Fabriken on Dec. 2 - Cassette, Digital Single
Swedish band FABRIKEN used to have more energy in their songs. It was catchy and melodic. This new single is a pretty laidback rock song that last for 7 minutes. And it's almost on the border to pop actually. Luckily it's not as useless as modern pop, but a o.k. song that grow. They have done much better than this though, and I think it fits better for radio listeners than rockers.
FABRIKEN started as more or less a supergroup, with members from several Swedish punk rock bands. Nowadays the line-up features 3 members from ROLANDS GOSSKÖR: Curre Sandgren (COCA CAROLA), Åke Noring and Patrick Trankell (NEIN), plus Urban Enlund. They have since 2013 released several EPs and a few singles.

LOTAN: Ignis
UPRISING! Records on Dec. 2 - Digital Single
This is the first single of what's to be LOTAN's debut full-length album. It's described as "a mid-tempo black'n'roll sledgehammer". And the song is a comment on the world of chaos that we live in today.
Well, that description fits like a gloove. It's a heavy and aggressive beast. A pretty o.k. song, but not much else.
LOTAN is a Danish band. They have previously released 2 EPs, in 2020 and 2021. Their full-length debut will be released in early 2023.

SATAN TAKES A HOLIDAY: All Nighter (feat. Emmon)
Despotz Records - Digital Single
Swedish trio SATAN TAKES A HOLIDAY continue with their electro rock on this new single, which features a guest apperance from electro queen Emmon. The song is, just like the last single ("Feel My Love"), taken from the upcoming album "Satanism", which will be released in the spring of 2023.
"All Nighter" mix a retro synth loop with a rock chorus. I think more of some kind of funky disco than rock when I hear the verse, but the chorus is at least rock with electric guitars. It might not be completely hopeless, but better songs have been made. It's not impossible that I like it a little more after listening some more though. |

Giglinger - 7" Single, Digital Single
"Jävla Nazi" is a song in Swedish, which is said to be about "youth heroes who have become right-wing idiots". But they mainly sing "Vad ska du göra ditt jävla nazi?" (What are you going to do you fucking nazi?). It's a very punk song though, with a raw and cheap sound.
On the B-side we find a song in English, "Independent Action", which they describe as "a classic punk anthem about kick down the barriers and get things done in your life". Also a very punk song, and a little bit better than the A-side actually.
GIGLINGER is a Finnish punk/82 hardcore band. They released their first single in the 90s, and have since then released a few EPs and 1 13-song cassette. They never play any gigs, and their recordings are very DIY.

RISING STEEL: Beyond The Gates Of Hell
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
"Beyond The Gates Of Hell" is the third album from this French heavy metal band. But it's not really the traditional sound that we get here, as their influences comes from various genres. Their main ingredients are NWOBHM, hard rock and thrash metal from the 80s. It's solid and powerful. I like what I hear on this album. And it's not impossible that you could like it too. |

ENEMY EYES: History's Hand
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, 2LP, Digital
Vocalist Johnny Gioeli (HARDLINE, Axel Rudi Pell, CRUSH 40) have formed a new band: ENEMY EYES. His goal with this group is to fulfill a vision to create a combination of classic hard rock and European metal. The result is a melodic hard rock and heavy metal album that sounds o.k. to me. It might not be something for the hardest heavy metal fans, but will fit perfect for fans of good hard rock anyway.
It seems like this is Mr. Gioeli's 100th release. But then he have been rocking for 4 decades. Congratulations then. |

Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
I'm not really sure how they were thinking when they chose the name AUTOGRAPH, but anyway.. This band originally existed from 1983-89, and seems to have been a great succees back then. In 2011 2 of the members met each other again, and a while later the band reunited. They have been touring again since the beginning of 2014. But before this album was even released, original bassist Randy Rand passed away on April 26, 2022. He wanted the band to release the album anyway, as his last recording.
AUTOGRAPH play melodic hard rock, and it sounds very American somehow. They have some really good songs on this album, so they are definitely not done yet. As far as I can remember, I don't think that I have heard any of their old songs. So I can't compare this with that. But give this a try. You might actually like it. |

ARC OF LIFE: Don't Look Down
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
What we have here is a progressive rock adventure, that I think would fit perfect for people named Göran (a "friend" of mine who like stuff like this). The last track out of 6 is as long as 17:43 minutes, while the rest is around 5-9 minutes.
The members of this band are vocalist Jon Davison, bassist/vocalist Billy Sherwood, drummer Jay Schellen, keyboardist Dave Kerzner, and guitarist Jimmy Haun. 2 of them are members of YES, 1 is live member of the same band, and 1 have been a member of YES. So yes (hehe), YES is a big influence for ARC OF LIFE. But they have other influences too of course. I think that this could be something for those who like progressive stuff from the 70s and 80s, because it sounds like that's where their heart is. |

FEELINGLESS: Metal Against Animal Cruelty
Noble Demon on Dec. 2 - CD
The only musicians who seems to care about the animals are the punks. But now some metal musicians have teamed up in this all-star project to raise the issue of animal rights, which I think is good news.
FEELINGLESS was brought to life by Hugo Markaida of Spanish melodic death metal band RISE TO FALL. Some of all the musicians and vocalists that appear on this album are Björn "Speed" Strid (SOILWORK), Jon Howard (THREAT SIGNAL), Christian Älvestam (SOLUTION .45, MISERATION), Ettore Rigotti and Claudio (DISARMONIA MUNDI), Marios Iliopoulos (NIGHTRAGE), just to name a few.
The album features 11 tracks of melodic death metal, and as much as 20 vocalists and musicians. All proceeds raised from this release will be donated to local animal shelters in Spain, and in addition, the label (Noble Demon) will donate to an international animal welfare organization. Very good!
With that many people involved, it's a diverse album that we get. But I would say that most parts are of high quality. In other words, fans of melodic death metal should not be dissapointed. And maybe you can make some animals happier as well. |

Armin Sabol: Ready To Roll
Yellow Muffin Records on Dec. 2 - CD
Blues man Armin Sabol (vocals/guitar) released an album in spring 2022, and here comes a live album, recorded at Guitar Days 2022 in Schorndorf, Germany on May 26. Armin and his band gives us an energetic and hot blues experience. They deliver both original songs as well as covers of K.C. Douglas, CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL and ZZ TOP. This album should be like a wet dream for blues lovers.
A funny thing is that the press release mention "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ TOP as one of the covers here, but that song is NOT included on this album. Possibly some other song by ZZ TOP though. Time to get sober? |

AIRSTRIKE: Power In Your Hand
Airstrike - CD, Digital
Polish heavy/thrash metal band AIRSTRIKE has released their debut album, "Power In Your Head". And what we get here is 11 tracks of classic heavy/thrash tunes that tackle subjects like society, war, politics and pseudo-psychological concepts. These guys really know how to make good heavy metal, that's for sure. They have a very old school sound on this album, which makes me think of the 80s.
This bundle of energy is a real heart rate booster. You should absolutely give them a try.

SevenTrain - CD, Digital
This band comes from San Diego, California, and their music is described as raw blues hard rock/metal. They formed in 2012, and released their first self-titled album in 2014, and their second album, "Back On Track", in 2019. So why they send out the second album for review 3 years later is a little mystery of course. But now this album happens to be released as part of the "Lost in Covid" series - Albums which did not receive proper release and/or promotion during the pandemic (2019-2022). And it seems like they have started to work on their third album now, which will be released by Steel Cartel Records in 2023.
To me this sounds mainly like some kind of hard rock/metal hybrid from the 90s. It's heavy and guitar-driven, and not that much blues. Pretty o.k. stuff, but not much else. They seems to be good at what they are doing anyway.
There's also a cover of "Carry On Wayward Son" by KANSAS, which have been covered by several other bands already. Sure, it's a good song, but do we really need another version of it?

Patrik Jansson: Game Changer
Sneaky Foot Records/Sound Pollution - CD, LP, Digital
Patrik Jansson is a Swedish guitar player, singer, drummer, composer and producer, video director etc. He have previously played, recorded and toured with Swedish rock band HELLSINGLAND UNDERGROUND (new fantastic album out now), producer and guitar player/singer Chris Laney, jazz saxophonist Viasheslav Preobrazhenski, glam punk band MARYSLIM, and his own PATRIK JANSSON BAND, a modern blues rock act which have released 4 albums.
This solo album is a little peculiar actually. It's "a genre crossing musical extravaganza", as he describes it himself. We get a wild mix of rock, jazz, reggae and blues, even though it's rock oriented. Sometimes instrumental, sometimes with vocals. Once in a while spiced with saxophone. So yes, you better be open for other genres if you're going to check this out.

MEDUSA TOUCH: Insaniteyes
Devil's Clause Records - Digital Album
MEDUSA TOUCH is a Scottish NWOBHM band. Their sound is classic, with heavy riffing, pounding drums and powerful vocals. I can hear lots of other bands in MEDUSA TOUCH's songs, but it sounds really good. So fans of good old heavy metal should give these guys a try.
Now it's like that again, that I don't really know what else to say. But on the other hand, that short description above is actually all you need to know. So just let the music do the rest of the talking.

GELATIN SKELATIN: Year Of The Skelatin
Gelatin Skelatin - MCD
This is a new EP with Canadian hard rockers GELATIN SKELATIN. But I could have sworn that this just as well could have been something forgotten from the 80s. They are in other words doing a really good job here, and preserves the sound well. Now I don't know how old these guys are, but it seems to be done with a passion that only young people have. I like it.
GELATIN SKELATIN formed in 2019, and released a self-titled album in 2020. The first 200 CDs of this EP will also include a bonus track, a cover of "Wasted" by DEF LEPPARD.

DISINTER: Breaker Of Bones
Pest Records - CD, Digital
Chicago death metallers DISINTER has released their first full-length album in 17 years. And those of you who prefer old school death metal instead of more modern death, should enjoy these 10 songs a lot. Because it simply sounds just like it should. DISINTER show us all how it's supposed to be done. It's fast and furious, and so wonderful to listen to. This is a must!
This band have been active now and then since 1990, so there have been a few records through the years. So if you like this as much as I do, then there's lots of more stuff to check out. Like a split with DISINTER from Peru for example, which was released on the same day as this album. |

DISINTER (SA)/DISINTER (NA): Alliance Of Death
Pest Records - Split CD, Digital
No, the death metallers from Chicago have not released a split with themselves. There's another DISINTER from Peru, who also happens to play death metal. So why not make a split record with them? According to Metal Archives, there's actually as much as 8 bands called DISINTER, and they all play some kind of death metal. Maybe a compilation with all those bands could be the next project?
We get 4 tracks from each band, and the one from Peru is first out with a heavier kind of death (not slow though). They have been active since 1993, so they are just like the Chicago brothers veterans.
The Americans continue with their more traditional old school death metal, and this is just as good as the new album, which is out now.
Not much to think about there. If you like death metal, then you check this out. Simple as that! | |

BOB MALMSTRÖM: Segla Med Satan
Elitbolaget - Cassette, Digital EP
Finnish hardcore/punk band BOB MALMSTRÖM are mainly a good band, who prefer to sing in Swedish instead of Finnish. But sometimes they also have their strange ideas, like doing covers of Swedish pop band GYLLENE TIDER for example. But sometimes they can also be funny. They dosen't seems to take themselves too seriously, and they are hardly one of the political correct bands. Very good musicians though, I hear some metal once in a while.
Anyway.. 5 of these 6 songs are good at least, and that's really not bad. And even though I might not like everything that they do, they are at least going their own way and do their own thing. Respect for that.
BOB MALMSTRÖM formed in early 2010, and call their music "borgarcore". They have released several records and cassettes through the years. |

BABYMETAL: Monochrome
Babymetal Records - Digital Single
Japanese pop/metal band BABYMETAL has released the second single from their forthcoming concept album, "The Other One", which will be released on March 24. "Monochrome" is centered around a pop melody, but there's some metal too, even though I think that the pop take up too much space in this song. And as you might know, I'm not such a big fan of modern pop music.
This band have really developed their sound since the first time I heard them, which was many years ago. Then it was pretty childish and almost crazy. But now they have obviously become older, and the childish craziness seems to be gone, which makes this less funny to listen to.

ÄNTERBILA: Änterbila
Nordvis Produktion on Dec. 2 - CD, LP, Digital
ÄNTERBILA is a pretty new band from Sweden, formed in early 2020. They play a hybrid of black and folk metal, with instruments like violin, acoustic guitar, and traditional arrangements as a extra spice. And this self titled album is their debut album.
An änterbila is a boarding axe - a combined weapon and tool used in sea battles to board enemy ships - developed by the Swedish navy in the 1700s. The album is a conceptual homage to the struggles of the 18th to 20th-century peasantry in their home country.
I might not be such a big fan of folk music, but there's absolutely worse music (like modern pop or opera for example). The music here is mainly black metal though, with elements of folk music here and there, so this is not so bad after all. Could be worth a try. |

Transcending Obscurity Records on Dec. 2 - 2LP, CD, Digital
They say that VEILBURNER is experimenting with more sounds on this album, and that there's always stuff coming that will take you by surprise. They have on the other hand always followed their own path and never been like anybody else, if I get it right. It seems like you never will know what you're going to get from them. It can be death or black metal, but just as well industrial or classical music, and why not some bizarre experimental FX and sound layers?
That description is not a lie. This album is extreme and experimental, but can take any direction. So you better have nerves of steel if you want to listen to this. Some songs are o.k., but hardly all of them. It's never more than just o.k. though, which I see as a big problem.
VEILBURNER is a duo from Pennsylvania, formed in 2013. They have released 5 full-length albums before "VLBRNR". |

PHLEBOTOMIZED: Devoted To God (reissue)
Hammerheart Records on Dec. 2 - CD, LP
This demo was released 30 years ago. And to celebrate that, Hammerheart will re-release it on both CD and LP.
PHLEBOTOMIZED is a special death metal band, who doesn't really sound like anything else. I guess that we can call it progressive death metal actually? Usually they have a violin, but on this recording they used a keyboard instead. And the songs varies in tempo - from doomy slow sections to some blast-beating.
If you're not a fan of the usual old-school death metal, or just want something different, then this adventure could be something for you.
The demo tape was originally made in 1,000 copies by the band. Then Carnage Records re-released it in 2,000 copies in 1993. |

Despotz Records on Nov. 25 - Digital Single
Folk metal band CRUACHAN have their roots in Dublin, Ireland. They have been playing their Celtic and melodic kind of metal since 1992.
This latest single start as a Celtic ballad. But don't let them fool you, because after a while there's some metal guitars, which makes it heavier. This song is a little weird somehow, as it doesn't really have the usual song structure. It's o.k., but not much else actually.
"The Crow" is the second single from an upcoming album, and this track features Jon Campling from Harry Potter as special guest. |

Weapon Records/Vanity Music Group on Nov. 25 - CD, Digital
GENERATION LANDSLIDE features former members of COLD SWEAT and LILLIAN AXE, and they are from Las Vegas. "Ruling The Street Scene" is their debut album. And this is a great album with lots of excellent songs. So if you're in to melodic hard rock with a vibe of the 70s and 80s, then I can really recomend you to give this band a try.
Some of these songs have a party vibe, and it's often catchy. "I'll Keep Movin' Along" is almost funky. The twin-guitars in "Are You Out There?" reminds me of THIN LIZZY. "Me In You" is an acoustic love song. And there might be a few too many of the slow songs here, but otherwise it's all good. | |

KRELL: Deserts
Sneakout Records/Burning Minds Music Group on Nov. 25 - CD
This is the debut album from Italian hard rockers KRELL, which is a collaboration between singer Luca Bonzagni (CRYING STEEL) and guitarist/bassist Francesco Di Nicola (DANGER ZONE, CRYING STEEL, ANIMS). On drums we find Paolo Caridi (Ellefson-Soto, Reb Beach, Geoff Tate, Michele Luppi).
These gentlemen have made a good album, with heavy guitars and a powerful, melodic voice. But none of these songs have any hit potential. So it's almost never more than just good. And too much of the material is more or less different versions of the same idea.
I guess that we can call KRELL a middle band. Which means that they are not in the top league, but not the worst you can hear. A o.k. and safe band. But this is just their debut, so if they work some more on the songs, the next album might be a little bit better. |

Art Of Melody Music/Burning Minds Music Group on Nov. 25 - CD
This is a melodic rock project from Italy led by keyboardist Lorenzo "Lorerock" Nava, who have teamed up with Burning Minds Music Group's A&R and producer Pierpaolo "Zorro" Monti, and co-producer Andrew Trabelsi (ALCHEMY). The rest of the band is Matteo Serra (ROOM EXPERIENCE, CHARMING GRACE, SOVVERSIVO) on guitar, Angelo Sasso (AIRBOUND) on bass and Luca Ferraresi (ex-PERFECT VIEW) on drums. Co-producer Andrew also play guitar on the album.
And then we have the singers, which is a whole guest list of vocalists: Terry Brock (STRANGEWAYS, SLAMER, The SIGN), Jesús Espín (91 SUITE, SECRET), Sue Willetts (DANTE FOX), Dion Bayman, Davide "Dave Rox" Barbieri (Wheels Of Fire, Charming Grace, Raintimes, Room Experience), Eric Concas (Soul Seller), Stefano Lionetti (LIONVILLE), Mario Percudani and Josh Zighetti (HUNGRYHEART), Davide Gilardino (MINDFEELS, Michael Kratz), Satin, and finally Marcello Spera (ALCHEMY).
Fans of classic melodic rock/AOR should enjoy this album a lot, because it's a very strong material that they have here. Everybody is doing a really good job, and the songs are just as good as any other stuff in this genre. I think that this project can go far actually. It should at least.

Jaded Truth on Nov. 25 - Digital Album
"Take A Seat" is the third album in a trilogy of music which explores the darker sides of our reality. With this album they are making a commentary on the current state of the world. There's elements of grunge, punk and heavy metal on this record, but also a couple of more melodic tracks. In other words a good mixture.
JADED TRUTH formed in 2019 in St John's Newfoundland. They are influenced by the 90s bands from Seattle, such as NIRVANA and ALICE IN CHAINS, which is something that I really can hear here. But songs like "Lapse In Judgement" and "Sinking Deep" is almost psychedelic, while a song like "Nothing Much" is a intense punk song. You should not get bored when you listen to this record.
Who would expect that a grunge album released in 2022 would be this good?

From The Vaults on Nov. 25 - Digital Single
Danish metal band EXELERATE play a mix of power and thrash metal, with a sound of the 80s. Fast and aggressive riffs are combined with virtuose guitar solos and high-pitched vocals. But the beginning of this song sounds like it would be a power ballad. Well, it's not. I would rather call it a powerful heavy metal song with a pinch of thrash. Not bad at all, even though it seems to lose direction somehow for a while.
EXELERATE's debut album will be released in 2023. |

MACERATION: It Never Ends...
Emanzipation Productions on Nov. 25 - LP, CD, Digital
30 years after the release of their debut album, Danish death metallers MACERATION return with a new album, featuring the legendary Dan Swanö (EDGE OF SANITY, BLOODBATH etc) on vocals, just as on their debut. He has also produced, mixed and mastered the new album.
MACERATION rumbles on like a landslide. And that's exactly what the doctor ordered: A big dose of good old death metal. This is how it's supposed to be done according to me!
Dan Swanö have not been growling since the mid-90s sometime, but he is doing a very good job, just like everybody else in the band. Dan will not join them when they play live though. Then the line-up will be: lead guitarist Jakob Schultz (ex-INVOCATOR), rhythm guitarist Lars Bangsholt, bass player Robert Tengs, drummer Rasmus Schmidt (ILLDISPOSED, ex-MYRKUR) and singer Jan Bergmann Jepsen (ex-COR VACANTE). Jan also sing on 2 tracks on the album together with Dan. |

Mighty Music on Nov. 25 - CD, LP
Danish band I'LL BE DAMNED play a blend of groove metal and Southern rock, and this time they seems to be pissed off about all and nothing. At the same time it's said to be "more well-structured than the prior albums regarding both riffing and overall song writing". But for being angry, the vocals is actually pretty melodic. The guitars are really heavy though. Much riffing.
The first songs are not so bad, but after a while (the second half) I lose interest, and it becomes background music. I guess this is the kind of band that is best in small doses. At least for me anyway. Among their influences are bands like CLUTCH, DOWN and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. So if that's something that you like, then you might enjoy this more than me.
Since last time they have recruited 2 new members: Anders Gyldenøhr (ex-GROPE, HATESPHERE) on drums and Mark Damgaard on vocals. |

(EchO): Witnesses
Black Lion Records on Nov. 25 - CD, Digital
This is the 4th album from this Italian group, where they gives us an atmospheric and melodic kind of doom. But it's also really heavy, and the vocals is hardly melodic, but rather harsh (even though it happens that he sing clean too). This is absolutely not bad at all. Actually better than I thought it would be, which was a nice surprise as I use to prefer the traditional doom metal with clean vocals.
The songs on this album are around 6 to 7 and a half minutes, which is a pretty normal length for this genre. |

ALiX: Last Dreamer
Go Down Records on Nov. 25 - LP, CD
Psychedelic and heavy rock is what we get from this Italian band. Sometimes there's also some more bluesy elements or stoner. You could also say that there's some garage rock and vibes of the alternative 90s as well. It's often pretty soft and almost a little dreamy, without being completely freaked out. It's mainly rock music that we talk about here. And it sounds pretty cool to me. I like this band. They have managed to achieve a good variety in the material, and should absolutely be of interest for fans of psychedelic rock, or any kind of rock. |

The RIVEN: Peace And Conflict
The Sign Records on Nov. 25 - CD, LP, Digital
Swedish band The RIVEN is back with their second album. And since their 2019 debut album the group has recruited a second guitarist, enabling more dynamic twin guitar arrangements and colorful melodic elements. It's catchy and melodic, yet powerful. It's a varied and vibrant experience where classic hard rock meets heavy metal, and once in a while some psych rock pay a visit.
The material on this album is really strong, and should not be missed for anything in the world. |

STEELWINGS: Still Rising
Pure Steel Records on Nov. 25 - CD
STEELWINGS formed in 1982 and were part of the first wave of Swedish heavy metal. The band played live a lot, but they also released 1 cassette, 1 single and 1 album before they went on hiatus in 1989. In 2007 they were back again, but it wasn't until 2019 that they released their comeback album, simply titled "Back".
This might not be the most original or professional band. But they have a charm that is contagious, and there's no lack of energy. And you can get far by just that. But luckily the songs are not so bad either. I think of a band like BULLET, as well as some German hard rock and heavy metal. But STEELWINGS have some more rock n roll in their sound, which is pretty cool. |

VIRTUAL SYMMETRY: Virtual Symmetry
Sensory Records on Nov. 25 - CD
VIRTUAL SYMMETRY is a Swiss/Italian progressive metal band, founded in 2009 as a solo project of guitarist Valerio Æsir Villa. The line-up has since then expanded, and it's now a full band. Their influences range from classical music to contemporary metal and a style characterized by epic suites, rich of cinematic elements and balance between melody and technique. All these ingredients are included in the first symphony, which is named after the band. This adventure is as long as 21:45 minutes, and more or less all you need if you want to know if this is a band for you or not. The other songs are of more "normal" length, between 4:27 to 8:10 minutes.
This could absolutely be something for those of you who like long progressive metal adventures, becuase it's not bad. |

Fighter Records on Nov. 22 - CD, LP, Cassette, Digital
This band was born 10 years ago as a parallel project to KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR, when Mark Wild (rhytm guitar) began to write some songs influenced by old RUNNING WILD, ACCEPT and HELLOWEEN. After a long hiatus due to lack of time and the pandemic, the band is now completed with the brothers Jordi and Artur (drums and lead guitar) and Héctor Llauradó (vocals), and the debut album have finally been recorded.
They were aiming at the sound of the mid to late 80s on this album, and they have really succeeded with that. It most of all reminds me of RUNNING WILD, without being a complete copy. The vocals is for example more melodic than the German pirates. So what we talk about here is old school heavy metal with lots of melody. I really like it! There's lots of great songs here.

VARNAGEL: I Vargars Land
Beat Butchers/Waterslide Records - LP, CD, Digital
Swedish trallpunk band VARNAGEL are back with their first new album in 15 years. It sounds like a mixture of DIA PSALMA and classic trallpunk. Which means that it's a melodic kind of punk rock in Swedish, with much guitar melodies and harmonies/choirs (in lack of better words).
When VARNAGEL formed in 1999, the trallpunk wave was over. It was as most popular around 1992-95, with DIA PSALMA and DE LYCKLIGA KOMPISARNA as some of the biggest acts. But that didn't seem to worry VARNAGEL, who released demos, a few CDs and a split 7" until 2007. In 2008 they parted ways with each other.
During the years since then, they have done some short reunions once in a while, and they released a 3-track EP in 2014. But it wasn't until 2019/2020 they started to talk about a serious comeback. They started to work on some new material, and the result of that can be heard on this new album.
Those of you who miss the Swedish punk rock bands from the 90s should give this album a chance, because you should like this a lot, as it's a very good album that they have made. |

LAZY QUEEN: Option To Nothing
Icons Creating Evil Art - Digital Single
This was much more raw and dirty than I expected, even though there's some indie rock elements too. It's intense and full of attitude. But that just makes it more punk. I like this song, and hopefully they have more songs like this.
LAZY QUEEN are based in Oslo, Norway. A new EP, "Growing Pains", will be released on March 17, 2023. |

KATAPULT: Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes
Discouraged Records on Nov. 25 - CD, Digital
KATAPULT is a band with members from Sweden and Switzerland. They play a melody-driven kind of thrash/death metal, and have previously released 2 EPs. This is their full-length debut though.
These 13 tracks are said to fit fans of The HAUNTED, DEW-SCENTED, HATESPEHERE and AT THE GATES. That doesn't mean that they sounds exactly like any of them, but it's at least something similar now and then. I like the faster tracks here (which are many), but they also blend in some heavier songs for a good mixture.
KATAPULT are often burning with anger, and are always ready to explode in your face. This is their way of telling you what they think about today's society. |

FAKE NAMES: Delete Myself
Epitaph Records - Digital Single
FAKE NAMES - featuring Dennis Lyxzén (REFUSED, INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY, INVSN), Brian Baker (MINOR THREAT, DAG NASTY, BAD RELIGION), Michael Hampton (S.O.A., EMBRACE, ONE LAST WISH), Johnny Temple (GIRLS AGAINST BOYS, SOULSIDE) and the latest member Brendan Canty (FUGAZI, RITES OF SPRING) - are back with a new single. It's taken from their new album, "Expendables", which will be released on March 3, 2023. A catchy punk rock/power pop song that sounds more or less as I expected it to sound like. In other words good stuff, even though they have made stronger songs before. Worth checking out anyway. | |

ELDER: Innate Passage
Stickman Records/Armageddon Shop on Nov. 25 - CD, Digital
The mostly Berlin-based band ELDER have come to their 6th full-length album. It's a atmospheric adventure in heavy rock, where they blend progressive rock and psych rock into an elixir of its own. The 5 songs are between 8:38 to 14:44 minutes long. Long instrumental parts is nothing unusual on this album. For example, it takes over 2 and a half minutes before there's any vocals at all in the first track, "Catastasis".
I don't really know what I should compare this band with, but if you feel that progressive psych rock sounds like something for you, then give this a try. | |

Bernie Tormé: Final Fling
Release date: Nov. 25 - CD, Digital
I have a song with this man on a cheap compilation LP that I bought when I was a kid in the 80s. That song did not really impress (most of the other artists was damn good though). This live album is a completely different story though, and that song is not included here.
"Final Fling" was the name of what the guitarist had planned to be his last run across the UK in 2018. He was joined on stage by Mik Gaffney on drums and Sy Morton on bass. And they gave the audience a loud and energetic performance. It seems like none of those shows was recorded though, which they regret and set up a new show in December 2018 just to record this live album.
The set list consist of what for fans are classic numbers, spanning his whole career, which also includes songs from Ozzy Osbourne and GILLAN. Most of the material sounds good. So if you like bluesy hard rock, then this could be of interest for you. And if you're an old fan, then it's a must of course.
Guitar legend Bernie Tormé tragically passed away in March 2019, the day before what would have been his 67th birthday.

DISTRÜSTER: Sic Semper Tyrannis
Ossuary Records - CD, Cassette, Digital
From Poland comes DISTRÜSTER, which is a pretty fresh band who formed in 2021. But the members are hardly any youngsters, as the band features well known names in the Polish metal scene, like Uappa Terror (TERRORDOME, EXTINKT) and James Stewart (DECAPITATED, ex-VADER) for example.
Their debut album, "Sic Semper Tyrannis", was released in the end of September. And this is a raw and dirty mix of crust punk and death metal that fans of both genres should enjoy. Songs that are approximately 3-6 minutes are mixed with short pieces that are from half a minute to 2 minutes. Sometimes it goes fast, sometimes it's really heavy. But the faster crust/death attacks are my favorites, and those are many here. |

Dying Victims Productions - LP, CD, Digital
RISINGFALL is a 80s style heavy metal band from Tokyo, Japan. They have previously released several singles and EPs, but this is their first full-length album. Unfortunately their original guitarist Yoshiki died in February 2022. But the band will continue, just like he wanted them to.
RISINGFALL are influenced by mid-period SATAN, early VICIOUS RUMORS, NWOBHM and hard rock. And we can hear a little bit of all those ingredients on this album. The songs are performed with perfection, and it sounds really good. A small problem though is the vocals. He's a really good singer who give it all, but sometimes it's hard to tell if he is singing in English or what language it can be. But otherwise nothing to complain about.

Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
RING OF FIRE is an American neo-classical, progressive/power metal band that formed in California in 2000. The band is fronted by Mark Boals (SHINING BLACK, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen), and they released 3 studio albums and 1 live album between 2001-2004. Then they returned in 2014 with a 4th album. But it's not until now that their fifth album have been released.
Some moments on this album reminds me of progressive rock from the 70s, while other moments are more heavy/power metal. So yes, there's a little bit of both here. It's epic and adventurous, but at the same time they have very good songs. This is a very good album.
Now I'm not the one who use to listen to RUSH. But a "friend" have been playing some of their stuff for me, and I would guess that fans of that band could like this a lot. |

Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
The initial idea for MANTRIC MOMENTUM first saw the day of light in 2011, when Christer Harøy co-wrote a song with Danish producer Jacob Hansen. The project took its time to come to life though, due to Christer's duties with the bands DIVIDED MULTITUDE, TEODOR TUFF and CROSSNAIL. So their first music, the "Awaiting Tomorrow" single, wasn't released until 2017. It featured 2 tracks, "Immortal" being the second track, with guest appearances from Yannis Papadopoulos (BEAST IN BLACK), Truls Haugen (CIRCUS MAXIMUS), Joey Vera (FATES WARNING) and Ketil A Jensen. The single "Temple of My Fears" followed in 2020. This time with Christer playing all the instruments and featuring Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR etc) on vocals. A third single, "Shattered" was released in 2021, and featured Netta Laurenne (SMACKBOUND, Laurenne/Louhimo) on vocals.
So, now in the end of 2022 their debut album is finally here. And this record features guest appearances from people like Frank Nordeng Røe, Jimmy Hedlund, Lawrence Dinamarca, Magnus Karlsson, Truls Haugen, Ketil A Jensen, and a guest vocal appearance from Tina Gunnarsson. Christer's cousin Terje Harøy (PYRAMAZE) is lead vocalist on the album.
What we get from this band is a melodic kind of heavy/power metal. And this sounds really good. Lots of strong songs to shake your head to. Definitely something you should check out. |

ENUFF Z'NUFF: Finer Than Sin
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
Well, just as I expected, American veterans ENUFF Z'NUFF sounds just as usual - melodic rock with a big dose of The BEATLES. They are simply a safe band that you can trust. A small problem is that it's neither good or bad. Same tempo all the way more or less. They have made stronger albums than this. But maybe I just have to listen some more? (No, that didn't help much either).
But believe it or not, they actually have a little surprise up the sleeve here. For some reason they thought it was a good idea to do a cover of "God Save The Queen" by SEX PISTOLS. Not really sure why. Because it will hardly make the dead queen happier, will it? But to my surprise they are doing a good version of it. It might actually be the best song on the whole album. And as I have said before, when a cover is the best song, then you have a problem. |

ABOUT US: About Us
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
India might not be the first country you think of when it comes to rock and metal. But they actually have some extreme metal bands there. I don't think that I have heard any melodic hard rock from India though, which ABOUT US (silly name by the way) are playing.
The band first formed in the winter of 2019, with members from different musical backgrounds. These people had been performing for the last 15 years or so in different bands and projects before coming together, so they are not any amateurs. This self-titled debut album was previously released in 2021, but only in their home country. But now it's also available for the rest of the world.
So what can I say about the music then? Well, it sounds just like any other band in this genre. So in other words like a melodic rock or hard rock band from the 80s. It's not bad at all, and could therfor be worth a try, even though there's a few silly slow numbers here and there. |

Severed Angel - Digital Single
This is the 4th single from the American melodic metal band SEVERED ANGEL. And this is obviously a band with many different sides. Because this time it sounds darker and heavier, almost like doom metal. But it's a o.k. song anyway, even though it last for as much as 6 minutes.
Now I don't really know how to describe this song better than that. So my best advice is that you listen for yourself to find out if you like it or not. |

The LINDA LINDAS: Groovy Xmas
Epitaph Records - Digital Single
L.A. pop punk girls The LINDA LINDAS released their debut album earlier this year. Now they return with a Christmas song. But this is not yet another cover of an old song that's already been covered a thousand times, but an original song. Inpiration came from similar songs with their favorite artists ALICE BAG, RED KROSS and SHONEN KNIFE. And they simply wanted to make their own Christmas song.
This is a very catchy pop punk song that you can dance to, if you like to do that. Absolutely not bad at all. You should give it a try. And don't forget to check out the album as well, in case you have not done that already. |

Suicide Squeeze - Digital Single
L.A. garage rockers DEATH VALLEY GIRLS will release a new album, "Islands In The Sky", on February 24, 2023. "What Are The Odds" is the first single from the album.
This band might not sound like other garage rock bands use to do. Instead of playing raw and dirty, they have succeeded to make a really catchy song here, with a big chorus. So there's no need to complain. They also keep it short, 2:55 minutes, which is another good thing. You should really give this song a try if you think that you could like catchy and melodic garage rock. |

Vinnie Moore: Double Exposure
Mind's Eye Music on Nov. 25 - CD
This is the first solo album with Vinnie Moore (UFO, ex-Alice Cooper) that have vocals. And the singers are Ed Terry (RAGE AND BEYOND, AMERICAN MAFIA), Keith Slack (MSG, MOTHER ROAD), Mike DiMeo (RIOT) and Brian Stephenson (OLD JAMES). But that doesn't mean that all 12 tracks have vocals, because the second half of the album is instrumental.
On this album Vinnie is also joined by Richie Monica (Billy Cox, Papa Chubby, TANTRIC) on drums, Michael Bean and Pete Griffin (Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa) on bass, John Cassidy on keyboards, and John Pessoni on drums.
Now I have not heard any of his previous albums - which includes 10 solo albums, plus 6 albums and 1 live DVD with UFO -so I have nothing to compare with. But this is actually not so bad. The best part is the first half of the album, where we get some vocals. But the second half with instrumental songs seems to work too somehow.
The music that you get here is best described as guitar-driven hard rock.

FINNEGAN'S HELL: One Finger Salute
Wild Kingdom on Nov. 25 - CD, LP, Digital
Finnegans at Henriksberg years ago
Oh, something positive at least. Because a new album with Celtic punk rockers FINNEGAN'S HELL is good news. They seems to be more angry this time though, which makes this 4th album more punk than their previous records. But it's not only hard and angry, the catchy folk melodies are still there, and almost every song have sing-along choirs. So this is another great album. No doubt about that.
I think that this could be something not just for fans of Celtic punk and folk rock, but also those who like classic rock of all kinds. Well, maybe even some fans of hard rock could like this. |

BLUE RUIN: Hooligans Happy Hour
Pride & Joy Music on Nov. 25 - CD
BLUE RUIN consist of 4 young women, and the band was founded in New Zealand in 2015. They play some kind of melodic punk rock, with lyrics inspired by all things creepy and fun (like killing your boyfriend when you get tired of all his shit for example). Maybe not something that you would expect from Pride & Joy Music, who mainly release melodic rock, hard rock and AOR.
Even though the band have been active for 7 years already, this is actually their debut album. And what you can find here is 12 tracks of catchy punk rock. I think of the 90s when I hear this. Many of the songs have a tendency to catch you. Really not bad!
Interesting with a cover of "Women In Uniform", probably most well-known to rockers and metal fans in IRON MAIDEN's version, but originally done by Australian band SKYHOOKS in 1978.

Black Paisley AB on Nov. 25 - CD, Digital
Hm, I don't know, but I guess I expected this to be much better, as they said that BLACK PAISLEY would sound like THUNDER, WHITESNAKE, Y&T and SCORPIONS. Now everything is not hopeless here though. The first song, "Set Me On Fire", is a good beginning. And there is some more good stuff here. But unfortunately also some tracks that I don't really like.
Swedish band BLACK PAISLEY formed in 2015, and is said to be one of the upcomers in the NWOCR (New Wave Of Classic Rock). They combine the sound of old legendary bands with a modern production, and end up somewhere between classic rock and melodic rock. "Human Nature" is their 4th album.
Bonus facts: The CD includes a 28-page booklet. Parts of the album was mixed by Mike Fraser (AC/DC, The CULT, THUNDER, AEROSMITH, METALLICA).

BAD SISTER: Where Will You Go
Pride & Joy Music on Nov. 25 - CD
BAD SISTER was founded in Hamburg in 1980, but didn't release their first album until 1989. Another album was released in 1991. I don't know if the band have been active all the time, but now a new album is here anyway.
This band play melodic hard rock with much keyboard, and they will take you back to the 80s. There's lots of great songs among all these 13 tracks, and I think that fans of something like EUROPE and BON JOVI could like this a lot. So in other words worth checking out. |

Lee Aaron: Elevate
Metalville Records on Nov. 25 - CD, LP
Canadian vocalist Lee Aaron have been active for many years now. Fans of hard rock and heavy metal might know her for her albums from the 1980s, but she have also done other music for many years. In 2016 she decided to return to rock music after a 10-year hiatus, and have since then produced 6 new releases.
And if you have heard those later albums, then you should know what to expect here. This is a modern rock album full of soul and guitars, which is topped by Lee's powerful and rich voice. She's 60 years old, and she can still sing better than many younger artists. I'm impressed!
The songs are of high quality and full of variation, and it's always done with passion. |

Palace Of The King on Nov. 18 - Digital Single
PALACE OF THE KING hailing from Australia, and formed in 2012. After 3 albums and 2 EPs, the band return with the new single "I'm Sorry Blues". It's what I would call a funky hard rock song with bluesy vocals. It sounds a little odd the first time, but I guess it's not so bad after all.
Not much else to say, but a new album will be released in 2023. |

ANOXIA: Take Down The Mountains
From The Vaults on Nov. 18 - Digital Single
This song was previously released on the LP "Heavy Metal Rock Vol. 1", but is now also available on digital platforms as a single.
Danish heavy metal band ANOXIA have been active for more than 20 years, and are said to be a well-established act on the Danish underground live metal scene.
This song is pure heavy metal, without a doubt. Heavy and powerful, yet catchy and melodic. Maybe not a big hit, but absolutely not bad at all. |

VIOLET: Illusions
Yellow Muffin Records on Nov. 18 - CD, Digital
VIOLET is a young AOR band from Germany, founded in 2020. But even though the band is young, their influences are from the 80s.
This debut album features 8 original compositions and a cover of Samantha Fox's 80s hit "Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me)". Their songs are filled with lots of keyboards, and the songs are catchy. It actually sounds like a product from the 80s, and they are hardly doing anything wrong here. |

THY LISTLESS HEART: Pilgrims On The Path Of No Return
Hammerheart Records on Nov. 18 - CD, LP
This sounds like metallic funeral symphonies to me. It's slow and heavy, melancholy and atmosperic. So if you want action, you choose something else. That does not mean that it's bad though.
THY LISTLESS HEART is a solo project by English man Simon Bibby (MY SILENT WAKE, ex-SEVENTH ANGEL), and the music is atmospheric doom metal. This album is full of emotions and done with passion. He also manages to vary the material, which makes it to an interesting journey. |

Black Paisley AB - Digital Single
Swedish rock band BLACK PAISLEY will release their 4th album, "Human Nature", on November 25. This is where this single comes from, which is a catchy little song that I think that I place somewhere between classic rock and melodic rock. Absolutely among the better songs from the new album, and therfor worth checking out.
More about the album later.. |

WTF Records/Dedication Records - MCD, Digital EP, (7" EP later)
Looking for some true old-school hardcore? Then look no further. ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS is the band for you.
This band hailing from Vienna, Austria, and have fought against oppression since 1993. So this is hardly their first release. They deliver uncompromising hardcore of the better kind, and I really like what I hear on this 7-track EP. This is a band that I really can recomend.
Most of the songs are around half a minute to almost 2 minutes. Short but sweet. It's just the last track (which seems to be a bonus track) that is longer with its 3:23 minutes. | |

OMNI OF HALOS: Omni Of Halos
Lövely Records on Nov. 18 - LP, Digital
Swedish band OMNI OF HALOS released a 4-track EP earlier this year, and now it's time for their full-length debut, which includes the EP plus 6 new songs.
A strange thing with this band, but also unique, is the use of pedal steel guitar, which is mainly used in country music. And that's not the only thing that is special. I would describe their music as an alternative kind of indie rock with pop elements. They have definitely found their own sound. It's guitar-driven and melodic, skewed and bittersweat.

MOLOSSER CRUDE: Pushing My Way (Live in the Studio)
Evil Ear - Digital Single
MOLOSSER CRUDE is a duo from Sweden. They combine the energy and heavy riffing of bands like KYUSS and UNSANE with influences that range from old delta blues rawness to sizzling noise. This is really raw and dirty, as well as hard and heavy, yet bluesy and energetic. Really cool stuff that you have to hear.
Not much else to add there.. |

KiaRa: Archangel
KiaRa - CD
This is a symphonic metal band founded by singer Anna KiaRa (IMPERIAL AGE) in 2019. They also blend in elements of symphonic black metal, modern metal and folk metal in their songs. The debut album, "Storyteller", was released in 2020, and this second album, "Archangel", in October 2022.
The album is described as experimental and far more heavy than the debut was. But I would say that it's a little bit of everything here. And it's mainly melodic. Fans of symphonic metal should not be dissapointed anyway, because they have some really good songs here.

HER ANXIETY: No Land In Sight
Art Gates Records on Nov. 18 - CD
This is the debut album from Spanish band HER ANXIETY. They play a contemporary kind of metal, where they blend sharp guitars with electronic passages. The vocals is both growl and clean, while the music is both hard and heavy as well as melodic. Simply a modern metal album. But a modern metal album worth checking out, because it has something that makes their music interesting.
And extreme metal fans should not be afraid of this, as this is very hard and heavy, even though they blend in some melodic parts too.

GRIMNER: Urfader
Despotz Records on Nov. 18 - LP, CD, Digital
This is the 4th album from Swedish viking/folk metal band GRIMNER. This time they also embracing their roots and influences of Swedish death metal, along with their love of heavy and power metal. Harsh verses and catchy and melodic choruses is nothing unusual when it comes to this band's music. The main ingredients is hard and heavy guitars plus happy folk melodies. All songs are in Swedish (as usual). Add flutes and other folk instruments to that, and then you have the sound of GRIMNER.
This is a very good album, so you should absolutely check it out. |

WHEEL: Rumination
Fresh 3-track EP with Finnish progressive metal band WHEEL, who have just signed to InsideOutMusic. They have previously released 2 albums - "Moving Backwards" (2019) and "Resident Human" (2021). They plan to release their third full-length in 2023.
In the first track, the guitars are metalcore heavy and the vocals melodic. The other songs are softer, and the last track have acoustic guitars as well.
To me it sounds just like you can expect it to sound like when it's a progressive metal band. The songs are not extremely long though, just around 4 minutes each, which is always something. So no long and advanced adventures here, but mainly melodic metal. |

The OFFERING: Seeing The Elephant
Century Media - CD, LP, Digital
This is a band that blend many different influences to some kind of modern metal brew. It could be something for those of you who want your metal more crazy and challenging. I think of a band like SYSTEM OF A DOWN for example. This American quartet simply throw away all rules and do what they want to. But it's not some extremely technical or progressive shit that we get, but pretty powerful metal. Sometimes it's stone hard, sometimes more melodic. Once in a while it might be a little crazy.
This could of course have been a recipe for disaster, but I would rather call it an interesting adventure. Because even though it's a mixture of everything, they succeed to make really good songs as well. You should really check them out.
The OFFERING have previously released 1 self-titled EP in 2017 and an album, "HOME", in 2019. |

PETERSON: Metallophobia
Peterson - CD, Digital
Swedish singer Roger Peterson formed this band in the early 80s, but after a few demo recordings they split up. Stixx and Tim Skold (both later SHOTGUN MESSIAH, and Tim also joining Marilyn Manson) were members for a while. In 1990 Roger teamed up with guitarist Yngve Frank, and they did some more demos. But nothing came out of it. They changed the name to MASTER MASSIVE, but soon split up.
In 2012 Roger and Yngve decided to restart PETERSON, and some new members were recruited. On bass we find Petter Karlsson (ALVABLOT, ex-THERION, Snowy Shaw live band, DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA), and on session drums for this album they have no other than Snowy Shaw (ex-KING DIAMOND, THERION, DIMMU BORGIR, SABATON, MERCYFUL FATE, MEMENTO MORI).
Well, the music is pretty traditional heavy metal the Swedish way. It sounds powerful and heavy, and the 11 tracks that we get here is absolutely not bad at all. So even though they are not doing anything unique here, it could still be worth a chance. Because sometimes you just want that classic old stuff, and then this band fits perfect.

The NEW BARDOTS: Singles Night
Bongo Boy Records - Digital EP
The person who took care of these MP3s should not have anything to do with digital files at all! Every song was track 1 and had the same title. So I didn't have a clue which song I was listening to, unless it was one of the songs that I have heard before. And the funny thing is that my media player played the songs in different order everytime I listened to this EP. This is why it's so important with track numbers. And this is also the reason why persons who don't seems to have a clue what they're doing should not have anything to do with digital files. But will you listen to me and obey? Probaly not (as usual).
But now that I have that said, let's talk about the music instead, which is not so stupid. We get some good old rock n roll from the streets of New Jersey, and it sounds really good to me. The only thing I can complain a little about when it comes to the songs, is that they have included both a radio version and a long version of a cover, "In the year 2525". It's a good song, but 1 time is enough. But otherwise it's rocking good. This is something that fans of ROLLING STONES and AEROSMITH should check out.
"Singles Night" is a collection of singles released over the past year. 2 tracks are new though: the shorter radio version of the cover and "Corporation Businessman".

U.D.O.: The Legacy
AFM Records on Nov. 18 - 2CD
Udo in Gothenburg
I have been looking for an album like this for a long time now (might already exist, but I have not found it), and finally it's here: A fat collection with U.D.O., without any ACCEPT songs but just original songs. And the reason why I want just U.D.O. songs, is that I want to know how good they really are. Because I already know how great ACCEPT are.
With this collection they celebrate that it's 35 years since the band was formed, and the first album, "Animal House", was released. But you can also see it as a late birthday present from band leader/vocalist Udo Dirkschneider (ex-ACCEPT), who turned 70 in April. We get songs from the band's whole career - A total of 33 tracks. And not just the most obvious songs, but also some rare bonus tracks that are getting a new chance.
This is a lot of songs to take in at once. And when you think that you know the sound after a few songs, they can suddenly surprise you with something different, before they go back to the familiar German heavy metal sound again. Mainly good stuff here though. |

ROYAL HUNT: Dystopia Part II
King Records/NorthPoint Productions - CD, LP, Digital
It's a little weird when an album that you looked forward to hear does not impress you the first time you hear it. You feel a bit dissapointed then. But luckily that can change after just a few more listenings. And that's exactly what happened with this album, which I now think is great. Yes, this album is full of fantastic songs.
"Dystopia Part II" is ROYAL HUNT's 16th studio album. It's also, as the title says, the second and final part of the Dystopia concept. The album features guest performers like Mats Levén (TSO, SKYBLOOD, VANDENBERG), Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, RING OF FIRE, ROYAL HUNT), Henrik Brockman (ROYAL HUNT, EVIL MASQUERADE, N'TRIBE), Kenny Lubcke (NARITA, ZOSER MEZ) and Alexandra Andersen (ROYAL HUNT, JSP).
These songs are dynamic and dramatic, heavy and melodic. Let's call it symphonic, progressive power metal. And don't let that description scare you, because this is most of all a bloody excellent metal album that everybody should like. "Live Another Day" have a fantastic chorus. And "One More Shot" is a really good song.
Get this album at once! |

Controcanti Produzioni/Mothership Records/Fresh Outbreak Records/Itawak Records/Tomb Tree Tapes/Flames Don't Judge Prod. on Nov. 14 - Digital Album
This is intense and chaotic hardcore the Italian way. They also blend in some grind, math and post hardcore elements in their brew, which gives them their own sound. This album, which is their first new studio release in 5 years, is said to be the rawest and darkest expression of the band's sound. And after listening to this album, I'm ready to believe that.
After a soft beginning, they start to play a dark and heavy song. But after that it's more action and speed. That's when the intense and chaotic take over. There's not many quiet moments here. | | | | | |

GRIMNER: Ur Vågorna
Despotz Records - Digital Single
The first seconds might make you think that this is a ballad, but it's absolutely not. It soon turn in to a hard and powerful viking/folk metal song instead, with both harsh and melodic vocals, where they blend harder parts with melodic parts. A really good song which represents their sound really well. Check out.
This song is the 4th and last single from their upcoming album, "Urfader", which will be released on November 18. And if you like this song, then you should like the album too. |

Art Of Melody Music/Burning Minds Music Group - Digital Single
Well, some bands release new singles too often. This is the third single in just a month or something like that.
Anyway.. The latest song sounds like a rock ballad from the 80s. So if that makes you happy, then check this out. I have definitely heard worse than this in my life.
STREETLORE is a AOR band, and will release their debut album on November 25, which features several vocalists. | |

Svarta Sanningar - Digital Single
This song was originally recorded in 2018, but they have now made an acoustic version of it. Now I can't really remember what the original version sound like, but this version is soft as a sweet lullaby, even though it's much darker and occult than a usual lullaby. Their own description to the song is: "a beautiful darkness of country-scented goth and dark rock". Then they continue to mention artists like Thåström, The DOORS, KATATONIA and H.P. Lovecraft. Give it a try.

Century Media Records - CD, LP, Digital
The first track, "Got So High - Remix" is a pure pop song. And I hate modern pop! The rest is acoustic tracks of songs that I never have heard before. And I don't really get the meaning of this album at all. Because this is a pretty hopeless album to me.
But even though I might not be so impressed by this album, The PRETTY RECKLESS have made a great succees when it comes to female-fronted modern rock. And I'm actually impressed by Taylor Momsen's vocals, which is really good. People really seems to like them a lot. And I guess that if you're 1 of them, then this more stripped down version of the band can be of interest.
What they have done here is to record some unexpected covers and some of their own songs in new arrangements. But instead of just sit there with acoustic guitars in every song, this band also use piano in many of the songs. |

MAGNOLIA PARK: Baku's Revenge
Epitaph Records - LP, CD
O.k., this was a very stupid idea. Mixing rock with modern pop is never good. This is so tragically bad that I gave up after just a few songs. I hate this!
A few of these 15 tracks could possibly go as pop punk. But the problem is that it still sounds so modern that I just can't like it anyway. I get sick of listening to this shit.
The youth of today will probably like this though. But how intelligent are they?
MAGNOLIA PARK are based in Orlando, and this is their debut album. Their music is a combination of punk, pop and hip-hop elements.
Why can't Epitaph Records just release punk rock instead of modern crap like this?

RFL Records on Nov. 11 - CD
Ronny Munroe is an American singer, most noted as the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band METAL CHURCH. Ronny recorded 3 albums with METAL CHURCH before the band decided to call it quits in 2009. His second tenture with the band lasted from 2012, when the group reunited, until 2014, when he left to "pursue other interests". In October 2011, Munroe joined The TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA, as a vocalist, and in July of 2022 Munroe was announced as the new lead vocalist for the power metal band VICIOUS RUMORS.
The new album with his band MUNROE'S THUNDER, "The Black Watch", is loosely based on Ronny's family heritage, as some of his ancestors were actually in The Black Watch who guarded Mary, Queen Of Scots. It's a tale of darkness, betrayal and bravery.
And the soundtrack to that is heavy metal. The guitars are heavy, and the vocals powerful. This album has lots of strong songs and variation. There's really nothing to complain about. I think that fans of something like IRON MAIDEN, DIO and BLACK SABBATH with Ronnie James Dio, as well as the Tony Martin-era, should be interested in this album, even though it might not be the exact same thing. |

Merryweather Stark Wackerman: Cosmic Affect
Metalville Records on Nov. 11 - CD, LP
This project started in November 2019, when Neil and Janne were finishing up the second Merryweather Stark album. They were invited to a studio and met drummer John Wackerman, and they liked each other and began to jam. The ideas and inspiration were flowing, and the result of that is this album.
Unfortunately Neil Merryweather got a malignant brain tumor in January 2021, and passed away a few months later before the album was mixed. So this can be seen as a last tribute to him.
Musically this album is in the 70s style of hard rock, with inspiration from bands like BAD COMPANY, POINT BLANK, ZZ TOP and even a hint of KING'S X. So more bluesy hard rock you could say. And what this trio have created here is a great album, which is full of cool songs. It really sounds like something from the 70s or 80s, even though it's a modern production.

UPRISING! Records on Nov. 11 - LP, Digital
Danish band EMPIRE DROWNS released an EP in 2013, but now it's time for their full-length debut. And what they deliver is a blend of old school doom/death-laden metal and dark, gothic rock. They are aiming at a British 90s sound, so think of bands like early PARADISE LOST, MY DYING BRIDE and ANATHEMA for example. It's heavy but not slow. The vocals is harsh growl. But there's also melodies. And all over it is a dark cloud.
To me this is the kind of album that goes in and out in the background (some albums just are like that for some reason). I can't remember anything afterwards. But it sounds good while I listen at least, so I guess it could be worth listening to if you're into gothic doom/death. |

Transcending Obscurity Records on Nov. 11 - LP, CD, Cassette, Digital
Sometimes heavy, sometimes more noisey. Danish trio DYSGNOSTIC play a dark and dissonant kind of death metal, which is sometimes also technical and complicated. And this debut album is definitely not for everyone, as it is quite demanding music we are talking about here. But if you feel like challenging your ear canals, go ahead.
That's all I have to say.. |

Art Gates Records on Nov. 11 - 2CD
It begins with another intro that last for way too long. But after that it's a very ambitious and epic symphonic power metal album that we get here, and all songs are in Spanish. I can hardly deny that they are doing a really good job here. After all, they are very skilled musicians. No doubt about that.
This album is a 15th anniversary edition of their album "Domine", completely re-recorded, remixed and remastered. And we get the album in 2 versions, with collaborations with several people in the heavy metal scene.
If you want your metal to be more or less like a opera, then I guess this album could be something for you.

DURTY TRIIX: Crackin' Skulls And Crushin' Bones
Mass XT Music - CD, Digital
This is the debut album from the Australian band DURTY TRIIX. And Australia has given us bands like AC/DC, ROSE TATTOO and AIRBOURNE, to name a few.
DURTY TRIIX play hard rock in the 80s style, and are surely influenced by the local scene. But they have lots of other influences too. Some songs are more hit friendly than others, but nothing is bad here. This is simply 10 really good tracks of hard rock. And what else can you ask for? |

Fighter Records - CD, LP, Cassette, Digital
DIAMOND CHAZER is a heavy metal band from the city of Medellín in Colombia, that was born in October 2017. They are yet another band with the traditional sound of the 80s. Their influences comes from genres like NWOBHM, French heavy metal, AOR and speed metal. Their first single, "Stranger Things", was released in February 2018, and their first EP, "Chained In Tokyo", a few months later. In December 2019 a 2-track single, "Diamond Chazer/Poltergeist", was released. And in mid-2020 they released a compilation, "Chasing Diamonds", which includes all their previous recordings plus 3 unreleased songs.
"Starriders" is their official full-length debut. It's mainly pure heavy metal that we get here, and this sounds really good. This is both powerful and melodic, without being polished. And they are not always taking the easiest way, but are very good at playing.
This album have a little bit of everything that you can ask for from a good heavy metal album. So you should really give these guys a try.

Devin Townsend: Lightwork
InsideOut Music - 3LP/2CD/Blu-ray Box Set, 2CD/Blu-ray Artbook, 2 CD, CD, 2LP/CD, Digital
Canadian musician Devin Townsend (ex-STRAPPING YOUNG LAD) is a man with many different sides. Usually it's some kind of wild and crazy progressive metal. But he have a softer side too. Unfortunately he goes all in on that later side on this album, and I suddenly prefer the wild and crazy Devin instead. Because this is not so good. And what shall I call this? Modern pop? I'm not really sure if that is such a good description to this. Maybe a typical reflective post pandemic album? It's adventurous and dreamy. But as it's Devin Townsend we talk about, it's also experimental and not so easy to describe with just a few words. |

CRIME: Master Of Illusion
Metalapolis Records on Nov. 11 - CD, Digital
German hard rockers CRIME released 2 CDs in the 90s - "Hard Times" in 1993 and "No Cure" in 1995. Now they are back with a new singer, Francis Soto (IVORY TOWER, SUBWAY), and a new album.
We get 12 tracks of good old hard rock here, and it's not bad at all. They have the melodies and the power, and the songs are mainly good. So yes, this could be worth checking out.
For some reason I don't really know what else I should write about them (that happens once in a while, or rather way too often lately). |

ARALLU: Death Covenant
Hammerheart Records on Nov. 11 - CD, LP
This is really brutal and extreme. But is it good?
ARALLU hailing from Israel, and blend their black metal with Middle-Eastern influences. It seems like they have been lurking around in the metal underground for 25 years already, so they are experienced at least. "Death Covenant" is their 7th full-length album.
The blend of extreme black metal and elements of Sumerian and Middle-Eastern sounds gives them their own special sound. But it also gives their music a special atmosphere somehow. This is simply a hard and brutal album in its own league. |

WHITE LUNG: If You're Gone
Domino Recording Co - Digital Single
WHITE LUNG will release their first new album, "Premonition", in 6 years on December 2. 2 singles - "Date Night" and "Tomorrow" - was released on September 19. And here's another single from the album.
I really like this band! Even though their punk rock is catchy and melodic, there's also a kind of melancholy. It's not happy, but still damn good.
Unfortunately it's said that the new record will be their final album. WHY?! |

LŸNX: Shake It Up!
Bullzhorn Records - Digital Single
This sounds like a demo from the 80s that somebody have tried to remaster.
LŸNX hailing from Calgary, Canada, and describe themselves as a pure rock n roll act. They have released 2 albums so far, and "Shake It Up!" is taken from their forthcoming album "Claws Out".
Well, even though they call it rock n roll, I think it sounds like hard rock or possibly a little bit of both. And there's a party vibe over this ass kicker. Fans of good old MÖTLEY CRÜE, GUNS N' ROSES and SKID ROW should give this a try.

KRELL: The Mantis
Sneakout Records/Burning Minds Music Group - Digital Single
This is the second single with the Italian band KRELL. I thought their first single, "Crushing Your Life", was just o.k. and not much else. So, is this song better then? Well, this is a catchy little song and more uptempo. So yes, I like this much better.
If they have more songs like this, then it can be interesting to hear the debut album, "Deserts", which will be released on November 25.
The music is best described as hard rock. | |

HOOTENANNY FREAKS: Lose It All/Falling Waters
Inverse Records - Digital Double Single
Finnish hard rockers HOOTENANNY FREAKS celebrate their 25th anniversary with this double single. This release also presents the new singer Arttu Kettunen.
"Lose It All" is about things going to hell and nothing seems to work out. A uptempo and catchy song. Not bad at all.
"Falling Waters" tells about how it feels when the imagination takes over and you believe you have superpowers. The song is one of the heaviest tracks the band has ever recorded. It's also harder, but with a melodic chorus. A o.k. song, but not much else. | |

INCURSION: Blinding Force
No Remorse Records on Nov. 11 - CD, LP, Digital
American heavy metal band INCURSION first existed between 1982-86 in Miami, but didn't release anything (they participated on a local compilation tape though). In 2018 3 of the original members got back together in Nashville with the intent of finally performing and recording their wealth of material, and an EP, "The Hunter", was released in 2020.
Now it's time for the big step, a full-length album. And what we get here is traditional heavy metal as it sounded in the 70s and the 80s. They have a good material here, and you will probably hear both NWOBHM and US metal on this album. So good stuff.

DOGFLESH: March Of The Damned
Dogflesh - Digital Single
English thrash metal/crossover band DOGFLESH will release their 4th album, "March Of The Damned", in early 2023. And the title track is now available as a single from the album.
DOGFLESH formed in the wastelands of Teesside, England in May 1982. They started as one of the early pioneers of English hardcore/punk, but in 2016 they shifted their musical style towards thrash metal. The early influences can still be heard in some of their tracks though, which this song is a good proof of. Because this sounds like something with GBH actually, but with their own twist. I like it. |

Tubefreeks - Digital Album?
TUBEFREEKS are an American hard rock/metal trio, and "Unhinged" is their 4th album. The music is driving and riff-oriented, while the vocals is melodic yet aggressive. It sounds like something from the alternative 90s, but I can't really remember any names right now to compare them with. It sounds good though, so why not give it a try and listen for yourself? Yes, do that.
..and then it's like that again: Not much else to add. Well, if you want reviews that are long as a short story, then you have come to wrong place.

APOSTASY: Death Return (reissue)
Sentient Ruin/Fallen Temple - LP, Digital
This is the third full-length in 35 years from Chilean thrashers APOSTASY. I don't know when it was originally released, but now it have been re-released on vinyl for the first time ever with proper vinyl mastering from the source mixes and with a brand new graphic layout.
APOSTASY play a fast and aggressive kind of thrash metal, which is more back to the roots. It's raw and evil. But it's not fast all the time though. They have found a perfect combination that really works.
This sounds really good. So yes, this is definitely worth checking out.

HATE PROPAGANDA: World War 666 (reissue)
Sentient Ruin - 10" EP, Digital EP
Have you ever heard a British band called EXTREME NOISE TERROR? They have a very suitable name, and the Portuguese band HATE PROPAGANDA sounds almost like them. This is total chaos! Just a hell of a noise. This must be the worst fucking crap in a long time! But if you feel like you want an ear torture, then go ahead.
HATE PROPAGANDA's so-called "music" is supposed to be death/black metal mixed with the primitivism of hardcore and punk. It's very primitive and extreme. This recording was previously released only on cassette in 2019. Why somebody want to waste money on a vinyl release of this is a mystery to me. But we are all different..

RIGOROUS INSTITUTION: Chainmarsh (reissue)
Sentient Ruin - CD
"Chainmarsh" was previously issued earlier in 2022 as a vinyl and digital release via Black Water Records. Now it's also available on CD, for those who like that better.
RIGOROUS INSTITUTION hailing from Portland, and play what they call dystopian crust punk. But this doesn't really sound like the crust punk that I'm used to hear, but rather like something more alternative. Let's call it post-crust, just to invent another stupid sub-genre that nobody else will use.
It's an apocalyptic and experimental kind of punk/metal that we get here. And a wild mixture of crust and anarcho punk, proto-metal, and ambient-infused spoken word and literary experimentalism, with inspiration taken from acts like AMEBIX, KILLING JOKE, RUDIMENTARY PENI, DEAD CAN DANCE, ANTISECT, VOIVOD, VENOM, MOTÖRHEAD and SWANS. Very dark and heavy music.

STRYPER: The Final Battle
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, 2LP, Digital
STRYPER continues the trend established over their last few albums. It's heavier, while also maintaining the melodies that they are known for.
The opening-track, "Transgressor", is almost thrash metal, but is probably best described as power metal. After that they calm down and get heavier with "See No Evil, Hear No Evil" - Heavy metal without a doubt. "Same Old Story" is melodic hard rock. And then we have.. No, you probably get it by now, that this is a varied album. It's mainly rooted in hard rock and most of all heavy metal, and the songs are really strong.
STRYPER is still a band to be reckoned with. No doubt about that. |

GRAND: Grand
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
Swedish vocalist Mattias Olofsson had been working for almost 2 decades as a professional singer and songwriter, but he had always nurtured a dream of releasing his own AOR project one day. So he kept experimenting with ideas and writing songs, just waiting for the right moment. And in the fall of 2020 GRAND was formed in the southern outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden. After that it didn't take long before they got signed by Frontiers Music, and now their self-titled debut album is here.
This is a very melodic story, but I think fans of the old AOR legends will like this when they hear it. Because this is just as good as any other band in this genre. |

Merge Records - Digital Single
Ah, this was much better than that stupid sludge EP that they released a while ago. This is more hardcore, but with their own little twist then. I guess we can call it something stupid like melodic, alternative hardcore. It might not be a future classic as it's hard to remember, but it sure ain't bad.
A new album, "One Day", will be released on January 27, and the title track is now available as a single and accompanying video.

Chez Kane: Powerzone
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, 2LP, Digital
This sounds so much 80s that you could think that it was actually recorded back then. So if you like melodic rock with pop melodies, and choruses made for a hit song, then this could be something for you. Chez seems to be more or less making the effort of her life behind the microphone. Damn what an energy! This woman can really sing! Just listen to something like "Love Gone Wild" for example.
Chez Kane's debut album was released in March 2021, and was a collaboration with Danny Rexon (CRAZY LIXX). The 2 have teamed up once again and made another great album. Fans of the first album should not be dissapointed. |

Whiteabbey on Nov. 4 - Digital Album
As you can figure out from the title, this is the second album from WHITEABBEY, which is the brainchild of Northern Irish guitarist/producer Steve Moore (STORMZONE, FIRELAND). The band also features Tamara Bouwhuis (DIM CRIMSON) from The Netherlands on vocals, Stevie McLaughlin (Tim "Ripper" Owens, SANDSTONE) on lead guitar and vocals, and Ruddiger Spree (FIRELAND) on drums. The music that they play is female-fronted metal with influences from power and symphonic metal, even though there's other influences too. It sounds mainly like symphonic metal to me though, and it sounds very good. Just listen to something like the opening-track, "Swan", for example. All 9 tracks are great though, so this is absolutely worth listening to.

Pride & Joy Music on Nov. 4 - CD
WHITE SKIES is a British band formed by former SAMSON and FIRST STRIKE vocalist Mick White, former YA YA guitarist Ray Callcut and former DOUBLE CROSS and DANTE FOX keyboard player Pete Lakin. They wanted to make a pure AOR album in the same style as giants like JOURNEY, FOREIGNER and TOTO. Melodic it is anyway. But some of these songs sounds more like melodic hard rock actually. There is lots of AOR too though. So it's a nice mixture of those 2 genres. And this sounds really good, so it could of course be worth listening to.
After the album recordings were done, the band completed the line-up with bassist Rob Naylor (ex-BLOOD RED SAINTS) and drummer Daz Lamberton (ex-RED WHITE AND BLUES). |

Pride & Joy Music on Nov. 4 - CD
When Italian band STRANGER VISION was formed in 2019, they were aiming at a personal vision and sound. It should be catchy but not cheesy. Technical but not complex. And so on.. The result is a powerful and modern kind of progressive power metal.
Their debut album, "Poetica", was released in 2021. And as far as I can remember, that album was not so bad. And just as the debut, their second album have some guests, like Tom S. Englund (EVERGREY, REDEMPTION, SILENT SKIES) and Hansi Kürsch (BLIND GUARDIAN, DEMONS & WIZARDS).
"Wasteland" is not such a bad album either. It's actually a very good power metal album. And there's not too much of that technical and progressive stuff. They seems to focus on making really good songs instead. And good songs they have plenty of.

Pride & Joy Music on Nov. 4 - CD
German based power metallers LEGIONS OF THE NIGHT return with their second album. The group features Jens Faber (DAWN OF DESTINY, MALEFISTUM, EXOS), Philipp Bock (DAWN OF DESTINY) and Henning Basse (METALIUM, ex-FIREWIND, MAYAN).
This album continues where the first album ended. So if you liked that album, then you should not be dissapointed. But in case you have not heard them, they play a pretty typical kind of power metal, with huge melodies, powerful riffs and catchy choruses. Sometimes it's almost a little epic. Really good stuff that you need to hear my friend. |

The JOKERS: Rock And Roll Bones
Metalapolis Records on Nov. 4 - CD, LP
7 years has passed since their third album, "Hurricane", was released. But now the English men are back again with a new album. And what we get is guitar-driven hard rock n roll. It's described as a mix of CHICKENFOOT, AC/DC and The BLACK CROWES, so if you like that, then you should really check this out.
Some of the strongest songs here according to me are the title track and "Slapback". There is unfortunately a few weaker tracks too, but nothing is useless. |

FREEDUMB: Social Hangover
Fucking North Pole Records - Digital Album
FREEDUMB is a trio from Norway, formed in 2003. Their music is sometimes melodic punk rock, and sometimes hardcore. But most of all it's a punk album. However, it works well together, and doesn't give a confused impression. Most of these 10 songs are good, so there's not much to complain about.
I don't really know what I should compare them with, because there's obviously lots of different influences in this band's music. People who like different kinds of punk could enjoy this though.

BAZOOKA: Somewhere Elsewhere
Inner Ear - LP, CD, Cassette, Digital
There was actually a female rock band from Sweden called BAZOOKA once upon a time. But that was in the 90s, and this is something completely different than that. It sounds a little weird, and they sing in Greek. I didn't really like it the first time I heard this album. But shame on giving up. After another try it wasn't so bad anyway. Still a little crazy, but better than the first time at least. After that they had me, and now I like these crazy Greeks.
"Somewhere Elsewhere" is the English title of this album (the original title is "Kapou Allou"), which is their 4th. The music that they play is called psych punk. But this is more like psych rock to me, even though it's more wild sometimes. But sure, there is also some punk here and there as well. As I already have said, it's a little weird and crazy, or experimantal, but it's also full of energy and joy.
If you want something alternative, then try this. |

AURORA BOREALIS: Prophecy Is The Mold In Which History Is Poured
Hammerheart Records on Nov. 4 - CD, LP
The story about AURORA BOREALIS goes back to 1994. They have been true to the underground scene, and most of their albums have been self-released. But this time they let the Dutch label Hammerheart Records release their new album.
This is blackened death metal the American way. It's more Florida than Scandinavia, if we put it that way. Intense and aggressive, but yet catchy. Absolutely listenable. |


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