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BLOODBOUND: Creatures of the Dark Realm
AFM Records on May 28 - CD, CD/DVD, LP, Box Set, Digital
Swedish power metal band BLOODBOUND released their first album in 2005. After 8 albums, a live record and an EP they now return with their 9th studio album. We get 12 tracks, and most of these songs are really good stuff. So fans of legends like IRON MAIDEN, HELLOWEEN and JUDAS PRIEST, as well as something like POWERWOLF or HAMMERFALL, should absolutely check out this band.
Most songs are up-tempo, and the only soft piece is the acoustic intro. It's often epic, with hooks and strong melodies. It's both catchy and melodic.
bloodbound.se   afm-records.de
Published: May 17

Heavy Psych Sounds Records on May 21 - LP, CD, Digital
HIPPIE DEATH CULT is a Portland, Oregon-based quartet, and this is their second album. When it comes to their sound, it's said that they try to find their own identity, even though it might sound familiar.
Their roots are obviously in old hard rock and metal, because that's what I hear on this album. Sometimes it's heavy, sometimes more alternative and modern, other times almost progressive. But no matter what way they choose to go, you can still hear that it's HIPPIE DEATH CULT.
The band's debut album, "111", will be re-released on the same day as this album is released.
hippiedeathcultband.com   heavypsychsounds.com
Published: May 17

Herman Frank: Two For A Lie
AFM Records on May 21 - CD, LP
Herman with Accept years ago
Guitarist and producer Herman Frank has been a part of the German metal scene since the early 80s. First with ACCEPT, and then VICTORY. In 2009 he became a solo artist, and "Two For A Lie" is his fifth album since then.
Among the other guys in his band are MASTERPLAN vocalist Rick Altzi and JADED HEART bassist Michael "Mülli" Müller. New members are guitarist Mike Pesin and drummer Kevin Kott.
They deliver a very powerful heavy metal, with heavy riffs and excellent vocals. This is really good stuff that you absolutely should check out. Herman obviously manages well without ACCEPT.
hermanfrank.com   afm-records.de
Published: May 17

Deep Six Records on May 21 - LP
L.A. hardcore/punks DESTROYED IN SECONDS released this album digitally and on cassette last spring. But now the time has come for a vinyl release.
This band might not be anything unique, but they are just as good as any other hardcore/punk band. They succeed to be hard, heavy, fast and aggressive at the same time. The d-beat is there, the crust punk too. I like these 11 tracks, and so should you.
The band was formed in 2008 by original members of PHOBIA, MANGE and EAT THE LIVING. This record includes the addition of bassist Kyle Hertz (TEMPLE OF DAGON, STATE OF DEFIANCE) and lead guitarist Christian La Rocca (RUIN, GRAVEHILL, COBRA VENOM).
destroyedinseconds.net   deepsixrecords.com
Published: May 16

VELVET INSANE feat. Dregen and Nicke Andersson: Backstreet Liberace
Wild Kingdom Records - Digital single
This Swedish band takes you back to England in 1973. A time when it was totally o.k. to walk around in platform shoes and extravagant clothes, while you were listening to stuff like SLADE, T. REX and David Bowie. This is an extremely catchy rock n roll song, that you just have to like.
This song features a guest apperance from Swedish rockers Dregen (BACKYARD BABIES, The HELLACOPTERS) and Nicke Andersson (The HELLACOPTERS, LUCIFER, IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC, ENTOMBED).
A new album, "Rock 'N' Roll Glitter Suit", will be out on July 16. And that's where this little song comes from.
facebook.com/velvetinsane   wildkingdom.se
Published: May 16

The MiGHTY MiGHTY BossToneS: When God Was Great
Hellcat Records/Epitaph Records - LP, CD
I always thought that this was a cool ska punk band. But after listening to this album I'm not so sure about that. They are not doing a bad job here, but where's those magic songs that I want? They try so hard to get the party started, but it seems like they are too old or something. There's as much as 15 tracks here, and not 1 of them is a hit song according to me.
Now this was the first time I heard this band, so they might have done great stuff in the past. This album is more like ska rock than punk rock though, as most songs are not fast enough. It's not bad though, and I liked it more the second time I listened, so I will continue to listen to this album.
"When God Was Great" is the 11th studio album from these Boston veterans, who formed back in 1983. They have been credited as one of the forefathers of ska punk and the creators of its subgenre ska-core. This album "is the culmination of their extensive and all-embracing career and sees the band bringing back friends, tourmates, and bandmates from the past for a sonic celebration that stresses the power of perseverance and human connection during tumultuous times".
bosstonesmusic.com   epitaph.com
Published: May 15

Metalapolis Records - CD
SERGEANT STEEL is an Austrian hard rock band, formed in 2007. They have so far released 3 albums and a best of collection. Their last album, "Riders of the Worm", was released in 2015. But now a new album is here.
SERGEANT STEEL play a melodic kind of hard rock with a party vibe, like it was done back in the 80s. This is very cool, and they have lots of good songs on this record. You should absolutely check this out.
I would guess that this could be something for fans of early GUNS N' ROSES and L.A. GUNS.
sergeant-steel.com   metalapolis.eu
Published: May 15

Mighty Music on May 14 - Digital single
Danish guitar rockers ELECTRIC GUITARS are back with a new explosive single. So grab a cold one and turn up the volume, because now it's party.
"Dopamine!" is the first single from the upcoming ELECTRIC GUITARS album "Freewheeler", due in September. And the band plan to go on tour in November/December.
Well, this song kicks arse, so it's obviously a must to hear if you wnat to be my friend.
electricguitarsmusic.com   mightymusic.dk
Published: May 14

The CATCH: Sex Shark
Despotz Records on May 14 - Digital single
What we have here is the debut single from a new folk/pirate metal band. And this song is full of special guests, like Gareth (ALESTORM), Sami (KORPIKLAANI), Petri (ENSIFERUM), Keith (CRUACHAN), Baldur (SKALDMOLD), Emilio (SKILTRON), John Ryan (ex-CRUACHAN), and many more.. And there's also a phone sex version with Kim Dylla (aka Vulvatron in GWAR), that is not suitable for children.
It's a pretty catchy song with heavy riffing, but who came up with the idea to include an accordian? Stupid idea! And I would supsect that the lyrics are not so serious, but made to be funny. That is on the other hand nothing unusual in the pirate genre, so take it with a pinch of salt and smile or listen to something else.
thecatchpirates.bandcamp.com   despotz.se
Published: May 14

MegaSnake: Sun Don't Shine
Inverse Records - Digital single
"Stick it where the sun don't shine, just do it", hahaha! Very funny!
This is the first single from the Finnish power quartet MegaSnake. The members have experience from bands like LENINGRAD COWBOYS, PEER GÜNT, APOCALYPTICA and KINGS OF MODESTY, among others. And the band is here to have fun and make people smile by delivering high energy rock n roll. They take their music seriously though, so this is not a joke band (in case anybody would think that).
Well, this is a good hard rock n roll song. You should absolutely check it out.
megasnake.bandcamp.com   inverse.fi
Published: May 13

Lars TC Anderson: At Last Light - An Apocalyptic Rhapsody
Self released - Digital EP
The first song, "It's A Miracle", is hardly as the title says as it sounds too much pop. I could possibly call it very melodic rock. A o.k. song, but not much else.
The second song, "Calling For Grace", continue the melodic rock, but in an alternative way somehow. Good, but not much else there either.
And the last one is the title track. A little bit darker and heavier somehow. Not so bad.
They try to describe this as modern power rock with a splash of glam, progressive and industrial rock. But there ain't much power, and not much of the other things either. So I guess this is not so easy to describe. The concept on this EP is the judgement day.
Lars TC Anderson is a songwriter, guitarist, bassist and singer. His inspiration comes from all kinds of genres, from modern music and back to the 60s via classical music. He has been a member of several bands since the late 70s.
Published: May 13

INNER AXIS: Midnight Hunter
Self released - Digital single, CD, 12" EP
INNER AXIS gives us a dose of powerful and catchy heavy metal in the classic 80s way. For the artwork they have hired Jan Yrlund, who has worked for acts like MANOWAR, APOCALYPTICA, BATTLE BEAST, BON JOVI and KORPIKLAANI. Everything is done very professional.
"Midnight Hunter" is a very good song in the more melodic league, and very catchy. And yes, it's very much in the old school way. Check it out!
Published: May 13

ICE WAR: Sacred Land - Album
Fighter Records on May 18 - CD, LP, Cassette, Digital
This is the fifth album from this Canadain heavy metal band, featuring Jo "Steel" Capitalicide (also in APHRODITE) as the only member. But he has also released several cassettes and 7" singles through the years.
On his previous releases the music was closer to speed metal. But this time it's more epic and doom heavy. Think of something like BLACK SABBATH or CANDLEMASS for example. In other words damned good stuff to bang your head to.
icewar.bandcamp.com   fighter-records.com
Published: May 13

MDD Records - CD
Thrash/death metallers DARKFALL meets thrashers MORTAL STRIKE on a 8-track split album. Each band do 2 of their own songs and 2 covers. 1 cover is of the other band. DARKFALL also play a cover of MANOWAR (a medly of 2 songs actually), while MORTAL STRIKE is doing a cover of TANKARD (in German).
Both hailing from Austria. DARKFALL was founded in 1995, and has released several records through the years. MORTAL STRIKE formed in 2009, and this is their third release.
Well, these 2 are totally o.k., but not among the best thrashers in the world. Good enough to check out though.
darkfall.at   mortal-strike.com   mdd-records.de
Published: May 13

MYSTERY: Tear Down The Walls
Metalapolis Records - Digital single
MYSTERY is an Australian hard rock band, and that's actually all I know about them. But o.k., I know 1 more thing, they rock hard. This song is a hard rocker in the heavier league, with a party vibe somehow. Absolutely not bad at all. I think you should check it out, and maybe I get some more information about them later.
Oh, I just find out that they will release their new album, "Live Life Loud", on August 27. 2 more singles will be released before that though.
Published: May 12

OTARGOS: 20 Years of Human Termination
XenoKorp on May 14
This is something for those of you who like it fast, brutal and extreme. Blackened death metal is what this French band serves us.
The band is currently putting the finishing touches to their next studio album, which will be released in the second half of this year. And while we wait for that, and to celebrate their 20-year anniversary, they give us this live album, which was recorded at KaotoxinFest#II at l'Aéronef in Lille, France in December 2015.
The music is dark and aggressive, just as it should be in this genre. But even though it's very raw, it's actually not so bad at all. And I must also add that it's a very good sound for being a live recording.
Published: May 12

Per Wiberg: All Is Well In The Land Of The Living, But For The Rest Of Us... Lights Out
Despotz Records on May 14 - Digital, CD, LP
Swedish multi-instrumentalist Per Wiberg have experience from bands like OPETH, CANDLEMASS, KAMCHATKA, SWITCHBLADE, CLUTCH/BEKERTON GROUP etc. He also played some keyboards here and there on the new VOKONIS album (which you should check out).
Here's his latest 4-track solo EP, with a very long title that gives you all the song titles. And this is a pretty laidback story with a dark atmosphere over it. Not like any of his previous bands. This is something unique. Innovative/atmospheric rock might be a good description.
Per's debut album, "Head Without Eyes", was released in 2019. And this time he has taken it to the next level. We get acoustic parts, heavy riffs, melancholy pieces and even magnificent moments. Not all at the same time though, but 2 or 3 of them can appear in the same song.
perwibergmusic.com   despotz.se
Published: May 11

ENSANGUINATE: Entranced by Decay
Emanzipation Productions on May 14 - CD, Digital
ENSANGUINATE is Slovenia's answer to old school death metal. They are inspired by legends like POSSESSED, MORBID ANGEL, GROTESQUE and NIHILIST, but are not afraid to add a touch of early black metal. Their goal is to play death metal with an occult 80s atmosphere, that adheres to the original morbid vision of the genre before it became mainstream.
This is a very new band, who formed in 2020. "Entranced by Decay" was first released as a demo in August, but will now get a more professional release as their debut EP. We get 4 songs that will break your neck if you try to headbang to it. So yes, it's fast. But it's also damn good, so I don't think that you can sit still for too long.
The trio is currently working on their first full length album.
ensanguinate.bandcamp.com   emanzipation.dk
Published: May 10

AGAINST EVIL: End of the Line
Doc Gator Records in Europe/Self released everywhere else on May 14 - CD, Digital
AGAINST EVIL comes from India, and play heavy metal with both speed and power metal influences. Simply the good old stuff. And they are absolutely good at what they are doing, which they prove with this strong album. I can hear inspiration from European bands, but I guess it's not impossible that they have been listening to some American bands too. People who like heavy metal from the 80s should like this a lot.
The band formed in 2014, and released their first album, "Fatal Assault", in 2015, which was followed by "All Hail The King" in 2018.
againstevil.bandcamp.com   docgatorshop.com
Published: May 9

Iron Shield Records on May 14 - CD, LP
There's many bands from Canada in "the new wave of traditional heavy metal". And ANTIOCH is one of all those bands. They formed in a broken down garage in Emeryville, Ontario in the summer of 2013, and among their heroes are classic 80s bands like IRON MAIDEN, SCORPIONS, MANOWAR and JUDAS PRIEST. They are not trying to copy any of them though, but try to do their own thing.
They start fast and hard with "Hang The Eagle", which reminds me of JUDAS PRIEST and ACCEPT in their more aggressive moments. But with the next song, "On A Ledge", they have a really strong anthem in the more melodic league. "A Facade At The Third Castle" is a heavier piece, while "Demon Wick" is another one of those more melodic songs. The last song, "Cloven Hooves", is probably the most catchy song here.
You can of course ask yourself if it really is an album when there's just 5 tracks, and a total playing time of 26 minutes. But this is good stuff, and they succeed to variate the material instead of playing on the same safe card all the time. So check this out.
facebook.com/antiochmetal   ironshieldrecords.de
Published: May 9

BOOK OF WYRMS: Occult New Age
Desert Records - LP, CD, Digital
"Occult New Age" is the third album from BOOK OF WORMS, which gives us 8 tracks of psychedelic but catchy metal. The music is built on groovy riffs and memorable hooks. It makes me think of doom and heavy rock, but there's also progressive elements. It sounds old school, but not exactly like any other band. This is something that you absolutely should check out.
The band formed in 2014, and released their debut album, "Sci-Fi/Fantasy", in 2017. Their next album, "Remythologizer", was released in 2019.
Published: May 9

DESCENDENTS: Baby Doncha Know
Epitaph Records - Digital single
This song is just under a minute. And it doesn't have to be longer than that. It's very catchy, but not too melodic because of that. It makes me think of early BAD RELIGION actually. So in other words good stuff.
American punk rock legends DESCENDENTS have been around for a while now, but I actually don't think that I have heard anything with them until now. A new album, titled "9th & Walnut", will be released on July 23. And that's where this song comes from, which (if I get it right) was recorded by the original lineup - bassist Tony Lombardo, drummer Bill Stevenson, guitarist Frank Navetta (dead in 2008), and vocalist Milo Aukerman - in 2002. And the album itself seems to be a collection of their earliest material, which was written from 1977-1980.
descendents.bandcamp.com   epitaph.com
Published: May 9

Ursäkta Röran Vol. 2 - Vi Fick Fel Adress!
Grönpeppar Records - Digital, CD
City Saints in their hometown
Another volume of the Swedish punk compilation Ursäkta Röran have been out for over a week now. And this time we get the chance to hear 13 bands: SKRÄP, KRONOFOGDEN, MADAM SKAM, URARTA, CITY SAINTS feat. Christer Blomgren, WHITE MONKEY, SKOGSTOKIG, COMMINOR, SVÅRMODET, LAST CLIMB, KJOLTYG, PLANET TRASH and RUTER DAMS ORKESTER.
As usual with compilations there's both good and bad stuff, but nothing is rubbish. This compilation has mainly good bands, as there's just a couple who are less good. And the best song must be CITY SAINTS with guest vocals from the Swedish legend Christer Blomgren of TROUBLEMAKERS and PERVERTS. The variation between all kinds of punk rock and hardcore/punk is also good.
This is simply a must for every fan of Swedish punk of today. But if you want a CD, then you better be very fast, because they are almost sold out already.
Published: May 8

Sleaszy Rider Records - CD
SOMBERWIND started in 2018 as a collaboration between Marco Cusato (The FALLACY) and Caterina Nix (CHAOS MAGIC). That worked so good that they decided to consolidate the project as a band, and now their first album is here.
Their sound combine the classic 80s gothic rock with European gothic rock and female-fronted metal. We get both male and female vocals. The music is soft and melodic, even though there's some darkness too (as it use to be when it's goth). And especially in the lyrics, who are about darkness and secret feelings.
Well, I like what I hear from this band, so if you're into goth rock or dark metal, then this could be something for you.
somberwind.com   sleaszyrider.com
Published: May 8

Massproduktion - CD
Doom band LEFT HAND SOLUTION formed in 1991. They released 3 albums and toured in Europe and North America for 10 years. After almost 20 years of silence they suddenly returned with a new album in 2019. And now another album is here.
This band play their own kind of doom metal. They combine hard and heavy riffs with pitch black melodies and female vocals, which might not sound like anything unusual when it comes to doom. But this band make their own thing out of it, and are not afraid to go their own way and suddenly do a cover of the Dolly Parton classic "Jolene" for example, but in their own way of course.
This is good though. So if you like it hard and heavy, then you should give them a try.
lefthandsolution.bandcamp.com   massproduktion.com
Published: May 8

DEADWOLFF: Deadwolff
Metal Assault Records/Boonsdale Records - Cassette, Digital
This Canadian trio is really old school. So old school that it even sounds like an old demo tape with a hard rock/heavy metal band from the 80s. But this is not some old forgotten tape, this is a pretty new band, founded as late as in 2020.
This EP was released digitally in December last year by Boonsdale Records, but now it's also available on good old cassette via Metal Assault Records.
The music is a mixture of NWOBHM and hard rock with a pinch of punk rock attitude. Their own description is "New Wave of Heavy Rock and Roll", which also works. They try to create their own sound, and there's not many others, if any, that sounds like this nowadays.
The songs are really good anyway, and that's always the most important thing if you want to get out on the road.
Published: May 8

WE ARE THE CATALYST: Set The World On Fire
Flick Records - Digital single
WE ARE THE CATALYST is a band from Varberg, Sweden, who play alternative metal/rock. It seems like they have reached over 6 million streams and around a million views on YouTube. They have also toured in China and UK. And they have done this without any support from a record label.
Now they have signed with Flick Agency though, and "Set The World On Fire" is the first single from their new album, which will be released in November. Their sound is a wild mixture of melodic and hard, rock, metal and pop, as well as some electronic elements. A modern sound that the younger generation probably like.
wearethecatalystofficial.com   flickagency.se
Published: May 7

TRANCE: Metal Forces
Metalapolis Records - Digital single
TRANCE were one of the first heavy metal bands in Germany besides SCORPIONS and ACCEPT, and were founded back in 1979. "Metal Forces" is their first sign of life since the 2017 album "The Loser Strikes Back". A new album, "Play Hard", will be released on August 6.
So what do these old Germans have to offer us then? Well, it sounds like an old demo recording actually, so they should work some more on the sound quality. But otherwise it's heavy metal with melodic vocals in the good old tradition. And this song is pretty good, so I would not say no to some more.
Published: May 7

KAYAK: Out Of This World
InsideOut Music on May 7 - CD, Double LP+CD, Digital
Listening to the first track is like listening to a rock musical, while the second song takes us back to the 80s. And it continues like that. Progressive and dramatic rock that sounds like a musical from the 70s or the 80s. Sometimes it's symphonic, and sometimes almost like melodic rock or West Coast rock.
KAYAK have been around for as long as 48 years, and have established themselves as one of Holland's most successful progressive rock bands. The first era last for 10 years, 1972-1982. But after 18 years they were back again in 2000. The only original member left in the band today is keyboard player Ton Scherpenzeel.
"Out Of This World" is KAYAK's 18th studio album, which consist of 15 tracks and a playing time of 70 minutes. And they give us a diverse material on this record, but they keep it together, so it's not just a chaotic soup but music.
kayakonline.info   insideoutmusic.com
Published: May 7

IT BITES: Map Of The Past (reissue) / The Tall Ships (reissue)
InsideOut Music on May 7 - CD, Double LP+CD, Digital
"The Tall Ships" is the 4th album from IT BITES, originally released in 2008. It was the first album to feature singer and guitarist John Mitchell, and the band's first new music in 19 years. "Map Of The Past" is their fifth album, originally released in 2012. It was their first concept album, which explores the theme of the past, as seen through oldfamily photographs.
Both these albums have now been remastered by John Mitchell, and will be re-released in several formats. The CD's will have 2 bonus tracks.
Who are IT BITES then? They are a prog rock/pop fusion band formed in Cumbria back in 1982. They are said to be best known for their UK Top 10 single "Calling All The Heroes" from 1986. They were originally fronted by Francis Dunnery.
The music that these 4 gentlemen created on these 2 albums is adventurous, but yet pretty normal for being prog music. It's also very kind and melodic, but not bad because of that. They have a few good songs here and there.
facebook.com/oncearoundtheworld   insideoutmusic.com
Published: May 7

The TØLKS: Escape
Inverse Records - Digital single
"Escape" is said to be a tribute to AC/DC and DEEP PURPLE. Guitar rock for motorcycle men is my description though. But anything goes. A really good little hard rocker it is, without a doubt. So check it out at once!
I don't know much about The TØLKS, but as their whole website is written in Finnish, they are obviously from Finland. Well, that doesn't really matter though, for as long as they continue to make songs like this, then nothing else matters.
thetolks.com   inverse.fi
Published: May 6

REVOLTONE: For The Silent Voices
Secret Entertainment - CD, Digital
REVOLTONE play a catchy and melodic kind of punk rock. They are not too melodic though, so that it sounds silly. There's many good songs among these 10 tracks. So if you're into more melodic punk rock from the 90s, then this can be something for you.
The band consist of 4 guys from Finland, and have current and former members of bands like FUMBLE, ONE MORNING LEFT and DASHBONE.
revoltone.bandcamp.com   inverse.fi
Published: May 6

SVARTA SANNINGAR: Kemisk Reinkarnation
Self released on May 7 - Digital single
"Kemisk Reinkarnation" is the first single from the new EP, "Kapitel 2", which will be released later this month. It's also the opening track of that EP. This song is 6 minutes long, and the music is melancholy goth/post rock with an occult theme. The vocals is deep and calm. All their lyrics are in Swedish.
This is a really good song with a strong chorus, so check it out while you wait for the EP, and then I tell you more about them later.
Published: May 5

ELECTROMANCY: Robot Black Metal
Self released - Digital EP
Very irritating sound on the first song, while the other song (a DARKTHRONE cover) has a more normal sound. I would not say that any of the songs are excellent though. They are way too long too, even though they are just arond 5-5 and a half minutes.
But this is much deeper than good or bad music. In 2018 Satyra was diagnosed with Lyme disease, and quickly became too disable to play instruments anymore. Instead of giving up, he spent the next 2 years slowly building robots to play instruments for him. The result is ELECTROMANCY, the robot metal band. Guitars and drums are played by Satyra's own DIY robotic designs; his bandmates are manikins, cut up into LED fueled lightshows.
The music is primarily black metal with bits of death metal and experimentalism.
Published: May 5

DARK: Inside The Void
Self released - Digital EP
I have got a few more goth rock records than unusual lately, and here's another band from Sweden with a new EP that was released in the end of last month. And I actually think that this band is from Borås (where I live), just like SVARTA SANNINGAR, as they have former members of local acts like BESEECH and SKINEATER in the lineup.
DARK was formed out of the remnants of The MARY MAJOR, a band that I actually never have heard about before. The band name DARK is a very good description of their sound and lyrics, because there's not much light here. They are very good though. There's no doubt about that.
"Inside The Void" is their second EP. Their first self titled EP was released in October 2015.
Published: May 5

The MIGHTY ONE: Torch Of Rock And Roll
S.A.O.L Music - CD, Digital
This Canadian trio reminds me a little of Swedish heavy hard rockers MUSTASCH. It's not the exact same thing, but they have the same groove and catchiness as the Swedes.
This album is a reflecting of a life dedicated to heavy music, with all the ups and downs, the awe-inspiring moments, the power trips, and the heartbreaking losses that such a commitment entails. A little like a heavy rock opera, but not as dramatic and ambitious as such a thing like that can be.
They have many good songs among these 10 tracks, so maybe you should give it a try?
Published: May 4

VOKONIS: Odyssey
The Sign Records on May 7 - LP, CD, Digital
Vokonis at Pumphuset
Progressive stoner metal might be a good description to this. But somehow it works, even though the lead singer is not the best. A small consolation is that the bassist have a much better voice, and it sounds like he get the chance to sing much more on this album. And the combination of these 2 voices makes it work anyway.
"Odyssey" is the 4th album from this Swedish trio, who comes from my hometown Borås. And they have once again taken everything a few steps further, and according to me become a true prog band, even though they have not left the heaviness from previous albums. And we also get a guest apperance from Per Wiberg (OPETH, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, KAMCHATKA) on keyboards, which is a new element in their music.
If we are going to dive deeper into their soundscape, then we can say that there's a little bit of everything here. Sometimes it's more or less doom or sludge, sometimes more melodic, sometimes almost psychedelic. But most of all it's heavy and progressive.
Published: May 4

WORMLIGHT: Nightmother
Black Lion Records on May 7 - CD, Digital
Umeå in northern Sweden has given us black metal bands like NAGLFAR for example, and another one is this band, who formed in 2014 under the moniker UNHALLOWED. They released 2 EPs before they changed the name to WORMLIGHT in 2015. They re-released the last EP by UNHALLOWED (as WORMLIGHT) with 2 bonus tracks in 2016, and in 2018 it was time for their debut album, "Wrath of the Wilds".
Now their second album is here. And what we get is the best kind of 90s black metal. And I don't think that I have to tell you more than that, as you probably already know that familiar sound. So let's just say that this is absolutely worth checking out.
facebook.com/wormlightsweden   blacklion.nu
Published: May 4