inc)
NOVEMBER 24, 2015

The GLORIA STORY: Greetings From Electric Wastelands - Album
The Gloria Story
The GLORIA STORY live in a world where the party never stops, but the truth is that they are from a small-town in Sweden. Their music is energetic arena rock like it was back in the 70s. There's a lot of KISS in their music, and a lot of melodic party anthems that you can sing-along to. A very good injection when it's cold, dark and boring. Because this will definitely make you feel much better.
This is their third album, and it's really good. But I don't think they will ever be as good as they were on the "Out Of The Shade" EP from 2012, because that was excellent. This album is still worth checking out though. There's no doubt about that at all.
Release date: November 27, 2015 (Wild Kingdom)
NOVEMBER 23, 2015

THOKKIAN VORTEX: Into The Nagual - Album
The first track, "My Frostqueen", is a totally useless intro for over 2 and a half minutes. After that they finally start to kick some arse. Pretty primitive black metal from the forests of Norway. Good, except for the second last song, "En Kamp I Skogen", which is another totally useless piece.
THOKKIAN VORTEX was started by Norwegian singer Lord Kaiaphas (ex-ANCIENT) on 060606 as a solo project, but it's now a 4-man band. "Into The Nagual" is their debut album, which features guest apperances from guitarists like Lord Ahriman (DARK FUNERAL), Scorpios (MELECHESH, ZEMIAL, CRIMSON MOON) and Mantus (MYSTERIIS, PATRIA).
Release date: To be announced.. (Unexploded Records)
NOVEMBER 22, 2015

CHASE THE ACE: Hell Yeah! - Album
It looks like HELL YEAH would have released a album called "Chase The Ace", the artwork looks like an old latest hits collection from Absolute Music (very colorful), and while I'm already whining, 13 tracks is too much. Why is it so hard to understand that it's just about enough with 8-10 tracks?
My description for this is shake arse-friendly party hard rock n roll. And I can hardly believe that this band is from Israel (they have a British guy on lead guitar though), because it definitely sounds like they would be from somewhere in Europe instead.
I can't really understand why they waste their time with 2 covers (CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL and ZZ TOP) when they have so much good material themselves. Definitely the best rock n roll band that I ever heard from Israel! (Not that I have heard that many before).
Release date: November 24, 2015 (Off Yer Rocka Recordings)
NOVEMBER 21, 2015

The BRISTLES: Last Days Of Capitalism - Album
Good old Swedish raw punk from the south.
This band formed as early as 1982 already, but it didn't last for more than a couple of years. In the 00s they were back again though, and they have done a collection, 2 albums and some EPs since they came back. This is their third full length, and I think it's much better than their last album, "Bigger Than Punk" (2012). The artwork is better too. The last one was way too colorful and light. This one is much darker and much more punk.
These old men seems to be really angry about the society of today. This is much harder and faster than the street punk they played in the 80s.
You get 12 songs if you buy the vinyl version, but if you buy the CD you also get a couple of EPs as a bonus (a total of 21 tracks).
Release date: November 13, 2015 (Civilisation Records / Heptown Records / Pike Records)
NOVEMBER 20, 2015

ESCARNIUM: Godless Shrine Of Decay - Album
16 fucking tracks of brutal death metal! I see words like rotten, diabolical, blackened, death, mayhem and so on. Bands like VITAL REMAINS, INCANTATION and IMMOLATION are mentioned.
The band was formed in 2007 in Salvador, Brazil to make simple, classic death metal like in the 80s and 90s. And they definitely succeed with that! "Godless Shrine Of Decay" is a definitive collection of the bands previous efforts put together all on 1 disc with a new unreleased track. All tracks have been remastered by JB Van Der Wal (ABORTED).
Release date: November 20, 2015 (Redefining Darkness Records)
NOVEMBER 19, 2015

ABYSSUS: Into The Abyss - Album
ABYSSUS is an old-school death metal trio from Athens in Greece, who formed in 2011 as a 1-man band, but soon became a full band. They have released 2 EP's and a couple of split releases, but "Into The Abyss" is their first full length.
This is something for fans of classic bands like ASPHYX, DEATH, MASSACRE, HAIL OF BULLETS, OBITUARY and UNLEASHED. In other words: Damned good stuff!
(Memento Mori)
NOVEMBER 19, 2015

NO BROS: Metal Marines - Album
I'm not really sure why they have included songs that already have been released on a previous album ("Back Again" and "A Night In Touch City"). And an instrumental song is hardly ever that funny. What was that good for? But otherwise it's pretty good stuff.
They start the album with a song called "Legends Of The 80s". And this Austrian band actually started back in the 80s already, but they are no legends (not outside of Austria anyway). A little sad as this band has released 20 records since 1981 before this one - 8 singles, 2 EP's, 5 studio albums and as much as 5 compilation albums.
Well, this could definitely be worth checking out if you like good old hard rock/heavy metal with a lot of melody. So give them a try!
Release date: November 20, 2015 (Pure Rock Records)
NOVEMBER 18, 2015

FATAL EMBRACE: Slaughter To Survive - Album
Do you miss early METALLICA? Well, who doesn't? But here's a band for you then. Damned good until he start to yell "Satan!" in "Penetrate The Night". So very fucking silly! But the title of that song was a little funny. And after that they do a cover of TWISTED SISTER's "Stay Hungry", so I guess I can forgive them for that little mistake.
The group formed as NOSFERATU in 1993 already, but changed the name a short time later to FATAL EMBRACE. Several recordings have been released through the years, and this is their fifth full studio album.
Release date: November 20, 2015 (Iron Shield Records)
NOVEMBER 18, 2015

PARADISE LOST: Symphony For The Lost - Double Album
On the first album they play with an orchestra. But that doesn't mean that they take it slow and easy, like many others probably would do. On the other hand, PARADISE LOST is hardly known for being a fast band either. A good thing is that the orchestra (Plovdiv Philharmonic) doesn't take over and play weird things, which they tend to do on some other symphony releases. No, they're just there in the background to add an extra dimension to the songs.
On the second one they do a "normal" live set. Not that much to say about that.
My favorites are (as always) "Last Regret" and "The Enemy". But here I also like "Soul Courageous", "Erased" and "The Last Time" a little extra.
The album was recorded at The Ancient Roman Theatre of Philippopolis in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Release date: November 20, 2015 (Century Media)
NOVEMBER 17, 2015

LOVE N' WAR: Up The Annie - Album
This is a re-release of this Houston, Texas hard rockers debut album, which was originally released in 2012. No bonus material or anything extra at all. Simply just the album just the way it was. And this is actually the only album they have made so far (they plan to record a new album next year though).
The band was formed in early 2000, but guitarist John Adams and vocalist Jeff Vendenberghe has been making music together since 1982, so this is hardly their first band. And you can hear that. I actually think that they sound a little like JUDAS PRIEST, but with a twist of Sunset Strip. A little like the more melodic stuff with JUDAS PRIEST. But there's also a doze of GUNS N' ROSES as well. Party hard rock with a lot of melody.
A song like "Freakshow" didn't impress me though. Some kind of (c)rap metal.
(Self released as far as I can understand.. Labels, wake up!)
NOVEMBER 16, 2015

SWEET LEAF: A Stoner Rock Salute To Black Sabbath - Double compilation album
This is a BLACK SABBATH tribute with mainly stoner artists like CANCER BATS, MOS GENERATOR, BLOODY HAMMERS, SCORPION CHILD, SOLACE, ULVER, PENTAGRAM, William Shatner featuring Zakk Wylde & Mike Inez etc. Most of them concentrate on the Ozzy-era. It's just HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES that have the guts to play a song from the Dio-era. And most of them are not doing anything different with the songs, even though there's a few who put there own touch on the song they play. But these songs was already perfect when they were recorded 35 to over 40 years ago, so I actually don't want it to sound too weird.
It's not just the obvious classics here (even if there's some of that too). But I'm not going to tell you any titles here (that can be a surprise for you if you get this album). I can at least say that I like most of the songs here, and every band is doing a good work, so it's not just some cheap shit to get a quick million.
(Cleopatra Records / Deadline Music)
NOVEMBER 15, 2015

RUIN: Spread Plague Hell - EP
It's said that this band has members from established and more famous bands, but their identities are a secret for some reason. They let the music do the talking instead. And the music is described as "suffocatingly heavy, dense, dark as your enemy's soul". We talk some kind of death/extreme metal here. Similar bands that are mentioned are BLOOD, INFESTER, INCANTION, AUTOPSY, DERKETA, ABSCESS, GRAVE MIASMA, CRUCIAMENTUM, the first album with CARCASS and NECROS CHRISTOS. Not much that I have heard there.
The last song, "The Final Blood Bath", was the best track, as it's a little more like crust punk than the other songs. Possibly the only good song actually.
(Nero One Records)
NOVEMBER 14, 2015

DEMENTIA 13: Ways Of Enclosure - Album
DEMENTIA 13 is a Portuguese death metal project that pays tribute to old school bands from that genre, and also to classic cult horror movies. Each and every song and lyrics are inspired in a particular movie, and this album was released on Halloween (of course). The trio consist of members from underground bands like PITCH BLACK, HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL, BIOLENCE, GRUNT and The OMINOUS CIRCLE.
This is the band's first full length. A EP, "Tales For The Carnivorous", was released in 2013 on both CD and good old cassette.
Well, it's good enough for me.
(Memento Mori)
NOVEMBER 14, 2015

MORTAL TORMENT: Cleaver Redemption - Album
Brutal death metal/grindcore with vocals that sounds like a pig farm. I hope that they have fun at least, because listening to this isen't so much fun, even though I have heard a lot worse than this. But it's definitely brutal enough if you want a pop nerd to fuck off very fast.
But if you're a fan of more brutal metal and grind, don't listen to what I say. This is probably damned good according to you. So go ahead and check it out.
The band comes from Greece and have been around for 10 years already. There have not been that much music released though, just 1 album and 2 split CDs before "Cleaver Redemption" was released.
(Gore House Productions)
NOVEMBER 13, 2015

Oh shit.. They call this German/Swiss brutal death metal, but it sounds more like grindcore to me and have that worthless vocals with pig sounds here and there.
This is just too much for my bad nerves. Where's the melodies? They seems to concentrate more on being technical and brutal than actually making good songs. I don't really understand how they think!
(Rotten Roll Rex)
NOVEMBER 13, 2015

AGGRAVATOR: Populace Destructor - Album
True old-school thrash metal is never wrong, even though I have heard it so many times before. These dudes do nothing wrong. They have all the right ingredients that makes you thirsty for a cold beer. But their lyrics are hardly any party songs (unless you're a psycho).
You get 10 fast ones straight off. No bullshit, no crap. Just a short thrash attack. Fans of early SEPULTURA, KREATOR and SLAYER should not be dissapointed in this.
This album was originally released last year already by Mulligore Productions (Canada), but in aim to get more attention it has now been reissued with extended distribution.
(Dead Center Productions)
NOVEMBER 12, 2015

HORNWOOD FELL: Yheri - Album
Fast and aggressive black metal the Norwegian way. Brutal but yet atmospheric. This band comes from Italy though, and released their self titled debut album 2 years ago.
They have been compared with bands like ULVER, KVIST and DARKTHRONE. But it's not just brutality all the time, there are actually some acoustic pieces too, and even clean vocals.
I really don't know what else to write. It's hard to come up with anything interesting. But they are really good, so it could be worth checking out (and when you have done that you can always write your own review).
(Avantgarde Music)
NOVEMBER 12, 2015

RAVENDARKS MONARCHAL CANTICLE: Sobre as Cinzas do Fracasso Alheio - Album
Welcome to the war! No, but seriously, that war intro with what sounds like happy Russian music last for a little too long actually. And then it continues between every song! Stupid as it gets very irritating after a couple of songs.
And the music then, well it's not that much to sing hooray for either. O.k. but not much else. Most bands menage to make at least 1 good songs, but then there's also these bands who doesn't even succeed with that. Well, I guess that nobody's perfect and everybody can't like everything. That's just the way it is.
This is a band from Brazil who play black/death/thrash metal.
(Hammer Of Damnation)
NOVEMBER 12, 2015

OTARGOS: Xeno Kaos - Album
They are said to be 1 of the leaders of the French extreme metal scene, and features past and current members of REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER, DEMENTED and VOLKER. But I can't remember that I have ever heard about this band before or any of the other bands they have played or play with. So I guess they are a true underground band, because this is actually their sixth full length.
The music on this album is compared with the later stuff from BEHEMOTH, SEPTICFLESH, DARK FUNERAL and The AMENTA. It goes very fast and is pretty brutal, but they also slow down a bit once in a while to catch the breath again, or play a little heavier.
If that sounds like something that you would like, then check this out.
Best track: "Dominatrix".
Release date: November 13, 2015 (Kaotoxin)
NOVEMBER 11, 2015

STORMGREY: Pray. Crawl. Suffer. - Album
STORMGREY is a death/thrash metal band from Vilnius, Lithuania, which has its roots in the death metal scene of early 1990s when its members played and recorded with Lithuanian bands such as NECROPSY, DISSECTION, CONSCIOUS ROT, GHOSTORM and GROL.
This is STORMGREY's debut album, which contains 10 tracks. It was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö (BLOODBATH, OPETH, EDGE OF SANITY etc.).
Pretty good stuff. No doubt about that. I have heard both better and worse. But give it a try. They're worth it.
(Vic Records)
NOVEMBER 11, 2015

TANTRUM: Devirginized - Digital EP
This German band was formed in 1998 and broke up in 2003. In 2011 they reunited with some new members. This is their first record, which consist of some kind of death/thrash metal. But it could just as well have been called a demo, because that's what it sounds like to me.
Their sound is hard and aggressive, a little macho actually. Sometimes it sounds more like some kind of hardcore/rap metal. O.k. stuff, but I have definitely heard better.
(Inverse Records)
NOVEMBER 11, 2015

FIRESPAWN: Shadow Realms - Album
What we have here could be described as a Swedish all-star death metal team.
L-G Petrov (ENTOMBED A.D., ex-MORBID, ex-NIHILIST), Alex Impaler (NECROPHOBIC, NAGLFAR) and Victor Brandt (ENTOMBED A.D., ex-SATYRICON) wanted to play aggressive death metal that was faster and harder than their other bands. They were soon joined by Fredrik Folkare (UNLEASHED, NECROPHOBIC) and Matte Modin (RAISED FIST, ex-DARK FUNERAL, ex-DEFLESHED).
But don't expect any traditional Swedish death metal. This has more in-common with bands like MORBID ANGEL, CANNIBAL CORPSE, POSSESSED, BEHEMOTH and early SLAYER. It's fast, technical and brutal, but yet with a good melody. It's never too extreme. Simply just damned good death metal!
Release date: November 13, 2015 (Century Media)
NOVEMBER 10, 2015

INTRONAUT: The Direction Of Last Things - Album
I listen but nothing get stuck. In through 1 ear and out through the other. I call this experimental math/progressive metal. Sometimes pretty normal, but sooner or later they fly out on an instrumental adventure. It makes me think who of the people I know it would fit best for - Jazz Ronny who like jazz (hard to guess) or the Post Man who like progressive rock? (Yes, we all have funny nicknames, don't we?)
This is the kind of band who probably can do any kind of music. They are a little like children, because they obviously don't like to take the easiest way through a song. They really like to challenge themselves.
Release date: November 13, 2015 (Century Media)
NOVEMBER 10, 2015

SWALLOW THE SUN: Songs From The North I, II & III - Tripple Album Box Set
Heavy weights. Long slow melancholy melodies mixed with heavy guitars. Very atmospheric and definitely more hangover than party. Depressive actually. Hardly anything for the Happy Cuckoos National Society.
And as it's as much as 3 albums, it last forever. So if you want to go into eternity, this might be the right soundtrack. But on the other hand, why would you want to do that? Well, maybe just for a couple of hours then?
There's no way that I wanted to listen to all these songs at once, so I had to listen to just a few of them, then something else before I could listen to a few songs again. But it was still a very trying adventure for me. Some of the songs was pretty good though, but not all.
I'm a little curious why somebody think it's a good idea to release 3 albums at once. Too many ideas and too much sparetime, or what? And especially now that people doesn't seem to care about albums anymore but just songs. It's very interesting.. This kind of music can't be that easy to sell, but it seems like they have done some success anyway. They have, how weird it may sound, been in the Top 10 of the Finnish charts more than once.
There seems to be a lot of heart and soul put into this project.
Best track: "Lost & Catatonic". It reminds me of PARADISE LOST.
Release date: November 13, 2015 (Century Media)
NOVEMBER 10, 2015

GHOST MACHINERY: Evil Undertow - Album
The best kind of melodic hard rock/heavy metal served on a silver plate.
This band comes from Finland, and have released 2 albums before this one - "Haunting Remains" (2004) and "Out For Blood" (2010). 2 of the members are also in the label mates STARGAZERY (another really good band in the same style if I remember it right). Main influences are RAINBOW, the Tony Martin-era BLACK SABBATH and Axel Rudi Pell.
So, this is something that every fan of melodic hard rock and heavy metal should not miss for anything in the whole wide world. Their songs are very strong and really easy to like. Not a single bad song on the whole album! "No Easy Way Out" and "Fight For The Strangers" are a little extra good though.
Release date: November 13, 2015 (Pure Legend Records)
NOVEMBER 9, 2015

VISION OF DISORDER: Razed To The Ground - Album
This wasn't so good to be honest, even though it doesn't really suck. Macho metal just isn't my thing. But I guess they prefer to call this metal core.
It's their sixth album, and it was 3 years since they released their last album. The band formed in Long Island in 1996 already, so they are hardly a new band on the scene.
I don't really know what else to write.. I just get bored by listening to this..
Release date: November 13, 2015 (Candlelight Records)
NOVEMBER 9, 2015

THOR: Metal Avanger - Album
O.k., this might sound a little painful, but I have actually never heard any music from this dude before. I have just read about him, and he seems to be a heavy metal legend according to some people. He's 1 of these artists who was famous in the 80s (as some kind of Viking with big muscles), and now that he's getting old he wants to re-live his youth or something.
The album have many guests, and among the more well-known are Fast Eddie Clarke (ex-MOTÖRHEAD, FASTWAY), Henry Rollins (ex-BLACK FLAG, ROLLINS BAND), Jay Jay French (TWISTED SISTER) and Cheetah Chrome (ex-DEAD BOYS).
I actually don't know if this is re-recordings of old songs or new songs or a mix of both (to include some information about the album and the artist doesn't hurt), but he seems to have a couple of really good songs here. Maybe not any masterpieces, but it's definitely good enough for me. 15 songs is 5 too many though as the last 5 tracks wasn't so good. Stuff like "Stars Upon Stars" and "Law Of The Universe" is just pathetic.
(..and who released it then? They can't even give me that info! If I'm going to search for all the information myself, are you going to pay me then?)
NOVEMBER 8, 2015

SABER TIGER: The Best Of - Album
Weird to get a best of album with a band that I never ever have heard about before. I mean how well-known can they really be? And how good can they really be? But on the other hand it's never too late to discover something new (which I do several times a week by the way). But as the one who sent this album totally forgot to include any kind of information about the release and the band, I still don't know who they are and where they comes from.
The music seems to be pretty nice though. I would describe it as some kind of heavy metal with both old and new influences. It could definitely be worth a try, but best of? I don't really know that.. It's not like they have any big hits here.
(..and on what label was it released then?)
NOVEMBER 8, 2015

THUNDERMOTHER, DYNAMITE, ORIGINAL STOCK and DON'T TRUST VEGAS at Sticky Fingers in Göteborg, Sweden on November 6, 2015
O.k., so it was time for some less known bands from Studiefrämjandet to play on a big stage again (this happens a couple of times per year). Which means 3 support bands more or less.
I don't really get why they didn't open until 21:00, when they use to open at 19:00 when it's concerts on Top Floor. A little weird..
The first band, with the funny name DON'T TRUST VEGAS, was already playing when I arrived. They sounded a little like QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. Pretty o.k., but not much else. And that's probably the reason why they played first.
Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
I didn't really understand what ORIGINAL STOCK actually was playing. It sounded a little like METALLICA around the "Load" and "Re-load" era. Pretty hard and heavy, but with something else there too. Maybe a pinch of the 70s or something? Because when a string broke after a couple of songs, and the singer/guitarist had to change it, the rest started to jam on something that sounded like psychedelic blues/jazz. Not better or worse than the first band.
They didn't succeed to play all their songs as they were running out of time, but I was hardly crying because of that.
Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
DYNAMITE was definitely the best of these support bands, and the one with most routine when it comes to playing live. It was some kind of bluesy hard rock n roll in the same league as AC/DC and the headliners THUNDERMOTHER. Really good stuff in other words.
I think I have seen them before actually.. Well, I wouldn't say no to see them again anyway.
Photo  Photo  Photo
And well, THUNDERMOTHER always deliver a good rock show, and so they did this time too. I really like their latest album, "Road Fever", and they played many of my favorites from that album, so I have nothing to complain about.
This was actually the first show in Sweden since they released that album, and they seemed to really enjoy playing there. And as usual 1 of the guitarists went out to the audience during the end of the show.
Simply a damned good band!
Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
NOVEMBER 7, 2015

DEF LEPPARD: Def Leppard - Album
I don't think I have heard anything new with DEF LEPPARD since "Hysteria", and that was extremely many years ago (1987). I liked that album a lot. But I also liked the albums that was released before that album, "High N Dry" and "Pyromania". I guess they didn't succeed to release a new album after "Hysteria" until I became a punk and didn't care about hard rock anymore (for a couple of years at least, until I figured out that I can listen to whatever I want to).
The 2 first songs definitely sounds like they could have been made back in 1987. But when "Man Enough" comes, they go outside of the safe box (or at least outside of my safe box) and play some kind of funk-o-metal (or however I should explain it). And getting weaker already in the third round out of 14 might not sound so good, but luckily there's not more of that on this album.
Well, don't expect any new hits like "Photograph" or "Pour Some Sugar On Me", but it's definitely good enough for me. These gentlemen can still deliver after all these years.
NOVEMBER 6, 2015

Joe Stump: The Dark Lord Rises - Album
Another instrumental guitar record..
Joe seems to be a very talented neo-classical hard rock guitarist and all that, but how funny is it with a whole album of just instrumental songs? I like vocals. There's a very simple reason why there's hardly any instrumental songs at all on the top of the charts. People want hits that they can sing-along to.
This could definitely be something for those who like Yngwie Malmsteen, and think that there's too much vocals on his albums. You get guitar song after guitar song. And to me they all start to sound the same after a couple of songs. Guitar solo screech for 6-7 minutes (1 song is as long as 9 minutes) isn't so funny. It just getting on my nerves.
I actually liked Vinnie Moore better than this.
(Lion Music)
NOVEMBER 6, 2015

TIEBREAKER: We Come From The Mountains - Album
Blues-based rock that sounds like it comes from the southern States. But they actually comes from Norway. Their music is in the same style as bands like RIVAL SONS for example. I got a feeling that we will hear more bands like this in the future, and I have no problem with that at all as I like it. And it's also nice to hear something else that is good than just the usual metal and punk stuff that I use to listen to.
This is their debut album, which was released in Norway by themselves last year. Now it will finally be available for the rest of the world as well. And I think that you really should give this a chance, because it's damned good.
The band is as far as I know working on their second album right now, so we should soon hear more of this band.
Release date: November 6, 2015 (Karisma Records)
NOVEMBER 5, 2015

RENDEZVOUS POINT: Solar Storm - Album
Progressive metal rock band from Norway.
The members in the band met when they studied rhythmical music at the University of Agder (in Kristiansand). Back in 2012, the band was titled the most promising band in southern Norway, and held a concert with the Kristiansand Symphonic Orchestra. And now their debut album is here.
The band has members from BORKNAGAR, ICS VORTEX and SOLEFALD. It's said to fit fans of LEPROUS, OPETH and Devin Townsend.
The first song, "Through The Solar Storm" sounds good, and is the best song on the whole album, without a doubt. It's luckily not so advanced music that they play. Not that it's any simple rock n roll, but it's not math metal or jazz anyway. There's always a good melody through the whole song.
(Karisma Records)
NOVEMBER 5, 2015

POLICE STATE: Mind Collapse - Album
Not the most interesting beginning of this album. A whole minute of concentricity! Totally useless! But after that they kick arse with some true crust punk. Most songs are around a minute, but there are some songs that are 3-5 minutes long. Sounds pretty good to me.
The band consist of 4 guys from America. The lyrics deal with political subjects.
Worth checking out!
Release date: November 6, 2015 (Grimoire Records)
NOVEMBER 4, 2015

PURTENANCE: ...to Spread The Flame Of Ancients - Album
1 of Finland's oldest death metal bands release their third album. It's heavy, so-called doomed death metal that we get. Something for fans of bands like BOLT THROWER, DEMIGOD, INCANTATION and ABHORRENCE.
Pretty good stuff that could be worth listening to. 5-6 songs instead of 11 would have been enough for me though.
(Xtreem Music)
NOVEMBER 4, 2015

PUTREVORE: Tentacles Of Honor - Album
Death metal with a man who drank whiskey to his breakfast porridge on vocals.
But honestly, this is actually not so good. Some kind of death metal with really deep growl. Or was it called guttural vocals maybe? I don't like it anyway. And the music wasn't so interesting either.
The only positive I can say is that it's a good combination between fast and heavy songs. And I like the fast ones a little bit more than the heavy ones.
This is as a matter of fact their third album, and the band includes Dave Rotten (AVULSED) and Rogga (PAGANIZER etc.), so I'm a little surprised that it doesn't sound more interesting than this.
Well, you can't like everything I suppose.
(Xtreem Music)
NOVEMBER 4, 2015

CHASTAIN: We Bleed Metal - Album
They don't joke when they say "We Bleed Metal", because this is so fucking heavy metal! It's a little like JUDAS PRIEST with Doro Pesch (DORO, ex-WARLOCK) on vocals. Singer Leather Leone and guitarist David T. Chastain deliver a perfect combination of excellent metal vocals and heavy guitar riffs, as they're backed up by bassist Mike Skimmerhorn and Stian Kristoffersen on drums. Perfect!
This is hardly a new band. Their first demo was released in 1984 already, and their first album, "Mystery Of Illusion", was released the year after. "We Bleed Metal" is their tenth album.
Everything might not be great, but that's just 1 or 2 songs. So this is a must for everybody who like true heavy metal!
Release date: November 6, 2015 (Pure Steel Records)
NOVEMBER 3, 2015

3 originals and a cover of SUFFOCATION is what we get on this mini CD. CRYPTIC BROOD is a German band, who is described as a hybrid between death and doom with a rotting sound, heavily inspired by bands like AUTOPSY, WINTER, DERKETA, UNDERGANG, early ASPHYX and HELLHAMMER.
This is really heavy death metal, almost a little like sludge actually, but it's pretty o.k. So I think you should give it a try if you like heavy stuff. But if you prefer death metal in the old school, this might not be something for you (you can always try it though, don't be so afraid).
(Xtreem Music)
NOVEMBER 3, 2015

NECROPSY: Buried In The Woods - Album
Good old death metal here again. This time from a Finnish band who has just released their second album.
This should please all fans of Finnish death metal from the early 90s (which was an era when the bands sounded so much better for some reason). There's no reason why you should not check this out. So go ahead and get it at once!
Why write a review that is long like a short story when you already know what this will sound like? And by the way, I'm not a poet.
(Xtreem Music)
NOVEMBER 3, 2015

KHORS: The Flame Of Eternity's Decline - Album
Really good atmospheric black metal from Ukraine.
This is a 10-year anniversary re-issue of their debut album. It has been completely re-mixed and re-mastered. It also has completely new artwork.
Well, what else is there to say about this? You get 8 tracks of excellent black metal, but the last track, "Flame Of Eternity", must be my favorite.
Release date: November 6, 2015 (Svarga Music)
NOVEMBER 2, 2015

AVULSED: Altar Of Disembowelment - EP
Their 4 own songs are good. But it wasn't such a good idea to do a death metal version of BLACK SABBATH's "Neon Knights". I didn't even hear that it was that song until I saw it. They definitely do their own kind of version. No doubt about that.
This mini CD is said to be the heaviest and darkest stuff that they ever have made. But don't you worry, it's still pure death metal. Good stuff that I think you should check out.
(Xtreem Music)
NOVEMBER 2, 2015

ALTAR: Ex Oblivione / CARTILAGE: The Fragile Concept Of Affection - Double Split Album
2 full albums of old-school death metal, from 2 old bands that probably not too many remember today. It's not bad though. There's actually a couple of really good songs here. No doubt about that. But 14 tracks by each band is a little much at once.
This is a reissue. It was originally released in 1992. On this release we also get 7 demo tracks by each band as a bonus.
For underground death metal collecters only.
(Xtreem Music)
facebook.com/Altar.swe   facebook.com/cartilage.finland
NOVEMBER 2, 2015

HONEYMOON DISEASE at Abrakadabra in Borås, Sweden on October 31, 2015
I have been to this place called Abrakadabra (formerly known as a striptease club called Geisha Garden) a couple of times before, but for some reason I always become so damned drunk there, so I couldn't remember that much of it. So there wasn't any idea to try to write a review of it. But for once I didn't get as drunk as usual, and I also succeeded to take a couple of photos of the band.
As it was Halloween a lot of people had dressed up. The band looked like KISS. A pretty obvious choice as that's a big influence for them. But I would say that there's also a touch of The HELLACOPTERS. Simply good hard rock n roll.
They did a really good show, just as I expected. And they ended the show with a cover of "Deuce" by KISS.
Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease
NOVEMBER 1, 2015

Vinnie Moore: Aerial Visions - Album
Instrumental blues rock from the UFO guitarist. Not really my dream scenario, but I guess that it works. For a while at least.. When it start to sound like stressy jazz in the fourth song, "Slam", it's not so funny anymore. That is by the way followed by a ZZ TOP cover as a plaster on the wound, which I think is much better. The sad thing though is that it's probably the best track on the whole record. And when a cover is better than your own material, then you really have a problem. But o.k., I can admit that I might not be the ultimate guy for this kind of album. So what do I really know?
I got a feeling that this is a guitar album for other guitarists. Some other people might like it, but I suppose that's not too many.
(Mind's Eye)
OCTOBER 31, 2015

CRIMSON DAY: Order Of The Shadows - Album
Welcome to my rock bar'
Today's special: Finnish stew on classic heavy metal, made by 5 guys from Tampere.
This is their first longer cooking, and it tastes really good.
I don't think I have to mention any influences here. Most of the classic ingredients are included here, so no true fan of good old heavy metal should be dissapointed.
Try it with 1 of our beers: "Lies About Paradise" or "Sandstalker".
(Iron Shield Records)
OCTOBER 31, 2015

Avi Rosenfeld: Very Heepy Very Purple IV - Album
I have reviewed this man before, and he continues with his "Very Heepy Very Purple" project. Not that hard to figure out what it sounds like huh? Yes, you're damned right if you guess that it sounds like good old URIAH HEEP and DEEP PURPLE. Just like when those bands was as best, which was the 70s. That doesn't mean that it only sounds like those bands, it's 70s rock/hard rock in general. And it's as usual pretty good stuff he deliver, so this could be worth checking out.
(Self released)
OCTOBER 31, 2015

BLISTERHEAD: Hide And Seek - Single
This is the third single from the excellent album, "Tumbling Down", and it's definitely 1 of the better songs, even if there's not a single bad song on that album. It reminds me of a other Swedish punk rock band, who are not so active anymore, RANDY.
If catchy punk rock with a lot of melody is your thing, then you should check out the whole album instead of just this song.
(Cramada / Punkebjartes Punkeplater)
OCTOBER 30, 2015

DIABLO: Silver Horizon - Album
In the late 90s DIABLO was born on the Finnish west coast. The band became a hard and heavy   metal creation, who gave birth to "Elegance In Black" in 2000. 2 years later the second offspring, "Renaissance", was born. The family continued to grow with "Eternium" in 2004, "MIMIC47" in 2006 and "Icaros" in 2008. These 3 all reached top positions on the Finnish album charts.
And now their sixth child, "Silver Horizon", is here. The story of this album is loosely based on an old science fiction novel called "Aniara", written by Swedish Nobelist Harry Martinson in 1956.
It's not hard and heavy just because. There's always a good melody too. Simply a good metal band in a modern shell. These gentlemen seems to know how to make a good song. No doubt about that.
(Sakara Records / OMN Label Services)
OCTOBER 30, 2015

VISIONARY666: Into Abeyance - Album
Brand new death metal band from the east of Holland. They are described as intense, fast and massive. And I can agree on that. They are very brutal. Luckily they slow down a little once in a while, so they are never too much. And thanks for that. Because it's not funny when a band is too extreme. This can still be called music at least.
Give it a try. You might actually like it.
Release date: October 30, 2015 (Vic Records)
OCTOBER 29, 2015

THRONE: The Full Moon Sessions - Album
This wasn't so good actually. I think it's the singer that disturb me the most, because the music is pretty o.k. ..well, for a while at least. Because after a couple of songs I get really tired of this low-budget production. Especially the second half sounds like it was recorded in the rehearsal room.
Another recording that I can't really figure out why somebody want to release. The only good songs was the rehearsal room versions of "Nuclear Warmachine" and "Sonic Carnage".
THRONE was actually formed in 1995 by members of ASPHYX, SOULBURN and BEYOND BELIEF. They wanted to create dark music like their heroes VENOM, MESSIAH, CELTIC FROST and HELLHAMMER. So they recorded a promo demo and a pro rehearsal, and now you can hear those recordings on this album.
Release date: October 30, 2015 (Vic Records)
OCTOBER 29, 2015

'77: Nothing's Gonna Stop Us - Album
77 in action
Spain's own Bon Scott-era AC/DC is here again with a new album. But this time it's more than just the usual AC/DC stuff. It's still arse kicking hard rock n roll in the same league though, and some songs are definitely in the old style, so don't you worry about that my child. But there's also these songs who are more melodic than anything that I've heard with the Valeta brothers before.
No matter what it's a damned good album. So what are you waiting for?
This album introduce 2 new members: Andy Cobo on drums and Guillem Martinez on bass.
European release date: October 30, 2015 (Century Media)
OCTOBER 28, 2015

The SHRINE: Rare Breed - Album
This is said to be a mixture of 70s BLACK SABBATH and BLACK FLAG. I can easily hear the 70s hard rock (BLACK SABBATH) influence, but I can honestly not hear that much punk/hardcore (BLACK FLAG) in this. There are a couple of faster songs though, and I'm still pretty sure that fans of both bands will definitely like this.
I think I found the best description in the information sheet, where they describe The SHRINE as a van full of smoke, sweat, Marshall amps, skateboards and all things heavy. I can just image that the music is played so loud that you almost get deaf just by passing that van (and you probably get high on illegal "herbs" too).
The SHRINE is an American power trio who describe their music as "psychedelic violence". No matter what you call it and how you describe it, it's damned good. So of course you have to check this out!
Release date: October 30, 2015 (Century Media)
OCTOBER 28, 2015

AS DARKNESS DIES: As Darkness Dies - Album
This is definitely not as dark as the band name, which might make you think it would be some kind of dark metal or melodic death metal. No, this is true US power metal with melodic vocals. Definitely something for those of you who love melodic heavy metal.
You get 12 tracks in an hour, and the quality is very high. Most songs are extremely good, so you would not want to miss this album.
Release date: October 30, 2015 (Pure Steel Records)
OCTOBER 27, 2015

ROSE'N: Wake Up! - Album
After been playing live for 30 years (with some breaks in between) their first self produced album will be available in the end of this month.
This is a German heavy metal band, and their songs are pretty good. There's a lot of melody, so it's pretty easy to like. It's not like they have any big hits though, but they don't have any crap songs either. Well, that would possibly be the cover of "My Immortal" then (I'm not sure what band who did that song, could it be EVENASCENCE maybe? That version is better anyway). Just play your own songs and it will be good.
Check it out if you want to.
Release date: October 30, 2015 (Self released)
OCTOBER 27, 2015

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS: The Accuser - Album
Get ready to be crushed into pieces! This band will run over you and stop just to beat you up. Really extreme black metal with an atmosphere black as the night. Who let these lunatics out of the madhouse?
The second track isn't so brutal and extreme though. Softer, but still with the same atmosphere as the first song.
But after that you better get ready for another raw fight. They are really on that thin border to be too extreme, and it's almost like I want to ask them: "How is it my little friend? Where does it hurt most?".
The fourth track is a slow one. And it continue like that through the rest of the album's 8 songs - Sometimes fast and really brutal, sometimes soft and slow. A good recipe as it gives the album a good variation. I like slower tracks, like "Will, Wish And Desire", best though.
Release date: October 30, 2015 (Candlelight Records)
OCTOBER 26, 2015

KORP: Hel Kallar - Album
This Swedish band formed in late 2013, so I guess it's not the same black metal band that my little brother used to listen to for maybe 10 years ago or something like that? Well, here's the deal according to their Facebook page: "KORP started as the brainchild of Draup (drummer) about ten years back, but not until 2013 it emerged with a complete line-up.". So it's actually the same thing, but now it's a band and not just a solo project.
They're influenced by acts such as BURZUM, SATYRICON and DARKTHRONE, and the intention was to create raw black metal in the early 90s vein permeated by a cold spirit. So I think they actually sound more or less the same as the old KORP did (I didn't listen to them that much to be honest). If you liked that, then you better check this out of course.
The lyrical/conceptual theme is all about death. And the lyrics are written entirely in native tounge. Nothing new there when it comes to black metal, but it's pretty good music anyway.
(Unexploded Records)
OCTOBER 26, 2015

GRÁ: Ending - Album
The second album from this Stockholm, Sweden-based black metal band. They have previously released an EP, "Helfärd", a full lenght album, "Grá", a MCD, "Necrology of the Witch", alongside a digital single, "Where Shadows Dwell" and a split 7" with the American band GNOSIS OF THE WITCH.
"Ending" is the final piece in the Charon (or Helfärd) Suite. Starting with the first EP it has set the theme for all releases up until this final chapter. The first recordings had a strong death wish topic, dealing with old age, illness and other means of dying. The debut full lenght album is focused around the dying itself, the moment of death and the rituals surrounding it. With "Necrology of the Witch" we were told about the crossing from this world to the next and now finally, with "Ending" we travel beyond worlds known to man, into the void.
The first track sucks. It's just a way too long intro (almost 3 minutes!). But after that it gets really hard, fast and brutal. Just the way this thing should be in other words. But it's not pedal to the metal all the way. There's also room for some slower parts too.
Mainly pretty good stuff. But the last instrumental outtro was just as useful as the intro.
Best track: "I Döden".
(Unexploded Records)
OCTOBER 26, 2015

ETERNAL VOYAGER: The Battle Of Eternity - Album
ETERNAL VOYAGER has been around since 1998, in some form or another, and comes from U.S.A. The first lineup recorded a couple of demos and played a few shows, but that didn't last for too long. The members parted ways and nothing happened with the band for a couple of years.
In 2008 the band was back with a new lineup. They did some recordings and people came and left. In 2013 they finally started to record their first full length album, "The Battle Of Eternity", which was released in 2014. Since then people have continued to come and go. The latest member joined the band in August 2015, and the band is now working on their second album.
How about the music they play then you might ask by now? Well, I would describe it as US power metal, or heavy metal with a lot of melody. They are very good at what they are doing, so this could actually be worth a try. It's a very long album as many of the songs are around 6-8 minutes.
(Self released? Distribution through Online Metal Promo)
OCTOBER 25, 2015

KILLEN: Killen - Album
The name of this band sounds a little stupid here in Sweden, as it means something like "the guy" or "the kid". But this band is not from Sweden. This band comes from New York, and they play heavy metal.
This is a re-release of their debut album (originally released back in 1987). As a bonus you also get the "Restless Is The Witch" EP (from 1989).
KILLEN was formed in 1986 and went seperate ways in the early 1990s. Now the band is active again with a couple of new members, like Carl Canedy (The RODS, CANEDY) for example.
Good stuff indeed. Simply classic heavy metal. But 15 tracks at once is a little too much for me. Small dozes works better though. Could be worth checking out.
(Sonic Age Records / Cult Metal Classics)
OCTOBER 25, 2015

VÄNLADE: Rage Of The Gods - Album
The second album from this American heavy/power/speed metal band. True American steel is a easier way to describe them. ..or simply just call it heavy metal.
They comes from Kansas City and formed in 2006. But it wasn't until 2009 that they had a complete lineup and started to do some shows. Their first album, "Iron Age", came out in 2012.
You can easily hear that they have borrowed elements from several other bands. But they do it with style, so it's not like they don't have their own songs. They definitely have their own songs, but the sound is that good old familiar melody.
They definitely have some really good songs here, like "Jaws Of Life" for example, so this is something that I think you should check out at once.
(Metalizer Records)
OCTOBER 25, 2015

GRAVEYARD and NIGHT VIPER at Pustervik in Göteborg, Sweden on October 23, 2015
Well, time to whine again.. Not about the bands though.
Pustervik is darker than a private members club! But it's definitely not a private club, it's a "normal" concert venue with several bars. I know that you should save energy, but some more lights wouldn't hurt. And yes it can be the artist who doesn't want more light on stage. But like it is now it's almost impossible to take any good photos unless you have a professional shit expensive camera. I took 40 photos, and only 14 was o.k. to use here. Which is enough of course, but they could have been so much better if there was more light. I get better photos at some small punk gig!
When I complained about this to somebody I know, he thought I was talking about the sound, haha. Light in Swedish is ljus, and sound is ljud. Pretty similar. But he said that the sound was always bad at Pustervik. I have never thought about that though. Probebly because I have my own problems.
Support act was a young heavy/speed metal band from Göteborg, with a female vocalist (that was even smaller than me). They were pretty good. Not bad at all. I would like to hear some more with this band.
I also think it was good that they didn't play for an eternity. Just 20-30 minutes. A support band shouldn't play longer than that, unless it's a famous band.
Night Viper  Night Viper  Night Viper  Night Viper  Night Viper  Night Viper
I have seen GRAVEYARD a couple of times through the years. I actually think I saw them here in Borås, Sweden before they became famous. Many years ago, and I don't remember that much of it.
They use to play very much of their melancholy and psychedelic material, but now they surprised me with many more faster songs. It was definitely more action than it use to be at a GRAVEYARD show. But I noticed that I haven't been listening that much to their 2 latest albums, so the songs from their break-through "Hisingen Blues" was the best of course. Not many bad songs though (if any at all).
This band had some extra light on stage, but that didn't help much. When they put it on once in a while, it was too much light instead, and of course exactly when I was taking a photo, which became shit of course as the lights was directly at the audience.
I think I have seen better shows with this band, but it was definitely not bad. The place was completely sold out, so they added another show the day after. So they will play there again tonight, but I don't know if that show is sold out too. It will most likely be anyway. And no, I won't be there. 1 show with them is enough.
Graveyard  Graveyard  Graveyard  Graveyard  Graveyard  Graveyard  Graveyard  Graveyard
OCTOBER 24, 2015

DEAFHEAVEN: New Bermuda - Album
There's just 5 songs, but they are so long (8.39-10.15 minutes) that this is definitely a full length and not a EP.
The band comes from San Francisco, and this is their third album. They have been compared with WEAKLING and MY BLOODY VALENTINE. Not bands that I listen to, so I don't know if that's correct. On this album they say that they are influenced by bands like DISSECTION, MORBID ANGEL, BEHEMOTH and Cliff Burton-era METALLICA.
It's a pretty intense, but yet atmospheric, album. Hard and heavy, fast and slow. But honestly, I don't really know what to think about this. It's like it's neither good or bad. It's just there. And it sounds more like atmospheric black metal than any of the mentioned bands. Which they mix with some kind of post rock. It's like being swallowed by the Bermuda triangle.
OCTOBER 23, 2015

Crust punk with a pinch of black and death metal. Not so bad. It's over pretty quick though (about 5 minutes) as there's just 2 songs.
This is their first release, and they are compared with bands like SKITSYSTEM, TRAGEDY, FROM ASHES RISE and WOLFPACK/WOLFBRIGADE. So if you like that kind of stuff, this could be worth checking out for you.
It seems like they had a hard time to come up with a good title for this demo, as it got the same boring title as the ALTARAGE demo from the same label.
(Sentient Ruin Laboratories / Sol Y Nieve Records)
OCTOBER 23, 2015

It starts good, but then it becomes just a hell of a noise. Luckily it's just 2 songs, but it's still ear torture. The songs are around 5 minutes each, and that's way too much of this shit. The only positive I can think of is that it's a pretty good sound quality for being a demo recording.
It's probably supposed to be metal, but the best way to describe this is an extreme noise terror. I hate noise! I like music! They describe it as "avantgarde blackened death metal of the most twisted and hallucinated craft" though. Avantgarde.. That's a word I don't like, even though I'm not really sure what it means. But when they use it to describe music, it usually sucks.
(Sentient Ruin Laboratories)
OCTOBER 23, 2015

FABRIKEN: Där Det Alltid Regnar - EP
More or less a Swedish all-star trallpunk band, with Stefan "Stipen" Karlsson (DIA PSALMA, STREBERS), Åke Noring (ROLANDS GOSSKÖR), Jonas Mårtensson (SLUGGER) and Curt "Curre" Sandgren (COCA CAROLA, KRYMPLINGS, ROLANDS GOSSKÖR).
This is not really the traditional Swedish trallpunk though, that was so popular in the 90s. This is more like melodic punk rock, but still in the good old Swedish way. I think of COCA CAROLA for example (mainly because of the singer Curre), and it's not impossible that they would have sound like this if they had continued.
We get 5 really good songs here that shouldn't dissapoint any fan of Swedish 90s punk rock. Definitely worth checking out as punk rock dad would have said.
(Beat Butchers)
OCTOBER 22, 2015

STATEN BRINNER: Punk På Svenska - EP
Punk rock in the good old Swedish tradition, but maybe a little bit more raw. In Swedish of course. The members might be well-known, or at least the bands that they have played or play with: Jocke (DESPERAT, PARANOID, TOTALT JÄVLA MÖRKER), Patrik (POPTERROR), Viktor (KORK KIR, BRENT UNKBELT, ANA BARATA) and Emil (ANA BARATA).
You get 6 tracks which are over pretty fast as they're no longer than 1-2 minutes. Really good though, so this is definitely worth checking out.
Not much else to add..
(Luftslott Records)
OCTOBER 22, 2015

TRANSPORT LEAGUE: Napalm Bats & Suicide Dogs - Album
Mainman Tony Jelencovich return with his band TRANSPORT LEAGUE, and give us another doze of evil and powerful metal. I liked their last album, "Boogie From Hell", from 2013, and this album is just as great as that album was. So I can't see any reason why you should not check this out. Especially if you like heavier but powerful metal with groove.
Best tracks: "Hallelujah Vampire", "Burning Bible" and "Dark Days, Evil Ways (Tomorrow)".
No need to say anything else..
Release date: October 23, 2015 (Metalville Records)
OCTOBER 21, 2015

BROKEN TEETH: Bulldozer - Album
Yeah! It's rocking, baby! This sounds really good! Another hard rock n roll band that seems to know how to kick some arse and rock the shit out of it. But they're not just another AC/DC copy, because there's more hard rock and metal in their brew. They end the whole thing with a cover by MOTÖRHEAD, so it's a piece of that involved here too. But there's also a cover of AEROSMITH. It's a little like AC/DC and MOTÖRHEAD would have teamed up with the singer from a classic hard rock band like UFO for example.
You will understand what I'm talking about when you hear it. And you will listen to this. Otherwise you're probably stupid or something.
Favorites? Well, all songs are good, but I think that "The Rough And The Tumble" is a little extra good.
Release date: October 23, 2015 (TMU Records)
OCTOBER 21, 2015

CHARTA 77: Salt - Album
Charta 77
It was many years ago since I heard a new album with CHARTA 77 last time. But now they have a new album out (well, on Friday). And it sounds familiar, even though it's not really the same old sound. But to say that it's not punk is probably not right. No, development is the right word. Because they're still a very good punk rock band, and I don't think that too many old fans will be dissapointed in songs like "Soldat Soldat" and "Det Finns En Luther" for example. How can you call that anything else but punk?
This band is veterans in the Swedish punk scene. They formed in the mid-80s already and was probably as most popular in the 90s.
Release date: October 23, 2015 (vinyl version comes later) (Birdnest Records)
OCTOBER 20, 2015

The DAMNED: 35 Years Of Anarchy, Chaos And Destruction 35th Anniversary Live In London - Double Album
The Damned
This is a recording from their 35th anniversary tour, recorded at the Roundhouse in London, UK in 2011 (they celebrate their 40th anniversary on May 20 next year at Royal Albert Hall by the way). You get a total of 16 tracks here, and there's both well-known classics as well as some stuff that I didn't reconize. A total of 27 tracks from their whole carreer.
Very good stuff as always with this band, so it could definitely be worth checking out (if you still got any cash left after spending money on the records that came out just about a month ago).
Release date: October 23, 2015 (Westworld Recordings)
OCTOBER 20, 2015

CASABLANCA: Miscatonic Graffiti - Album
This band doesn't save the powder. They start the fire with a 10.31-minutes song, and end it with a 8.38-minutes song. Luckily the songs between those 2 are not that long.
It's a pretty soft start actually, but after a couple of minutes they begin to rock a little more. I guess we can describe their music as hard rock with a lot of melody, and 1 foot in the 70s and the other in the 80s. But it's not really another one of all those retro/vintage bands that are so popular nowadays. It's done with a modern production.
This is actually a concept album with a story that is described as "like if Ziggy Stardust met H.P. Lovecraft in Twin Peaks". The story is based on the Chuthulu mythology, but with a twist.
It's a good album, but somehow I expected it to be even better. It's still worth checking out though, as it's the kind of album that grow stronger the more you listen.
Best tracks: "Closer" and "My Shadow Out Of Time".
(Despotz Records)
OCTOBER 19, 2015

The fifth album from this Australian band is the first since 2012's "Atlas". I have nothing to compare with though, as I have only heard 2 songs with them before, and both is from this album. But it's said that they really have developed since the last album.
Progressive metalcore might be a easy way to describe this. It's hard and heavy, but also soft and melodic. That perfect combination to keep it interesting all the way.
The 4 first tracks - "Destroyer", "Dying To Believe", "Vice Grip" and "Crushed" - are among the strongest material on this album, even though there's a couple of more good songs too. But stuff like "Writings On The Wall" (soft hip hop with violin?) wasn't so good.
(Epitaph Records)
OCTOBER 19, 2015

ALONZO & FAS 3 with guests and KNIVDERBY at Sticky Fingers in Göteborg, Sweden on October 17, 2015
It was unusually many people at the Indian reastaurant I went to before the gig, so it took a while before I got any food, and therefor I didn't arrive at Sticky Fingers until about an hour after they have opened. I thought that the first band would have started to play by then, but there was no band on stage. I think it took around 15-20 minutes after I had arrived that the first band, KNIVDERBY, finally started.
I thought it would be some good punk rock, but I would describe their music as some kind of post punk/new wave (what's the difference by the way?), and they didn't really succeed to impress me, so I went to the bar after a couple of songs. I was still looking and listening though (not much else to do).
The name means "knife derby", but that's obviously not a good description of this band, because there wasn't that much action.
I'm not really sure why ALONZO suddenly have become ALONZO & FAS 3 again. A little confusing. But anyway.. They did a show in Stockholm this summer with a couple of guest musicians from Michael Alonzo's earlier bands (KSMB and STOCKHOLMS NEGRER), as well as some friends. Now he thought that he and his band should do the same in some other Swedish cities as well. So they went on a very short tour to Malmö, Halmstad and Göteborg. And that was of course something that I didn't want to miss, even though I had been to 2 concerts this week already.
They kicked off with the KSMB classic "Sex Noll Två", and that was a really good start of the show, even though it didn't sound exactly as it should. And that little problem happened in a couple of more songs too. Michael didn&##9;t sing in the right way. His voice was obviously a little fucked up after the 2 previous shows, so maybe they should rest for a day before the next show?
After a couple of songs it was time for the first guest, which was former STOCKHOLMS NEGRER bassist Poppe. So they played a couple of classics by that band of course. And the next guest was Patrik Arve from TEDDYBEARS STHLM. What a lunatic! He had been laying in the pool at the hotel and drinking beer for 5 hours and talked way too much. Mainly just drunk talk. First he said how great Göteborg is, and then he started to scream about Stockholm (where he is from). But then he tried to be funny I guess and screamed "Hata Göteborg!" (hate Gothenburg). Not too clever. Couldn't they have threw him off the stage? It must have taken at least 10-15 minutes just to perform 2 songs ("Punk Rocker" by TEDDYBEARS STHLM and "Blått & Guld" by KSMB).
The next guest was a guy from the support band KNIVDERBY. Not that much to say about that..
Probably the most interesting guest was Steppan Guiance, the other singer from KSMB. I guess it's not too hard to figure out that they played a couple of classics by KSMB? Why he was the most interesting you may wonder? Well, he hasn't exactly been a punk rock singer lately. He was actually the boss or something for some big company. Not exactly that punk. He could still sing very good though. Actually better than the main artist Alonzo himself.
I'm not really sure why the last guest, Nicholaus Arson Vigilante Carlstroem (guitarist for The HIVES), was included. But on the other hand I'm not really sure about what Patrik Arve had to do there either. Probably just good friends who happens to play in famous bands.
It was a really good show, even though there was some small things to complain about. I really like KSMB and STOCKHOLMS NEGRER, and they played a lot of songs by those bands. But Alonzo's own material is also good, and they played a couple of those songs as well of course.
Too bad for those who missed these shows.
Alonzo with guests  Alonzo with guests  Alonzo with guests  Alonzo with guests  Alonzo with guests  Alonzo with guests  Alonzo with guests  Alonzo with guests  Alonzo with guests  Alonzo with guests  Alonzo with guests  Alonzo with guests  Alonzo with guests  Alonzo with guests
OCTOBER 18, 2015

STREBERS and ÅFYSATAN at Pustervik in Göteborg, Sweden on October 16, 2015
My friend wasn't so interested in the support band ÅFYSATAN, so we didn't arrive until the end of their show. I didn't pay that much attention to them, but it sounded like typical Swedish punk rock that didn't really impress me.
What we were there to see was STREBERS though. An old Swedish punk band from the 80s/90s that created the genre trallpunk, which was very popular here in Sweden in the 90s. After their drummer died in a car accident they decided to call it a day and go on a farewell tour. And after that they became DIA PSALMA who really succeeded. STREBERS have reunited once in a while through the years though, and now it was time again.
I have seen them twice before, and none of those gigs impressed me that much. I don't really know why. Maybe I wasn't in the right mood or too drunk or something? But this time I think they was great! Many old classics that I like was played, so I was satisfied anyway.
If they're this good they can gladly do some more reunion tours. And people had really been waiting for this, because the place was completely sold out.
Strebers  Strebers  Strebers  Strebers  Strebers  Strebers  Strebers  Strebers  Strebers  Strebers
OCTOBER 17, 2015

STRYPER: Fallen - Single
I haven't heard STRYPER since I was a kid in the 80s. I really liked their albums "Soliders Under Command" and "To Hell With The Devil".
This song might not be as good as it was back in the 80s, but it's definitely a good song. No doubt about that. So it could actually be worth checking out.
This single comes from their new album, which will be released on October 16 via Frontiers Slr.
(Frontiers Slr)
OCTOBER 16, 2015

SHIRAZ LANE: Mental Slavery - Single
Sleaze rock in the same league as 80s SKID ROW, as well as a modern band like CRASHDÏET for that matter. Sounds really good anyway, so this could really be worth checking out if you're into that kind of stuff.
SHIRAZ LANE is said to be Frontiers newest and hottest signing. It's a Finnish band who will release their debut album early next year. While you wait for that there's a EP, "Be The Slave Or Be The Change", (where this song comes from) that you can check out. Do that!
(Frontiers Slr)
OCTOBER 16, 2015

JUNKSTARS: Romance Of Death - Single
New single from Swedish rock n roll punks JUNKSTARS, taken from their third album, "This Means War", which will be released on October 16 via Despotz Records.
The band took their first rock n roll steps in 2012, and released their first album, "With A Twist Of Lemon", the same year. They released their second album, "French Hot Dog", in 2013. Among their influences are bands like RANCID, The DISTILLERS, The CLASH and The RAMONES. But I think they sound more like early The HELLACOPTERS and BACKYARD BABIES than any of those bands.
The new album was actually recorded live in just 5 days, with just vocals, 1 guitar, bass and drums. Nothing extra at all. And it sounds really good as usual, but we have heard it all before. It's like they haven't developed their sound at all.
(Despotz Records)
OCTOBER 16, 2015

Flora Cash: Shout It Out Loud - Single
This song comes from the female KISS tribute album "Kiss And Makeup", and it was actually hand-picked by KISS members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley themselves. It's definitely not what I expected. I have liked KISS since I was a kid, so how can you make such a typical party anthem like "Shout It Out Loud" into a soft singer/songwriter lullabie? If this is representative for the whole album, then it's a big AVOID! Unless you actually like lullabie versions of your favorite KISS songs.. I don't!
And that thing about Gene and Paul.. It wouldn't surprise me if they have hand-picked every song on the album, because they always want to be involved in everything that have to do with their lovechild KISS. And I don't really trust greedy old-men.
(Icons Creating Evil Art)
OCTOBER 16, 2015

DANKO JONES and GIUDA at Pustervik in Göteborg, Sweden on October 14, 2015
To kick off the show with an instrumental song isn't such a good idea if you want to rock the shit out of the place and show them all who's the new king of rock n roll. But that's how GIUDA choose to start their show. A band that was picked as support act for this tour by the headliners DANKO JONES themselves.
The music is probably best described as hard rock n roll in the same league as 70s AC/DC, but sometimes with some 70s glam rock too. And sometimes they even reminded me a little of DANKO JONES. A pretty good band, with a singer who rocked himself totally sweaty, while the other guys were pretty cool and just did some rock pose once in a while. But I think they played for a little too long. Their 40 minutes felt like an hour. 20-30 minutes would have been enough.
Giuda  Giuda  Giuda  Giuda  Giuda
Now here's a band that always deliver a good show! And this evening was hardly any exception to that rule. Man, I don't think that I have ever been to a bad gig with DANKO JONES, and I have seen them a couple of times through the years.
They played mainly old classics, which means most (or maybe all) of my favorite songs, and not so many new ones from the 2 latest albums (even though there was a couple of favorites from them as well). And the show was filmed, but I'm not sure if it will be a digital release or a new DVD.
As usual with Danko Jones there was a lot of talking between the songs. He was impressed that there was so much people showing up on a Wednesday, and started to talk about playing there on New Years Day. He also seemed to like Göteborg (aka Gothenburg) a lot.
It was much people and hot like a sauna. But I don't think it was completely sold out. There couldn't have been that much tickets left though. I could at least walk around and take photos from various places without any problem. The only problem is that Pustervik is a very dark venue, and my camera is probably not the best. A bad combination. But I usually succeed to get some o.k. photos at least.
Danko Jones  Danko Jones  Danko Jones  Danko Jones  Danko Jones  Danko Jones  Danko Jones  Danko Jones
OCTOBER 15, 2015

The SECRET VI: Mixed Episode - EP
Guitarist Scotty CH was previously a member of OTEP, with whom he spent 3 years together with. He left the band in 2009, and shortly after that he formed The SECRET VI, who released their first album, "Eclipse Of The Soul", in 2010.
This EP begins with the mid-tempo rocker "Plastic Smile". To me it sounds like KORN or something. But to my defense I would like to say that I have not heard that much with them. So I'm probably totally wrong there. Hard and heavy, but melodic anyhow.
"You're All Bark" is almost like rap metal meets industrial metal in a skull-crusher game. For some reason I think of KORN here too.
The last song, "Driven", is the most aggressive track on this release. And guess what? This one also sounds like KORN to me.
Pretty o.k. stuff, but not a band that I want a whole album with.
(Label and release date unknown..)
OCTOBER 14, 2015

ZIERLER is the brainchild of Danish prog metal keyboardist Finn Zierler. This international band consist of current and former members of BEYOND TWILIGHT, HALFORD, SCAR SYMMETRY and FIREWIND, among others.
There's plenty of influences here, like QUEEN, Devin Townsend and DREAM THEATER for example. They are often on the thin line between genius and insanity. But that's probably just a prog metallers wet dream I suppose.
All musicians are good of course, but the one that impress me most is the vocalist, Kelly Sundown Carpenter. That man can really sing! He really save it and make this album a little better. Because if this would have been an instrumental orchestra, they would probably drive me insane more or less.
If you're a fan of progressive metal, then this is something you have to check out of course.
Release date: October 16, 2015 (Vanity Music Group)
OCTOBER 14, 2015

TOPPER: Get In The Line - Album
Punk rock from Sweden in the old British tradition. Bands like STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, BUZZCOCKS and The CLASH are mentioned as influences for this band. So it's pretty melodic stuff, but not pop punk because of that. There's still energy in their songs.
TOPPER comes from Stockholm and formed in 2000. But the members have been playing in different bands since the 80s. "Get In The Line" is their third full length, and it was recorded and produced by Ulf Ivarsson (Thåström, Olle Ljungström, HEDNINGARNA etc.).
The English might not always be that good, but it's a little charming and something you can smile at. Otherwise there isn't much to complain about, because this is a really good album with many nice songs.
Release date: October 16, 2015 - vinyl: Dec. 11 (AMTY Records)
OCTOBER 13, 2015

MINDLESS SINNER: The New Messiah - Album
They might not be as well-known as HEAVY LOAD for example. But they were around at the same time as them. I didn't know about them anyway, and I have lived in Sweden all my life. On the other hand this band was from the small town Linköping and not 1 of the big cities.
MINDLESS SINNER released their first EP, "Master Of Evil", in 1983, and their first album, "Turn On The Power", in 1986. The second album, "Missin' Pieces", and the single "Heaven Will Know" was released in 1989. That became their last releases, because in 1990 the band split up. But now a new album is finally here after 29 years of silence. It's very catchy and melodic, but still heavy metal. Or pure Swedish steel as I prefer to call it.
These guys can really play, and they deliver a lot of good songs on this album. So you would not want to miss this album. It's a must if you like good old heavy metal!
Release date: October 16, 2015 (Pure Steel Records)
OCTOBER 12, 2015

GRAVE: Out Of Respect For The Dead - Album
Well, I guess it's not exactly any news to you that these Swedish death metal veterans have been around since the late 80s. Members have come and left through the years. An album have been released a little now and then. And so on.. No matter if death metal have been "trendy" or not, the band has always been there. And they are definitely not about to get any weaker.
Vocalist/guitarist Ola Lindgren have been sailing this metal ship on the sea of death through all the years. Today's lineup also consist of Ronnie Bergerståhl on drums, Tobias Cristiansson on bass and Mika Langrén on guitar.
This album is full of excellent death metal songs that everybody into this genre should like. It might not be the album of the year, but it's definitely much better than some other stuff in this genre of a million bands.
Release date: October 16, 2015 (Century Media)
OCTOBER 11, 2015

MÄRVEL and HONEYMOON DISEASE at Sticky Fingers in Göteborg, Sweden On October 9, 2015
Oops! This review seems to be lost. Sorry about that. I still have the photos though:
Marvel  Marvel  Marvel  Marvel  Marvel  Marvel  Marvel  Marvel  Marvel  Marvel  Marvel  Marvel  Marvel  Marvel  Marvel  Marvel  Marvel  Marvel  Marvel
Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease  Honeymoon Disease
OCTOBER 10, 2015

Roger Karlsson: Kysser Sörmlands Jord - Album
A Swedish singer/song writer might not be what you expect to read about here, but I like this stuff, and it doesn't happen too often that I get this kind of music (and that's alright, because I don't want to get an overdose of it).
Roger doesn't just give us slow and melancholy songs, there's actually a little action (in lack of a better word) sometimes. But it's actually more pop than rock to be honest.
This man has been playing with the Swedish bands INFERNO and TUK TUK RALLY. But that was many years ago. This is his sixth solo album.
Could be worth checking out if you like singer/song writers like Stefan Sundström, Lars Demian and Lars Winnerbäck.
(Beat Butchers)
OCTOBER 9, 2015

James Stevenson: Everything's Getting Closer To Being Over - Album
This was much more calm than what I usually use to get for review. Some kind of melodic rock for lazy days. It seems like this guy concentrate more on making a good song than to rock hard. I think that a band like TOTO rock harder than this.
But it's of course not how hard you rock that matters. It's how good your songs are that counts. And I think he has a couple of good ones here, but none of them will be a hit.
What got me interested in this man was that he has been a member of the punk rock bands CHELSEA and GENERATION X, as well as rock bands like The CULT and The ALARM. But I can't hear anything of that here. And then I read that the album is produced by Peter Walsh (SIMPLE MINDS, Peter Gabriel, Scott Walker). How rock n roll is that? Not so much. But among the guest artists are actually members from JETHRO TULL, KILLING JOKE, SEX PISTOLS, The CULT etc.
He obviously wanted to do his own thing, and I think he have definitely done that. Which doesn't mean that it's weird or something. So don't you worry about that. But this is just a album for those who are looking for something soft.
Release date: October 9, 2015 (Pink Gun Records)
OCTOBER 8, 2015

TRANCEMISSION: Paranoia - Album
Welcome to a night at the opera! Because that is what these 55.21 minutes sounds like. A hard rock and heavy metal opera with catchy songs and very good vocals.
This German band was formerly known as TRANCE, and that band existed already in the 80s, and have released 4 albums through the years.
This album is full of really good songs, that I think everybody who like hard rock and heavy metal should like. 14 songs is a little too much though. They could easily have thrown away 4 tracks (like the German opera intro and the title track for example).
Release date: October 9, 2015 (Pure Rock Records)
OCTOBER 7, 2015

CREATURE: Ride The Bullet - Album
German melodic heavy metal band that is back after 10 years of silence. It sounds like back in the 80s and it's pretty good stuff. There's definitely some really good songs here. But "Bitch Part I" was very corny. And "Bitch Part II" got very silly lyrics ("I am the best, fuck the rest", come on, that was something you said when you were a kid). Some of the songs actually sounds like something from the JUDAS PRIEST albums "Turbo" or "Point Of Entry".
15 tracks is much, but it could be worth a try at least. There's no doubt about that.
(Karthago Records)
OCTOBER 6, 2015

POWER THEORY: Driven By Fear - Album
US power/heavy metal band from Pennsylvania who released their first album, "Out Of The Ashes...", in 2011. Their next album, "An Axe To Grind", came out in 2012. And after 3 years their third album, "Driven By Fear", is here.
They have a new singer, Jeff Rose (METADOX, ex-LIVESAY), but otherwise it's the same thing as before. The album has been produced by ACCEPT bassist Peter Baltes.
They have some very strong songs here, so this could definitely be worth checking out. Especially if you're into bands like ICED EARTH, IRON MAIDEN, ACCEPT, SAXON, JUDAS PRIEST and HAMMERFALL for example.
There's no idea to mention any favorite songs, because all songs are great (or at least good).
Release date: October 9, 2015 (Pure Steel Records)
OCTOBER 6, 2015

NUCLEAR DETONATION: Living Dead, Sons Of The Lobotomy - Album
NUCLEAR DETONATION was born in 2012 in Reggio Calabria, in the southern part of Italy. They play thrash metal in the good old way, and this is their first album, which was first released on cassette. Now it has been released on CD as well.
8 tracks is what you're going to get if you check this out. And I actually think that you should check this out, because this is a pretty good band.
But o.k., they have their weaker material too, like the heavy second track, "Slow Decay" and the instrumental stuff for example.
The last song, "Nuclear Detonation", is my favorite. It reminds me a little of early METALLICA actually.
(Iron Shield Records)
OCTOBER 5, 2015

LACHRYMOSE: Carpe Noctum - Album
First a useless intro, and then false female vocals. Couldn't they have found a better singer? It seems like she's trying to sing like all these opera/metal bands, but unfortunately it end up sounding like shit. I might be a little too brave now, but I actually think that even I could do it better. The other members seems to be good though, but that doesn't help much as the damage is already done.
So what should they do then? As I see it they have 2 options: Learn the singer how to sing the way she wants to, or kick her and get somebody better (I'm not interested by the way).
This band comes from Greece and play dark melodic doom metal. This is their first album, so there's still some hope at least.
(Pure Steel Publishing)
OCTOBER 5, 2015

SCYTHE FOR SORE EYES: Dawn Of A Darker Horizon - Album
This is a Helsinki, Finland based melodic "dark n jolly" band founded in 2013. This is their debut album, which is a combination of rough rock n roll groove and dark-flavored metal atmosphere. It was released in June, but I have been very busy with a lot of stuff to review (and still is).
Pretty good stuff. Best tracks: "Bring The Bottle" and "Selfkiller"..
(Inverse Records)
OCTOBER 3, 2015

RIFFTERA: Pitch Black - Album
The first seconds is the best part of this album, because then it sounds like good old heavy metal. But RIFFTERA is a band from Vaasa in Finland who are influenced by melodic death metal and thrash metal, among many other genres. To me it sounds like groove metal though.
The band took its first steps in 2010, but it's not until now that their first album has been released (about a month ago to be more exactly).
Good, but I have heard better than this.
(Inverse Records)
OCTOBER 3, 2015

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