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SWALLOW THE SUN: When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light - Album
(Century Media - Release date: Jan. 25)
SWALLOW THE SUN's creative motor Juha Raivio want to express the darkness in life and the beauty in death. While the 3-album saga "Songs From The North" was inspired by the old forests of Sweden's midlands, this album is by the loss of his life partner and singer/songwriter Aleah Stanbridge (aka Aleah Starbridge). So it's a very personal album. I'm really sorry for your loss.
The music is some kind of atmospheric, gloomy doom. It's mainly slow and heavy, but yet melodic. Hardly any party music, but you don't always want that, do you? No, this is more like something that you play when you come home from work (for example) and just want to relax. Or when it feels like everything sucks. Then this album can give you consolation.
"When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light" was recorded over a 6-month period at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden with Jens Bogren (ARCH ENEMY, AT THE GATES, KREATOR, PARADISE LOST etc etc), who co-produced the album with the band.
swallowthesun.net   centurymedia.com
Published: Jan. 19, 2019

SWALLOW THE SUN: Lumina Aurea - EP
(Century Media)
This band is definitely not in a hurry. On this EP we get 1 song that is 13,44 minutes long. First with talking (yes, he is not singing, but just talking here and there) and a "monk choir", and then a instrumental version of the same song. It's a dark and atmosheric piece, and it does actually not give a taste of the new album (this EP was released in December). This is somehow much slower, even though the songs on the album is not exactly any faster works (but more about the album in a seperate review).
This is said to be "the darkest and most painful song in SWALLOW THE SUN's history", according to band leader Juha Raivio. It's like an open wound. I guess that says it all.. Otherwise, read the album review too, and you will figure out why.
swallowthesun.net   centurymedia.com
Published: Jan. 19, 2019

DIABOL BORUTA: Czary - Album
(Pure Steel Publishing - Release date: Jan. 25)
This Polish band mix their folk metal with heavy and thrash metal, and sometimes there's even a black metal atmosphere. This is not like many other folk metal bands. You can hear flute, melodica and synthesizer parts, which they combine with DIMMU BORGIR-like choirs and orchestra, as well as some Eastern music here and there. There's also fast guitars, but yet a heavy and catchy sound. The lyrics are in Polish (the 2 last songs are English versions though).
"Czary" seems to be their 4th album. There's both good and bad stuff among these 12 tracks, but nothing really sucks.
diabolboruta.pl   purerock-records.com
Published: Jan. 18, 2019

CORRODED: Breathing - Single
(Despotz Records)
Swedish band CORRODED have definitely become harder and tougher, and also much better and more interesting. They are about to release their fifth album, "Bitter", and this is the third single from that album. Sure it's harder and tougher, but it's still melodic too. And that combination works very good here, so you should definitely give this band a try. I think you will like it.
The album "Bitter" will be released on January 25, so you will soon have the chance to read more about them here.
corroded.se   despotz.se
Published: Jan. 18, 2019

WAKE THE NATIONS: Heartrock - Album
(AOR Heaven Release date: Jan. 25)
This is the second album from this Finnish AOR/melodic hard rock band. Yet another album in this genre that will take you back to the happy 80s. Catchy and melodic songs for the whole coin. And it's absolutely not bad. They have many good songs here. No doubt about that.
It seems like this band started as a solo adventure for guitarist Risto Tuominen (HUMAN TEMPLE) in 2012. But it soon became a bigger project with lots of guest apperances. In 2015 the debut album finally came out, and got its way to the top 50 of the official Finnish chart in the first week after the release.
It was never meant to be a real band who play live. But they did what was supposed to be a one-time show at the release party of the album. After that they figured out that they have to continue to play live. And so they did. But they have since 2016 also been working on new material, and now the result of that is finally here: "Heartrock".
wakethenations.com   aorheaven.com
Published: Jan. 17, 2019

SECRET RULE: The 7 Endless - Album
(Pride & Joy Music - Release date: Jan. 25)
SECRET RULE was formed in the beginning of 2014 with the ambition to create a sound with powerful rythms and catchy melodies. The result is melodic vocals and melodies backed up by heavy guitar riffs. Very melodic, almost symphonic, metal you could say. They have already released 3 albums between 2015-2017, and now their 4th album is here.
What makes this band a little better than many other female fronted acts, is that the singer actually sing, and doesn't pretend that she's at the opera. This is probably something for fans of bands like SIRENIA, DELAIN, XANDRIA, KOBRA AND THE LOTUS and similar acts.
I might not like all songs, but there's at least a few good ones here.
secretrule.it   prideandjoy.de
Published: Jan. 17, 2019

LUGNET: Nightwalker - Album
(Pride & Joy Music - Release date: Jan. 25)
Oh man, this can actually be one of the best Swedish bands that we have right now in the 70s hard rock genre. Fans of good old DEEP PURPLE, WHITESNAKE and RAINBOW should absolutely check this out. As soon as possible! Probably the best new album in this genre since the latest album with HYPNOS (another Swedish band that you should check out).
LUGNET definitely got the right songs that will make you love this band. And they back it up with powerful but melodic vocals and a driving rythm section.
The band have members from BADGE, ANGEL WITCH and JADED HEART. Their debut album was released in 2016.
lugnetrock.com   prideandjoy.de
Published: Jan. 17, 2019

COME TASTE THE BAND: Reignition - Album
(AOR Heaven - Release date: Jan. 25)
This is a Norwegian band who was founded in 1997 already, and play classic hard rock like it was done in the 70s and 80s. They actually started as a DEEP PURPLE tribute band, and have released 2 albums with songs by DEEP PURPLE. From 2007 to 2010 they were actually playing with former DEEP PURPLE member Glenn Hughes, and in 2011 they teamed up with former RAINBOW and DEEP PURPLE vocalist Joe Lynn Turner, and toured with him until 2014. They also did 2 concerts with former RAINBOW singers Doogie White and Graham Bonnet, as well as Norwegian singer Jorn Lande, in 2014. And when they celebrated their 20-year anniversary in 2017, they did 2 shows with former WHITESNAKE guitarist Bernie Marsden and Doogie White on vocals.
After that last adventure, original guitarist Jo Henning Kaasin started to write new songs together with Doogie White, who is singing on 7 songs on this record, while Joe Lynn Turner is singing on 2 tracks.
I can definitely hear that they are inspired by legendary bands like DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW, WHITESNAKE and similar. So if you like that, then you really have to check this out. Because this is really good.
facebook.com/cometastetheband   aorheaven.com
Published: Jan. 17, 2019

LUCER: Ghost Town - Album
(Mighty Music - Release date: Jan. 25)
I didn't really expect to hear modern pop. Another album that has end up at the wrong place. This stuff turns my whole body inside out. I guess that says it all..
This is said to fit fans of The STRUTS, Liam Gallagher and DANDY WARHOLS. I don't know if any fans of those artists visit Hard Rock Info though.
LOSER ..excuse me, I mean LUCER, comes from Copenhagen, Denmark, and this is their second album. I don't know why they keep on calling this rock, because it's not. It's way too catchy and melodic. And yes, it could have been good anyway, but unfortunately it's not.
facebook.com/lucerofficial   mightymusic.dk
Published: Jan. 16, 2019

The ALLIGATOR WINE: The Flying Carousel - EP
(Century Media Records - Release date: Jan. 25)
It looks like I have succeeded to download a pop album again. Even though they're funny and call it "vintage rock without guitars". They continue to describe this duo as "a mix of psychedelic moog sounds, distorted organs and thick synth basses that fuse together in a fresh sounding danceable package". And that last description is actually correct.
This is a pretty fresh band, as they formed as late as in 2016. I don't know if this is their first record though. But 3 tracks is what we get here, and even though I whine a little, it's not so bad. I have definitely heard more interesting and much better songs though.
They think that the only right way to listen to this EP is on vinyl, so no CD of this analogue recording. It will however be available digitally too. If this is something for the visitors at Hard Rock Info is a question though..
thealligatorwine.de   centurymedia.com
Published: Jan. 15, 2019

The COATHANGERS: Bimbo - Single
(Suicide Squeeze Records)
Atlanta-based trio who will release their new studio album, "The Devil You Know", on March 8. And that's where this little song comes from (of course). It's the opening track of the album, and is said to show us the musical direction of the new record. And it start calm before they show a more energetic and raw side. First you think that it's a pop song from the 60s, but then it becomes a raw rock song. I had to listen a few times, but now I like it.
It seems like this band have been around for 12 years already, and "The Devil You Know" is their 6th album.
Published: Jan. 15, 2019

EVERGREY: Weightless - Single
(AFM Records)
"Weightless" is the second single from EVERGREY's upcoming album, "The Atlantic", which will be released on January 25. They have a rumour that they are one of the most innovative progressive metal bands from Sweden. And now I'm hardly an expert when it comes to that subject, even though I have reviewed a few progressive records through the years. EVERGREY are really good though. And this song is not as dark as the last single was. More melodic somehow, but hardly any happy adventure just because of that. Check it out!
evergrey.net   afm-records.de
Published: Jan. 15, 2019

CARNAL FORGE: Gun To Mouth Salvation - Album
(ViciSolum Productions - Release date: Jan. 25)
For some reason CARNAL FORGE makes me think of a band like ARCH ENEMY, but with male vocals. They don't have the same feeling for beautiful guitar melodies though. This is more straight on. Which makes me think of a band like The HAUNTED for example. But I don't really know if I'm right. I might be sailing. One thing I'm absolutely sure about is that this is heavy and hard metal. There's faster songs too though. Like the shortest song "Endless War".
CARNAL FORGE is a thrash metal band from Sweden, and this is their first new album in 11 years. The band was formed back in 1997, in a small town called Sala. Since then they have released as much as 7 full lengths and 1 live DVD. They have also been touring in Europe, USA and Japan, and have also played at several festivals through the years.
This is definitely a band that you should lend your ears to, because they are fucking great.
Published: Jan. 14, 2019

MILLENCOLIN: Nothing - Single
(Epitaph Records)
New single from Swedish skate punk veterans MILLENCOLIN. And it's just as catchy and melodic as you can expect it to be, so this should not dissapoint any of their fans. I like it a lot!
This is the second single from their upcoming new album, "SOS", which will be released on February 15. MILLENCOLIN have existed for something like 25 years, and that will be their 9th studio album. It has been the same 4 guys all the way, which is impressive.
Well, I really liked their last album, so I look forward to hear the new album.
millencolin.com   epitaph.com
Published: Jan. 13, 2019

SHENANIGANS: Muta In Potenza - Album
(Earthquake Terror Noise)
SHENANIGANS was founded in early 2014. A self-produced demo, called "Assenza di Eroi", was released in 2015. In October 2017 they entered the studio to record their debut album, "Muta In Potenza", which was released in September 2018.
What we have here is some kind of Italian hybrid of hardcore/punk and thrash metal. All lyrics are in Italian. I know that Italy have had a few hardcore/punk bands through the years, but I don't know much about the thrash metal scene down there. This sounds good though, so maybe you should check this out. It will probably work both for punks and thrashers.
shenanigansit.bandcamp.com   earthquaketerrornoise.com
Published: Jan. 13, 2019

RIFFTERA: Across The Acheron - Album
(Inverse Records - Release date: Jan. 18)
The year was 2010 when the Finnish metal band RIFFTERA was founded in a town called Vaasa. From the beginning the idea of the band was basically just to get the music released in a form that they thought it deserved. After a couple of demo recordings, the band decided that it was time to record their debut album in 2014, where Björn "Speed" Strid from SOILWORK is doing a guest apperance on the song "Rotten To The Core". Their live debut didn't take place until the end of 2016 though, as they didn't have a drummer until then. The recordings of their second album, "Across The Acheron", started in the summer of 2017, and was completed in October 2018.
RIFFTERA's music is both hard and aggressive, as well as soft and melodic. There's both scream and clean vocals. I guess we can call it something like melodic death/thrash metal. Really good stuff anyway. So you should absolutly give this a try.
rifftera.com   inverse.fi
Published: Jan. 12, 2019

ARCH ENEMY: Covered In Blood - Album
(Century Media - Release date: Jan. 18)
Michael Amott, Arch Enemy
What we have here is a collection with as much as 24 covers that they have recorded through the years. And it's a wild mixture of old Swedish hardcore/punk (sometimes in Swedish, even though the singer, Alissa White-Gluz, is from Canada), hard rock and heavy metal. But there's also a few surprises, like TEARS FOR FEARS and Mike Oldfield for example. I like most of the songs, but those old Swedish hardcore songs was extra fun to hear. I really like that stuff! MODERAT LIKVIDATION, ANTI CIMEX and the whole self titled 7" EP by SKITSLICKERS is what we get when it comes to that. But we also get some old British hardcore/punk - GBH and DISCHARGE. Other cool stuff is "Back To Back" by PRETTY MAIDS, "The Zoo" by SCORPIONS, "The Oath" by KISS and 2 covers by EUROPE, "Wings Of Tomorrow" and "Scream Of Anger", just to name a few of them all. And among the other bands are JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, QUEENSRŸCHE, MEGADETH, MANOWAR, DREAM EVIL and Michael Amott's old band CARCASS.
ARCH ENEMY are of course putting their own twist on these songs, which sometimes makes it sound like they would have made these songs themselves. So even if you might not like some of these artists, you will probably like these versions of their songs.
archenemy.net   centurymedia.com
Published: Jan. 11, 2019

LEACH: Hymns For The Hollow - Album
(Self released - Release date: Jan. 18)
LEACH comes from Sweden, and this seems to be their second record. I guess we can label their music as some kind of thrash metal, even though there's also elements of hardcore/punk and rock. As it says in the press release: "the insistent energy of a RAISED FIST, the rock n roll parts of a latter-day ENTOMBED, and the infectious melodies of The HAUNTED's Anders Björler." But there's also a touch of the States in this cake, with bands like HATEBREED, EXODUS and NUCLEAR ASSAULT. But that's just the influences for LEACH, and doesn't really mean that they sound like any of those bands, but rather several of them and then some.
If I'm going to make it easy for myself, then I would call this hardcore/thrash metal. Because that's what it's most of here.
Published: Jan. 10, 2019

The MOUND BUILDERS: The Mound Builders - Album
(Failure Records and Tapes - Release date: Jan. 18)
Stoner/Sludge metal for fans of HIGH ON FIRE, BUZZOVEN, CROWBAR and similar bands. Yes, they sound very familiar in the heavy league, but they somehow have their own ideas as well. They are not afraid to switch tempo for example. It goes from really heavy to punk and thrash. The vocals is mainly harsh screaming. They have something here that makes them a little better than the rest.
The MOUND BUILDERS is an American band, who released their debut album, "Strangers In A Strange Land", 7 years ago. It's said that this self titled album is a step up compared to their first album.
Published: Jan. 10, 2019

POWERGAME: Masquerade - Album
(Iron Shield Records - Release date: Jan. 18)
For once the cover is not better than their original material. In this case it's the SCORPIONS classic "Blackout". I really like the original version (and the whole "Blackout" album by the way), but POWERGAME's version is not so good. Pretty lame actually. At least compared to their own stuff.
POWERGAME was founded in 2012 out of singer/guitarist Matty's pure passion for NWOBHM. The band's name is taken from a song with TOKYO BLADE. But bands like TYGERS OF PAN TANG, SAMSON, TANK, RAVEN, HOLOCAUST, ANGEL WITCH, DEMON and IRON MAIDEN are also big influences. But POWERGAME is not a British band. They are from Bielefeld in Germany.
This is their second album, but the first on a record label (their debut was self released). Their lyrics often deal with metal clichés, but the songs are just as good as anything that the classic NWOBHM bands released back in the late 70s/early 80s.
facebook.com/powergame.heavymetal   ironshieldrecords.de
Published: Jan. 8, 2019

NUISIBLE: Slaves & Snakes - Album
(Deadlight Records)
Crust punk, death metal or both? That's the question you ask yourself when you hear this band. And I would say that the answer is that there's a little bit of both here. And there's also some "death n roll" in a couple of songs.
NUISIBLE was formed in Rouen, France in 2016. They wanted to play death metal blended hardcore, inspired by bands like CARNIVORE, ENTOMBED, TRAGEDY and similar. It didn't take long before they released their first EP, "Inter Feces et Urinam Nascimur". In spring 2018 the band signed to Deadlight Records, who released NUISIBLE's debut album, "Slaves & Snakes", in September the same year.
Their sound might be a little noisey, but the songs are really good, so this can absolutely be worth a try.
Published: Jan. 7, 2019

HELLEVATE: Last Of The Fell - Single
(Self released?)
HELLEVATE is a speed/thrash metal band from Kansas City, Missouri. This single is the first song with the band's new lineup, which includes the newest band members Erik "Jager" Schmutzler on vocals and drummer Edward "Shredward" Unfred. It sounds more like traditional heavy metal than speed/thrash metal to me, even though there's a melodic touch of power metal as well. It's not bad anyway.
Published: Jan. 7, 2019

LUMBAR: The First And Last Days Of Unwelcome - Album reissue
(Argonauta Records - Release date: Jan. 11)
What kind of crap is this shit? Too much totally useless sounds and noise for my taste. But when they actually play a song, it's the really heavy kind of stuff. Unfortunately for them, they have nothing that impress me. That heavy stuff have been done to death by now. And that irritating noise thing is never funny at all. I just get angry when I hear shit like this.
LUMBAR features YOB's Mike Scheidt, Aaron Edge and Tad Doyle. For some reason they call this album a "doom metal masterpiece". Well, they must have sent me the wrong record then. Because this doesn't sound like doom or a masterpiece according to me. Doom to me is a excellent band like CANDLEMASS. And this has nothing to do with that.
Published: Jan. 6, 2019

STATIC TENSION: Ashes To Animation - Album
(Buried By Sky Records - Release date: January 11)
The first track sounds very meditative. I guess it's supposed to be some kind of intro, because after that it's some kind of alternative heavy rock instead. But with extra everything you could say. It's like a cocktail of classic rock, grunge and progressive metal. This will most likely make you think of classic acts like SOUNDGARDEN, ALICE IN CHAINS, LED ZEPPELIN, BLACK SABBATH and TOOL for example.
STATIC TENSION is a Southern Ohio-based quartet, who have previously released a EP, "Out Of Reach", in 2017. So "Ashes To Animation" is their first full length.
Published: Jan. 5, 2019

CLOUDBURST: Cloudburst - Album
(Samstrong Records)
A man is screaming in every possible way. At the same time some other guys are playing a mixture of metal and hardcore. There are some softer parts, but they doesn't last for too long. This is mainly an extreme album and hardly a Sunday walk in the park.
CLOUDBURST was born in 2011, and comes from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. They released a demo and a split album (with WARMOUTH) in 2014, and their first full lenght album, "Crying Of Broken Beauty", was released in 2016.
It's said that they take their chaotic influences from bands like CONVERGE and BOTCH, and then mix that with shredding guitar solos from SLAYER, Keith Moon-ish pounding drums and maniac vocals similar to PIG DESTROYER and CATTLE DECAPITATION. And they are probably right I suppose. It might not be the hardcore that I use to like, but they don't suck anyway.
Published: Jan. 5, 2019

ARCHANGEL A.D.: Warband - Album
(Self released - CD release date: Jan. 11, already available digitally)
Do you like the raw energy of early METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and similar bands? Then this is definitely something for you my friend. These guys was probably not even born back then, but they don't let a small detail like that stop them from playing something similar. And why not? They do it really good. I have no reason to complain. And I'm sure that you will like this too.
This is a pretty short album though. Just 6 songs in approxiamtely over half an hour. But it gives us a taste of what they can do, and what we can expect from this band.
Published: Jan. 5, 2019

VIOLBLAST: Theater Of Despair - Album
(Hostile Media - Release date: Jan. 11)
VIOLBLAST is a thrash quartet from the Barcelona area. They have been playing for a little bit more than 5 years now. They have previously released 1 EP and 1 album, and been touring around Europe. Now their second full length is ready to be released.
Imagine if SLAYER would have been something like 5-10 years younger, and didn't start the band until something like 10 years later. This could actually have been what they would have sound like then - stone hard thrash metal straight into the wall.
No, this band is not doing anything new and unique at all. But that's hardly what they're here for. And people who just love thrash metal will love this anyway. Simple as that.
facebook.com/violblast   hostilemedia.net
Published: Jan. 4, 2019

WOVEN MAN: Revelry (In Our Arms) - Album
(Undergroove - Release date: Jan. 11)
WOVEN MAN were formed by guitarist Lee Roy Davies (ex-ACRIMONY, BLACK EYE RIOT, LIFER), and this is the debut album, which consist of 5 tracks in over 35 minutes. It's a celebration of the Welsh culture, its landscape and a true appreciation of life. It features songs inspired by the classic horror movie The Wicker Man, the loss of loved ones and grief, and a respect and adoration of nature. The music is heavy and riff-strong metal, with inpiration from all kinds of genres, but mainly the heavier kind.
This is very good stuff. Some kind of stoner rock on highest volume. You should absolutely give this a try.
facebook.com/wovenisms   undergroove.bigcartel.com
Published: Jan. 3, 2019

(Pagan Records)
YARN OF THE WICKED is a new project exploring the intersection of 60s/70s prog rock and 70s horror films. This is their debut EP, which is inspired by and dedicated to Anne de Boissy and Lore Fournier – the 2 main characters of the 1971 Joël Séria film "Don't Deliver Us from Evil" (original title: Mais ne nous délivrez pas du mal). All lyrics on the EP are from the poems of Charles Baudelaire; which Lore and Anne are fascinated by in the film. The EP draws inspiration from 2 scenes in particular; one where the female characters are reading Baudelaire's "The Flowers of Evil", and the other where they commit suicide by burning themselves alive, accompanied by Baudelaire's poetry.
I'm not really sure if this really is prog rock or what it is. So I guess we can call it that, even though it sounds more like some kind of post rock or lullabies for adults sometimes. Let's just say that this is not something for those who want straight and simple rock n roll. This is more like something for those who want adventurous music (which prog rockers use to).
facebook.com/yarnofthewicked   pagan-records.com/en_GB/index
Published: Jan. 3, 2019

BARBAROSSASTRAßE: Waiting In The Wings - Album
(Volcano Promotion)
BARBAROSSASTRAßE were founded in Siena, Italy in 2003 as a classic hard rock cover band. In 2007 they started to compose their own material, and recorded a 3-track promo. Their first album was recorded in 2011, but not released until April 2013. "Waiting In The Wings" is their second album, which they started to work on in 2015 already. And what we get is 10 tracks of classic hard rock. They have some good songs here. Nothing is brilliant or pure shit. I guess that this is 1 of those albums that you listen to a few times, and you like it, but you will probably never listen to it again. But you should give it a try though.
Published: Jan. 2, 2019

BÖLTHORN: Across The Human Path - Album
(Broken Bones Records/Envenomed Music)
This trio comes from Parma, Italy and play what they call viking death metal - Death metal with a melodic touch, similar to what bands like AMON AMARTH, BATHORY, OBSCURITY, TYR, MÅNEGARM, ENSLAVED, WINDIR, BORKNAGAR, ENTOMBED and AT THE GATES have done before.
This is their debut album, which consist of 9 songs and a intro. Very good stuff that you should not miss. A perfect blend of brutal vikings and sweet guitar melodies.
facebook.com/Bolthornband   brokenbonesrecords.blogspot.com   facebook.com/envenomedmusic
Published: Jan. 2, 2019

DEAD FRIENDS 46: Hardcore - Album
(Rank-n-File Records)
This is more like early American hardcore/punk legends like BLACK FLAG, DEAD KENNEDYS, POISON IDEA and similar bands from the same era. We talk the late 1970s and the 1980s, before there was metal in hardcore music, and when it still was punk music. So if that sounds like your thing, then this album is something for you.
The band comes from southern California. True stories from the members' lives and salutations to fallen friends drive the writing and influence of this album. Their sound has been called a unique fusion of West Coast/East Coast styles - think SLAPSHOT meets BONECRUSHER, with some early SOCIAL DISTORTION.
Except for their own material, the album also features covers of PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES' "Banned From The Pubs" and SOCIAL DISTORTION's "Mass Hysteria".
Good stuff!
deadfriends46.bandcamp.com   ranknfilerecords.com
Published: Jan. 2, 2019

TOURNIQUET: Gazing At Medusa - Album
(Pathogenic Records)
Some of these songs sounds a little familiar to me somehow. Like I have heard the same songs before. So I was pretty sure that I had reviewed this band before. But no, I could not find any review from the last couple of years anyway. Weird.
TOURNIQUET was formed in L.A. in 1990. They have released 9 full length albums, plus some EPs, live album, acoustic release and numerous solo albums from band leader Ted Kirkpatrick. Top musicians have also graced TOURNIQUET albums – including guitarists Marty Friedman, Frank Marino, Pat Travers, Karl Sanders (NILE), Scotti Hill (SKID ROW), and Bruce Franklin (TROUBLE). Plus vocalists Chris Jericho (FOZZY), Michael Sweet (STRYPER, ex-BOSTON), Dug Pinnick (KING'S X), and Corey Glover (LIVING COLOUR).
They are known as a musician's band with melody, originality and a passion for classic metal. They are not afraid to blend elements of different styles, so the easiest way to describe their music is to simply call it metal. Possibly with a progressive touch now and then.
This 9-track album features vocals from Tim "Ripper" Owens (ex-JUDAS PRIEST, ICED EARTH) and lead guitar by Chris Poland (ex-MEGADETH, OHM). The title track has guest vocals by Deen Castronovo (ex-JOURNEY, REVOLUTION SAINTS).
Published: Jan. 1, 2019

MISTY GREY: Chapter II - Album
(Topillo Records/Vertebrae)
Yes, there seems to be thousands of these retro/vintage bands nowadays. But when it's this good, then there's no reason to complain about that. And fact is that old music is in most cases much better than modern music. What is modern music by the way? More or less every band seems to play something that has already been done many years ago.
Well, there's lots of branches on the heavy rock tree. MISTY GREY are lurking on the same branch as early BLACK SABBATH. So classic doom with damned good melodies is my description to this. And I really like what I hear here. This is a fantastic album!
Best track: "Strangers On A Train".
Published: Jan. 1, 2019