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DEMON HEAD: The Resistance - 7" EP
The first track is the best out of these 2. But why does the second song have such a bad sound quality?
This is an epilogue to the band's last album, "Thunder on the Fields". I guess the best way to describe their sound is to call it doom rock. Or why not the soundtrack to a walk in the forest in the middle of the night, with the full moon as the only light (what a poet I am).
The band comes from Copenhagen, Denmark, and formed in 2012. Their own description of their music is diabolical rock.
This could be of interest for fans of heavy rock.
Release date: Apr. 27, 2018 (The Sign Records)
APRIL 24, 2018

DENY: Parasite Paradise - EP
8 short hardcore/punk attacks straight in your face is what we get from this digital EP. Most songs are just 1-2 minutes, so it's over almost too fast.
This seems to be their first new release since 2000. And they have actually been around since 1995 already. The band consist of people who play or have played in Swedish bands like MÄHÄLIUM, FROST, SLAVERIET, FAN TA ER, ASTA KASK, MARTYRDÖD, SKITSYSTEM and WOLFBRIGADE.
This is really good stuff that should satisfy fans of a band like ANTI CIMEX for example. But any fan of crust punk should like this.
Release date: Apr. 27, 2018 (Cramada)
APRIL 24, 2018

The DAHMERS: Creepiest Creep - EP
I have seen the band's name here and there through the years, but I don't think that I ever have heard them before. Too bad for me, as this is very good stuff.
They call this horror punk, but to be more precise, I would say that it's a mixture of garage rock and power pop. Very catchy stuff. And their music might sound happy, but their lyrics are actually inspired by classic horror movies, as well as more emotional subjects like frustration, solitude and alienation amongst other things.
The DAHMERS comes from Sweden, and released their first album, "Demon", in 2014 via Farsot Records. It sold out very fast, and was released internationally through Lövley Records in 2015. They have since then released 2 EPs and a second album.
You check this out! And no questions about that..
Release date: Apr. 27, 2018 (Lövley Records)
APRIL 24, 2018

MÖRK GRYNING: Live At Kraken - EP
Live EP with Swedish black metal veterans MÖRK GRYNING, which was recorded at the underground club Kraken in their hometown Stockholm last year. What we get is a high-energy performance of 4 tracks from their debut album, "Tusen År Har Gått". The band reunited with the original lineup from the "Maelstrom Chaos" era this evening, and it might have been their last show ever.
Well, this is pretty good stuff, so I have nothing to complain about.
MÖRK GRYNING (Dark Dawn) released their first demo back in 1993, and their first album in 1995. A few more albums was released until 2005.
Release date: Apr. 27, 2018 (Black Lodge Records)
APRIL 24, 2018

SACRO ORDINE: Heavy Metal Thunderpicking - Album
True traditional heavy metal that should not dissapoint any fan of that.
It seems like these Italian's are doing a comeback. They released their first recordings in 2005 anyway. Their inspiration comes from classic bands like IRON MAIDEN, BLACK SABBATH, DIO, MANOWAR and CANDLEMASS. As I said in the beginning, true traditional heavy metal.
They have lots of good songs among these 9 tracks, so I can't really see why you should not check this out.
(Sliptrick Records)
APRIL 23, 2018

REVOLVD: Past And Present - Album
Debut album from a Finnish pop punk band. To me it sounds more like some catchy and very melodic rock that you can sing na-na-na to (if you get what I mean). And I can say it at once that this is not really my kind of music, so it's hard for me to say if this is any good or not. But it wouldn't surprise me if fans of GREEN DAY, BLINK 182 and similar bands would like this.
(Concorde Music Company)
APRIL 23, 2018

PISS RIVER: Piss River - Album
Debut album from a female-fronted high-energy rock band, who blend influences from bands like GIRLSCHOOL, L7, The GITS and ANNIHILATION TIME. But there's also a pinch of NWOBHM and also some punk rock here and there. And there's even a cover of the Larry Wallis song "Police Car" (Swedish people might have heard the Swedish version "Snutbil" with GATANS LAG for example). They rock anyway. No doubt about that. And most of these songs are really good. No doubt about that either.
I think that this could be something for all kinds of rockers. But mainly those who like action rock and punk rock I suppose. Fans of 80s GIRLSCHOOL will probably also like this band.
Release date: Apr. 27, 2018 (The Sign Records)
APRIL 23, 2018

NO BORDERZ: No Borderz - EP
How they can start with a half boring song like "House Of Cards" is a mystery. Some of the other songs are a little better though, even if it's not any masterpieces.
Their music is supposed to be blues rock. I think they reminds me of good old NAZARETH somehow. Unfortunately not any of their better songs though.
This is a brand new project with guitarist Manny Charlton (ex-NAZARETH) and Swedish singer Emil Hammeltoft (S.k.O.R). 4 songs is what we get on this digital EP.
(GMR Music)
APRIL 23, 2018

GAIN ELEVEN: Freaking You Out - Single
Swedish rock trio for fans of ROYAL REPUBLIC, FOO FIGHTERS and The HIVES. Very catchy and melodic stuff, but this is a o.k. song anyway. I'm not so sure that I would like to hear a whole album with this band though.
I don't really know what else I should say, but give it a try.
(Big Balls Productions)
APRIL 22, 2018

BLACK ROSE: A Light In The Dark - Album
Didn't I see this band live as a THIN LIZZY tribute band a few years ago? It's not impossible that it was this band, but there could be more than 1 Swedish band named BLACK ROSE.
Anyway.. What we get here is all original songs though. The music is hard rock and heavy metal with a lot of melody, and it sounds really good to me. They cover a wide range of styles, but it's mainly the sound of the 80s. I think you should check this out at once.
BLACK ROSE comes from Fagersta, Sweden, and has existed as a band since 1990 already. They released their debut album, "Fortune Favors The Brave", in 1993.
(Sliptrick Records)
APRIL 22, 2018

BAN BIANCA: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - EP
For some reason they call this their debut album. But there's just 7 tracks, and it doesn't last for more than approximately 23 minutes. So this is a EP, and not a album.
Anyway.. The music these Swedish gentlemen play is some kind of metal mixed with heavy rock (so, hard rock then?) and a modern production, but yet raw as a demo recording. Unfortunately they don't have anything new and exiting to come up with. It's good for as long as it last, but soon forgotten. They have to do much stronger material if they want to impress me.
Release date: Apr. 25, 2018 (Self released?)
APRIL 22, 2018

STORMZONE: Lucifer's Factory - Album
This is their 6th album, which consist of 13 tracks of powerful heavy metal. And with this album they have concentrated on the myths and legends of their homeland, Ireland, and each song represents an amazing character which has embedded itself in their folklore.
Even though 13 tracks is much, most of these songs are really great. So if you're looking for some classic heavy metal anthems, this is a album for you.
Release date: Apr. 23, 2018 (Metal Nation Records)
APRIL 20, 2018

Liv in Sister Sin LiV SiN: Devil's Plaything - Single
A DANZIG cover that sounds very different from what they did on their debut album, "Follow Me", which was released last year. This song comes from their upcoming EP, "Inverted", which will be released on May 25. Will there be more surprises like this on that EP?
Now I have actually not heard the original version of this song, so I can obviously not compare this version with that. But to me it sounds more reserved/relaxed, and not so hard and heavy as it use to be. An interesting direction, but let's hope that the whole EP doesn't sound like this.
(Despotz Records)
APRIL 19, 2018

QFT: Big Bang - Single
A new single from THERION singer Linnéa Vikström's new band QFT (which is short for Quantum Field Theory). And as I said when I heard her first single, this is very different from THERION. I would describe this song as some kind of Schlager hard rock. It's majestic, catchy and melodic. Maybe something for fans of SABATON and similar bands? It's definitely not bad though.
The debut album, "Live In Space", will be released on May 4.
(Despotz Records)
APRIL 19, 2018

METHEDRINE: Built For Speed - EP
This band started when 1 of the first Italian hardcore/punk bands UPSET NOISE split up in 2016. In the winter of 2017 the 3 surviving members Bone (drums), Lou (vocals) and Mark (guitar) contacted Trampax (guitar) and Chainsaw (bass) to form the new band METHEDRINE. They took the name in honour of Lemmy's (MOTÖRHEAD) and Johnny Cash's favorite substance.
It didn't take long before they entered the studio to record this 4-track EP, which blend d-beat, fierce hardcore and poweful thrash metal. So crossover or punk/metal is probably the genre we should put this in. But no matter what you prefer to call it, it's not so bad. I think that people who think they would like a more punky MOTÖRHEAD, or why not a forgotten band like LOUDPIPES (does anybody remember them?), should definitely try this.
(Kornalcielo Records)
APRIL 19, 2018

CULT OF THE FOX: By The Styx - Album
Traditional heavy metal band from Sweden that have existed since early 2007. We have many good bands in that genre here in Sweden, and this band is no exception from that rule. They deliver their songs with a strong passion. It's powerful but yet melodic. In other words, just the way it's supposed to be. You check this out of course!
The group released 3 demo recordings between 2007-2010. In 2011 their first full length, "A Vow Of Vengeance", came out. Their second album, "Angelsbane", was released in 2013. But it's not until now that their third album will be released.
Release date: Apr. 20, 2018 (Iron Shield Records)
APRIL 18, 2018

ASCENDANT: A Thousand Echoes - Album
How often do you hear about any metal band from The United Arab Emirates? Well, that's where this band comes from anyway.
Work on this album began in late 2014 and was completed in 2017. The album was tracked and mixed at Playback Lounge studios in Dubai, and mastered at Studio Fredman in Sweden. 8 tracks and a useless intro is what we get on this album, and it last for over an hour. During that time they give us a mixture of heavy and power metal, with some progressive elements. And it's pretty good stuff, so give it a try.
Release date: Apr. 20, 2018 (Pure Steel Publishing)
APRIL 18, 2018

GRAND DESIGN: Viva La Paradise - Album
Swedish hard rock band with a lot of melody. People who like melodic hard rock from the 80s should give this a try, because I think you might like this band.
GRAND DESIGN was formed in 2006, and released their first album, "Time Elevation", in 2009. Some more albums has been released since then.
Well, 10 tracks is what you get here, and there's not much to complain about as all songs are good. And therefor I don't have that much else to say.
Release date: Apr. 20, 2018 (GMR Music)
APRIL 17, 2018

Brown Acid: The Sixth Trip - Album
There's obviously still a lot of totally unknown stuff to discover out there. This is the sixth volume of this compilation, which concentrate on long-lost vintage 60s and 70s rock. This is what some people would call proto-metal and stoner rock nowadays, or obscure hard rock, psych rock or heavy rock. No matter what you call it this is the real stuff and not any new bands trying to sound like the old bands. I don't think that too many of you have heard of North American artists like GOLD, HEAT EXCHANGE, TRAVIS, ENOCH SMOKY, BACKWOOD MEMORY, FLIGHT, TRUTH & JANEY, WEST MINST'R, PURGATORY, Johnny Barnes or ZENDIK. And if you have, it's probably some other band with the same name. Otherwise you must be a very dedicated and passionate record collector, just like the people who are doing these fantastic compilations.
Release date: Apr. 20, 2018 (RidingEasy Records)
APRIL 16, 2018

POMPEII: The Secret Sessions - Album
Super groups or all-star bands are nothing new. In the late 70s MOUNTAIN drummer Corky Laing founded POMPEII when his label Elektra/Asylum was preparing to bail on him. But before that they asked him to form a super group and record 1 last album for them. So Steve Wax, president of the record label, hooked him up with Ian Hunter to begin work on the album. Bob Ezrin was brought in to produce it, and they invited some of their friends from groups like The ALLMAN BROTHERS, CREAM, David Bowie and many, many more (the list of people involved in this project is very long).
They started to record and everything was fine. But then Bob went to the UK to produce PINK FLOYD's "The Wall" album. And after that they all left 1 by 1 to do other things, leaving Corky and Ian alone. But the duo continued to work on the album, and find some new members.
I'm not really sure if the record ever was released, but it has long been a lost secret at least. And when it was time for this new release of the album, Corky played it for some other musicians, and they wanted to re-record some of the songs. So except for the original recordings there's also some bonus tracks on this release. But there's also 1 new song.
If you like classic rock and the bands that I mentioned earlier, then this is definitely a hidden treasure to discover. There's many fantastic songs on this album.
Release date: Apr. 21, 2018 (Rogue Records)
APRIL 16, 2018

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