Devin Townsend: Devolution Series #2 - Galactic Quarantine (progressive metal)
LACUNA COIL: Live From The Apocalypse (modern metal)
LOCH VOSTOK: Opus Ferox, The Great Escape (well-done melodic/prog metal)
DE ARMA: Strayed in Shadows (goth rock)
BUCKCHERRY: Hellbound (hard rock)
Vera Norea: Carnival Dreams (energetic punk/indie rock)
HOOTENANNY FREAKS: Night Train (hard rock)
TERRA ODIUM: Ne Plus Ultra (progressive heavy metal)
ONE DESIRE: One Night Only, Live In Helsinki (melodic hard rock)
Dennis DeYoung: 26 East, Vol 2 (melodic rock/aor)
BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER: Brother Against Brother (melodic heavy metal)
Black Waves Of Adrenochrome - The Sisters Of Mercy Tribute (sisters of mercy covers)
XENOS: The Dawn Of Ares (thrash metal)
RAVAGER: The Third Attack (thrash metal)
MACABRE DECAY: Into Oblivion (death metal)
CHAINREACTION: Alternative High (action rock)
BLOODBEAT: Process of Extinction (death/thrash metal)
STÖNER: Stoners Rule (stoner rock with ex-kyuss members)
SOCIAL DISORDER: Love 2 Be Hated (melodic hard rock)
SCREAMING SHADOWS: Free Me (melodic heavy/power metal)
KOLDBORN: First Enslavement (reissue) (thrash/death metal)
VIDEO NASTY: Video Nasty (thrash metal)
HYPNOSIA: Extreme Hatred (reissue) (thrash metal)
EYE OF PURGATORY: The Lighthouse (death metal)
EREMIT: Bearer of Many Names (atmospheric sludge/doom)
THIS ENDING: Needles of Rust (melodic death metal)
SEASON OF DREAMS: Heroes (power metal)
CONSTANCIA: Brave New World (melodic hard rock)
ANGELWINGS: Primordium (symphonic/progressive metal)
HANZ KRYPT: Tales From The Krypt (reissue) (heavy/doom metal)

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I can't promise anything, but for further instructions scroll down..


I can review your record, magazine/fanzine, DVD, book, cassette, concert or whatever it could be. BUT I don't like streaming, so I'm not interested in Spotify, Bandcamp or YouTube links and similar. AND please make sure that it's ROCK music that I actually like (no chaos/noise or weird avantgarde/ambient crap). And please include some information as well.
Note that I'm just 1 man doing this as a hobby project, so there's no way that I can review everything that people send me. And if your files are a total mess (songs in wrong order etc) or can't even tell what kind of music you play, then bye bye. It might also be goodbye if I don't like what I hear or think it doesn't fit in here.
Currently I get more than enough of extreme metal, progressive rock and metal, and heavy bands of all kinds, so I don't need more of that. Some more punk, hardcore and garage rock is always nice though.
Here's my contact information:
E-mail: blom@hardrockinfo.com
Facebook: facebook.com/pages/HardRockInfo/172680049420375
Post address:
Jimmy Blom
Vintergatan 21 A
504 60 Borås

I'm actually not intrested in news of bands that I have not even heard of before, and absolutely not genres that I don't even like.
When it comes to interviews, I don't do interviews on request. If I like what I hear, then maybe, just maybe, there will be a few questions. But don't hope too much.
Also, videos with bands that I have not even heard is not of intrest either.

You might also like to check out my own music?
Then go to: jimmyblom.bandcamp.com

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