Dee Snider at Liseberg
TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider says that he doesn't think he will play any more live shows.
The 67-year-old singer addressed the possibility of returning to the stage while answering a fan question on Twitter about performing in the Springfield, Illinois area in the future:

On July 15, BEASTIE BOYS will re-release the deluxe edition of the "Check Your Head" album.
The deluxe version was originally released in 2009 and included 2 bonus discs of extra material. The latest release, which celebrates the album's 30th anniversary, includes all of the material from the 2009 version and is out via the Beasties themselves and distributed by Universal.

Dio at Lisebergshallen
To celebrate Ronnie James Dio's 80th birthday (July 10), Rhino revisits the epic debut album from DIO, "Holy Diver".
"Holy Diver: Super Deluxe Edition", will be available on July 8 as a 4-CD boxed set and digitally. The collection comes with 2 versions of "Holy Diver". The first is a new mix of the album made by Joe Barresi (TOOL, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, SLIPKNOT). He used the original analog tapes to remix all 9 tracks on the album. The second is a newly remastered version of the original 1983 mix. The Super Deluxe Edition also features unreleased live performances and outtakes, along with a selection of rarities from the era.
In addition, Barresi's new mix of "Holy Diver" will be released the same day as a 2-LP set on 180-gram vinyl. It includes the original 9 tracks, plus the 1983 B-side version of "Evil Eyes" as a bonus track.

Queensryche at Tradgarn in GBG
QUEENSRŸCHE has set "Digital Noise Alliance" as the title of its new studio album, due on October 7 via Century Media Records. /

Joacim Cans of HammerFall at Liseberg
Swedish heavy metal band HAMMERFALL have announced 3 dates in France early next year. These dates are:
Jan. 31: La Laiterie, Strasbourg
Feb. 1: Trabendo, Paris
Feb. 2: Ninkasi Kao, Lyon

Australian hard rockers AIRBOURNE have announced a South American tour in August/September, where they will visit Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.
More info and tickets:

Swedish blackened thrashers WITCHERY will release their 8th studio album, "Nightside", on July 22 through Century Media Records.
Check out the first single, "Popecrusher":
Pre-order the album: /

Sator at Homens Rock
Swedish rock legends SATOR will release a sequel to their highly appreciated cover album "Barbie-Q-Killers". It will be titled "Return of the Barbie-Q-Killers", and will be released on July 29 via Wild Kingdom Records.
The first single, "Brown Eyed Son", is out now. It was originally recorded by KATRINA AND THE WAVES.
Check out the single and pre-order the album: /

Swedish extreme metallers WITCHERY will be back again with a new single, "Popecrusher", tomorrow (Friday, May 20). The song is taken from their upcoming album, "Nightside".

British thrash metal pioneers ONSLAUGHT will be inducted into the 2022 Metal Hall of Fame during their on-stage performance at Maryland Deathfest on May 28. /


DONNA CANNONE: Donna Cannone
Despotz Records on May 27 - CD, LP, Digital
This Swedish band was formed by former THUNDERMOTHER members Giorgia Cateri (guitar) and Tilda Nilke Nordlund (drums), plus a friend to Giorgia, Luca D'Andria (vocals/bass). Soon Björn "Speed" Strid (SOILWORK, The NIGHTFLIGHT ORCHESTRA) decided to join the band on guitar. They have released a few singles, but now the time has finally come for their debut album.
The best way to describe their sound is to call it hook-laden melodic rock n roll with a punky attitude, but I think there's also some glam rock here and there. Very good rock songs anyway, and this is something that you absolutely should check out.
"Is It True" features a guest apperance from Mia Karlsson (aka Mia Coldheart, ex-CRUCIFIED BARBARA). /

EMISSARY: The Wretched Masquerade
Underground Power Records on May 27 - CD, Cassette, Digital (LP in late 2022)
EMISSARY was originally formed on the American West Coast in 1989 by some high school friends. They recorded a primitive demo and performed locally in Las Vegas a few times before they parted ways a year later. In early 1993, founding member Jym Harris moved to Medford, OR and reformed the band with Tim Dahlen. This duo distributed several demos, but came to an end in early 1996.
25 years later Jym and Tim reconnected to reunite EMISSARY with members of the 90s line-up. "The Wretched Masquerade" is comprised mostly of new recordings of the band's classic material. But a deluxe version of the release will feature a bonus disc full of remastered 90s demos. And the music that they play is classic U.S. power metal, but with thrash riffs and melodic vocals. And this combination works fine to me, even though they might not have that extra thing that makes them better than the rest.
If you like the old school better than the new school, then this could be something for you.

HEAD FIRST: Head First
Metalville Records on May 27 - CD
What we have here is something different to what I use to get for review. Read on..
It seems like this Finnish band was active in the 1980s/90s sometime, and one of the members was WALTARI singer Kärtsy Hatakka. They were the only real funk metal band from Finland, but broke up when WALTARI suddenly got an international record deal. 30 years later they are back with their debut album.
HEAD FIRST mix their funk metal with progressive rock and a party vibe, as well as some danceable sounds here and there. Cool sometimes, but not so cool other times. This was much better than the latest album with WALTARI anyway. No doubt about that.
The album consist of both old and new material, and we get as much as 15 tracks here.

SMOKE: The Mighty Delta Of Time
Argonauta Records on May 27 - Digital (CD later)
Dutch power trio SMOKE describe their music as psychedelic swamp rock, and this is their debut album. Influences comes from all kinds of heavy and psychedelic rock music, but also blues. This gives us a smokey, psychedelic and heavy sound. There's not that much action/energy here, as the music is more soft and bluesy. Unfortunately the lack of action makes them a little boring. It's not catchy enough to make me interested.
Those of you who like long songs should check out the 2 last songs here, which last for 10:43 and 10 minutes.

TIMECHILD: Son And Daughter
Mighty Music on May 20 - Digital Single
Danish hard rockers TIMECHILD released their debut album in the end of 2021, and now they release a new single, which is a cover of an old QUEEN song from 1973, that I don't think that I have heard before. This sounds just as good as their album did though, so you should definitely give it a try. And there's not much else to add there, as you probably will figure out that you have to check out the album too after hearing this. / /

UPRISING! Records on May 20 - CD, Digital
Another progressive adventure. This time by a French prog metal band called SPHERIC UNIVERSE EXPERIENCE. "Back Home" is their fifth album, and it's said to make people who like DREAM THEATER, SYMPHONY X and similar happy. It's as much as 13 tracks here, and 3 of them are 7 minutes long and 1 is 9 and a half minutes, so this album last for a long time. But luckily the songs are not too advanced and pretty good, so I guess it's o.k. anyway. /

LUCER: The New World
Mighty Music on May 20 - CD, Digital
How you can release such a modern and silly album like this after 2021's high voltage attack "L.A. Collection" is a big mystery to me. Instead of continuing to rock, they choose to go back to what they did on their 2019 album, "Ghost Town". Which I think was a very bad idea. You can actually wonder if this is the same band or if there's 2 Danish bands called LUCER? I actually don't understand this!
What Danish band LUCER is doing here is what I would describe as rock with a big dose of modern pop music. Sometimes it's just pure pop and not even rock. Absolutely not my thing as I actually hate modern pop. Listening to this just makes me angry! But we all have different taste. And I guess that the label see this as a chance to get a quick million, so that they can release some good music instead.
LUCER are said to be "the sound of rock a la 2022", and then there's not much hope for the future, because this is just a great betrayal of everything that rocks. /

EVIL: Book Of Evil
From The Vaults on May 27 - LP, CD, Digital
The Danish metal scene in the early 80s are probably most well-known for bands like MERCYFUL FATE and ARTILLERY, but there were more bands than those 2. Like EVIL for example, who formed in Copenhagen in 1983 and released a demo and a EP before they went seperate ways in 1985. In 2015 original drummer Freddie Wolf, now on guitars, gave it another try and released the band's debut album, "Shoot The Messenger". But that version of the band didn't last that long.
Now they seems to be back for real though, and this new album is ready to be released. The songs are inspired by 80s bands like JUDAS PRIEST and ACCEPT, but doesn't really sound exactly like them as there's a modern touch too. Fans of old school heavy metal will probably like this though, no doubt about that. /


TWIN PIGS (in Swedish)
TWIN PIGS är ett punkband från Stockholm, som bildades 2015. Dagens line-up är: Erik Melin - Sång, Canan Rosén - Gitarr/Sång, Hanna Engström - Keyboard/Bas/Sång, Andreas Litfeldt - Trummor.
Denna intervju besvarades av Erik i början av Mars 2022.
Pressfotot är taget av Ia Ingvarsdotter. Live-fotona togs av mig (Jimmy Blom) på Sticky Fingers i Göteborg den 26:e April 2019.



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Note that I'm just 1 man doing this as a hobby project, so there's no way that I can review everything that people send me. And if your files are a total mess (songs in wrong order etc) or can't even tell what kind of music you play, then bye bye. It might also be goodbye if I don't like what I hear or think it doesn't fit in here. I'm extremely tired of people who obviously don't know what they are doing!
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I'm actually not intrested in news of bands that I have not even heard of before, and absolutely not genres that I don't even like.
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