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Depressive weather and depressive music. Not always the best combination. It doesn't exactly make you happier. But Finland is hardly known for producing happy music. The only artists I can come up with that is a little happy, that comes from that country, is HANOI ROCKS and their frontman Michael Monroe. Everything else that I have heard is either hard and aggressive or melancholy and heavy. But I must admit that there's a lot of good bands. No doubt about that.
And now that the summer takes its last breath, this is a good soundtrack for those dark and rainy and boring shit days. It's described as a blend of atmospheric melodies and aggressive melancholy, with elements of doom, death and post shades of metal.
You get 3 originals and 2 covers on this record. Most of the songs are over 7 minutes long. 3 songs are in English, while 2 are in Finnish. I prefer English. Finnish is good for hardcore/punk though.
(Inverse Records)
OCTOBER 3, 2015

BARROWS: Swine Race - Album
I guess that most people outside of the metal scene would call this just a hell of a noise. And I'm almost ready to agree. But just almost, because I can at least hear that they seems to be pretty good musicians. They doesn't take the easiest way to get through a song. It's actually a little advanced/technical here and there. But in the end this is not really my cup of tea.
(Inverse Records)
OCTOBER 3, 2015

RESURRECTURIS: Nazienda - Album
If I don't remember it totally wrong, British punk band SHAM 69 once did an album about a week in a worker's life. This Italian extreme metal band have done a album about a day in a worker's life (everyday is more or less the same to them).
The album title is a neologism that merges the words "nazism" and the Italian word "azienda" (company/corporation). It's meant to be tragic and ironic at the same time, and it has nothing to do with racism. I think it's more like that working places are more or less the same as concentration camps (that's how I see it anyway).
This is a divided album. It goes in all kinds of directions, so it's a little hard to concentrate. Sometimes it's very soft, sometimes extremely hard, and anything between that too. I'm pretty sure that they have been working very hard with this concept album, and probably for a very long time. But they have definitely made better albums than this.
Now I might sound very hard, but I can admit that there's some good parts on this album too. And you should give it a couple of listenings to understand it a little better.
This band began their metal journey in 1990, so they are not exactly a new band. They have not released that many albums through the years though (I guess they have been working). This is their fourth album, which also includes a graphic novel.
RESURRECTURIS is hardly a band that will be among the big names in the metal scene, so unfortunately they will have to continue with their day jobs. No matter how much it sucks.
(Mighty Music)
OCTOBER 2, 2015

THUNDERMOTHER: Road Fever - Album
THUNDERMOTHER is an all-female hard rock n roll band based in Stockholm, Sweden, but the members comes from different places in Sweden, as well as from Italy and Ireland too.
These women really know how to rock! Believe in me, because I have seen them live, so I know what I'm talking about. And it's nice to hear that they also can kick arse on record. This album is so damned good that you just must check it out at once! Not a single bad song on the whole album!
Album of the week! No doubt about that!
Favorite song: "It's Just A Tease".
OCTOBER 1, 2015

QUEENSRŸCHE: Condition Hüman - Album
Queensryche in Sweden
So, QUEENSRŸCHE are back with a new album, and the competion with OPERATION: MINDCRIME (with their original singer Geoff Tate) has begun (again).
I don't really know, but I got a feeling that the last album was much better. That doesn't mean that this album is bad though. It's just not as good as last time. That's all I say. Which is weird as I think they sound more like IRON MAIDEN than ever before. But even IRON MAIDEN have made a couple of weaker albums through the years.
It gets better and better the more I listen though. And that's always something positive at least. And I can't see any reason why you should not check this out.
Release date: October 2, 2015 (Century Media)
SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

MALEVOLENT CREATION: Dead Man's Path - Album
This is like getting raped by a dryer. They rape your body and soul, but they do it with heat. After all it's death metal that we get here, but mixed up with a lot of thrash too. It's done with the bywords: "It shall be heavy, it shall be hard, it shall be fast". First-rate brutality, but never too extreme though.
Death metal bands are hardly famous for making any ballads, and you won't find any here either. Simply death/thrash metal of the best brand.
MALEVOLENT CREATION formed in 1987 already in Buffalo, and there's still 3 original members in the band: guitarist Phil Fasciana, vocalist Bret Hoffmann and basist Jason Blachowitz. The other members are their old drummer Justin DiPinto (who did his latest job with the band on 2002s "The Will To Kill"), who has returned to the band, and on second guitar we have Gio Geraca.
The album, which is the first in 5 years, was produced by the band and living metal legend Dan Swanö, who also mixed the album.
Release date: October 2, 2015 (Century Media)
SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

HEART OF A COWARD: Deliverance - Album
A little heavier hardcore/metal from UK. This is their third album. Not bad at all. They have the good taste to mix the brutal and hard with softer and melodic parts. But it's mainly pretty hard metal that you're going to get.
I think you will like this if you're into this genre. I'm not really sure what else there is to say about this..
Release date: October 2, 2015 (Century Media)
SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

ANTROPOFAGO: Ære Dementiæ - Album
After 1 and a half year of delay French technical/progressive death metallers ANTROPOFAGO have released the follow up to 2011's "Beyond Phobia". It's a pretty brutal story, but luckily not too extreme. You might not forget your pills though, because sometimes they are really technical.
A pretty o.k. album. No more no less. Some songs are better than others though, and I'm pretty sure that if you're into this kind of stuff, then you will like this.
(Kaotoxin Records)
SEPTEMBER 29, 2015

ENDE: The God's Rejects - Demo
..and here's another band that can be described as a hell of a noise. But this was hardly never made to be any nice love songs, as it's supposed to be black metal. Really primitive black metal.
This is a 4-track demo from 2008 that was never released, and I can't really get why anybody think it's so good that it have to be released now. It should have been forgotten instead.
(Cold Dark Matter Records)
SEPTEMBER 29, 2015

FULLY CONSUMED: Incendium - Album
Fast, brutal and intense death metal that makes me speechless. Because what else is there to say? But o.k., it's far away from the most extreme and intense that I've ever heard. This is still music at least. Always something..
But I'm still not completely satisfied. I guess it's just not my kind of band. I have heard a lot worse though. No doubt about that. And I never said that they suck. It's not that bad.
A quick unpolished version of this album was released in 2014, but the band was unhappy with the quality and felt it inferior, so the band has now "reissued" this new version. Give it a try and don't always listen to what I say.
(Art Consumed Records)
SEPTEMBER 29, 2015

I didn't really expect that a punk band would do a split record with a country/blues band, but now it has happened.
The MALINGERERS play old time country/blues. Which is a mixture of traditional country, blues and rock n roll. Not the kind of stuff I use to listen to, but I like what I hear. The band comes from Peterborough, UK just like The DESTRUCTORS.
The DESTRUCTORS should be familiar to regular visitors of this site. They play punk, and they do it good. These songs are just as good as usual. Not much else to say..
(Rowdy Fargo Records)
www.themalingerers.co.uk   www.destructors.co.uk
SEPTEMBER 28, 2015

RAUBTIER: Den Sista Kulan - Single
The first single from their new upcoming album, which will be their fifth album, and it should be out early 2016. It sounds more or less as usual, so it's good of course. They succeed to deliver yet another "hit", so old fans should not be dissapointed. But they might not win that many new fans either.
I don't really know what else to say..
(Despotz Records)
SEPTEMBER 28, 2015

MÅNEGARM: Urminnes Hävd - The Forest Sessions (Re-mastered) - Album
This band should be well-known here by now. But on this album it's not the usual folk/black metal (or whatever I should call it). No, here they go all in on the folk thing, with more female vocals than usual. Much softer than usual as you can understand. But don't expect any happy love songs because of that.
This is not what I use to write about on this site as it's called Hard Rock Info. But as I have been writing about all their previous re-issues, I can just as well write about this one too, as it's obviously an important part of their collection.
(Black Lodge Records)
SEPTEMBER 28, 2015

MÄRVEL: L.O.V.E. Machine - Single
A new single from the latest album with Swedish rock n roll punks MÄRVEL. And they do a cover of the W.A.S.P. classic "L.O.V.E. Machine". This version is a little more rock n roll than the usual metal version, but it's still a damned good song! No doubt about that! It would be very interesting to hear the new album.
The band called on legendary producer Fred Estby, and locked themselves up in his studio Gutterview Recorders. The result became the album "The Hills Have Eyes", which is said to have a September 18 release date, so it should already be out (so where's my copy for review then? I hate when I just get a single and no album!).
(Killer Cobra Records)
SEPTEMBER 27, 2015

AUDREY HORNE: Pure Heavy - Album
This band comes from Bergen, Norway and formed in 2002 already, but I've never paid any attention to this band before. Which seems to have been a huge mistake as this album is great. Why haven't I heard them until now? (but better late than never at all as the teacher said to the pupil who was always late).
I guess we can call it modern melodic hard rock. And they actually reminds me of VAN HALEN in many of these songs, which isn't bad at all.
The album isn't exactly new, as it came out a year ago. I'm not really sure why I didn't get it then, but now they were going on a European tour (that is already over) and this album was included in the e-mail, so I thought that I should give it a try.
If this band play live anywhere near you, check them out!
(Napalm Records)
SEPTEMBER 26, 2015

ALBATROSS: Fear From The Skies - Album
I guess this is supposed to be scary heavy metal, but unfortunately the 2 first tracks sounds more like a really silly circus band. But in the third track they finally start to sound like a heavy metal band, and that's much better of course. They should concentrate on that instead of the silly circus crap, because it's not bad at all.
This band comes from India. They have previously released 2 albums, 1 EP and 1 split release.
(Transcending Obscurity India)
SEPTEMBER 26, 2015

BLOOD: Christbait - Album
No song is longer than 3.22 minutes. And the shortest is just 10 seconds. We get as much as 20 tracks with this death metal/grindcore band. Which is a lot. Not so bad. Somewhere in the middle on a scale.
BLOOD was formed in 1986 as a fun-noise core band and recorded 3 demos. In 1987 they became more serious, and in 1989 they released their debut album, "Impulse To Destroy" (Wild Rags). In 1992 they signed with the German label 1MF Recordes and recorded the "Christbait" album, which is now re-released by Vic Records.
Release date: September 28, 2015 (Vic Records)
SEPTEMBER 25, 2015

MONASTERY: Ripping Terror 91 - EP
6 tracks. All are around 2 minutes. Sounds like an old demo recording. And that's actually just what it is.
The band was formed during the ENTOMBED / DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA / SINISTER tour in Europe in 1991. SINISTER members Aad Kloosterwaard (drums/vocals), Ron van de Polder (guitars/vocals) and ENTOMBED bass player Lars Rosenberg (also in THERION and SERPENT later on) wanted to play extreme and fast death metal/grindcore together. So they wrote some brutal tracks, rehearsed several times in Roterdam and recorded this demo in 4 days.
This re-issue on CD comes as an exclusive eco digi pack.
Hardly a masterpiece, but pretty o.k. anyway.
Release date: September 28, 2015 (Vic Records)
SEPTEMBER 25, 2015

ALFAHANNE: Blod Eld Alfa - Album
ALFAHANNE was formed in 2010 in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Thier music is a mixture of black metal, punk, classic rock and new wave, which gives them a unique sound. All lyrics are in Swedish.
I have not heard this band before, but this sounds really good. It's a pretty dark and melancholy album that get stuck in your head and won't leave you alone. I think that both those who like new wave and those who like metal could like this band. And if you happens to like both, I can't see any reason why you should not check this out. I think we can call this dark metal-rock.
Eskilstuna doesn't seems to be a happy place. But I guess it has its shady areas just like most other towns.
(Dark Essence Records)
SEPTEMBER 24, 2015

DIABOL BORUTA: Stare Gledzby - Album
Polish folk metal band with lyrics in Polish (the 2 last songs are English versions though). Something for fans of bands like ENSIFERUM, FINNTROLL and KORPIKLAANI (who they do a cover of).
I have been listening a couple of times now, and I must say that they have a couple of really good songs here. So it could actually be worth checking out, even though you might not understand a thing of what they sing about (unless you're Polish then).
Release date: September 25, 2015 (Pure Steel Publishing)
SEPTEMBER 23, 2015

Bob Malmström: Kejsarsnitt - 7" EP (also digital)
Ah, this was a nice surprise! I have heard about this band but I don't really remember if I ever have heard them before.
This sounds really good though! Raw punk (or hardcore/punk if you prefer that) from Finland in Swedish with funny song titles that just people who know Swedish will understand. The first song reminds me of my hardcore/punk friends in RAJOITUS (who sing in Finnish actually). The rest of the songs are more like aggressive punk.
All songs are damned good (o.k., the Tomas Ledin cover isn't so hot, but it's at least not 1 of his more pathetic songs), so this is definitely something that you should check out!
(Elitbolaget/Playground Music)
SEPTEMBER 22, 2015

CASABLANCA: Closer - Single
CASABLANCA is a Swedish rock band formed in 2007, but spent the first 2 years rehearsing and writing songs in secret. "Closer" is the second single from the upcoming album, "Miskatonic Graffiti", which will be released on September 25. It will be their third album.
A good song, no doubt about that, but I think the first single was even better actually, even though this song grows stronger and stronger for each time I listen to it.
It could be interesting to hear their new album..
(Despotz Records)
facebook.com/casablanca   youtu.be/dwDLe_ajxOM
SEPTEMBER 21, 2015

PARKWAY DRIVE: Vice Grip/Crushed - Single
This is the first 2 songs from the Australian band PARKWAY DRIVE's fifth album, "Ire", which will be released on September 25. I have actually never heard this band before, but after hearing these 2 songs I would describe their music as melodic hardcore/metal.
These songs are good. No doubt about that. "Vice Grip" is my favorite though. It's more melodic and sing-along friendly, while "Crushed" is heavier and a little bit more aggressive.
Could be worth checking out..
(Epitaph Records)
SEPTEMBER 21, 2015

SPIDERS at Liseberg in Göteborg, Sweden on September 19, 2015
So, back to Liseberg again to see and hear some 70s rock. SPIDERS must be 1 of the best bands in this genre, and they was very good as usual of course. I really like this band!
They seemed to be happy to play there, and they even played a new song for us.
I don't really know what else there is to say..
Spiders   Spiders   Spiders   Spiders   Spiders   Spiders
SEPTEMBER 20, 2015

AT THE GATES at Liseberg in Göteborg, Sweden on September 18, 2015
I thought that I had already seen the most extreme stuff at this amusement park. I have seen punk bands on the small stage, as well as Alice Cooper and GHOST on the big stage. But I never thought I would see a death metal band on the big stage. That must be the most extreme music that's been played in the park. So what's next? A black metal band perhaps' But the only Swedish black metal band that could be big enough for the big stage is WATAIN. And they are probably too extreme after all. The other big black metal bands are probably too small for the big stage and too big for the small stage. An interesting thought anyway..
A other interesting thought was something I heard somebody say infront of the stage while we was waiting for the concert to start: "Who would think this when they released 'Gardens Of Grief' (their first 12" EP), that they would play at Liseberg?". It was hardly something you could have guessed in the early 90s. But I'm old enough to realize that nothing is impossible.
The band just got back home to Sweden from a tour in South America. It was a hometown show, so the band was really on fire. Especially the singer. And I'm pretty sure that they did a damned good show, but I realized pretty soon that I didn't really reconize their songs (I actually don't have that many albums with them), so to me it wasn't as good as I expected it to be (but that's just my problem, all the others seemed to enjoy it very much).
At The Gates At The Gates At The Gates At The Gates At The Gates At The Gates At The Gates At The Gates At The Gates At The Gates At The Gates At The Gates
SEPTEMBER 19, 2015

AVULSED: Stabwound Orgasm - Album
Is that artwork really legal? I guess that as long as it's an underground production, not too many people will complain about 2 naked women with blood all over their bodies, who also stab themselves with a knife in the throat.
But maybe I should tell you about the music instead? And what this band play is death metal in the good old tradition, which is the best stuff according to me, so I like this.
This is actually a re-issue of their second album from 1999, with 2 live tracks from 1997 as a bonus. It's considered to be one of the best albums of the band, and it's definitely worth checking out. No doubt about that!
(Xtreem Music)
SEPTEMBER 17, 2015

WITCHSORROW: No Light, Only Fire - Album
Here's some doom for you. And it's yet another album that I don't really know what else there is to say about. It's just as heavy as doom bands use to be, and they have some good melodies too. And the singer actually sing. So no growl here (which is good when we talk doom metal).
8 tracks is what you're going to get, and some songs are really long (10.07-14.24), while some are a little shorter (4.35-6.37). Really good stuff that I think that you should check out. That's all I have to say..
Release date: September 18, 2015 (Candlelight Records)
SEPTEMBER 16, 2015

UGLY KID JOE: Uglier Than They Used Ta Be - Album
After a 19-year hiatus, UGLY KID JOE return with a new studio album. And it's a really fantastic album that we get. All songs are good, even the slow ones. But I don't really understand why they decided to do a cover of "Papa Was A Rolling Stone".
MOTÖRHEAD guitarist Phil Campbell guest on 3 tracks.
This is definitely a album that you should check out.
Release date: September 18, 2015 (Metalville)
SEPTEMBER 15, 2015

SMASH IT UP: Westcoast Democracy - Album
Smash It Up
Punk rock from the streets of Göteborg (aka Gothenburg) on the Swedish west coast. The members comes from bands like SPEEDFREAKS, TROUBLEMAKERS, SACRED SAILORS and ON PAROLE.
SMASH IT UP released their first album, "Not Aiming - Just Swinging", in 2009. It was followed by 2 EP's: "Borderlines" (2011) and "Billy & Rudy" (2013).
Their music have its roots in the British scene. No advanced stuff here, just pure punk rock with a touch of rock n roll and street punk. Very easy to sing-along to (especially after a couple of beers I suppose, have not tried that yet). Very catchy and a lot of melody. Pure punk rock glow.
(AMTY Records)
SEPTEMBER 14, 2015

SMASH IT UP and CITY SAINTS at Prins Victor in Göteborg, Sweden on September 12, 2015
I had never been to Prins Victor before, but I expected that it would be a bar/restaurant. It turned out that it was a very small private club that wasn't bigger than my apartment. A pretty cool place though.
I was the first visitor, so it wasn't much more people than those who worked there and some band members. But after a while more and more people showed up, and it was soon pretty full.
The first band on stage was CITY SAINTS. Some kind of punk rock from the streets that was very good. They did a really good show and played both their own songs and a few covers. A band worth checking out.
City Saints   City Saints   City Saints   City Saints   City Saints   City Saints   City Saints   City Saints   City Saints
Next band was SMASH IT UP, who also delivered a really good show and played punk rock from the streets. A very good band! You have to check them out!
This was their release party for their new album, "Westcoast Democrazy" (review should be up tomorrow), which as far as I know would be released next Friday, but they already had it for sale on both LP and CD.
Smash It Up   Smash It Up   Smash It Up   Smash It Up   Smash It Up   Smash It Up
SEPTEMBER 13, 2015

The DAMNED: Fiendish Shadows / Punk Oddities And Rare Tracks - Album / Album
The Damned
Westworld Recordings have started to reissue some records with the British punk rock/new wave legends THE DAMNED. And that's a band that I have started to like more and more. A couple of years ago I just saw them as a new wave band who had done a few good punk rock songs in their early days. And o.k., it might not always be punk rock, but most of their songs are rocking, and most of the songs are good. Man, this band is actually so good that even Lemmy like them!
"Fiendish Shadows" is a live album originally recorded in 1985. The album is said to be very representative of how the band sounded during their "Phantasmagoria" era. There's both old and new material, as well as covers by The 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS and Iggy Pop. A total of 15 tracks, and a really good album.
The title "Punk Oddities And Rare Tracks" speak for itself I guess. This is where you find rare versions and other odd stuff, like live tracks, demos and alternative mixes. These songs was recorded between 1977 and 1982. This is a must for the hardcore fan, but it works just fine for a "normal" fan like me as well. Good stuff of course!
It can't be more than 6 months ago that they released their last live album, and now they release these 2 albums on the same day (and another live album next month). So you can ask if it's really necissery with all these releases with old material. And punks isn't exactly famous for being rich. So who's going to buy all these records?
Release date: September 18, 2015 (Westworld Recordings)
SEPTEMBER 12, 2015

DARK WITCH: The Circle Of Blood - Album
DARK WITCH was actually founded back in 1999 already in a city called Santos in Brazil. But it's not until now that their debut album is released (they have released a couple of demos before though).
Their music is strong heavy metal with melodies, influenced by veterans like GRAVE DIGGER, ICED EARTH, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST and other similar bands from the 70s and 80s.
No, this is nothing new at all, but still really good. 13 tracks might be 3 too many though. For some reason I think 10 tracks is just about enough (but I'm just an old fart from a time when a album usually didn't have more than 9-10 tracks, simply because there wasn't room for more than that on a LP).
(Arthorium Records/Heart Of Steel Records)
SEPTEMBER 11, 2015

SEASON ONE: The Northern Sound - Single
If this is the Northen sound, then I'm Michael Jackson. Because hip hop rock (as I call this) is hardly something I connect with northern Sweden, where this band comes from. And they also talk a lot about a new sound that you never have heard before in the press release. But that's also bullshit, because this kind of music is nothing new at all. The Americans did the same thing about 15 years ago or something like that.
This song is o.k., but not much else. This is hardly the kind of stuff I use to listen to, so who am I to judge?
(Self released?)
SEPTEMBER 10, 2015

SPIRITZ: Stay - Single
This is described as modern alternative rock that is very energetic and catchy. But this song start very calm, and it's never what I would call energetic and catchy. A pretty o.k. song though, so no problem there.
I have been listening to this song a couple of times now, but I don't really know what else there is to say about this.
(Self released?)
SEPTEMBER 10, 2015

HUMAN DESOLATION: Mind Grind Paradigm - Album
I reconize this. I have heard it before. But it's not bad at all. Melodic death metal, or "post-modern alternative death metal" as they call it, is what you get from this Swedish/Finnish band.
The story of HUMAN DESOLATION began in late 2007. The first demo, simply titled "2008 Demo", was released in 2008 (hard to guess huh?), and followed by a EP, "Project Wasteland", which was re-released under the name "Project Wasteland MkII" the next year. They have also released the EP "Realm Of Silence".
O.k., this is really good stuff. So I can't see any reason why you should not check this out.
Release date: September 11, 2015 (Self released)

DEVIL CITY ANGELS: Devil City Angels - Album
Yet another band you could call a all-star band. Or what do you say about this lineup: Tracii Guns (L.A. GUNS), Rikki Rocket (POISON), Rudy Sarzo (QUIET RIOT, Ozzy Osbourne) and Brandon Gibbs (The GIBBS BROTHERS, CHEAP THRILL)?
And just as you can expect it's kick ass party rock n roll all over the menu on this debut album. It will take you back to what it sounded like back in the 70s and the 80s. Sometimes with a touch of blues in the brew, and always with a lot of melody. They actually reminds me of a other all-star band, BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION. But sometimes it's actually almost.. (hrm) ..pop.
This was really good! So of course you should check this out.
European release date: September 11, 2015 / North American release date: September 18, 2015 (Century Media)

BLACK TEMPLE: It All Ends - Album
This is like the failing link between the Swedish skate punk veterans MILLENCOLIN and northern Swedish hardcore veterans RAISED FIST. A little like the Swedish hardcore band MISCONDUCT actually. Maybe a little bit more melodic though. I think we can call this melodic hardcore actually. Damned good anyway!
This band was formerly known as ODYSSEY, and formed in 2010. They comes from Helsingborg, Sweden. "It All Ends" was produced by Magnus Lindberg from CULT OF LUNA.
"It's just the beginning and not the end" as EUROPE sang once upon a time. Definitely a band that you should check out!
(Razzia Notes/Century Media)

ENABLER: Fail To Feel Safe - Album
Hard and heavy hardcore with a touch of metal as well as punk is what we get from this American band. This is their fourth studio album, but they have also released several EP's through the years.
O.k. in small dozes, but it can be a little too much with a whole album at once.
I guess that this should work for both hardcore and metal fans. And I don't really know what else there is to say.. (a short review is also a review).
(Century Media)

SPACE MIRRORS: Stella Polaris - Album
This is described as progressive/dark metal and space metal. And well, they sound a bit spaced out sometimes, and very progressive too. The dark is that the story is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft (how original, not).
Nik Turner (ex-HAWKWIND) guest on 5 tracks, and you could say that SPACE MIRRORS is a little like a darker/more gothic version of HAWKWIND, but with their own twist too of course.
Everything isn't spaced out, dark and progressive though. The second track, "Celephais", is a pretty normal song. It actually reminds me just a little of GHOST actually. It's definitely the best song on this album. But the rest of the songs isn't so bad either, even though there's some crap too.
(Atomic Age Records)

Thåström at Liseberg in Göteborg, Sweden on September 4, 2015
Joakim Thåström is a Swedish rock legend who started his career in the legendary punk band EBBA GRÖN in the late 70s. After that he continued with IMPERIET, and later on a solo career. He also had a industrial band called LOVE PEACE AND PITTBULLS for a couple of years, before he continued as a solo artist again.
The latest albums have been pretty laid-back singer/songwriter stuff, but a little heavier. And that was the kind of material he played most of this evening. There was also a few songs by IMPERIET, like "Jag Är En Idiot" for example, which is 1 of many favorites from that band. Among his older solo material was "Vacker Död Stad", which is damned good too. But no EBBA GRÖN at all! So those who were there to hear some of that must have been very dissapointed.
But I think it was a really good show, even though I coulden't see that much of the stage, so I had to look at a big TV screen instead. But this old veteran is very famous, so there must have been a couple of thousand people in the audience.
This was his last gig on the summer tour.
Thastrom   Thastrom   Thastrom   Thastrom

SNAFU: Present Day Plague - Album
What we get here is as much as 19 tracks of pretty intense thrash metal mixed with hardcore/punk. Similar to what bands like MUNICIPAL WASTE, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and IRON REAGAN are doing, but more crust core.
The band comes from Detroit, and SNAFU means Situation Normal All Fucked Up. Their first full length album, "Fear The Future", was released in 2013. "Present Day Plague" is their second album.
The songs are pretty short, approximatley 1-3 minutes, even though there's 2 songs that are longer than that. I guess this is the kind of album that could fit for both metal and punk fans. And it could actually be worth a try, because it's not bad at all.
(Independent Music Promotions)

UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS: The Night Creeper - Album
This is the fourth album from this British band. They reminds me of early BLACK SABBATH, but with a 60s pop feeling baked in. A little like if you would mix BLACK SABBATH and The BEATLES. That's probably the best way to describe this band's music.
I know that there's a lot of these 60s/70s bands around the world right now, but it's really good stuff that we get here. Almost a little better than everybody else actually. So this is really something that you have to check out.
Enough said about that!
GSA release date: September 4, 2015 / European release date: September 7, 2015 (Rise Above)

BLACK TONGUE: The Unconquerable Dark - Album
This is what I would call really heavy   metal noise. I guess we can call it sludge, even though it's a mixture of doom, death metal and hardcore. It's pretty brutal and dark with a claustrophobic atmosphere. I get tired of this after just a couple of songs, and I wouldn't recomend this to people with a weak heart or bad nerves.
Release date: September 4, 2015 (Century Media)

BLISTERHEAD: Tumbling Down - Album
This is without any doubt the best melodic punkrock album this month! And probably the best since MILLENCOLIN's latest album, "True Brew", was released a couple of months ago. So of course you have to check this out. Especially if you're a fan of bands like RANCID, MILLENCOLIN, SOCIAL DISTORTION, RANDY, The CLASH and BOMBSHELL ROCKS.
This is their fourth album, but the first album I have heard with the band (but hopefully not the last). It's also the first sign of life from the band since 2007s "Under The City Lights". But with this album they prove that they are back stronger than ever before. The album is filled with songs about justice for the common man, immigration rights and fear of the rightwing movement that is spreading over Europe during the last couple of years. Which is accompanied by hard-hitting choruses and strong melodies.
Man, I guess I have just found a new favorite band to keep an eye on! And that doesn't happen every day. Probably not even every week (and I listen to a lot of music).
Release date: September 3, 2015 (Punkebjartes Punkeplater/Snack Ohm Tapes)
AUGUST 31, 2015

This band decided to play 4 covers (CANDLEMASS, LED ZEPPELIN, EMPEROR and PINK FLOYD) and 2 of their own songs. The covers was a good idea, because their own songs wasn't much to have. I like the songs by CANDLEMASS and LED ZEPPELIN best, but that's most likely because those are the only songs that I have heard before. The 2 original songs are a re-worked version of an old song, and a taste of a brand new single that will appear on their next album, titled "Memoriam".
And is it really a EP by the way? Just the LED ZEPPELIN song last for 13.27 minutes, so the whole record is over 30 minutes long.
OCEANS OF SLUMBER are a female-fronted progressive metal band from Houston, TX, USA founded in 2011.
(Century Media)
AUGUST 30, 2015

BLACK TRIP, HYPNOS at Sticky Fingers in Göteborg, Sweden on August 28, 2015
O.k. I'm not the one who write a lot about the bands I have seen, so this will be short and a couple of photos as usual.
HYPNOS was the first band, and they played some kind of 70s hard rock with a touch of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. Damned good! Definitely a band that you should check out at once. Why didn't I buy a record with them?
Hypnos   Hypnos   Hypnos   Hypnos   Hypnos   Hypnos   Hypnos   Hypnos   Hypnos   Hypnos   Hypnos   Hypnos   Hypnos
BLACK TRIP consist of some death metal veterans from Stockholm that wanted to play some good old heavy metal in 70s/80s style, with some twin guitars and a lot of melody. A band that I really like, and that's why I went to this concert. This was a release party for their second album, "Shadowline", which I bought after the show since I didn't get it for review. They did a really good job and was just as good as I expected. If you don't know this band already, it's definitely about time that you check them out.
Black Trip   Black Trip   Black Trip   Black Trip   Black Trip   Black Trip   Black Trip   Black Trip   Black Trip   Black Trip   Black Trip   Black Trip   Black Trip
AUGUST 29, 2015

TOSELAND: Renegade - Album
This band is fronted by double world superbike champion James Toseland. The music is modern, powerful hard rock, and I think he sounds a little like Gary Moore and Glenn Hughes actually. Sometimes there's even a touch of AC/DC too ("Burning The System"). He might not be as good as those artists, but definitely good enough to be worth checking out. No doubt about that, because there's lots of really good songs here. None of the songs suck.
Best song: "Singer In A Band".
Release date: August 28, 2015 (Metalville)
AUGUST 27, 2015

SHADOWKILLER: Until The War Is Won - Album
2 years after their debut album, "Slaves Of Egypt", their second album is here. And what we get is power metal with a progressive hint, done the American way (they're from Northern California).
Well, they definitely have a couple of good songs here. No doubt about that. So all I have to say is that you really should check this out.
Release date: August 28, 2015 (Pure Steel Records)
AUGUST 26, 2015

ADLIGATE: New Blood Old Chapter - Album
To start a album with 3.50 instrumental minutes before there's any vocals isn't such a good idea if you want to impress me (I still hate useless intros).
ADLIGATE was born in 2007, but this is their first album. The music is groove metal/hard rock. A little like grunge, but less depressive.
Pretty good stuff, but I don't really have that much else to say about it.
(Self released)
AUGUST 26, 2015

STONE THE CROWZ: Protest Songs 85-86 - Album
True British 80s anarcho punk from the squats and streets of East London (Essex to be exact). Something for fans of RUDIMENTARY PENI, CRASS and similar UK bands. Really good even though there isn't that much variation. Both the vocals and the music is more or less the same all the way. And was it really necissery to include some of the songs 2 times? Definitely worth checking out though.
The band recorded their first 6-track demo in 1985, where all the anarcho subjects were covered. But with 3 vegetarians and 1 vegan in the band, their real passion was animal rights. A second demo with a much angrier feel soon followed, and tracks from both demos was released on a couple of vinyl records. But the band disbanded soon after due to musical differences, with a metal edge was now being incorporated into the song writing.
Steve (drums) went on to release the "Out From The Void" EP by ANTI-SECT, which helped kick start a whole new genre of punk metal/crust, which in turn inspired Trev S (vocals or guitar or both?) and Matt (bass) to form AXEGRINDER.
Release date: August 28, 2015 (Overground)
AUGUST 25, 2015

Chris Caffery: Your Heaven Is Real - Album
It was hardly the most exiting 66.25 minutes the first time I heard this album. But I have to admit that it's not totally hopeless. There is actually some good stuff too. I guess I just expected a little more from a man who have been a member of both SAVATAGE and TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA, (not that I have heard that much with any of the bands, but I have heard about them of course).
If you still think that you want to check this out, you will get 13 tracks of heavy metal/US metal. But don't expect any big hits or anthems that you can sing-along to. I guess it could still be worth checking out though.
AUGUST 24, 2015

MASTERS OF METAL: From Worlds Beyond - Album
A band from L.A. that consist of members from AGENT STEEL, POSSESSED, BODY COUNT and FATES WARNING. But to call themselves MASTERS OF METAL is really big words. Sure, they have a couple of really good songs. But there's no songs that are extra good. On the other hand nothing really sucks either, and that's always something I guess.
The music is a mixture of good old heavy metal in the harder league, as well as some speed and thrash metal. And they burn off 11 tracks in 47 minutes.
AUGUST 24, 2015

METALLICA at Ullevi in Göteborg, Sweden on August 22, 2015
METALLICA played the biggest-ever hard rock concert in Sweden last night (Saturday, August 22) in front of over 63,063 screaming fans at Ullevi Stadium in Göteborg.
I have seen the band a couple of times before, and it's never a boring company. But for some reason this wasn't as fun as the other times I have seen them.
They kicked off with "Fuel", "For Whom The Bell Tolls" and "Battery", which was very good. But they also played odd stuff like "The Day That Never Comes" and "The Frayed Ends Of Sanity", which wasn't so funny. And I didn't see anything of the band as I was standing too far away, so I couldn't take any photos either.
Support act was MESHUGGAH. I havn't seen them in many, many years, and I wasn't so impressed then, so I didn't check them out.
AUGUST 23, 2015

BÄDDAT FÖR TRUBBEL at Röda Sten in Göteborg, Sweden on August 22, 2015
So, after METALLICA I followed some friends to a punk concert. I don't remember who the other bands was, but we arrived in time for BÄDDAT FÖR TRUBBEL, who did a really good show. I really like their punk rock n roll. Definitely a band that you should check out.
That's all I have to say about that..
Unfortunately no photos of this band either.
AUGUST 23, 2015

The BOHICAS: Swarm - Single
Alternative and pretty catchy rock with a garage rock energy, and a singer who almost sounds like Plastic Bertrand. Pretty cool stuff actually. This song was better than the last single.
These 4 men from England released their debut album, "The Making Of", on August 21, and this single comes from that album.
Could be worth checking out actually..
AUGUST 22, 2015

The BOHICAS: The Making Of - Album
The 2 latest singles, "Where You At" and "Swarm", was catchy rock with a touch of garage rock, but the rest of this debut album is actually more soft and melodic. Still catchy though, even if it almost reminds of pop instead of rock sometimes. I guess we can call it British rock n roll for the 21st century.
It's not bad, but I don't really know if this is something for visitors of hardrockinfo.com. I recomend you to check out the singles first. Those are the best songs according to me.
AUGUST 22, 2015

The BOYS at Liseberg in Göteborg, Sweden on August 20, 2015
British punk rock band THE BOYS formed 40 years ago. Their latest studio album, "Punk Rock Menopause", came last year. But they also released a live album recorded in China recently.
The band is now on a short tour of Sweden. And the first show took place at the amusement park/tivoli Liseberg.
You can of course question if this version of the band should be called The BOYS, as there was just 2 original members. The other 3 was Swedish: Martin H-son on drums (ex-FULL METAL JACKETZ, TROUBLEMAKERS), Kent Norberg on bass (SATOR) and Chips Kiesby on guitar (SATOR). Some of the younger people in the audience didn't knew these members, so they got a little surprised when they said something in Swedish.
The band did a good work though. They started with some songs that I didn't knew, and a couple of songs from the latest studio album. But in the second half there was more songs that I knew. Really good show anyway. No doubt about that. And they seemed to have fun, which is good of course.
The Boys   The Boys   The Boys   The Boys   The Boys   The Boys   The Boys   The Boys   The Boys   The Boys   The Boys   The Boys   The Boys
AUGUST 21, 2015

RAISE HELL: Written In Blood - Album
Swedish thrash metal band RAISE HELL are back with a new lineup (featuring ex-DESTRUCTION drummer Sven Vormann, on the album at least). It was 9 years since they released a album last time, and they have been around for as long as almost 20 years already. But this is the first time I have heard anything with them (as far as I can remember).
This is a really strong album with excellent songs. It's something that you just must hear!
What makes this album a little stronger than many other thrash albums, is that there's variation and not the same thing over and over again. There's fast songs, heavy songs and even some more melodic parts here and there.
Release date: August 21, 2015 (Black Lodge Records)
AUGUST 20, 2015

MÅNEGARM: Vredens Tid (Re-mastered) - Album
..and here comes yet another re-issue with these Swedish folk/viking black metallers. What is there to say then that I already have not said? You get 11 tracks on this album, and most of them are just as good as usual. The only track that's useless is "Preludium", which isn't a real song, but more like a middel-tro (or whatever you should call it, useless crap is also a good word for it).
This is hardly something for those of you who want your black metal hard, aggressive and fast. You won't find much of that here. But if you think it's exotic with some Swedish folk metal, then you should try this.
Release date: August 21, 2015 (Black Lodge Records)
AUGUST 20, 2015

Imperial State Electric
Well, this sounds just as usual. In other words just as I expected. But that's on the other hand exactly what I want when it comes to this band. A big doze of more melodic 70s KISS is probably the best description, even though there's more than just KISS in this drink ("Maybe You're Right" sounds like The BEATLES, while "Walk On By" sounds like 60s soul/r&b). Let's just say that this is 1 of Sweden's best rock n roll bands right now.
But how could they go wrong when the members have been playing with The HELLACOPTERS and The DATSUNS for example? That would be enough to make most rockers interested I suppose.
This band have been around a couple of years now, and this is their fourth album. If you have the other albums you should'nt be dissapointed, because this is just as good as all the other albums they have made.
Release date: August 21, 2015 (Psychout Records)
AUGUST 19, 2015

DEAD LORD: Heads Held High - Album
Dead Lord
Odd to start a album with a song called "Farewell".
Their first album, "Goodbye Repentance" (2013), was very colored by the 70s hard rock, and especially THIN LIZZY as singer/guitarist Hakim sound a lot like Phil Lynott, and they also had the typical twin-guitars in some of the songs that THIN LIZZY is well-known for. And not much has changed on this second album, but I wouldn't say that it's exactly the same thing. There's some other influences too. It's still damned good though, so you will check this out of course. Otherwise you're probably stupid and have no taste at all.
The album was recorded in the good old way with a reel-to-reel tape machine.
Release date: August 21, 2015 (Century Media)
AUGUST 18, 2015

BUTCHER BABIES: Take It Like A Man - Album
2 years after their debut album, "Goliath", their second album is here. And that first album wasn't bad at all, but this one is even better according to my opinion.
It's a very brutal metal album filled with a lot of energy, but there's also some melodic and emotional parts here and there. "Thrown Away" is actually more laid-back/slower than the rest (probably the closest they will come to a ballad I suppose, even though I would not call this song a ballad), while "Never Go Back" concentrate more on groove than brutality.
This is definetely a album that you should check out!
Release date: August 21, 2015 (Century Media)
AUGUST 18, 2015

The TERRACES: Empire - Album
It's probably not a too wild guess that these gentlemen have a couple of records with RANCID and The CLASH in their collection, because that's what I hear when I listen to this album.
Their lyrics deal with working class subjects like football passion, street life and suburban life. They are honest and they draw bitter and uncompromising conclusions on the times we live in.
Their songs are really good, so if melodic punk rock is what you like I really recomend you to check this out.
Release date: August 21, 2015 (Westworld Recordings)
AUGUST 17, 2015

OPERATION:MINDCRIME: Re-Inventing The Future - Single
This is former QUEENSRŸCHE vocalist Geoff Tate's new band, and the song comes from their first album, "The Key", which will be released on September 18 via Frontiers Slr. And I don't think it's such a big surprise that the music reminds a little of QUEENSRŸCHE, even though there's something else too.
This song is good, but hardly a smash hit. Far away from the high quality on the early QUEENSRŸCHE albums. But it gets better for each time I listen, so it could still be worth checking out.
Today's version of QUEENSRŸCHE made a great album, and will soon release another album. The question is if OPERATION:MINDCRIME will succeed too. It's not impossible.
(Frontiers Slr)
AUGUST 17, 2015

HARDCORE SUPERSTAR at Götaplatsen in Göteborg, Sweden on August 15, 2015
This show was part of something called Kulturkalaset (don't really know how to translate that to English). A whole week of culture events, but just 1 interesting thing for me. It was better when it was called Göteborgskalaset. But that was many years ago. Then it was always hard rock and metal on Monday.
Leave a sunny Borås for a rainy Göteborg wasn't so nice. But luckily it stopped to rain after a while, and I think the rain went to Borås acually.
When a band like HARDCORE SUPERSTAR is doing a hometown show with free entrance, then you expect that there would be a lot of people. And sure, there was much people, but I thought there would be much more. There was no problem to stand infront of the stage and still be able to move yourself.
Well, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR was just as great as I expected that they would be. Mainly old classics and just 2 new songs from the latest album. There was a female guest apperance on 1 of those new songs (I don't remember her name though).
Hardcore Superstar   Hardcore Superstar   Hardcore Superstar   Hardcore Superstar   Hardcore Superstar   Hardcore Superstar   Hardcore Superstar   Hardcore Superstar
AUGUST 16, 2015

CLOSE QUARTERS: Always Alot, Never Little - Album
You can sum this band up with 3 of the song titles on this debut album: "Always Alot, Never Little", "My Way Or The Highway" and "Friday Feeling". This band will rock your socks off without any excuses, but with a party twist.
It's damned good rock n roll from Sweden we talk about here. A little like action rock mixed up with the party vibe from sleaze rock. Or early The HELLACOPTERS mixed with BACKYARD BABIES' "Total 13" album and a pinch of HARDCORE SUPERSTAR maybe?
But o.k., it might not sound exactly like that, but it's definitely a band that you just must check out! Now I want to see them live too..
Release date: August 19, 2015 (Unknown label)
AUGUST 15, 2015

RIVAL SONS and The GRAVELTONES at Trädgår'n in Göteborg, Sweden on August 13, 2015
There was no information about any support act, but it would of course be too good with just 1 band. The GRAVELTONES was the name of the support act, which was a duo with just guitar and drums (and vocals too of course). I think they sounded a lot like The WHITE STRIPES, so they were pretty good. I don't really know what else there is to say about them..
The Graveltones   The Graveltones   The Graveltones   The Graveltones
It was a couple of years now since I heard RIVAL SONS for the first time. It was when I got their album "Head Down" for review. I really fell for their blues rock, and I wanted to see them live already then. Unfortunately it was sold out when I tried to get a ticket. And it was the same thing next time they came to Göteborg. So this time I got my ticket early, and finally I got 1.
It's not impossible that it was sold out this time too. Or at least nearly sold out. There was a lot of people anyway.
Now I don't have anything to compare with as this was the first time I saw them, but I think they did a really good show, and the rest of the audience seemed to enjoy it too. I would have liked to hear more songs from "Head Down" though, which is my favorite album with RIVAL SONS. But that is the only thing I have to complain about. The rest was great.
1 thing I don't really get though is why they had the concert in-doors when there's a nice park/garden outside. There use to be concerts there, but it was many years since there was anything interesting for me (about 10 years ago I think).
Rival Sons Rival Sons Rival Sons Rival Sons Rival Sons
AUGUST 14, 2015

KYY: Travesty Of Light - EP
KYY is a black metal band from Lahti in Finland who formed in 2013, and this is their debut EP, featuring 4 tracks of straightforward and uncompromising black metal with an in-your-face attitude. They are hardly the fastest band in this genre, but not the most heavy either. And there's no atmosphere or orchestral stuff. Just pure evil.
Pretty o.k., but I have definitely heard better. This is just their first record though. Give it try!
Release date: August 17, 2015 (Saturnal Records)
AUGUST 13, 2015

OBSIDIAN: Time Erodes - Album
I call this groove/macho metal. They call it death metal. Let's call it macho death metal then..
The band have members from France, Germany and Canada, but their home base is in Vancouver, Canada. And you could say that their music is a little progressive actually, but it's luckily no advanced technical stuff here. I guess it could be a good band for those of you who think the traditional old-school bands are too simple, and that modern bands are too technical.
10 tracks is what we get, and I have definitely heard worse. That doesn't mean that I've found a new favorite band though.
In "Useful Idiot" it suddenly goes a little faster, and that sounds a little better than the rest actually. That doesn't really mean that the other songs are slow. Just a little heavier.
(Self released)
AUGUST 12, 2015

The SICKENING: Sickness Unfold - Album
Very fucking intense! Maybe a bit too intense for me actually. This is the second album from this Norwegian brutal death metal band, with the ex-BLOOD RED THRONE drummer in their lineup. They're doing a cover of VILE, which might give you an idea of what they sound like. To me the drums are almost grind core sometimes.
You will be ran over by 10 really brutal and intense death metal songs anyway. So if that sounds tempting, go ahead and try it.
(Xtreem Music)
AUGUST 11, 2015

C.R.O.W.N: Natron - Album
Another dark, cold and heavy album. But is it really metal? There's hard parts too, but sometimes it's pretty soft stuff. I would say that it sounds more like goth sometimes. But sometimes it's more like sludge or just something else, something alternative, and sometimes even electronic and emotional.
It's actually a little hard to get a grip on this band. Really hard to describe their music. But they are compared with bands like early ISIS, GODFLESH, FLOOR and KILLING JOKE. So that might give you an idea?
Is it any good then? Well, it doesn't really suck, but no, this is not my kind of favorite music. But if you like dark and alternative stuff, then this might be something for you.
Release date: August 14, 2015 (Candlelight Records)
AUGUST 10, 2015

MÅNEGARM: Vargaresa - The Beginning (Re-mastered) - Album
The re-issue campaign continues, and I really don't know what there is to say about this band that I haven't already said in my previous reviews.
When this album came out the band had been playing for 9 years, and once in a while they got requests for old demo recordings. So the band made this demo collection with early recordings.
You get 9 folk/black metal songs. 8 in Swedish and 1 in English. It's good as usual, so if you don't have this album already, it might be worth checking out now.
..and just when I was done with this review, I got another re-issue with MÅNEGARM. Expect even more reviews with this band.
(Black Lodge Records)
AUGUST 9, 2015

So here's the third part of their the ages series (their will be a fourth as well). And their music has grown even darker and heavier. They give us 5 tracks of Australian extreme metal, with influences from black, death, groove, folk and classic heavy metal. But it's not just full speed ahead and heaviness all the way. In the short piece "Revere" they slow down a bit before their next attack.
Really good stuff that you should give a try.
AUGUST 8, 2015

Raging thrash metal in true 1986 style is what DEATHSTORM is all about. This Austrian band is fed up with what's going on music-wise in their surroundings, and want to show us all how it's done. What you get is 4 tracks of pretty raw and evil old-school thrash metal. This is definitely not another copy of the more well-known bands in the thrash scene, which was so popular a couple of years ago. Oh no, this stuff has a pinch of black metal in it.
DEATHSTORM was previously called DAMAGE, and released a MLP and a full length on I HATE Records under that name. They are now working on a new album.
Good stuff that could be worth checking out.
(Dying Victims Productions)
AUGUST 6, 2015

TERROR: The 25th Hour - Album
TERROR formed in 2002 as a direct reaction to what was occurring in the underground musical scene that they called home. Disgusted with what was being presented and passed off as hardcore, they attempted to reclaim the bastardized genre by playing the music as it had originated; in its most raw, honest and angry form. Immediately, there was a connection with likeminded people across the globe, and led the band to continually play shows all over the world. They captured the ferocity that the genre had been missing, and with their amazing work ethic and nihilistic approach to touring, they became the hardcore flag-bearers of this generation.
TERROR's last few albums created movements immediately upon their release. The titles summed up the current climate of hardcore music and served as a rally cry for all its believers. Their new album follows this same suit.
On "The 25th Hour" they go back to their roots, the early days of the band. And what you get is 14 tracks of pure hardcore anger without too much metal. Really good stuff!
European release date: August 7, 2015 (Century Media)
AUGUST 5, 2015

KRISIUN: Forged In Fury - Album
Once again these Brazilian death metallers prove that they're one of the best South American bands in this genre. The trio have been around for 25 years now, but they're definitely not getting any weaker. The songs are still the finest death you can get. And during all those years the band have learned that a album with just fast or heavy songs isn't such a good idea, so there's a variation between both, which gives the album a good balance.
But sure, they might not be doing anything new. You have heard this so many times before. But I bet you can't deny that you still love it after all these years. Don't you?
So what are you waiting for? Order this album at once! Simple as that.
Release date: August 7, 2015 (Century Media)
AUGUST 4, 2015

MISCONDUCTERS: Boundless - Album
MISCONDUCTERS started in early 2008 in England, where Den (its founder) lived for 10 years. Eventually he returned to Brazil, where he got together with some local musicians for a new incarnation of MISCONDUCTERS.
The band have released 4 EPs and 3 albums through the years. "Boundless" was released in February.
The music is a mixture of hard rock, metal, punk and prog.
I don't really know.. It's rocking a little, but it just doesn't kick ass like it should to be really good. I wouldn't call it totally useless though. I have definitely heard a lot worse in my life.
The songs are pretty long for being rock songs. A good rock song shouldn't be 4-5 minutes long. It's enough with 3 minutes. So less playing and more hit potential is my advice. And learn how to kick ass. Some more variation between the songs wouldn't be so bad either.
(Self released?)
AUGUST 3, 2015

ARMAGEDDON: Ethernal Mystery - Rediscovered - Album
I guess they think that they have made a masterpiece. But to me it's just a pain in the arse to listen to this album. I have no problem as long as they play heavy metal, but it's all this other crap (a intro to almost every song for example) that disturb me.
"Eternal Mystery" was actually originally recorded 25 years ago, and this version is a special anniversary edition. The original album was recorded with analog equipment on just 8 channels, but this new version was re-recorded and remixed with additional recordings on 128 channels.
The album is a heavy metal opera featuring opera singers from the Serbian National Theatre of Novi Sad, as well as a full string quartet. This is something for fans of symphonic power/prog metal.
ARMAGEDDON are among the veterans of the Serbian heavy metal scene. The band formed in 1987 already as Djordje Letich's solo project. Today it's a complete band that consist of 11 members.
Best songs: "No Advice", "Black Swan Rider".
(Grom Records)
AUGUST 2, 2015

STATUS QUO at Liseberg in Göteborg, Sweden on July 31, 2015
This band have been rocking for 50 years or something like that (maybe with a short break for a couple of years though). Not many bands have been around for that long. I have never seen them live before though, but 1 of my friends saw them on their "farewell tour" (I'm not sure what year that was). That was so good that he didn't want to go to this show with me, as it would be a risk that this gig would not be as good as that gig was. So I went to the show myself, but met some people I know anyway. Funny but good as there was so much people that I could hardly see anything at all of the band. Big dissapointment! But the music was really good, so I'm pretty sure that they delivered a pretty good show too.
As it was more or less impossible to go closer to the stage, I couldn't take any photos.
AUGUST 1, 2015

PROJECT PAIN: Thrashed To Kill - Album
Thrash metal in the old school. And once again it's nothing new at all, but still damned good. So I have nothing to complain about. On the other hand I don't have that much else to say about this either.
PROJECT PAIN is a Dutch band who formed in 2011. They have produced 3 releases before this one.
Definitely worth checking out! And I don't have much else to add..
(Dead Inside Records)
JULY 31, 2015

DAEMONIAC: Lord Of Immolation - EP
Brutal old-school death metal straight from the graveyard.. ..or was it Italy?
They seems to have all the right ingredients to make me like their music, it's even made at the legendary Sunlight Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. But for some reason it doesn't really impress me. It's not bad, but they're hardly the best I have ever heard either. I guess it must be that guttural/deep vocals that disturb me most. But in case that doesn't disturb you, maybe you should give it a try?
Best song: "Desecration Of Christianity".
(Xtreem Music)
JULY 30, 2015

ARCHER: Culling The Weak - Album
A powerful melodic hard rock trio from Santa Cruz, California who deliver a couple of really good songs. The album is produced by Mike Clink (GUNS N' ROSES, UFO, MEGADETH) and mastered by Maor Appelbaum (HALFORD, SEPULTURA, Yngwie Malmsteen). So it's definitely a high quality product, and definitely something you should give a try.
8 good songs in 37.26 minutes is what you're going to get here.
Release date: July 31, 2015 (Metalville Records)
JULY 29, 2015

IN VAIN: The Little Things That Matter - Album
Well, the things that matter to me is music (preferably rock, metal, punk), good food (vegetarian of course) and beer (other drinks works too).
A thing that really matters to this band seems to be good old heavy metal. And I'm definitely not the guy who can say no to that. It's the kind of band that seems to eat, drink and shit metal.
This album was actually released by themselves in the end of 2014 already. But now it's time for a more "real" release of the album, which is their third.
The band comes from Madrid in Spain, and formed in 2004, and their music has been compared with German legends like RUNNING WILD and GRAVE DIGGER, but with a Mediterranean spontanity. You get 9 tracks in 40.40 minutes, and this is definitely worth checking out, because this is really good stuff that every true headbanger should like.
Release date: July 31, 2015 (Pure Steel Publishing)
JULY 28, 2015

GRAVESITE: Horrifying Nightmares... - Album
The first album by this Italian band, who was formed by members from HAEMOPHAGUS, UNDEAD CREEP and CANCER SPREADING (anybody who have herad about them before? because I have not). They play an old fashioned horror death metal in the tradition of bands like AUTOPSY, GRAVE, DEATH, CARCASS and similar bands. You get 9 tracks, and it's pretty good stuff, even though I can't find any favorite song (so I guess all songs are just as good then). So do yourself a favour and give it a try.
(Xtreem Music)
JULY 26, 2015

DH PROJECT: The Resurrection - EP
DH Project is the new musical outlet of Dan Hernandez, a native of South Florida, who has been a guitar player and active musician since he was 15 years old in previous bands such as THOUGHTS OF APATHY, ENDS OF THE EARTH, SHAMELESS FATE, ONE DAY FORWARD, BREAK ON THROUGH and SINKING THE ATLANTIC. He has previously toured several areas of the U.S. with bands such as NOFX, ANTI-FLAG and OLD MAN MARKLEY.
All of the songs in the DH PROJECT were written, performed and tracked by Dan himself. I don't think he did the female vocals though. But who ever she may be, her name isn't mentioned anywhere.
This sounds a little like a demo recording, but it's pretty good stuff anyway. 6 songs of what I would call modern, melodic death metal is what you get if you check this out. There's a mixture of male growl/screaming and female clean vocals.
Best song: "I'm Back".
(Self released)
JULY 25, 2015

DECREPID: Osseous Empire - Album
British death metal band with a sound that's brutal but in the old school. This is their second album.
It's not bad at all, but maybe not as good as the bands mentioned above. Could still be worth checking out though.
I really don't know what else there is to say about this.. (starting to sound familiar I guess?).
(Xtreem Music)
JULY 24, 2015

TRACER: Water For Thirsty Dogs - Album
Weird title of this album.
Most of these songs are very melodic heavy rock that reminds me of FOO FIGHTERS. But sometimes there's a song that sounds more like QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE instead. They are always on the nice side though. It never gets really hard and heavy. A typical American rock band of today you may say, but they are actually from Australia (it was recorded in LA though).
It's said that they have "a sound that takes the bluesy core of the finest hard rock and welds it to a gleaming but endearingly rusted chassis of stoner rock and powerhouse grunge". So if that sounds like something for you, then I suppose that you should give this a try, because it's not so bad at all.
European release dates: July 27, 2015 (GSA: July 24) - (OMN Label Services)
JULY 22, 2015

These songs are very fragile and whiny. It's another one of these melodic modern metal/rock bands. Music I think teenage chicks like for some reason (but what do I really know about that?). They reminds me a little of EVANESCENCE actually, but with male vocals instead.
This stuff is o.k. for a while. There's a couple of really good songs here. But 14 tracks, like they have on this album, is too much to swallow at once for me. A EP would have been enough. Because it's like you know what's coming next after just a couple of songs. No big surprises here.
But that's just my opinion. And I bet that people who are more into this kind of stuff than me will probably love this band. There's not much doubt about that.
Release date: July 24, 2015 (Another Century)
JULY 21, 2015

Gus G.: Brand New Revolution - Album
So, this is the second solo album from Ozzy Osbourne/FIREWIND guitarist Gus G. Among the guest vocalists this time is Mats Levén (CANDLEMASS, Yngwie Malmsteen), Jacob Bunton (ADLER, LYNAM), Jeff Scott Soto (TALISMAN, JOURNEY, Yngwie Malmsteen) and Elize Ryd (AMARANTHE). Gus is also joined by bassist Marty O Brien (Lita Ford, Tommy Lee) and his FIREWIND band mate Johan Nunez on drums. The album was engineered by Jay Ruston (STONE SOUR, ANTHRAX, STEEL PANTHER) and mainly mixed by Mike Fraser (METALLICA, AC/DC, AEROSMITH, VAN HALEN).
Gus has previously played with bands like ARCH ENEMY, NIGHTRAGE, MYSTIC PROPHECY and DREAM EVIL, so the music on this album is variated, but mainly melodic heavy metal in the same league as Yngwie Malmsteen. In other words really good stuff that you should not miss. Everybody is doing a great job on this album, and all the songs are good.
Release date: July 24, 2015 (Century Media)
JULY 20, 2015

ZANDELLE: Perseverance - Album
Melodic but yet powerful power metal from the States is what we get here. They have a couple of really good songs, and they reminds me of 2 bands who begin their name with the letter H: HELLOWEEN and HAMMERFALL. Unfortunately they won't be as big as those bands, but don't be afraid of the underground scene, this is something that you really should not miss.
This band have existed for a couple of years already. Their first self-titled EP was released in 1996 already, and their last studio album with all new material was released in 2009 (they also released a compilation in 2011).
The only thing I can complain about would be that the album might last for a little too long - 59 minutes. But on the other hand that length of an album is nothing unusual in the metal scene (and o.k., nobody force me to listen to the whole album at once).
Get this album now! (it should be available for pre-order).
Release date: July 24, 2015 (Pure Steel Records)
JULY 18, 2015

RAISE HELL: Six Feet Under - Single
Swedish thrash metallers RAISE HELL prove that they're back with the first single from their first album in 9 years. "Written In Blood" is the title of that album, and it will be released on August 21.
As a reviewer I have heard the album already, and I can easily say that this is 1 of the better songs from that album. So check out this song while you wait for the album, because this is really good stuff!
(Black Lodge Records)
JULY 17, 2015

I liked their last album, "Bagarmossen", and this is really good too. Catchy, melodic punk rock with Swedish roots and lyrics is what you get from this band. Definitely something for those of you who grew up with bands like STREBERS, DIA PSALMA, ASTA KASK, EBBA GRÖN, COCA CAROLA, CHARTA 77, MÖGEL (from Borås) and similar stuff.
Not that STRINDBERG SOM TORTYR sound exactly like any of those bands, it's more punk rock than trallpunk, but what I mean is simply that if you like that kind of stuff, then you should like this band too.
14 tracks is what you get, and for once it's not 4 too many, because all songs are good on this album.
(Self released?)

NUCLEAR: Formula For Anarchy - Album
There's just 1 thing to say about this, and that is SLAYER. But o.k., that isn't totally correct, because there's other elements too. But they definitely have the same speed, energy and aggression as the Americans. And their songs are just as good as anything that SLAYER have released during the 10 last years (which isn't that much). But unfortunately they also have the same lack of variation as SLAYER use to have.
Most songs are short outbursts at 2-3 minutes. Only 2 songs are over 4 minutes, and 1 is as short as 55 seconds. Good length of the songs according to me.
The band formed in 2003, but their musical carrer goes back to 1995 already, when they were called ESCORIA. After disbanding in 2001, ESCORIA turned into NUCLEAR, and the original members Puente, Haussmann and Sudy found a steady line up which is kept up to date. The band comes from South America, and "Formula For Anarchy" is their fifth album.
Release date: July 20, 2015 (Candlelight Records)
JULY 15, 2015

NEGATIVE SCANNER: Negative Scanner - Album
This album must have the ugliest cover in a long time.
Well, I don't really know, but to me post punk, new wave and indie pop is more or less just different words for the same kind of thing. Some kind of pretty boring (in lack of a better word) rock. Not always something that sucks though, because there's some good songs here, even though everything isn't so great. There's still some punk rock left in their songs, which makes them a little better than other post punks of today (who seems to have more in-common with goth or indie).
The band comes from Chicago, and formed in 2012. This is their debut album, where they burn off 11 tracks in less than half an hour.
(Trouble In Mind)
JULY 14, 2015

INSTITUTE: Catharsis - Album
Some kind of garage rock, retro-punk or post rock. Doesn't really matter what you call it though. They try to rock but they have no songs. It's like they just entered the studio, drank some beer and made a couple of songs without any direction.
The first songs are o.k., but then they got drunk and the result of that became shit (more or less).
Most boring rock album this month? Not punk anyway..
(Sacred Bones)
JULY 13, 2015

What shall I write about this then? Sounds like a more agressive, more punk and heavier NIRVANA. Maybe a touch of hardcore there?
Frank Carter has been singing in GALLOWS and PURE LOVE. He is said to be a well-known figure in the English punk scene.
This is the first single from the debut album with his new band, which will be released in August. Not bad, but it took a couple of listenings before I liked it. A whole album with this would probably be too much for me though.
JULY 8, 2015

LORD: What Tomorrow Brings - EP
A very remarkable band. They start with the title track, which is 25.32 minutes long. So they have already passed the time for a EP already with the first song. But then there's 5 more. And among those songs are pop covers like "Message In A Bottle" (The POLICE) and "The Sun Always Shines On TV" (A-HA). Is that really metal you might ask then? Well, they do them like heavy metal songs, because this is a true heavy metal band and nothing else. But o.k., the first song is more progressive than the rest.
I guess you should see those songs as bonus material. 1 of the bonus songs is a previously unreleased song by themselves, and the rest is covers. For some reason I find those songs more interesting than the title track though. But I'm a little impressed that they succeed to make such a long song without getting boring, because I would never have the energy to do something like that (but on the other hand I don't make music anymore).
The 2 last songs, "Playing To Win" (LITTLE RIVER BAND/John Farnham) and "Someone's Crying" (HELLOWEEN), are definitely the best songs.
(Self released)
JULY 7, 2015

SnakeyeS: Ultimate Sin - Album
This band released their first EP in 2013. 3 of the members are from Spain, while the singer is from Romania.
They play true heavy metal in the same league as good old JUDAS PRIEST and ACCEPT. They might not have as good songs as those bands had back in the 70s and 80s, but they are definitely as good as the latest stuff from those bands. This is definitely something that you should take a closer look (or listen) at, because it's really good stuff.
Among my favorites are "Shadow Warriors", "Down With The Devil" and "Snake Pit".
(Self released)
JULY 6, 2015

STEEL RAISER: Unstoppable - Album
STEEL RAISER was born in 2007, and they recorded their first demo the same year, which led to a record contract. Their first album was released in 2008 already. But after that it took 5 years before the second album came out. "Unstoppable" is their third album.
The band comes from Italy, and play good old heavy/speed metal, and they do it really good as a matter of fact. There's a lot of brilliant songs here, so this is something you should check out. There's no doubt about that!
(Iron Shield Records)
JULY 5, 2015

The DESTRUCTORS: Politika II - Album
This time it's all about politics. Not always the funniest subject, but an important part of punk. And punk is what this British band is playing. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not so good. But the best song must be their cover of the CRASS classic "Owe Us A Living".
I don't really know what else to say, but they are good enough to be worth checking out anyway.
(Rowdy Farrago Records)
JULY 4, 2015

SACRILEGE: six6six - Album
Oh Jesus what a silly title! And the first track, which is a intro, is totally useless. For some reason they use it as an outtro too. Really silly!
But otherwise we get a doze of some good old heavy metal. They might not be among the most interesting bands though. They are actually not that much better than any other old band that reunite to give it another try. "Lucifer's Soliders" and "In Hell" is just bad copies of BLACK SABBATH. And there's too much mid-tempo. Some faster songs wouldn't have hurt. But on the other hand I'm not sure if that would have made this album any better.
No, get the album they released last month instead. It was much better than this.
(Pure Steel Records)
JULY 3, 2015

AUTUMNAL: Grey Universe - Double album
O.k., this was definitely not what I expected. Some shit boring doom with a cello? And the songs last for an eternity, but it's like they're going nowhere. But o.k., after I have listened a couple of times it gets a little better. But it's hardly a favorite album.
Very melancholy stuff and definitely not a amatuer adventure (good quality even on the demos). So if you like that, maybe you should try this.
This is a reissue of their first album from 2006, including the demos "The Age Of The Sin" (2004) and "In My Shell" (2000). The band comes from Spain.
(Xtreem Music)
JULY 2, 2015

MASACRE: Brutal Aggre666ion - Album
This is the fifth album from these brutal Colombian death metallers. The album was mixed by Erik Rutan (HATE ETERNAL). Pretty good stuff and definitely something that could be worth checking out. It's hardly ever too extreme, even though they're on the border sometimes, which is a good thing.
I really don't know what else there is to say about this.. So stop reading this and start to search for it!
(Xtreem Music)
JULY 2, 2015

TORTURE PULSE: God Leash - Album
A Finnish death metal band in the old Finnish and Swedish tradition. Something for those of you who like bands like GRAVE, ENTOMBED, BOLT THROWER, AUTOPSY, CARNAGE and VOMITORY for example.
This is their second album, and it's a pretty brutal story, but not bad at all. I like it! Definitely something for you who think death metal was better in the early 90s.
(Xtreem Music)
JULY 2, 2015

VENNART: The Demon Joke - Album
Mike Vennart is best known from the British psychedelic rock band OCEANSIZE, which he was a member of between 1998 to 2011. "The Demon Joke" is his first solo album, and I don't really know if I like it or not. It's some kind of melodic and progressive rock/pop according to my ears. And that kind of stuff probably fits better for 1 of my friends who seems to like stuff like that (especially GENESIS and their solo adventures).
Let's just say that it's not totally worthless anyway. So if you happens to be into stuff like this, then this could be something to check out for you.
(Superball Music)
JULY 1, 2015

BLACK PESTILENCE: Outsiders - Album
This band's music is described as "black metal built on punk and noise", and the first songs are absolutely punk with a rock n roll groove. But then comes the third song, which is more electronic and heavier. They go back to the punk already in the next track though, and most of the material on this album is punk. I can't hear that much black metal or any noise (thank god for that!) actually. But I guess that if you're a punk rocker who like DARKTHRONE for example, then this can be something for you.
This is a band who go their own way and do whatever they want to with a fuck you attitude. There are definitely a couple of good songs here, there's no doubt about that.
BLACK PESTILENCE formed in 2008, released their first album, "Vice", the year after, and this album is their fourth.
(Self Released)
JUNE 30, 2015

After the release of their last EP, "The First Age" (reviewed here), they have now released "The Second Age", which is part 2 in their 4-disc "The Ages" project.
The music is a little darker and heavier this time, but it's still damned good.
HYBRID NIGHTMARES is an extreme metal band from Australia, who formed in 2008. They take their influences from black, death, groove, folk and classic heavy metal. The songs are hard and heavy, but always with a good melody involved in the brew.
Definitely worth checking out.
Also read about "The First Age"
JUNE 30, 2015

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