SVINTASK: Störande Av Den Allmänna Ordningen
AMTY Records - CD on Sept. 2, Digital on Sept. 23
Swedish band SVINTASK are more or less veterans now. Their recipe is to blend some good old Swedish punk rock and British Oi!. Sometimes they also add some ska to their brew. It's often catchy, but hardly ever polished. Melodic, but yet raw and angry. They are not afraid to kick against the punk and rock scene. On the other hand, this band are against a lot of things in today's society, even though I would guess that it's not always so serious (their lyrics have made me laugh more than once or twice).
We get 12 tracks in less than half an hour. It's good, but I get a feeling that their previous stuff have been a little bit better than this, and much more fun to listen to. But if you like Swedish punk, then give them a try. |

KING BUFFALO: Regenerator
King Buffalo/Stickman Records on Sept. 2 - LP, CD, Digital
Rochester, New York-based trio KING BUFFALO deliver their fifth full-length album. It's a blend of psychedelic and heavy tracks. They melt together progressive rythms with atmospheric moments. It's mainly melodic as well.
The album begins with the title track, which is 9:38 minutes long, and end the whole thing with a song that's 9:16 minutes. Between those 2 are 5 tracks between 2:58 to 6:20 minutes.
I have heard this kind of stuff many times now. But if you like it psychedelic and heavy, then this might be something for you, because they are pretty good actually.

HEADS FOR THE DEAD: The Great Conjuration
Transcending Obscurity Records on Sept. 2 - LP, CD, Cassette, Digital
HEADS FOR THE DEAD released a 5-track EP, "Slash 'n' Roll", in November last year. And their latest full-length, "Into The Red", was released in December 2020. So it seems to be a hard working band, as they are already getting ready to release yet another record (their third full-length).
As usual they mix their death metal with a horror theme, and HEADS FOR THE DEAD doesn't give you any surprises here. It's simply old school death metal the way it was meant to be. But that's good enough for me anyway. So I don't complain. And especially not with such a good album as this.
As you might know already, the band features members of REVEL IN FLESH, WOMBBATH, SENTIENT HORROR etc. Fans of those bands, as well as classic acts like ENTOMBED, GRAVE and DISMEMBER, will most likely like this. |

WAYWARD DAWN: All-Consuming Void
Emanzipation Productions on Sept. 9 - CD, LP, Digital
WAYWARD DAWN's death metal brutality will make your weak pop neighbours afraid. They will see it as noise, while you will sit there with a big smile and enjoy it. You will probably play it way too loud, and they will start to cry. You smile even more.
"All-Consuming Void" is the third album from this Danish band. 7 tracks of fast and filthy death metal, but with elements of some punk, doom metal and grindcore. In this case a perfect blend. Because even though it's brutal, it's far away from a noise terror. |

Mike Tramp: For Første Gang
Target Records on Sept. 2 - CD, LP, Digital
Former WHITE LION and FREAK OF NATURE frontman Mike Tramp seems to be more active than ever. But o.k., many of the records that's been released during the last years are re-releases. This is on the other hand his first album sung all in his own language Danish. And it's just as soft as usual, maybe even softer sometimes as it reminds me more of country or something than the usual soft rock. It's actually so soft and silly that I don't want to listen anymore. Sorry. |

ENSANGUINATE: Eldritch Anatomy
Emanzipation Productions, postponed to Oct. 7 - CD, LP, Digital
ENSANGUINATE might not be doing anything out of the ordinary when it comes to death metal. But what they are doing, they are doing really good, so there's no reason to complain.
ENSANGUINATE hailing from Slovenia, and "Eldritch Anatomy" is their debut album, where they deliver old school death metal. I would say that they blend American death with Swedish melodies, and the result is very tasteful. Fast songs, heavy songs, mid-tempo songs - You got it all here. You should really check this out! |

WINGS OF DESTINY: Never Surrender
Wormholedeath Records - Digital Single
Marco Garau (MAGIC OPERA, DERDIAN) wrote this song as a piano piece for his solo album. Then he gave it to Anton Darisso (WINGS OF DESTINY) to see what he could do with it. And now it has turned into a melodic power/symphonic metal song, with a solo by David Shankle (ex-MANOWAR).
As you can understand, you can not exactly hear that this once was a piano piece. It's a good metal song though, with a strong chorus. So I think you should give it a try. |

WHITE SKIES: What Do You Know About Love
Pride & Joy Music - Digital Single
WHITE SKIES is a AOR band based in the UK, formed by former SAMSON and FIRST STRIKE vocalist Mick White, former YA YA guitarist Ray Callcut and former DOUBLE CROSS and DANTE FOX keyboard player Pete Lakin. They wanted to write an AOR album in the same style as genre giants like JOURNEY, FOREIGNER and TOTO. They were offered a record deal with German label Pride & Joy Music, and signed.
Their debut album, "Black Tide", will be released on November 4. This single is a taste of that album. And this is a uptempo song in good old style. Absolutely not bad at all. Let's just hope that they have more songs like this, and the album will be great. |

MANTIC RITUAL: Heart Set Stone
M-Theory Audio on Sept. 2 - MCD, Cassette
This is a collection with 3 original songs and 3 covers (GBH, MERCYFUL FATE and RAZOR). The music is speed/thrash metal, with an old school sound. I'm pretty sure that this will work good for both thrashers and punks.
MANTIC RITUAL was born in Pittsburgh in 2005 as MELTDOWN. In 2007 they moved to Los Angeles, where they got some attention. They soon changed the name to MANTIC RITUAL, and recorded their debut album, "Executioner", in March 2009. But it seems like they split up in 2010. In the beginning of 2021 they were back again though.
If you want something raw and real, then this is what you need. |

The JOKERS: Water On Fire
Metalapolis Records - Digital Single
I don't know, but this sounds more like a b-side than a a-side to me. In other words not such a strong song. I would not say that it's bad though. But it's not worth being a single anyway.
I would describe this as alternative rock, because it sounds more like the 1990s than the 2020s.
"Water On Fire" comes from their new album, "Rock And Roll Bones", which will be released on November 4. It seems to be their first new album since 2015, but they better have stronger material than this if they want people to care. | |

AVSKRÄDE: Det Stora Tunga Sjuka
Purity Through Fire on Sept. 1 - LP
AVSKRÄDE play true Swedish old school black metal. This is their debut album, which was released on CD, cassette and digital in December 2021. Now it will also be available on LP.
Well, there's actually not that much else to say about this. It sounds really good, and just as it should. So if you like the description above, then you should absolutely check this out. It's not more complicated than that. |

The DECAYED: Corrupt Politicians Will Never Set You Free
Sliptrick Records on Aug. 30 - CD
This is not just the debut album from this Chicago band, it's also a protest. And the soundtrack is a molotov cocktail of thrash metal and hardcore/punk that explode straight in your face. Most of all I hear good old hardcore/punk though. And it sounds really good to me. I really like this kind of stuff.
Most of these 10 tracks are around 2-3 minutes, but the last is 6 minutes.
If this doesn't get you going, then I don't really know what's wrong with you. |

VANDEN PLAS: Live And Immortal
Frontiers Music Srl - 2CD/DVD, Blu-ray, 2LP, Digital
German progressive metal band VANDEN PLAS recorded this concert in their hometown Kaiserslautern on December 30, 2016. The bulk of the setlist is based on the 2 "Chronicles Of The Immortals" albums (2013 and 2014, respectively), but also includes tracks that have never been played live before and a few fan favorites. A total of 15 tracks and a real party for fans of the band.
I would not call myself a fan, but I can hear lots of really good songs here. No doubt about that. This was much more interesting to hear than many other progressive bands.
If you like heavy guitars and melodic vocals, then give this a try. |

SUNSTORM: Brothers In Arms
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, LP, Digital
SUNSTORM continue with Ronnie Romero (RAINBOW, MSG, LORDS OF BLACK etc) on vocals. And since last time they have recruited a new guitarist: Luca Princiotta (DORO, BLAZE).
On this album they wanted to go back to the sound of the early records. So more melodic rock and AOR than hard rock this time then. But it sounds really good too, so that's hardly a problem. And especially not when they have such strong songs as this.
Another melodic album worth checking out. |

Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
This is the second release from melodic rock/AOR project RESTLESS SPIRITS, which is led by LORDS OF BLACK guitarist Tony Hernando. "Second To None" features guest vocals from Kent Hilli (PERFECT PLAN, GIANT), Chez Kane, Renan Zonta (ELECTRIC MOB), and scene veteran Johnny Gioeli (HARDLINE).
Everybody is doing a really good job here, and most of the songs are great. Yet nothing seems to top the opening track, "I Need A Lil' White Lie". Still worth a try though.

NORDIC UNION: Animalistic
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, LP, Digital
Erik Mårtensson (ECLIPSE, W.E.T.) and Ronnie Atkins (PRETTY MAIDS) return with a third album from their NORDIC UNION project. And fans of their previous albums should not be dissapointed when they hear this. They continue to deliver high quality melodic hard rock, and there's really nothing to complain about. It sounds very much like ECLIPSE actually, and that's a band that I really like. The guitars are heavy, while the vocals is melodic, and on top of that a big chorus.
This is a must for every fan of melodic hard rock! |

HYDRA: Point Break
Frontiers Music Srl - CD, Digital
This is another one of these very melodic records. Sometimes it's almost pathetic, but sometimes it's actually good. In other words, an album with both highs and lows. Mainly highs though.
HYDRA is the brainchild of Swedish songwriter/musician Henrik Hedström, who has been a songwriter based out of Stockholm for many years and a friend of drummer/producer Daniel Flores (FIRST SIGNAL, FIND ME, The MURDER OF MY SWEET) for the past 15 years. Flores play drums and keyboards on the album, while vocals and lead and rhythm guitars are handled by Andi Kravljaca. Henrik himself plays keyboards and acoustic and clean guitars. Jonny Trobro play bass and Elena Valente add some vocals on 1 of the songs.
Well, if you're in to melodic rock and AOR like TOTO and CHICAGO, then you should find some candy here.

GENERATION RADIO: Generation Radio
Frontiers Music Srl - CD/DVD, LP, Digital
This band might be something for those of you who like it more soft and melodic. It's often (not always) on the border to pop according to me. And there's too many ballads as well. So not really my band, but there is at least 2 good songs here: "Time To Let It Go" and "Smoking". Much more action in those 2 songs, and I like that much better. Why don't they do more songs like that instead of silly soft rock and pathetic pop ballads?
GENERATION RADIO is a new band centered around Jay Demarcus (RASCAL FLATTS) and Jason Scheff (ex-CHICAGO). They are joined by drummer/vocalist Deen Castronovo (JOURNEY, REVOLUTION SAINTS) guitarist Chris Rodriguez and Tom Yankton. Their music is said to please fans of classic AOR from the 80s, like JOURNEY and CHICAGO. |

TROUBLE: Live In Stockholm
Hammerheart Records on Sept. 2 - 2LP
This concert was previously released as a bonus disc for the CD re-issue of "Simple Mind Condition". Now it will also be avilable as a double LP on its own.
I'm not sure when this was recorded, but as it was included with an album from 2007, it must have been around that time. Anyway, TROUBLE was actually invited by Leif Edling and his band CANDLEMASS to be special guests for them in Stockholm, Sweden. And the legendary doom metal pioneers from Chicago said yes, and delivered a "Greatest Hits" set of 14 songs in 75 minutes. And it seems like they did a fantastic gig.
Simply a must for every fan of TROUBLE. |

Epitaph Records - Digital Single
Another single with Australian metal band PARKWAY DRIVE then.. This time it's a slow song that we get, almost a ballad actually. It last for almost 7 minutes, and is the title track of their new album, which arrives on September 9.
This is a dark and majestic song, and not like anything else that I have heard with them. So it might take a few listenings to get used to it. I think I like it though.. |

ANUBIS: EP Collection
Anubis - Digital
ANUBIS features veterans of local Los Angeles bands, as well as international/touring bands. They combine the speed and aggression of thrash metal like MEGADETH, TESTAMENT and HAVOK with the twin guitars and soaring vocals of more melodic metal bands like HELLOWEEN, SAVATAGE and IRON MAIDEN. So you could say something like thrash/power metal to describe what they play. Or just say heavy metal, because that's what it is most of all according to me.
This is a pretty new band, but they have already released 4 EPs. And on this collection we get them all. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a real release, but each EP should be available anyway.
You can really hear that they are experienced musicians. I'm impressed of how strong these songs are. So yes, this is absolutely worth checking out.

Sveriges Jävla Hjärta
Second Class Kids Records in Sept. - LP, CD, Digital
Slaveriet in Boras
This is not some patriotic nazi shit, but rather a anti-racist compilation with 9 Swedish bands. Most of them play what we call trallpunk here in Sweden, while some play something more alternative. Most songs are as far as I know exclusive for this compilation.
The bands participate with 2 songs each, and they are LASTKAJ 14, EPA, FRUKTANSVÄRLD, N:A HOSPITALET, SLAVERIET, KKPA, VERA NOREA, GOONDOCKS and VINTERTID.
Compilations usually have many different bands and genres, and there always seems to be a few that are less good or even bad. But not on this one. All bands are good! I'm impressed, even though it didn't really come as a surprise, as I have heard most of these bands before and know what they can do.
All songs are available digitally now, but the physical release will happen sometime before the Swedish election (which is on Sept. 11 of all dates).

I'LL BE DAMNED: Fuck You Money
Mighty Music on Aug. 26 - Digital Single
I'LL BE DAMNED will release the album "Culture" in the fall, and this is a taste of that. This song introduces the 2 new members Anders Gyldenøhr (ex-GROPE, ex-HATESPHERE) on drums and Mark Damgaard on vocals.
"Fuck You Money" is heavy and groovy, yet melodic, with influences from CLUTCH, DOWN and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. It deals with the absurdity of wealth and the current economic inequality. A o.k. song, but not much else. |

UPRISING! Records on Aug. 26 - Digital Single
Denmark's EMPIRE DROWNS blend old-school doom/death-laden metal and dark, gothic rock. They released an EP, "Bridges", in 2013, and is now ready to release their debut album in the fall of 2022. And as you might have figured out, "Purity" is a first taste of the upcoming album.
Their sound is inspired by the early 90s, and bands like PARADISE LOST, MY DYING BRIDE and ANATHEMA. Dark and heavy, yet catchy somehow, is how I would describe this little song. Fans of the mentioned artists could actually be happy to hear this. It doesn't suck anyway.

HELL DIABLO: Push Comes To Shove
Hell Diablo - Digital Single
This Canadian band play dirty garage rock, and "Push Comes To Shove" is the first single from their upcoming second album, "Bad News Travels Fast". Their first album, "Blood Is The New Black", was released last year.
In less than 3 minutes they menage to tell a dark and sadistic story, which they back up with some raw in your face rock n roll. A pretty good song in the same school as something like NASHVILLE PUSSY and similar acts. Worth checking out for those who like garage rock, raw rock n roll and even old punk rockers.

The END A.D.: Bloodsucker
WormHoleDeath Records - Digital Single
Female fronted American punk/hardcore band The END A.D. have recorded a cover of DEEP PURPLE's "Bloodsucker". An energetic experience is the least I can say, as they have added some more punk energy to the song. They simply do it their own way, but it sounds good anyway and is not totally different from the original version.
The END A.D. have just signed a worldwide deal with WormHoleDeath, who will re-release the band's EP "It's All In Your Head" (2021) with 4 bonus tracks on October 28. "Bloodsucker" is included on that release. |

SiX BY SiX: Six By Six
InsideOut Music - CD, LP/CD, Digital
SIX BY SIX is a new super trio featuring guitarist Ian Crichton (SAGA), drummer Nigel Glockler (SAXON) and Robert Berry (3). They have known each other for years, and worked together before (maybe not all 3 at the same time though). Now they have formed this little band together, and what they have created is a progressive rock adventure in 10 chapters. It's catchy and melodic. And even though they probably have tried to create their own unique sound, it sounds familiar to me somehow.
A o.k. album, but not a masterpiece. Fans of progressive rock could like this though.

InsideOut Music on Aug. 26 - CD, 2LP/CD, Digital
This sounds like the solo stuff by the GENESIS members that a man I know use to play (even though I'm not interested). Very melodic progressive rock that I'm pretty sure he would like a lot. But I'm not going to play this for him, haha. And I probably won't remember to recomend him to check them out either (however, it remains to be seen how it will turn out).
LONELY ROBOT is John Mitchell's (IT BITES, ARENA, FROST*, KINO, The URBANE) solo project. It has since 2015 been a forward-thinking and progressive rock project, and "A Model Life" is his fifth album, which is a departure from the synth-fuelled futurism of 2020's "Feelings Are Good". This time it's more guitars instead, but that doesn't mean that the music is harder.
Fans of something like Peter Gabriel (GENESIS) or Phil Collins (GENESIS) should probably give this a try. |

MAX HAVOC: Bound For Hell
Numero Group - Digital Single
Numero Group takes a deep dive into the early 80s L.A. glam metal scene with the box set "Bound For Hell: On The Sunset Strip", which will be released in October. This song by MAX HAVOC is a taste of that. Among the other acts in the box are STEELER, LIZZY BORDEN, BLACK 'N BLUE, BITCH, HELLION, ANGELES, ARMORED SAINT, ROUGH CUTT, and some more that I have not heard of before. A very interesting object.
But now it was MAX HAVOC I was going to talk about, which is one of the bands that I have not heard of before. They formed in 1981, and at one time included QUIET RIOT's Carlos Cavazo and W.A.S.P.'s Tony Richards. This song is taken from their long out-of-print, self-titled album. And it sounds really good to me. So I think you should check this out. I think you can figure out the sound for yourself, so I don't have much else to add there.
Numero Group will also be releasing several digital-only bonuses leading up to the physical release, dubbed the Bound For Hell digital series. The label previously released L.A. ROCK's single "Cocaine", and STORMER's 8-song "Claremont Village Demos" will be released in the upcoming weeks. |

MASTER: On The Seventh Day God Created... Master (re-issue)
Hammerheart Records on Aug. 26 - LP
Their albums from 2010 and 2012 were re-released in the beginning of August, but now it's time for an older album. This album was previously released on CD in April, but will now also be available on vinyl (or LP as old people like me say).
"On The Seventh Day God Created... Master" is MASTER's second album, which was released in 1990. And what you can expect here is of course true classic 90s thrash/death metal, recorded by the legendary Scott Burns at Morrissound Studios and all. This is more primitive and raw than the later albums, which I think just gives it some extra charm.
An interesting thing is the hardcore roots, which they mix with elements of SLAYER. This gives us a violent death metal sound without being total noise. Another great album! |

CONSUMPTION: Necrotic Lust
Hammerheart Records on Aug. 26 - CD, LP
This Swedish band gives us all a dose of grinding death metal in the old school. Very influenced by CARCASS. And there's even guest vocals by Jeff Walker from that band on this album. CONSUMPTION add their own touch too though.
This project is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Håkan Stuvemark, famous for his works with a huge bunch of extreme metal bands (WOMBBATH among many others). And on drums we find the experienced Jon Skäre (also several other bands).
To me this sounds mainly like a death metal album, even though there's lots of grind too. And that's probably why I like this better than pure grindcore, which is often just a hell of a noise. There's also more melody in this band's music. You should really give these guys a try.

LUGNET: Tales From The Great Beyond
Pride & Joy Music on Aug. 26 - CD, LP, Digital
You can feel calm, because LUGNET is back with a new fantastic album of 70s inspired hard rock. They take the legacy of DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH, WHITESNAKE and RAINBOW, but create their own vibrant songs. It's a good mixture of more energetic and heavier songs, but also a few more melodic. You should absolutely not get bored when you listen to this album. Because listening to this is almost like listening to one of those great albums from the 70s.
I really liked their last album, "Nightwalker" (2019), and "Tales From The Great Beyond" is absolutely not bad either. You have to check out this band! |

LOVE IN CHAINS: Everyday Heroes
Idora Entertainment on Aug. 30 - CD
LOVE IN CHAINS are influenced by the sound of the 80s, and acts like KISS, EUROPE, DOKKEN and STRYPER. This debut album is a throwback to a time when it was totally o.k. to combine heavy guitar riffs, bombastic drums, soaring vocals and heavenly harmonies. So if you miss the good old days, and most of all the music, then this could be a nice experience for you.
The songs are pretty good, no doubt about that, but for some reason not much else. We hardly talk about the hit potential that a band like BON JOVI used to have for example. And the drums are honestly not so bombastic here. |

BAD BARON: Ace Of Hearts
Pride & Joy Music on Aug. 26 - CD
BAD BARON is a Finnish band, who released their debut album, "Sweet Talker", in February 2021. Now their second album, "Ace Of Hearts", will be out soon.
The music is influenced by 80s AOR and glam metal. It's best described as melodic hard rock according to me though. 13 tracks might be 3 too many, but most of these songs are really good, so it's not such a big problem after all.
If you like it melodic, then you should give these guys a try. |

Cleopatra Records on Aug. 26 - CD, LP
Maltese death metallers ALIGN THE TIDE deliver the follow up album to 2019's "Dead Religion". Their music is hard and heavy, with catchy choruses. A more modern kind of death metal you could say, based on thrash, groove and melodic metal. They do this very good though, so there's no reason to be afraid. In other words, worth a try.
ALIGN THE TIDE formed in 2015. It took a while before they found their sound though. But now they seems to be on the right track anyway. |

RAT BOOGIE: Gone Gone Gone
Secret Entertainment - Digital Single
This song almost sounds like British ska/pop. But I really like it. Very catchy. It makes you happy. You have to hear it!
RAT BOOGIE is a Finnish rock trio based in Oulu. They blend in all kinds of influences in their songs, so it's not just pure rock.
I don't really know what else there is to say, so listen to the song now. |

Secretly Canadian - Digital Single
I wasn't so impressed by their last single, as it wasn't exactly what I expected. "Burning" is not really that either. They continue with their dark and melancholy alternative rock/pop with reverb on the vocals. A mysterious band indeed. But in the end I guess this song wasn't so bad after all. The verse is melancholy, but there's suddenly some more action too once in a while. So I will listen some more. I promise.
A new album, "Cool It Down", will be released on September 30.

CROSSON: Fallen From Grace
Galaxy Records - Digital Single
Australian theatrical glam rockers CROSSON gives us a pretty straight song for a change. And it sounds really good indeed. It's a little softer, but with a hit friendly chorus. You should absolutely give it a try.
"Fallen From Grace" is the second single from their upcoming album "Ready, Aim... Rock!!", which will be released on September 9.
The song was mixed by Duane Baron (MÖTLEY CRÜE, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper) and mastered by Dave Donnelly (AEROSMITH, KISS, Cher). |

Blind Salvation - CD, Digital
Polish death metallers BLIND SALVATION's music is said to be "the result of our fascination with classic death and thrash metal, mainly from the 90s, and elements of post-metal". The album have strong riffs, fast blasts, deep bass and heavy growl. It also has influences of DECAPITATED, GOJIRA and CANNIBAL CORPSE. So what else can you ask for? It's fast and extreme and like a hard fist straight in your face. But it can also be hard and heavy once in a while.

SPLINTERED THRONE: The Greater Good Of Man
Splintered Throne on Aug. 19 - CD, Digital
Here we have a female fronted band that is not playing symphonic or melodic metal. No, SPLINTERED THRONE play traditional heavy metal instead. And this Portland, Oregon-based band have actually been around for over a decade already. But when their original vocalist, Brian Garrison, left in 2019, Lisa Mann (WHITE CRONE) stepped in and took over the microphone. Obviously a very good choice as far as I can hear.
Now it's not just pure heavy metal here, but also some power metal, melodic hard rock and Bay Area thrash, as well as power ballads. Simply a burning hot album full of good songs.
Why this band is not signed yet is a mystery to me. But with such a great album as this, it should not take long before they get signed.

SPIRIT ADRIFT: 20 Centuries Gone
Century Media on Aug. 19 - CD, LP
This album is a collection with 2 new original songs and 6 covers.
Their own 2 songs are heavy metal in the traditional way, yet with their own unique sound. The first song is almost a little epic, while the second is heavier.
The covers are pretty true to the original versions, so no exiting surprises there. But it's fun that they have chosen as different bands as TYPE O NEGATIVE, PANTERA, METALLICA, THIN LIZZY, ZZ TOP and LYNYRD SKYNYRD.
I really like this band. Both their original material and the covers. I can really recomend you to check them out.

ORTHODOX: Learning To Dissolve
Century Media on Aug. 19 - CD, Digital (LP on Oct. 21)
ORTHODOX hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, and this is their third album. This is hardly country music though, but rather metallic hardcore. The riffs are metal, while the vocals is hardcore. They have succeeded to get their own modern sound though, which is really hard and heavy.
If you're a fan of hardcore/metal, then I recomend you to check this out. It's neither better nor worse than any other band in this genre. |

DYNAZTY: Final Advent
AFM Records on Aug. 26 - LP, CD
Swedish melodic metal band DYNAZTY have been active for 15 years already. Their new album, "Final Advent", is said to be their most cohesive and definitive album so far. The result is a modern and powerful product. But if they had only had a few given hits as well, it would have been even better. As it is now, it's actually just a good album, but nothing that I remember afterwards.
That might just be a problem for me though, so if you like melodic metal, then you should give it a try anyway. |

MANIFEST: The Sinking
ViciSolum Productions on Aug. 26 - CD, LP
Here's another band with a pretty unique sound. These Norwegians blend crossover, post metal and post hardcore, so it's absolutely not something for everyone. But those of you who want something more interesting and challenging will probably enjoy this.
That doesn't mean that a simple rocker like me can't enjoy this journey too. After all it's actually music, and not just an advanced mess.
MANIFEST released 4 albums between 2005-2015. And now they are back again, as you can hear loud and clearly on this album.

LUSTRE: A Thirst For Summer Rain
Nordvis Produktion on Aug. 26 - CD, Digital, LP (on Oct. 28)
You don't need more than 4 words to describe this: Atmospheric, heavy, slow and instrumental. All songs are around 8 to 8 and a half minutes long.
"A Thirst For Summer Rain" is the 8th album from this Swedish 1-man band, who is said to play ambient black metal. I can't hear much black metal on this album though. It sounds more like darkwave or dungeon zynth to me. It's like a dreamlike soundscape actually, where he repeat the same thing over and over again.

TOMB OF FINLAND: Across The Barren Fields
UPRISING! Records on Aug. 19 - CD, LP, Digital
TOMB OF FINLAND deliver a cold and heavy kind of death metal, but with melodies. The vocals is brutal and raw though. It's very Finnish somehow, and I guess that we can call it melodic doom/death metal. That's what it sounds like to me anyway.
"Across The Barren Fields" is their third album, and this is not so bad. You should really give them a try. And there's not much else to add there.. |

ERUPTION: Tellurian Rupture
From The Vaults on Aug. 19 - LP, CD, Digital
The 4th studio album by ERUPTION has an apocalyptic concept. It's all about bleak, dark and heavy things. The music is sharp, explosive and angry. I call it powerful thrash metal. But in "Praise The Serpent Queen" they take a few steps back and slow down a little, and deliver their most epic (if that's the right word) song on the album.
The band formed in late 2004, and comes from Ljubljana, Slovenia. This is a very strong album, that most fans of thrash should like. |

Lucifer's Fall/Eldritch Rites on Aug. 20 - LP, CD, Digital
What we have here is a split between 2 Australian bands, who both play traditional doom/heavy metal. We get 3 songs from each band, and I don't know why, but this sounds very familiar somehow. I guess they don't have the most unique sound when it comes to this genre. But that doesn't have to mean that it's bad becuase of that, and this is actually not so bad. They succeed to be catchy even though they play heavy, and there's no growl or harsh vocals here. And that's a big plus to me.
Now I don't know anything about these 2 bands, so let the heavy music do the talking instead. I'm pretty sure that fans of doom and everything that's heavy will probably love this stuff. |

KALAH: Descent Into Human Weakness
Pure Steel Records on Aug. 19 - CD
KALAH formed in 2020, and comes from Italy. This is their debut album. They play some kind of modern technological metal. With that I mean that there's much keyboards and synthesizers in their songs. Unfortunately there's also these irritating pop elements that are all too common in young band's music.
I would not say that KALAH is the worst case when it comes to that though. Sometimes they blend in some heavy thrash riffing or a mix of progressive/power metal and dark, electronic music with an 1980s retro gaming vibe.
This might not be something for everyone, but if you're open-minded and young, then you can always give it a try. I get tired of this after a few songs though, when everything begins to sound more or less the same to me. Not that it actually sounds the same all the time, but anyway.. |

SACRIFIX: Raped Democracy
Sacrifix - Digital Single
The new single from Brazilian old school thrash metal band SACRIFIX features a guest appearance from Brazilian metal legends Murillo Leite (vocals/GENOCIDIO) and Mauricio Amaral (guitar/ANTHARES). It's a raw and aggressive song, direct and straight. I like it.
"Raped Democracy" will be part of SACRIFIX's forthcoming new, and still untitled, album, due out later this year. Check out this song while you wait for that.

Avi Rosenfeld/Stefano Stex Sbrignadello/Erik Cruz: After The Battle
Avi Rosenfeld - Digital
The productive Avi Rosenfeld is back again with yet another album. And as usual it reminds of the legendary URIAH HEEP and DEEP PURPLE in the 70s. But sure, there seems to be some other influences from the same era here as well. Simply good old classic hard rock and heavy metal with lots of Hammond organ.
Fact is though, that this sounds so much like his previous works that I had to make sure that I had not reviewed this album already. So don't expect any surprises here. It's still damn good though. No doubt about that.
Vocalists on this album are Erik Cruz and Stefano Stex Sbrignadello. Avi himself take care of guitar, music and lyrics. The other musicians are different for each of these 10 tracks.

ARMAGELION: Playing With Fire
Armagelion - Digital Single
It wasn't that long ago that I wrote about ARMAGELION here. Last month actually. And then it was the 2 first singles that I reviewed. Now a third single is here.
Damn good song! It makes me think of BON JOVI in the 80s, when they were a really good band. So every fan of melodic hard rock from that era must check this out!
This song is just like the 2 previous singles taken from an upcoming 5-track EP, which will be released in the end of this year.

AFM Records on Aug. 19 - LP, CD
Filippa, queen of Thundermother, at Sticky Fingers
THUNDERMOTHER has really developed their sound from raw and powerful AC/DC rock to something that sounds more like arena rock. It has always been loud, but now it's also a bigger sound and more varied. I would not say that they have become soft though, they still rock hard, but are maybe more melodic once in a while.
Even though the sound have changed a little, it still sounds really good. THUNDERMOTHER is still a band to be reckoned with. Without a doubt.
THUNDERMOTHER is a Swedish all-female band. They have previously released 4 albums. The line-up has changed a few times through the years, but is today founder/guitarist Filippa Nässil, vocalist Guernica Mancini, Emlee Johansson on drums and Mona Lindgren on bass.
This band seems to be on tour all the time, so how they could find the time to record a new album is a mystery. Check their web site for tour dates. |

MOTORPSYCHO: Ancient Astronauts
Stickman Records on Aug. 19 - LP, CD
MOTORPSYCHO have kept themselves busy during the "Covid years", and released 2 albums (1 in 2020, and 1 in 2021). They also teamed up with a theatre group called DE UTVALGTE. And just if that wasn't enough, they also played live to a dance performance. Now they have also recorded yet another album, "Ancient Astronauts".
I think I still have a live recording from the 90s with this Norwegian band. I recorded it from the radio, and I have not been listening to it since then, so I didn't really know what to expect from this album, more than that it probably would be a wild ride.
And yes, a wild ride is it indeed. It's both psychedelic and cinematic, as well as hypnotic and soft. Long instrumental parts is nothing unusual. And even though there's just 4 tracks, it's an album. The first track is 6:41 minutes, and the next is just a short piece at 2:14. But after that the adventure begins for real with a song that is 12:16, which is followed by a even longer track that is as long as 22:22.
Are you ready for an adventure? |

Liv Kristine: Enter My Religion (reissue)
Allegro Talent Media on Aug. 19 - LP, 2CD, Cassette
This album was originally released in 2006, but will now be re-released in several formats. The LP will include an extra single, while the cassette features 2 bonus tracks, and the CD will have an extra disc with unreleased tracks and demo recordings.
Liv Kristine is a Norwegian vocalist. She is also a member of LEAVES'S EYES, and was before that member of THEATRE OF TRAGEDY.
Well, this is a wild mixture of different genres: folk rock, goth rock, pop or rock etc. Her voice is very sugar sweet and polished, but she can sing, no doubt about that. I guess that some of these songs are o.k., while others are absolutely not my cup of tea. And the bonus material is probably just of interest for the true fans. |

No Rules Music Group - Digital EP
This was something different. Some kind of funky blues rock with a touch of soul or something like that? At least the second track. The title track is more melodic.
ALIENS DON'T RING DOORBELLS is an international pop/rock band, with members from USA, UK and The Bahamas. They have released 1 album so far, and a second album is scheduled for release in March 2023. While you wait for that they have released the single "Hello 2 You", and this 2-track EP, which also includes "Don't Touch".
Well, this might not really be a band for Hard Rock Info's readers, but it's catchy and actually not so bad after all. I like "Don't Touch" better than "Hello 2 You" though.

The OCCULT: The Occult
The Occult on Aug. 19 - Digital
These Canadians blend 80s American punk with 90s rock n roll and alternative metal. To me it sounds like The OCCULT are somewhere between VOLBEAT and later MISFITS. So I guess it goes as some kind of horror punk rock.
The dark lyrics are about things like murder, politics and disdain of religion, and this is their debut album, which consist of 13 tracks. The songs are mainly around 2-3 minutes.
Sometimes they succeed to be pretty good. But it's not always of interest to me. |

MORBID EVILS: Supernaturals
Transcending Obscurity Records on Aug. 19 - LP, CD, Digital
ROTTEN SOUND vocalist Keijo Niinimaa and his band MORBID EVILS gives us their own dark, twisted and heavy interpretation of death/doom/sludge metal. There's only 4 songs, but they are between 8:38 to 11:45 minutes. In other words pretty long songs.
MORBID EVILS is the sound of desperate agony, or like visiting a really depressive place that makes you just want to leave. It's definitely not beautiful at all.
Those who like it heavy and brutal will probably love this shit though. |

FAITH/STORMBRINGER: Black Demo 1985 (re-issue)
Transubstans Records on Aug. 19 - Digital
This is not a split release. STORMBRINGER was founded in Karlshamn, southern Sweden in 1984. They recorded their first songs in January 1985, and soon after that they changed the name to FAITH (which is said to be a completely different story). Not sure why they use both names for this digital release, as this was recorded as STORMBRINGER.
We get 6 songs, and it's more charming than good. The music is not bad, but the singer sounds very young and inexperienced, and uses the same key more or less all the time. The production is a typical raw and primitive demo sound. I guess you should take it for what it is, a fun time capsule. And I'm pretty sure that this could have been something really good with a better production and some more experience.
They say that this is much heavier and darker than most other stuff that came out in the mid-80s, and that might be possible. This is doom metal like it was done from the beginning. Heavier, melodic metal and no harsh vocals or growl. |

ARCH ENEMY: Deceivers
Century Media on Aug. 12 - 2LP/CD Artbook, Deluxe CD Box Set, LP, CD, Digital
Mike Amott with Arch Enemy in Gothenburg over 10 years ago
ARCH ENEMY have been active for many years now, but they never seems to stop being curious and try new things. And that without going too far away from their roots in melodic extreme metal. Interestingly, they are only increasing in popularity with each passing year. So no, the band did not become weaker because former vocalist Angela Gossow left the band and got replaced by former The AGONIST vocalist Alissa White-Gluz. They succeeded to get stronger than ever instead.
"Deceivers" is the 11th studio album. It's hard and aggressive, as well as melodic. So nothing unusual there. I get a feeling though that the extreme is more extreme, and the melodic more melodic. But maybe it's just imagination?
It's a o.k. album, but for some reason I can't hear any future classics here. I guess that time will tell when it comes to that. And no matter what I think, I'm very sure that the audience will continue to grow even bigger. |

H.E.A.T: Force Majure
earMUSIC - LP, CD, Digital
Well, they really live up to the name, because this makes you hot. The songs are full of energy and passion. The only slow song is the power ballad "One Of Us". Otherwise it's Scandinavian melodic hard rock at its best. I think of fantastic bands like 80s EUROPE and ECLIPSE for example. So something like the 80s meets the 2020s.
This is this Swedish band's 7th album, where their former singer Kenny Leckremo is back behind the microphone. And "Force Majure" is full of excellent songs. There's no doubt about that. |

Hellcat/Epitaph Records - CD, LP, Digital
L.A. band The INTERRUPTERS have been building up their fanbase for a few years now. "In The Wild" is their 4th studio album.
The opening track, "Anything Was Better", is melodic punk rock in the same style as something like RANCID. The next song, "As We Live", is ska. And it continues like that. Some punk rock here, some ska there, and once in a while something that goes as rock. "My Heart" almost sounds like something from the 60s though. It's simply a variated album that we get here, but it's really good.
Among the guests on the new album are Tim Armstrong (RANCID), Rhoda Dakar (The BODYSNATCHERS, The SPECIALS) and somebody called Hepcat. |

TROUBLE: Simple Mind Condition (re-issue)
Hammerheart Records on Aug. 12 - LP
Hammerheart Records continue to re-release old suff with doom metal legends TROUBLE. "Simple Mind Condition" was released on CD and digital in May, but will now also be available on vinyl. While the CD was a double story with a concert from Stockholm on disc 2, the LP just gives us the studio album and nothing else. But the happy news for vinyl fanatics is that the Stockholm concert will be released on double LP in September.
This album was originally released in 2007, and was their return after a 12-year hiatus. It might not be just pure doom metal here, but also some sludge and stoner, or just classic hard rock. It seems like many saw it as a dissapointment when it was released, but I think you should give it another try then, becuase I don't think it's so bad. |

EREB ALTOR: Nattramn (re-issue)
Hammerheart Records on Aug. 12 - CD
EREB ALTOR is a Swedish band, formed in 2003 by members of FORLORN (nowadays called ISOLE). "Nattramn" is the band's fifth full-length, which was originally released in 2015. It will now be available on CD again.
The music that they play is epic viking metal with elements of a cold black metal atmosphere. BATHORY is a big influence for them, and this album is said to be darker than their previous records.
As you probably can figure out for yourself, there's both melodic and hard parts here. Sometimes it's epic metal, and sometimes more or less pure black metal. And they succeed to combine these 2 elements very well.

DELTA BATS: Here Come The Bats
Drakkar Entertainment - CD, LP
DELTA BATS is an explosive punk rock/metal duo that makes you want to drink beer. Influences comes from legends like MOTÖRHEAD, ZZ TOP, RAMONES and JUDAS PRIEST, just to mention a few, because I can hear lots more than that on this album. You could say that it's good old rock n roll, but spiced with good old punk and heavy metal.
Most of these 12 tracks are good, so it would be stupid of you to not check this out. But maybe you don't like to party? |

STRANGER VISION feat. Tom S. Englund: The Deep
Pride & Joy Music - Digital Single
Italian band STRANGER VISION play a very melodic but powerful kind of metal. Their second album will be released in November, and this is the second taste of what to come.
On this song they are joined by Tom S. Englund (EVERGREY), and it sounds good to me. So if you like melodic power metal, then you should really give this a try.
I don't have much else to say.. |

Intelligent Music Ltd. - CD
I don't really know what's so intelligent about this Bulgarian band. I can't hear anything special anyway.
This is the 7th studio album from these melodic hard rockers, who participated in the Eurovision Song Contest a couple of months ago. And that might give you an idea about their sound, which is pretty kind and melodic. It's not totally useless because of that though. This is totally o.k.
Now there's not just Bulgarian people involved in this band. Simon Phillips (TOTO, PROTOCOL) returns as percussionist and musical co-producer of the new album, and lead singer is once again Ronnie Romero (RAINBOW, MSG, SUNSTORM etc etc). The album also includes Carl Sentance (NAZARETH) and several unknown humans.

OXIDIZE: Stand Up For The Masses
WormHoleDeath Records - Digital EP
Swedish metal band OXIDIZE is back with a new EP, which features both some new songs and a couple of covers. This is however not how I remember their album, "Dark Confessions" that was released last year. Then it was more heavy metal, and now it's more like melodic metal instead. It's still good though.
The idea with this EP is to show the many sides of OXIDIZE. So we get 6 different songs here. 1 song is more aggressive, 1 is technical, 1 is more straight, 1 is more heavy etc. So in other words a very good way to discover what this band has to offer. |

Tim Bowness: Butterfly Mind
InsideOut Music on Aug. 5 - 2CD, LP/CD, Digital
Another very soft album full of lullabies for adults was my first impression, as there's lots of soft and cinematic songs here. But there's also some songs with more energy once in a while. This is actually a varied album, with a fusion of art rock, post-punk, ballads etc.
This is Tim's 7th solo album. The rhythm section features people like Richard Jupp (ELBOW) and Nick Beggs, alongside a guest list including Ian Anderson (JETHRO TULL), Dave Formula (MAGAZINE), Peter Hammill (VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR), Martha Goddard (The HUSHTONES), Gregory Spawton (BIG BIG TRAIN), Mark Tranmer (The MONTGOLFIER BROTHERS, GNAC), Saro Cosentino (Franco Battiato), Italian Jazz musician Nicola Alesini, US singer Devon Dunaway (GANGA), Stephen W Tayler (Kate Bush) and, marking his first studio work with Tim for nearly 3 decades, former NO-MAN violinist Ben Coleman.
Tim Bowness is primarily known as vocalist/co-writer with the band NO-MAN, a long-running collaboration with Steven Wilson. "Butterfly Mind" is Tim's 40th anniversary release. |

Speaking to stoneS: (In)human Error
Animated Insanity Records/No Dust Records on Aug. 5 - CD
Solo guitarist and song writer Tony M. Vinci formed SPEAKING TO STONES in 2006, and it's an international progressive rock project. It seems like it's 10 years since their last album was released, and Tony have once again found a new group of musicians to play with.
This man blend in many different influences in his songs, from both rock and metal. And this time he wanted to incorporate elements of modern progressive bands, such as PERIPHERY and ANIMALS AS LEADERS. The songs are diverse, epic and adventurous - Absolutely progressive. Luckily also very good, so I have nothing to complain about. | |

KELDIAN: The Bloodwater Rebellion
Perris Records on Aug. 7 - CD
"The Bloodwater Rebellion" is the fifth album by Norwegian duo KELDIAN. And this is their first full concept album, with a story about a not-so-distant future. On the guest list are Norwegian drummer Sindre Skele, Israeli singer and songwriter Liel Bar-Z and New York-based trumpet player Jon Garcia.
Symphonic metal with a touch of classic rock is probably how they would like to describe this, even though there's not that much metal here according to me. It sounds more like symphonic rock, and sometimes it actually reminds me of post-punk. I guess that they have succeeded to catch the same dark atmosphere as post-punk use to have. Otherwise it's very melodic with much keyboards.
Fans of symphonic and progressive rock will probably like this, but fans of metal will probably be dissapointed if they listen to this. I'm so crazy though that I think that fans of post-punk should try this too. There's absolutely some good songs here. |

WINTER: Looking Back
Bob Media on Aug. 5 - CD
This is the digipak CD edition of this album, which is limited to 300 copies and hand numbered. This edition includes 4 bonus tracks, which means that you get as much as 16 tracks.
The music is a mix of AOR, hard rock and dark rock, so there's hardly the same old song all the way. And with such different styles, it could easily become a fragmented impression. But yet Markus succeeds really well in not confusing the listener. All the songs just flow together pretty well. Everything might not be so good, but I would say that most of the material is o.k. anyway.
Markus Winter released his first album with a band called CRY in the end of 1993. CRY released another album in 1995, but in 1996 they split up, and Markus released a solo EP.

The TASHMINTS: The Tashmints
Beluga Records - LP
What we have here is an unreleased album from 2009.
The band hailing from Australia, and features members from several other Melbourne bands. The journey began in 2008, and this LP was recorded in 2009. But then they abrubtly disbanded in 2010, and the album was never released. But now they seems to be back again, and then it was time to finally release the record.
And that was a good idea. Because this is really good stuff. Some kind of catchy garage rock with a touch of 60s pop is how I describe their sound. Any fan of cool rock should check this out, and that's it!

Beluga Records - Digital on Aug. 5, 7" vinyl on Sept. 9
This is the second EP from FUZZSTAINZ. This trio play a raw and intense kind of garage punk rock that I really like. The songs are short (approximately 1 and a half to 2 minutes), and without any unnecessary padding. Simple and straight. It doesn't have to be more complicated than that.
FUZZSTAINZ hailing from Malmö in southern Sweden. |

From The Vaults - Digital Single
STEEL INFERNO is a speed metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark, who formed in 2012. They have released 2 full-length albums so far, and are now getting ready to release their third album, "Evil Reign", in the fall.
While their previous material was more European, with influences of early ACCEPT and JUDAS PRIEST, the new album is said to be closer to some of the earliest US power metal bands, such as HELSTAR and JAG PANZER.
Anyway, this first taste of the new album will surely make you thirsty for some more, because this sounds good indeed. |

PPL: Greatest Hits
GrönPeppar Records - CD, Digital
PPL are more melodic than a band like DÅLIG ISOLERING, and their sound is not as raw and old school as them. As they sing in Swedish, it sounds really Swedish. And these boys and girls also spice their songs with organ, and seems to have longer and deeper lyrics. It's really good though.
10 songs is what we get here, and the songs were recorded by Mart Hällgren (DLK, TOTAL EGON etc etc), who also play a bass solo on 1 of the songs and sing some background vocals.
Now this is not a "Greatest Hits" collection by some old band that's been around for a few years, but actually a debut album. Cocky!

DÅLIG ISOLERING: Dålig Jävla Isolering
GrönPeppar Records - MCD, Digital
5 tracks by 3 angry teenagers from Stockholm, Sweden. Both sound and music is raw and really old school. I like this kind of punk. The lyrics deal with subjects like the rich, USA and racism. 4 of them are in Swedish, while 1 is in English.
The songs are short (1:32-2:42 minutes) and really straight. You can almost feel the frustration through the speakers. And then this is hardly the most angry that I have heard.
There's still some hope when it comes to the youth of today.


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