Christian Bergman (drums, 1999-2000)
Unknown dude (bass, 1999)
David ? (bass, 2005)
Andrej Hartikainen (bass, 2006-2008)
ABNORM is a punk band from Borås, Sweden who was formed in the winter of 1999, when Marko Niska (guitar, also in RAJOITUS) met Christian Bergman (drums, ex-SPRECKTA PLIT-TARMAR). But Jimmy Blom (vocals, ex-HUMAN DISASTER) and Marko had been talking about playing together since 1994/95 sometime, so it was pretty obvious for Marko to ask Jimmy if he wanted to sing in the band. We also found ourselves a bassist (can't remember his name), but he wasen't good enough so we continued without bass.
The group succeeded to put together about 40 songs until the spring of 2000, when things for some unknown reason ran out in the sand.
Through the years Marko and Jimmy had been talking about recording the songs, but it never became anything. ABNORM never really split up though, well it was never something we agreed on anyway, that the band would be no more....

So in the fall of 2005 Marko and Jimmy decided to re-start the band again, but we thought that Christian wasen't intrested anymore, so we asked his younger brother Fredrik instead. After a couple of rehearsals we found a bassist, but he was just with us 2 times before he suddenly diden't had time or whatever his reasons might have been..
In March 2006 ABNORM finally recorded 19 own tracks and a cover of "Rat-Race" by MENTAL ABUSE, and we decided to release our first recording by ourselves, which means that you could download all songs + the cover for free from our web site - www.abnorm.se (doesn't exist anymore!)
In May 2006 we recorded 10 more tracks. The idea was that some record label would get intrested and release it as an EP or something, but only 2 labels replied, and none of them had time to release anything with us. So after a couple of months we decided to put up these songs on our web site too, just as we did with our first release. "Ert Jävla System Kan Fan Brinna I Helvetet Era Satans As", as it was entitled, was released in the end of August 2006.

During the summer of 2006 we finally found a new bassist, Andrej Hartikainen (also in WOLFVERINE), and entered the studio once again in the end of October 2006 to record 8 new songs and re-record 11 old songs. This stuff ended up on a split 7" with RAJOITUS and a international compilation CD-R, named O-NEG Compilation.
On August 15, 2007 (War Memorial Day of Japan) a 38-track collection CD-R was released in Japan. That collection was also supposed to be released on cassette in Indonesia, but we really don't know if it ever was released, since we haven't heared anything or got any copies.
In November 2007 the band entered the studio again, and the result became a 14-track release entitled "Enough!". As no record label showed any intrest in releasing it, we released it ourselves as a free download from our site in January 2008. It was also released on CD-R in Japan a couple of months later by Reset Not Equal Zero.

In April 2008 Andrej was kicked due to lack of intrest. The rest of the band recorded 15 tracks (13 own and 2 covers) in late April/early May. 11 tracks end up on a 3-way split with RAJOITUS and ZUDAS KRUST, and 4 songs end up on some split/compilation from Russia (that we have not seen). And in August we found a new bassist, Robban from THE VULTURES.

After that we did a couple of gigs, and was supposed to have a 7" EP released on Noise & Distortion Records, but the recording wasen't good enough. Unfortunately Marko and Blom, the only original members left, got tired of the band and decided to go separate ways. The last gig took place at Kulturföreningen Tåget in Borås, Sweden on November 27.

But in early 2013 we decided that it was time to get back together again. On February 24 we did our first rehearsal, and played some old songs. We also decided to change the name of the band to SICK OF FUCKEN SHIT, as there's a couple of more bands named ABNORM out there, and start to work on some new songs.
But unfortunately it didn't really work as we wanted to with the rehearsal room, and it once again ran out.

I think it was in the fall/autumn 2017 that the members started to talk about start playing together again. But 1 of the members was very busy with kids etc., so it wasn't until late January 2018 that the band finally started to rehearse.
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